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© Oak Hill Cemtery entrance photo
Submitted by:Teri Cochran

Oak Hill Cemetery
Pittsburg County, Oklahoma

Ms. Bohanon submitted this information in 2003. Other information was added by the area coordinator and other volunteers.
To locate this cemetery, if you are coming off of Highway 69, take 270 W, it will be on the right. Tandy Town shopping center (McDonald's, JCPenney's, Adelita's and more will be on the left). If you have family buried in the Oak Hill Cemetery and would like to add your information to this website, contact the area coordinator.
AbbottWilliam Alvis8 Oct 18537 Jun 1933See photo
AbbottNancy Morris3 Jul 186121 Sep 1946See photo
AdamsBoyd G15 Jun 191216 Feb 1999See photo
AdamsRuth G 29 Sep 191520 Apr 2008See photo
AdamsJohn E20 Nov 18772 Nov 1969See photo
AdamsOllie L28 Dec 188312 Apr 1931See photo
AdamsJessie L18371922See photo
AdamsMary A18561937See photo
AdamsValerie Jean26 Sep 19328 Jul 1936See photo
AdamsInfant Son  s/o Mr & Mrs J E Adams-age 3 months-See photo
AdamsGentry Eason25 May 19099 Oct 1965Kansas SGT 619 QM Depot WWII-See photo
AinsworthHelen W18861961See photo
AlbertDoris Jean Callahan9 Sep 193014 Feb 2021Brumley-Mills Funeral Home
AlbrightHarriet Mary13 Sep 190721 May 1909d/o E & Annie Albright-See photo
AllenAlva Venita "Nanny"16 Jul 19186 Mar 2014See Obit
AndersonJoseph 18641920See photo
AndersonWilliam Ray24 Nov 19392 Feb 2021Brumley-Mills Funeral Home
AuldCleon2 Oct 193120 Dec 2020Brumley-Mills Funeral Home
BaconVera Garner8 Jul 18857 Oct 1909See photo
BaerLou H Sr186510 Dec 1923See photo
Baer Bessie E18651932Mother-See photo
Baer Lou18981918s/o L H & Bessie E Baer-See photo
BaileyDoris Faye Eller23 Nov 19488 Dec 2020Bishop Funeral Home
BaileyWilliam "Bill" Joseph26 Nov 19328 Sep 2018 
BakerFrankie Guy27 May 19515 Mar 1971See more
BakerGeorge WashingtonFeb 186821 Feb 1942h/o Mattie
BakerMattie Price20 Feb 186925 Oct 1941w/o George
BaldwinEarl18871920See photo
BallFranklin "Dee" Delano12 Jan 193423 Dec 2020Brumley-Mills Funeral Home
Bandy JrIsiah W2 Apr 193811 Mar 2015See obit
BarnesVictor Ray29 Oct 190417 Dec 1929See photo
BarnesRena Jane27 Nov 186914 Aug 1946See photo
BarrJames18631941See photo
BarrBirdie18731919See photo
BarrierJohnny Joe14 Nov 193731 May 2018 
BaumertPauline T18971918See photo
BaumertJohn18641916See photo
BaumertWinifred C18661943See photo
BaxendaleAlfred Edward2 Feb 191024 Feb 1978See photo
BaxendaleEuphemia27 Oct 190919 Jul 1996See photo
BaxendaleAlfred30 Mar 18784 Feb 1963See photo
BaxendaleLettie Dean13 Mar 18815 Jan 1916w/o Alfred Baxendale-See photo
BaxendaleRuby Dean16 Oct 190129 Jun 1987See photo
BaylessL George14 Feb 191420 Jun 1974US Navy-h/o Selena
BaylessSelena Spear4 Mar 19187 Nov 2001d/o Thomas & Elizabeth Spear-See obit
BensonJ B6 Mar 193511 May 2019 
BerryWanda Levita Ferrante17 Dec 192314 Aug 2015See obit
BertaFelicina18591939See photo
BertaJohn Joseph1916 Infant s/o Mr & Mrs D F Berta-See photo
BibleLewis5 Mar 184429 Jun 1931Father-See photo
BilesMary E18651940Mother-See photo
BilesRufus A 18631936Father-See photo
BlevinsEarlene18 Jun 19335 Feb 2015See obit
BlevinsOtis Raymond24 Mar 189916 Mar 1918s/o D M & B C Blevins-US Navy-See photo
BondBerceice24 Mar 189814 Aug 1920See photo
BondRuby A18 Jul 18826 Mar 1965See photo
BondRex C31 Jan 188223 Apr 1915See photo
BondGeorge M2 Dec 184717 Jun 1922Judge-See photo
BooneVirleene22 Jun 193412 Dec 2014See obit
Born HeimFrank C 1938See photo
Born HeimRose Mary19301930See photo
Born HeimMable18931926See photo
BoydGarner L7 Aug 192816 Mar 2019 
BralyLeonard20 Sep 190818 Nov 1965See photo
BralyViolet Manville8 Oct 191120 Jan 1999See photo
BrannonBobby Gene22 Sep 193213 Mar 2020Inurnment-Bishop Funeral Home
BrantDollie Jackson16 Mar 192730 Jun 2020Bishop Funeral Home
BrewsterEugene R "Gene"9 Oct 19307 Jul 2019 
BrewsterVirginia Lee Moncrief18 Jul 193328 Jul 20201st marriage to Caplinger-Brumley-Mills Funeral Home
BrownBruce LaWayne3 Jun 196618 Dec 2020Chaney-Harkins Funeral Home
BrownMartha J18581920Our Mother-See photo
BrumleyBobby Don24 Jul 192424 Oct 2018 
BryantEvelyn Ann18 Dec 191312 Oct 1944w/o Stanley BryantSee photo
BurbaAlex D12 Nov 188224 Apr 1947See photo
BurbaIda F18531914w/o S E BurbaSee photo
BurbaSue18891918See photo
BurbaS E18491923h/o Ida BurbaSee photo
BurbaRob Roy19 Nov 19122 Jul 1947See photo
BurksLinda Marie19 Aug 194728 Dec 2020Bishop Funeral Home
BurksVirgil Carl12 Mar 194416 Feb 2020Bishop Funeral Home
BurlesonClarence R30 Aug 189818 Jul 1920Sergeant, Aviator 35th Aero Squadron-See photo
BurnsHelen Elizabeth Nelson25 Oct 19384 Nov 2019Brumley-Mills FH
BusbyVelbert Allen19 Jan 193029 Nov 2020Bishop Funeral Home
ButlerJo Aileen Belt9 Apr 19399 Dec 2000See obit
CalahanRuth Ester13 Dec 18978 Jun 1916w/o P H Calahan-See photo
CambronElizabeth18641929See photo
CambronJimmie18971953See photo
CambronJames B18 Sep 18613 Aug 1946See photo
CambronMinnie18911973See photo
CambronPeter F12 Aug 185816 Jul 1946See photo
CambronCharlotte May18851960See photo
CambronRuby James18631960See photo
CambronRoy19051910See photo
CambronPauline L12 Aug 190725 Apr 1931See photo
CambronS A18541920See photo
CambronWilliam J18841967See photo
CampbellMadge Elane14 Apr 191513 Mar 1918See photo
CampbellA J18441915See photo
CampbellA T16 Jun 18636 Apr 1914See photo
CampbellHenrietta D2 Feb 188820 Dec 1977See photo
CampbellJohn Allen18951950See photo
CaranoPaul15 Jul 19192 Feb 2020Chaney-Harkins Funeral Home
CatheyJudith Ann Markle1 Aug 193431 Oct 2018 
CarrPat Ridenour11 Jan 19396 Jul 2020Brumley-Mills Funeral Home
CartlidgeMinnie M27 Oct 187115 Jun 1912See photo
CavalloTeddy16 Apr 191117 Jun 1969See photo
CavalloMarie10 Jun 191226 Jul 1965See photo
ChancellorRalph 13 Feb 1937age 26 yrs-Chaney Funeral Home
ChantilesSam18911946Born in Terpsethea Greece-See photo
ChapmanMildred Stone30 Mar 183710 Jul 1912See photo
CharlesErmine M18881926See photo
ClaytonWilliam H14 Jul 18792 Sep 1942See photo
ClementsVenita Ella Adams25 Jan 193129 Oct 2019Brumley-Mills FH
CliftonDeborah Jean Benson17 Jan 195520 Sep 2020Bishop Funeral Home
ClineDr Roan C16 May 185213 Jan 1935See photo
CochranLeroy 22 Mar 1924Age 25 years-See photo
CochranSamuel I7 Feb 18828 Feb 1907See photo
CochranGeo C Sr22 Mar 186016 Apr 1924See photo
CochranMaria C27 Jul 18697 May 1956See photo
CoffeeChloe E11 Jun 19826 Jun 1972See photo
CoffeeGarnet Lee8 May 189218 Oct 1961See photo
ColeBetty Sue Buffington3 Jul 194131 May 2020Chaney-Harkins Funeral Home
CollinsWilliam18751918See photo
CollinsMattie V16 Oct 18776 Jun 1961See photo
ConnorIrvin Earl19 Nov 192713 Feb 2015See obit
CookJoseph P18601929See photo
CookLenorah L18671934See photo
CookLeroy17 May 19035 Apr 1917s/o J P and Lenora Cook-See photo
CooperEdna Ann18921935Mother-See photo
CoppedgeLula May11 Jan 187415 Jul 1962In Loving Memory Mother-See photo
CoppedgeRev C M15 Mar 18587 Jan 1910See photo
Coppedge JrCharles Martin10 May 19033 Mar 1971In Loving Memory Son-See photo
CornelioJames 18 Oct 1910Aged 29 yrs-See photo
CrossleyThomas18681914See photo
CrossleyLula18701945See photo
CulpCharlie  See photo
CulpEmma  See photo
CulpBenj D18531949See photo
CulpSarah E26 Aug 18693 Dec 1936See photo
CulpRosa I18531931See photo
CunninghamFern19031981See photo
CunninghamMyrtle18821964See photo
CunninghamWalter18711929See photo
CunninghamWalter Jr19161989See photo
DavisVirgil Lee18 Mar 195830 Dec 2019Chaney-Harkins Funeral Home
DavyEmrie Faith28 May 202028 May 2020infant daughter-Brumley-Mills Funeral Home
DeanEdith Biles18961952See photo
DeereKarter Dewayne28 Aug 201830 Mar 2019 
DennyFlora17 Feb 190016 Jul 1919Beloved d/o J M & Nellie Denny-See photo
DerryberryLorena16 Nov 192125 Nov 2014See obit
DoakG E23 May 188619 Feb 1934At Rest-See photo
DoakSarah M5 Mar 18825 May 1951See photo
DobbsBobby Loyd8 Nov 195215 Oct 2004 
DonaldsonCorbet W18911962See photo
DonaldsonVernie R15 Sep 189417 Feb 1975See photo
DrewAustin Vincent25 Oct 18925 Jul 1910s/o Frankie B & Jennie A Drew-See photo
DrewFrank B29 Nov 186315 Jan 1941See photo
DrewFrancis Leo9 Mar 18969 Apr 1928See photo
DrewJane Agnes24 Jun 18669 May 1935See photo
DrewFloyd Richard31 Mar 189420 Jul 1973See photo
DrewMary Margaret9 Aug 189717 Jul 1989See photo
DrumbLillian Russell18951949See photo
DrumbA Roy18831941See photo
DudleyGrace Ruth Wiezorek27 Nov 193414 Nov 2018 
DunkleNell18841933See photo
DurantDon Freeman6 Feb 194316 Nov 2020Brumley-Mills Funeral Home
DurantGeorgia Maurine Nave10 Mar 194518 Oct 2019Brumley-Mills FH
DusenberryCora A18761946See photo
EdwardsHarold Monroe16 Nov 193214 May 2020Brumley-Mills Funeral Home
EdwardsThomas D28 Nov 190615 Jan 1964Oklahoma SGT 167 Service COMD Unit WWII-See photo
EdwardsThomas D19 Mar 186810 Feb 1939See photo
EdwardsMay8 Aug 188715 Jan 1964See photo
EllerRobert E26 Jan 194315 Mar 2021See obit
EllisGeorge26 Mar 194018 Oct 2007Born in Moline, ILL
EllisonGerald29 Sep 193317 Jul 2020Brumley-Mills Funeral Home
EmanuelNarcissa Bond14 Apr 190727 May 1994See photo
EppsEaster Lillie26 Aug 191920 Apr 2020Brumley-Mills Funeral Home
ErvinJames Johnson15 Jun 19751 Mar 2015See obit
FanningWanda15 Jun 19751 Mar 2015See obit
FarmerJ Luther18761945-See photo
FarmerMae E18761950See photo
FarrellHerbert Lee14 May 191113 Sep 1971See photo
FarrellMaxine Marie19 Aug 191126 Mar 2004See photo
Faulkberry SrMarvin Leroy3 Jun 19353 Feb 2015See obit
FawcettIna Bell18671932Mother-See photo
FawcettLaura18931913See photo
FawcettWarren C18611939Father-See photo
FisherNettie Pearl23 Nov 18819 Dec 1955See photo
FisherSam R27 Jun 1920 See photo
FisherLorena M2 Dec 1930 See photo
FisherU. Grant14 Aug 18623 Apr 1944See photo
FleckJulia Lee Berry Bond18871920See obit
FlemingAlba L5 May 189623 Aug 1962Oklahoma AS USNRF WWarI-See photo
FlemingMollie18681933See photo
FontanaNaomi E8 Nov 191413 Aug 2007Born in Martha, OK
FontenotTerry Wayne25 Jul 195228 Jan 2021Brumley-Mills Funeral Home
FranksSharon Kay Riley16 Aug 194116 Nov 2020Brumley-Mills Funeral Home
FranzeseBrenda Karen Bevel23 Oct 194719 Nov 2019Bishop Funeral Home
GannLester Wayne30 May 195011 Feb 2021Bishop Funeral Home
GarlandTom T23 Apr 188715 May 1950See photo
GarnerSally A 18371912See photo
GarnerEmma L18661963See photo
GarrettOscar S Sr18941939See photo
GaultneyBilly Wayne22 Dec 19398 Jan 2019 
GayAlice F18541928See photo
GayJean Paul18841918See photo
GayWilliam18391923See photo
GelabertLorilla "Lulu" Price Fowler2 Nov 188319 Jun 1914w/o J F Gelabert-See photo
GelabertCora O18851961See photo
GelabertJohn Franklin18841974See photo
GeterHarold L15 Aug 19224 Jun 1987See photo
GeterMona B31 Aug 19247 Feb 1982See photo
GillE A18841913See photo
GillElmore A Jr1 Feb 191221 Jan 1992See photo
GillMattie E18581927See photo
GillJohn H9 Oct 18907 Oct 1970See photo
GillGus A18571935See photo
GillRosarii S27 Oct 192126 Oct 1987w/o Elmore A Gill Jr-See photo
GillMinnie F23 Jul 188130 Aug 1969See photo
GivensGeorge18871931See photo
GloverCharles "Chuck" Russell4 Nov 195016 Nov 2020Brumley-Mills Funeral Home
GloverLawrence "Larry" Joe28 Oct 195317 May 2020Brumley-Mills Funeral Home
GoodsonMarvin Dalton26 Jun 193129 Apr 2019 
GoodspeedRobert F8 Sep 194017 Aug 2018 
GrahamMary Fowler15 Sep 192425 Apr 2018 
GrayJohn18721953See photo
GreeneNancy Bond20 Dec 191515 Feb 1992See photo
GrimesRichard AlonzoSep 1880Oct 1918See photo
GrubbsAnnie B7 Feb 188128 Feb 1966See photo
GrubbsDr J O18621929See photo
GrubbsElsie Florine19021917See photo
Hailey-HarbisonBeatrice Elizabeth Turnbow 12 Oct 2018 
HarberLeona W. "Clayton"26 Oct 192518 Nov 2000Beloved Mother-See photo
HardyJ Glenn12 Jul 19013 Dec 1960See photo
HardyElsie H4 Sep 1911 See photo
HarkriderWm H8 Apr 183014 Jul 1910See photo
HarringtonW J18541920See photo
HarrisLaua6 Dec 18677 Jun 1966See photo
HarrisLewis9 Dec 190910 Jul 1914See photo
HarrisonBarbara Jean Brown11 Jan 194929 Dec 2019Bishop Funeral Home
HatfieldDessie Johnson18901954See photo
HaydenNellie G18591946See photo
HaydenLouis18491916See photo
HayesBarbara Jean26 Nov 194027 Dec 2019Brumley-Mills Funeral Home
HearodBilly Carroll24 Mar 194628 Nov 2018 
HeatleyMaud R13 Jul 18812 Sep 1931See photo
HeirichMax28 Jan 189725 Jun 1918Air Service-US SIC CORPS-See photo
HeirichRuth E19 Oct 190919 Nov 1959See photo
HeirichMax E18651945See photo
HeirichClara E18711948See photo
HelmsTerry1 Jul 194611 May 2015See obit
HendricksHarvey A22 Oct 18763 Sep 1941See photo
HendricksTillie Mae18761910w/o W D Hendricks-See photo
HenleyLeroy13 Apr 193011 Oct 2019Brumley-Mills FH
HiattKatherine Rose Zelnick5 Apr 192714 Apr 2018 
HodgesNanie A14 Oct 18791 May 1920See photo
HoganEliza15 Sep 18628 Oct 1939See photo
Hoklotubbe-JurgensenMaxine Cathey4 Sep 192713 Oct 2019Bishop FH
HolladayJo Ann O'Daniel15 Mar 193624 Jan 2015See obit
HollonHazel Gosa10 Apr 19287 Jun 2019 
HolubThayer David20 Mar 19134 Jun 1933See photo
HooeHugh B19 Apr 187023 Apr 1938See photo
HooeTennie B14 Feb 18742 Jun 1966See photo
HopkinsMary Lou Newberry15 Sep 193013 Dec 2020Bishop Funeral Home
HopperBill23 Dec 19249 Mar 2008 
HouseDora18641923See photo
HouseJoe P18581932See photo
HoyleEmmett M18981928See photo
HudsonLula Jane18551934See photo
HughesLeona18931927See photo
HunterMichael J2 Nov 194615 Mar 1967See more
ImpsonHiram William Jr11 Mar 19354 Oct 2018 
IronsJ C16 Jun 193330 Apr 2007 
IronsMattie Mae Coleman22 Aug 193712 May 2020See obit
JacksonRuth Alice Wilkin5 Apr 193925 Jul 2020 Chaney-Harkins Funeral Home
JacksonSharon Hollaway11 Feb 196310 Jan 2021Brumley-Mills Funeral Home
JamesPearl S18931975See photo
JamesInfant SonFeb 1914 See photo
JensonCaroline12 Oct 184816 Mar 1929See photo
JensonArbon M15 Nov 187828 Feb 1917h/o Maggie Jenson-See photo
JohnsonR Villey19161962See photo
JohnsonHamilton19191920s/o H & Dessie Johnson-See photo
JohnsonTammy Rennee Lott30 Aug 19682 Jul 2015See obit
JohnsonRichard Neal8 Jun 193928 May 2019 
JohnstonJuanita G1 Jun 190513 Feb 1987See photo
JohnstonDick D12 Jan 190729 Dec 1997See photo
JonesConrad Roscoe9 Jul 19167 May 1961h/o Gladys
JonesGladys Lena7 Oct 19215 Apr 2003w/o Conrad
JonesElizabeth6 Jun 184213 May 1916See photo
JonesBenjaman4 Oct 18475 Aug 1916See photo
JonesEdwin P31 May 186410 Aug 1953See photo
JonesAlbert W30 Aug 187018 Jul 1954See photo
JonesDora E1 Feb 187412 Dec 1948See photo
JonesLelah Wever23 Aug 188830 Nov 1969See photo
JonesJane E18551939See photo
JonesJennievie Maxine Stone6 Mar 193310 Aug 2019Bishop Funeral Home
JonesJohn W18511916See photo
JonesRalph W22 Nov 188918 Aug 1911See photo
JonesMary Walker18401923See photo
JonesJohn P18361911See photo
JonesMinnie29 May 186918 Mar 1920w/o Edwin P Jones-See photo
JonesSarah Jane18871958See photo
KennedyDevon Gregory11 Aug 199124 May 2018 
KerbyLillian L18 Aug 185910 May 1938See photo
KerbyWilliam T 16 Feb 186825 Sep 1951See photo
KierseyEleanor M McHattie27 Oct 191713 Aug 2018 
KingAmos T8 Jul 19243 Jul 2013 
KingImogene Trammell23 May 193021 Oct 2019 
KingWilliam "Bill" E11 Apr 192323 Dec 2019Bishop Funeral Home
KiserNellie F 27 Aug 1932See photo
KiserAnna R19 Jul 188714 Oct 1920See photo
KnightMildred E Holladay16 Oct 192021 Nov 2018 
KubishEva24 Dec 189721 Apr 1927w/o Paul Kubish-See photo
LambertEffie Hinton18871919See photo
LamphereRaymond19031964See photo
LamphereRuth19091936See photo
LebbsMerle16 Apr 19178 Aug 2018 
LeeJohn Lawerence3 Jul 194723 Oct 1956Beloved Son of Wm L Lee-See photo
LeeLawerence, Gertrude, Mary  See photo
LeeWilliam (Bill)1 Feb 191623 Jun 1995See photo
LeFloreBarbara Earlene4 Mar 19303 Jul 2015See obit
LehnhardNell Childers9 Feb 19149 Dec 1989See photo
LehnhardJack B11 May 190830 Sep 1992See photo
LewisCecil26 May 189619 Jun 1976See photo
LewisWilliam J18571938See photo
LewisMary Jane18581932See photo
LizikElsie Mae Brewer23 Apr 194113 Apr 2019 
LockeWilliam Cortland12 Sep 190523 Feb 1908s/o B H & Florence P Locke-See photo
LongArnold Lee6 Nov 194430 Aug 2018 
LongBaby14 Aug 189014 Aug 1890s/o V E & Ella Long-See photo
LongVance E8 Feb 189313 Jul 1960See photo
LongElla4 Jun 189613 Jan 1994See photo
LutzJohn 24 Dec1908Age 50 yrs 11 mo 6 days-See photo
MacchiJohn18 Aug 191830 Oct 1944In Memoriam-Captain Killed in France-See photo
MacchiFrankie18 Oct 192720 Dec 1927See photo
MacchiJohn19181944Capt US Army WWII-See photo
MagdalenaWanda Elaine Emery7 Jul 19263 Nov 2019Brumley-Mills Funeral Home
MagruderJohn W12 Dec 188423 Aug 1951See photo
MannOra Francis18881971See photo
MannWalter Joseph18831938See photo
ManvilleIvy G29 Mar 188927 Jun 1955See photo
ManvilleFred B21 Apr 188113 Dec 1950See photo
MartinJesse Edward7 Dec 194022 Aug 2018 
MasseyJames H15 Mar 184922 Apr 1922See photo
MayfieldH F18781947See photo
MayfieldMary Leona18871974See photo
McAlisterRalph D Sr25 Sep 193422 Oct 1995See photo
McAlisterVirginia Rea2 Feb 1930 See photo
McAlvainRichard Charles 10 Mar 19371 yr-s/o G B McAlvain & Jewell Parker-Chaney Funeral Home
McBeeEllen Beatrice Ellis28 Jun 19305 Nov 2019Brumley-Mills FH
McCarleyTracey H MD18831971See photo
McCarleyAgnes A18881926See photo
McCauleyAndrea Lea Jacobson4 May 193322 Aug 2020w/o Joe
McCauleyLaura A18661950See photo
McCauleyWm J18601946See photo
McClendonLeon Walter5 Mar 193019 Apr 2015See obit
McCloudEmily P6 Oct 18555 Jun 1950See photo
McCloudSudie30 May 188525 Mar 1916See photo
McCloudIda9 Sep 188918 Dec 1969See photo
McCloudBurt19 Sep 18941 Jun 1993See photo
McFarlandAsti B "Shorty"4 Aug 194216 Dec 2020Brumley-Mills Funeral Home
McFarlandBeverly18 Nov 195519 Feb 2021Brumley-Mills Funeral Home
McGowanOra M14 Sep 188815 Dec 1984See photo
McGowanWirt E9 Apr 188321 Jan 1950See photo
McKinnonGeneieve26 Jan 19153 Jan 1921See photo
McMurtreyRonald Richard5 Oct 193016 Sep 2020Brumley-Mills Funeral Home
McNealLouise Abbott30 Mar 185628 Jul 1921See photo
McWatersMary Jane Cacy15 Mar 192717 Dec 2015 
MeadowsClaud C13 Aug 189517 Jun 1969See photo
MendozaIzabella Rose11 Jun 201811 June 2018 
MilliganElsie M Cook12 Jun 18991 Dec 1997See photo
MillsAllie18551946See photo
MillsPatti Dawn24 Sep 19562 Aug 2020Brumley-Mills Funeral Home
MitchellScott17 Jul 186128 Nov 1923h/o Lorena Mitchell-See photo
MooreAlbert "Al" Sheridan10 Jan 190727 Nov 1990h/o Glenna
MooreInfant Son 1 Nov 1939s/o Albert & Glenna
MooreGlenna M Addy11 Apr 191419 Apr 2003w/o Albert
MooreHomer Dustin11 Feb 191617 Apr 1999 
MooreRobert Matthew 30 Aug 19019 Aug 1971See photo
MorrisAnnie L27 Aug 186810 Apr 1933Born Mastag Wales-See photo
MorrisonWilliam Henry18901948See photo
MorrisonIrene S18951976See photo
MossopIsaac18531928See photo
MunnRobert A Dr15 Jan 185210 Dec 1926See photo
MunnLenora I22 Jun 185612 Mar 1924See photo
MurrayJohn D18 Feb 188217 Sep 1914h/o Virgie Murray-See photo
NaylorMargaret E18581930See photo
NaylorSmith18481912See photo
NeillCleta Faye Parks29 Sep 19341 Nov 2020Brumley-Mills Funeral Home
NelmsDavid Edly31 Aug 193320 Jun 2018 
NelsonSamantha A17 Oct 18722 Mar 1927See photo
NewViola Horton16 May 194228 May 2020Brown's Funeral Home
NewmanLawerence I25 Mar 19117 Jun 1960See photo
NoblesWanda Elizabeth Champion14 Nov 194126 Jan 2021Bishop Funeral Home
OaksLoraine Lillian Coppedge16 Aug 190510 Sep 1994See photo
OglesbyThomas A5 Jan 18723 Aug 1922h/of Sarah Oglesby-See photo
OrtizJoe7 Jun 196522 Mar 2019 
PainterLeroy8 Aug 193025 Oct 2018 
PalmerLinda 14 May 2020Brumley-Mills Funeral Home
PapadopoulosConstantine V 3 Aug 1920Born Gellini, Corinthias,-Greece-See photo
ParhamDonald Ray26 May 193717 Jan 2021Brumley-Mills Funeral Home
ParkerMichael N15 Mar 194629 Oct 2020Bishop Funeral Home
PascoeW N18661918See photo
PascoeBelva M15 Sep 191014 Aug 1974See photo
PascoeAugust N24 Oct 19047 Feb 1992See photo
PattersonJosephine Carolyn7 Jun 19484 May 2015See obit
PattersonMary Estie18731967See photo
PattersonRobert Jackson18701919See photo
PattersonJames H D14 Jun 193726 Jun 1987Oklahoma Chf. US Navy-See photo
PattersonPoet M16 Sep 189828 Oct 1918Pharmacists Mate US Navy-See photo
PendergrassMary L18741962See photo
PendergrassWallace A18751953See photo
PendletonGeorge William18761951See photo
PetersHoward Wyatt27 Nov 19553 Nov 2018 
Phillips Delia Sherrer 1928See photo
PhippsDorothy Josephine Baker6 Sep 193226 Jun 2020Brumley-Mills Funeral Home
PickleBetty Loou Clagg8 Dec 192528 Nov 2018 
PierceRosalee McEirath 2 Mar 1926See photo
PoolLorna Trapp19 Sep 194225 Sep 2018 
PoolSandra Ellis12 Jun 19528 Aug 2018 
PoorMartha Ella18771965See photo
PoorDrury Woodson18741940See photo
Porfilio-HarrisonNello Jean11 May 195510 Aug 2019Chaney-Harkins Funeral Home
PoscoeSophia18801961See photo
PowellWm18871916See photo
PraterJimmy D2 Sep 19456 Jan 2020Bishop Funeral Home
PrestonIda C18811968See photo
ProctorJohn L7 Apr 192628 Mar 2015See obit
RagerFloyd22 Dec 1910Dec 1969See photo
RagerEleanor V25 Jan 19166 Dec 2001See photo
RamseyLois L Ezell13 Jan 192718 Sep 2018 
RarnerE L18641911See photo
RatterreeMay18851938See photo
RhineJohn FrancisJuly 18531916 
RhineMary Virginia Mollie-Hooe26 May 18568 Feb 1931 
RidenourJanice Lorene Nunnally27 Jan 194522 Jul 2020 Chaney-Harkins Funeral Home (cremains)
RileyMartha Marie Zierenberg15 Aug 192517 Sep 2020Brumley-Mills Funeral Home
RitterFrancis E27 Feb 195528 May 1915w/o Charles Ritter-See photo
RitterJoe E16 Feb 188522 Jul 1918See photo
RitterCharles L19 Oct 185414 Feb 1909See photo
RobinsonDonald Gene28 Jan 193519 Sep 2020Brumley-Mills Funeral Home
RoddyEvelyn 26 Feb 1937Lysol poisoning-Chaney Funeral Home
RodenbergerBertha F18921920Darcy Jr-See photo
RodgersRuben15 Aug 18568 Feb 1928See photo
RodgersAlice185921 Jun 1921See photo
RodgersH Jack18591932See photo
RogersFred M12 Jun 18958 Feb 1977Pvt. US Army WW1-See photo
RogersAnna Rae18951934See photo
RogersGhaska Anderson18881978See photo
RogersMary L6 Nov 185821 Jul 1945See photo
RogersPeyton Jane27 Feb 20142 Oct 2020Masonic part - Bishop Funeral Home
RogersRev J D22 Oct 187414 Jul 1956See photo
RogersSherry Lynn Weeks6 Jun 195420 May 2020Bishop Funeral Home
RollisonEd J13 Dec 188110 Jun 1947See photo
RollisonAnna M3 Oct 188313 Oct 1973See photo
RollisonSarah 7 Aug 188814 Sep 1919w/o E J Rollison-See photo
RollisonWilliam T25 Jan 187922 Dec 1924See photo
RollisonJohn Donaldson8 Oct 18801 Dec 1915See photo
RomineMary Lee Thomas31 Jan 19277 Aug 2018 
RosenbaumAlice Marie Palmer15 Dec 19458 Nov 2018 
RossoJames26 Feb 18765 Dec 1938See photo
RossoFrances28 Oct 187514 Nov 1957See photo
RussellMary Alvord18761916See photo
RussellJames Jefferson18721931See photo
SallisJesse B 27 Nov 1918Oklahoma Pvt US Army-See photo
SamplesJames L22 Dec 187516 Jan 1916See photo
SantinoGlen Rock6 Feb 194119 Dec 2020Brumley-Mills Funeral Home
SavageMartin Adrian2 Nov 1917 See photo
SavageMary Sue28 Sep 191711 Apr 1993See photo
SawyerR C18551939See photo
SawyersRobert M28 Nov 188419 Nov 1908See photo
SchreinerErnest W  See photo
SchreinerArdillacy A  See photo
SchreinerSallie B16 Nov 190326 Jul 1986See photo
SchreinerCarl S2 Oct 18961 Sep 1967Colorado PVT 489 AERO SQ WWarI-See photo
ScigresKarl Ellis23 Dec 19527 Dec 2020Bishop Funeral Home
SellersL.D. "Larry"8 Oct 19363 Dec 2020Brumley-Mills Funeral Home
SerosGeorge18771948Born in Terpsethea Greece-See photo
SewellJeannette Baumert Turner5 Feb 191326 Nov 1977See photo
ShackelfordNorma Nordman10 Mar 19253 Aug 20201st marriage was to a Weiher
ShaneAddie Manning18791935See photo
SharpKathleen Brooks26 Jun 19457 Jan 2019 
ShawEarnest Bernard5 Mar 192628 Oct 2014See obit
ShepardTravis "Junior" Allen Jr13 Mar 201822 Jul 2018 
ShepherdGeorge F18751940See photo
ShepherdBeatrice18871969See photo
ShepherdHelen Ruth14 May 192016 Jun 1920See photo
ShieldsJohn F10 Jan 187516 Feb 1929See photo
ShieldsAndie C1888 See photo
ShieldsJohn Franklin20 May 193618 May 2020Chaney-Harkins Funeral Home
ShieldsLeatha L18881952See photo
SimpsonO B18661940See photo
SimpsonMinnie18741940See photo
SittelFritz 25 Jan 186327 May 1949See photo
SittelMalvina P3 Jan 186910 Jun 1937See photo
SmithAnn18551943See photo
SmithCharlie C18801928See photo
SmithDaisy C18751958See photo
SmithDavid18511917See photo
SmithDella B18821932See photo
SmithEarl Wright18761927See photo
SmithErnest H29 Dec 18797 Feb 1943See photo
SmithMary "Virginia" Horns14 Jan 194128 Feb 2021Brumley-Mills Funeral Home
SmithRita Marguerite Finamore10 Oct 195219 Oct 2018 
SmithShirley Jane Littrell26 Sep 193610 Aug 2018 
SniderJoyce Lee Kirkland14 Jun 19339 Mar 2020Brumley-Mills Funeral Home
SpearRev Thomas Pinkerton4 Nov 189512 Oct 1967h/o Elizabeth
SpearElizabeth J25 Nov 189517 Mar 1983m/o Selena Bayless
SpencerJohn J29 Jul 184014 Dec 1926See photo
SpencerJohn J29 Jul 184014 Dec 1926See photo
StantonInez J18751945See photo
StantonArthur G18971911See photo
StantonWilliam H18721944See photo
StevensRoy Lee Jr11 Sep 195718 Dec 2020Bishop Funeral Home
StipeCelia Aline Bailey25 Feb 1935 29 Jun 2019CH funeral home
StizzaJames S "Jim"10 Sep 19373 Aug 2020Brumley-Mills Funeral Home
StokesFloyd D10 Jul 192716 May 2020Brumley-Mills Funeral Home
StoneDavid S9 Jan 184824 Oct 1935Co G 44th MO Inft-See photo
StoneSusan J12 Aug 18562 May 1910See photo
StorrieJames David2 Jun 191720 Nov 1927See photo
StorrieJames18931937See photo
StorrieJanet A15 Dec 189522 Nov 1970See photo
StorrieRobert Donald11 Jul 193224 Dec 1935See photo
StowersHenry Richard29 Jun 194625 Jul 2018 
SurberIra J6 May 190822 Sep 1994See photo
TalleyNeal21 Jun 193616 Jul 2020Brumley-Mills Funeral Home
TappC L 19 Oct 1915See photo
TassoMike 22 Mar 1915See photo
TaylorMary Tom17 Feb 187520 Aug 1930See photo
TaylorDaisy D20 Jun 189110 Mar 1975See photo
TaylorRobert Leo18 May 191519 Aug 1926See photo
TaylorA D Doc8 Nov 187813 Jan 1964See photo
TaylorJohn Lewis7 Feb 186626 Nov 1919See photo
TaylorLouie Maud31 Aug 186921 Oct 1918See photo
TegardenD W4 July 185412 Aug 1911h/o Mary Varley Tegarden-See photo
TegardenMary Varley18681922See photo
ThomasKathryn Emogene Blackwell24 Mar 192419 Jul 2020Bishop Funeral Home
ThomasJ S18491922See photo
ThomasLetha18671923See photo
ThompsonJudy21 Dec 19461 Mar 2019 
ThompsonJulius E18901932See photo
ThompsonJulin B1 Jan 189422 Dec 1971See photo
ThompsonCora Garland1 Sep 18891 Apr 1977See photo
ThompsonMorris1 May 192921 Mar 1930See photo
TippettEdwin Charles "Chuck"4 Jul 19429 Jul 2019Bishop Runeral Home
TolbertInez M4 May 192425 Nov 2014See obit
TomBoyd26 Oct 194622 Jan 2021Brumley-Mills Funeral Home
TroyMonette4 Dec 192417 Jun 1926See photo
TroyJohn J 16 Jun 1937Oklahoma CORP 554 CO MOTER TRANS CORPS-See photo
TroyEdward Henry18591921See photo
TroyRose B18661953See photo
TuckerWilliam May11 Jun 188923 Feb 1937w/o H B Tucker-Chaney Funeral Home
TurleyRansom Dennis3 Mar 18626 Jan 1929See photo
TurnerJohn Harold2 Feb 19096 Dec 1960See photo
TygartJulia Karan Bryan1 Mar 194010 Jan 2020Brumley-Mills Funeral Home
Van HooserMabel30 Jan 188915 Oct 1928See photo
VarleyArthur18891956See photo
VernonMary L3 Sep 189017 Apr 1983See photo
VernonJames H1 Jul 189111 Dec 1918See photo
WaddleHelen Cheryle "Drumb"31 Aug 194426 Oct 2002See photo
WaddleRobert J27 Nov 1944 See photo
WaltonLeon H30 Nov 188926 Nov 1917Private-See photo
WatkinsBetty Blanche Reed21 Sep 193625 May 2018 
WardClark Winston19 Nov 193817 Feb 2021Chaney-Harkins Funeral Home
WardMabel Poscoe19211976See photo
WardArchie19081943See photo
WardGeorgia18881918See photo
WatkinsW. A.12 May 19334 Jul 2019Bishop Funeral Home
WatkinsWanda M26 Apr 19258 Oct 1979See photo
WaylandMary Emma Cartlidge2 Apr 189017 Oct 1968See photo
WeeksMary Ann Duff19 Feb 192810 May 2020Bishop Funeral Home
WelshAlgeron E14 Aug 19158 Jul 1922See photo
WelshElizabeth KingNov 186128 Feb 1937Born in Wales-Krebs Mine #5-Chaney Funeral Home
WelshJennie18731941See photo
WelshEdwin B18571919See photo
WelshImogene6 Mar 192121 May 1938See photo
WelshWilliam G26 Now 188926 Feb 1936See photo
WeverMilo N4 Jun 188116 Aug 1911See photo
WhiteElizabeth Lewis10 Jul 189320 Dec 1969See photo
WhiteJames F18601931See photo
WhiteMartha E18561949See photo
WhitesellByron18601934See photo
WhitesellMary A18611946See photo
WhitesideRalph H18931959See photo
WhitesidePearl Williams18961936See photo
WhitneyCarolyn Jean Noble1 Apr 195225 Aug 2019Bishop Funeral Home
WhitworthJay Thomas18 Jun 194022 Sep 2020Bishop Funeral Home
WilburnEtta18761927See photo
WilkesJ Jinks26 May 189110 Dec 1967See photo
WilkesJim Jenkins26 May 189110 Dec 1967Oklahoma SC2 US NAVY WWI-See photo
WilkesJohn S (Bass)14 Oct 188512 Mar 1967See photo
WilkinsKent10 Oct 196128 Oct 2020Bishop Funeral Home
WilkesLucile E16 May 190413 Mar 1989See photo
WilkinsNeta Jan Staples8 Dec 19584 Aug 2018 
WilliamsGeorge18851926See photo
WilliamsIda Belle18771920See photo
WilliamsKenneth15 Jul 195115 Mar 1995See obit
WilliamsStanley Clarke18671936See photo
WillisJohn W14 Mar18726 Aug 1945See photo
WillisDollie M8 May 8 187618 Dec 1939See photo
WillisSemmie Evans18681954See photo
WillisHugh18881936See photo
WillisVerna Florence18991981See photo
WillisThomas Evans18871953See photo
WillisH L18471913See photo
WishardFrancis9 Dec 185022 May 1921See photo
WrightJ. Fred18981918See photo
WrightHarold 19171919s/o J Fred & Peggy Wright-See photo
YangerOlive18941922See photo
YoungGinger Lee14 Aug 193212 Jun 2018 
Zoo 18851898See photo
 R J Jr19151920See photo
 Ruth18931896See photo

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