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Ethel Reece Cemetery
Barnsdall, Osage County, Oklahoma
partial survey

If you have family buried in the Ethel Reece Cemetery or can give directions to the cemetery that I can place on the website or can take a gate photo or have obits (with newspapers permission or an obit that you can write) or tombstone photos or individual portraits or can write a short bio or have a history of the cemetery and would like to add your information to this website, contact the area coordinator for more information. You can also check out our How to Submit page.
NOTICE If you submit information to this website and change your e-mail address please notify the area coordinator with the county/cemetery and new e-mail address so we can keep our pages as up to date as possible.
Note: Every effort has been made to transcribe this information accurately. These records MAY CONTAIN ERRORS. Any corrections and/or additions greatly appreciated. As with any genealogy information, this is a source and should be considered as such. It is up to the researcher to verify the accuracy.

Married June 15, 1943
ALLISONFloyd Everett29 May 192527 Sep 2014 See More
AULTZAlfred Leon30 Sep 193717 Mar 2014 See More
AULTZLona Lee23 May 194402 May 2015 See More
BALLEWCurtis Owen05 Jul 192919 Aug 2015 See More
BALLINGERMartha Lee13 Mar 193110 Sep 2015 See More
BARRETTBonnie Jean02 Jul 194810 Jun 2019 See More
BARNESWilliam A.12 Oct 192924 May 2013 See More
BEAVERCharlene Mae14 Jan 193308 May 2013 See More
BEAVERSRose Lenora10 Mar 194231 Mar 2013 See More
BELLMary Marjorie (Young)11 Aug 191119 Oct 2006  
BELLWilliam Augusta "Red"23 Aug 191230 Oct 2007 See More
BERRYBetty Lou (Spencer)16 Jul 192731 Mar 2004  
BERRYDr. Jack Forest21 Dec 191225 Oct 2007 See More
BIDWELLRobert Eugene "Bobby"11 Dec 1923Sweet Broken BlossomSee More
George Washington18901979U.S. Army Private
Served in Europe
during World War I
Info provided by:
Barbara Herndon
BOYCEMinnie Mae Shepard Gilliam18921982Info provided by:
Barbara Herndon
BRASELWillis Doyle26 Oct 192225 Jun 2019 See More
BROCKBonnie Beatrice Gilliam Conklin19081996Info provided by:
Barbara Herndon
CAMPBELLEmma Joy28 Nov 193710 Jan 2015 See More
CHARTERElmer Lloyd28 Feb 192411 Oct 1990PVT US Army
World War II
See More
CLARKIona02 Dec 191205 Jan 2012 See More
COLEK. Y.24 Aug 192411 Feb 2015 See More
James Robert19291997U.S. Army Master SgtSee More
CRABTREEDana Marie (Kelley)23 Jan 196801 Apr 2011 See More
DAHLTimothy John15 Sep 195721 Feb 2017 See More
DEANJack15 Nov 192919 May 1990 See More
DEANRebecca Wilson (Beal)14 Jan 193308 May 2013 See More
DeWEESECharles O.17 Jan 191121 Nov 2002TEC 4 US ARMY
World War II
Married June 15, 1943
See More
DeWEESEEllen12 Oct 1920 See More
DeWEESEFred W.19091959 See More
DeWEESEMyrtle19121996 See More
DeWEESEWilliam H.18551925 See More
DILDINEBenna J.13 Sep 193531 Dec 2000Married Dec 24, 1953See More
DILDINEBill J.01 Feb 1931 Married Dec 24, 1953See More
DILDINEBilly "BJ" Jack21 Nov 195402 Sep 2019 See More
DILLDINEDonald Edward "Ed"07 May 193716 Mar 2012 See More
DOBBSHazel Irene14 Jun 191908 Feb 2006 See More
DOBBSJimmie C.24 Apr 191601 Feb 1983 See More
DROZWanda Lee23 Aug 193225 Jan 2018 See More
ENGELHoward William16 Aug 194607 Oct 2017 See More
ENGELNancy Kay (Swift)09 May 194617 Sep 2014 See More
ESTESGeorge Edward19111974Info provided by:
Barbara Herndon
ESTESRosa Rebecca Jones19192000Info provided by:
Barbara Herndon
EVANSThomas Eugene11 Jan 198106 Apr 2013 See More
GAMBLEJackie Owen "Jack"07 Feb 193819 Oct 2015 See More
GARRETTHazel Pauline (Spence)11 Nov 191810 Mar 2013 See More
GILLIAMCarl Eugene “Sonny”19251941Info provided by:
Barbara Herndon
GILLIAMElmore (infant)19171917Info provided by:
Barbara Herndon
GILLIAMSidney R.18701947Info provided by:
Barbara Herndon
GRAHAMBetty J.08 Aug 193530 Apr 2017 See More
GRAHAMMarilee14 Oct 193121 Mar 2014 See More
GRAYDaniel Webster "Boone"16 Feb 193220 May 2018 See More
GREGORYClair Raymond Jr.15 Dec 192101 Apr 2011 See More
HADDOCKHarley Eugene03 Sep 193724 Sep 2017 See More
HALLMarvin Lee24 Sep 193007 Apr 1993 See More
HENDERSONIra Lee13 Aug 196907 Dec 2011 See More
HENSONRev. Raymond Floyd14 Nov 192122 Jun 2019 See More
HERNDONCathy Sue (infant)19591960Info provided by:
Barbara Herndon
HERNDONErnest Andrew19111973Info provided by:
Barbara Herndon
HERNDONEunice Frances (Gilliam)22 Feb 191106 Jul 2010Info provided by:
Barbara Herndon
See More
HICKMANAnna Margaret Triplett28 Aug 188401 Sep 1920 See More
HILLL. D.11 Oct 192830 Aug 2019 See More
HILLHOUSEDorothy09 Jun 192122 Aug 2017 See More
HILLHOUSEJohn Leslie13 Jan 192026 Jan 1992US Army Air Corps
World War II
HOCKERJulius Duane15 Apr 192705 Jul 2019 See More
HOWARDKimberly J. (Young)16 Jul 196809 Feb 1999Beloved Daughter Sister & WifeSee More
INFIELDRobert Melvin25 Jan 193218 Mar 2017 See More
JACKSONWilletta L.01 Nov 194419 Apr 2011 See More
JAMESJesse Leroy19171979Info provided by:
Barbara Herndon
JAMESLayhoma Gilliam19151987Info provided by:
Barbara Herndon
KAHLERKenneth Wayne22 Oct 193825 Jul 2012 See More
LEMLEYPaul James03 Mar 192005 Sep 2014 See More
LONGLois Maxine12 Jan 192118 Oct 2017 See More
LYTLEKeylee Marguerite02 Apr 201808 Jun 2018 See More
McCAULEY Claudia Ann 02 Sep 1954 08 Jan 2023 D/O Claude & Anna Ruth McLaughlin Obit
McCAULEYDavid L.09 Feb 195205 Feb 2017 See More
McCAULEYFrancis M. "Frank"01 May 194620 Oct 2017 See More
McCAULEYWilliam "Will" Russell16 Dec 198114 Jan 2020 See More
McCAULEYWilma Lee (Linch)30 Jun 193010 May 2014 See More
McCRAYCara Marie "Corky" (Weabe)13 Jun 193511 Jun 2016 See More
McCRAYStan 11 May 1989 See More
McKINNEYMildred P. (Hurt)(Cook)23 Mar 191401 May 2016  See More
McLAUGHLINRussell Lee "Rusty"16 Mar 195825 Jun 1990 See More
MILLERLucille (Watkins)25 Aug 192816 Mar 2011 See More
MILLERMadelyn "Carol"13 Feb 194004 Jul 2017 See More
MURRIEThomas William12 Feb 194103 Aug 1997 See More
NICKELSErnest Duane08 May 194031 May 2011 See More
O'DELLPhillip Leon "Pete"12 May 193817 Nov 2015 See More
O'DELLWilma "Jean" (Pendergraff)05 Jan 194618 Dec 2014 See More
OVERACKERRoy21 Feb 1910Jun 1993 See More
PARKERRay Daniel27 Sep 193129 Nov 1957Oklahoma CPL US ARMY
See More
PAYNEAnn01 May 196628 Jan 1986 See More
PRATTDonald Ray20 Oct 193815 Feb 2017 See More
RAMSAYEdgar Bruce17 Nov 194614 May 2014 See More
REALEBetty Louise24 Feb 193315 Feb 1933 See More
REALECarol Louise13 Feb 194015 Sep 1991 See More
David Steven26 Jul 194915 Jul 197?OK Sgt Air Force VietnamSee More
REALEIda May Hickman15 Feb 190512 Jan 1984 See More
Jerry Francis06 Dec 193525 Oct 1976RD 3 US NavySee More
Patrick Nicholas08 Aug 189603 Mar 1971OK Pfc Inf WW ISee More
RICEClaude Jerome22 Dec 192403 Feb 2018 See More
ROBERTSHazel Cobb30 Mar 191316 May 1990W of John Birney Roberts
Dau of William Afton Cobb and Essie Lee Bivens
Submitted by: Connie Coley
ROBERTSJohn Birney30 Jul 190908 Dec 1954Married Hazel Cobb
Submitted by: Connie Coley
ROBINETTEAnnie M.18811968God is Love
I John 4:8
See More
ROBINETTEMack20 Jan 192204 Jun 19781st LT US ARMY
World War II
See More
ROBINETTERobert L.187218 Apr 1939God is Love
I John 4:8
PVT 1 Ter U.S. Vol Inf
See More
SANDERSPatricia03 Jul 195025 Oct 2008 See More
SANFORDGracie Mae (Hickinbotham)22 Jan 192802 Jul 2015 See More
SCHMIDTMartin Clay16 Sep 195802 May 2016 See More
SELBYDarrell James12 Feb 192416 Mar 1978  
SELBYFrankie Sue06 Sep 193026 Mar 2005 See More
SELFJulia A.28 Jun 194102 Oct 2018 See More
SESSUMSWanda Lucille Gilliam19181995Info provided by:
Barbara Herndon
SHAWDavid Wayne07 Jun 196804 Nov 2018  
SHELTONElizabeth Ann16 Aug 193717 Aug 1937 See More
SHIRLEYEdward18721950 See More
SHIRLEYLulu18761847 See More
SHREFFLERGladys Nell14 Oct 192912 Sep 2017 See More
SMITHBillie Jo13 Jul 201312 Sep 2019 See More
SMITHDorothy Elizabeth (Whitechurch)27 Jul 190926 Sep 2008 See More
SMITHEverett Samuel08 Mar 1903Mar 1969 See More
SMITHLayhoma Ann15 Aug 197227 Nov 2017 See More
SMITHNancy Ann23 Jan 193826 Jul 2015 See More
SOLOMANRosemary (Gaines)17 Jun 194014 Jun 2010 See More
SPEARSLeo Preston15 Aug 193504 Dec 2014 See More
STANTONBobby Leo14 Aug 195102 Oct 2018 See More
STEDDUMKeith E.29 Dec 194429 Oct 2018 See More
STEPHENSDent04 Nov 192427 Jan 2018 See More
STOABSPriscilla Ann (Mullins)19 Sep 190817 Jul 2004 See More
SUTTONMarc "Meat" Edmund02 Dec 197631 Aug 2019 See More
SWANSONJeffrey Wayne13 Feb 19762010 See More
TAYLORAnna M.08 Dec 189407 Jun 1974 See More
Earl William20 Aug 192004 Jul 1996US Marine Corps
See More
TAYLORJames W.18591935 See More
TAYLORLake Ann12 Dec 190624 Feb 1988 See More
TAYLORLucinda E.18631947 See More
TAYLOROrval W.31 Dec 189223 Oct 1967 See More
TOWNLEYCarolyn Joy Lorton19 Apr 193924 Jan 2018 See More
TRIPLETTEliza18741932 See More
TUCKERJoseph "Joe" Russell16 Jan 192815 Jan 2020 See More
TUCKERRamona Fleta26 Mar 193013 May 2017 See More
WALKERMonte Leroy16 Sep 192613 Jul 2017 See More
WEEKSRiley Breann05 Apr 201809 Sep 2018 See More
WHINERYBobbie Junior26 Feb 194518 Jun 2019  
WHITEThelma Louise (Townley)12 May 193101 Jun 2010 See More
WITTCaleb Alan07 Jun 198308 Oct 1983Beloved SonSee More
WITTEugene Alexander24 Dec 193001 Dec 2004 See More
WITTFreda L.28 Sep 194425 Apr 2004  
YOUNGLarry Eugene16 Apr 196722 May 2009In Loving Memory of Our Son,
Brother, Husband, and Dad
One Nation Under God,
Home of the Free
Because of the Brave
See More

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