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Pittsburg Calvary Cemetery

Pittsburg County, Oklahoma

© Carol Rice
If you have family buried in the Pittsburg Calvary Cemetery and would like to add your information to this website, contact the area coordinator.
Last Name First Name Birth Death Comments
AguirreEmilia15 Sep 188622 Nov 1922See photo
ArevalosCresencio E16 Jun 189917 Sep 1985See photo
ArevalosElisa A15 Mar 190431 Mar 1999See photo
ArmstrongRachael M5 Feb 198624 May 2011See photo & obit
AutauboRoberta F28 Oct 195617 Aug 2002 See photo
BakerDon C21 Dec 196717 Sep 1983See photo
BakerFrancis D2 Apr 194922 Sep 1994See photo
BakerJames William31 Jul 193424 Nov 2018See obit
BakerJerry D4 Aug 196527 Jun 1984See photo
BakerMargaret E11 May 19384 Feb 2005See photo
BalvilloLasra A1864Aug 1932See photo
BarronAntiona19001936See photo
BarronVerto20 Nov 193713 Dec 2004See photo
BarronEpifanio9 Apr 18998 Apr 1995See photo
BarronDomitila19 Feb 191116 Jan 2002See photo
BarronGuadalupe12 Dec 18964 Mar 1974See photo
BarronAdolf13 May 19252 Mar 1999See photo
BarronAlbert21 Dec 19269 Mar 1996See photo
BarronElizabeth26 Nov 1938Jan 1939 
BarronPaula H29 Jun 190015 Oct 1953See photo
BarronePietra 26 Apr 194471 years
BellRuby Jean Shilling11 Jul 193425 Nov 2012See photo & obit
BellWilburn27 Feb 192525 May 1991See photo
BeltMinnie B2 Oct 188622 Jan 1969See photo
BlantonMelvie M7 Oct 190318 Jul 1922See photo
BlessingBetty Lou Wood31 Jan 19473 Oct 2014See photo & obit
BohreerSusan Blackburn30 Aug 185623 Nov 1903See photo
BohreerJohn J18491922See photo
BoydDeloris Ann 17 Jun 196527 years
BrionezAbron 25 Oct 195771 years
BrannonCasey N13 Jan 198830 Apr 1999d/o Christina Rice-See photo
BreedloveDorothy15 Aug 194012 Feb 2012d/o James & Eleanor Breedlove-See obit
BrownHank Lee24 Sep 19953 Aug 2015s/o Eric Christman & Nova Brown-See photo
BrownMrs John8 Jan 190131 May 194?See photo
BrownOscar16 Oct 187515 Jun 1939See photo
BryantJanet M Fox-Wood18 Nov 19626 Sep 2003See photo
BryantBenny M1 Feb 194720 Aug 2001SP4 US Army Viet Nam-See photo
BryantTracy G27 Nov 192814 Jul 2005See photo
BryantBillie17 Jul 19321 Jan 2005See photo
BryantTracy Jr11 Dec 195516 Feb 1979See photo
CapehartGerald D8 May 19277 Feb 1978See photo
CavilloBaleria 4 Aug 1932 
CoffeyAlta5 Jul 190530 Oct 2004See photo
CoffeeBaby2 Mar 19352 Mar 1935Father: Lee Coffee-Mother: Julie Bollinger-Chaney Funeral Home record-no headstone
CoffeyTed1 Oct 190027 Nov 1993See photo
ComprerasMargreto 22 Jul 1929 
ConterezEleanora14 Jan 193617 Apr 19404 years-d/o Jack & Sarah
CookeBaby3 Mar 19373 Mar 1937child of A B Cooke & Muriel Lyne-stillborn-Chaney Funeral Home
CorlettiMaurice15 Nov 190916 Dec 1926 
CorralConrado18 Nov 189112 Nov 1974See photo
CoulstonJimmie5 Nov 191925 Aug 1921See photo
CoulstonGrady5 Apr 190111 Apr 1922See photo
CoulstonLula12 Jan 189111 Sep 1980See photo
CoulstonLucian P22 Aug 19149 Feb 1993See photo
CoulstonWilliam A26 Jun 189710 Nov 1922Navy A O U W
CreamerHelen Nalley2 Oct 193028 Nov 2009Former husband was a Hamilton-See photo
CroftJulet E28 Feb 185020 Apr 1920See photo
CruzRicardo19 Jun 192719 May 1958See photo
CruzGustano T22 Aug 192519 Jul 2006 Oklahoma CPL 516 AAA Gun BN Korea-See photo
DepueArthell P19172006See photo
DepueIvan Q22 Mar 191911 Feb 1989 US Marine Corps WWII-See photo
DepueJames Scott12 May 19559 Dec 2017s/o Ivan & Arthell Depue-See photo & obit
DobbsBonnie S19671967See photo
DonichPeggy A22 May 19183 Nov 2010See photo & obit
DustGilbert D26 Feb 193320 Oct 1984See photo
DuttonColeman F26 Jul 192910 Dec 1999See photo
DuttonFaye Sperry15 Nov 191910 Sep 2009See photo & obit
DuttonJames Wayman29 June 1952 24 Aug 2016See photo & obit
DuttonWilliam H1 Feb 190010 Jan 1978See photo
EcholsAllan16 Mar 193922 Nov 2015See photo & obit
EllisTerry Lee20 Oct 196029 May 2012See photo & obit
EllisonWilliam Marshell "Bill"5 Jun 192831 Jan 2015See obit
EliasBalenunk25 Mar 194326 yearsSee obit
ElyJoe16 Apr 190524 Jan 1972See photo
ElyMichael C27 Feb 19565 Jun 1974See photo
ElyCarl Joseph20 Aug 194517 Nov 2004SGT US Army Viet Nam-See photo & obit
ElyJessie Dell Smart7 Dec 19174 Aug 2014See photo & obit
EvansDanny L21 Oct 195317 Jul 1999See photo
EverlyHarvey G19 Dec 193522 Aug 1992See photo
FerrantiMary3 Feb 190220 Jun 1920See photo
FerrantiR 9 Dec 1931 
FoxRobert W5 Oct 19405 Jun 1969See photo
FreemanPaul Douglas Jr8 Sep 19582 Mar 2020See obit
FritzRuby Pauline Wester25 Oct 191210 Jan 1983See photo
GarciaBruno6 Oct 189520 Nov 1976See photo
GarciaCatarina C18931963See photo
GarciaElvira A6 Dec 191827 May 2003See photo
GarciaJesus10 Mar 19001 Oct 1939See photo
GarciaLucio19011933See photo
GattenbyDorthey4 Mar 192016 Oct 1920See photo
GeeterBonnie Turner 15 Feb 1929 
GibbsJoe B27 Mar 19357 Jul 2002See photo
GibbsNancy Jo "Jodie" Hamilton3 Jul 19464 Apr 2013See photo
GodfreyAnnie K16 Apr 18831 Mar 1964See photo
GodfreyWilber E22 Feb 190023 Nov 1963See photo
GodwinLovel19301994See photo
GramosTheodore H6 Oct 19223 Nov 1926See photo
GrauwelsJosephine F21 Jul 18701 Aug 1922m/o Victor & Robert/ w/o William Grauwels/b. Belgium
GrauwelsVictor9 Jul 189619 Mar 1975See photo
GrauwelsRobert1909unks/o William & Josephine/a year or two
GrauwelsWilliamabt 187026 Oct 1914b. Belgium
GreggLester G8 Dec 193815 Nov 2004See photo
GreggLinda Lee Cheatham15 Jun 19488 Apr 2019w/o Lester
GriffinBeauford D1 Aug 194313 Jan 2005See photo
GriffinDonald Coad27 Feb 194224 Jul 2018s/o Slim & Effie Griffin
GriffinEffie C Stewart16 Aug 19149 Sep 2003w/o Slim Griffin-See photo
GriffinLeonard C "Slim"3 Oct 19132 May 2006See photo
GuerreroEddie7 Jun 193031 Mar 1977See photo
GuerreroMario18 Oct 196127 Oct 2018 
HamiltonJessie M19 Nov 191930 Apr 1987See photo
HamptonStella F21 Jun 194123 Dec 2005See photo
HernandezJ Salazal 1 Feb 1919 
HerronSusie19392011See photo
HerronHarry D1 Oct 193712 Jan 2006See photo
HodgesArdessel1 Mar 192515 Sep 1975See photo
HojoBobby J 8 Aug 1929one year
HollandBetty June Beard22 Jun 193627 Oct 2013See photo
HollandOscar Columbus O C14 May 193112 Mar 2016 
HollandVerlon Jeanette "Lona"11 Sep 193611 Apr 2010See photo
HomerNancy22 Mar 19137 Feb 1994See photo
HoneycuttJeffery "J.D."10 Jun 199126 Nov 2016See photo
HousleyTwins24 Aug 197424 Aug 1974See photo
HuertaRicardounk14 Sep 19597 days
HydeGeorgia LaVelle Russell5 Mar 193914 Aug 2016See photo & obit
IngleHailey J6 Dec 19993 Mar 2000See photo
JamesJeff24 Oct 196212 Nov 1978See photo
JamesJeffery S15 Sep 197122 Sep 1971See photo
JamesJuanita15 Apr 194329 Mar 2008See photo
JimenezMaryetta L10 Mar 19423 Aug 1942See photo
JimenezJose G19 Mar 188523 Apr 1952See photo
JimenezMaria M15 Sep 18949 Apr 1972See photo
JohnsonDarrell M27 Dec 191224 Apr 1978Pvt US Army WWII-See photo
JohnsonJohnny Ray31 Jan 19604 Apr 2018See photo
JohnsonJuanetta Louise22 Feb 193015 Feb 2019m/o Johnny-See photo
JohnstonHelen P25 Jun 191726 Mar 1935See photo
JohnstonJohnny M25 Feb 194417 Jan 2021See obit
Johnston"Tom" H20 Mar 191126 Dec 1987See photo
JohnstonTommy L9 May 194211 Sep 1985See photo
JohnstonHarold G9 Sep 193619 Jun 1993See photo
JohnstonCathey A14 Jan 195710 Mar 2002See photo
JonesOliver P Jr8 Mar 1910Jan 1979See photo
JonesJessie H10 Jan 188013 Oct 1971See photo
JonesOliver P17 May 188021 Dec 1921See photo
JonesCarl A27 Dec 19052 Apr 1973See photo
JoyceEmily19431944See photo
KellyDrake D Jr14 Dec 199015 Dec 1990See photo
KenneySeven W8 May 199530 Apr 1999 s/o Christina Rice-See photo
KinkaidMaggie4 Jul 190217 Jun 1989See photo
KinkaidWilliam B30 Jul 190218 Nov 1975See photo
KorenowskiAlbert187727 May 1924See photo
KorenowskiAnna30 Dec 18797 Feb 1958See photo
LetzLisa A Cason30 Nov 196524 Mar 2011See photo
LewisJanice M20 Apr 197531 Dec 1976See photo
LewisJoy Dean Martin15 Jan 195316 Feb 2019w/o Perry-See photo
LewisPerry E10 Jun 194430 Aug 2005See photo
LoerMercedes24 Sep21 Mar 1930 
LopezBennino Y27 Dec 19215 May 1923See photo
LukerJames A15 Nov 193525 Sep 1991See photo
LunaDavid R31 Oct 19277 May 1990See photo
LunaPatsy Edith4 May 193119 May 2006See photo
LunaRhonda Renee21 Apr 19602 Jun 2014See photo
LyonsLola Marie Davison12 Sep 19233 Nov 2011m/o Tommy Lyons
MackeyKenneth G25 Jul 19588 Sep 1986See photo
MarclesValentineunkunkSee photo
MarshallGabriel S15 Oct 197910 Mar 1997s/o Melba Rice-See photo
MartinLester15 Feb 19212 Apr 1987See photo
MartinBetty Jo Hooper15 Nov 19293 Apr 2009See photo
MartinMary A Samples26 Jan 184120 Aug 1929 
MartinThomas "Tommy"6 Apr 195817 Jan 2012See photo
MartinezSantiago11 Nov 192128 Nov 1921See photo
MaxwellDavid31 Aug 19512 Mar 2020See photo
MaxwellLonney E11 Mar 19442 Nov 2007See photo
McCarleyEarl C25 Apr 19228 Nov 1998See photo
McCarleyEleanor A11 Dec 191719 Feb 1988See photo
McCutchanJohn B15 Oct 184213 Jul 1920See photo
McCutchanMargaret6 May 18422 Jul 1928See photo
McNameeJohn T18411923See photo
MillerMildredNov 19211 Sep 1928d/o Jessie E & Bettie M Miller
MillerBabyJan 1929Jan 1929unmarked/stillborn/baby of J E & Bettie M Miller
MirclezCleofas19 Mar 190426 Aug 1940h/o Maria
MooneyhamOneida 18 Sep 1926 
MooreAmericus H Oct 1938 
MooreWalter Levi "Jerry"22 Jul 192620 Nov 2016h/o Virginia-See photo & obit
MooreVirginia Evelyn Ward24 Dec 19224 Feb 2007See photo & obit
MorrowLaWanda Arthur3 Feb 192822 Feb 2017See photo & obit
NalleyKenneth Dale30 Mar 196126 Oct 2018See photo & obit
NalleyTommy H27 Jul 19111 Apr 1987See photo
NalleyVera Lucille Johnson21 Jan 193931 Jan 2018See photo & obit
NelsonJames E20 Sep 194211 Jul 2010See photo
NesbittArthur C15 Dec 188923 Jun 1923See photo
NewtonChristopher Wayne16 Nov 198912 Jan 2015See photo & obit
NewtonFaye R21 Jan 194028 Dec 2016See photo
NicholsDelois Arlene1 Jul 194318 Oct 2013See photo
NortonRichard8 Aug 195411 Jan 2005See photo
NovotnyPhilip B1 May 184225 Nov 1919See photo
NovotnyRosa B15 Mar 184325 Mar 1920See photo
NunnelyFrankie B Wade 22 Mar 193633yrs
O'KelleyJ S15 Jan 189016 Sep 1923See photo MEC
O'LearyPat 26 Jun 1919 
O'NealPatty8 Sep 19506 Aug 1975See photo
PackeJuanita C28 Dec 191328 Dec 1925 
PainterPatricia Ann 3 Dec 1934d/o G.A. Painter & Bessie Wixom
ParentClifton L26 Dec 193511 Oct 2010See photo
ParentJessie L28 Jun 19181 Jan 2000S1 US Navy WWII-See photo
ParentDella M6 Apr 19146 May 2006See photo
ParkerPauline28 Apr 192431 Jan 1992See photo
ParkerBilly R3 May 19469 May 2006See photo
ParkerTommy G5 Sep 195014 Jan 2002See photo
ParkerLuther4 Jul 189316 May 1921See photo
PatenFelipion Hunk2 May 196213 years
PattersonJoyce31 Aug192724 Mar 1979See photo
PattersonWoodrow16 Jun 191529 Jun 2000See photo
PeakIrene14 Jan 191111 Mar 1979See photo
PeakLeland L12 Oct 191131 May 1989See photo
PeakLeland "Buddy"22 Nov 193113 Dec 2013See photo & obit
PerezFelimon H11 Mar 189928 May 1962See photo
PerezTiburcia H9 Sep 190427 Jan 1952See photo
PerezAngel2 Oct 193610 Jan 1997See photo
PhillipsRuth V16 May 192222 Mar 1970See photo
PlintoMary17 Aug 18714 Feb 1941See photo
PolanskyLeonard C30 Jun 193610 Jan 1997CWO2 US Navy Viet Nam-See photo
PolanskyModean5 Dec 193120 May 2006See photo
PopeDorothy Wynona Shannon18 Aug 19389 May 2018See photo
PowellMerle E25 Apr 19293 Jul 1988See photo
PreciadoEdgar "Bear" Ernesto10 Jun 197427 Jul 2016See photo & obit
PriceMrs J D26 Apr 185921 Mar 1922See photo
QuickBilly Gene24 Jan 194516 Jan 2018See photo
QuickDovie Mae Byrd12 Dec 1906Feb 1981See photo
QuickOtis L "Hobo"12 Jul 1904Jul 1979See photo
QuickRoyce21 Jan 19313 Dec 2017s/o Otis & Dovie Quick-See photo
RaleighGene K23 Feb 193210 Oct 2009See photo SSGT US Air Force Korea
RansonCharlie 2 Mar 1935Chaney Funeral Home record-no headstone
RansonLilian10 Aug 192018 Aug 1927See photo
ReboLouie E 19 Oct 1935Chaney Funeral Home record-no headstone
ReedJ C17 May 19355 Dec 1938 
ReedW J10 May 188117 Apr 194059 years
ReeseLaverna Jean 28 Dec 193910 Feb 2016See photo
ReeseManuel J4 Mar 189913 Jan 1994See photo
ReesePearl A22 Feb 191329 Aug 2008See photo
ReevesL A 7 May 19213 May 1927 
RiceChristina C11 Nov 196830 Apr 1999m/o Seven & Casey d/o Jimmy & Carol Rice-See photo
RiceGeorge Lee11 Mar 195024 Nov 2020See obit
RiceGladys Catherine Rush22 Apr 19259 Jun 2017w/o Warren Rice-See photo & obit
RiceRobert Earl "Bebob"16 Dec 195111 Dec 2017s/o Warren & Gladys Rice-See photo
RiceWarren Hardin31 Aug 19202 Jan 1981See photo
RiceMatthew5 Jan 19905 Jan 1990stillborn-s/o James Rice-See photo
RivasJesus10 Apr 192427 Nov 2006See photo
RodriguezZara 20 Sep 1939w/o Romulo
RogersJackie D8 Nov 19308 Jun 1990 US Navy Korea & Viet Nam-See photo
RogersBobbie J3 Oct 19278 Aug 1929See photo
RussellLewis J17 Feb 19183 Dec 1993See photo
RussellHazel G3 Dec 19208 Jun 1996See photo
RussellLewis J30 Aug 194014 Jan 2003s/o Lewis & Hazel Russell-See photo
RyanHayden22 Feb 18713 Nov 1946unmarked grave
RyanLydia M19 Aug 188331 May 1944See photo
RyanMarie G29 Dec 19187 Apr 1999See photo
RyanPatsy A14 May 194624 Feb 2007See photo
RyanHubert24 Dec 19021 Jun 1931See photo
RyanBobby L16 Dec 192329 Mar 1925See photo
RyanMontie24 Dec 19148 Aug 1930See photo
RyanWilliam V "Toolie"3 Jan 192010 Mar 2013WWII 1942 1945 Southwest Pacific-See photo
SarriaRaphael 21 Apr 1935Chaney Funeral Home record-born in Mexico
SchlosserHarry E18 Sep 19045 Jan 1992See photo
SchlosserLela B22 Nov 191317 Sep 2002See photo
ScottBobby L10 May 19592 Jan 2005See photo
ScottLee30 Jul 191715 Feb 1979See photo
ScottOllie5 Oct 19242 Jan 2008See photo
ScottMrs Ivan 18 Apr 193636yrs
ScottOscar H 17 Feb 1959 
ScottRoy27 May 19246 May 1980See photo
ScottShirley Jo Martin20 Dec 194920 Dec 2015See photo
SearsLanniska "Lannie"3 Apr 18772 Nov 1928Chaney's Funeral Home record-No headstone
SelfCora Violet Ford3 Apr 18912 Apr 1917w/o Don Carlos Self-No headstone
SevallMarkeeta Mae Thompson5 Sep 19567 Mar 2006See photo
ShannonDale Lafayette "Bigun"11 Mar 193818 Aug 2020See photo
ShannonJames T27 Feb 19061 Feb 1986See photo
ShannonJonas Coy26 May 194528 May 2016See photo
ShannonGeneva J16 Feb 19126 Feb 1977See photo
ShannonOran "Doy"27 Aug 19328 Feb 2018 
SharpFrancis E17 Feb 192124 Mar 1922See photo
Shutes?Asnille? 12 Aug 1934drowned-Chaney Funeral Home
Siler J D15 May 1918Jan 1987 
SilcedoCely 8 Jul 196229 years
SmithLola Marie Lyons12 Sep 19233 Nov 2011See photo
SmythDorothy Jean Scott20 Dec 192123 Dec 2020See obit
SmythJames "J N" Jr6 Jun 192224 Jun 2015See photo
SorrellCharles E19 May 19127 Jan 1984See photoUS Army WW II
SparksBerneice I11 Mar 192924 Oct 2007See photo
SpearMichael D03 Nov 195218 Apr 2012s/o Virginia Moore-See photo
SpeitghtsMarcus184319 Jun 1937See photo
SpindleRobert L2 Jun 192313 May 1980See photo
StilesHarlan Duane5 Nov 19453 Jun 2014See photo
StilesMarba May13 Jan 194226 June 2010 See photo & obit
StitesJames T15 Sep 193911 May 2006See photo
StitesMichael O11 Oct 196425 Aug 2004See photo
Sullivan Claude F4 Feb 191111 April 2005See photo
SullivanBessie P3 Jun 191514 Jun 1998See photo
SullivanBillie Nichols21 Jan 194127 Dec 1996See photo
SullivanJames Ralph2 Sep 193914 May 2021See obit
SuttonHunter N9 Aug 19989 Aug 1998See photo
SwainClyde William23 Oct 194022 Feb 2021See obit
SweetinBen Shirley4 Jun 19388 Dec 2019See obit
SweetinBen V1 Jan 192023 Feb 2002See photo
SweetinFrancine F9 Mar 192116 Apr 2001w/o Ben V Sweetin-See photo
SweetinMary E7 Feb 193923 Jul 2010See photo
TateRosalie17 Mar 19448 Sep 2014 
TaylorNathaniel5 Jul 183517 Dec 1916 
TeboLouise F 19 Oct 1935 
ThomasDow14 Sep 18877 May 1979See photo
ThomasNettie22 Mar 189719 Nov 1984m. Henry Dow Thomas 15 April 1950/d. Texas-Burial: unk
Thomas Ervin P8 Dec 190920 Oct 1994PVT US Army-See photo
ThomasLuda29 Jun 190726 Jul 1987See photo
ThompsonDollie R11 Jun 18928 Oct 1964See photo
ThompsonLeona 5 Dec 1931 
ThompsonMark J27 Apr 19269 May 1974Louisiana FN US Navy WW II Korea-See photo
ThompsonDillian M18 Oct 192611 Jan 2000See photo
ThompsonMinnie L30 Jan 190320 Nov 1994See photo
ThompsonSilas L15 Jun 1893Oct 1975See photo
ThurmanMarvin J2 Sep 193826 Feb 2001See photo BT2 US Navy Korea
ThurmanGayle D7 Feb 194225 Sep 1997 
TrejoRoberto "Tito"26 Sep 19962 Jul 2012See photo
VanderpoolBrian K19692010s/o Patsy Lawson Ryan-See photo
VestLeona Nadine Russell19 May 194310 May 2017See photo & obit
WaldrupEugeneApr 188117 Dec 1934 
WalkupClemence M2 Jul 189222 Jul 1982See photo
WatsonCraig J30 May 198629 Sep 2006See photo
WesterBennie C21 Sep 191931 May 1975TEC4 US Amy WW II-See photo
WesterJames V10 Feb 18928 Jan 1978See photo
WesterJohnny M19 Aug 189419 Aug 1977w/o James Wester
WhitmoreAlan Wayne15 Jun 198610 Apr 2019 
WhitmoreDarel W27 Feb 196812 Nov 1999See photo
WhitworthBen C15 Oct 192124 May 2005US Army/Bronze Star Medal/Medical Detachment/353rd Infantry-See photo
WhitworthNadine10 Dec 192018 Jun 2005See photo
WilkinsonRobert D9 Jul 19559 Jul 1955See photo
WilkinsonEmily J25 Nov 19435 Dec 1944See photo
WilkinsonJ C29 Oct 187811 Dec 1937See photo
WilkinsonMary N9 Aug 187922 Sep 1957See photo
WilkinsonClayton11 Jul 190217 Apr 1973See photo
WilkinsonGladice20 Aug 190219 Jan 1990See photo
WilkinsonNellie 23 Sep 195378 years 13 days
WilkinsonCash M21 Oct 19068 Mar 1974See photo
WilkinsonJames21 Jun 191123 Feb 1977b/o Cash Wilkinson/bachelors/"Boots"-See photo
WilliamsFrank Jr30 Dec 192511 Mar 2006US Navy WW II-See photo
WilliamsJames W29 Sep 194710 Mar 1968SN US Navy Viet Nam PH-See photo
WillisAvance L24 Oct 193821 Sep 1940See photo
WillisClara M4 Mar 19333 May 2008See photo
WillisEugene27 Jul 192827 Nov 2009See photo
WillisFrancis28 Nov 192411 Apr 2006See photo
WillisGeorge R18 Sep 196130 May 2004See photo
WillisGloria A12 Feb 193223 Jun 2005See photo
WillisHazel21 Nov 191618 May 1992See photo
WillisMary M29 Aug 190426 Sep 1992See photo
WillisMatthew D2 May 196610 Jun 2000See photo
WillisPaul L29 May 190526 Oct 1970See photo
WillisRena29 May 188115 May 1945See photo
WillisRobert E30 Oct 190326 Mar 1976See photo
WillisRobert E Jr26 Oct 19263 Feb 1995See photo
WillisWilliam1 Jan 187330 Apr 1934See photo
WixomJohn F14 Feb 188514 Oct 1959See photo
Wixom Lula M22 Mar 188812 Sep 1966See photo
WoodDiAnna D "Bo" Calhoun24 Mar 193811 Mar 2014See photo
WoodShirley J11 Feb 193927 Oct 2004See photo
WoodGeorge R11 Apr 19416 Oct 1991See photo
WoodCharles R21 Sep 193523 Jan 2005See photo
WoodWilliam D Sr4 Mar 193013 Jun 2010See photo
WoodNorma Lois Vaughn3 May 1936 See photo
WrightBetty J Chambers8 Oct 192930 Jun 1993See photo
WrightAlbert Julian21 Dec 192019 May 2015See photo & obit
WrightDonald A13 Dec 195220 Jan 1990s/o Albert & Wanda-See photo
WrightWanda Louise Phillips3 Mar 19301 Feb 1996w/o Albert J Wright-See photo
YoungCarolyn S4 Feb 195124 Oct 1987d/o Lester & Betty Martin-See photo

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