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Fort Cobb/Oak Grove Cemetery
Caddo County, Oklahoma

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J Surnames

Row __JACKSBetty Florence31/Jul/193314/May/1936Harvey Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
Unmarked grave
Row 40
JACKSONAddis Nellie [Blackwood]28/Jul/1912
Nashville AR
Carnegie OK
W/O Stoney A. Jackson, M 17/Jun/1945 Chase KS
See obit
Row __JACKSONAlice Pauline [McCarty] 14/Jul/1931 "Married Dec 4, 1947"
SS/W & W/O Herman L. Jackson
Row __JACKSONB. S.15/Feb/1881 05/Dec/1931Unmarked grave
Row 12.27JACKSONCarl14/Jan/192409/May/1924"Our Darling At Rest"
Row 31
JACKSONCora B. [Alford]18761964"Mother"
SS/W & 3rd W/O John Newton Jackson, D/O George Wiley & Mary Alford
Row 24.41JACKSONDaniel17/Dec/193318/Dec/1973SS/W Goldie [Shirley] Jackson
Row 12.28JACKSONE. B.18981955SS/W Pearl Jackson
Row 21.24 JACKSONEarnest Earl17/Jun/190512/Oct/1936"Father"
SS/W & H/O Ruby F. Jackson, S/O Jasper Sidney & Mary Ella [Haney] Jackson
Row __JACKSONElsberry Berry "Elzie"25/May/1896
Lancaster MO
Baird TX
H/O Unknown Jackson, S/O Stephen Franklin & Mary Elizabeth [Bridwell] Jackson
Unmarked grave
Row 32
JACKSONEssie [Josey]18881975Precious Mother"
W/O [1] William Wilcox [2] S. W. "Jack" Jackson
Row __JACKSONEvelyn Mae [Sawyer]27/May/1909
20/Mar/1980W/O Paul Newton Jackson, D/O Elbert Oliver & Ethel Mae [Miller] Sawyer
Unmarked grave
Row 24.42JACKSONEverett Earl23/Sep/192812/Mar/1989 
Row 28.34JACKSONGeorge William189126/Jun/1971
Carnegie OK
H/O Sarah Gladys [Stone] Jackson
Row 24.41JACKSONGoldie [Shirley]22/Apr/193721/Jan/1990SS/W Daniel Jackson
Row _JACKSONHerman L.18/Feb/1930
Alden OK
Lawton OK
"Married Dec 4, 1947"
SS/W & H/O Alice Pauline [McCarty] Jackson, M Lawton OK, S/O Robert & Alice Cleora Rogers Jackson, Becker Funeral Home ~ Fletcher OK
See obit
Row __JACKSONInfant 12/Feb/1904I/O James & Unknown Jackson
Row __JACKSONJ. W.20/Feb/1876 --/Oct/1946H/O Eva [Keener] Jackson, M 23/Oct/1909 Purcell OK, Harvey Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
Unmarked grave
See obit
Row 21.25JACKSONJames Franklin19301954 "CPL US Army ~ Korea"
"My Dearest Husband"
H/O Unknown Jackson, S/O Earnest Earl & Ruby F. [Wiggins] Jackson
Row 25.23JACKSONJames W.18761946Unmarked grave
Row __JACKSONJohn Joseph1947 2009Fort Cob FHM ~ Fort Cobb OK
Row 31
JACKSONJohn Newton186720/Jul/1949
Chickasha OK
H/O Mary Ann [Dodd] Jackson [2] Edna Angeline [Grady] Jackson [3] SS/W Cora B. [Alford] Jackson
Row 2.29JACKSONLovell19201920"8 mos Old"
Row 14.30JACKSONMary Elizabeth [Bridwell]--/May/1870
SS/W & W/O Stephen F. Jackson, D/O William & Elizabeth Jane [Briedwell] Heaton
Row __JACKSONOral Harold Sr18/Oct/1909
Nocona TX
Chickasha OK
"Married 50 Yrs"
SS/W & H/O Wilma L. [Leighton] Jackson, M 14/Aug/1942 Altus OK, S/O Joseph Oscar Jackson & Mary Alice [Howard] Jackson Miller, publisher of The Fort Cobb News, The Verden News, Thy Cyril Pioneer & The Cement Field News, Fort Cobb Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
Row __JACKSONPaul Newton25/Oct/1906
Fort Cobb OK
H/O Evelyn Mae [Sawyer] Jackson, M 03/Dec/1927 Altus OK, S/O John Newton & Cora B. [Alford] Jackson
Unmarked grave
See news article
Row __JACKSONPaul Newton Jr12/Mar/1932
Fort Cobb OK
H/O Dosia [McCullough] Jackson, M 1951, S/O Paul Newton & Evelyn Mae [Sawyer] Jackson, heart disease, Crews Funeral Home ~ Apache OK
See obit
Row 12.28JACKSONPearl19031984SS/W E. B. Jackson
Row 24.40JACKSONRobert L.18941950"In Loving Memory Of"
Row __JACKSONRoy Lee Rev18/Oct/1929
Fort Cobb OK
Choctaw OK
 Capt US Army ~ Korea
H/O Velma [Owens] Jackson, M 14/Aug/1949, S/O Paul Newton & Evelyn Mae [Sawyer] Jackson
Unmarked grave
See obit
Row 21.24JACKSONRuby F. [Wiggins]10/Jun/190905/May/1940"Mother"
SS/W & W/O Earnest E. Jackson
Row 32
JACKSONS. W. "Jack"22/Feb/1869
Spavinaw OK
Carnegie OK
H/O [1] Dora [Keyes] Jackson, M 1924 [2] Essie Elizabeth [Josey] Wilcox Jackson, M Wichita Falls TX
See obit
Row 15.20JACKSONSarah Gladys [Stone]11/Jan/189317/Apr/1940"Wife of G. W. Jackson"
W/O George William Jackson, D/O James Rowland & Frances Ann Obedience [Black] Stone
Row 14.30JACKSONStephen Franklin10/Apr/1868
Dowling MO
Anadarko OK
SS/W & H/O Mary E. Jackson, Pitcher Funeral Home ~ Carnegie OK
See obit
Row 40
JACKSONStoney Andrew191719--Unmarked grave
Row __JACKSONWilma L. [Leighton]07/Feb/1918 "Married 50 Yrs"
SS/W & W/O Oral Harold Jackson Jr, M 14/Aug/1942 Altus OK
Row __JARELColton Lee16/Dec/200219/Dec/2002SS/W Carl Andrew Dean Jarel Robinson
Row 20.18JARELJohn Frank14/May/192314/Sep/1995"Married 11 May 1946 John Frank Jarel & Reva Bernice Pledger" "Parents of: Carol ~ Johnnetta ~ Ann ~ Linda ~ Johnny ~ Bobby"
SS/W & H/O Bernice Jarel
Row 20.18JARELReva Bernice [Pledger]04/Sep/1927 "Married 11 May 1946 John Frank Jarel & Reva Bernice Pledger" "Parents of: Carol ~ Johnnetta ~ Ann ~ Linda ~ Johnny ~ Bobby"
SS/W & W/O John Jarel
Row __JAYBobby Lee01/Mar/1942
Mountain View OK
Anadarko OK
 US National Guard
H/O Ella Rose [Tofpi] Jay, M 22/Mar/1963, S/O Unknown & Rosalee Jay, Apache Tribe of OK, Comanche Nation Funeral Home ~ Lawton OK
Unmarked grave
See obit
Row __JAYElla Rose [Tofpi]13/Mar/1945
Lawton OK
Fort Cobb OK

W/O Bobby Lee Jay, M 22/Mar/1963 Anadarko OK, D/O Matthew & Clara Ruth [Silverhorn] Tofpi, Headstart teacher, Kiowa Tribe of OK, Ray & Martha's Funeral Home ~ Anadarko OK
Row 29.30JEFFRIESAnnita Audrey06/Jan/195807/Jan/1958D/O Unknown & Juanita Lorine [Turney] Brewer
Row 21.10JENKINSVirginia Jo28/Aug/1925
Fort Cobb OK
Lone Wolf OK
"Dau of J. A. & Virginia Jenkins"
gun accident
See obit
Row 3.17JESSEAmanda M. [Howser]24/Feb/186219/Aug/1920"Mother"
SS/W & W/O George W. Jesse
Row 3.17JESSEGeorge W.13/Aug/184830/Jun/1926"Father"
SS/W & H/O Amanda M. Jesse, S/O James M. & Unknown Jesse
Row __JOCOYLucille [Woods]13/May/1923
Frederick OK
OK City OK
SS/W & W/O Vernon Mack Jocoy, M 26/Apr/1942 Gracemont OK, D/O Roy William & Anna Gertrude [McGregor] Woods
Row __JOCOYSteve Allen01/Sep/1963 02/Sep/1963S/O Vernon Mack & Lucille [Woods] Jocoy
Unmarked grave
Row __JOCOYVernon Mack1920 1997"Dad"
SS/W & H/O Lucille [Woods] Jocoy
Row __JOHNSONA. Freda [Stevens]23/Aug/190802/Feb/2002D/O James Franklin Atwood & Maggie Lawrence [Herndon] Stevens
Unmarked grave
Row __JOHNSONAlbert Wilburn Jr20/May/1952
Fort Cobb Ok
OK City OK
S/O Albert Wilburn Johnson Sr & Bea Johnson Reid, Fort Cobb Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
Unmarked grave
Row __JOHNSONBeulah M.29/Jan/191230/Jan/1983SS/W Edgar D. Johnson
Row __JOHNSONClyde L.30/Sep/190316/Feb/1977Unmarked grave
Row 41
JOHNSONDavid Earl13/Aug/195009/Apr/2003Unmarked grave
Row 36
JOHNSONDavid Wayne16/Sep/195710/Sep/1978Unmarked grave
Row 21.6JOHNSONDonald Edward19351938SS/W & B/O Frieda Mae Johnson, S/O Arthur & Unknown Johnson, drowned, Harvey Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
See obit
Row 36
JOHNSONDonald Lee17/Dec/195026/Mar/1998 
Row 30.02JOHNSONElla T.27/Jun/187228/Nov/1949SS/W James A. Johnson
Row 41
JOHNSONEvon Pearl18/Sep/197218/Sep/1972"In Mother and Father's Memory"
Row 31
JOHNSONFlora Mae [Bradley]17/Jan/1907
Cache OK
Anadarko OK
W/O Arthur Johnson, M 02/Jan/1951, D/O William S. & Unknown Bradley
See obit & photo
Row 21.6JOHNSONFrieda Mae19291932SS/W & S/O Donald Edward Johnson, D/O Arthur & Unknown
See obit
Row __JOHNSONHerbert A.16/Sep/195312/Jun/1980"Son"
Row 30.03JOHNSONIna L.18/Dec/190604/Sep/1998 
Row 30.01JOHNSONJames A.20/Feb/186802/Jul/1954SS/W Ella T. Johnson
Row 31
JOHNSONJames Arthur13/May/189529/Jan/1982"Father"
H/O [1] Willie Mae [Bandy] Johnson [2] Flora Mae [Bradley] Johnson
See photo
Row __JOHNSONJames Wiley14/Aug/1888
Granbury TX
Sonoma CO CA
H/O Victoria [Brown] JohnsonUnmarked grave
Row __JOHNSONJannette [Combest]14/Mar/1956
Carnegie OK
OK City OK
W/O Steve Johnson, M 28/Jun/1979 Wichita Falls OK, D/O Charley John "Curly" & Guinell "Mutt" [Fife] Combest, Fort Cobb Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
Unmarked grave
See obit
Row 22.1JOHNSONKenneth Earl03/Aug/192704/Feb/1931S/O L, C, & Unknown Johnson, Harvey Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
See obit
Row 31
JOHNSONLeanna19/Jan/189823/Mar/1986See photo
Row __JOHNSONLonnie Ray14/Apr/194308/May/2011"My God has claimed me as His own"
Row __JOHNSONLouisa Jane15/Sep/185106/Feb/1944Unmarked grave
Row __JOHNSONMargarette26/Sep/1906 SS/W Oscar Johnson
Row 24.2JOHNSONMargaret Francis [Robertson]06/Apr/186431/May/1937
SS/W & W/O Robert L. Johnson
See obit
Row __JOHNSONMary Elizabeth1847 28/Dec/1934Harvey Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
Row 24.1JOHNSONNancy18461934SS/W Rhea Johnson
Row __JOHNSONOscar21/Oct/1902 01/May/1981SS/W Margrette Johnson
Row __JOHNSONRalph Earl20/Nov/1928
Eakly OK
Fort Cobb OK
  "MSGT US Air Force ~ Korea ~ Vietnam" "[Married] Sept 2, 1950"
SS/W & H/O Wilma Jo [Tilley] Johnson, M Wichita Falls TX, S/O David & Nellie [Huguley] Johnson, Phd & Masters degrees, musician, Fort Cobb Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
See obit
Row 24.1JOHNSONRhea18501942SS/W Nancy Johnson
Row 24.2JOHNSONRobert L.18651939"Father"
SS/W & H/O Margaret P. Johnson
Row __JOHNSONRonald Lee17/Dec/195026/Mar/1978Unmarked grave
Row __JOHNSONRozenea [Williams]23/Mar/192426/Nov/1995"In God's Care"
SS/W W. J. "Dub" Johnson, D/O John & Katherine Williams
Row __JOHNSONSylvia [Shults]05/Aug/192320/Jun/1995
Dodge City KS
"The eternal optimist: Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. 1 Cor 13:7"
W/O Unknown Johnson, D/O Henry N. & Pansy Pearl [Thomas] Shults
Row __JOHNSONW. J. "Dub"13/May/192501/Nov/2008"In God's care"
SS/W Rozenea [Williams] Johnson
Row 29.28JOHNSONWilliam C.191104/May/1957
Oney OK
Car accident
See obit
Row 31
JOHNSONWillie Mae [Bandy]15/Apr/189915/Apr/1949"Mother"
1st W/O James Arthur Johnson
See photo
Row __JOHNSONWilma Jo [Tilley]06/May/1932
Lone Prairie OK
Lawton OK

"[Married] Sep 2, 1930"
SS/W & W/O Ralph Earl Johnson, M Wichita Falls TX, D/O Israel Sneed & Lottie Lee [Sadler] Tilley, beautician
See obit
Row 30
JONESAmanda Jane "Mandy" [Bradshaw]06/Jul/1878
Calico Rock AR
Anadarko OK
W/O John Alexander Jones, M/O Tedford Alexander, Clyde Alton, Everett Homer, Damon Henry, Eugene & Troy Cecil Jones, Mary Luaney [Jones] Conklin & Ester Irene [Jones] Walls
See obit & photo
Row 36
St Joe TX
SS/W & H/O Sarah E. [Greenroyd] Jones, M 1902
Row 28.40JONESAnnie28/Feb/192913/Jun/1994 
Row __JONESBeulah Fannie16/Nov/189421/May/1977 
Row 13.3JONESCharlie Franklin06/May/1877
Yellville AR
Carnegie OK
H/O Unknown Jones, Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
See obit
Row __JONESCleo Lovie [Borden]21/Dec/1914
Marlow OK
Anadarko OK
"Married April 14, 1934"
SS/W & W/O Damon Henry Jones, D/O Frank Lawrence & Jessie Carmen [Shaw] Borden
See photo
Row __JONESDamon Henry01/Oct/1912
Rupert AR
OK City OK
"Married April 14, 1934"
SS/W & H/O Cleo Lovie [Borden] Jones, S/O John Alexander & Amanda Jane [Bradshaw] Jones, S/O John Alexander & Amanda Jane [Bradshaw] Jones, Fort Cobb Duneral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
See photo
Row __JONESDelbert09/May/192804/Jun/2006Unmarked grave
Row __JONESDon Quinton24/Feb/193828/Jul/2002S/O Damon Henry & Cleo Lovie [Borden] Jones
See photo
Row __JONESEdward M.1892 1962"I have finished the work Thou gavest me to do"
Row __JONESEugene V.15/Sep/1917
Scotland AR
Yukon OK
SS/W & H/O Lollie Lee [Borden] Jones, S/O John Alexander & Amanda Jane [Bradshaw] Jones
See obit & photo
Row 33
JONESEverett Homer04/Jul/1910
Dabney AR
Weatherford OK
"Married 1929"
SS/W & H/O Lula M. Jones, M 22/Jun/1929 Fort Cobb OK, S/O John Alexander & Amanda Jane [Bradshaw] Jones, Lockstone Funeral Home ~ Weatherford OK
See obit & photo
Row __JONESFreda Mary [Gilliam]28/Sep/1921
Anadarko OK
SS/W & W/O Troy C. Jones
See photo
Row 16.12JONESJ. H. Mrs08/Jan/188815/May/1915"A precious one from us has gone. A voice we loved is stilled. A place is vacant in our home Which never can be filled
Row 30
JONESJohn Alexander23/Feb/1879
Dabney AR
Anadarko OK
H/O Amanda Jane [Bradshaw] Jones, M 07/Feb/1897 Alco AR, S/O Harrison Jerome & Mary Jane [McKinney] Jones, Fort Cobb Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
See obit & photo
Row 8.6JONESLee Floid04/Apr/190905/Apr/1909"Son of C. T. & J. D. Jones"
See photo
Row __JONESLinnie Alma09/Oct/1888
Rea AR
Chickasha OK
W/O Unknown Jones
Row __JONESLollie Lee [Borden]16/Oct/1918
Marlow Ok
Yukon OK
W/O Eugene V. Jones, D/O Frank Lawrence & Jessie Carmen [Shaw] Borden
See photo
Row 6.8JONESLouisa Lavada [Millsaps]18/Dec/1861
Van Buren CO AR
Fort Cobb OK
W/O Mitchel Jones
Row 36
JONESLucy Jane06/Jan/188225/Jan/1972D/O Samuel L. & Susan Catherine [Montgomery] Jones
Row 33
JONESLula M. [Cossey]17/May/1911
Russelville AR
Anadarko OK
"Married 1929"
80 Yrs, SS/W & W/O Everett Homer Jones, , M 22/Jun/1929 Fort Cobb OK
See obit & photo
Row 8.5JONESMargaret E.08/May/186302/Jan/1942See photo
Row 36
JONESMargaret Evaline "Eva"23/Sep/188726/Jul/1966
SS/W & W/O Solomon Beverly "S. B." Jones, M 20/Dec/1908
Row __JONESMary Lou [Mabry]05/May/1940
Mountain View OK
Fort Cobb OK
"Loving Mom Grandma" "Earth knows no sorrow that heaven can't right"
W/O Unknown Jones, D/O Willie F. & Edith Mae [Boyd] Mabry, Fort Cobb Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
See obit
Row __JONESMary Nell [Brown]06/May/1928
Fort Cobb OK
West Plains MO

W/O Delbert Robert Lee Jones, M 1949 OK City OK, D/O Elmer Dorsey & Myrtle Mabel [Buie] Brown, Fort Cobb Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
Unmarked grave
Row __JONESOleta G. [Hall]1917 1951Unmarked grave
Row 7.24JONESRachel Agnes19202000Unmarked grave
Row 8.4JONESS. E.10/Feb/184004/Dec/1909"No pains no griefs no anxious fear can reach our loved one sleeping here"
Row 36
JONESSarah E. [Greenroyd]13/Mar/188717/Mar/1993SS/W & W/O Andrew Jones
Row 36
JONESSolomon Beverly "S. B."23/May/1885
Montague TX
Carnegie OK
SS/W & H/O Martha Evaline "Eva" Jones, M 20/Dec/1908, S/O S. B. & Virginia Caldonia [Lewis] Jones Hubble
See obit
Row __JONESTroy Cecil03/Nov/1919
Scotland AR
OK City OK
"Wed June 29, 1945"
SS/W & H/O Freda Mary [Gilliam] Jones
See photo
Row 25.1JONESWada07/May/193507/May/1935D/O Denver Virgil & Eula Faye Jones
See photo
Row 25.22JORDANFrank J.--/Aug/1880
Cooke CO TX
Caddo CO OK
SS/W & 2nd H/O Nannie [Sturm] Vanner Jordan
Row __JORDANJames Monroe1871 24/Sep/1944Unmarked grave
Row 25.22JORDANNannie [Sturm]1883
Fort Cobb OK
Lawton OK
W/O [1] Carl Vanner [2] SS/W Frank J. Jordan, D/O Jacob J. MD & Sun-wet Sturm, Harvey Funeral Home ~ Fort Conn OK
Caddo CO Pioneer
Row __JUDDShirley Marlene [Williams]24/Apr/1951
Muskogee OK
OK City OK
W/O Jimmy Judd, D/O Alvin Leroy & Zelma Lurene [Collins] Williams, John M. Ireland Funeral Home ~ Moore OK
Unmarked grave
Row __JUMPEthel E. [Jackson]28/Aug/1925
Alden OK
Chickasha OK
"Married Sept 27, 1956"
W/O [1] Clarence Elwood Lavene, M 31/Mar/1941 [2] SS/W Robert Luther Jump, M 27/Sep/1956, D/O Ge0rge & Sarah Elizabeth [Stone] Jackson
See obit
Row __JUMPRobert Luther29/Feb/191826/Aug/1992"Married Sept 27, 1956"
H/O [1] Gertrude Elvie Jump [2] SS/W Ethel E. [Jackson Lavene Jump, S/O Leslie J. & Rhoda Lee [Washhum] Jump

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