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Blanco Cemetery

Pittsburg County, Oklahoma

© Carol Rice
From McAlester, travel south on Hwy 69 about 20 miles & exit west on Hwy 63 to Blanco. The cemetery is located 1/2 mile west from Blanco on the right side of the road. If you have family buried in the Blanco Cemetery and would like to add your information to this website, contact the area coordinator.

Last Name First Name Birth Death Comments
AdamsCheryle Raye Hatridge2 May 195430 Aug 2014 
AdamsElton E13 Mar 191123 Apr 1982See photo
AdamsGarvin B19191999See photo
AdamsJohn Wiley1 Jan 18668 Dec 1927See photo
AdamsLavada5 Jun 19135 Aug 1916See photo
AdamsLessie E22 Dec 19161 Mar 1998See photo
AdamsRegina27 May 192725 Oct 2005See photo
AdamsSarah Alice Guinn18771967See photo
AllenW P 17 Jul 1943 
AmosSandy30 May 195928 Feb 1995 
AndersonBuster T25 Sep 18953 Feb 1937s/o Tom Anderson-Chaney Funeral Home
AndersonMartha 5 Feb 1933 
ArmstrongKitty4 Jan 190316 Mar 1981 
BaldwinBessie May McCutchan4 May 189616 Oct 1962See photo
BaldwinClarence1 Aug 192116 Aug 1926See photo
BaldwinEdward Benjamin "Bud"2 May 19297 Jan 2021Bishop Funeral Home
BaldwinEdward Lee "Ed"23 May 18805 Feb 1960See photo
BaldwinFrankie Eugene20 Feb 193024, Jul 1939See photo
BaldwinMarion E Moore7 Jul 19035 Jan 1935See photo
BaldwinOssie15 Feb 18945 Oct 1918See photo
BaldwinSarah Catherine Collins15 Feb 186021 Jul 1928See photo
BaldwinVirginia Lee Grady1 Oct 193123 Oct 2020Bishop Funeral Home
BaldwinWilliam Luther "Doc"20 Mar 189011 Oct 1918See photo
BardinInfant Daughter 20 Nov 1934See photo
BaskinAddie Godfrey11 Nov 190218 Aug 1993See photo
BaskinJ Marshall1 Feb 189927 Nov 1985See photo
BaskinMyrtle26 Sep 187915 Jan 1963See photo
BaskinWillie V16 Jul 189726 Nov 1918See photo
BaxterJohn H 11 Feb 194068 yrs
BibbVergil Cleo4 Oct 188223 Feb 1948See photo
BiggerstaffW O18711922See photo
BillingsleyColton Preston Wayne17 Sep 199119 May 2007See photo
BlackmanSandra Lynn Williams29 Dec 195518 Jan 2006See photo
BlantonElizabeth Gwen20 Jul 196418 Jul 1976 
BlantonFrank W17 Oct 19104 Aug 1981See photo
BlantonJohn H19 Apr 191322 Nov 1994See photo
BlantonLouise22 Mar 192822 Aug 2018See photo
BlantonMildred L17 Mar 191225 Jun 1998See photo
BlantonRalph3 Jan 19438 Dec 2010See photo
BlantonShari Ann10 Dec 194311 Feb 2006See photo
BlantonWayne H10 Aug 19365 Oct 1991See photo
BluntRomonia Jean19 May 19737 Sep 2006See photo
BolingJohnny Edward14 Dec 191411 Dec 1937See photo
BollingerAlma2 Mar 19129 Oct 1914See photo
BollingerJohn S20 Feb 185624 May 1916See photo
BoothbyNora Smith11 Jun 191024 Dec 1994See photo
BoreJ D   
BorumCora13 Sep 188124 Sep 1964See photo
BorumJames Henry188518 Mar 1944See photo
BowersC T3 Aug 194114 Feb 2006 
BrimerFlora E18901991See photo
BrimerJames P18799 Aug 1934See photo
BrownJames E30 Jun 187122 Apr 1920See photo
BrownJames M190210 Nov 1920See photo
BrownJewel6 Feb 191524 Sep 1916See photo
BrownJohn H11 Oct 187422 Oct 1943See photo
BrownShirley Rae9 Jun 19385 Nov 1943See photo
BrownVerdis1 Aug 191024 Jun 1912See photo
BrumleyJoy Zinn13 Oct 192530 Dec 2005See photo
BrumleyLewis Albert6 Feb 192219 Dec 1998See photo
BryantCaroline Ann11 Feb 194319 Mar 1943See photo
BryantLinda Sue18 Jul 194427 Jul 1944See photo
BullardAda10 Sep 186712 Jul 1920See photo
BunchHenrietta11 Aug 18818 May 1971See photo
BunchRev Riley3 Mar 186826 Dec 1929See photo
BurnettEmmit23 Oct 19121914See photo
BurnettJames Martin "Jim"Feb 185820 Feb 1920 
BurroughBishop Henry20 Feb 18832 Dec 1962See photo
BurroughGeorge W17 Oct 188619 Aug 1957 
BurroughLula Audrey6 Sep 187727 Mar 1971See photo
ByersDarrell W19642020See photo
CableDan B14 Jun 184011 Jul 1938See photo
CableEva Lee Little30 Sep 19269 Dec 2006See photo
CableFlora31 Jul 192523 Nov 2015See photo
CableFloyd19231991See photo
CableJasper N27 Aug 189624 Jul 1970See photo
CableMamie M31 Oct 19024 Jul 1974See photo
CableNancy Smith10 Mar 18612 Oct 1930See photo
CablePaul9 Aug 19287 Sep 1928 
CablePauline9 Aug 19281 Sep 1928 
CableRosyette9 Aug 19281 Sep 1928 
CableSophie McFarland11 Nov 18893 Sep 1970See photo
CableWalter12 May 189027 Dec 1968See photo
CagleFrank15 Aug 18869 Jul 1977See photo
CagleIrene Mae Hennington22 May 190720 Oct 1998See photo
CagleL J20 Jul 19264 Oct 1988See photo
CalvertOleta Faye24 Mar 193315 Dec 1933See photo
CampbellFrances P11 May 185523 May 1909 
CampbellJ W1 Mar 184428 Jan 1929 
CampbellLis Etta5 Aug 188210 Apr 1925See photo
CarrJames Austin10 Oct 18638 Aug 1944Born in Iowa-See photo
CarrLena Josie Ann Rivers15 Aug 18727 Oct 1947See photo
CarterAnita Agnes12 May 193421 Sep 1934See photo
CarterGladys A1 Nov 191425 Mar 1991See photo
CarterOpal Ruby Dulcie Cable13 Jul 19097 Mar 1998See photo
CatesAlbert C3 Nov 192727 Jun 1994 
CatesBaby Girl 12 Jul 1923 
CatesEmma Bertie Williams7 Aug 19027 Apr 1989 
CatesHarlen Joel "Jack"28 Dec 189528 Jul 1970 
CaudillRobert17 Jul 194215 Oct 2010See photo
ChambersCecil E28 Nov 190622 Mar 1984See photo
ChaneyCommodore P7 Feb 18595 Jun 1919See photo
ChaneyMerando D27 Jul 187613 Nov 1919See photo
ChismJohn Jasper "Dock"4 Mar 1846  
CliftonLula Collins187511 May 19202 Jul 1976See photo
CoberlyBessie Mae4 Sep 192724 Dec 1927See photo
CoffeyBaby8 Apr 19328 Apr 1932d/o Lee & Julia-See photo
CoffeyBaby Boy28 Mar 193528 Mar 1935There are 3 Coffey baby stones-See photo
CoffeyWalton Lee13 Mar 192812 Apr 1928 
CoffeyJames Lee23 Feb 18867 Aug 1946 
CokerEldridge F "Doc"10 Aug 19146 Sep 2012See photo
CokerShirley Jean Dunagan26 Jun 19299 Oct 2020Chaney-Harkins Funeral Home
ColemanRobert Erwin9 Jan 190117 May 1959See photo
ColemanRuby Jewell21 Feb 190321 Nov 1958See photo
CollinsJennifer Ann23 Jan 199724 Jan 1977See photo
CoppleBobbie Eugene26 Oct 19306 Apr 1997See photo
CoppleNeil M25 Jan 193624 Jan 2008 
CoppleSammy Neil7 Jun 19333 Mar 1994See photo
CoppleVivian Pauline Samples21 Jul 192510 Jan 2004 
CourseyKenneth E20 Jan 19466 Jan 1985 
CowenEmil Artois7 Dec 19147 Dec 1986See photo
CowenJohn R25 Dec 186510 Dec 1929 
CreelC F19161918See photo
CreelCharles William18861946See photo
CreelHomer Lee3 Dec 192014 Aug 1992See photo
CreelJohn William19 Feb 191415 Feb 1983See photo
CreelJulia Ann Carter18941926See photo
CreelMary Pauline19231926See photo
CruzRuth Stafford22 Apr 19121 Feb 2001See photo
CumminsLydia Mae5 Jan 191018 Jan 1988See photo
CurtisBenjamin Lowell2 Apr 19245 Oct 2006See photo
CurtisThelma Louise Armstrong22 Mar 192822 Aug 2018former marriage to Blanton
DailyLenna15 Dec 190516 Nov 1906See photo
DavidsonJoe Dennis "Butch"7 Jul 194615 Oct 2007See photo
DavisWilma Jean Collins23 Apr 19424 Sep 2014See photo
DeatonNorma Sue Smith27 Nov 194329 Nov 2019See photo
DeBordW13 Nov 193811 Feb 1969See photo
DeWeesHudy Paul25 Apr 192721 Jan 2000See photo
DixFrances A Glover28 May 18716 Jun 1952See photo
DoakBarney R28 Nov 192127 Jun 2000See photo
DoakHarriet Adelia Burke19 Nov 187916 Jan 1963See photo
DoakJames Henry4 Jun 188119 Apr 1933See photo
DoakMalissa Jane Basham12 Apr 18545 May 1926See photo
DodsonAlton (Sleepy)11 Feb 193310 Feb 2005See photo
Dodson-JohnsonVivian Ferne Smith16 Nov 193118 Sep 20191st marriage McCormack-2nd Johnson-3rd Dodson
DouthitW S25 Jan 190819 Jan 1932 
DuckworthCharles Grant7 Mar 193131 Dec 2000See photo
DuncanNadine Carrol Timmons4 Nov 19416 Sep 1995See photo
DurantAlbert W28 Feb 189717 Mar 1984See photo
DurantFrankie11 Mar 193717 Sep 2012 
DurantPearl B19051989See photo
EarpFloyd22 Mar 191415 Jul 1995 
EarpMartha26 Apr 1929  
EchelleIwana L10 Apr 19191 Jul 1988See photo
ElliottJoe19241936See photo
EllisTommy17 Dec 19464 Jul 2014See photo
EllisTommy Van27 Dec 196917 May 2021See photo
EnglemanJacob Fleece18441920See photo
EnglemanLela J Cox8 Mar 190419 Feb 1996See photo
EnglemanMilfred "Sonny"26 Jan 193622 Oct 2005See photo
EnglemanMollie Smith18631948See photo
EnglemanSimon B15 Aug 190227 Jan 1986See photo
EnglemanSimon Dale16 Nov 19347 Mar 1935See photo
EnloeElsie Mae Hammontree6 Aug 191211 Mar 1977 
EnloeJohn Donald30 Apr 193824 Jun 2017See photo
EnloeMichael Todd24 Aug 197224 Aug 1972See photo
EnloeW Berry11 Dec 190710 Sep 1962See photo
EnloeElsie Mae6 Aug 191211 Mar 1977See photo
EnloeFranklin Dennis13 Apr 19401 Jun 1990Muskogee Police Officer-See photo
EnloeMichael Todd24 Aug 197224 Aug 1972 
EnloeW B11 Dec 190710 Sep 1962 
ErcanbrackBillie J 16 Apr 201580 yrs-See photo
ErwinCharles Clarence19312012See photo
ErwinEllen11 May 190010 Mar 1983See photo
ErwinErnest Taylor7 Sep 18991 Dec 1989See photo
ErwinGeneva13 Nov 192930 Jun 1930 
FarleyCecil L28 Dec 194224 Mar 2008 
Farley Linda V29 Oct 19537 Feb 2005See photo
FarrellCraig Allen15 Jul 195825 Dec 2003See photo
FaulknerArthur B23 Feb 192118 May 1990See photo
FaulknerBonnie Jo Wallace4 Jun 19428 Sep2008See photo
FaulknerGuy Marshall24 Nov 19164 Apr 1984See photo
FaulknerMelva L5 Aug 193111 May 1990See photo
FenderDixie7 Jan 19677 Jan 1967See photo
FenderMarshall B III4 Dec 19735 Dec 1973See photo
FernandezG Lucille24 Jun 19259 Mar 1998See photo
FernandezJames V9 Jun 19121997See photo
FillpotMary Lorraine Turman11 Oct 193228 Dec 2010 
FillpotRobert Glenn2 Dec 19243 Apr 2001See photo
ForisJackie Yvonne17 Aug 194528 Aug 1945See photo
FowlerNancy Julia&nsp; See photo
FryCarl E28 Mar 19192 Jul 1996See photo
FryElizabeth Essie24 Jan 1869  
FryEssie192424 Sep 1926See photo
FryJoe Edward26 Sep 192210 Mar 1974See photo
FryJoseph Howard4 Dec 18858 May 1962See photo
FryLouie Virgil23 Apr 19122 Feb 1976See photo
FryMary A James27 Jan 188928 Dec 1978See photo
FryMary E Rankin 24 Jul 193759 yrs-born in Arkansas-Chaney's Funeral Home
FryMary Louissa Ingle184527 Jan 1886 
FryThomas W1 Apr 184317 Mar 1926 
FryClyde Edward19281972 
GatesDaniel John16 May 193028 Jan 1994See photo
GatesRonald Butler3 Jun 194710 Aug 2014See photo
GaylorCordelia Cox1 Apr 184317 Mar 1926 
GaylorEdith18 May 190625 Feb 1936See photo
GaylorFannie Beatrice Taylor1 May 188529 Jan 1939See photo
GaylorWilliam Albert28 Nov 18719 Oct 1953See photo
GillespieLois Jean Engleman22 Aug 193224 Jul 2008See photo
GoddardJames Franklin1 Jan 188829 Mar 1971See photo
GoddardJosh A6 Aug 191912 Dec 2011See photo
GoddardLennie Pearl Kathryn Hennington3 Apr 192524 Jan 1994See photo
GoddardLinnie N29 Jan 18984 Nov 1978See photo
GoddardOphelia Fender Robison1 Jun 189529 Oct 1981See photo
GoddardRaymond22 Dec 193218 Sep 2009See photo
GodfreyAddie15 Oct 187418 Oct 1918See photo
GodfreyBessie Thelma25 Feb 189929 Sep 1917See photo
GodfreyPeter7 Jul 185618 Aug 1918See photo
GradyEmily Susan Boyd27 Oct 187014 Jul 1965See photo
GradyEunice Inez McFarland4 Sep 190129 Nov 1980 
GradyJohn Lee6 Mar 19018 Dec 1985 
GradySgt Oscar Roy 24 Sep 1920See photo
GradyUlysses Grant6 Apr 186911 Jun 1937See photo
GrayHelen Irene15 Sep 19151 Mar 1963See photo
GrayPFC Robert Lee1 Sep 19397 Apr 2002See photo
GrayS A20 Jun 189916 Mar 1909See photo
GreenwayMicheal O'Day7 Nov 19453 Apr 2009See photo
GreesonCleo24 Jun 191127 Feb 1946See photo
GreesonCoye20 Feb 19138 Apr 1918See photo
GreesonLeroy17 Mar 192222 May 1942See photo
GreesonLorena10 Mar 18946 Aug 1977See photo
GreesonSamuel T Jr17 Mar 191512 Mar 1984See photo
GreesonS T10 Mar 18946 Aug 1977 
GreesonSam T15 Feb 188620 Apr 1965See photo
GriffinHannah Jane18721932See photo
GriffinSarena Ann18451932See photo
GrubbsCleo14 Feb 19171 Apr 1966See photo
GrubbsCorp Doris T25 Apr 19116 Nov 1965See photo
GrubbsEdward Johnny10 Apr 192222 Dec 1982See photo
GrubbsMalissia28 Jan 189014 Dec 1963See photo
GrubbsWilliam M14 Nov 188525 Jun 1966See photo
HacklerGlen Dean Sr9 Jun 194410 Feb 2021Bishop Funeral Home
HacklerHarold L Sr17 Jan 193815 Jan 2011See photo
HacklerLuther Henry15 Oct 19079 Sep 1937See photo
HacklerMonroe A25 Jan 187923 Apr 1929See photo
HacklerPaul D "Bud"19 Jan 191521 May 1961See photo
HacklerRay26 Feb 190412 Aug 1937See photo
HacklerRuth Ann1 Apr 19399 Dec 1939See photo
HacklerSarah Ann Cable1 Dec 188125 Mar 1967See photo
HaliburtonOral Oney Cable5 Feb 191026 Oct 1999See photo
HaliburtonRudia H29 May 190914 Dec 2005 
HalliburtonHelen LaVonne McCollum17 Feb 193014 Oct 2016See photo
HalliburtonRev Rudia H Jr31 Dec 192922 May 2016See photo
HamiltonAda Hammontree21 Jan 18966 Dec 1983See photo
HamiltonBlaine8 May 189426 Aug 1973See photo
HamiltonSgt James Taft4 Feb 191630 Apr 1977SSgt US Army WWII-See photo
HarrisonCharla Fay   
HarrisonCharles Alton19 Mar 193715 Dec 2007See photo
HarrisonCharles Alton Jr22 Nov 196623 Apr 2008See photo
HartWilliam Thomas III "Dubby"18 Feb 19624 May 2011See photo
HatridgeDamon Lee22 Feb 193823 Feb 1938See photo
HatridgeOla Mae Kanimaya1 Jul 193421 Aug 2020Chaney-Harkins Funeral Home-See photo
HeningtonLewis Eugene29 Dec 19233 Jul 2011See photo
HeningtonLillie Mae Nail12 Apr 193131 Oct 2016See photo
HenningtonBenjamin Robert22 Mar 190120 Aug 1928See photo
HenningtonMolly10 Sep18741 Jan 1933 
HenningtonWalter Calhoun15 Jan 187322 Jul 1957 
HillAvery L19 Jan 192020 Mar 1972OK PVT SVC CO 23 INF-See photo
HillDollie4 Mar 189518 Jun 1982See photo
HillLuquilla Myers22 Feb 186510 Mar 1928See photo
HillLuther18 Feb 188824 Jan 1928See photo
HillPFC Omer5 Apr 18944 Jun 1952See photo
HogueT J15 Apr 188524 Jan 1914 
HoldsclawMary Sensibaugh14 Aug 194216 Aug 2012See photo
HowardHardy186514 Sep 1930See photo
HowardLou187418 Oct 1951See photo
HudsonCharles Eugene3 Jun 192218 Aug 2011See photo
HudsonJames Eugene30 Jan 194713 Feb 2014See photo
HudsonLucille Rollings   
HugginsLena B Hackler14 Oct 19209 Nov 2003See photo
HughesCharlene 18 Jun 19408 yrs 8 days
IngramAlice Hudson10 Mar 186529 Dec 1960See photo
IngramCarl Philip 27 Jul 1927See photo
IngramClaud A4 Mar 189825 Sep 1992See photo
IngramCora E Windle6 Jan 190124 Feb 1989See photo
IngramOdes8 Jun 19085 Jan 1918See photo
IngramThomas J3 Mar 185610 Dec 1929See photo
IsbellClyde Harold17 Apr 191213 Feb 1982See photo
IsbellFannie Hayden Moore5 Jan 188514 Aug 1971See photo
IsbellJ Bird19 Feb 187019 Aug 1932See photo
IsbellKenneth R28 Sep 192224 Dec 2009See photo
IsbellLois Augusta Bierman17 Mar 19227 Jul 2006See photo
IsbellMary A Watson19 Aug 187517 Feb 1950See photo
IsbellNewton Monroe28 Jan 187227 Mar 1942See photo
IsbellRobert Gerome28 Jan 187225 Mar 1957See photo
IsbellThomas Washington10 Dec 188031 Jan 1969/b>See photo
IsbellVirginia Sue23 Feb 194511 May 1962See photo
IsbellWilliam Mark15 Jan 186916 Aug 1945See photo
IsbellWilliam Melvin25 Jun 19052 Dec 1984See photo
IsbellZanza Lee Young18 Jun 192930 Dec 2014 
IveyLula Virginia Baldwin8 Apr 188815 Oct 1982See photo
IveyThomas Valentine "Jack"9 Sep 188925 Jun 1972See photo
JamesClara Bell20 Oct 193430 Aug 1947See photo
JamesEmma A19 Jul 1929Oct 1929See photo
JamesHomer17 Jan 19081916 
JamesJessie B22 Jan 189026 Feb 1945See photo
JamesJohn Ballard22 Mar 184823 Dec 1927See photo
JamesLillie Dora Cable189023 Dec 1937See photo
JamesMack9 May 1898June 1912 
JamesMary Adaline Bryant8 Feb 186311 Nov 1923See photo
JamesSherman Wayne4 Nov 194211 Dec 1942 
JamesShirley Jane4 Nov 194211 Dec 1942See photo
JonesAlonzo11 Nov 19038 Feb 1904 
JonesEldon Wayne18 Jun 195317 Nov 2006See photo
JonesLouis W9 Feb 192515 Sep 1996See photo
JonesMary Rebecca Grady9 Nov 192710 Nov 2001 
JoplinStella Ruth22 Sep 193623 Jun 2016See photo
KamplainAllen Ted27 Apr 190830 Mar 1968See photo
KamplainMelonee Brown25 Feb 19078 Mar 1971See photo
KanimayaAlice L Tucker14 Aug 190426 May 1988See photo
KanimayaBobby R22 Jan 194212 Dec 2013Born at Talihina, OK-See photo
KanimayaCarl Dean30 Nov 19316 Aug 2009See photo
KanimayaJames "Junior" Jr22 Aug 192910 Aug 2013See photo
KanimayaJames J15 Sep 188812 Jun 1956See photo
KibartCorrina Mae Smith14 Oct 194715 Sep 2019See photo
KearnsFloye A2 Nov 189415 Oct 1978See photo
KempAmetta Ann Miser15 Aug 195811 Aug 2004See photo
KempBobby "Hacksaw" Jr24 May 193611 Feb 1996See photo
KempEmma Nunnelee19971997See photo
KempJess9 Jan 193230 Apr 2003See photo
KempRev Martin D27 Feb 192631 Dec 1979 
KempMelvina Sue Smith5 May 195430 Oct 2013See photo
KempRuben28 Jan 193327 Jul 2008See photo
KibartCorrina Mae Smith14 Oct 194715 Sep 2019Brumley-Mills Funeral Home
KingJullian Dawn18 Feb 20045 Oct 2004See photo
KingSusie Delilah DeWees17 Feb 193428 Oct 2015See obit
KyleJim5 Jun 1896 See photo
LM E   
La CookAther19151926See photo
La CookJim M 1928See photo
La CookNancy 2 Jan 1918See photo
LaFaveAllie24 Oct 190627 Sep 1916See photo
LaFaveEugene19 Oct 191131 Jul 1916See photo
LaFaveJohn C28 Jul 187518 Feb 1917 
LaFaveSarah28 May 187627 May 1955See photo
LambEffie19 Dec 18932 Mar 1927See photo
LambertDavid Mozell18 Jun 19433 Dec 2010 
LandPriscilla Colleen26 Nov 19622 May 2016See photo
LeFloreDonna Gayle Hudson15 May 194812 Aug 1985See photo
LeFloreEdward Franklin196913 Feb 2004See photo
LehmbergHeather Ashley28 Jan 198929 Jan 1989/b>See photo
LehmbergKhayle Michelle6 Nov 19896 Nov 1989See photo
LewisHubert Lee5 May 19479 Sep 1999See photo
LewisJames Lee21 Dec 194316 Jun 2009Born at Atoka, OK-See photo
LottMary Jane8 May 19185 Jul 2012See photo
MartinBlanch18991930See photo
MartinLouise19181920See photo
MathiewsAlice L1 May 189025 May 1911See photo
MathiewsGladys27 Feb 191312 Dec 1930See photo
MathiewsMelvin Eugene4 Jan 188931 Jul 1970See photo
MathiewsMyrtle Loah McFarland4 May 189317 Dec 1979See photo
MathiewsParazade Alice16 Jul 185423 Dec 1923See photo
MathiewsWilliam28 Feb 18313 Feb 1900See photo
McBeeNellie21 Feb 190115 Sep 1942See photo
McDanielMaud Lenora Baldwin7 Sep 189422 Mar 1943See photo
McFarlandClara Short18601922See photo
McFarlandDenver Lee9 Nov 19286 Nov 2005See photo
McFarlandDouglas "Dug"18601948See photo
McFarlandEdgar20 Mar 190911 Jun 1961See photo
McFarlandMary Elizabeth Hammontree18751920See photo
McFarlandStanley B19 Nov 190620 Mar 1945See photo
McFarlandSylvia10 Mar 191523 Mar 2002See photo
McFarlandThomas V10 Mar 186428 Nov 1957See photo
McGilvrayPFC James31 May 189122 Feb 1970See photo
McGilvrayLyndol Stafford3 Jul 19096 Oct 1864See photo
McKinneyArnold Hopson "Arnie"11 Jul 197017 Sep 2019See photo
McMahanCarl W18 Apr 195913 Nov 1992See photo
McMahanHarold11 May 19382 Apr 2014See photo
MinyardT W10 Jan 190616 Feb 1913See photo
ModisetteEmma S25 Aug 188526 Nov 1973See photo
ModisetteFloyd M24 Aug 191521 May 1984See photo
ModisetteJoyce27 Aug 191923 Nov 1927See photo
ModisetteW H16 Oct 18752 Oct 1961See photo
MooreJames David16 Dec 185528 Aug 1926See photo
MooreRebecca Ann O'Dell17 Oct 185818 Sep 1937d/o Simon Odell & Malendy Crabtree-Chaney Funeral Home-Chaney has birthdate 17 Oct 1864 73 yrs old-See photo
MorganGrant J19 Sep 191925 Sep 1919 
MorrisMichael Robert15 Dec 196925 Feb 1999 
MosleyJackie C19 Sep 193611 Jun 2004See photo
MoteGladys Goddard25 Nov 19296 Mar 2008See photo
MoteThad Lonzo28 May 191813 Jul 1994See photo
MullinsBillie L Engleman17 Feb 192727 Sep 2020See photo
NailRebecca "Becky" Jane Tucker18741904m/o Willie-See photo
NailDock P27 Mar 190026 Jan 2003See photo
NailPVT James Paul16 Jul 19236 Oct 1981See photo
NailTimothy Mark13 Dec 196720 Nov 1990See photo
NailWillie19021904s/o Becky-See photo
NailZetilee Hennington3 Sep 192811 Jun 2012double stone with Dock P-See photo
NelsonJohn David15 Dec 193615 Dec 1936See photo
NelsonRobert Carlton9 Apr 19334 Jun 1934 
NesbittPFC Marion F2 May 188614 Jul 1968See photo
OngAthel6 Mar 192312 Oct 1925See photo
OngElmer Joe Sr28 Mar 18977 Sep 1940See photo
OngElmer Joe "E J"7 Apr 19302 Mar 2004See photo
OngSallie Francis6 Mar 192312 Oct 1925See photo
PaceAnn Marie 30 Oct 1986See photo
PaceFannie18661910See photo
PaceNewton18651935See photo
PatrickJoseph L27 Oct 19047 Jun 1978See photo
PaxtonJefferson 6 Sep 1937 
PaxtonSharron Kay1 Apr 194430 Jun 1990See photo
PayneAlison190716 Nov 1928See photo
PayneEula B17 Sep 192716 Nov 1928See photo
PayneLavern H8 Dec 191016 Nov 1928See photo
PearmanJoyce Lee Rollings9 Mar 19314 Apr 2005See photo
PearmanWilliam Denson6 Aug 19612 Nov 2018 
PedenAndrew Monroe C18 Jun 184419 Apr 1915See photo
PedenGeorgia2 Dec 19271928d/o William Lawson Peden-See photo
PedenJ B24 Mar 19241927s/o William Lawson Peden-See photo
PedenJohn Melton189030 Nov 1929See photo
PedenLouisa Catherine Tilley185121 Feb 1907m/o William Lawson Peden
PedenLuther M9 Jul 19113 Jun 1913 
PerryEdmond 20 Jul 1941 
PerryJessie Jewel Henington9 Oct 190614 Sep 1994See photo
PerryRobert Calvin20 Aug 193825 May 1999See photo
PerrymanElizabeth21 Aug 185616 May 1912See photo
PextonJefferson 6 Sep 1937age28-s/o Eastman Pexton & Birdie Homie-Chaney Funeral Home 
PipkinOmer Harvel11 Mar 189821 Dec 1976See photo
PitnerAlvin Lyonel7 Jul 189329 Jan 1959See photo
PitnerCraig II 20 Jul 1973 
PitnerGreg Anthony (Twins)20 Jul 197320 Jul 19731st born 2nd born-See photo
PitnerJames W10 Mar 19252 Apr 1993See photo
PitnerMattie Lee Clark10 Aug 18992 Dec 1994See photo
PitnerRobert L26 Oct 193220 Nov 1932 
PollardArba Basil 26 Oct 1957 
PraterKenneth Lee2 Feb 196715 Sep 1967See photo
PraterRobert Bruce18 Sep 190522 Nov 1980See photo
PraterSusie Fender10 Mar 19252 Apr 1993See photo
RameyJack7 Sep 190730 Mar 1993See photo
RameyLucy3 Jul 190425 Sep 1994See photo
RamseyHershel Lee21 Mar 19229 Oct 1998See photo
RankinPVT Garland9 Aug 19258 Dec 1964See photo
RiggsJesse James29 Jul 185024 Jan 1939See photo
RinehartEliza Jane18697 Sep 1947See photo
RinehartGeorge18653 Dec 1944See photo
RobbPFC James Earl21 May 191421 Feb 1987See photo
RobbOrlena E Dicks7 Sep 190730 Mar 1993See photo
RollingsBaby Girl 1930See photo
RollingsBilly Charles 1933See photo
RollingsBruce Franklin8 Aug 19587 Mar 1997See photo
RollingsDavid Kelly5 Aug 196029 Nov 2006See photo
RollingsDovie20 Sep 19098 Jan 1997See photo
RollingsEddie Cecil28 Oct 19275 Oct 2004See photo
RollingsEddie F7 Mar 190523 May 1973See photo
RollingsElla Elizabeth Creel25 Dec 191121 Sep 1995 
RollingsFrancis Jr24 Aug 192624 Sep 1926See photo
RollingsFrancis B1 Jan 19074 Sep 1976 
RollingsFranklin Earnest2 Aug 18644 Jul 1918See photo
RollingsFred Martin7 Jun 193617 Feb 1994See photo
RollingsIda Mae McClain23 Sep 193419 Feb 2003See photo
RollingsLee Martin31 Aug 190315 Apr 1978 
RollingsRiley Donald14 Dec 192925 Mar 1999See photo
RollingsUnis190119 Jan 1931See photo
RushBill11 Feb 19117 Nov 1913s/o Callie & Richard-See photo
RushEdna6 Feb 18811 Jul 1965w/ John Rush-See photo
ST T   
SandsWalter Allan194224 May 2008See photo
SavageIna G23 Oct 187318 Jun 1927See photo
SavageRebecca5 Feb 185328 Dec 1930See photo
SavageWilliam H29 Mar 18476 Nov 1922See photo
SchererMamie Lee Hammontree20 Jun 189723 Mar 1998 
SchererQuantrell B9 Jul 18903 Apr 1987See photo
SchillerElmer J14 Nov 192625 Sep 1932See photo
ScogginsCharley Lee26 Apr 187123 Apr 1922See photo
ScogginsWinnie 16 Mar 187821 Mar 1922See photo
SchusterTony Andrews19 Mar 189415 Aug 1968See photo
SharpFloy Oweta Coffey21 May 192910 Apr 1982See photo
ShepherdFrank Delano11 Sep 193312 Dec 2014See photo
ShraderWalter T6 Aug 186416 Aug 1957See photo
SimsAnna C Fender6 Sep 192116 Apr 1991See photo
SimsHerman S26 Jul 191710 Feb 1993See photo
SmithAretta M21 Feb 193916 Sep 2013See photo
SmithAndrew "Andy"16 May 183511 Oct 1916h/o Sarah Jane Rush-See photo
SmithBenjamin Richard "Bud"7 Nov 18982 Mar 1978s/o Henry & Sarah Elizabeth Tucker-See photo
SmithCharles Ray19 Jan 193627 Feb 2011s/o Lula Mable Rush & Benjamin Smith-See photo
SmithDoralene Pearl Anderson22 Oct 19318 Feb 2019See photo
SmithEdward A5 Dec 192621 Jan 2009s/o Joe Martin Smith-See photo
SmithGeorge William18531921See photo
SmithHazel Narcissa Noahubbi25 Apr 19385 Dec 2007 
SmithHenry12 Mar 186814 Feb 1959h/o Sarah Elizabeth Tucker-f/o Benjamin, Andrew & Joe Martin-See photo
SmithHubert5 Jan 193319 May 2000See photo
SmithJeremiah "Jerry"12 Jun 186526 Jun 1954s/o Andy & Sarah Jane Rush-See photo
SmithJoe Martin20 Aug 190522 Dec 1973s/o Henderson Smith & Sarah Elizabeth Tucker-See photo
SmithLiddie Catherine Tucker23 Dec 187231 Dec 1942See photo
SmithLouise F Carter16 Aug 19146 Sep 1996See photo
SmithLula Mabel Rush20 Oct 19091 Dec 1996w/o Benjamin R Smith-m/o Charles Ray Smith-See photo
SmithManora Nicks18551931See photo
SmithMaude M28 May 19006 Jun 1978See photo
SmithMichelle N   
SmithSarah Elizabeth20 Sep 187527 Sep 1949See photo
SmithSarah Jane Rush8 Oct 18391839d/o Richard Rush Sr & Susan Brook Rush
SmithTeddy Joe22 Sep 197313 Dec 1973See photo
SmithThomas A24 Apr 194029 May 1966See photo
SmithThomas H "Boss"10 Feb 191116 Mar 1973See photo
SmithViolet J Hulsey15 Dec 191923 May 1992See photo
SmithPVT William A20 May 18908 Dec 1918See photo
SmithWilliam Perry4 Nov 18912 Apr 1995See photo
SmithWoodrow Edgar16 Apr 191615 Jan 1993See photo
SojoKristina Leann16 Jun 19705 Apr 1986 
SpellSoundra Inez Whitmore11 Sep 196025 Aug 2009See photo
SpencerLottie B Pepper22 Sep 189012 Dec 1995See photo
SpencerWilliam Oliver "Ollie"12 Feb 18864 Nov 1941See photo
StaffordAddie Christine Williams16 Jul 19206 May 1999See photo
StaffordCordelia Love16 Sep 188423 Jan 1954See photo
StaffordElizabeth Spencer24 Nov 192319 May 1992See photo
StaffordGeorge24 Jun 191411 Dec 1999See photo
StaffordGeorgia Leota Sue22 May 19378 Jun 2012See photo
StaffordJudy Anne Goddard7 Jul 194616 Dec 2020Williamson-Spradlin Funeral Home of Wetumka
StaffordQuenith E15 Oct 191822 Nov 2007See photo
StaffordWilliam I15 Dec 187219 Jan 1936See photo
StanleyRichard Thomas22 Jul 192931 May 2004See photo
StevensTommie Etta 28 Jan 1940See photo
StipeClaudie18 Jul 19224 Oct 1933See photo
StipeEva Louiseny Cable16 May 18945 Feb 1939See photo
StipeLouetta6 Nov 19339 Nov 1933See photo
StipePatrick H17 Mar 19357 Aug 1935See photo
StitzOneta Fay Merritt6 Jul 192112 Nov 1988See photo
StitzWalter James2 Nov 19125 Jan 2005See photo
SuterBuddy Leo5 Dec 19435 Jun 1948See photo
SuterCharles Richard5 Jan 194226 Aug 2020See photo
SuterFloyal Lester6 Jun 19374 Jan 1991See photo
SuterMary Fender Eidleberry27 May 19156 Feb 1995See photo
SuterWillis Gene9 May 193519 May 1996See photo
SwartzlanderGladys Hamilton3 Sep 19118 Feb 1965See photo
SwartzlanderGrover Cleveland23 Jan 188220 Sep 1958See photo
SwartzlanderJoanne Joyce Rugg21 May 194128 Nov 2018w/o Joey-See photo
SwartzlanderJoey4 Jun 19428 Sep 2008See photo
SwartzlanderRobert Lee7 May 194317 Dec 2019See photo
SweetJ E Jr12 June 19196 Oct 1930See photo
TaylorKathryn8 Oct 185912 Feb 1931See photo
ThomasBetty Gene Stafford5 May 194218 Jan 1986See photo
ThomasKristin E14 Apr 19378 Apr 2006See photo
ThompsonStella M19 Jun 189327 Aug 1984See photo
ThompsonWilliam18661938See photo
ThorntonAdrian16 Nov 192116 Jan 1922See photo
ThorntonAlbert Terry27 Mar 193122 May 2017See photo
ThorntonBaby Girl 25 Apr 1943See photo
ThorntonBertie L10 Dec 19081 Sep 2002See photo
ThorntonPVT Henry L12 Aug 191317 Jul 1991See photo
ThorntonHenry W27 Sep 187711 Aug 1971See photo
ThorntonJames W2 Nov190811 May 1957See photo
ThorntonJosephine "Josie"30 Jan 188811 May 1972See photo
ThorntonKenneth Jack30 Oct 192719 Sep 2017See photo
ThorntonSGT Luther Patrick2 Jan 19165 Jul 1991 
ThorntonMary Ann21 Aug 19313 Nov 2014See photo
ThorntonRoseann Helen28 Nov 19303 Feb 2017See photo
ThorntonStanley Don4 May 195611 Feb 1981 
ThorntonVirgie M James6 Aug 193130 Aug 1994 
TimmonsDan27 Jul 19127 Mar 1977See photo
TimmonsDan K2 Aug 19343 Aug 1934See photo
TimmonsHoward R15 Dec 192310 Apr 1995Born at Corinth, MS-See photo
TimmonsJessie C13 Aug 193924 Aug 1939See photo
TimmonsKatherine Dora Borgguist14 Jan 194928 Jan 2016See obit
TimmonsMinnie E7 Jan 190927 Jun 2001See photo
TimmonsMinnie V29 Jul 193529 Jul 1935See photo
TimmonsJoann 1939See photo
TimmonsTallie W26 Jun 191531 Jul 2009Born at Corinth, MS-See photo
TimmonsTheresa Ann29 Sep 19375 Sep 1988See photo
TimmonsWilliam Dale26 Mar 19415 Oct 2018See photo
TomlinsonJohn15 Dec 186312 Jul 1957See photo
TraughberGeneral Sidney12 Oct 186820 Dec 1941Born at Corinth, MS-See photo
Traughber Baby George31 Aug 192923 Jan 1932See photo
TraughberJoe Elmer5 Oct 191613 Aug 1994See photo
TraughberKatie Fitzgerald13 Oct 187528 Jan 1949See photo
TraughberOliver Dee2 Mar 190610 Aug 1984See photo
TraughberThelma Pollard6 May 190918 Sep 1994See photo
TraughberWinifred Louise Buchanan20 Sep 191728 Jun 2008Died in Newbury Park, Ventura, CA
TroutMary A18521942Sister of Avo Wages-See photo
TuckerElijah "Lidge" Benjamin 29 Jun 184920 Jul 1918See photo
TuckerEtha Lola17 Oct 190231 Aug 1915d/o T B & Stella (sister of Tomie)-See photo
TuckerFrancis M 16 Jan 1916s/o Doctor P & Elnora Jane Sherwood Tucker-Union soldier in Civil War
TuckerHattie E Baxter1858 Born in ILL-w/o Francis
TuckerJasper  s/o Bill & Barbara-See photo
TuckerJoseph "Joe" M18861914Born in TX-s/o Bill & Barbara-See photo
TuckerMarion26 Apr 19048 Jun 1925s/o Thomas B & Stella-See photo
TuckerStella Mae Jenson5 Apr 18835 Jan 1972w/o Thomas B Tucker-See photo
TuckerThomas B16 Feb 18738 Jan 1949h/o Stella-See photo
TuckerTomie3 Sep 190811 Aug 1915s/o T B & Stella-See photo
TuckerWilliam P3 Dec 188716 Dec 1968See photo
TuckerWilliam (Bill) Robert18541912Born in Lafayette, AR-h/o Barbara-See photo
UptonGladys Mae29 Aug 190518 Aug 1994See photo
VincentMark T1 Dec 19621 Apr 2010See photo
WagesAvo18561949Sister of Mary A. Trout-See photo
WalkerEdward Leon27 Aug 194627 May 2014See photo
WarnerJ S   
WassonLydia Westfall4 Oct 187724 May 1941See photo
WassonMae Hackler4 Apr 19147 Jun 1937See photo
WassonShirley Ann21 Nov 19368 Dec 1936 
WatsonBonnie F30 Dec 19098 Jun 1977See photo
WatsonDallas C29 Jan 190515 Jun 1958See photo
WatsonFlorence M Ingram10 Mar 19058 Jun 1993See photo
WatsonFloyd15 Jan 19162 Apr 1972See photo
WatsonPVT Fred R18 Feb 19228 July 1944OK PVT 330 INF WWII-See photo
WatsonFreddie3 Nov 19339 Dec 2014See photo
WatsonLouise6 Jul 19209 Jul 1977See photo
WatsonRobinson 5 Feb 1905 
WatsonThomas B14 Dec 18819 Jun 1947See photo
WatsonVerda Arizona Moore11 Jan 188123 Dec 1964See photo
WeaverDora Edna Beard11 Sep 194127 Sep 2008 
WebbB F19 Jul 188714 Oct 1926See photo
WebbCoin M Doak7 Apr 190821 Feb 1993See photo
WebbEdna Wilcox15 Jan 19162 Apr 1972See photo
WebbPVT Elbert E "Boz"7 Oct 18933 Oct 1965See photo
WebbJack10 Oct 192831 Mar 1990See photo
WebbNora B18971985See photo
WebbV O4 Mar 188123 Oct 1950See photo
WesleyElmira May 8 Nov 1917 
WhiteRobert Everett18 Feb 19088 Jul 1909See photo
WhitmoreHarry Charles "Buck"17 Dec 19396 Mar 1984See photo
WhitmorePatricia Bill Williams29 Nov 193926 Nov 1969See photo
WilcoxAnna Baldwin21 Feb 187719 Jun 1958See photo
WilcoxBilly Dan "Cheez"27 Oct 195114 Dec 2001See photo
WilcoxCharley9 May 18942 Aug 1967 
WilcoxEarl17 Nov 19047 Apr 1981See photo
WilcoxFlorence Marie White27 May 192712 Nov 2005See photo
WilcoxJesse30 Sep 187018 Oct 1949See photo
WilcoxLance Edward16 Sep 19834 Nov 1983See photo
WilcoxLee Howard18 Aug 19713 Dec 1971See photo
WilcoxLeon6 Oct 194024 Oct 1996See photo
WilcoxRalph E4 Jun 192120 Sep 2001See photo
WilcoxRosa Scott18 Dec 189715 Jan 1962See photo
WilcoxLance Edward16 Sep 19834 Nov 1983 
WilliamsAlvie Eugene3 Nov 194927 Aug 1987See photo
WilliamsAlvie J26 Aug 192828 Sep 1995See photo
WilliamsCris Allen21 May 195818 Mar 1983See photo
WilliamsClaude Daniel7 Aug 18943 Mar 1958See photo
WilliamsEdith Marie Watson12 May 19125 Feb 2007See photo
WilliamsElla E20 Oct 190712 Aug 2000 
WilliamsFaye Nadine Cowen31 Mar 192012 Jan 2012See photo
WilliamsGladys Mable11 Apr 19081 Feb 1909See photo
WilliamsGussie G5 May 19283 Aug 1998See photo
WilliamsHarold Vernon13 Dec 19322 Nov 2004See photo
WilliamsIna22 Mar 191615 Aug 1916See photo
WilliamsInfant Son 21 Dec 1948s/o Mr & Mrs Robert Williams-See photo
WilliamsJames Alex "Kid"16 Jun 187716 Jan 1972See photo
WilliamsJesse J14 Mar 190213 May 1990 
WilliamsJesse Lee10 Feb 195618 Dec 2011See photo
WilliamsJohn Jefferson13 May 19237 Dec 2003See photo
WilliamsLeslie22 Sep 19102 Jun 1984See photo
WilliamsLoucinda Alice14 Jun 188130 Mar 1941See photo
WilliamsLouisa25 Jun 185716 Jan 1918See photo
WilliamsLucy Marie Mills23 Dec 18967 Nov 1981See photo
WilliamsMary Leona Sevier18671917 
WilliamsMary Lorene Webb20 Jun 192519 Dec 2003See photo
WilliamsMyrtle Lee Wilcox7 Jun 191717 Jul 2002See photo
WilliamsRaymond Walter25 Jan 191828 Jan 1970OK S1 USNR WWII-See photo
WilliamsRobert Daniel22 Aug 192616 Oct 2016See photo
WilliamsSona Marie Christian1 Nov 190910 Jun 1996See photo
WilliamsTerry Wayne14 Dec 194513 Oct 2019See photo
WilliamsThomas11 Jul 18523 Feb 1918See photo
WilliamsThomas Andrew7 Oct 19202 Oct 2003See photo
WilliamsVernon L7 Mar 190528 Jun 1979See photo
WillieBrenda Chantel11 Mar 198017 Dec 2010See photo
WillieTonya Faye15 Feb 196117 Jun 2010See photo
WinlockDrew Vincent23 Nov 197025 Dec 2005See photo
WinlockHarry9 Oct 194611 Dec 2020 
WithersJack W12 Sep 193420 Jul 1984 
WonserLinda Sue Pitner8 Jul 195618 Mar 2011See photo
WoodAlberta Ingram1929 See photo
WoodBrady Leroy18 Sep 193819 Oct 2019Bishop Funeral Home
WoodChester E15 Nov 192310 Apr 1992See photo
WoodGracie Minervy Adams8 Jun 19026 Oct 1978See photo
WoodLee Ellis9 Feb 189913 Oct 1980See photo
WrightNancy Jane Gatlin2 Apr 186828 Oct 1950See photo
YoungdeerRobert S1922  
ZacharyPVT Albert W "Bugs"16 Aug 19284 Apr 1982See photo
ZacharyFairel Jean Boling3 Dec 19343 Nov 2004See photo
ZacharyWilliam Dale20 Mar 195119 Apr 2003See photo

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