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Dewey Cemetery
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411 East Don Tyler
Dewey, Washington County, OK 74029
Phone:  (918) 534-2272

Partial Survey
Photo © Kristy Fox

Location: 2 miles north of Dewey on the east side of Highway 75. Maintained by the City of Dewey.

If you have family buried in Dewey Cemetery and would like to add your information to this website, contact Area Coordinator for more information. You can also check out our How to Submit page.
NOTE: Every effort has been made to transcribe this information accurately. These records MAY CONTAIN ERRORS. Any corrections and/or additions greatly appreciated. As with any genealogy information, this is a source and should be considered as such. It is up to the researcher to verify the accuracy.

I do not live in Washington County and I do not have access to any records other than those presented here. Therefore, I am sorry that I am unable to answer any questions about specific people.






ADAMSClaudia Fay 19332008 photo
Hugh Cain 20-Feb-1926Oct-2015 obit
Deweul Gene 9-Jun-19301-Jun-2013 obit
ALLENMarcia H. 11-Mar-18833-Aug-1960 photo
ALLENScotty Wayne 21-Dec-19589-Jul-2015 obit
ANDERSONCharles Eugene 13-Sep-194118-Sep-2012 obit
ANDERSONFloyd A. 19111943 photo
ANDERSONHarry Duane "Butch" 20-Jun-195301-Feb-2013 obit
ANDERSONJ. Claude 18881970 photo
ANDERSONJo Lynn Woolery 28-Jul-19542-Apr-2013 photo
ANDERSONMary J. 18911955 photo
ANDERSONRobert M. 18441935 photo
ANDERSONSarah A. 18491931 photo
ANDERSONViolet May 30-May-19159-Nov-1941 photo
ANESIMarihelen L. 29-May-192628-Oct-2012 photo
ATTERBERRY Betty Lucille20-Dec-1928 4-Jul-2010 photo
BACONWilliam Edward "Will" 10-Nov-1988Jul-2012 obit
BAKERSarah L. 18791931 photo
BARRPatricia B. 1-Feb-102315-Jan-2003 photo
BARRRobert H. 28-Aug-192217-Oct-1991 photo
BARRINGEREmma Mildred 22-Feb-193230-Dec-2013 photo
BARTHBill J. "Papa" 3-Jun-192820-Dec-2010 photo
BARTONLynette (Reeve) 28-Feb 187514-Feb 1960 Info by: Brenda Franklin
BATTIGEGarrett James 7-Oct-19992013 obit
Battles Allene (Thompson) 9/23/1923 6/26/1993 Wed Dale 11/24/1942
Dale Flynn 9/25/1922 8/10/2009 Wed Allene 11/24/1942   Obit
US Army  WW II
Battles Infant Son 12/3/1947 12/3/1947 S of Dale & Allene
BaughmanVictor Leroy 3/15/19043/24/1973 H of Wanda
BaughmanWanda Irene (Brown) 4/22/19037/7/1989 W of Victor
BEARDWm. M. 18591929 photo
BELCHERJames R. 14-Aug-192811-Jan-2003 photo
BELLLinda F. 12-Nov-194915-Mar-2012 photo
BELLMYEREvelyn Bell Wagaman 19011992 photo
BENNITTRoy Jean Stamper 2-Dec-194227-Sep-2000 photo
Melvin Virgil 12-Mar-191925-Jun-1963 photo
OK SGT 3502 Base Unit  AAF   WW II
Blum Charles Walker 8/12/1916 6/14/1996 Wed  Rhoda 1/7/1942
Blum Henrietta (Grass) 3/26/1890 11/30/1974 W of Martin
Blum Jackie L 4/21/1964 4/12/1993 W of Martin R
Blum Martin 4/1/1882 3/30/1968 H of Henrietta
Blum Martin R 1/23/1957 2/14/1997 H of Jackie
Blum Rhoda Perneica (Cranor) 12/8/1920 8/13/2016 Wed Charles 1/7/1942      Obit
BOGGSGrace W. 18951965 photo
BOGGSHomer W. 18971970 photo
BOOTHEBeverly L. 15-Jul-1931?-Jun-2015 obit
BOROSKaitlyn Elizabth 1-Aug-198924-Oct-1991 photo
BOWERSLaura 18761934 photo
BOWERSOCKBetty J. 20-Sep-1933  photo
BOWERSOCKRay E. 19-Sep-193024-Jan-1989 photo
BOWERSOCKWarren T. Lemon 8-Jan-192315-Jun-1996 photo
BRESHEARSClinton D. 13-Jun-198611-Sep-1988 photo
BRIGGSMichael T. 2-Dec-195520-Feb-2012 photo
Britton Ella Brunette 18941972  
Britton Roy Lee 10/9/19446/22/2004 Obit
BROWERArthur 9-Jul-18927-May-1905 photo
BROWN Abram G 10/4/18497/21/1932 H of Caroline
BROWNAda E (Alger) 1/4/18766/11/1923  
BROWN Alaska Janette "Nettie" 18951986 W of Richard L
Allen John 1/31/191911/20/1979 H of Beatrice
WW II Veteran
BROWN Andrew Francis, Sr 1/9/18827/12/1942 H of Bessie
BROWN Arial 19137/30/1915  
Arthur Ernest 2/13/19002/22/1981 Cpl US Marine Corps
BROWN Beatrice G 9/12/19221/5/1983 W of Allen
BROWNBenny Bob 7/21/19477/30/2015 Photo & obit
BROWN Bertha L (Hackleman) 6/22/188612/23/1942 W of David E
BROWN Bessie L "Bea" (Fillpot) 1886Aug 1972 W of Andrew
BROWNCarl 7/23/19209/6/1921  
BROWN Caroline R (Ring) 8/15/185710/26/1941 W of Abram
BROWNCass 5/17/19059/19/1962  
BROWNCassandra Denise "Sandra" (Grayson) 4/11/1963 3/2/2017 Obit
BROWN Charlsie 5/11/191112/6/1969  
BROWN Chester A 8/9/188611/13/1946  
BROWN Clara L  Oct 1944  
BROWN Connie Lea 10/17/19626/6/1981  
BROWN Daisy Pearl 1/4/188710/24/1995  
BROWNDan  12/18/1968  
BROWN Daniel B  May 1936  
BROWN David A 18704/3/1913 H of Emma
BROWN David Earl 7/28/18857/3/1945 H of Bertha
BROWNEmma G (King)  10/30/1937 W of David A
BROWN Frank 3/3/18723/19/1952  
BROWN George 3/21/18754/14/1962  
BROWN Gregory Morgan 7/12/19628/24/1982  
BROWN Harold L 19051986 H of Lois
BROWN Henry N 8/9/18727/21/1932  
BROWN Hubert N "Nick" 19095/2/1956 H of Ruth
BROWNInda Bell 11/21/18612/23/1938  
BROWN Infant 9/6/19159/7/1915 Child of Neal
BROWN Infant 11/28/192211/28/1922 Child of Chester& Leota
BROWN James A    H of Maggie
BROWNJay 9/9/19211/5/1987 Wed Vera 12/26/1941
Jesse 8/26/189810/19/1983 Pvt US Army  WW II
BROWN Johnnie Gerald 5/8/19332/11/2017 Obit
BROWN Juanita L (Lynch) 8/24/19185/18/2002  
BROWN Juanita P 2/14/1921 10/26/1989  
BROWN Kathryn Marie 6/5/1934 6/16/1993  
BROWNLee Andrew 19282014  
BROWNLois A 1915  W of Harold
BROWNLoyd 188411/23/1965  
BROWNLula 9/13/1879 1/27/1958  
BROWN Maggie L 6/23/1870 5/28/1911 W of James A
BROWN Matilda 184111/29/1913  
BROWNNoal Orville Lawrence 7/10/19119/26/1922  
BROWNOnie Ann 12/31/18816/24/1948  
BROWN Pearlie Mae 9/23/19305/22/1973  
BROWN Richard L "Bud" 18898/30/1967 H of Alaska
BROWN Robert 18988/25/1963
BROWNRosa 18919/18/1968  
BROWNRuth 19171992 H of Hubert
BROWNRuth Ann 11/18/19101/10/1997  
BROWN Sandra Carol (Richardson) 6/15/19448/18/2008 photo
BROWN Sylvester B 11/23/18971/9/1979  
Thomas Almo 2/11/191810/28/1986 US Army  WW II
BROWN Thomas Wilson 2/18/19068/18/1999  
BROWNTodd Eugene 2/8/19565/22/2012  
BROWNVera Louise (Gilson) 1/14/1922 12/18/2014 Wed Jay 12/26/1941
BROWN William Oliver 10/15/1943 10/22/1943 S of William & Edith
BRYANTJessie C. 12-Feb-190020-Dec-1958 photo
BUFALORichard Lester 20-Jan-196727-Jun-1987 photo
Chester Lee 23-Sep-19234-May-2006 photo
Burks James F 2/3/1916 1/14/1979H of JoAnn
Burks JoAnn (Morris) (VanDyck) 3/13/1931 12/8/2016W of John R Van Dyck
W of James Burks
Burks Lilah Fine 4/27/1930 8/25/1988 
BURTONDonna Sue   1936See photo
BURTONInf Son 13-Aug-191314-Aug-1913 See photo
Infant son of E. & J.
BUSHAmsy Bud 18711938 See photo
Clyde C. 12-08-192107-13-1969 See photo
BUSHGeorge W. 18731942 See photo
BUSHT. Myrtle 18841952 See photo
BUSHZora R. 18821935 See photo
Caldwell Clifford Duane 8/15/1964 4/25/1992  
Caldwell Jo Ann (Cohoon) 2/9/1940 8/4/2016 Obit
Caldwell Lisa Pauline 11/29/1965Mar 1995  
Campbell Amanda J (Henderson) (Atwater) 7/1/1885 12/5/1976 W of James Atwater
W of Lawrence Campbell
Campbell Beauford Austin 1/18/1888 3/11/1950 H of Cora
Campbell Charles B 6/26/1894 7/25/1975 H of Edna
Campbell Cora Ellen (Swank) 2/20/1888 5/13/1962 W of Beauford
Campbell Edna V 3/25/1899 4/22/1961 W of Charles
Campbell Gladys B 19071926  
Campbell Janis R (Golden) 11/11/1937 3/2/1998  
Campbell Jennifer Dawn (Bell) 4/6/1982 8/16/2016 Obit
Campbell John 6/8/1855 8/15/1934 H of Nellie
Campbell Lawrence Albert 7/19/1883 8/26/1963 H of Amanda
Campbell Margaret O 6/30/1921 1/26/2008 W of Willie
Campbell Mary Louise 6/13/1925 3/5/2002  
Campbell Nellie (Buckholz) 3/16/18571942 W of John
Campbell Willie Ray 4/9/1903 12/31/1982 H of Margaret
CANADAYBilly E. 19271951 See photo
CANADAYJames Claud 18941970 See photo
CANADAYSusie 19041991 photo
CARPENTERHannah J. 18441927 photo
CARPENTERPurley M. 18791925 photo
CARPENTERWalter M. 18851929 photo
Case B L "Bud" 1/8/1914 10/2/1991 Wed Willa 6/29/1940
Case David Levern "Davie" 5/1/1946 7/8/1946  
Case Ervin H 9/19/1883 2/27/1965 H of Rickie
Case Eva Pearl 1/31/1903 4/18/1922  
Case George Wilmot 1/26/1881 6/13/1956 H of Theressa
Case Rickie Ruth (Schere) 7/23/1892 8/23/1976 W of Ervin
Case Roy Dean 11/5/1915 10/25/1920  
Case Theressa Emily "Ressa"(Thaxton) 9/14/1879 8/12/1946 W of George
Case Willa Mae (Eller) 11/9/1922 5/13/2016 Wed B L 6/29/1949 Photo & Obit
CaseyMichael Lee "Mike" 11/12/196310/5/2004  
CaseyTimothy Lee "Tim" 9/27/19678/13/1991  
William Lee "Bill" 1/18/194212/5/2016 Obit
US Army
CAYWOODFrances M. 18791948 See photo
CHAPMANTammy Lynn 27-Dec-196925-Dec-1987 See photo
CHEVALLEYBeth 19371988 See photo
CHEVALLEYDorothy A. Gibson 11-Dec-192015-Oct-1999 See photo
CHEVALLEYJames R. 19461998 See photo
CHEVALLEYRobert Hudson 27-Dec-191927-Nov-1987 See photo
CHISECKMary Elizabth 24-Aug-194010-Sep-2013 See obit
Clark Owen Blake 6/28/1903 7/1/1992 H of Thelma
Clark Thelma F (Campbell) 9/4/1905 9/22/1993 W of Owen
CONSTANTINO Aurelio1891 1919 See photo
CORTNERGlen 19101979 See photo
CORTNERLillie M. 18781967 See photo
Coy Carolyn Rose (Mueller) 10/1/1930 10/29/2000 Wed Ralph 6/1/1954
Coy Ralph Eli 11/27/1930 6/5/2016 Wed Carolyn 6/1/1954       Obit
CRITTENDEN Christopher Columbus "Cub" 18951952 See photo
CUMMINSIrene Sue Hacker 14-Aug 193631-May-2015 See obit
CURTISElizabeth 18941991 See photo
CURTISJames F. 18691958 See photo
DAVIDSONAlice Sue Ann "Sue Ann" Nideffer 15-Jan-1944Oct-2015 See obit
DAVISBarbara Rae (Haugh) 22-Jul-192904-Jul-2012 obit
DAVISBecky Marie 10-Dec-193807-Mar-2013 more
DAVISMarie Hickey 21-Jul-192030-Jun-2015 obit
DEASONEdward M. 03-Apr-191327-Mar-1995 photo
DEASONMyrtle M. 11-Sep-191828-Jan-2001 photo
DeLozier Daisy Elizabeth (Caldwell) 5/4/1880 11/25/1942 W of Willis
DeLozier Willis H 10/20/1877 7/17/1928 H of Daisy
Dempsey James Hugh 7/25/1896 8/29/1970  
Dempsey Jimmy 7/2/1931 12/15/2007 Wed Nora 6/9/1950
Dempsey Margaret May (Stroup) 18981/7/1921  
Dempsey Nora Mae (Newcomb) 9/1/1929 2/26/2016 Wed Jimmy 6/9/1950
Photo & Obit
DEVERMildred Marie Samuel Snow 26-Feb-193330-Oct-2015 obit
DOWNINGNeal E. 10-Jul-195422-May-2015 obit
DURSTLottie Prather 10-Oct-189922-Jan-1961 See photo
DYERLouis M., Jr. 01-Nov-194313-Mar-2013 See obit
EGANWilliam H.   ?-Nov-1945 See obit
ESTESAnna Bell 07-Mar-192709-Aug-2012 See obit
EVANSErma O. 18921974 See photo
EVANSLonnie 18921972 See photo
FIELDERCarolyn Louise 7-Apr-19482005? See obit
FIELDERCharles Milton 04-13-186602-14-1957 See photo
Milton C., Sr. 12-27-191905-14-1997 See photo
FIELDEROrbia S. 19091941 See photo
FIELDERRobert Preston, Sr. 12-08-188105-26-1957 See photo
FIELDERRosa Ellen 12-18-188902-10-1971 See photo
Wade L. 10-30-192201-31-1997 See photo
FINEJessie Oakle 19031983 See photo
FINELavon G. 1911-- See photo
FLUTYRobert L. 19091957 See photo
Foreman Deborah Lynn "Debby" (Smith) 7/8/1951 1/29/2000  
FOSTERBetty Jean 19301974 See photo

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