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Arpelar Cemetery

Pittsburg County, Oklahoma

Take Hwy 270 west out of McAlester. Turn south at main intersection in Arpelar (Arpelar Cemetery Road). Go approximately one quarter mile and turn right just before the rock church building. Cemetery sits off of the road. If you have family buried in the Arpelar Cemetery and would like to add your information
to this website, contact the area coordinator.
AdairJohn Worley22 Jul 18687 May 1935 
AdamsJosephine Arpelar27 Feb 19179 Mar 1989 
AddyBerenice M Bell1 Sep 191223 Dec 1994 
AkinBobby Azy6 Feb 19413 Mar 1941 
AkinElizabeth "Bessie" Middleton12 Jan 189913 Mar 1965 
AkinHazel Cleo Snodgrass21 Jun 191215 Sep 1944 
AkinMary Alinia Taylor5 Dec 194014 Nov 2009 
AkinMontie14 May 190425 Apr 2000 
AkinRay5 Feb 193511 Jul 2016 
AkinThomas Lloyd5 Feb 19315 Feb 1931 
AkinThomas William "Tom"29 May 189115 Mar 1980 
AkinWilliam Glenn12 Jan 193212 Jan 1932See photo
AkinWilma Faye Henson10 Mar 193123 Jul 2012 
AlexanderShirley Jean Goss19 Nov 194621 Jan 1970 
AllenCharles Edward" Chuck"13 Nov 19346 Dec 2003A01 US Navy Vietnam See photo
AllenCharles Leroy "Chuck"19552009See photo
AllenLucille Sharp19 Jan 193409 Mar 1999See photo
AllenMayvis Blanche Priester7 Oct 193316 May 2011See photo
AllenWillis Wilburn Sr30 Aug 19307 Jan 2008PFC US Army Korea See photo
AndersonFrank N17 Dec 19225 Sep 1984 
AndersonMargaret A Palmer7 Apr 191614 Oct 2005 
AndersonReuben31 May 191022 Sep 1973 
AndersonWinnie Jones   
AndrewsCarl Jr17 Oct 193025 Mar 2010 
AndrewsCarl29 Jul 190726 Feb 1980 
AndrewsGladys13 May 19118 Apr 1986 
AndrewsLarry Dale20 Mar 19587 Oct 2004See photo
ArmstrongBloom T10 Oct 189016 Jan 1955 
ArmstrongEthel Beatrice Crawford11 Apr 190613 Dec 1943 
ArmstrongHarriet Charlotte Ingram4 Sep 189416 Jan 1955 
ArmstrongHubert F Jr11 Aug 19454 Sep 1945 
ArnoldHerman Victor29 Aug 191029 Dec 1985 
ArpelarJanae Ricole29 May 199018 Jan 2018 
ArpelarLottie Mae Harp14 Oct 18977 Feb 1972 
ArpelarLyntch Jr24 Sep 192623 Nov 1926 
ArpelarLyntch Sr25 Dec 188026 Mar 1935 
BakerJames Audrell15 Jul 193719 Mar 1998 
BakerKenneth N7 Jun 194530 Mar 2003 
BallardSara Jo4 Aug 193922 Sep 2013 
BarlowBrandy6 Aug 19726 Aug 1972 
BarlowSamantha Layne6 May 19961 Feb 2018 
BarnesBarbara18 May 193724 Feb 2008See photo
BarnesDale10 Oct 193518 May 2015See photo
BarnettDelsie Gaye Akin16 Mar 189630 Aug 1976 
BarnettElmer Lewis3 Apr 189630 Aug 1976 
BarnettLloyd Earl12 Aug 194427 Oct 1993 
BarnettLucille White12 Jan 192319 Jul 2001 
BarnettWillie Lee "Bill"27 Sep 191630 Jun 1980 
BarnhillAlice Bowers24 Nov 187223 Dec 1962 
BarnhillCatherine Elizabeth "Kate" Whitefield11 Apr 188721 Oct 1918See photo
BarnhillCharles Fletcher18 Jan 18515 May 1911 
BarnhillDavid Samuel28 Mar 18461911 
BarnhillHarold16 Apr 191916 Apr 1919 
BarnhillHenry Franklin22 Dec 187424 Sep 1924 
BarnhillHoward16 Apr 19196 May 1919 
BarnhillJames Alford5 Aug 186620 Jun 1935 
BarnhillNancy Bell6 Aug 191331 Jul 1917 
BarnhillSarah Ann Fletcher27 Oct 18261914 
BarnhillWilliam J27 Jan 18727 Apr 1963 
BartonJames Jackson21 Aug 186321 Dec 1955 
BattlesClinton Claudie27 Mar 191931 Dec 1998 
BattlesReva Lurene Howell5 Apr 191713 May 1989 
BeasleyBessie Isabel 20 Nov 1943 
BeasleyGenetta20 Jun 188328 Mar 1959 
BeasleyMack9 Jul 189531 Oct 1966 
BeasleyMarkes Macelry9 Apr 192229 Oct 1983 
BeasleyPearl Barnhill1885  
BeasleyVirgil Wayne Jr18 Nov 196831 May 2003 
BeasleyVirgil Wayne Sr28 Jul 195029 Jul 2001 
BellCharley W6 Jul 187120 Jan 1950 
BellNellie Lee Moore22 Mar 188315 Dec 1935 
BrasfieldL Janie21 Apr 1937 See photo
BrasfieldTroy L14 Mar 193518 Jul 1998FN US Navy Korea See photo
CastillionDealma Faye Scott21 Feb 19428 Mar 2021Bishop Funeral Home
ColemanLennie16 Apr 190511 Nov 1993See photo
CondryBelle28 Mar 18752 Nov 1946See photo
CookMelissa Lynn 27 Nov 1968See photo
CottonJohn Bruce7 Jan 188820 Feb 1920See photo
CrawfordAlice31 Mar 19101 Jun 2000See photo
CrawfordCecil E29 Oct 190210 Dec 1990See photo
CrawfordEarl Wayne14 Apr 19306 Jan 1932See photo
CrawleyTommy28 Apr 196314 Feb 2006See photo
CrewsSamantha18771962See photo
CrewsW S18741933See photo
CrossCarrie Ann1 Sep 194821 Apr 2006See photo
DaltonLester Arnton9 Oct 193228 Sep 2014See obit
DaltonLester A Jr19602008See photo
DaltonPeggy E17 May 194213 Sep 2007See photo
DementBurnie L30 Jan 192229 May 2003See photo
DementDoyle11 Dec 192225 Dec 1922See photo
DementMary A20 May 19237 Mar 1998See photo
DeWaltRichard David12 Apr 196827 Jun 1984s/o Ron and Betty/USMC See photo
DismukesLuther E27 Dec 192130 Aug 2002PFC US Army WW II Bronze Star PH See photo
EdwardsEssie B16 Feb 192226 Jun 1979See photo
EdwardsCharley W17 Oct 191631 Dec 2002See photo
ErvinLillian Lorene Garner22 Sep 193418 Jul 2021See obit
EubanksEdith Lorene Sanders6 Aug 193219 Oct 2018 
FowlerJuanita Maxine Stewart19 May 19246 Jan 2019 
FrederickArchie W8 Nov 19436 Nov 2004See photo
FrederickLottie House7 Oct 19093 May 2004See photo
GibsonJim G4 Sep 192720 Nov 2020Brumley-Mills Funeral Home
GrayPollie Ann (Rye)3 Dec 186812 May 1952See photo
GrayDavid Monroe10 Sep 18583 Jan 1924See photo
GraySara Frances 23 Feb 2000See photo
GrayVernon David12 May 19371 Jun 2021See obito
GreerAnnie Belle12 Dec 188619 May 1927See photo
GrubbsBerniece M21 Dec 19275 Feb 1937See photo
GrubbsGeorge Osborn L 24 Oct 1918See photo
GrubbsVernon L Sr6 Aug 18961 Sep 1980See photo
HamiltonLuther14 May 186724 May 1959See photo
HamiltonMaggie Tipton20 Aug 188121 Mar 1962See photo
HamnerLeona Luck2 Apr 187323 Jul 1941See photo
HarshawJames Allen11 May 19316 Jul 2009See photo
HearodBobby Gene12 Apr 19398 Sep 2021See obit
HearodGeorgia Ann McClendon11 Mar 194123 Sep 20211See obit
HensonBaby Girl5 Nov 19465 Nov 1946See photo
HensonDewayne31 Mar 1936 See photo
HensonDortha Jean12 Sep 19436 Dec 2001See photo
HensonFlora D23 Mar 18951 Jan 1974See photo
HensonGertrude25 Jan 190714 May 2001See photo
HensonLeon L28 Mar 19262 Apr 1926See photo
HensonLeonard S16 Dec 192114 Sep 1987See photo
HensonSam L27 Feb 189128 Aug 1977See photo
HensonW R "Bill"3 Nov 190212 May 1990See photo
HoganGeorge Ell13 Oct 187731 Mar 1957See photo
HoganMaggie A16 Aug 18815 Dec 1918See photo
JaggersBaby Boy30 Oct 192730 Oct 1927b/o Ethel Mott-s/o Bill & Beatrice
JettonLula D11 Apr 188411 Jun 1954See photo
JohnsonBob Dean6Sep 193215 Nov 2018 
JonesFrances Elaine McClendon19 Mar 193927 Aug 2011See photo
JonesJames "Jim"31 Mar 19484 Dec 2014See obit
JonesSamuel E29 Feb 18689 May 1948See photo
KelleyOlene Henson11 Jul 192430 Nov 2018 
KempEmalue Novella18 Jan 19383 Oct 2008See photo
KingIda Norris18661918See photo
KinnanCharles12Dec 192110 Oct 1929See photo
KirkAlma Sue28 Dec 187720 Jan 1948See photo
KreimeierWillard Wilson9 Apr 19367 Feb 2020Bishop Funeral Home
LeeBennie H29 Jul 192919 Sep 1932See photo
LeeBillie Belle10 May 194215 Jul 1944See photo
LeeClarence M23 Dec 187720 Jan 1943See photo
LeeFred30 Dec 190324 Apr 1971See photo
LeeDella4 May 191112 Jan 1998married Fred 5 Oct 1926 See photo
LeeHarry11 Feb 191419 Nov 1996See photo
LeeImogene30 Dec 192015 Jan 2010See photo
LeeHazel I20 Dec 19178 Feb 1988 married Bill 2 Nov 1940-See photo
LeeW A (Bill)29 Apr 191616 Oct 2004See photo
LeeMart A2 Jun 19098 May 1999See photo
LeeRuth E11 May 191316 Nov 2004See photo
LeeWilliam Earl12 Apr 193129 Nov 1949 2005See photo
LimeNathan Daniel "Nate"22 Aug 198217 Jul 2005See photo
LoganJanice19 May 192421 Apr 2008See photo
LoganTom1 Mar 191521 Feb 1994See photo
LukerJoe Ray20 Dec 194019 Feb 2012See photo
LukerLeola Faye19 Aug 1922 See photo
LukerSamuel Alton24 Dec 191725 Apr 1997See photo
LukerCharles Elie1 Feb 191512 Sep 1915See photo
LukerFreddy Lee2 Apr 194024 Mar 1941See photo
LukerVirginia Belle23 Dec 18742 Dec 1921 w/o Henry E Luker See photo
LuskJudith Gayle17 Jan 19463 Aug 1956See photo
Mallatt SrCurtis James2 Aug 192524 Mar 2006See Obit
MarshallWilliam B21 Nov 191428 Dec 1914See photo
MartinGeorgia Edith27 Aug 190030 Dec 1970See photo
MartinLeo Marion9 Feb 189716 Feb 1973See photo
MartyDarrel Wayne4 Jun 196320 Jul 2002See photo
MassengaleDonald Wayne22 Apr 193915 May 2000See photo
McClendonBetty Lou Bennett2 Aug 194614 Mar 1998See photo
McClendonWilliam "Bill"27Nov 194231 Dec 2011See photo
McEversIra Earl25 Nov 191910 Oct 1921s/o Jessie & Nettie-See photo
MooreJohn Albert30 Apr 188128 Mar 1952s/o William & Mary-h/o Nancy-WWI & WWII
MooreMary Lucinda Robertson9 Jan 185812 Feb 1941w/o William-m/o John Albert & Rhoda
MooreNancy Cordelia Watkins10 Aug 188127 Sep 1962w/o John Albert
MooreRhoda6 Apr 188421 Nov 1921d/o William & Mary Lucinda
MooreWilliam Phelix22 Nov 18537 Oct 1921h/o Mary Lucinda-f/o John & Rhoda
MullinsDoyle19291930See photo
MullinsRev A L15 Feb 193521 Sep 2020See photo
MurrayPhillip Norman4 Sep 196026 Jul 2021See obit
NicholsElla16 Dec 193225 Feb 1999See photo
PalmerAddie25 Jan 192213 Aug 2006See photo
PalmerFrank B2 Jan 192712 Dec 2012See photo
PerrinHenry Thomas29 Apr 195023 Aug 2018 
PhillipsBobby Joe27 Jun 197517 Apr 2021Bishop Funeral Home
PhillipsRichard Dale24 Nov 195611 Jan 2021Bishop Funeral Home
PoeGuardey M6 Jan 1942 See photo
PoeJohn H15 Jul 19307 Apr 2008MSGT US Air Force Korea See photo
PoolMary E1 Dec 186522 May 1922See photo
PrescottAnnie Mae Wilson16 Dec 19413 Sep 2018 
PrickettMary Aveline Bayless1 Jul 187227 Sep 1953See photo
PrickettGus S27 Jul 186610 Feb 1936See photo
RiddleTruman T25 Aug 192326 Nov 2002Tec5 US Army WW II PH See photo
RiddleWanda F5 Jan 1930 See photo
RobertsBernice Conley3 Aug 193824 Apr 2018See obit
RockeyLeslie J Sr1 Nov 192514 Oct 1995Pfc US Army WWII-See photo
RockeyMildred11 Dec 19278 Aug 2006See photo
RodgersFred Elmer23 Sep 189915 Jun 1962See photo
RodgersFreddie Ray1 Feb 193513 Jan 1988AB US Air Force Korea See photo
RodgersOzella4 Jan 1934 See photo
RoseGilbert9 Apr 189318 May 1931See photo
RoseNancy Elizabeth Treat17 Oct 1870Oct 1932See photo
RoskydollRobert19611973See photo
RussellJoe L27 Aug 193823 Oct 1999US Air Force See photo
RussellMelba A21 Nov 1939 See photo
ScottVeline L27 Dec 19509 Apr 2013See photo
SharpArie31 Jan 191518 Dec 2001See photo
ShaddoxJohn Edwin Sr25 Jul 19635 Jul 2020Brumley-Mills Funeral Home
SharpEthel14 Dec 191414 Jul 1998See photo
SherrillBeulah E8 Feb 19025 Oct 1959See photo
SherrillEdith B Brooks3 Mar 192027 Apr 2008See photo
SherrillLonnie B27 Nov 18981 Jan 1964See photo
SherrillLonnie Bell18 Oct 191926 Aug 1996S SGT US Army WW II See photo
ShropshireEdwina Mae James13 Feb 194424 Dec 2006See photo
ShrumWalter Earnie Jr 11 Jan 1933infant See photo
SipeBertha Mae5 Mar 19187 Apr 2003See photo
SipeOrvil Dean21 Jul 192220 Jan 1998See photo
SmithDavid W20 May 196620 May 1966See photo
SmithsonMargie Norene7 Sep 19425 Jan 1943See photo
StarkAmanda N16 Oct 198618 Oct 1986See photo
StewartBrenda Kay23 Nov 196022 Dec 2010See photo
StowersKatherine R14 Dec 1926 See photo
StowersO D12 Mar 19246 Dec 2001S2 US Navy WW II See photo
TurnerCalvin "J.R." Andrew Jr2 Jul 195724 Apr 2021Bishop Funeral Home
TurnerMary Louise Cravins31 Jan 193920 May 2018 
TurneyEllis9 Dec 19035 Nov 1977See photo
TurneyHester19 Sep 190411 Oct 1983See photo
TurneyJocie18801968See photo
TurneyWilliam B18831950See photo
WeaverBrenda Sue Roberson4 Jul 195514 Jul 2018 
WeaverCharles E19522004See photo
WhiteChester Allen28 Apr 193215 Aug 2014See photo
WhiteJo Nita22 Mar 19368 May 2014See photo
WhiteDonald21 Aug 192810 Sep 2010See photo
Whitefieldinfant 20 Jun 1920See photo
WhitefieldDora Frances9 Oct 195010 Oct 1950See photo
WilsonMyrl Elane30 Jan 196820 Oct 2020Bishop Funeral Home
WorkmanAlma "House"26 Mar 190417 Jan 1990married Dave 25 Mar 1923 See photo
WorkmanDave B27 Aug 189911 Feb 1991See photo
WorkmanLily May 9 Dec 1926See photo
WorkmanCharles  See photo
WorkmanGeorge  Brother See photo
WorkmanJim  Father See photo
WorkmanJohn H16 Mar 190631 Jan 1994See photo
WorkmanJ W1 Mar190230 Aug 1978See photo
WorkmanJoAnn  See photo
WorkmanLloyd Jr  See photo
WorkmanRhoda A20 Feb 189513 Jan 1964married J W 14 Jan 1923 See photo
Workman   s/o Charlie Workman See photo

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