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South Persimmon Cemetery
Woodward County, Oklahoma

Photo taken 2010 © Paul Shaw

From Sharon, Oklahoma on Highway 34, go 3 miles south, 1 mile west, and 1/4 mile south. The cemetery is in back of the church on the right.

Canvassed 10 Oct 1983 by Maudie Roan and Arleta Roy of the Northwest Oklahoma Genealogical Society. Photographed by Paul Shaw in 2010.

Permission to download photos is granted for your own genealogy research. They are not to be uploaded to any website for any reason without express written permission from the photographer who owns the copyright on the photos.

Genealogy information may be found at Oklahoma Genealogy Database

NameFirst/MiddleBirth DeathComment
ADAMSCharles Wesley18 Jul 188309 Sep 1942US Flag PVT OK - h/o Inez E. See photo
ADAMSDavid A.-- --- 1854-- --- 1916h/o Sarrah E. See photo
ADAMSFlorene E.-- --- 1920-- --- 1938ss Ruth E. Adams See photo
ADAMSInez Emma (Wren)02 Feb 1895+-- Mar 1982+w/o Charles W. See photo
ADAMSLeona Mae03 Apr 190118 Dec 1943w/o Earl B. Rinner
ADAMSRuby Grace22 Dec 191619 Jul 1993Wilbur N. Adams See photo
ADAMSRuth E.20 Jul 1892+-- Jul 1970+ss Florene E. photo
ADAMSSarrah E.-- --- 1860-- --- 1935w/o David A. photo
ADAMSWilbur N.22 Dec 191609 Jun 1993US FlagWW II US Army See photo
ALLENEdith C.27 Apr 1911 M 01 May 1936 See photo
ALLENSpencer D'Huy13 Feb 190919 Jan 1994 m 01 May 1936 photo
ANTHEMAlbert07 Apr 184611 Oct 1923See photo
ANTHEMKatie Reininger31 Oct 187202 Jun 1952w/o Albert* See photo
ANTHEMNorma Lea29 Jan 193431 Jan 1935See photo
ANTISSarah22 Jun 185227 Jan 1928w/o W. E. Antis See photo
ANTISW. E.09 Feb 185026 Feb 1928h/o Sarah Antis See photo
BAKERBirdalee M.10 May 191328 Apr 1996See photo
BAKERCharles F.29 Oct 187001 Dec 1945Edna Montez Baker See photo
BAKERDottie B.10 Sep 189830 Nov 1984w/o Leo J. Baker See photo
BAKEREdna Montez17 May 197212 Jan 1958Charkes F. Baker See photo
BAKERElizabeth11 Apr 191011 Apr 1910Next to Charles See photo
BAKERJames T.20 Dec 190021 May 1944See photo
BAKERLeo John01 Mar 1905+--Aug 1975+Shaw FH See photo
BALDWINBenjiman B.10 May 183506 Jul 1909Mary E. Baldwin See photo
BALDWINFred E.-- Sep 1878-- Dec 1939Maud P. Baldwin See photo
BALDWINMary E.04 Apr 183904 Jan 1922Benjimin B. Baldwin See photo
BALDWINMaud P.-- Jun 1882-- Oct 1964Fred E. Baldwin See photo
BELLOWSTwin Daughter 31 Oct 1914Daughter of Roscoe and Laura Bellows See photo
BELLOWSTwin Daughter 12 Feb 1919Daughter of Roscoe and Laura Bellows See photo
BROWNErben George03 Mar 1923+18 Jul 2006+Shaw FH See photo
BROWNHazel M.29 Jun 189805 Oct 1968m 25 Apr 1921 See photo
BROWNJackie M.04 Jan 1931 Mildred A. Brown See photo
BROWNJoe07 Feb 193328 FEb 1933Next to Hazel M. Brown See photo
BROWNLuther N.18 May 1897-- Mar 1984+m 25 Apr 1921 See photo
BROWNMildred Anna07 Feb 1931 w/o Jackie M. Brown See photo
BROWNNorman A. Sr.23 Nov 192120 Apr 2007See photo
CALLAWAYFloy20 Feb 190025 Jun 1977Shaw FH See photo
CALLAWAYGeorge-- --- 1868-- --- 1934Sarrah B. Callaway See photo
CALLAWAYSarrah B.-- --- 1872-- --- 1956George Callaway See photo
COLEIngie Belle15 Jun 184319 Jul 1913Luther Cole See photo
COLELuther B.10 May 184011 Apr 1923Ingie Belle Cole See photo
DARDENEldred Ray24 Oct 194424 Oct 1944s/o Paul & Margery See photo
DARDENJessie Paul13 Jul 191213 Aug 1992Margery A. Darden See photo
DARDENLinda Carole26 May 1948 w/o Marion L. Darden See photo
DARDENMarion Lee01 Aug 194008 Apr 2001m 06 Jun 1970 See photo
DARDENMarjery Adna27 Sep 1914 w/o Jessie P. Darden See photo
DARDENSherri Lynn02 Jul 197102 Jul 1971d/o Marion & Linda See photo
DAYChristina L.23 Mar 188101 May 1956See photo
DAYWilliam L.28 Aug 189124 Jan 1952US FlagWW I CO Sgt See photo
DUNNEmma02 Jun 190930 Jun 1909Next to Mary L & William N. See photo
DUNNMary L.06 May 187524 Sep 1956William N. Dunn See photo
DUNNWilliam N.20 Sep 187216 Sep 1960Mary L. Dunn See photo
DUTTONCharles William10 Dec 192210 Dec 1922s/o Mildred & Lester See photo
DYSONJohn W.29 Jul 185719 Jun 1940Mary D. Dyson See photo
DYSONMary D.02 Feb 185909 Feb 1937John W. Dyson See photo
EPPSLula Cathern13 May 187130 May 1911Willis Eli Epps See photo
EPPSWillis Eli27 Dec 186520 Jul 1909Lula C. Epps See photo
EVANSWilliam M.09 Mar 187328 Jun 1936Next to Deesa Evans McCullough See photo
HAMILLJames Vernon Jr.01 Aug 193726 Jul 1996US Flag USAF A2C See photo
HARPERCarrie Nella26 Apr 186003 Mar 1935Clifford E. Harper See photo
HARPERClifford E.26 Aug 186307 Aug 1938Carrie Nella Harper See photo
HARRISONBetty-- --- 1938-- --- 1940d/o Fred & Lula See photo
HARRISONLula E.11 Nov 190112 Jul 1953See photo
HAWESAlice S.-- --- 1890-- --- 1951Julius M. Hawes See photo
HAWESJulius M.25 Dec 1884+-- Aug 1970Alice S. Hawes See photo
HERDHenrietta-- --- 1847-- --- 1916w/o John F. Herd See photo
HERDJohn F.22 Oct 188416 May 1907US FlagCo B 7 MO SM Cav See photo
HICKSLizzie12 Oct 188005 Apr 1908w/o M. A. Hicks See photo
JAMESFlora J.25 May 186530 Nov 1947Willis James See photo
JAMESGeorge L.26 Mar 185730 Nov 1901See photo
JAMESGuy L.12 Dec 189515 Jul 1970See photo
JAMESJohn L.19 Oct 188819 Aug 1968Opal D. James See photo
JAMESOpal D.28 Jan 189427 Sep 1963John L. James See photo
JAMESVelma Alene25 Oct 192506 Mar 1926See photo
JAMESWillis02 Aug 188725 May 1932Son - Flora J. James See photo
KELTCHCarol Ann 26 Jan 1937See photo
KELTCHCharles F.01 Dec 189116 Mar 1957Lucy M. Keltch See photo
KELTCHEiza Franklin07 Nov 191903 Dec 1985US Flag Sgt US Army WWII See photo
KELTCHElmer F. "Jack"18 Dec 191115 Sep 1979m 29 Jul 1931 See photo
KELTCHEmanuel S.04 May 190528 Aug 1916See photo
KELTCHGeorge Franklin19 Jun 189803 Jun 1939See photo
KELTCHGlen T.31 Jul 192104 Dec 2005Phyllis H. Keltch See photo
KELTCHIda Faye22 Jan 193303 Feb 1937See photo
KELTCHJohn Francis22 Oct 185910 Feb 1929Lillian Gay Keltch See photo
KELTCHLeecy M.25 Jul 1911 m 19 Jul 1931 See photo
KELTCHLewis E. Sr.29 Nov 190201 Jul 1970Next to Glen T. See photo
KELTCHLillian Gay09 Feb 187228 Oct 1943John Francis Keltch See photo
KELTCHLucy M.28 Apr 189006 Dec 1970Charles F. Keltch See photo
KELTCHNeva E.19 Jul 190117 Nov 1994See photo
KELTCHPhyllis H.21 Aug 191828 Apr 1975Glen T. Keltch See photo
KELTCHWandola L.14 Mar 1926*17 Sep 1979*w/o Elza Keltch See photo
LANDONAghsa04 Jun 188420 May 1909See photo
LANHAMEdna Frances24 Mar 186811 Sep 1928Herbert Allen Lanham See photo
LANHAMHerbert Allen08 Jul 187818 Apr 1941Edna Frances Lanham See photo
LANHAMInfant Son03 Dec 190603 Dec 1906s/o H. A. Lanham See photo
LAYJamie O.15 Aug 190312 Dec 1914s/o W. A. & I.. M. Lay See photo
LAYMilo E.15 Jul 190213 Oct 1937See photo
LAYWilliam Alfred17 Aug 187203 May 1943See photo
LEACHMANClyde C.29 Mar 188618 May 1951Father See photo
LEACHMANFaie B.-- --- 1896-- --- 1916Next to Clyde Leachman See photo
LEACHMANFlorence B. L.-- --- 1915-- --- 1917Next to Faie B. Leachman See photo
LIVELYAlice I.08 Aug 187620 Nov 1918Mother See photo
LOUDERMILKCurtis-- --- 1904-- --- 1908All Loudermilk on same stone See photo
LOUDERMILKGeorge-- --- 1835-- --- 1908See photo
LOUDERMILKInfant-- --- 1908-- --- 1908See photo
LOUDERMILKMartha-- --- 1833-- --- 1909See photo
LOUDERMILKRosco-- --- 1907-- --- 1908See photo
LOUDERMILKRuben-- --- 1910-- --- 1910See photo
LOUDERMILKVirginia-- --- 1917-- --- 1917See photo
LIVELYAlice I.08 Aug 187620 Nov 1918Mother See photo
LUCASRalph Dean-- --- 1889-- --- 1913in plot with Floy Callaway See photo
MANNINGMary W.28 Feb 1908+18 Mar 1994+See photo
MATTHEWSGlen E.-- --- 1942-- --- 1943See photo
MATTHEWSLucille-- --- 1934-- --- 1935See photo
MAYOLawson Carroll13 Mar 192919 Jul 1993US Flag Pvt US Army WWII Korea See photo
McCRAYBetty Lou15 Sep 193117 Feb 1933See photo
McCRAYCharles V.04 May 188516 Feb 1964Edith M. McCray See photo
McCRAYEdith M.20 Jan 188526 Mar 1946Charles V. McCray See photo
McCULLOUGHDessa Evans02 Feb 189820 Nov 1976next to William M. Evans See photo
McKEEBeth Nadine21 Apr 191702 Feb 1918Next to Max Adam McKee See photo
McKEEMax Adam23 May 190711 Aug 1918next to Beth McKee See photo
McLAUGHLINJohn-- --- 1844-- --- 1909See photo
McLAUGHLINMary A.-- --- 1862-- --- 1934See photo
McNEALJohn L.11 Nov 189809 Dec 1960See photo
McNEALJohnie Lee-- --- 1942-- --- 2007FH mm See photo
McNEALMilford L.29 May 1933+-- Nov 1977+US FlagKorea USAF See photo
MITCHELLIra M.-- --- 1836-- --- 1921Violet A. Mitchell See photo
MITCHELLViolet A.-- --- 1855-- --- 1912Ira M. Mitchell See photo
MOLESDoris M. {Taylor}06 Jan 192219 Feb 1987See photo
MOTEBernard Lile27 Jul 187925 Mar 1970Edith Minerva Mote See photo
MOTEC. Kenneth28 Aug 193316 Jan 1998US Flag YNT3 US Navy Korea See photo
MOTECarl C.14 Nov 1885+-- Apr 1973+Ruth L. Mote See photo
MOTEDottie Mae05 Feb 192301 Dec 2003w/o Lile B. Mote See photo
MOTEEdith Minerva20 Jun 188809 Oct 1970Bernard Lile Mote See photo
MOTEInfant Son31 Aug 191531 Aug 1915s/o C. C. & R. L. Mote See photo
MOTELile Bernard-- --- 1923-- --- 1998US Flag US Army WWII See photo
MOTELucy18 Jun 187922 May 1943next to Wallace Mote See photo
MOTEMartha Ewena-- --- 1913-- --- 2003Beloved sister, aunt and friend See photo
MOTERichard S.08 Oct 186530 Dec 1947See photo
MOTERuth L.-- --- 1890-- --- 1961Carl C. Mote See photo
MOTEWallace W.-- --- 1854-- --- 1931Next to Lucy Mote See photo
NIELSENLee R.01 May 193324 Nov 2005US FlagKorea Vietnam USAF See photo
NIELSENUleta C.15 Jul 193714 Jun 1995Lee R. Nielsen See photo
PATTERSONElla G.-- --- 1868-- --- 1945William A. Patterson See photo
PATTERSONWilliam A.-- --- 1852-- --- 1914Ella G. Patterson See photo
PHILLIPEliza A.09 Feb 182619 Jul 1914See photo
PHILLIPSEmeline28 Apr 184127 Nov 1917Silas Phillips See photo
PHILLIPSLinard L.09 Mar 190801 Jun 1908Next to Wonetta Phillips See photo
PHILLIPSSilas13 Oct 14711 Mar 1939Emiline Phillips See photo
PHILLIPSWonetta 29 Aug 1910Age 4y 5m 4d See photo
PITTMANFred15 Oct 198319 Feb 1908Sarah J. Pittman See photo
PITTMANLouis R.15 Oct 190411 Mar 1905s/o W. l. & F. L. Pittman See photo
PITTMANSarah J.30 Jun 184913 Apr 1926Fred Pittman See photo
RAGSDALEElwin C.01 May 189614 Jan 1917See photo
RAGSDALELloyd26 Apr 190612 Dec 1906s/o O. & Alice Ragsdale See photo
RAGSDALEOkey-- --- 1869-- --- 1927See photo
RIGGSEmmet H.29 Nov 190325 Jan 1904s/o S. S. & J. A. Riggs See photo
This marker is by itself in the SW corner of the cemetery
RINNEREarl Benim30 Mar 189621 Jan 1979US FlagWW I US Army See photo
RINNEREarl Benim Jr.12 Nov 192014 Jun 1942s/o Earl B. Rinner See photo
RINNERElizabeth Ellen-- --- 1923-- --- 1923Next to Earl B. Jr. See photo
RINNERLeona Mae03 Apr 190118 Dec 1943"Onie" {Adams} See photo
RINNERMelvin M.18 Nov 192813 Nov 1967US Flag OK CPL US Army See photo
ROBISONBirdie Louise19 Apr 192827 Apr 1932next to Nancy E. Robison See photo
ROBISONNancy E.27 Aug 188810 Nov 1981Next to Birdie Louise Robison See photo
ROLANDLouis R.15 Oct 190411 Mar 1905s/o W. L. & F. L. Pittman
ROUTHAlmira H.22 Oct 189318 Jun 1972Joshua R. Routh See photo
ROUTHJoshua R.21 May 187324 Sep 1949Almira H. Routh See photo
SALMANSNannie01 Nov 188515 Jan 1905d/o C. R. & M. J. See photo
SATTERWHITEJames Gaither09 May 188516 Apr 1972m 25 Dec 1911 See photo
SATTERWHITERuby Blanche29 May 189204 Oct 1980m 25 Dec 1911 See photo
SELLSAlvin18 Mar 188112 Feb 1939Ethel B. Sells See photo
SELLSEthel B.25 Oct 1889-- Nov 1985+Alvin Sells See photo
SELLSLinda Rae10 Mat 194810 Mar 1948next to Betty Harrison See photo
SHARPFloid J.23 Jun 190202 Dec 1906s/o John F. & Clara Sharp See photo
SHARPMyrtle05 Nov 190418 Jul 1906d/o J. F. & Clara Sharp See photo
SHERWOODJunie Alta10 Jun 187501 Aug 1909Mother See photo
SIMPSONElma May-- --- 1888-- --- 1935Walter L. Simpson See photo
SIMPSONWalter L.-- --- 1886-- --- 1950Elma May Simpson See photo
SMITHAnna Esther03 Sep 192120 Feb 1993Mother See photo
SMITHClinton E.08 Oct 191422 Nov 1988Elsie L. Smith See photo
SMITHElsie L.19 Feb 191802 Feb 2000Clinton E. Smith See photo
SMITHHannah R.14 Sep 1888+-- Jan 1972+William E. Smith See photo
SMITHLarry Darrell26 Jun 193909 Mar 1955s/o William E. Smith See photo
SMITHRonald Ray05 Oct 194905 Oct 1949Son of Joe and Mary See photo
SMITHWilliam E.-- --- 1884-- --- 1962Hannah R. Smith See photo
SMITHWilliam E.20 Jun 191815 Sep 1966US FlagWW II US Army See photo
STEVENSCarl M.26 Sep 190403 Dec 1918s/o Mr. & Mrs. H. H. Stevens See photo
STEVENSVerga May31 May 190826 Aug 1908d/o Mr. & Mrs. H. H. Stevens
STEWARTAlice Ada05 Dec 191709 Dec 1920d/o A. D. & Olive See photo
STEWARTGeorge R.-- --- 1925-- --- 1925Armstrong FH
STEWARTInfant Son23 Jul 190623 Aug 1906s/o I. L. & M. L. Stewart See photo
STEWARTIssac Lemuel27 Oct 186911 Jul 1916See photo
STEWARTJames T.30 Dec 185320 Nov 1927Lucinda D. Stewart See photo
STEWARTLucinda D.12 Mar 185703 Mar 1938James T. Stewart See photo
STEWARTMary Lucinda-- --- 1873-- --- 1913See photo
STEWARTWalter L.07 Jul 190420 Jul 1971Daddy See photo
STEWARTWalter Jr.-- --- 1929-- --- 1936Next to Walter L. Stewart See photo
STORYEffie Marie11 Mar 191028 Nov 1910See photo
STORYRaymond Lee28 Feb 189015 Mar 1914See photo
SWIFTLe Roy-- --- 1896-- --- 1935Stecher FH See photo
SWIFTOliver-- --- 1900-- --- 1918Next to Le Roy Swift See photo
SWIFTMary E.-- --- 1887-- --- 1966William S. Swift See photo
SWIFTSamuel J.-- --- 1871-- --- 1962Stecher FH See photo
SWIFTWilliam S.-- --- 1872-- --- 1962 US Flag Co I 93 Ill Inf See photo
TAYLORCharles E.01 Jan 1881+-- Oct 1962Nona Taylor See photo
TAYLORDolly E. {Hopper}26 Mar 190907 Feb 1936See photo
TAYLORGeorge16 Feb 190306 Aug 1994Thelma Taylor See photo
TAYLORGloria10 Nov 193612 Jan 2004See photo
Mother of Brian - Beth - Lori - Scott
TAYLORGuy E.16 Aug 190626 Feb 2001Wilma J. Taylor See photo
TAYLORGuy W.16 Aug 190626 Feb 2001Wilma J. Taylor See photo
THOMASInfant Twin Boys 12 Nov 1994See photo
Infant Twin Boys of Justin and Melisa Taylor
TAYLORNona-- --- 1883-- --- 1966Charles E. Taylor See photo
TAYLORThelma10 Mar 190018 Nov 1973George Taylor See photo
TAYLORWilma J.01 Dec 191603 Sep 2006Guy E. Taylor See photo
THOMASLaura Susie24 Aug 190414 Nov 1904c/p O. K. Thomas See photo
THOMASMary Savannah08 Jun 190007 Feb 1906See photo
THOMPSONSarah E.10 Nov 185315 Apr 1921Next to Velda B. Thompson See photo
Nee Royalty - 1st m Charles Norton Canfield
THOMPSONVelda B.29 Sep 1887*08 Apr 1957*Stecher FH See photo
TOUSLEYGeorge Knox02 Dec 186413 Nov 1964m 20 Jun 1900 See photo
TOUSLEYViola Cole Brown02 Aug 187319 Jul 1954George Knox Tousley See photo
TOWERArthur H.14 May 188314 Sep 1957See photo
TRACYLane Aaron20 Jan 197620 Jan 1976s/o Larry & Mildred See photo
TRAVEREdgar M.-- --- 1865-- --- 1937Maggie E. Traver See photo
TRAVERElmer11 Aug 189509 Jul 1987Millie M. Traver See photo
TRAVERMaggie E.-- --- 1870-- --- 1945Edgar M. Traver See photo
TRAVERMillie M.07 Jun 189808 Aug 1992Elmer Traver See photo
UNKNOWN   South of Dyson See photo
UNKNOWN   South of Lanham See photo
WALTERSEdward T.11 Dec 183112 Jun 1906See photo
WATSONDoris B.31 Aug 191628 Jan 1995James R. Watson See photo
WATSONJames R.30 Sep 191806 Dec 1996Doris B. Watson See photo
WILLIAMSCarroll J.21 Feb 192125 Nov 1999US Flag WW II US Army See photo
WILLIAMSHelen R.05 Dec 192508 Mar 1976Redinger FH See photo
WRENAnnie-- --- 1861-- --- 1919Frank Wren See photo
WRENC. M. "Bill"18 Jan 188316 Jun 1952See photo
WRENCintha J.06 Aug 186820 Sep 1962Ulysses G. Wren See photo
WRENFrank-- --- 1856-- --- 1921Annie Wren See photo
WRENHerbie N.01 Sep 189812 Nov 1974May Traver Wren See photo
WRENMay Traver27 May 189720 Mar 1976Herbie N. Wren See photo
WRENN. Seigel-- --- 1870-- --- 1935Uncle - Next to Ulysses See photo
WRENUlysses G.14 May 186305 Sep 1908Cintha J. See photo
WRENWilda23 Aug 189502 Dec 1927next to C. M. same type marker See photo
YOUNGCharles H.09 Feb 186218 Mar 1956Matilda A. Young See photo
YOUNGCharles William26 Oct 192627 Oct 1926s/o William H. & Anna B. See photo
YOUNGChelcie L.30 Apr 189920 Sep 1973Fannie D. Young See photo
YOUNGEvelyn P.19 May 191524 Apr 1992Willis E. Young See photo
YOUNGFannie D.01 Jan 190102 Apr 1993Chelcie L. Young See photo
YOUNGMatilda A.21 Aug 1870 Charles H. Young See photo
YOUNGNorman Dale24 Sep 193504 Jul 1951See photo
YOUNGTonya M.11 Sep 193916 Jun 1974See photo
YOUNGWillis E.02 Sep 189709 Jun 1981Evelyn P. Young See photo

+Dates taken from Social Security Death Index.
*Stecher Funeral Home Records

Unmarked grave next to George R. Stewart - this has a small wooden box for flowers painted blue. George R. Stewart's grave has an identical box painted white and a metal marker
. Unmarked grave (It had a concrete marker)
Unmarked grave (did have metal marker but no names nor mortuary)
Unmarked graves in rows 2, (2 graves) 6, (E.M.S. - footstone) 7, & 9

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