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Feathers Cemetery
Adair County, Oklahoma

©2006-2012 Obits & Photos by: Martha Real
© 2012 Photo Update by: Annajo Cantrell Limore
Robert Funeral Home Records and
Adair County Death Certificate Records Submitted 2012 by: Wanda Elliott
Location:  Take Hwy 59 south about 5 miles, turn left (south), on first dirt road, about 1 city block before the Bell Paved road, take first dirt road to your left (east). Cemetery is on your right. Fenced and well maintained.

If you have family buried here and would like to have their information or additional information (Obituaries, Photos, Short Bio, Cemetery Photos) placed on our site please contact the Area Coordinator for details or visit our How to Submit page.

We are dedicated and strive for our records to be complete and accurate. As with all Genealogy work there comes a possibility for spelling or data errors with the information that we have received. Please let us know if you have found any such error.






AUFFET David Allen 11/4/1983 9/18/2012 Obit
AUFFET Johnnie Wayne Jr 8/30/1965 9/4/2011 Photo & Obit
BABY unknown     Photo
BIRD Rosa Lee Feather 3/26/1937 4/30/1967 RFH Records: Father; Cicero Feathers
Mother; Katie Simmons
Other names; Huckleberry Byrd
BRIGGS Esther Lou 1/2/1949 9/17/2003 Photo
Billy E R 5/22/1933 12/31/2018 US Army
Wed Viola 10/18/1953 Photo
BROWN Viola Wofford 7/7/1932 3/26/1998 Wed Billy 10/18/1953 Photo
George Dilly Sr 4/11/1889 5/7/1966 OK CM1 US Navy
BYRD Delana 11/20/1958 2/1/1959 D of  Huckleberry & Rosalie
Castro Gabrial 4/29/1950 6/3/2017  
Catron Kammy Sue Soap 1/31/1967 4/27/2020 Obit
Duggie 11/13/1932 7/12/1990 H of Josephine
US Army   Photo
Chuculate Josephine Wofford 10/16/1929 5/1/2010 W of Duggie
Photo & Obit
DUCK Anna Belle Teehee 9/1/1938 11/28/2014  
DUCK Cameron 11/23/1976 11/23/1976 Photo
DUCK Cornelius 3/12/1913 3/12/1981 H of Lizzie  Photo
DUCK George Jr 2/4/1946 3/31/1946 Adair County Death Records;
Father; Frank Duck
Mother; Luvice Swimmer
DUCK Lindy Feather 1874 12/19/1927 Death Certificate
DUCK Lizzie Bearpaw 4/13/1919 8/5/1969 W of Cornelius Photo
DUCK Lizzie Mae 2/3/1984 3/30/1984 Photo
DUNCAN Betty 2/2/1948 9/17/1999 Photo
DUNCAN Betty Jo Littledeer 2/21/1948 9/2/1979 (RFH) Mother; Eunice Littledeer
DUNCAN John Jr 1963 1984 Photo
DUNCAN Lena Littledeer 2/17/1960  10/6/2016  
DUNCAN Leola     Photo
DUNCAN Leon 2/22/1958 11/5/2010 Obit
FEATHER Caroline Joyce Bell 9/13/1942 4/2/1998 W of Woodrow Photo
FEATHER Cicero 8/16/1909 2/27/1977 H of Katie   Photo
FEATHER George 6/28/1887   H of Mary Liver
H of Jensey Hooper
FEATHER Jennie Frog Mar 1844 9/22/1919 Death Records: Father; ? Fogg
W of Scale
FEATHER Katie Swimmer 8/16/1914 4/25/1979 W of Cicero  Photo
FEATHER Mary Liver Feb 1888 11/15/1926 W of George
Death Certificate
FEATHER Norma Jean 4/20/1946 11/13/1946 D of Cicero & Katie
FEATHER Ruby 1919 3/13/1919 D of George & Mary
FEATHER Scale 1858   H of Jennie
Soldier 1947 1985 Cpl US Army  Vietnam Photo
FEATHER Woodrow 6/25/1941 6/20/2005 H of Caroline
FEATHERS Linda Sue Adair 8/24/1930 Nov 1987 W of Richard
FEATHERS Lola E 6/22/1952 2/12/2015 Obit
FEATHERS Mary Lou 7/27/1939 9/19/2000 (RFH) Father; Cicero Feather
Mother; Katie Swimmer Photo
FEATHERS Nellie Jane Sanders 8/20/1937 9/13/1957 (RFH) Father; Ellis Sanders
Mother; Fannie Scraper
FEATHERS Richard 4/21/1932 Aug 1983 H of Linda
FEATHERS Roy 3/31/1926 1/8/1945 Death Records; Father; George Feathers
Mother; Jensey Hooper
FEATHERS Sessler 8/30/1927 10/31/2000 Photo
FLYNN Barbara Jean Littledeer (Feather) 6/19/1953 2/26/2014 W of Soldier Feather
W of ??? Flynn  Obit
FROGG Emma Byrd 10/20/1914 1/3/2000 (RFH) Father; Cornelius Byrd
Mother; Lucy Skitt Photo
FROGG Jack 1947 2003 Photo
FROGG John 2/10/1904 12/11/1992 (RFH) Father; Spence Gonzalis
Mother; Elsie Frogg Photo
Garcia Amelia Dawn Sanchez 7/3/1980 6/21/2018 Wed Hector 3/21/2009 Obit
GIACONA Samuel Anthony 4/26/1950 10/29/1974 Photo
GLASS Leona Duncan 8/12/1954 1/12/2018 Obit
GONZALES D J 12/11/1940 1/5/1941 Child of Dave & Esther
GONZALES Dave 6/21/1897 2/11/1952 H of Esther
GONZALES Eric Alexander
2/20/1993 6/13/2012 Photo & Obit
GONZALES Esther Feathers 1/20/1912 9/16/1990 W of Dave
GONZALES Levi 12/19/1929 3/27/1931 S of Dave & Esther
GONZALIS Betty Jo "Bee" 7/10/1967 8/17/2019  
GONZALIS Bob 1/20/1936 8/13/2011 H of Louella  Photo
GONZALIS Chester Lee 6/4/1933 2/7/2005 Photo
Finnis Floyd 10/19/1934 7/5/1987 SP4 US Army  Korea Photo
GONZALIS Jeffery "Max" 11/10/1956 7/23/2000 (RFH) Father; Artist Collins
Mother; Madeline Soap Photo
GONZALIS Kim 8/3/1966 11/18/1966 (RFH) Father; Keith Paden
Mother; Shirley Gonzalis
Gonzalis-Baldridge Laik Worrior 8/17/2012 8/17/2012 Obit
GONZALIS LeeAnder "Whiteman" 3/6/1975 6/4/2020 Obit
GONZALIS Louella Duck 11/2/1941 1/14/2016 Obit
GONZALIS Spade 11/28/1951 12/19/1987 Photo
GONZALIS Ted 4/20/1942 10/2/2018 Obit
GONZALIS Thelma L. Hawk 2/12/1941 11/30/2012 W of Chester   Obit
GONZALIS Zachary "Jabby"
2/16/1977 10/23/2010 Photo & Obit
GRIMMETT Axl Jay 12/13/2007 10/9/2008 Obit
GUEVARA Haylan Littledeer 12/14/1971 3/2/2002 Photo
HAWK Arnold 8/14/1918 7/22/1974 (RFH) Father; Richard Hawk
Mother; Becky Feathers Photo
HAWK Elmer 3/31/1938 1/23/1991 H of LetaPhoto
HAWK Felix 12/24/1915 5/12/1989 (RFH) Father; Richard Hawk
Mother; Becky Feathers
HAWK George 9/24/1880 9/11/1956 H of Rebecca   
HAWK Jim 2/9/1912 4/10/1995 (RFH) Father; Richard Hawk
Mother; Becky Feathers Photo
HAWK John 11/24/1907 9/7/1942 Photo
HAWK Leta Mae Duck 3/24/1947  2/9/2006 W of ElmerPhoto
HAWK Lillie Seabolt 7/20/1909 4/1/1981 Photo
HAWK Mary Edith Wilden 3/18/1926 12/21/2012 W of Sam  Obit
HAWK Rebecca "Becky" Feather Nov 1881 9/7/1952 W of Richard
W of George   Photo
HAWK Richard "Dick" 8/5/1878 3/28/1924 H of Rebecca Photo
Sam B 8/8/1920 12/21/1969 OK PFC 101st Flying Tng Sq US Army Air Forces  WW II  Photo
H of Mary
HAWK Thomas Sr 1/22/1912 3/7/1997 Photo
JOHNSON Jennie 10/2/1922 7/8/1924 Death Records: Father; Charlie Johnson
Mother; Lucy Cochran
JOHNSON Lucy Cochran 7/21/1902 4/24/1936 Photo
JONES Judy Littledeer 1953 1991 Photo
JULSTEAD Jason Ray Mar 3, 1983 Feb 27, 2005 Photo
L Unknown     Photo
Leatherwood Jensey Hooper (Feather) 11/13/1905 5/3/1977 W of George Feather(RFH) Father; Turkey S Hooper
Mother; Alev Weavel
Littledeer Annie Bunch 6/1/1923 12/6/2010 W of Woodrow
Photo & Obit
Littledeer Caroline 4/9/1926 3/27/2009 Photo
Earl Dewayne 2/22/1961 8/28/2011 OSSA US Navy
Littledeer Emery Gene 3/24/1955 3/13/2000 (RFH) Father; Spade Littledeer
Mother; Madeline Gonzales Photo
LittledeerSoap Joann (Soap) (Duncan) 4/9/1930 1/10/1997 W of Harry Soap
W of Felix Duncan Photo
Littledeer Larry Dale 5/6/1956 2/14/2020 Obit
Littledeer Rev Leo 10/1/1932 11/23/1979 H of Mae
Littledeer Leola 11/21/1963 2/11/1968 D of Joann
Littledeer Lloyd 6/6/1967 8/14/2015 Obit
Littledeer Louann 7/9/1961 6/11/2013 Obit
Littledeer Mae Jean Gonzales 3/29/1932   W of Rev Leo
Littledeer Nate James 4/6/2008 7/8/2011 S of Brett
Littledeer Polly Feather 9/9/1893 2/15/1970 W of Sam
Sam 1/1/1897 5/11/1967 H of Polly
Pvt US Army  WW I
Littledeer Samuel Alan Greece 12/20/2014 12/22/2014  
Littledeer Sequoyah 1/31/1952 8/26/1977 Photo
Littledeer Spade 3/16/1928 11/14/1954 Photo
Littledeer Stealer 11/16/1956 12/23/2001 (RFH) Father; Woodrow Littledeer
Mother; Annie Bunch Photo
Littledeer Vincent 2/21/1970 2/21/1970 (RFH) Mother; Linda Littledeer Photo
Littledeer Woodrow 5/21/1921 10/7/2005 H of Annie   Photo
Livers Burl Yonah May 26, 1959 11/11/2021 Obit
Joshua W 7/19/1939 10/20/1967 SP5 Co E InfDiv
US Army     Photo
Paden Kim 8/3/1966 11/18/1966  
RIDDLE Susie L Duck 2/18/1940 5/29/2011 Photo & Obit
ROSS Lizabeth Ann 12/17/1978 7/9/2013 Obit
RUTLEDGE Unknown     Photo
Salinas Martha Carol Duck 4/5/1958 9/24/2019 Obit
SANCHEZ Christian Erasmo
8/29/2007 8/29/2007 Obit
SANCHEZ Erasmo Guevara 6/2/1958 2006 Photo & Obit
SANCHEZ Irma Michelle "Usdi" 10/24/1986 10/17/2012 Obit
SANDERS Charles Sam 1/10/1947 9/19/1998 Photo
SANDERS Fannie Scraper 4/13/1910 2/27/1991 Photo
SANDERS Raymond Eagle 11/26/1978 12/27/2019  
Levi Wofford 4/22/1895 9/30/1983 H of Martha
PFC US Army WW I Photo
SEABOLT Martha W Hawk 12/3/1905 2/6/1978 W of Levi  Photo
SOAP Adrian Lavonna 8/3/1969 11/15/1969 (RFH) Father; Andrew Soap
Mother; Lou Ann Gonzalis Photo
SOAP Andrew 4/1/1947 7/5/2006 H of LouAnna  Obit
SOAP LouAnna Gonzalis 3/25/1950 10/10/2014 W of Andrew  Obit
SOAP Madeline 2/4/1932 7/3/1986 Photo
SOAP Marcus Wayne 4/2/1982 1/23/2010 Photo & Obit
STEVENSON Tyra Karmon 6/3/1976 6/4/1976 (RFH) Father; Joe Stevenson
Mother; Jan Brown
SWIMMER Floella Wofford 10/21/1926 6/28/2013 Obit
Torrez Gabrial Castro 4/29/1950 6/3/2017  
VANN Josephine Diver 8/22/1934 11/27/1975 (RFH) Father; Andy Diver
Mother; Eunice Litterdeer Photo
VANN Nancy Feather 3/30/1914 3/31/1995 (RFH) Father; Isaac Vann
Mother; Mary Livers Photo
Waeltz David Edward "Dave" 3/1/1959 11/27/2019 H of Nina
Waeltz Nina Sanders 12/1/1956 2/23/2020 W of David   Obit
Waeltz Thomas Edward 1/14/1982 4/11/2020 Obit
WOFFORD Baby Girl 12/3/1924 8/2/1926 Death Certificate
WOFFORD Clara May unknown unknown Photo
Clayton 3/2/1947 12/27/2016 US Army    Obit
WOFFORD Levi Jr "JR" 7/18/1941 4/30/2018 Photo/Obit
WOFFORD Lucille   2 months Photo
WOFFORD Robert 1922 8/10/1924 Photo

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