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Fort Cobb/Oak Grove Cemetery
Caddo County, Oklahoma

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M Surnames

Harvey Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
Unwin Plot
Row 2.6
Lot 73, Block 4
MACHENMary Jane [Marshall]31/Aug/1885
Zarah KS
Denton TX
91 Yrs, W/O Harvey Lee Machen, M 06/Sep/1905 Fort Cobb OK, M/O Roy Walter Machen & Grace Alice [Machen] Potter, D/O Herbert Lowery & Emma Ann [Kennedy] Marshall, Fort Cobb Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
Row 27.47MACKVerbena Anita [Fisher]14/Aug/193710/Sep/1990 
Row 16.23MACONEmmett Sylvester11/Jun/1883
Poplar Bluff MO
Carnegie OK

H/O Ruby C. [Clark] Macon, engineer Rock Island RR
Unmarked grave
See obit
Row 16.23MACONLela Goldie [Childers]10/Dec/190118/Jan/1972W/O Unknown Macon, D/O James Franklin & Katherine [Bowman] Childers
Unmarked grave
Row __MAGNESSBenita Lou08/Nov/192820/May/1998Inmarked grave
Row 27.37MAHANMary E.15/Apr/191625/Dec/1985 
Row __MALONEIther Davis "Skeet" 14/Oct/192122/Jan/2004"Married Feb 7, 1943" "Together Forever"
SS/W & H/O L. Jeanne [Tripp] Malone, S/O Ottis Lee & Thelma [Davis] Malone
See photo
Row __MALONEL. Jeanne [Tripp]01/Mar/192203/Jan/2003Married Feb 7, 1943" "Together Forever"
SS/W & W/O Ither Davis "Skeet" Malone
See photo
Row 7.2MANLEYJ. E.24/Oct/187829/Mar/1907
"Aged 28 yrs, 8 mo, 5 days"
Row 7.1MANLEYJames R.16/Aug/190606/Oct/1940"Father of Helen and Earl"
H/O Agnes Pearl [Turney] Manley Shuffield
Row __MANLEYOrpha [Powell]18/Dec/191810/May/2008
W/O [1] Raymond Clift, M 07/Dec/1946 [2] Rev Troy Manley, M 1978, D/O Ivan Powell & Lorene Bell [Gibson] Powell Potts, Fort Cobb Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
Unmarked grave
Row 11.22MANSBaby Dorthy29/Sep/191513/Oct/1915"Our Darling" "Daughter of Jack and Birdie Mans"
Row 13.18MANSBaby Waneta30/Oct/191724/Apr/1918"Our Darling" "Daughter of Jack and Birdie Mans"
Row __MARIEERMELHarry1919 1922Unmarked grave
Row 38
MARQUISGladys19211980"Mother" "Lo, I am with you alway"
SS/W & W/O Hugh Marquis
Row 38
MARQUISHugh19021983"Pa" "Even unto the end of thr world"
SS/W & H/O Gladys Marquis
Row 32
MARQUISRichard K.26/Feb/191521/Aug/1993 "Oklahoma Sfc US Army ~ world War II"
Row __MARROWAlfred D.1928 1993S/O James Washington Marrow & Molly Ester [Addison] Marrow Haynes
Unmarked grave
Row __MARROWMartha Lou [Culp]19321976Unmarked grave
Row __MARSHDonald William24/Jun/1927
Cement OK
Chickasha OK
   "US Army ~ World War II"
H/O Metra [Gibson] Marsh, M 10/Jun/1950 Altus OK, S/O James P. "Jim" & Margie Totcie [Seals] Marsh, volunteer firefighter ~ Fort Cobb
Unmarked grave
See obit
Row 12.26MARSHALLBessie Lee [Coleman]23/Dec/191327/May/1982SS/W & 1st W/O Calvin Bentley Marshall, M 01/Feb/1947 Anadarko OK, D/O William Bradford & Ella Lee [Blue] Coleman
Row 12.26MARSHALLCalvin Bentley08/Mar/1918
Fort Cobb OK
02/May/1994  "Fighting SeaBees ~ World WAR II"
H/O [1] SS/W Bessie Lee [Coleman] Marshall, M 01/Feb/1947 Anadarko OK [2] Maxie [Carson] Lumpkin Marshall, M 13/Mar/1984 Memphis TN, Fort Cobb Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
Row 12.30MARSHALLCalvin Van Buren--/Aug/1848
Darlington CO SC
Row 8.19MARSHALLEmma Ann [Kennedy]25/Mar/1856
Goldsboro NC
Fort Cobb OK

SS/W & W/O Herbert Lowery & M/O Emma Gertrude Marshall, M/O George Walter, Emma Gertrude, Grace Lauretta, Mary Jane & Conrad Herbert Marshall, D/O Thomas Walter & Martha [Dees] Kennedy
Row 8.19MARSHALLEmma Gertrude31/Dec/1881
Monticello KS
Cincinnati OH
SS/W & D/O Herbert Lowery & Emma Ann [Kennedy] Marshall, teacher, musician, never married, Cremains
Row 8.20MARSHALLGeorge Walter27/Oct/1880
Monticello KS
Roff OK

57 Yrs, 4 Mos & 5 Days, H/O [1] Abbie Jennie [Scribbens] Marshall, Div [2] Ruth Ellen [McWhirt] Marshall, M 20/Nov/1923 Sulphur OK, F/O Walter Adin Marshall B 06/Jun/1910 & Abbie LaVerne Marshall B 02/Apr/1912, S/O Herbert Lowery & Emma Ann [Kennedy] Marshall
Unmarked grave
Row 12.31MARSHALLHardy14/Feb/188619/---/1930 
Row 8.19MARSHALLHerbert Lowery16/Feb/1858
Urbana OH
Fort Cobb OK
SS/W Emma Ann [Kennedy] & Emma Gertrude Marshall, H/O Emma Ann [Kennedy] Marshall, M 06/Nov/1879 Johnson CO KS, F/O George Walter, Emma Gertrude, Grace Lauretta, Mary Jane & Conrad Herbert Marshall, S/O Conrad & Mary Jean [Steward] Marshall
Row 12.32MARSHALLLee Roy18871972 
Row 12.25MARSHALLMargaret M.18971981SS/W Oscar F. Marshall
Row 12.25MARSHALLOscar F.189711/Jan/1924
SS/W Margaret M. Marshall
See obit
Row 5.4MARTINCecil C.17/Jan/191527/Apr/1999"Married Oct 12, 1935"
SS/W & H/O Dorothy Bernice [Banks] Martin, S/O Willie Lee & Effie Mae [Strickland] Martin
Row Row 39
MARTINCharlie "Pop"30/Aug/190907/Apr/1989   "Married Dec 24, 1929" "In Loving Memories"
SS/W & H/O Lillie "Mama" [Orrell] Martin, S/O Isaac W. & Jennie [Powell] Martin
See photo
Row __MARTINDennis Roy26/Feb/1950
OK City OK
Hobart OK
S/O Roy & Dorothy Odessa [Lindsey] MartinUnmarked grave
Row 5.4MARTINDorothy Bernice [Banks]15/Jun/1917
Fort Cobb OK
Anadarko OK
"Married Oct 12, 1935"
SS/W & W/O Cecil Martin, D/O Marion Banks & Arnettie Bell [Lindsay] Banks
Row 39
MARTINDorothy Odessa [Lindsey]12/Oct/1922
Goteba OK
Anadarko OK
 "Rosie The Riveter"
W/O Roy Martin, M 30/Jun/1947 Wichita Falls TX, D/O Sylvester Bert & Nora May [Gold] Lindsey, Steverson Funeral Home ~ Anadarko OK
Row __MARTINGeneva Ann12/Mar/195222/Feb/1982"Wife and Mother"
Row 3.25MARTINGeorge D.189324/Mar/1937 
Row 39
MARTINLillie [Orell]04/Jan/191106/Oct/1999  "Married Dec 24, 1929" "In Loving Memories"
SS/W & W/O Charlie Martin, D/O Albert Alonzo & Mary Ellen [Potts] Orrell
See photo
Row 39
MARTINRoy04/Feb/191730/Sep/1972  US Coast Guard ~ World War II
H/O Dorothy Odessa [Lindsey] Martin, M 30/Jun/1947 Wichita Falls TX
Row 29.45MASONAdran Jones10/Oct/192314/May/1990"Farm Bureau Agent 40 yrs" "Married 12 Oct 1944" "Parents of: Jo Karen ~ Adra Ann"
SS/W & H/O Hazel Vermell [Yarnell] Mason
Row 36
MASONArtress [Strange]19091987"The Lord is my Shepherd"
SS/W Harlan Harvey "H.H."" "Happy" Mason
Row 36
MASONClifford E.19/Oct/190219/Apr/1956"At Rest"
SS/W & H/O Edith R. [Martin] Mason
Row 14.6MASONDonald M.21/Mar/193221/Mar/1932Infant S/O M/M A.M. Mason, GS/O of Tom & Maggie HewittUnmarked grave
Row 20.5MASONDonald M.  Concrete slab standing up by large cedar tree with SPEER slab lying down. No info except name & Died
Row 36
MASONEdith R. [Martin]10/Apr/190723/Jan/1990"At Rest"
SS/W & W/O Clifford E. Mason, D/O Willie Lee & Effie Mae [Strickland] Martin
Row 26.16MASONEmma C.18671951SS/W & W/O W. Clifford Mason
Row 2.6MASONFerrol Milton19101910"Son of Grace & M. H. Mason"
Row 32
MASONFlossie [Mendenhall]1886
Wichita KS
12/Jan/1966W/O Garfield Mason, D/O John Andrew & Frances E. [Friend] Mendenhall
Fort Cobb Pioneer
Row 22.24MASONFred W.26/Feb/188101/Dec/1935SS/W Myne L. Mason
Row 32
MASONGarfield18801954H/O Flossie [Mendenhall] Mason
Unmarked grave
Row 36
MASONHarlan Harvey "Happy"10/Feb/1906
Fort Cobb OK
Anadarko OK
    "The Lord is my Shepherd"
SS/W & H/O Artress [Strange] Mason, M 12/Oct/1929
See obit
Row 26.17MASONHarry Kay19371938Unmarked grave
Row 29.45 MASONHazel Vermell [Yarnell]16/Sep/1924
Watonga OK
OK City OK
"Married 12 Oct 1944" "Parents of: Jo Karen ~ Adra Ann"
SS/W & W/O Adran Jones Mason, D/O Fremont H. & Carrie L. Yarnell
See obit
Row __MASONJerilyn Jane "Jeri"22/Sep/1953
OK City OK
D/O W. Gerald Mason & Nadine Jane [Thornhill] Mason Barnes, cancer
See photo
Row 2.7MASONMilton Henry01/Jan/188331/Oct/1969 
Row 22.24MASONMyne L.18811974SS/W Fred W. Mason
Row 32
MASONMyrtle Katherine [Carson]--/Jul/18831962W/O Robert Nathan Mason
Row 18.6MASONPhebe Ann [Raines]27/Feb/1841
Delaware CO IN
Caddo CO OK
SS/W & W/O William C. Mason, M 24/Jun/1861
See photo
Row 32
MASONRobert Nathan "Bob"27/Nov/188230/May/1951H/O Myrtle Katherine [Carson] Mason
Row 4.14MASONRuby189818/Mar/1935 
Row 26.16MASONW. Clifford18711944SS/W Emma C. Mason
Row 18.6MASONWilliam C.--/Oct/184321/Jul/1921
Fort Cobb OK
 "CO F 211st Kans Inf ~ Spanish American War"
SS/W & H/O Phebe Ann [Rains] Mason, Enlisted Aug. 13, 1862 ~ Discharged June 6, 1865
See photo
Row 20.8MASONWilliam Cornelious07/Dec/1875
Washington CO KS
S/O William C. & Phebe Ann [Rains] Mason
Unmarked grave
Row 2.7MASONWilliam Wallace18431907 "Pvt CO F 51st Ill Inf Union Army ~ Civil War"
Enlisted Apr. 17, 1862 ~ Discharged Feb. 12, 1863
See photo
Row __MASSEYOnedos [Parham]21/Mar/191821/Oct/2008W/O Buck Bradley
Unmarked grave
Row __MATACynthia Rose [Pruitt]21/Oct/1983
Largo FL
Fort Cobb OK
W/O Unknown Mata, D/O James Regan & Carol [Zaffuto[ Pruitt, Fort Cobb Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
Unmarked grave
Row __MATTHEWSApril Leigh [Evans]02/Apr/1979
OK City OK
W/O Lonnie Paul Matthews II, D/O Wayne Evans & Gayle A. [Atkins] Evans Stanley, Hinton-Turner Funeral Home ~ Hinton OK
Unmarked grave
See obit
Row __MATHISHershel Ardell11/Jun/1937
Oney OK
Carnegie OK
H/O Phyllis Jean [Humphreys] Mathis, S/O Floyd & Jessie [Meyers] Mathis, Fort Cobb Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
Row __MAXWELLChristine1911 1993SS/W & W/O Paul H. Maxwell
Row __MAXWELLPaul H.1905 1981SS/W & H/O Christine Maxwell, S/O Norman & Viola Maxwell
Row __MAYUnknown  1919W/O John May
Unmarked grave
See obit
Row __MAYALLCurtis "Dwayne"05/Sep/196720/Jul/2010"[Married] Nov 13, 1995""Daddy" "Love conquers all"
SS/W & H/O Orvallena "Orvie" Mayall, S/O George Mayall & Marilyn [Shepherd] Mayall Griffith
Row __MAYALLOrvallena "Orvie" 23/Jul/1968 "[Married] Nov 13, 1995""Momma" "Love conquers all"
SS/W & W/O Curtis "Dwayne" Mayall
Row 33
MAYNAMODAHFred Louis19/Sep/195911/Feb/1961 
Row __McBEEMisty Arnell14/Feb/1977
OK City OK
Chickasha OK
D/O Steve McBee & Barbara Clary, Smith Funeral Home ~ Anadarko OK
Unmarked grave
Row 8.13McCAINWilma Elizabeth25/Feb/189412/Feb/1946"Gone but not forgotten"
Row __McCAULEYAlbert Lee "Mac"06/Mar/1912
Wynnewood OK
Caenegie OK
"Married Feb 28, 1932"
SS/W & H/O Juanita A. [Cox] McCauley, S/O Guy Franklin & Sarah Elizabeth [Gibbs] McCauley
See obit & photo
Row __McCAULEYGuy Franklin02/Feb/1887
Ellis CO TX
Carnegie OK
SS/W & H/O Sarah Elizabeth [Gibbs] McCauley
Row __McCAULEYHenry D.23/Sep/191311/Dec/1985"Married Dec 25, 1932"
SS/W & H/O Rena Estelle McCauley, S/O Guy Franklin & Sarah Elizabeth [Gibbs] McCauley
See photo
Row 22.13McCAULEYJanis Marie12/Sep/1944
Fort Cobb OK
Fort Cobb OK
 McCAULEYJim08/Sep/193423/Apr/2003H/O Virgie Sue [McAlexander] McCauley, S/O Henry D. & Rena Estelle McCauley
Unmarked grave
Row 22.14McCAULEYJuana Sue19/Nov/193423/May/1943 
Row __McCAULEYJuanita A. [Cox]23/Dec/1914 "Married Feb 28, 1932"SS/W & W/O Albert Lee "Mac" McCauley
See photo
Row __McCAULEYKatheryn Jean "Kathy" [Hawkins]13/May/1941
Anadarko OK
"Loving Daughter~Sister Mother and Grandmother" "Daughter of Earl and Elva Hawkins" "Mother of Jeff and Greg McCauley"
W/O Unknown McCauley, D/O Earl & Elva [Jones] Hawkins, Fort Cobb Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
See obit & photo
Row 22.15McCAULEYLadelia Estelle23/Sep/194224/Sep/1942See photo
Row __McCAULEYRena Estelle02/Jun/191416/May/2003"Married Dec 25, 1932"
SS/W & W/O Henry D. McCauley
See photo
Row __McCAULEYSarah Elizabeth [Gibbs] 21/May/1896
Fort Cobb OK
Ss/W & W/O Guy Franklin McCauley, D/O John Paul & Gertrude Ethel [Brim] Gibbs
Row __McCAULEYVirgie Sue [McAlexander] 29/May/1937
Anadarko OK
W/O Jim McCauley, M 06/Jun/1954, D/O Billy Fred & Ora Leone [Miller] McAlexander
Unmarked grave
Row 22.16McCAULEYWendel Guy30/Oct/194004/Oct/1940See photo
McClure Family Plot
Row 12.12
McCLUREBessie C. [McCullough]26/Apr/189324/Dec/19642nd W/O Phillip Luther McClure MD
McClure Family Plot
Row 12.15
McCLUREInfant dau04/Jul/191304/Jul/1913"Infant Daughter of Dr Phillip L. & Lula M. McClure"
D/O Phillip Luther & Lula May [Nail] McClure
McClure Family Plot
Row 12.14
McCLURELula May [Nail]16/Feb/1881
Corinth AR
Chickasha OK

1st W/O Phillip Luther McClure MD, D/O Alexander & Mary Magdeline [Crawford] Nail
McClure Family Plot
Row 12.13
McCLUREPhilip Luther MD09/Dec/1876
Murfreesboro TN
Chickasha OK
H/O [1] Lula May [Nail] McClure, M 07/Mar/1900 Corinth AR [2] Bessie C. [McCullough] McClure, S/O Wiley Newman & Eliza Jane [Hale] McClure
Caddo CO OK Pioneer Physician
Row __McCOOLRex Norman26/Nov/1933
Swan Lake OK
Bethany OK
  US Army
H/O [1] Patricia [Scanlon] McCool, div [2] Shirley Richardson McCool, M 19/Apr/1991, S/O Clarence Benjamin McCool & Carmilla Gladys [Baldwin] McCool McClure, Orange CO CA deputy Marshall
Unmarked grave
See obit
Row __McCoyErnie Rogers24/Jul/1930
Crowville LA
Clinton OK
 US Army ~ Korea
S/O Jessie Nathaniel & Emma Iva [Harper] McCoy, Ray & Martha's Funeral Home ~ Carnegie OK
Unmarked grave
Row __McCOYJ. D.18/Apr/192818/Oct/2008
"Beloved Father of Larry, Debra, Jana & Joanne"
H/O Unknown McCoy, S/O Jessie Nathaniel & Emma Iva [Harper] McCoy, Ray & Martha's Funeral Home ~ Carnegie OK
Row __McCrawCarrie Lavon [Harjo]21/Jun/1961
OK City OK
OK City OK
 W/O Unknown McCraw, D/O Leslie Sr & Eloise [Sumpter] Harjo, Caddo Nation, Smith Funeral Home ~ Anadarko OK
Unmarked grave
See obit
Row 30
McCULLOUGHAlice--/Oct 186009/Feb/1946"Mother"
W/O William W. McCullough
Row 4.21McCULLOUGHCecil C.03/Jul/1904<
Fort Cobb OK
Weatherford OK
H/O Unknown McCullough, S/O T. C. & Gladys [Drake] McCullough, car accident
See obit
Row 4.19McCULLOUGHClyde19041967"Children of J. W. McCullough"
SS/W & B/O Harold McCullough
Row __McCULLOUGHGladys [Drake]18861968W/O T. C. McCullough, M 1902
Row 4.19McCULLOUGHHarold10/Dec/191430/May/1918"Children of J. W. McCullough"
SS/W B/O Clyde McCullough
Row 4.21McCULLOUGHJoseph W.18891955 
Row 30
McCULLOUGHT. C.21/Jun/1884
Fort Scott KS
San Diego CA
H/O Gladys [Drake] McCullough
See obit
Row 30
McCULLOUGHWilliam H.18571956 
Row 32
McDANIELAlexander "Little Alex"25/Oct/1886
Robertson CO TX
Chickasha OK
71 Yrs, SS/W & H/O Martha Jane [Igo] McDaniel, M 14/Aug/1905 Rocky, Washita CO, OK Terr, S/O Alexander & Bettie [Garrett] McDaniel, Chickasha Funeral Home ~ Chickasha OK
Row 7.28McDANIELBertha16/Nov/188708/Oct/1948SS/W & W/O Wiley D. McDaniel
Row 25.5McDANIELEdna Laveta12/Oct/193422/Jul/1935 
Row 32
McDANIELMartha Jane [Igo]25/Jul/1886
Menifee CO KY
Chickasha OK
83 Yrs, SS/W & W/O Alexander McDaniel, M 14/Aug/1905 Rocky OK, D/O William Thomas Igo & Nancy [Wells] Igo, Brown's Funeral Home ~ Chickasha OK
Row 7.27McDANIELOrval H.19221927"Son of W. D. & Bertha McDaniel"
S/O Wiley D. & Bertha McDaniel
Row 7.28McDANIELWiley D.11/Oct/1871Robertson CO TX08/Dec/1935
Yukon OK
SS/W & H/O Bertha McDaniel
See obit
Row 27.42McELROYMidge19211998Unmarked grave
Row 27.43McELROYOrville J.19201997 "CWO2 US Army ~ World War II ~ Korea"
Row __McGOVERNGarland19252010Steverson FHM ~ Anadarko OK
Row __McHENRYRichard K.11/Dec/189417/Oct/1928Gish Funeral Home ~ Anadarko OK
Row 15.28McKELVEYHoward E.06/Feb/191520/Jan/1967 
Row 15.29McKELVEYVernon T.19121942 "Pvt US Air Corps"
Row 9.30McKELVEYWilla Jo14/May/192710/Nov/1928Unmarked grave
Row 31
McKINZIEAnna B.19102003"Mother"
SS/W & W/O Coy H. McKinzie
Row 27.16McKINZIEBaby06/Jan/193612/Jun/1936"Our Darling At Rest"
Row 31
McKINZIECoy H.19071969"Father"
SS/W & H/O Anna B. McKinzie
Row 27.15McKINZIEJack C.27/Dec/189826/Jan/1964SS/W & H/O Mary Alice [Bradford] McKinzie
Row 25.8McKINZIEJames Monroe "J. M."18921975SS/W Tobin Borden "Tobie" & Hazel Dolly "Nana" [Hewitt] Wells McKinzie, 2nd H/O Hazel Dolly "Nana" [Hewitt] Wells, S/O William H. & Lina E. McKinzie
See photo
Row 27.15McKINZIEMary Alice [Bradford]06/Dec/189330/Nov/1969SS/W & W/O Jack C. McKinzie, D/O Henry Banks & Bettie [Rogers] Bradford
Row 13.13McLANEAnna E.18711934 
Row 9.10McLANEAlene Boydstun22/Jun/1914
Fort Cobb OK
Fort Cobb OK
"Gone to a better planet"
D/O James Arvil & Viola Florence [Boydston] McLane
Row __McLANEAnna Elizabeth [Osburn]01/Oct/1871
Ellis MO
Fort Cobb OK
W/O John Arcibald McLane
Row 25.25McLANEJames A.11/Oct/192428/Sep/1946 "Oklahoma PFC Engineers ~ World War II"
Row 9.9McLANERaymond C.19201922 
Row 9.11McLANEViola Florence [Boydstun]07/Jan/1893
Lexington OK
Fort Cobb OK
"Earth has no sorrows that heaven cannot heal">
W/O James Arvil McLane
Row 14.25McLEANJames W.18441924 
Row 23.35McMAINSBernice G. [Gates]19051970SS/W Thomas F. McMains, D/O John W. & Cpra C. [Hood] Gates
Row 23.35McMAINSThomas F.1905 SS/W Bernice G. McMains
Row __McMILLINBeatrice M. [Meeks]19061995"In God's Care"
SS/W & W/O Clarence W. McMillin
Row __McMILLINClarence W.19021986"In God's Care"
SS/W & H/O Beatrice M. McMillin
Row 33
McMILLINDessie R.07/Nov/192009/Dec/1994"Wed Oct 26, 1938"
SS/W & W/O Mack Ray McMillin
Row 33
McMILLINFrances Lavanie13/Oct/1953
Hobart OK
Carnegie OK
 "1st Class Cadette Scout"
D/O Ray & Unknown McMillin
See obit
Row 27.30McMILLANHiram18/Nov/189815/Oct/1951 
Row __McMILLINInos Lavena [Brock]18/Nov/1935
Tecumseh OK
Dibble OK
W/O Kenneth Murray McMillin, M 22/Sep/1952, D/O William Henry & Lavena Oretha [Pittman] Brock, Fort Cobb Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
Unmarked grave
See obit
Row __McMILLINKenneth "Murray"02/Jan/1931
Hobart OK
Fort Cobb OK
 "US Navy"
H/O Inos Lavena [Brock] McMillin, S/O Clarence W. & Beatrice M. [Meeks] McMillin, Fort Cobb Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
Unmarked grave
Row 33
McMILLINMack Ray13/Jul/191414/Feb/1989"Wed Oct 26, 1938"
SS/W & H/O Dessie R. McMillin
Row 38
McMURTREYJessie11/Apr/192318/Dec/1988"In Loving Memory" "Wife, Mother, Grandmother"
W/O Elmer Buster McMurtrey, M/O Stanley Alan McMurtrey
Row __McNEILRichard Don10/May/193730/Jun/2004Unmarked grave
 McPHERSONArety1868 Unmarked grave
Row __McPHERSONBeulah Esther [Bates]1923 "Mother"
SS/W & W/O Roy Arlie McPherson, D/O Ccil Edgar & Lucille "Lucy" [Meeks] Bates
See photo
Row 1.8McPHERSONElisha11/Oct/1873
Fannin CO TX
Swan Lake OK
SS/W & H/O Mary "Nettie" [Albertson] McPherson, S/O William M. & Frances Ellen [Hunter] McPherson
Row __McPHERSONGeorge Oscar23/Aug/1871
Davidson CO TN
Cache OK
H/O [1] Callie Dona [Hulsey] McPherson, M 1889 Yell CO AR [2] Flora A. McPherson [3] Josephine Adeline "Josie" [Barker] McPherson, S/O William M. & Frances Ellen [Hunter] McPherson
Unmarked grave
Row __McPHERSONKeith L.19471981 
Row 1.7McPHERSONL. S.11/Oct/187314/Jan/1945"Husband At Rest"
Row __McPHERSONMary "Nettie" [Albertson]1876
Buchanan CO MO
Fort Cobb OK
SS/W & W/O Elisha McPherson
Row __McPHERSONRoy Arlie19211979"Daddy"
SS/W & H/O Beulah Esther [Bates] McPherson

See photo
Row 24.36McQUEENLillie B. [Stout]18751960SS/W & W/O Robert B. McQueen, D/O Isaac Finley & Frances Elizabeth [McEwen] Stout
Row 24.36McQUEENRobert B.18691964SS/W & H/O Lillie B. [Stout] McQueen
Row 31
McRAEGladys [Haas]02/Apr/1909
Tucumcari NM
Carnegie OK
W/O Willie Jefferson "Jeff" McRae, M 27/Apr/1928 Anadarko OK, D/O Frank & Elizabeth "Lizzie" [Groom] Haas
Unmarked grave
Row 31
McRAEWillie Jefferson "Jeff"19091965H/O Gladys [Haas] McRae, M 27/Apr/1928 Anadarko OK
Row 6.21MEACHAMAndrew S.18381915 
Row 27.20MEEKAlice Mildred08/Jan/190823/Jun/2000 
Row 28.22MEEKClaude N.22/Dec/1889
Hood CO TX
Carnegie OK
SS/W & H/O Myrtle [Daniel] Meek, M 13/Oct/1912 Cooperton OK, car fell on him, Harvey Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
See obit
Row 29.35MEEKCory Lynn07/Jul/196108/Jul/1961"Budded on earth to bloom in heaven"
SS/W Diana Lynn Meek
Row 29.35MEEKDiana Lynn29/Jun/196029/Jun/1960"Budded on earth to bloom in heaven"
SS/W Cory Lynn Meek
Row 28.19MEEKEmmett18/Jul/1913
Fort Cobb OK
Chickasha OK
  "EM3 US Navy ~ World War II" "Married June 2, 1940"
SS/W & H/O Nadine [Smith] Meek, M Manchester OK, S/O Martin L. & Sylvia E. [Smothers] Meek, Fort Cobb Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
Row 15.7MEEKJoseph R.--/Apr/1871
Greene CO IN
Caddo CO O
H/O [1] Flora C. [Daily] Meek [2] SS/W Maude Meek, S/O William H. & Mary Ellen [Wright] Meek
Row __MEEKKatherine Elizabeth [Williams]29/Mar/1911
Washita OK
Albuquerque NM
"Married Apr 21, 1933" "Parents of Jo Kaye" SS/W & W/O Marvin Joe Meek, D/O John D. & Nora Viola [Baxter] Williams. taught school 33 years, French Mortuary ~ Albuquerque NM & Fort Cobb-Hackney Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
See obit
Row 15.8MEEKMaggie13/Sep/186704/Jul/1917"Wife of J. R. Meek"
Row 31
MEEKMaggie [McGian]05/Apr/1885
Searsboro IA
Fort Cobb OK
SS/W & W/O Michael B. "Mitch" Meek
Caddo Pioneer
See obit
Row 27.21MEEKMartin L.05/Jan/1880
Owensburg IN
20 May 1958
Anadarko OK
SS/W & H/O Sylvia E. [Smothers] Meek, M 03/Apr/1907 Fort Cobb OK
See obit
Row __MEEKMarvin Joe12/May/191010.Nov/2003"Married Apr 21, 1933" "Parents of Jo Kaye" SS/W & H/O Katherine Elizabeth [Williams] Meek, S/O Mitchel B. & Maggie [McGian] Meek
Row 15.7MEEKMaude [Stone]13/Jan/1891
Erath CO TX
Fort Cobb OK
SS/W & W/O Joseph R. Meek, D/O Benjamin Franklin & Mahala Eliza [Wilkinson] Stone
Row 31
MEEKMitchel B.05/Jan/1880
Greene CO IN
Caddo CO OK
SS/W & H/O Maggie [McGian] Meek, S/O William H. & Mary Ellen [Wright] Meek
Row 28.22MEEKMyrtle [Daniels]22/Mar/1896
Cordell OK
Pawnee OK
SS/W & W/O Claude N. "C. N." Meek, M 13/Oct/1912 Cooperton OK
See obit
Row 28.19MEEKNadine [Smith]26/Dec/191610/Apr/2002"Married June 2, 1940"
SS/W & W/O Emmett Meek
Row 15.6MEEKNeil Hale19141926 
Row __MEEKOleta L.09/Apr/192610/Apr/1988SS/W W. L. "Bert" Meek
Row 27.21MEEKSylvia E. [Smothers]23/Jul/189022/Jul/1966SS/W & W/O Martin L. Meek
Row __MEEKWilbert L. "Bert"11/Oct/1916
SS/W & H/O Oleta L. Meek, S/O Mitchel B. & Maggie [McGian] Meek
Row __MEEKSBryan Scott10/Apr/197221/Aug/1992"Beloved Son Farwell"
Row __MEEKSDean "Deanie"19/Dec/196020/Jan/2004"Married Aug 2, 1990" "I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me Phillipians 4:1"
SS/W & H/O Jo Ann Meeks, S/O Unknown & Shirley Odessa [Albert] Meeks
Row 40
MEEKSDora Belle18981965Unmarked grave
Row __MEEKSJo Ann09/Oct/1962 "Married Aug 2, 1990" "I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me Phillipians 4:1"
SS/W & W/O Dean "Deanie" Meeks
Row 40
MEEKSNorval Earl19821961 
Row __MEEKSRen Dale19901999Unmarked grave
Row 37
MEIERSLaura26/Dec/189825/Aug/1955Unmarked grave
Row 37
MEIERSRichard22/Apr/188911/Nov/1955Unmarked grave
Row 13.38MENDENHALLFrances E. [Friend]05/Aug/186717/Mar/1925"She was the sunshine of our home"
W/O John Andrew Mendenhall
Row 13.39MENDENHALLJohn Andrew20/Aug/1862
Montezuma IA
Chickasha OK
H/O Frances E. [Friend] Mendenhall, M 26/May/1880, at Wichita KS
Caddo CO Pioneer
See obit
Row __MERRITTRonald Gene "Ronnie"31/Jul/193903/Feb/2018
Anadarko OK
 US Marine Corps
H/O Cindy [Perkins] Merritt, M , S/O Kenneth & Inez [Hollaway] Merritt
Unmarked grave
Row 13.31METTZAdelia M. [Adams]02/Apr/1861
Calhoun CO IL
"Mother" "At Rest"
SS/W & W/O John Wilson Mettz, D/O Joseph John W. & Jane [Bond] Adams
Row 13.30 METTZ Carl O. Sgt 13/Feb/188908/Dec/1918 "US Army" Son of J. W. & A. M. Mettz" "Entered US Service May 1, 1918" "Died in Camp Travis Dec 8, 1918"
S/O John Wilson & Adelia M. [Adams] Mettz
Row 13.31 METTZ John Wilson 25/Jul/1856
Gilead IL
El Reno OK
SS/W & H/O Adelia M. [Adams] Mettz
Row 39
METZErnest16/Dec/1895--/Oct/1971"Married Aug 22, 1917"
SS/W & H/O Stella [Ridge] Metz, S/O William Samuel & Emma Eliza [Swope] Metz
Row 39
METZRay Robert28/Jan/190324/Aug/1975H/O Vesta [Givens] Metz, S/O Ernest & Stella [Ridge] Metz
Unmarked grave
Row 39
METZStella [Ridge]18911974"Married Aug 22, 1917"
SS/W & W/O Ernest Metz, D/O Franklin P. & Rosetta [Goff] Ridge
Row 39
METZVesta [Givens]05/Jul/1925
Gracemont OK
Chickasha OK
W/O Ray Robert Metz, D/O Oscar E. & Nora [Massey] Givens
Unmarked grave
Row 40
METZWesley03/Mar/194503/Jun/1991"Love Ya Babe" "Husband Jo Ruby Ann" "Married Nov 8, 1988"
H/O [1] Sonja Lynn [Gregory] Metz [2] Jo Ruby Ann Metz, S/O Ray Robert & Vesta [Givens] Metz
Row __MEYERDorothy P.05/Dec/192325/Nov/1992SS/W Earl McDowell Meyer
Row __MEYEREarl McDowell14/Jun/191929/Apr/2005 "Tec 4 US Army ~ World War II"
SS/W Dorothy P. Meyer
Row __MEYERGarth A.28/Mar/1917 09/Sep/1995"Beloved Husband and Father" "In God's Care"
Row __MEYERSHillary A.15/Mar/192111/Mar/2002"Married Dec 23, 1942" "Precious Memories"
SS/W & H/O Ruth M. Meyers
Row __MEYERSRuth M.23/Oct/1923  "Married Dec 23, 1942" "Precious Memories"
SS/W & W/O Hillary S. Meyers
Row __MIELYRobert Charles "Bob"18/Mar/191527/Aug/1999"Im Loving Memory"
H/O Dixie Leona [Mobley] Miely, buried Hugo OK
Row __MILESClaudia Alice [Wray]17/Jun/1881
Jack CO TX
Modesto CA
SS/W William Bedford Miles, M 29/Nov/1905 Fort Cobb OK, D/O Azariah Martin & Maru Catherine [Travis] Wray
See photo
Row __MILESFloyd C.18771937See photo
Row __MILESMarjorie19121938D/O William Bedford & Claudia Alice [Wray] Miles
See photo
Row __MILESWilliam Bedford11/Jul/1879
Russellville KY
Fort Cobb OK
SS/W & H/O Claudia Alice [Wray] Miles, M 29/Nov/1905 Fort Cobb OK
See photo
Pleger Family Plot
Row 9.18
MILLERSarah J.11/Nov/186623/Mar/1928"Mother"
Row __MILLER SETZERBeatrice Lorene [Avery]16/Apr/1916
Fort Cobb OK
OK City OK
W/O [1] Unknown Miller [2] Everett Wiley Setzer, D/O John Napoleon & Sallie Pearl [Mullins] Avery
See photo
Row __MILLICANA. M.08/Aug/1874
Hill CO TX
Fort Cobb OK
Gish Funeral Home ~ Anadarko OK
Unmarked grave
Row 22.46MILLSGranville Y.17/May/1904
Bristow OK
Chickasha OK
"Married 68 years"
SS/W & H/O Iva E. [Crawford] Mills, M 20/Nov/1922, Steverson Funeral Home ~ Anadarko OK
Row 22.46MILLSIva E. [Crawford]02/May/190417/Feb/1991"Married 68 years"
SS/W & W/O Granville Y. Mills, M 20/Nov/1922
Row 16.6MILLSJ. W.  SS/W J. A. Bethel
Row 38
MILLSRickey Lynn08/Mar/195711/Jul/1968 
Row 38
MILLSRodney Eugene14/Sep/195127/Jun/1991 
Row __MILLSWilliam A.24/Jan/192510/Aug/2003 "Sgt US Army ~ World War II" "Loving Husband 
Row __MILLSWilliam Alexander--/Dec/1839
Greene CO TN
Fort Cobb OK
H/O Susan Melvina [Snider] Mills, M 22/Jul/1856 Greene CO MO, S/O Thomas A. & Nancy Ann [Johnson] Mills
Homemade marker
Row 38
MILLWEEBette [Smith]23/Jun/1930
Duncan OK
OK City OK

W/O Glenn Millwee, M 30/Jul/1949, D/O Walter & Maybell [Carver] Smith, artist
Unmarked grave
Row __MILLWEEClaude Hartwell25/Nov/192910/Aug/1998Unmarked grave
Row 19.6MILLWEEFrederick Alman16/Oct/192016/Oct/1920"And Infant Dau of D. D. & Juanita Millwee"
SS/W Infant Daughter Millwee
Millwee Family Plot
Row 38
MILLWEEGlenn Wesley21/May/192609/Apr/2005H/O Betty [Smith] Millwee
Row 19.5MILLWEEIda I.07/Dec/190010/Mar/1969SS/W Newkham G. Millwee
Row 19.6MILLWEEInfant Daughter16/Oct/192016/Oct/1920"Infant Dau of D. D. & Juanita Millwee"
SS/W Frederick Alman Millwee
Row 38
MILLWEELeonard F.01/Nov/189022/Jan/1993  "Pvt US Army ~ World War I"
H/O Mamie Gay [Hartwell] Millwee
Row __MILLWEEMamie Gay [Hartwell]28/Jul/1902
Prague OK
Carnegie OK
W/O Leonard F. Millwee, M 24/Mar/1924 El Reno OK, D/O William & Lena Hartwell, landscape & portrait artist
See obit
Row __MILLWEEMary [Lucas]14/Feb/1892
Elkton KY
Carnegie OK
3rd W/O Sidney Malachi Millwee, M 21/Jan/1935 Havana AR
Unmarked grave
See obit
Row 19.5MILLWEENewkham G.30/Oct/189819/Mar/1974SS/W Ida I. Millwee
Row 22.8MILLWEESidney Malachi1868
DeQueen AR
"Age 89 yrs, 11 mos, 28 dys"
H/O [1] Eliza [McKiney] Millwee [2] Susan Minolee [Logan] Millwee [3] Mary [Lucas] Millwee, S/O John & Cynthia Millwee
See obit
Row 22.9MILLWEESusan Minolee "Minnie" [Logan] Millwee24/Aug/1868
Murray CO GA
Anadarko OK
2nd W/O 3rd Husb Sidney Malachi Millwee, D/O Dawson & Mary Susannah [Morris] Logan, no children but raised those of her husband
Row __MILTONC. W.01/Jun/1858 20/Feb/1906Unmarked grave
Row 11.26MILTONSarah E.01/Jan/185820/Feb/1906"Wife of G.W. Dau. of A.G. & Amanda"
Block 1, Lot 54, N 1/2MIRANDAMollie Elder09/Mar/185828/Aug/1938W/O [1] Sterling Elder [2] Thomas Miranda, Harvey Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
Unmarked grave
Great Grandmother of: Judy Knox
Row __MIRANDAThomas Ira06/Oct/187426/Jan/1950H/O Mollie Elder Miranda, Harvey Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
Unmarked grave
Row __MITCHELLCarlos25/Jul/1942
Granite City IL
Carnegie OK
H/O Unknown Mitvhell, S/O Carlos & Jenette [Napoli] Mitchell, Ray & Martha's Funeral Home ~ Carnegie OK
Row __MOBLEYBen22/May/1940 09/Feb/1941Harvey Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
Unmarked grave
Row __MOBLEYGlen Augustus28/Mar/1919
Anadarko OK
Abilene TX
"Home At Last"
SS/W & H/O Mary Evelyn [Sharp] Mobley, S/O James William & Sadie Bell [Cannon] Mobley
Row __MOBLEYJames Leroy19/Oct/1910
Caddo CO OK
Apache OK
"In Memory"
S/O James William & Sadie Bell [Cannon] Mobley
Row 22.39MOBLEYJames William11/Jun/1887
Austin TX
Anadarko OK
"Married Nov 7, 1909"
SS/W & H/O Sadie Bell [Cannon] Mobley, S/O William Samuel & Mary Ella "Mollie" [Davis] Mobley
Row __MOBLEYJerry Dale03/Oct/195326/Jul/2002 "SP 4 US Army"
S/O Glen Augustus & Mary Evelyn [Sharp] Mobley
Row __MOBLEYMary Evelyn [Sharp]19/Aug/1922
Augusta KS
Abilene TX
"Home At Last"
SS/W & W/O Glen Augustus Mobley, D/O Henry Andrew & Mary Edith [White] Sharp
Row 22.38MOBLEYRuby [Golden]19141946Old marker at foot
Row 22.39MOBLEYSadie Bell [Cannon]03/Jul/1888
Anadarko OK
"Married 7 Nov 1909"
SS/W & W/O James W. Mobley, D/O Augustus Coleman & Sarah Ellen Virginia [Bryce] Cannon
Row __MOBLEYTroy Dale16/Oct/1924
Caddo CO OK
Anadarko OK
 "Pvt US Army ~ World War II"
S/O James William & Sadie Bell [Cannon] Mobley
See photo
Row 27.48MOBLEYWilliam19201996 
Row 15.16MORRISONAlmedia A. [Pruitt]12/Apr/185817/Jan/1934"Mother"
SS/W & W/O James Napoleon Morrison
Row __MOFFERDamon Dean23/Dec/196926/Aug/2009  "PO 3 US Navy ~ Persian Gulf" "Precious Loving Son & Brother" "The Guy Family"
Row __MOFFERWildena Frances [Guy]20/Jul/1940
Lawton OK
Lawton OK

W/O Unknown Moffer, D/O Willard & Rena Marie [Edge] Guy, Caddo Nation, Smith Funeral Home ~ Anadarko OK
Unmarked grave
Row __MORGANWilliam Francis16/Oct/1946
OK City OK
Geary OK
Former H/O Trudy Morgan, S/O Buck & Maxine [McGraw] Morgan, teacher & basketball coach, principal
Unmarked grave
Row __MORRISONAlmedia A. [Pruitt]12/Apr/185817/Jan/1934"Mother"
SS/W & W/O James Napoleon Morrison, D/O Lamon & Mary Massey [Spilman] Pruitt
Row 15.16MORRISONJames Napoleon08/Jan/184424/Mar/1922 "Pvt CO K 29th Ill Inf Union Army ~ Civil War" "Father"
SS/W & H/O Almedia A. [Pruitt] Morrison
Row 15.17MORRISONLamon J.26/Jan/1879
"Deacon of My Olive Baptist Church"
H/O [1] Mahulda Sarena Pruitt [2] Marry Massey [Spilman] Pruitt, S/O James Neloleon & Almedia A. [Pruitt] Morrison
Row 29.32MORROWJessie L.19371956 
Row __MOTTAZEarl A.06/Jan/1919 04/Jul/1982SS/W & H/O Lena [Turney] Mottaz
Row __MOTTAZLena [Turney]21/Sep/191202/Oct/2000SS/W & W/O Earl A. Mottaz
Row __MULLINSJewell Izona [Brown]15/May/1919
Dewey OK
Fort Cobb OK
  "Rosie The Riveter" "Married Feb 9, 1945"
W/O Woodrow Buster Mullins, M OK City OK, D/O Levie Lefty & Arizona [Raynolds] Brown, Binger Funeral Home ~ Binger OK
Unmarked grave
Row __MULLINSWoodrow Buster25/Nov/191413/Jan/2004  "US Army ~ World War II" "Married Feb 9, 1945"
SS/W & H/O Jewell Izona [Brown] Mullins
Row 6.32MURPHYLinnie [Hayes]18431920"Aunt"
Row __MURPHYWillie Juanita194919/May/1957
Fort Cobb OK
D/O John & Unknown Murphy, drowned, Fort Cobb Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
Unmarked grave
See obit
Row 40
MURRAYMary Elanora16/Jan/188519/Nov/1979"Mother"
Row 14.26MUSEArchie H.26/Jun/1871
Colusa CO CA
SS/W & H/O Malinda Victoria "Lindy/Linda" Averine [Geurin] Muse
Row 14.26MUSEMalinda Victoria Averine "Lindy / Linda" [Geurin]04/Sep/187422/Mar/1926 "Mother"
SS/W & W/O Archie H. Muse, D/O Charles William Franklin & Mary Ellen [Riley] Geurin
See obit

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