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Pittsburg County, Oklahoma

Located in Section 36, T-6-N,R-13-E. Travel west of McAlester on Hwy 270 and turn south at Verner Ranch sign, & go .5 miles. Cemetery is on right side of the road.
Last Name First Name Birth Death Comments
AdamsBilly Ray25 Mar 1942 
AndersonBaby Boy1963 See photo
AndersonC Marshall12 Mar 190020 Feb 1946WWII-See photo
AndersonJohn T6 Apr 186611 Dec 1928See photo
AndersonLee A26 Nov 188830 Aug 1955WWI-See photo
AndersonLillie14 Feb 1898Nov 1979 
AndersonMarian Susan 29 Oct 1917 
ArcherBenjamin Franklin18471906See photo
ArcherMartha Ann18811952See photo
ArndtBaby11 Nov 190711 Nov 1907See photo
ArndtCharles William15 Jun 185981 Apr 1943 
ArndtFanny4 Mar 189230 Mar 1907See photo
ArndtJoseph W Jr19341976See photo
ArndtJoseph W "Joe"Sr2 Sep 190320 Sep 1984Daddy - Grandpa-See photo
ArndtMary Ellen Jones4 Oct 186920 Dec 1956w/o William Arndt-See photo
ArndtSuda Blevins28 Feb 190329 May 1971Mother-See photo
ArndtWilliam15 Jun 18591 Apr 1943See photo
ArnoldDorothy L Bradley24 Oct 193327 Aug 2014See obit
BattlesBuddy1 Nov 19331 Nov 1933See photo
BattlesHaley C21 Mar 19127 Jan 1983In Loving Memory-See photo
BattlesPernie Ludean Shrum4 Dec 191417 Feb 2002 
BeshearCarrol Jefferson12 Jan 193521 Dec 2020Bishop Funeral Home
BeshearReva Paulette Brown30 Apr 193720 Jul 2021See obit
BirchfieldBill  See photo
BlevinsBaby19511951See photo
BlevinsBertha Ann1 Apr 19421 Dec 1997d/s with Leo Ray-See photo
BlevinsClara Lorene Gibson18 Aug 192915 Oct 2019Bishop Funeral Home
BlevinsCleve6 Jan 190626 Mar 1971d/s with Lottie-See photo
BlevinsDelbert17 Jan 193930 Oct 1989 
BlevinsDiana "Joan"1 Nov 195120 Jul 2021See obit
BlevinsDoris L19471987See photo
BlevinsFrank14 Sep 18822 Dec 1946d/s with Ada M-See photo
BlevinsFrank20 Jul 190117 Jun 1994d/s with Grace-See photo
BlevinsGilbert H28 Dec 191719 Jul 1982See photo
BlevinsGrace Johnson1 May 190629 Jan 1997d/s with Frank-See photo
BlevinsHarold Dean "Bud"20 Sep 192811 Oct 2010 
BlevinsHelen  See photo
BlevinsHerbert L12 Feb 192028 May 1996WWII-See photo
BlevinsJasper18801969See photo
BlevinsJoann1965 See photo
BlevinsLeo Jr19641964See photo
BlevinsLeo Ray22 Feb 193414 Feb 2006d/s with Bertha Ann-See photo
BlevinsLloyd Frank29 Oct 19263 Apr 2010 
BlevinsLloyd Gary22 Oct 19538 Jul 1985Beloved Son Brother Dad-See photo
BlevinsLottie Mae Dobyns8 Apr 190810 Jun 1946d/s with Cleve-See photo
BlevinsLuster Ruth19141983See photo
BlevinsRosella26 Oct 19211990d/s with Gilbert H-See photo
BlevinsShirley Ellen Lawson25 Feb 19393 May 2019See obit
BlevinsViola Gibson24 Feb 192618 May 2003Loving Mother-Gary & Kathy-See photo
BlevinsVirgil Effie Edwards29 Dec 191912 Oct 1939See photo
BootheBaby15 Jun 190615 Jun 1906Child of Myrtle & Walter M Booth-See photo
BootheMyrtle21 Feb 18902 Aug 1908d/o William & Mary E Arndt-See photo
BootheWalter M29 Jul 190829 Jul 1908s/o Myrtle-See photo
BradleyEdith Leonora19301970See photo
BradleyMeda Jean Blevins3 Jan 19346 Nov 2011 
Bradley Mollie G11 Aug 190530 Dec 1973d/s with Wiley T-See photo
BradleyPhillip Wiley II8 Nov 198025 Nov 2016 
BradleyRobert Cecil8 Sep 19468 Sep 1946See photo
BradleyThomas A Sr1927  
Bradley Wiley T28 Jan 190126 Jan 1984d/s with Mollie G-See photo
BradleyWilliam Taylor18961947See photo
BrownAlex14 Feb 18852 Mar 1960 
BrownEdward O2 Sep 191417 Jun 1987 
BrownEmma Naomi Helterbrand22 May 191830 Dec 2013 
BrownRobert Edward "Bob"16 Feb 19421 Aug 1995 
CarrierJames B8 Oct 184524 Aug 1938Born in New York State-See photo
CarrionChristopher Blake4 Aug 199112 Sep 2021See obit
CarrionDorma Jean Blevins11 Jan 194427 Jun 2008 
CarrionJoe Jr23 Jun 19395 Sep 2020Chaney-Harkins Funeral Home
CarrionJoe Christopher "Chris"25 May 19541 Mar 2000See photo
ClayAda18781942See photo
ClayHoyt C19161988See photo
ClayJohn18631919See photo
CravinsGeraldine Blevins6 May 19355 May 2006 
CravinsJames W16 Jun 192617 Apr 2012 
CravinsMargaret Ann Blevins18 May 192630 May 2008 
CumminsLonnie J 5 Jan 1953Our Son-See photo
DanielsBob Wayne24 Jan 193823 May 1991See photo
DanielsEdgar Leon "Don"23 Jan 193418 Jul 1997US Navy Korea-See photo
DanielsJohn E Sr29 Apr 194226 Feb 2004Till We Meet Again-See photo
DanielsLori12 Mar 199010 Aug 2010 
DanielsMyrtle May Leonard15 Oct 190818 Feb 1989d/s with Ray E-See photo
DanielsPhillip Ray1 Aug 195824 Dec 2012 
DanielsRay Ervin3 Oct 19067 Sep 1982d/s with Myrtle-See photo
DavisJocob Christopher 9 Oct 1992 
DobynsCharlie Kinley "Charley"26 Oct 18724 Jul 1955d/s with Mila E-See photo
DobynsCharley M3 Aug 19264 Aug l926At Home with Jesus-See photo
DobynsMelven Clarence12 Sep 190326 Feb 1995d/s with Myrtle-See photo
DobynsMila E4 Aug 18817 Apr 1956d/s with Charlie K-See photo
DobynsMyrtle Barbara Morgan10 Aug 190430 May 1998d/s with Melvin-See photo
DobynsPermelia9 Jan 188523 Oct 1915w/o David M-See photo
DobynsSomila Elizabeth "Mila" Selby4 Aug 18817 Apr 1956 
DowlessBraden Patrick 10 Oct 2008 
DyeMargaret Morrison15 Aug 190930 Jul 2002 
EdmondsBeatrice24 Apr 192319 Jan 2007d/s with J D-See photo
EdmondsJ D5 Mar 192218 Aug 2003d/s with Beatrice-See photo
FainMelinda "Vitty" Hagewood16 Aug 188029 Dec 1949See photo
FaulknerClarence 1926See photo
FaulknerInfant1 Dec 19211 Dec 1921 
FreemanBertha1 Jan 189422 Dec 1979See photo
FreemanSamuel Bolen26 Jul 187924 Apr 1956See photo
FryCharley Monroe26 Sep 192720 Oct 2015 
FryEula Alma Shatley19051978See photo
FryFrank David Sr29 Apr 194030 Mar 2000 
FryJohn N19001900See photo
FryJohnnie Edward19451995See photo
FryLoyde Richard28 May 193511 Nov 1973Beloved-See photo
FryMary Leonore11 Jul 197217 Jun 1993 
FrySherri Renae12 Aug 196312 Aug 1963 
FryThomas Edward23 Dec 192417 Jul 1971Our Beloved Husband & Father-See photo
FultonClaude C19001982See photo
FultonElsie Lee19001963See photo
GlennLinie Blevins30 Sep 190823 Nov 1949See photo
GlennWilliam E (Bill)22 Mar 191416 Jul 1973See photo
GoshenRobbin Latanne Blevins19652006See photo
GrantRobert E1 May 192311 Sep 1984WWII-See photo
HarrisonSammie Carol Fannin25 Mar 193816 Oct 2020Bishop Funeral Home
HartleyJ B (Joe)18 Aug 188030 Sep 1916Mining Accident-See photo
HartleyWilliam H (Willie)12 Sep 188811 Apr 1917s/o D H & M E Hartley-See photo
HawkinsAutumn Leshae Evans Hawkins22 Nov 19914 Dec 2014See obit
HawkinsMary Belle Wood10 Sep 191324 Aug 1991See photo
HollisGlenn Harold16 Jul 194023 Nov 2009 
HutchingsDavid Wayne22 Mar 196022 Nov 2007 
JacksonLevi29 Jan 189220 Apr 1978See photo
JarvisMatthew Eldon-Ray "Matt"27 Jan 198723 Jun 2011 
JohnsonHarold28 Sep 19117 Oct 1911 
JohnsonHenry L20 Jun 19145 Feb 1981Brother-See photo
JohnsonIda Leala Givens20 Nov 187712 Dec 1942See photo
JohnsonJ L7 Jan 186020 May 1920h/o I L Johnson-See photo
JohnsonMay1 Feb 19165 Feb 1916 
JusticeJennie Clay4 Jan 19028 Apr 1981In Memory of-See photo
JusticeJim19 Dec 188327 Jan 1959In Memory of-See photo
KinkeadFrances Ann Moss19 Aug 189012 Jan 1979Eastern Star Emblem F A T A L-See photo
KinkeadJesse James18 Aug 188523 Mar 1955See photo
KinkeadLucy Webb Lyons14 Feb 18574 Dec 1939See photo
KinkeadWalter Elijah20 Jun 191817 May 1919s/o Jesse & Frances Kinkead-See photo
KinkeadWilliam Smith15 Mar 18443 Nov 1918 
KirklandStarling C19281932See photo
LammMary SchogginsWagoner19001984See photo
LandersE L23 Sep 18958 Mar 1958Gone But Not Forgotten-See photo
LeadfordShelly Waynette Blevins19 Aug 196828 Apr 2005 
LeeJackie Charles19 Jan 193517 Feb 1997 
LovettJames B29 Apr 194930 Jun 2003Loving Husband-See photo
LyonsLenora Fry Lovett25 Dec 19256 Aug 1996See photo
LyonsWilliam J5 Jan 19101 Apr 1987US Army WWII-See photo
MartinE L Baby Boy  See photo
MartinE L Baby Girl  See photo
MartinGary Don28 July 19528 Sep 1981Our Son-See photo
MauldinBenny Ray16 Feb 195612 Sep 2021See obit
McCoolGeneral25 Dec 187910 Apr 1934See photo
McEwenLewis Daxton29 Dec 201322 Feb 2014 
MitchellDorothy L Benson31 Jan 194718 Oct 2010 
MitchellErter "Rev"  See photo
MitchellHenry Clayton18 Aug 19064 Dec 1995Rest in Peace-See photo
MitchellJ R  See photo
MitchellMable19131974Gone but not Forgotten-See photo
MitchellMarvin17 Aug 191010 Feb 1993See photo
MitchellMary Murer  See photo
MitchellMinnie A Glenn26 Dec 191113 Jul 1993 
MitchellOla Mable6 Mar 19146 Oct 1969Rest in Peace-See photo
MitchellOra Sebastin18821951See photo
MitchellOrville F26 Jun 19081 Nov 1975d/s with Minnie-See photo
MitchellMinnie A26 Dec 191113 Jul 1993d/s with Orville Married 28 Dec 1928-See photo
MooreAlvin Lee2 Aug 195718 Jan 2007 
MooreDee Ann Daniels12 Jan 193626 Nov 2019Brumley-Mills Funeral Home
MooreJohn Henry19212007In Loving Memory-See photo
NicholsRosie Blevins16 Oct 190331 Aug 1986See photo
PadgettBaby 12 Apr 1936 
ParsonsAlfred18591924Gone But Not Forgotten-See photo
PhillipsBlanchie10 May 19292 Aug 1929 
PhillipsDago Allen5 Feb 195912 Mar 1962Our Baby
PhillipsEd1900 See photo
PhillipsGuy 5 Jan 2017 
PhillipsHelen Ruth Paris19362002See photo
PhillipsJames Monroe23 Apr 192922 Dec 1929 
PhillipsJames Monroe23 Apr 187922 Dec 1929 
PhillipsJim 22 Dec 1933 
PhillipsMyrtle Lawton19021970See photo
PratherAndrew J28 Oct 192024 Dec 1992See photo
PratherEdna J192011 Apr 2011 
PriceDenny Wayne "Rowdy"28 Oct 194312 Jan 2011 
PyleJohn C30 Nov 18301904See photo
RainsRuth Juanita28 Feb 194113 Jul 1943 
RainsThadaus W14 Oct 186612 Mar 1943 
RhodesIda Fannie Kinkead18801947See photo
RhodesJohn William "Rev"18731930See photo
RichardsRosa L18771965See photo
RoederBetty Kinkead 4 Jul 1952d/o W W & Lucy Kinkead-See photo
SandersDavid James4 Jul 1960 d/s with Jerry Wayne-See photo
SandersDealie 4 May 1929 
SandersJerry Wayne4 Jul 1960 only date-d/s with David James-See photo
SandersJimmie Dale24 Mar 19432 Feb 1945See photo
SandersMinnie Beartrice19281 Jan 1929 
SchogginsAbbye Alexis18 Oct 200223 Jan 2005 
SchogginsBen20 Jan 193024 Feb 2020Brumley-Mills Funeral Home
SchogginsE E18731951See photo
SchogginsEmma18701937See photo
SchogginsFloyd Charles19321966See photo
SchogginsGene24 Jan 192822 Feb 1989d/s with Geraldine-See photo
SchogginsGeraldine Austin16 Sep 193411 May 2003d/s with Gene-See photo
SchogginsHoward Butch5 Aug 19416 Jul 2004 
SchogginsHoward Lewis27 Feb 19629 Feb 1999My Dad, Uncle,Cousin, Special Love-See photo
SchogginsHurmie Dave1 Feb 193818 Apr 1988Romans 10:9-d/s Jessie Lou-See photo
SchogginsJessie Lou Vaughn26 May 19445 Apr 2015d/s with Hurmie Dale-See photo & obit
SchogginsJoe18981946See photo
SchogginsJoshua Cody28 Dec 198219 Sep 1983See photo
SchogginsMark Anson30 Dec 198317 Jul 2019Brumley-Mills Funeral Home
SchogginsPatsy Burns22 Mar 193422 Jul 2017 
SchogginsPearl Dona Lawson19071979See photo
SchogginsRobert Hurmie31 Mar 19066 Feb 1999See photo
SchogginsV W19031978See photo
SelbyHester22 Jan 18734 Dec 1949See photo
SelbyVada22 Aug 188912 May 1925See photo
SextonKaron Marie Schoggins25 Oct 197520 Jun 2021See obit
ShatleyCharley David18521935See photo
ShatleyMary Ann18531928See photo
ShrumBaby Essie6 Oct 19169 Oct 1916See photo
ShrumEssie6 Oct 19169 Oct 1916 
ShrumRev J F30 Jan 18813 Aug 1961d/s with Mabel E Shrum-See photo
ShrumMabel Elizabeth McCool12 Aug 188012 Jul 1967d/s with Rev J F Shrum-See photo
ShrumNonie Amos9 Jan 190828 Feb 1911See photo
SmithJoseph Hiram "Joe"9 Jul 186418 Apr 1912d/s with Mabel E Shrum-See photo
SpurrierBonnie Lorea8 Jan 191215 Aug 1915 
StachmusCharles David10 May 194724 Apr 2016 
SteeleNathan Dean7 May 198427 Jan 2011 
StevensAran Lee "Lee" Arndt21 Apr 189814 Apr 1983Our Loving Mother-See photo
StevensInfant Twin Sons19581958Parents Joe & Georgia Stevens-See photo
StevensJames Culley Rev1 Feb 18918 Aug 1953See photo
StevensJohn Culley31 Mar 194011 Oct 1944At Rest-See photo
StevensMary Elizabeth10 Aug 18501 Mar 1919w/o W W Stevens-See photo
StevensWilliam Wallace18461921f/o James Culley Stevens-See photo
StevensWillie Abraham22 Dec 192725 Sep 1929At Rest-See photo
StewartAudrey Lorene8 Sep 1925 d/s with Eugene Edward-See photo
StewartEugene Edward9 Sep 190811 May 2005d/s with Audrey Lorene-See photo
StewartRobert James16 May 196317 Jun 2016 
TaberLeonard 23 Dec 1932See photo
TannehillBernice Ward8 Oct 1943 d/s with Vernon D-See photo
TannehillVernon D6 Sep 1940 d/s with Bernice-See photo
ThompsonMadison "Maddy" Kate18 Jul 199920 Mar 2019 
ThompsonSharon Kay8 Sep 195630 Oct 2001Our Beloved Sister-See photo
ToddDorothy E Southard1 Nov 193428 Jan 2018 
ToddEdward F Jr17 Sep 194017 Jul 1994FA US Navy-See photo
ToddJoel Elias III31 Jan 18623 Apr 1957See photo
ToddLeonard Everett18 May 19297 Aug 2010 
ToddNannie Belle Shatley10 Jul 191926 Sep 1987Nannie Belle Shatley Todd-See photo
ToddEdward F Jr17 Sep 194017 Jul 1994FA US Navy-See photo
Unknown 16 Feb 19256 Dec 1927See photo
UnknownDelbert H   
VernerEleanore Christine12 Apr 194010 Jan 2020Brumley-Mills Funeral Home
Wagoner-LammMary Schoggins27 Apr 190026 May 1984See photo
WardElla E Klippel26 Jul 191620 Jan 1999d/s with Newman G-See photo
WardJ L 21 Jun 1941s/o N G & Ella Ward-See photo
WardNewman G10 Dec 19105 Dec 1968d/s with Ella E-See photo
WhiteAda28 May 1880Jun 1908See photo
WhiteEddie J Jr11 Oct 195526 Sep 2012 
WhiteEddie J Sr22 Apr 192820 Dec 1999d/s with Lucille US Army WWII-See photo
WhiteFloyd R Sr20 Oct 195630 Apr 2021See photo
WhiteLucille Schoggins2 Aug 19358 May 2000d/s with Eddie Jr Ward Sr-See photo
WhiteMargaret Annette "Punkin" Fry1 Sep 19646 May 2009 
WhiteShirley Ann Blevins13 Dec 193713 Jun 1998See photo
WillisMary 28 Jan 1924 
WilsonRandall Dean23 Nov 198319 Jun 2018 
WoodNettie A17 Dec 189330 Oct 1948See photo
WoodRandolph W2 May 18823 Jan 1957See photo
WoodRichard E9 Apr 19127 Feb 1958See photo

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