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 P Surnames
Memorial Park Cemetery
Bartlesville, Washington County, Oklahoma

Partial Survey
Location: 4200 Nowata Rd, Bartlesville, OK, 74006
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NOTE: Every effort has been made to transcribe this information accurately. These records MAY CONTAIN ERRORS. Any corrections and/or additions greatly appreciated. As with any genealogy information, this is a source and should be considered as such. It is up to the researcher to verify the accuracy.



First MI




Palmer Benn Glennester 11/15/1906 12/19/1992 Wed Sarah 6/2/1926 Photo
Glennester Arthur 8/6/1932 9/23/2016 Military Service -Korea Obit
Palmer Henry T 5/21/1893 7/25/1962  
Palmer Ida Belle (Freeman) 11/11/1865 5/21/1948 Wed John 10/18/1909 Photo
Palmer Jo (Womack) 4/28/1933 2/22/2018 Obit
Palmer John Jay 4/3/1854 11/6/1936 Wed Ida 10/18/1909 Photo
Palmer Margaret Catherine (Towery) 2/24/1858 5/28/1949  
Palmer Maud C 1858 1948 Photo
Palmer Ruth C (Ratzlaff) (Wood) 12/22/1927 2/20/2018 Wed Rhame Wood 6/20/1948
Wed Loren Palmer 8/7/1993   Obit
Palmer Sarah Elizabeth (Greathouse) 1903 1987 Wed Benn 6/2/1926 Photo
Panther Norma Maxine (Welch) 7/31/1926 12/6/2016 Wed Philip 5/22/1956  Obit
Philip Austin "Phil" 3/26/1924 3/24/2014 Wed Norma 5/22/1956
US Army
Parker Bessie Orene Faye (Lowery) 11/23/1943 6/9/2003 Wed James Sr 10/5/1960    Photo
Billy Joe 1926 1995 Wed Florence 5/2/1947  Photo
US Army  
Parker Carl N 7/17/1902 10/16/1980 H of Hazel    Photo
Parker Dorothy Mae (Graham) 1911 2000 W of Ernest  Photo
Parker Edward J 11/10/1904 12/3/1997 Photo
Parker Ernest Cleo 11/10/1908 6/23/2004 H of Dorothy   Photo
Parker Fenton  "Ted" 7/27/1911 12/17/1994 H of Ruth   Photo
Parker Florence Louise (Truitt) 7/19/1927 7/16/2017 Wed Billy 5/2/1947
Photo & Obit
Parker Genevieve Pearl (Puckett) 11/3/1919 10/23/1996 W of John V
Parker Gloria (Dixon) 3/10/1922 2/1/2007 W of Leroy D  Photo
Parker H Lucille 10/26/1924 1/11/1990 W of Leroy T   Photo
Parker Hailey Brooke 8/18/2002 8/18/2002 Photo
Parker Harry G 5/17/1950 11/11/2017 Obit
Parker Hazel (Gregory) 1/30/1905 3/20/1989 W of Carl   Photo
Parker Infant Son 9/12/1971 9/12/1971 Photo
Parker James Anthony "Tony" 2/6/1961 9/3/2018 Obit
Jimmie Lee 10/11/1933 9/16/1997 SSgt US Air Force  Korea    Photo
Joe A 8/17/1913 6/15/1984 SSgt US Army  
WW II   
John Vern 3/6/1920 12/13/1991 US Army   WW II
H of Genevieve
Leroy Dale 10/30/1924 1/23/1979 H of Gloria
US Air Force
Leroy Thomas 11/27/1929 2/17/1988 H of H Lucille  Photo
Sgt US Army  Korea
Parker Lucille (Brown) 6/19/1912 11/20/1961  
Parker Nell Marie (Cummings) 8/28/1924 1/22/1009 Wed William 8/8/1945
Richard Howard 5/31/1946 11/24/1967 OK Sp4 Co D 2ndBn 27thInf  KIA Vietnam
Parker Ruth Victoria (Handley) 1/13/1916 12/4/2000 W of Fenton   Photo
William Joseph "Bill" 10/1/1923 2/4/2008 Wed Nell 8/8/1945
WW II   Photo
Harold Eugene "Sam" 11/6/1932 5/5/2015 Wed Marie Rogers 1955
Wed Norma Berry 1959
US Army  Korea
Parsons Norma Jean (Berry) 1929 2011 W of Harold
Patterson Bridilia E 11/25/1900 4/11/1990 W of Don     Photo
Don A 1895 1976 H of Bridilia
SupSgt US Army
WW I    Photo
Patterson Edward A 1861 1945 H of Nina     Photo
Patterson Emily Sue (Keen) 2/3/1934 12/27/2016 Wed Ronald 4/1/1955
Patterson Frances J 1871 1939 W of Thomas     Photo
Patterson June L 1923 2003 Photo
Patterson Mary Catherine McCracken Blalack 1/25/1927 12/16/2009 Wed John Blalack 8/6/1942
Wed Frank Paterson Jan 1985       
Patterson Nina F 1869 1940 W of Edward      Photo
Patterson Oliver Elsworth 6/25/1902 12/18/1992 Photo
Patterson Robert Elsworth 7/14/1867 9/22/1914 Photo
Ronald Gene 11/9/1934 10/21/2015 US Marine Corps Korea      Obit
Wed Emily 4/1/1955
Patterson Thomas F 1873 1931 H of Frances    Photo
Patterson Wesley G 12/1/1961 12/5/1961 Photo
Peace Cloma Fern (Lacy) 2/22/1938 6/18/2017 W of Troy   Obit
Troy Thomas 6/28/1927 11/3/2018 US Army  Korea
H of Cloma   Obit
Pearson Roxy Lee (Phillips) 4/5/1910 10/11/2010 Wed John 6/16/1944
Perkins Lena (Olson) (Truitt) 7/18/1881 1982 W of Albert Truitt Photo
PHELAN Jeffery Lee 12/14/1951 12/14/2012 obit
Phillips Albert E 1895 1967 H of Mary E
Phillips Ann Carolyn (Oldham) 10/30/1930 12/22/2017 Wed Kenneth 3/20/1965
Phillips Anne D (Dempsey) 4/6/1910 4/11/2000 Wed Charles 10/29/1938
Phillips Audry Alma (Mogel) 9/12/1906 1990 W of Lonnie
Phillips Charles A 1904 1994 Wed Anne 10/29/1938
Phillips Doris (Eckert) (Coulter) 3/29/1925 11/18/2001 W of Robert Coulter
Wed Jack Phillips 6/26/1965
Dudley Collings 2/24/1891 10/27/1962 Wed Mary Combs 3/25/1919
WW I Veteran
Phillips Edith 1925 1988  
Phillips Edna M 1911 2008 W of Irvin
Frank Roy 11/1/1897 2/16/1946 WW I Veteran
Phillips Grace H 1888 1960 W of William H
Phillips Grant Leslie 1/3/1898 Jun 1985 Wed Helen 6/15/1921
Phillips Helen E (Stallsmith) 10/6/1903 May 1975 Wed Grant 6/15/1921
Phillips Irvin F 1909 1970 H of Edna
Phillips Jack Ewart 8/18/1933 9/23/2015 Wed Doris 6/26/1965
Phillips Jessica LeeAnn 9/13/1995 11/16/2001  
Phillips Jimmy Dale "Jim" 9/21/1945 5/21/2018 Obit
Phillips John Charles 2/29/1940 4/18/1940 S of Charles & Anne
Kenneth Edward 6/6/1934 4/17/2013 Wed Ann 3/20/1965
US Navy
Phillips Lee Eldas "LE" 8/8/1876 4/16/1944 H of Lenora
Phillips Lenora Nodie (Carr) 1876 1966 W of Lee
Phillips Lonnie Loyd 1908 1974 H of Audry
Phillips Mary E 1910 1995 W of Albert
Phillips Mary Elizabeth (Combs) 3/15/1895 2/12/1976 Wed Dudley 3/25/1919
Phillips Nellie S 1889 1990 W of William J
Phillips Phillip R 1903 1992  
William Grant 1/15/1924 4/26/1971 OK MM2 US Navy
Phillips William Henry 10/26/1886 1960 H of Grace
Phillips William J 1885 1938 H of Nellie
Francis Robert "Frank" 8/26/1937 2/18/2013 Obit
US Army
Chester John 11/18/1921 10/19/1993 H of Helen
US Army Air Corps
Pikul Helen Marie "Busia" (Groszek) 12/15/1922 7/28/2016 W of Chester
Plisek Alice Augusta (Coate) 8/4/1913 1/11/2000 W of Rudolph  Photo
Robert Gene 8/9/1945 12/14/2016 US Army & US Air Force
(Ret as TSgt)    Obit
Plisek Rudolph Albert "Rudy" 1/29/1901 7/23/1963 H of Alice  Photo
Poindexter Lillie M (Stockton) 5/1/1874 6/17/1957 W of William
Poindexter William Lon 2/9/1873 12/28/1965 H of Lillie
Pomfret Judith V "Judy" (Vissman) 11/7/1949 1/23/2016 Obit
Potter Arthur F 7/14/1895 7/3/1959 H of Neva   Photo
Potter Barbara F 1926   W of J Jeff   Photo
Carroll Fred 8/10/1927 11/6/2006 PFC US Army   WW II
Wed Thelma 7/2/1948 Photo
J Jeff 1916 1987 H of Barbara   Photo
US Navy Veteran
John Wardell Jr. 12/8/1926 7/22/2008 H of Linda     Photo
Sgt US Army  WW II
Potter Linda Lou (Haslett) 1/19/1931 11/24/2016 W of John Jr    Obit
Potter Mabel E (Moore) 1895 1972 W of Roland Sr  Photo
Potter Neva E 3/19/1899 1/6/1987 W of Arthur   Photo
Potter Prue Ann 1900 1977 Photo
Potter Robert G 1936 1992 Photo
Potter Roland Adam Sr. 1895 1962 H of Mabel   Photo
Potter Ruby Corinne 8/1/1919 7/26/1939 Photo
Potter Thelma Louise "Tooter" (Hacker) 3/6/1928 4/16/2017 Wed Carroll 7/2/1948 Obit
Potts Betty Lou 1922 2000 W of James
Potts Emily Christian(Cardenas) 3/6/1979 6/22/2016 Obit
Potts Estella D 1896 1963  
Potts James Agnew "Jim" 9/5/1920 12/21/2014 H of Betty
Pratt Dana 3/28/1926 4/1/2014 W of George
Pratt Donald J 1/16/1931 1/13/2013  
Pratt Douglas Jay 1/16/1962 9/13/2008 Photo
Pratt Edna Mae (Raven) 11/9/1909 12/18/1995 W of Raymond  Photo
George Dean 5/16/1925 7/23/2004 Capt US Air Force 
WW II & Korea  Photo
H of Dana
Pratt Gloria Jean (Cowan) 9/2/1938 11/8/2018 Obit
Pratt Isabel M 12/8/1926 10/22/2014  
Pratt Margie F (Ensminger) 3/20/1922 9/23/1976 Wed Norman 3/13/1950 Photo
Pratt Norman I Jr 12/26/1947 12/28/1947 S of Norman  & Margie
Rae Maryette (Curtice) 6/11/1895 10/3/1978 Nurse Army Nurse Corps  WW I    Photo
Raymond Irvin "Ray" 8/5/1894 6/15/1954 OH Cpl Co F 145thInf 37thDiv  WW I   Photo
H of Edna Raven
H of Ray Curtice
Price Carol Louise 1968 1968 D of Bruce & Virginia Photo
Price F R "Rico" 12/17/1970 9/6/1994 Photo
Price Frances H (Aurandt) 1908 1988 W of Graydon  Photo
Price Graydon W 1907 1988 H of Frances   Photo
Price Harold A 1914 2003 H of Martha   Photo
Harold Charles Sr 11/28/1888 1/28/1962 US Coast Guard
WW I     Photo
Price Marion Burge 1/8/1877 11/28/1950 H of Olive  Photo
Price Martha 1916 1997 W of Harold   Photo
Price Olive Belle (Callahan) 11/13/1877 11/30/1940 W of Marion   Photo
Paul Burge 5/11/1908 10/6/1978 Sgt US Army  WW II Photo
Richard Graydon 11/8/1933 10/8/2018 US Navy  Obit
Price Stanley E "Stan" 1/24/1945 1/1/2018  
Prior Darline Marie (Applegate) (Cramer) 9/21/1930 4/15/2018 Wed James Cramer 5/25/1946
Wed Charles Prior Jun 2007       Obit
Proctor Bertha May (Anderson) 6/20/1881 6/18/1944 W of Harry   Photo
Carl Monroe "Moe" 8/28/1924 2/6/2014 Wed Mayta 7/2/1948
Military Veteran
Proctor Elizabeth A 1921 1997 W of J Bradley  Photo
Fay Dell 12/29/1890 12/20/1976 US Army  WW I   Photo
H of Sadie
Proctor Frank 5/23/1898 4/19/1962 H of Louise    Photo
Proctor Harry E 8/2/1879 7/12/1971 H of Bertha    Photo
Proctor J Bradley 1914 1993 H of Elizabeth   Photo
Proctor John William 9/27/1891 11/10/1957 Photo
Proctor Louise 5/29/1911 2/6/1992 W of Frank    Photo
Proctor Martha Alice (Bell) 12/8/1903 5/23/1966 Photo
Proctor Mayta Maxine (Manes) 11/26/1928 10/25/2018 Wed Carl  7/2/1948 Obit
Proctor Perna Jane "Pernie" (Davis) 2/2/1899 Feb 1984 Photo
Proctor Sadie E (Halfmoon) 1889 1936 W of Fay   Photo
Pulley Ruth (Price) 10/12/1900 10/24/1994 Photo

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