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Dewey Cemetery
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411 East Don Tyler
Dewey, Washington County, OK 74029
Phone:  (918) 534-2272

Partial Survey
Photo © Kristy Fox

Location: 2 miles north of Dewey on the east side of Highway 75. Maintained by the City of Dewey.

If you have family buried in Dewey Cemetery and would like to add your information to this website, contact Area Coordinator  for more information. You can also check out our How to Submit page.
NOTE: Every effort has been made to transcribe this information accurately. These records MAY CONTAIN ERRORS. Any corrections and/or additions greatly appreciated. As with any genealogy information, this is a source and should be considered as such. It is up to the researcher to verify the accuracy.

I do not live in Washington County and I do not have access to any records other than those presented here. Therefore, I am sorry that I am unable to answer any questions about specific people.






A J "John" 1/28/1924 10/14/1995 US Navy
Taggart Carrie May (Overturf) 12/12/1871Feb 1960 W of John A  Photo
Cecil James Sr 1/29/1919 11/6/1988 Wed Clarice  12/9/1939
US Navy  WW II
Taggart Charles Alexander 3/16/18971968 H of Lucy    Photo
Charles Warren 10/7/1921 9/24/1942 OK Pvt US Army Air Corps  WW II
Taggart Clarice Belle (Couch) 1/10/1921 8/25/2007 Wed Cecil Sr 12/9/1939
Taggart Frances Pauline (Grant) 5/24/1903 3/26/190 Wed Robert J 7/4/1923
Taggart Glenna 8/27/1931 8/27/1931 D of Charles A & Lucy   Photo
Taggart Helen L (Brown) 1/12/1925 12/27/1986 Wed Virgil 9/18/1942
Taggart Hosea 18991899 Child of John & Carrie
Taggart Infant  Aug 1928  
Taggart James 18991899 Child of John & Carrie
Taggart Jessie Pearl (Davidson) 3/7/1898 4/10/1976 W of William
Taggart John Alexander 3/5/1865 7/20/1934 H of Carrie  Photo
Taggart Londa (Ledgerwood) 4/12/1906 3/12/1980  
Taggart Lucy A (Davis) 4/14/1898 2/9/1970 W of Charles A  Photo
Taggart Mattie Ellen (Gaskill) 10/24/1901 11/18/1983 W of Wesley  Photo
Taggart Mildred May "Mickey" (Tims) 5/31/1936 9/1/1996 W of Robert
Robert "Bob" 6/3/1934 10/21/2018 US Army  Korea 
H of Mildred Obit
Taggart Robert John 7/5/1901 1/24/1996 Wed Frances 7/4/1923
Taggart Theda Bell 9/8/1927 8/4/1928 D of William & Jessie
Taggart Virgil L 8/21/1923 3/5/1994 Wed Helen 9/18/1942
Taggart Wesley James 4/9/1894 4/9/1969 H of Mattie  Photo
William Croy 3/16/1897 1/7/1989 H of Jessie
US Army  WW I
Taggart William Orrell "Bill" 10/24/1941 6/18/2017 Obit
TATEAlice 19001961 photo
TATEMark 24-Aug-1958Nov-2015 obit
TATESherry 14-Jan-1963Nov-2015 obit
TAYLORAddie Alice 17 Aug 18668 Jun 1935 photo
TAYLOR Alexander 12/1/187312/9/1953 Photo
TAYLOR Beulah (Longrier) 10/21/19006/8/1924  
TAYLOR Billie Lee 9/14/19148/24/2001 Photo
TAYLOR Carey Freeman 7/25/18952/25/1957 Photo
TAYLOR Deborah Deanna (Owen) 4/4/19512/5/2017 Obit
TAYLOR Effrey S 10/20/1898 5/22/1984  
TAYLOR Ella L (Davis) 1/27/1904 5/300/2000 Wed James V 10/21/1945  Photo
TAYLOR Ernest D 6/9/1936 5/12/2000 H of Georgia   Photo
TAYLORGeorge Archibald 5 Jan 184417 May 1902 H of Lucinda  photo
George Elwood 12/5/1919 3/20/1993 H of Hazle
US Army Air Corps 
TAYLOR Georgia Charlene "Gigi" (Gavellas) 6/19/19368/30/2016 W of Ernest
Photo & Obit
TAYLOR Grace F 10/20/18912/23/1973 Photo
TAYLOR Grace L 19091993 W of Ross
TAYLOR Hazle Lee (Whiteturkey) 8/14/191411/17/1996 W of George E
TAYLOR Indiana (Sample) 1/24/18616/4/1953 Photo
TAYLORJames A. 184412/25/1922 photo
James Vernon 2/21/19014/10/1965 Wed Ella 10/21/1945
OK TEC5 US Army 
WW II    Photo
TAYLOR Kenneth Allen 6/26/19486/30/1948  
TAYLORLucinda (Maxwell) 18 May 184614 Nov 1933 W of George A photo
TAYLOR Lura M 3/18/1893  Photo
TAYLOR Mary H 5/8/19021/10/1992  
TAYLOR Nathan Briley 8/20/19998/20/1999  
TAYLOR Ross L 19101989 H of Grace L
TAYLOR William 18751923 Photo
Teel Gladys L Oct 1926  W of Merril
Rev. Merril L 11/1/1926 7/2/2003 H of Gladys
Sgt US Army  WW II
THAXTONBen W. 18861956 Info by: Brenda Franklin
THAXTONElmer 18761948 Info by: Brenda Franklin
THAXTONMinnie (Wilson) 9-Jul 189318-Feb 1950 Info by: Brenda Franklin
Otis D. 5-Jul 18888-Feb 1959
Info by: Brenda Franklin
Thomison Blanche  1933  
Thomison Chris Alan 7/22/195910/10/1961  
Thomison Dixie Leigh (Hudson) 5/30/194710/16/2017 Wed Frank G 11/19/1976
Thomison Dollie 6/5/19207/2/1933  
Thomison Erma M 2/11/192612/25/2010 W of Robert W
Thomison Frank Gene 9/14/19318/15/1996 Wed Dixie 11/19/1976
Thomison Frank Loyd 5/3/190410/13/1971 H of Lillie
James Roy 10/19/19076/19/1979 US Army  WW II
Thomison Jerry Dean 12/27/19408/21/1984  
Thomison Lela Pearl 3/9/18838/1/1952  
Thomison Leo George 19021960 H of Susie
Thomison Lillie Edith (Boyd) 10/5/190812/28/1983 W of Frank L
Thomison Lorillia Ann "Sissie" 4/11/19343/5/1936  
Thomison Robert Lewis 2/20/18793/12/1962  
Robert W 3/15/192512/24/2006 H of Erma
US Navy  WW II
Thomison Susie Audray (Boyd) 19131997 W of Leo
William F 7/11/191812/15/1961 OK S1 USNR
Thurman Carl Ray 5/3/193612/31/2016 Obit
Thurman Doris M 7/7/19164/8/1981 Photo
Samuel E 8/21/1911 1/12/1972 KY TEC4 Co C 299 Engr CBN  WW II
TIDWELLShirley Dean 16-Nov-193620-Sep-2013 obit
Tolbert Charles Bentley 11/18/1965 4/10/2006  
Tolbert Charles Eugene 7/3/1935 5/31/2007 H of Connie
Tolbert Cleo Helen (Carver) 2/17/1915 11/20/2004 W of Wiley
Tolbert Connie Joyce 7/10/1941  W of Charles E
Tolbert Gerald Wayne 2/26/1934 7/6/2018 Obit
Tolbert Wiley Raymond "Ray" 4/9/1907 6/13/1981 H of Cleo
Toney Bailey Ray 2/19/18755/7/1948 H of Della Photo
Toney Beatrice May 6/10/19115/29/2004  
Billy Ray 12/3/19285/7/1968 OK SKC US Navy  WW II
Toney Buck 3/20/19037/5/1958 H of Margaret
Toney Carol June (Dobbs) 10/26/194711/4/2017 Obit
Toney Charles F 8/30/18739/7/1926 H of Rella
Toney Della Almina (Beeson) 2/27/188211/27/1964 W of Bailey Photo
Toney Don E 1/8/19349/20/1987  
Toney Doyle J 8/20/1924 H of Eunice
Toney Earl E 3/29/191310/19/1987 H of Liza
Toney Edward W 1/16/18856/17/1948 H of Mary
Toney Eunice W 9/8/193012/6/1989 W of Doyle
Toney Infant Oct 191012/22/1910  
Toney Lewis J 19071955 Photo
Toney Liza Faye (Forrester) 10/13/19188/6/2001 W of Earl
Toney Margaret "Peggy" (Douglas) 1/6/19012/19/1989 W of Buck
Toney Mary Catherine (Slate) 10/20/18939/24/1960 W of Edward
Toney Rella Belle (Miller) 4/26/1885 1/8/1948 W of James Skaggs
W of Warren Skaggs
W of Charles Toney
Truitt Deborah Kay (Demeritt) 12/15/1959 10/24/1998 W of Robert
Truitt Jim Leroy 2/3/1936 7/27/1992  
Truitt Lodema Faye (McCollough) 6/17/1939 6/10/2018 Wed Odey 6/2/1967
Truitt Mabel  Sep 1941  
Truitt Odey Marion Eugene "Sonny" 3/26/1939 3/22/2006 Wed Lodema 6/2/1967
Truitt Robert E "Bobby" 9/9/1958 8/31/1996 H of Deborah
Truitt Roy A 19461989  
Truitt Ruby Purline (Jordan) 19111972  
Turner Esther Patricia 4/10/1928 12/3/1982  
Turner Everett Clarence 2/24/1982 4/30/1982  
Turner L Vaughn 9/11/1934 6/15/2005 Wed Patricia 12/31/1958
Turner Margaret Lee (Lynch) 9/15/1926 12/1/2015 Wed Paul 10/30/1943
Photo & Obit
Turner Patricia 11/12/1933  Wed L Vaughn 12/31/1958
Turner Paul N 12/9/1922 12/11/2007 Wed Margaret 10/30/1943    Photo
Turner Thomas  1961  
WAGAMANElva M. 18791951 photo
WAGAMANThomas A. 18721950 photo
WALLSMartha 18621949 photo
WallsRosie B (Thomison) 12/18/191110/26/1986 W of Tilden
WALLSS. R. 18591935 photo
WallsTilden H 8/9/189710/7/1986 H of Rosie
Walton Eula E (Baldtrip) 9/9/1901 2/26/1974 Wed Rollie 12/24/1919
Walton Joe 12/6/1904 2/12/1919  
Maxie C "Pete" 4/5/1922 12/22/1997 Wed Reecie 4/5/1968
Walton Reecie A 5/23/1927 9/2/2016 Wed Maxie 4/5/1968
Walton Rollie L 18951980 Wed Eula 12/24/1919
Walton Thelma     
Theodore T 4/20/1926 1/1/1982 PFC US Army  WW II
Walton William "Bill" 7/21/1931 6/22/2006  
Warehime Dewey 9/20/189212/31/1967 H of Hazel
Warehime Dewey Delbert 1/29/1918 11/3/1992 H of Ethel
Warehime Ethel Julia (Fortney) 1/14/1916 2/7/2009 W of Dewey D
Warehime Hazel (Stanton) 2/3/1898 12/23/1965 W of Dewey
Warehime Ivan L 3/21/1936 6/25/2001
Warehime Patricia Louise "Pat" (Snow) 4/18/1939 1/11/2016 Photo & Obit
WarehimeStephen Duane 3/26/19647/29/2010 photo
WATKINSJohn Edward 3-May-19393-Sep-2015 obit
Watson Carol Gail (Stewart) 12/23/1950 7/19/2016 Wed Lee 10/3/1970
Clifford Lloyd 11/6/1923 3/10/1973 H of Lois
OK Pvt US Army
Watson Jeffrey Stewart 4/27/1976 5/2/1976 S of Lee & Carol
Watson Lois Mae (Tennell) 5/1/1928 8/24/2001 W of Clifford
Gilbert Ray 1/31/19331/31/2017 Wed Mary 3/24/1952
A1C US Air Force
Korea   Photo & Obit
Watters Mary Louise (Skye) 6/11/1931 6/4/2018 Wed Gilbert  3/24/1952   Obit
WERTSRobert W. 20-Jan-191528-Dec-1998 photo
WERTSRuby Jean 28-Jul-1927  photo
Austin Lee 7/2/1951 10/9/2018 US Navy Vietnam
WilliamsBarney David 5/25/189511/15/1972 H of Mary
WilliamsGrace Elizabeth "Gracie" (Wilson) 6/13/19055/1/1947 W of Barney
Wilson Ada N 9/24/18946/18/1990 W of James S
Wilson Delmas E 4/27/190711/12/1920 S of J W & E W
Wilson Donald Ray Age 36 11/16/2004  
Wilson Donald W 11/3/19581/6/1983  
Wilson Donita J (Pickard) 9/21/19371/18/2006 W of Sherman
Wilson Emma Cynthia (Burgess) 4/1/187010/28/1960 W of James A
Wilson Ermel 9/11/191212/20/1918  
Wilson Eva B 1/20/188810/31/1967 W of James E
Wilson Hugh A 3/23/185911/12/1917  
Wilson Infant Mar 19162/24/1917  
Wilson James Andrew 10/13/18681926 H of Emma
Wilson James E 3/16/18716/17/1934 H of Eva
James S 1/9/18887/23/1950 H of Ada
OK Pvt 357th Inf 90thDiv   WW I
Wilson Joseph A 6/15/187010/7/1947 H of Ollie
Wilson Katie (Yearout) (Gilliland) Age 95 10/20/2005  
Wilson Leatha 10/15/19058/28/1937  
Wilson Lois G 2/10/191112/8/1995  
Wilson Nancy 19391993 W of randall
Wilson Obediah George 18561928  
Wilson Ollie E 4/24/187811/25/1954 W of Joseph
Wilson P  Dec 1918  
Wilson Randall 1936  H of Nancy
Rudolph Amon 6/29/19267/24/2014 F1 US Navy   WW II
Wilson Sherman 5/6/19306/27/2002 H of Donita
Wilson Velda Naydene (Shadwick) 2/26/19332/10/2017 Obit
Wilson William T 12/24/19662/27/1957  
Wilson Zola 4/10/1887 4/21/1983  
Donald Lee 12-Apr-19355-Dec-2013 See obit
WOODARDC. Earl 18801948 See photo
WOODARDClarkie S. 18871980 See photo
WOODARDJohn T. 18651918 See photo
WOODARDMartha E. 18471927 See photo
WRIGHTScott Charles 26-Apr-196713-Aug-2005 See photo
YEAROUTBertha 18771973 See photo
YEAROUTFred 10-Nov-190408-Aug-1966 See photo
Zanchez Candelario 2/20/1892 8/14/1935  
Zilinski Valentine J 2/14/1928 9/8/1980  
Zoski Cecil D 10/7/1931 2/6/1991 Wed Jewel 1/20/1953
Zoski Jewel D 6/28/1937 7/9/2008 Wed Cecil 1/20/1953
Zoski Larry James 11/17/1948 7/12/2014  

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