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These obituaries have been transcribed from various newspapers or local funeral homes. Although some of the people died in another county in Oklahoma or another state, they have connections to Roger Mills County. The person themselves may have never lived in Roger Mills County, but have family or friends who do/did. The death notices and/or obituaries are reprinted here with permission. All obits list newspaper and date published or funeral home, where known.

Some of them have been submitted by Roger Mills County researchers. If you have information you would like to share, please send an e-mail to the area coordinator and I will get it online as soon as possible.

Some of those listed have a biography instead of or in addition to an obituary.

Obituary & Biography Index
Roger Mills County, Oklahoma

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Aanderud, Elizabeth Yvonne Ormand
Abbott, William Frank
Adams, Muriel Kendall
Aderholt, Virginia Ann
Aikins, Donnie E. US Flag
Aikins, Easter M. Beck
Alexander, Allen John
Alexander, Rondal Ray
Alexander, Shirley Conrad
Allee, Andrew Lafayette
Allen, Clovis W. US Flag
Allen, Elmer Guen
Allen, Vashti Abana Young
Allgood, Mrs. Robert Bledsoe
Amrine, John E. US Flag
Anderson, J. M.
Anderson, Jack William
Anderson, James D.
Anderson, John H.
Anderson, Kathleen Watson
Anderson, William Freeman
Arganbright, Leona May Smallwood
Armbruster, Boy
Atkins, Betty Jean Penry
Aument, Rose Helen Scott
Avery, William M.
Avriett, Giles Croxton US Flag
B  Back to Top
Bailey, Bonnie Vincent
Bailey, James W. US Flag
Baird, Scott S.
Baker, Baby Girl
Baker, Henry Wilmer
Baker, Sidney Lee
Baker, Verbon "Chuck"
Ballard, Dwight L.
Ballard, Joe Wendle
Ballard, William Monroe
Ballenger, Bart Montgomery "Doc"
Banks, Elice McCoy
Bannister, Tillman
Barbee, Lyman
Barbee, Wilma C.
Barham, Grace Irene
Barker, Elbert
Barker, Fred James
Barker, Glen R. "Sam"
Barker, Larry Zayne
Barker, Leroy L.
Barker, Raymond Levi US Flag
Barton, Floyd
Barton, Frank
Barton, Helen Blanche Carsten
Basler, Isidor Aubie
Batterton, Laura "Shirley" Powell
Bauman, Effie Beatrice
Bauman, Willis Frank "Fred"
<Bayless, Billy Roy
Beard, Jacob
Beavin, Austin H.
Beck, Carrie Marie
Beck, Margaret Iyvonne Tripp
Beierschmitt, Mrs. Luella
Belew, Charles Everett
Bell, Dr. James Eugene
Berger, Herbert F.
Berry, Son
Berry, Evelyn Marie McClellan
Bessire, Jess
Biddle, Pat Brewer
Bingham, Easter Lilly Bachmann
Bird, Charles Everett
Bishop, Joe Emmett US Flag
Black, Kenneth Foster "Pop" US Flag
Black, Paul US Flag
Blackburn, Marjorie Dawn Green
Blair, Lilian Schmeler McCaskill
Blankenship, Edith
Blann, John B. Sr. US Flag
Blann, Lester William
Blosser, Mrs. G. W.
Blurton, John A. US Flag
Boal, Hoy Merton
Bobo, Jack Laurel US Flag
Bocox, Nora Catherine Garver
Bogart, Ruth Pierce
Bonds, Luther
Boone, Paige G.
Boswell, Dee
Boswell, Lavada Brinlee
Boswell, Mary Bartee McCombs
Boucher, Thomas
Boughan, Fountain James "Pee Wee" US Flag
Bouldin, Hiram Vernon
Bowers, Fannie Bell
Bowers, Ralph O.
Bowers, Raymond Frank
Bowers, Thomas A.
Bowler, Zenoba Ilene Githens
Bowman, Billy Buford US Flag
Bradley, Alfred James
Bradley, Sam
Brady, Kathleen
Brann, Douglas G. US Flag
Brecheisen, Ernestine Hunter
Brewer, Jimmie E. US Flag
Brewer, Mildred
Brewster, Evalena Stout
Brey, Herman Charles Sr.
Briggs, Don Charles
Briggs, Gary Wayne US Flag
Brinkley, Roy Allen
Brinlee, Charles E. "Tuffy" US Flag
Brinlee, Clarence O.
Brinlee, Dottie
Broadbent, Ferris Hayes
Brooks, Charles Danul US Flag
Brown, Birdie M. Ellis
Brown, Captain David L. US Flag
Brown, Elmer Brown, Jr.
Brown, Glen Donald
Brown, John Frederick
Brown, Marie Hubbard
Brown, Michael "Mike" Bernard
Brown, Pat Mogg
Brown, Ruby Loretta West
Bruton, Nada Juanita Montgomery
Bryan, Shirley Faye
Bryant, Sim Madison
Bucher, Doris E. Underwood
Buffaloe, Walter Burl
Bull, Almond Derrill
Bull, Jacob Elijah
Bull, Pauline Eva Dunn
Bull, Russell Randolph
Bull, Temple Houston
Bullard, Alice Mae Drake
Bullard, Alvis "T-Bone" US Flag
Burch, Kristian Kerr
Burke, Floyd E.
Burks, Sterling Leon "Bud"
Burnett, Florissa Marie Bell Weidner
Burns, Amy C. Lee Churchill
Burns, Beulah Sue
Burrows, Jarrel John
Butler, Elbert Don US Flag
Butler, George US Flag
Butler, Laura Rae Parman
Butler, Melvin James US Flag
Butler, William Ellis
Buttry, Mabel Caroline Smith
Byers, Vera Irene Barker
C  Back to Top
Caffey, Luella Ethel Guernsey
Calaway, Aaron Franklin
Calder, Jacob B.
Campbell, Catherine Laverne Albin
Campbell, Ira S. US Flag
Cantrell, Rice Carroll
Carson, Wilma Oree Smith
Casady, Joseph Madison
Casady, Mitchell Frank
Casady, Ott Temple
Casady, Woodrow US Flag
Castle, Rita DiPaolo
Catanzarite, Anthony D. Jr.
Cates, Cecil Curtis US Flag
Catt, Shawna Rae
Cecil, Woodrow Wilson US Flag
Chance, Alberta Trawick
Cheateaux, Mary Ruth Cornett
Cheatham, William Arthur
Chenoweth, Valera V. Brock
Cloud Thunder, Little Girl
Coe, Clara Mae Taylor
Coffey, Curvin Bryce US Flag
Coffey, Mickey Kenneth
Cogburn, Mildred F. Tomberlin
Cogburn, Sidney Roy Sr. US Flag
Conrad, Nellie Estelle Hicks
Coogle, B. S. "Bill"
Coon, Quinn US Flag
Coots, Jerry Warren
Copeland, C. E.
Coplen, Ola Mae
Corson, Mary A.
Cox, G. W.
Crabb, Cora Long
Crady, Mrs.
Crow, Wayne J.
D  Back to Top
Danks, James Alfred
Daugherty, Johnny R.
Daugherty, L. J. "Pete"
Daugherty, Minnie Grace Burns
Daugherty, Richard Jefferson
Davis, Albert Dwight Sr.
Davis, Ben E.
Davis, Ernie
Davis, Frederick H.
Davis, Freeman Lee
Davis, Irean
Davis, Lucinda Isabelle Beck
Davis, Nettie Jane Spaugh Shaw
Davis, Rufus S.
Davis, Russell Eugene "Tarzan"
Davis, Scott Winfield
Davis, Serena A.
Dayton, Gerald Norman
Dean, Dr.
Dean, James Earl
Dean, Sarah Willie Rutledge
DeGeer, George Everett
Denney, Ardell "Dell"
Denney, Myrtle May Eaton
DeWees, Arthur Ray "Shorty"
Dickey, Mary Louise Frankford
Diehl, Daughter
Dill, Nola Peters
Dixon, Delbert Mell
Dixon, Iva Belle Dykes
Dixon, Lottie Haley
Dobry, Lavona Maddux
Dockins, Leon Carroll
Donnelly, James
Doss, Jim
Doty, Janis L.
Dougherty, Winona Lee Phillips
Doughty, Nora Dell Hughey
Downs, Dora Faye Miller
Doxey, Mrs. Sam
Drake, Harvey F. Sr. US Flag
Dudney, Jessie Lee
Duer, Doris Gail Baker
Duke, Oda Lewis US Flag
Duncan, Pansy Johnson
Dunlap, Pearl Eva Walker
E  Back to Top
Earl, Alice Myrtle Dooty
Earle, Icie Leola Cockrell
Earle, Roella Aldine
Earle, Rufus
Earle, Wilton
Earle, Yancy Dean
Eaton, Leona Lenora Pyeatt
Edson, Emma Lee Smith
Elk River, Chief Henry
Elkins, Hartzell B.
Elwood, Sarah Elizabeth Cooper
Estes, Evalena Louise Rowley
Estes, Leon Keever "Cotton" US Flag
Ezell, Gary Don US Flag
Ezell, Joey
Ezell, William Chester
F  Back to Top
Falconer, Alexander Fishburn, Infant Forster, Nellie Irene Hooten Friend, Michael Stephen
G  Back to Top
Gantz, Herman T.
Gillespie, Archie Roy
Gillespie, Betty M. Eaglin
Gillette, Jean Vincent
Gleaves, Alva Alton
Godden, Billy Dwayne
Goodwin, Dan Edward US Flag
Goodwin, Dr. John W.
Graves, George Wayne
Green, Mrs.
Greever, Hazelle C.
Gunn, Dr. W. H.
H  Back to Top
Hall, Infant
Hamon, Claude William
Hardy, Sam Carter
Harris, Daughter
Harris, Hugh Winston "Dick"
Harrison, Baby
Harrison, Gary
Hartpence, Jimmy Wayne US Flag
Hastie, Gladys Grayson Binson
Hawkins, J. C. Murl
Hayden, Leola Lee Shay
Hefferman, Jeff
Hensley, Mrs. Charles O.
Hext, Laura
Hiatt, Ruby Jo Rice
Hicks, Edna L. York
Hillin, Bonnie Scrivner
Hooper, Coleman Lee "Slim" US Flag
Hunt, Hilda Grace US Flag
Hunt, R.
Hutton, Infant
I  Back to Top
J  Back to Top
Jones, Mrs. Oscar Jones, Sue Nell Trammell  
K  Back to Top
Keahey, Betty Kirk Kendall, William Dana Kyle, Lila Grace Lucas
L  Back to Top
Lacey, Ed
Lackey, Royse Lee
Lanham, Eugene V. "Shorty"
Lay, Curtis
Leeper, J.
Lester, Moses M. US Flag
Logan, James Anderson Jr. US Flag
Lutz, Edward
M  Back to Top
Mabra, Clayton E. US Flag
Mabry, Evelyn Estes
Mabry, Thomas Jewett
Mackey, A.
Mackey, Dale Granger "Pud"
Madden, Frances
Males, Earnest A.
Males, Helle Lykke Hansen
Maltby, Carrie Jane Henry
Manning, Infant
Markham, John
Martin, Osie Akers
Mason, Jimmy Dean
Mayfield, Ralph Duward US Flag
Mayfield, Wynne
Mayhugh, Gertrude Johnson
Mays, John Arthur
Meek, Lorenzo Dow
Meeks, Ollin Kenneth US Flag
Meyers, Ed
Milburn, Thomas Russell "Rusty"
Miller, Esther Goin
Miller, Henry W.
Miller, Murrell Emery US Flag
Mills, Edward Leroy Sr. US Flag
Mills, Fern Raye Sketchley
Mills, Susannie Bowen
Mobley, Goldie I.
Mogg, Dr. Jack M. US Flag
Montgomery, Robert Boyd
Moody, Mrs.
Morris, Roberta Leta Parkhurst
Mosher, C. M.
Motzenbocker, Dorothy Jean Trent
Mullins, H. A. "Moon"
Mc  Back to Top
McCamon, Alonzo J. US Flag
McCaskill, Jay B.
McClain, Bessie May West
McClellan, Clarence E. "Bud" US Flag
McClellan, Dennis Glynn "Mac" US Flag
McClellan, Jesse David
McCullough, Edna
McCullough, Everett US Flag
McDaniel, Robert N. D. US Flag
McEntire, Ima Jean Kelley
McGee, Ella Leah Broadbent
McGuire, Cecil Garold
McKay, Lewis James
McLean, Bartley John David
McLean, Beulah Simpson
N  Back to Top
Naeve, Ella Caroline Kruse
Nance, Thomas Jefferson
Napier, Ermin Alta Daugherty
Narang, Mother
Nations, Paul Edward
Nebhut, Carl Ray
Neely, Child
Nelson, James O.
Nelson, John Fred US Flag
Nelson, Velma Frances
Newman, Dr. Alfred M.
Nichols, Mabel May Millhouse
Nix, Lillie Irene Rose
Noland, Irene A.
Norman, Kathy Stephens
O  Back to Top
Osborn, Mr. Owens, A. Y. Owens, Emmit
P  Back to Top
Painter, D. L. "Roy"
Park, Andrew Hiram
Parker, Roy Lee
Parks, James "Jim" Alden US Flag
Parks, Ollie Thelma Romines
Parlette, Mr.
Parman, Aubrey B. Jr. US Flag
Patterson, Albert Murray
Patterson, Frances Lucille Patton
Patterson, Jewel Gray
Patterson, Shirley Sue Shotwell
Patton, T. H.
Payne, J. Leroy
Pedigo, Velta Rae Walker
Peery, James Edward
Pennington, Earl C.
Penticuff, Nicole
Permenter, Ruby Potter
Perry, George Wesley
Peters, Lawrence "Larry" Wright US Flag
Petersen, David G.
Petersen, Edith Melvina Conner
Petty, Lovie Irene Kirk
Phipps, John Wesley
Pohlson, Kathleen Moore
Poindexter, Hershel C. US Flag
Poindexter, Kenneth Simeon
Porter, John Alva
Potts, Billy Wayne
Powell, John Jefferson
Prestridge, George Harold
Prestridge, James Larkin
Prettyman, Ophelia W. Peterson
Price, Linda Gayle Reed
Proctor, David Ray
Proctor, Frank Sr.
Provines, Robert C.
Provines, Robert W.
Pumphrey, Donald Grant
Purcell, Elzie Eugene "Gene"
Purcell, Ernest L.
Purdy, Ida May Dickey
Purvis, Ann Maydell
Q  Back to Top
R  Back to Top
Ramsey, William
Ray, Edna Dewees
Ray, Martin
Ray, Myrtle A. Widener
Ray, Novalene Wood
Redden, Genevieve Loretto Swope
Reed, Billie Mack US Flag
Reed, F. Lee
Reed, Louisa Josephine Miller
Reed, Riley Allen
Reese, Wear J.
Reeves, Julia Tracy
Rennels, Doyle E.
Reser, Elizabeth Ellen Cox
Reser, Josiah Washington
Reust, Ruth Elizabeth Scott
Reynolds, Edward Mason
Reynolds, Fern Crall
Reynolds, Hetta Alberta
Reynolds, Marion Russell
Rhodes, Grant Weldon
Rhoton, Cecil J.
Rice, Andrew Daniel
Rice, Emma Francis Haven
Rice, Rondel W.
Richards, Bonetta A. Jencks
Richardson, Charles Robert "Bob" US Flag
Richardson, Elsie Ellen Coym
Richerson, Myna Texana Hunt Duke
Ricketson, Raymond Jack Jr. US Flag
Riddle, Dorothy E. Logan
Ridgeway, Paul A. US Flag
Ridgway, Clyde Forrest
Ridgway, Evalyn Regina Welling
Ridgway, Pete James
Riedl, Vera Kauk
Riemer, Dorothy Oneta Montgomery
Riley, Dr. Henry Orland
Riley, Jack Manham US Flag
Riley, William Tommy "Dub" Riley Jr.
Riley, William Tommy "Tom" Riley Sr.
Rios, Betty Rose Douglas
Risley, Charles Edward Jr.
Rivers, James W.
Roark, Claude Theodore US Flag
Roberts, Mark Nathan
Robertson, Kenneth "Preach"
Robinson, Buena Edna Bell
Robinson, Donald Ray
Robinson, John A. US Flag
Robinson, Martha J.
Robison, Norman Dale Sr.
Rodriguez, Margaret Elizabeth Lester
Rose, Flora Widner
Rule, Inez Nora Allen
Rule, Lonnie Robert
Rule, Lonnie Robert Jr.
Rule, Sam D.
Rundblad, Lovera Maxine Wood
Rupert, Annis Therice McClellan
Rupert, Gussie L. Cordell
Russell, Claude
Russell, Dr. Bedford Wagoner US Flag
Russell, Joseph
Rystrom, Barbara Ella Felder
S  Back to Top
Sadler, Earl A.
Salyer, Mrs. A. C. M.
Sanchez, Apolonio Toby US Flag
Sanders, Rev. James
Sanders, Oleta M. Waldrop
Santner, Agnes Marie Vincent
Sanve, Arnold L.
Sasser, James H. "Sonny" US Flag
Schertzer, Horatio L.
Schibbelhut, Henry "Hank"
Schiller, Mrs.
Schweers, Jeannette
Scott, Francis A.
Scott, George Lloyd Scott, Jr. US Flag
Seago, Lorraine Louise
Seier, Grace Welsford
Selby, Orville F.
Selby, Zelma Mae Powers
Sergesketter, Martin Joseph
Sewell, Jackson M.
Shackelford, Jack Evans
Shaller, Charles Claude
Shaller, Orville Henry
Shanahan, Loretta Salone Fuhr
Shanda, Harriet
Shaw, Ardelle
Shaw, James Milford
Shaw, Mathew Hamilton
Shaw, Nancy Carline Ownbey
Shaw, Teresa
Shindell, Elizabeth A. Tegeler
Shockey, Orville Anderson
Shockley, Thomas Charles "Tommy"
Shufeldt, John Harmon
Shufeldt William G.
Shugart, O. L. "Lem"
Simpson, Robert L.
Simpson, Roy Lee US Flag
Siniard, Sidney Marvin "Sid" Jr. US Flag
Skelton, Walter Ross
Skidgel, Milo Marion US Flag
Skidgel, Darcy Kay
Skidgel, Darren
Skidgel, Denise
Skidgel, Emily Kay Asslen
Skidgel, Inez W. Frankford
Skidgel, Milo Marion US Flag
Skidgel, Robert Wayne
Slack, Mr.
Small, Bertha Velma Guernsey
Small, Helen Clark
Small, James E.
Small, R. Dale US Flag
Small, Worth US Flag
Smallwood, John Samuel
Smedley, Margaret
Smith, Andrew Calhoun
Smith, Edgar E.
Smith, Dr. Edwin Ide US Flag
Smith, Eli Calvin
Smith, Floyd "Bud Smitty" US Flag
Smith, Leslie Baley
Smith, Leslie Dwayne "Smitty" US Flag
Smith, R. E. US Flag
Smith, Ralph E. US Flag
Smith, Raymond Lamoine US Flag
Smith, Rosa Lee Morris
Smith, Squire McClure
Smith, William Coleman "Smitty"
Smith, William Latta
Sodders, Boy
Sollers, Stella L. Coker
Sollers, Wyla H.
Sossamon, James Earl "Jim" US Flag
Sparks, Freddie
Sparks, Kevin Wayne
Speers, Susan
Speilman, William "Bill"
Spitzer, Edward Doyle
Spitzer, Minnie Lela Driver
Spivey, H. L.
Squire, James H.
Squires, Melvin W.
St. John, Eva L. Myers
Star, Frank Roby "Toby"
Stebeck, O. M.
Stephens, Ernest G. "Lefty"
Stephens, Foster F.
Stephens, Leonard Ernest
Stephens, Ruby Bell Hiatt
Stevenson, Dora
Steward, Joe Elgin
Steward, Lucy LaVona Morris
Stickley, David Huston "Hoot"
Stickley, Vivienne Swope
Stine, Charles
Stinson, Marvin Arthur
Stockton, Lura Christina Rhoads
Stone, Velva Lucille Garretson
Stout, Edna Marie Garretson
Strickland, Annie Laura Price
Strickland, Arleva Ruth Leitner
Strickland, Merle A. US Flag
Stroud, William Nathanal III
Sullenburger, Asher Jr. US Flag
Sullins, Ethel Elizabeth Addington
Sullivan, Infant
Summers, Cuma Elloree Sadler
Summers, Harley US Flag
Summers, Ira Loyd US Flag
Summers, James Earl
Sutton, Mrs.
Swain, George Ann
Swartwood, Edgar D. US Flag
Sweatt, Edgar A.
Swope, Edward P.
Swope, William C.
T  Back to Top
Tanner, Frank E.
Tanner, Ralph Sylvester
Tarleton, Morris E. US Flag
Tarwater, Ossie Hutchens
Tate, Lora Gay Deakins
Taylor, Effie A. Haynes
Taylor, Jessie Ray US Flag
Taylor, Leonard Leighton
Taylor, Lloyd C.
Taylor, Sammie Irene Thomas
Teague, Boyd Thomas US Flag
Tedrowe, Pearl C.
Terry, Bert
Thomas, Dicie Ann Harding
Thomas, Dr. E. F.
Thomas, J. T.
Thomas, Joseph Samuel
Thomas, Maxine Keahey
Thompson, Jeanette May Schoder
Thompson, John W.
Thompson, Sherman C.
Thornton, Dale L. US Flag
Threlkeld, Clara Ann Slack
Threlkeld, William D.
Thurman, Merle Benjamin US Flag
Tinkle, Robert Joseph
Tomberlin, Virgil Garland US Flag
Tomlinson, William C.
Townsend, Alma Bell Wear
Townsend, Charles Loyd US Flag
Townsend, Don C. US Flag
Townsend, Iris Fern Leary
Townsley, Jo Marie Holt
Townsley, Violet G. Herzberg
Tracy, Daniel Waterson
Tracy, Mrs. Daniel W.
Tracy, Patrick
Trammell, Arthur Jerry US Flag
Trammell, Bob
Trammell, Dee
Trammell, Jennings Bryan
Trimble, Geraldine "Geri" Smith
Trimble, John Raymond
Trout, Fred James
Trout, Scotty Otto
Truman, Montana "Monte" Clifford
Tucker, Cecil Ray
Tucker, Dewitt
Tucker, Mrs. J. S.
Turbyfill, Helen Theodora Provines
Turner, J. W.
U  Back to Top
Underwood, Arlus Ray US Flag Underwood, Henry Everett Underwood, Robert Henry US Flag
V  Back to Top
Vandagriff, Herman Richard US Flag
Vandagriff, Opal Henson
VanHoff, John August
Ver Steeg, Fuku
Vick, Otto Christopher
Vredenburg, Maxey
W  Back to Top
Wafford, Mrs.
Waldon, Child
Walker, Frances
Walker, George Lewis "Buster"
Walker, Willard US Flag
Walker, William Noel "Preach"
Wallace, Evan V.
Wallem, Irma Davis
Warren, Mrs. Steve
Wasson, Frank
Watts, Edwin US Flag
Watts, Luella Elizabeth Sherfield
Watts, Vesta K. Pyatt
Wear, Baby
Wear, Earl
Weber, Julie Lee Davis
Weiser, Emery R.
Weiser, Ross E.
Wells, Elsie Coon
Welsh, Lillian Martin Morris
West, George V.
West, Orma Scrivner
Wheeler, Frankie Burton
Wheeler, John Calvin
Wheeler, Leo Benjamin
Wheeler, Myrtle Walters
Wheeler, William Dow
Whitaker, Lydia M.
White, Billy Eugene "Gene"
White, Charles White Jr.
White, Edgar S. US Flag
Whittom, Arthur
Widener, Hugh F.
Williams, Eva
Williams, Helen I. Peterson
Williams, Henrietta P. Stover
Williams, John M.
Williamson, Linda Sue
Williamson, Wilma Jean Brown
Wilmoth, Mary W.
Wilson, Bird
Wilson, Carl Vernon US Flag
Wilson, Elbert Virgil "Red"
Wilson, Elizabeth Ann Binkley
Wilson, Infant Girl
Winkleblack, Lola Mae Goin
Winn, Charles H.
Wood, Gordon Munsen
Woodward, Clyde Edgar US Flag
Workman, Betty Jo Bonser
Wrobleski, Mary Ann V.
Wyatt, Zip
Y  Back to Top
Young, Audy Lenora Hammons Young, Chester Ray Young, Jessie Vernie Brazell Yowell, Joseph Earl
Z  Back to Top
Zimmerman, Berlin L. US Flag Zinkan, John Zollner, Brent Zollner, Clarence Howard Jr. US Flag

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