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Glenwood Cemetery


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From Ringwood one mile South of HWY 60, on the county blacktop road go south 4 miles.

This information was compiled by the members of the Major County Genealogical Society. The Information was derived from: walking the Cemetery, obituaries and other sources.
Photos taken as indicated.

If you have additional information about this cemetery, please send the Area Coordinator an e-mail.
ADAYThomas Lee19641964More
ADKINSJohn H. 19 Mar 1918Photo
ADKINSJulia A. 18 Jan 1951Photo
AGUILARJeremias17 Sep 200717 Sep 2007Photo
ALLENUla (Koons) "Tudie"29 Jul 186605 Sep 1930More
ALVORDJohn A.01-04-193212-08-2017More
ANDREWSLee E.31 Oct 189928 Nov 1899Photo
BACONSamuel, Rev.18321902Photo
BACONTina A.18541927Photo
BAGGERMANBarbara Ruth Elaine09-24-196211-27-2013More
BAGGERMANRosalie  Photo
BAIRDOkley G.18921962Photo
Jesse M. "Boots"11-19-192311-13-1986More
BATMANCharles Allen07 Dec 187015 Jan 1954Photo
BATMANHazel04 Jan 189805 Mar 1898Photo
BATMANJames Milton, Rev.07 Nov 187302 Oct 1959Photo
BATMANLafayette04 Apr 184617 Sep 1925Photo
BATMANMary D.19 Aug 187804 Feb 1969Photo
BATMANSarah Ann25 Jan 184619 Jan 1929Photo
BEAIRDEarl L.17 Jun 188726 Dec 1931Photo
BENNETTEarnestine24 May 187507 May 1897Photo
BLACKEmma M.26 Jul 185510 Jul 1906Photo
BLACKJoel W.21 Jun 184925 Mar 1899Photo
BLACKNellie24 Nov 188704 Jan 1969Photo
BLACKV. Vernon10 May 188128 Sep 1955Photo
Lester E.22 Apr 191224 Mar 1984Photo
BLACKBURNLola S.23 May 190627 Jan 1995Photo
BLANKENSHIPVergie LaWanda (Barrick)04-02-193201-06-2016More
Willie B.15 Dec 192411 Jun 1999More
Freda Lee23 Mar 195009 Jan 2006More
Kenneth A.02-17-192509-02-2015More
BURGINErnest John06-03-197709-22-2004Photo
BUSHNELLMary M.13 Jul 185302 Jul 1939Photo
BUTTSEsther Muriel22 Apr 192921 Jul 1939More
BUTTSJames O.24 Jul 189528 Jun 1973Photo
BUTTSM. Esther06 Dec 189727 Jan 1972Photo
BUTTSO. Wilbur14 May 193420 Jul 1936More
CALLAHAMElizabeth22 Jun 182913 Sep 1898Photo
CAMPBELLBlanch E.10 Dec 186918 Apr 1910Photo
CHAPPELLJamie D.05 Jun 197827 Feb 2004Photo
CHRISTIANJohn L.07-15-191805-06-1933Photo
CHRISTIANJoseph L.04 Aug 191330 May 1915Photo
CLAWSONJames Emmet02 Jul 188517 Aug 1946 
CONAWAYClyde A.10 Feb 189311 Feb 1972Photo
CONAWAYElva M.08 Nov 189819 Sep 1983Photo
COPPOCKAlice V. (Rowe)08 Aug 193315 Jan 2009More
COPPOCKAlvin L.29 Jun 193015 Oct 2006More
Calvin N.08 Jan 193030 Mar 1993Photo
CRAMERBaby  Photo
CRAMERFrances Geraldine02 Jun 190418 Oct 1906Photo
Earl Dean13 Dec 193928 Feb 2006More
CROWDERAilcy A.22 Dec 182124 Aug 1917More
CROWDERJames M.17 Nov 181912 Jun 1906More
CROWDERRamona Fay19391939Photo
DANIELSShannon Renee 03-05-1971Photo
DAVIDSHarold Cleland06 Jun 188515 Aug 1973Photo
DAVIDSLizzie A.18861973Photo
DAVISAndrew  Photo
DAVISJasper 07 Jan 1903Photo Age 62y 10m 15d
DAVISL. V.18391903Photo
DAVISLee 1899 
DOBBSLuella LaVaughn (Frey)29 Sep 192619 Aug 2011More
Richard Lee03 Jan 192601 Dec 2004More
Lewis Milton27 Jan 192107 Aug 2010Obit
DOSSERM. A.06 Dec 187221 Jul 1899Photo
DOSSERRobert H.06 Jun 188831 Oct 1908Photo
Dale Amos05-30-191606-22-1973Photo
DREWEddie E.14 Dec 188015 Mar 1948Photo
DREWL.  Photo
DREWNora E.12 Jun 188425 Mar 1968Photo
DYERNina F.16 Jun 189521 Feb 1917Photo
EASTERMrs.  Photo
EASTERDAYSherill Irene (Smith) (Davidson)29 Apr 194427 Nov 2008More
John R.10 Dec 183829 Apr 1909Photo
FARNSWORTHA. M.12 Jul 183624 Apr 1913Photo
FARNSWORTHArthur Nelson22 May 189918 Jun 1970More
FARNSWORTHClara May (Shoopman)02 Sep 193619 Sep 2008More
FARNSWORTHCletus J31 Mar 193713 Dec 2009More
FARNSWORTHErma L Broomfield17 Oct 190609 Dec 1994Photo
FARNSWORTHMark A.23 Oct 190311 May 1940Photo
FARNSWORTHMinnie Aquilla (Frickel)25 Apr 190117 Feb 1987More
FARNSWORTHN. B.18611927Photo
FARNSWORTHS. M.18661939Photo
FISHERInfant Daughter 24 Sep 1905Photo
FLEENORThomas A.01-15-183109-06-1900Photo
FLEENORWife17 Jun 185020 Sep 1915Photo
FOOTECarrie  Photo
FOOTEVictor N.10 Oct 188629 Nov 1937Photo
FOWLERMary Pearl (Hudson)25 Dec 19276 May 2005More
Virgil24 Apr 191722 Aug 2000Photo
FRASIERMahala A. 07 Jan 1894Photo Age 72y 2m
FREYDaniel M.18401925Photo
FREYEdwin L.12 Dec 189722 Nov 1980Photo
Homer L. 03 Nov 1929Photo
FREYIrene 01 Mar 1933Photo
FREYJean 01 Mar 1933Photo
FREYJoseph L.18681951Photo
FREYLeo 23 Dec 1918Photo
FREYMary E.18641937Photo
FREYMillie E.13 Aug 190609 Oct 1995Photo
FREYOleta Mary02 Aug 193603 Aug 1936Photo
FREYRoy L.04 Feb 190425 Nov 1993Photo
FREYWilma N.17 Nov 190024 Apr 1980Photo
GANDERElmer03 Jun 189503 Apr 1904Photo
GAULEYBuena Vista12 Dec 188802 Jan 1984Photo
GAULEYHarvey C.13 Sep 188531 Mar 1966Photo
James Paul03-22-193901-10-1967More
GAULEYLaura Mae10-23-193010-14-1988Photo
GAULEYRuby A.03-28-191204-24-1997More
GAULEYVictor B.10 Jan 191402 Sep 1954Photo
GAULEYWilliam A. "Bill"01-10-191009-03-1995More
GEEBaby  Photo
GEEBaby Twins  Photo
GEEErwin J.10-12-191001-17-1973More
GEEMr. Sterling  Photo
GEEMrs. Sterling  Photo
GEEPauline I.11-22-191501-20-2003More
GIBBSSuzanne L. (Manthey)03 Mar 196528 Mar 1989Photo
GIBSONAnna30 Dec 186201 Jan 1942Photo
Clarence J. 28 Jun 1940Photo
GIBSONJoseph P.17 Oct 185914 Jun 1928Photo
GIBSONKathern Delia23 May 183012 Feb 1913Photo
GLINESElizabeth18 Apr 186526 Feb 1955Photo
GLINESElonzo10 May 186210 Apr 1917Photo
GLINESEva Ruth11 Apr 193024 Nov 1930Photo
GOODMANJewel Fern28 Jan 192829 Dec 1995Photo
GRAYAdell( Cater)06 Mar 186206 Feb 1940Photo
GRAYJames T.18541940Photo
HAMMLeota Emerick08 Oct 190016 Jul 1972Photo
HARDINM. Lafe09 Oct 186701 Apr 1936Photo
HARDINMartha B.01 Sep 187828 Jul1954Photo
HARMANEffie M.18801956Photo
HARMANFrank L.18661933Photo
HARMANMary E.10 Nov 186812 Jan 1914Photo
HAYSDarryl D.07-06-193511-24-2010More
HAYSLaveta M. (Frey)08-02-193605-04-2001More
HOBBSGoldie B.31 Jan 190811 Oct 1995Photo
HOBBSJohn C.21 Sep 190017 Mar 1984Photo
Paul A.06 Oct 190804 Mar 1976Photo
Ira14 Oct 192523 Mar 1993Photo
HOUSEREdith Ann18741939Photo
HOUSTONAlberta Mae "Birdie"10-16-193010-04-2015More
HUGHSMary C.15 May 185214 Apr 1912Photo
HUSKCecil E.10 Aug 188713 Jul 1971Photo
HUSKLouie F.23 Jan 188829 Nov 1976Photo
HUTCHINGSCharles M.18491931Photo
HUTCHINGSErnest N.01 Jul 187728 Nov 1926Photo
HUTCHINGSEva Hill18861910Photo
HUTCHINGSHallie04 Jan 188924 Feb 1972Photo
HUTCHINGSMary C.18561949Photo
JANTZENCecil Delbert09 Apr 194417 Jul 1976Photo
JANTZENJohnnie R.23 Jun 191417 Jan 1996Photo
JANTZENLeota Mae29 Jul 193601 Aug 1936Photo
JANTZENMildred M.06 Nov 191716 Mar 1986Photo
JANTZENMilo R.03-01-194009-10-2013More
JENKINSArelyn C.04 May 190224 Feb 1938Photo
JENKINSHorace J.03 Jul 188904 Sep 1944Photo
JOHNAlvord27 Jul 186605 Sep 1930Photo
JOHNDollie15 May 188915 Jul 1927Photo
JOHNRachel05 Jan 187223 Aug 1905Photo
JOHNSONDaniel P.11 Oct 187207 Jan 1948Photo
JOHNSONEmma R.25 Dec 187329 Dec 1954Photo
Enoch R.18451922Photo
JOHNSONErwin Delbert22 Oct 190006 Nov 1989Photo
JOHNSONGertrude M.18 Sep 191119 Dec 2001Photo
JOHNSONGlenn D.26 Aug 190916 Aug 1995Photo
JOHNSONMary E.06 Dec 184710 Aug 1927Photo
JOHNSONNellie Rozella10 Nov 191503 Sep 2006More
JONESLeslie M.19 Apr 188214 Jul 1958Photo
JONESNita E.10 Mar 188410 Dec 1961Photo
Billy Charles11-30-192603-10-2005Photo
KECKLavona Ruth (Jenkins)02-04-193002-06-2006Photo
KEETONMargaret06 Sep 183901 Jan 1916 
Billie Dean10 Jul 193702 May 2006Photo
KOONSAnna F.27 Apr 185312 Jan 1927Photo
KOONSDaniel E.18271907Photo
KOONSDean01 Feb 193011 Jul 1980Photo
KOONSDonna Mae22 Jun 192511 Oct 1994Photo
KOONSEarl C.31 Jan 189912 Mar 1973Photo
KOONSEthelda18 May 193802 Jun 1938Photo
KOONSGene15 Apr 189312 Jun 1982Photo
KOONSGeorge N.18591937Photo
KOONSMatilda C.18321908Photo
KOONSMona Parker23 Dec 191003 Nov 1984Photo
KOONSOra M.18641948Photo
KOONSPearl10 Aug 189616 Apr 1982Photo
KOONSRoy E.18941895Photo
KUHLMANErvay R.18891979Photo
KUHLMANHarry A.18801955Photo
KUHLMANHenry W.04-06-185308-27-1918Photo
KUNKELC. Earl19311991Photo
KUNKELDebra Elaine10-26-195702-28-2011More
KUNKELLawrence E.06 Feb 191023 Apr 1994More
KUNKELViola Nora (Butler)08 Apr 192318 Jun 2010More
LAYTONJane1880 Photo
LAYTONMillard E.18751948Photo
LEWISJay  Photo
LITTLEJosephine Henrietta (Sparks)09 May 192109 Jan 2011More
Terence J.09 Mar 191827 Jan 2011More
LOCKHARTLoren Levi09 Jul 185622 Mar 1923Photo
MAINWilliam10 May 185728 May 1899Photo
MANNINGEdith R.25 Feb 191020 Jul 1992Photo
MANNINGForest "Pud"01 Sep 191321 Jun 1996Photo
David Roland09 Oct 194211 Jun 2012More
MARLATTCharles Leroy14 Dec 193109 May 2003More
George W.10 May 192603 Aug 2000Photo
MARLATTPatsy Ellen (Palmer)08 Dec 193329 May 2014More
MARLATTVera M.12-09-192802-13-2014Photo
MARRDaisy  Photo
MCDERMEITAlice J.04 Jun 186708 Apr 1920Photo
MCDERMEITC. T. Tom18671960Photo
Charles H.18401928Photo
MCDERMEITJessie03 Jan 187731 Jul 1901Photo
MCDERMEITL. G. "Bill"05-03-190003-17-1952Photo
MCDERMEITRebecca A. (Phillips)18481931Photo
MCDERMEITTessie20 Dec 189810 Jul 1901Photo
Willie Cleo19201979Photo
MCKINZIEClara H.10 Nov 188005 Mar 1901Photo
MEEKSBilly Joe23 Mar 195910 Jun 1996Photo
MELTONMargaret Elizabeth06 Sep 183501 Jan 1916Photo
MERRELLJennie31 Jul 191002 Jul 2000Photo
MERRELLJohn Charles15 Oct 193326 Jul 1988Photo
Warren05 Aug 193711 Sep 1974Photo
MILLERAlice V.18811951Photo
MILLERJ. Elmer18661952Photo
MILLERWilbur L.19 Mar 190218 Jun 1906Photo
MOREIsabella R.04 Apr 182907 Apr 1915Photo
MORERobert S.06 Nov 184811 Jan 1916Photo
MUNFORDBill  Photo
MUNFORDHank  Photo
MURPHYEsther15 Sep 184205 Jun 1896Photo
MURPHYHollis13 Jun 187202 Jun 1951Photo
MURPHYJ. W.27 Sep 186820 Jan 1949Photo
MURPHYPatrick H.14 Mar 183511 Apr 1904Photo
NAVARROJesus Eustacio02-21-201102-21-2011Photo
NELSONBertha O.16 Jul 189529 Jun 1963Photo
NELSONErie C.18731961Photo
NELSONGeorge W16 Apr 190026 May 1989Photo
NELSONHenry W.18731924Photo
NELSONInfant Son19061906Photo
NELSONThelma Leona Mae19171919Photo
NEWMANRandall "Randy"04-12-196101-06-2012More
NOTTINGHAMLula Bell( King)16 Jan 186316 Jul 1904Photo
NOTTINGHAMWilliam Harrison29 Jul 185620 Oct 1911Photo
OLIVERW. J.18901914Photo
PALMERAda Alta18831962Photo
PALMERAlgy Ray18771965Photo
PALMERDeborah26 Feb 184127 Dec 1914Photo
PALMERElijah E.18801922Photo
PALMERForest E.18851949Photo
PALMERJonathan W.18721936Photo
PALMERLenora F.21 Jun 191316 Feb 2002More
Stillwell24 Apr 183608 Nov 1915Photo
PALMERWilliam Stillwell13 Sep 190922 Dec 1993More
PAVLACKYFay (Taylor)04-26-192908-19-2002Photo
PECKBonnie Ella10 Feb 190626 Jun 1938Photo
PERCYAmel Dale18 Dec 191703 Jan 1982Photo
PERCYAsher Milo31 Dec 189922 Jul 1959Photo
PERCYBarbara A. (Patton)08-16-193112-22-2014More
PERCYHulda Tracy01 Mar 190110 Nov 1993Photo
PERCYJames Asher24 Jan 193130 Sep 2011More
PERCYJames H.23 Dec 186806 Aug 1924Photo
PERCYMary Ann09 Dec 187725 Aug 1957Photo
PHILLIPSThomas22 Sep 182201 Jun 1907Photo
PIXLERLiza01 Jan 183703 Mar 1909Photo
POSEYLeona Lorane Smith02 Jun 192001 Oct 2004More
RAMIREZMarcos Ribera07 Oct 197418 Jul 2008More
RATZLAFFGracie M. (Bingham)01-29-193103-01-2014More
John Roe06-17-192704-18-2013More
REEDFlora J.18 Jun 187827 Jan 1938Photo
REEDIda Mae18651941Photo
REEDJames W.24 Jan 187812 Apr 1950Photo
REEDWilliam T.18731960Photo
REXROATJoyce A. (Stricker)04 Apr 193620 Nov 2009More
RICEOllie Percy22 Jul 190327 Apr 1922Photo
ROARKBuckie Smith03 Sep 189923 Jun 1972Photo
ROARKFrank Albert19 Mar 190126 Apr 1984Photo
ROARKMary Belle18631949Photo
Floyd A.19261977Photo
ROBINSONTimothy W.19891989Photo
ROCKWELLAlbert D.19341995Photo
ROCKWELLHazel May19071995Photo
ROCKWELLWilliam Henry19101982Photo
ROSSWinnie May (Fleenor)24 Aug 188615 Oct 1983Photo
ROWLEYBeulah L.22 Feb 190709 Jul 2000Photo
ROWLEYGene Douglas14 Aug 193713 Jun 1956Photo
ROWLEYGeorge A.07-20-190107-06-1983Photo
ROWLEYHarry G.19171919Photo
ROWLEYLouis P.24 Nov 188413 Sep 1955Photo
ROWLEYMary Gordon09 Mar 189911 Jun 1992Photo
RYANHazel Dorothy24 Dec 191625 Jan1926Photo
SCHROEDERPeggy Ann21 Jul 193610 Apr 1938Photo
SCHWINDAlbert David11 Mar 188606 Sep 1951Photo
SCHWINDBernice W.25 Aug 192425 Jun 2006Photo
SCHWINDCharlie H.23 Nov 190013 Mar 1901Photo
Delbert Edwin19 Sep 192018 Jun1993Photo Purple Heart
SCHWINDIrene I.06-16-189709-20-1972Photo
SCHWINDJoseph John04 Aug 184825 Jan 1937Photo
SCHWINDLawrence E.14 Jun 189709 Jan 1992Photo
SCHWINDLawrence Garrel13 Feb 193326 Jul 1936Photo
SSCHWINDNancy Ann (Beasley)19 Dec 186206 Apr 1943Photo
SCHWINDNellie M.17 Oct 191518 Oct 1915Photo
SCHWINDRuby A. (Kear)22 Apr 188712 Jan 1980Photo
SCHWINDRuth E.20 Jul 190601 Jan 1907Photo
SEEBERGERLouis John18641917 
SELLERSEthel Hill18881910Photo
SIMPSONWayne S.18801949Photo
Neil Thomas07-31-192802-16-2006Photo
SKINNERDora  Photo
Joel Hull03 Apr 182607 May 1899Photo
SKINNERMary Ann (Martin)17 Jul 182812 Feb 1899Photo
SLEPPYEthel I.24 Apr 188805 Jun 1949Photo
SLEPPYGeorge W.18561927Photo
SLEPPYMinnie M.18691933Photo
SLEPPYWiley A.16 Feb 189629 Oct 1941Photo
SMITHDonna O 14 Feb 189320 Dec 1982Photo
Everett Leroy02 Oct 192107 Nov 1960Photo
James Gerald13 Aug 193310 Nov 2003More
SMITHHubert W.22 Sep 188926 Feb1960Photo
SMITHMary Leath19101942Photo
SMITHPatsy Ann (King)20 Nov 193323 Oct 2003More
SMITHWarren I. "Mann"19041965Photo
SNOWChristopher L.19811981Photo
SOLIDAYDelight (Miller)18941982Photo
SPARKSCassuis Glenn09 Feb 192724 Oct 1932Photo
SPARKSCharles V.18861968Photo
SPARKSMabel M.18941968Photo
Eldon J.11-25-191001-19-1974Photo
SPELLMANS. Helen18881965Photo
SPELLMANTrilla Beulah24 Apg 191727 Dec 2005More
Zackary Nelson29 Jun 191401 Jun 1994More
SPELLMANZackary T.18851923Photo
STALEYBaby  Photo
STALEYEsther C.16 Feb 192431 Aug 2008More
STALEYRoscoe E.26 Apr 191624 Jul 2001More
STEWARTBetty Jo 04 Dec 1960Photo
STEWARTCharles Jackson "C.J." 06-11-2012Photo
STEWARTHarold M.04 Feb 190212 Aug 1971Photo
STEWARTJack A.19352014More
STEWARTMark Eugene 06-11-2012Photo
STEWARTMary Isabelle (Gauley)16 Sep 192522 Nov 1990Photo
STEWARTMary Joan (Weston)12-07-193505-17-2004Photo
Merion I.21 Dec 193114 Feb 1997Photo
STEWARTRoy Eugene "Mustard"23 Jan 192603 Apr 1995Photo
STEWARTSarah R.14 Feb 190415 Nov 1996Photo
STEWARTTwila J.09-05-193904-11-2018More
STRAWEliza27 Jul 189806 Jun 1990Photo
STRAWPete01 Jan 189720 Oct 1959Photo
Aaron Eugene02 Jan 192804 Aug 2001Photo
STRICKERE. Richard "Dick"24 Jun 194425 Feb 2001Photo
Edward N.14 Nov 189705 Apr 1953Photo
STRICKEREllen J.16 Jun 190415 Jun 1993Photo
STRICKERJ. Lester18921980Photo
STRICKERJames M.19001900Photo
STRICKERJohnny F.22 Nov 193819 Apr 1984Photo
Joseph Claude18 Aug 191624 Apr 1983Photo
STRICKERJoseph W.18591943Photo
STRICKERMartha C.18921968Photo
STRICKERMary Belle15 May 190412 Feb 1985Photo
STRICKERMinnie E.18681945Photo
STRICKERRobert Earl17 Jul 190325 Mar 1974Photo
STRICKERW. F. "Bill"18 Dec 190130 Dec 1989Photo
STRICKERWalter W.30 Oct 190504 Sep 1981Photo
SWEZEYDeuane A.18791952Photo
SWEZEYFannie M.18881974Photo
SWEZEYMary J.18571938Photo
SWEZEYOpal O.19091983Photo
SWIGGARTDavid Lee 29 Nov 1939Photo
SWIGGARTGeorge E.28 Sep 193826 Sep 1939Photo
SWIGGARTGrace23 Mar 190317 Mar 1976Photo
TAYLORHenry C.08 Oct 189823 Nov 1969Photo
TAYLORHenry Calvin, Jr.10-07-193811-18-2003Photo
Herschel16 Dec 192208 Jul 1998Photo
TAYLORJacky Lee1940 Photo
TAYLORKeith Scott06-01-195306-29-2007Photo
TAYLORMargaret Ann1939 Photo
TAYLORMinnie A.19 Jul 190108 Jul 1973Photo
TAYLORRobert "Joe"08-18-196009-25-2012Photo
TERRYAmanda G.22 Mar 183508 Jul 1909Photo
TERRYJoseph W.03 May 182719 Sep 1906Photo
TITUSRobert  Photo
TRAVISMargaret A. (Sparks)08-26-191608-14-2005Photo
VEATCHEugene Lewis04-17-191706-01-2007Photo
VEATCHJimmey E. 20 Oct 1943Photo
WAGGONERCynthia E.18881960Photo
WAGGONERGeorge C.18871975Photo
WAGGONERInfant Daughter 1928Photo
WARDER   Photo
WARDERE. D.  Photo
WARRENMila Annie18921975Photo
Seth Lewis, Sr.31 Jan 192613 Jun 1997Photo
WARRENStephen Jesse18931982Photo
WARRENWillis Nelson12 Nov 191925 Feb 1920Photo
WATKINSJay Lynn06-10-195201-22-2011More
WATSONLeroy13 Nov 188813 Aug 1907Photo
WEATHERSJ. W.27 Nov 184127 Feb 1917Photo
WEATHERSJames L.19001987Photo
WEATHERSNancy J.18401926Photo
WEATHERSNellie M.18771976Photo
WEATHERSReuben D.10 Oct 187010 Dec 1923Photo
WEBBEREvelyn Maye (Schwind)05-03-192907-30-2017More
Harlan Harold "Buck"20 Mar 192421 Apr 1999More
Leonard Ray09-19-195201-28-2011More
WELCHDaryl Gene18 May 193819 Jan 1939Photo
WENTWORTHElla28 May 187120 Jun 1905Photo
WENTWORTHLeroy13 Nov 188803 Apr 1907 
WENTWORTHMary A.20 Sep 184414 Feb 1912Photo
Milton H.1845 Photo
WHITESELLDaniel C.06-22-192011-30-2004Photo
WHITESELLDorothy F. (Schwind)07-19-192202-15-2004Photo
WRIGHTAsa Jasper11 Dec 187319 Jun 1942Photo
WRIGHTE. June06-06-191606-07-2011More
WRIGHTFranklin Lafayette12-15-190905-06-1916Photo
WRIGHTFranklin O.07 Aug 188624 Jul 1971Photo
Justin Ora07 Oct 191909 May 1997More Silver Star
WRIGHTKeith25 Nov 191212 Jan 1913Photo
WRIGHTMabel E.16 Oct 188017 Jun 1970Photo
WRIGHTMartha E.02 Nov 188328 Mar 1963Photo
YEAGERRobert Owen 05 May 1955Photo

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