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Featherston Cemetery
Pittsburg County, Oklahoma

© Harvey Fields
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AdamsLena M2 Apr 190312 Jan 1990See photo
AdamsRay B15 May 189827 Feb 1957See photo
AnspachJohn Thomas8 July 188023 Jun 1958See photo
AnspachLucy9 Feb 188415 Jan 1943At Rest-See photo
ArmstrongElton McKinley6 Sep 191120 Nov 1999WWII 1942 to 1945-See photo
ArmstrongTimothy C6 Apr 188125 Jul 1943Father-See photo
AshmoreClaud Warren6 Apr 188230 Aug 1921h/o Susie Ashmore-See photo
AshmoreDonald21 Feb 191011 Aug 1932Gone But Not Forgotten-See photo
AshmoreViola Hancock29 May 188213 Jul 1945Mother-See photo
BacornGilbert Earl10 Sep 19286 Nov 2014See photo
BacornLaura Josephine Whisenhunt30 Aug 19304 Sep 2016See photo & obit
BaileyManda J18481913See photo
BarlowEdith Lucille12 Mar 191718 Oct 1918See photo
BassettClarence18531927See photo
BlandTelia Aleta Roberts11 Aug 19284 Aug 2014See photo
BoatrightInfant Son28 Apr 190628 Apr 1906s/o Guy & Bessie Boatright-See photo
BoatrightJ S6 Jun 185231 Dec 1894See photo
BoatrightRuth11 Jan 18948 Sep 1897d/o J S & M Z Boatright-See photo
BookoutBillie Doris10 Dec 19233 Dec 1999See photo
BookoutBobby Sue19321936Our Darling-See photo
BookoutFlora Bullard12 Mar 19065 Jul 1992shared with W Leonard Bookout-See photo
BookoutMadalin23 Dec 192511 Aug 1995See photo
BookoutWilliam Leonard "W L"14 Oct 19411 Aug 2018See photo
BookoutWilliam Leonard7 Jan 189116 Jan 1964shared with Flora Bullard Bookout-See photo
BowdenJ L18721930See photo
BradshawAndrew C12 Aug 188123 Jan 1916See photo
BradshawMartha16 Feb 186111 Feb 1935Mother-See photo
BradshawMinnie L20 Apr 191030 May 1911See photo
BradshawNealey Maguire30 Sep 185314 Aug 1925Father-See photo
BrantleyJustin Adam13 Jun 199023 Apr 2016See photo
BrennanToby25 Jul 199225 Jul 1992See photo
BrentsCledoth Richard23 Jan 19196 Oct 1973See photo
BrentsHoward Miles13 Jan 192112 Apr 1921Our Baby-See photo
BrentsKatie Maud23 May 189522 Mar 1962shared with Richard Brents-See photo
BrentsRichard30 Mar 189316 Dec 1979shared with Katie Maud Brents-See photo
BrooksNeal16 Mar 19051 Nov 1926See photo
BurgeJacqueline Lucia20 Mar 195717 Sep 1972None Knew Her But To Love Her-See photo
BurneyAmy Juanita15 Jan 19201 Oct 2012 
BushSgt Martin Bryant20 Feb 192218 Jan 1999shared with Ruth M Bush-See photo
BushRuth M Waldrop18 Aug 1928 shared with Martin B Bush-See photo
CarterCharlie25 Oct 190115 Nov 1910s/o Mr & Mrs T L Carter-shared with infant Carter-See photo
CarterFrankie Lee11 Sep 195212 Sep 1952See photo
CarterInfant Son3 Feb 1912 s/o Mr & Mrs T L Carter-shared with Charlie Carter-See photo
CarterLaura Bell Bradshaw18821978See photo
CarterMaggie9 Feb 1912 w/o T L Carter-See photo
CarterOla29 Nov 19084 Jul 1916See photo
CarterRuth Lu 16 Jun 1932See photo
CarterThomas Lafette10 Apr 187730 Oct 1955See photo
CaseyJoseph Gilbert "Joe"18401920Civil War Pvt Co K 20 Reg AR Inf-See photo
ClaggAustin H26 Jan 191811 Nov 1962Beloved Memory-See photo
ClaggBobby Gene 1 Sep 1948Died at Birth-See photo
ClaggDollie L Watts2 Oct 18928 Feb 1969shared with Jess C Clagg-See photo
ClaggEthel19111912See photo
ClaggIndiana "India" Hall20 Mar 18585 Jan 1914w/o M C Clagg-See photo
ClaggJess Cord20 Aug 188820 Mar 1976shared with Dollie L Clagg-See photo
ClaggMounticue20 Nov 18552 Sep 1922Gone But Not Forgotten-See photo
ClaggZackie E12 Sep 191519 Sep 1917See photo
ClanahanAmy Maria Armstrong9 Sep 19231 Oct 1997See photo
CloudPatricia Ann Wallace1 Mar 194122 Mar 2011 
CloudRay Arland18 Apr 193822 Feb 2019See photo
ConnerRosa Lee Ray1 May 189029 May 1941See photo
ConnerSeth11 Apr 188617 Jan 1975See photo
CookShirley Ann Strain16 May 19404 Mar 1991Beloved Wife, Mother & Memaw-See photo
CooperAnnie B14 Mar 191420 Aug 1917d/o S C & Ada Cooper-See photo
CooperNeal Brooks16 Mar 19051 Nov 1926 
CrossHenry O26 Mar 186524 May 1942See photo
CrossMargaret Emaline McGuire22 Feb 183322 Mar 1922 
CrossMary L Campbell22 Sep 18713 Nov 1927At Rest-See photo
CulverNorma Joan "Jan"Featherston 14 Feb 193310 May 2009d/o Joseph & Pearl Featherston-See photo
DanielJohn Calvin18571933Gone But Not Forgotten-See photo
DanielMary Martha Elizabeth Hopkins7 May 185831 Mar 1923See photo
DavisArvil Leston24 May 195828 Dec 20121 
DillAlice B18841922See photo
DillHarold22 May 19118 Jul 1973See photo
DillMayme Doris Ellis4 Nov 19086 Oct 2010 
DillZona Glee13 Sep 193410 Feb 1935Our Baby-See photo
DorrisJason Travers10 Mar 19711 Apr 1999See photo
EllisArizona "Zona" Peeler6 Jan 188226 Aug 1940 
EllisGene Howard Sr30 May 1923unkSee photo
EllisGordon Hansard8 Sep 19133 Dec 1998shared with Naomi R Ellis-See photo
Ellis Hansard H29 Oct 187510 Oct 1949In Loving Memory of Our Beloved Father-See photo
EllisJoyce Orene Ong3 Feb 19285 Aug 2007See photo
EllisLloyd Walter19 Sep 19156 Mar 1978Our Beloved Brother-See photo
EllisNaomi Rachel Selvage4 Mar 192031 Oct 2014shared with Gordon H Ellis-See photo & obit
EllisOpal Estelle3 Nov 190618 Sep 1928d/o Mr & Mrs H H Ellis-See photo
EllisZona6 Jan 188226 Aug 1940In Memory Of Our Dear Loving Devoted Wife & Mother-See photo
EllisWillard28 Jun 191817 May 1945OK Pvt 128 Inf 32 Inf Div WWII-See photo
FaulknerAlma Ileen26 Aug 192628 Jan 1999See photo
FeatherstonHenry Baxter5 Dec 18961977See photo
FeatherstonRev Charles Henry15 Jul 182817 Dec 1894Confederate soldier;Captain of Texas Calvary Co H U-See photo
FeatherstonClara Gilstrap24 Jun 18943 Jun1986shared with William Folsom Featherston-See photo
FeatherstonEdward Marshall 23 Sep 190016 Nov 1966See photo
FeatherstonEsther Isabell Hassinger19 Mar 189511 Feb 1966w/o Henry Baxter Featherston-See photo
FeatherstonFannie Maude12 Apr 190513 Nov 1917See photo
FeatherstonHenry Baxter5 Dec 18961977Pvt US Army WWI-See photo
FeatherstonJoseph M20 Jun 190718 Jun 1959shared with Pearl May Featherston-See photo
FeatherstonLucius C "Clayton"26 Jan 192310 Jan 1954OK Pfc Co D 517 Parachute Inf WWII BSM-PH-See photo
FeatherstonLucius Cassius Jr 19 Apr 189922 Oct 1953shared with Ruby McFall Featherston-See photo
FeatherstonLucius Cassius Sr16 Feb 186117 Jun 1917shared with Mittie A Featherston-See photo
FeatherstonMittie Arlie Vail4 Jun 187412 May 1948shared with Lucius Featherston-See photo
FeatherstonNancy Yarbrough Middlebrook6 Jan 18332 May 1912Mother-See photo
FeatherstonPearl May15 May 191120 Jun 1907shared with Joseph M Featherston-See photo
FeatherstonRuby McFall22 Jul 19055 Jan 1976shared with L C Featherston-See photo
FeatherstonWilliam A22 Jan 190318 Mar 1906s/o LC & M A Featherston-See photo
FeatherstonWilliam Folsom18931966shared with Clara Featherston-See photo
FentFloyd Ray19101913s/o Leslie & Mattie Fent-See photo
FinchColby Ray228 Jul 199329 Jul 2011 
GarrettWilliam Washington25 Oct 187725 Feb 1946Gone But Not Forgotten-See photo
GibsonEverett Lee "Muggs" 30 Oct 2012 
GibsonJuanita Mae Noble14 Jun 194122 Nov 2019Brumley-Mills Funeral Home
GibsonSam 27 Jun 1919 
GilstrapBaby Kate15 Jan 191630 Jun 1918d/o J F & Ethel Gilstrap-See photo
GilstrapWheeler G2 Feb 190030 Jul 1973See photo
GoodwinInfant Son 15 Apr 1909Infant s/o Pearl & Leo Goodwin-See photo
GoodwinPearl12 Jul 188028 Apr 1908w/o Leo Goodwin-See photo
GrangerMikki Lynn Keeton26 Aug 194823 Oct 2017 
GrayCharles Fredrick20 Feb 194327 May 1992AIC US Air Force Vietnam-See photo
GypsyBaby  See photo
HammitLena Muriel Housley20 Jan 193517 Sep 2016See obit
HancockAlbert Lee15 Mar 187828 Mar 1910See photo
HancockKimble21 Dec 190418 Jan 1919s/o Albert & Viola Hancock-See photo
Hancock AshmoreViola Cunningham29 May 18823 Jul 1945 
HarawayEthel Siler26 Aug 189413 Apr 1925w/o S J Haraway-See photo
HarkinsJoseph T24 Aug 184314 Jun 1917h/o N S A Harkins-See photo
HarkinsNancy S Antoinette Burke11 Nov 185211 Jul 1925w/o Joseph Harkins-See photo
HeathNellie F3 Apr 191019 Nov 1960See photo
HemmertAnna Marie14 Jun 197527 Nov 2003See photo
HillClara Myrtle Lauderdale18 Sep 18847 Apr 1924See photo
HillSamuel OvertonMar 1874Jul 1964See photo
HillWilliam R13 Feb 19045 Jan 1918s/o J S & M E Hill-See photo
HolmanMinnie E10 Aug 189110 Mar 1955See photo
HolstromHenry W26 Nov 19046 Dec 1993See photo
HowardMadie B Breckenridge6 Jun 193810 Jun 2014shared with Robert Jr Howard-See photo & obit
HowardPvt Robert Jr14 Jan 19309 Jan 1994shared with Madie Howard-See photo
HowardRobert Lee Sr5 May 190918 Mar 1948See photo
JacksonDavid N14 Apr 188427 Apr 1919See photo
JacksonNellie18801939See photo
KincadeNorma Jean Ellis15 Dec 19419 Jan 2017See obit
KincheloeAda Frances Lee5 Apr 189826 Jun 1980shared with George W Kincheloe-See photo
KincheloeAnna Lee16 Jan 192425 Jun 1937See photo
KincheloeGeorge Theron 26 Jan 1919See photo
KincheloeGeorge Washington24 Oct 188320 Apr 1950shared with Ada Frances Kincheloe-See photo
KingWillie14 Aug 190110 Dec 1916See photo
KirklandLula A20 Sep 18966 Apr 1975See photo
LeadfordClaud Monroe190311 Dec 1931See photo
LeadfordClayton Monroe11 Nov 191213 Jul 1925See photo
LeadfordElvira Reeves8 Oct 188029 Jan 1917shared with John M Leadford-See photo
LeadfordInfant14 Jan 191723 Jan 1917See photo
LeadfordJohn M13 May 186326 Sep 1933shared with Elvira Leadford-See photo
LedfordEva F19111932Gone But Not Forgotten-See photo
LedfordMary Ann McCaslin4 Jun 185520 Apr 1941See photo
LedfordMerion Frank18761930See photo
LeeCharles Marion14 Sep 186314 May 1951See photo
LeeEmma Caldora Spikes26 Dec 18747 Oct 1964See photo
LeeHezekiah18293 Mar 1915Gone But Not Forgotten-See photo
LeeMartha18811906See photo
LeeOzie M3 Jul 189416 Jan 1984shared with Robert E Lee-See photo
LeeRobert E23 May 189016 Dec 1976shared with Ozie M Lee-See photo
LewisEva189016 Dec 1976See photo
LipskaLois Ann Huntington13 Apr 19362 Jul 2006See photo
LipskaRoscoe Luther8 Oct 19346 Jun 2009See photo
LovelessVirginia Howard Strain9 Oct 19044 May 1982See photo
MaloneEmma K16 Dec 18692 Feb 1907shared with Samuel A. Malone-See photo
MaloneSamuel A1 Sep 18664 May 1926shared with Emma K Malone-See photo
McDowJerry Levi27 Dec 19205 Oct 1980PFC US Army WWII-See photo
McFallCharles Franklin1 May 187214 Oct 1929shared with Maggie Kelso McFall-See photo
McFallFloy1 Aug 19114 Jan 1917d/o J A McFall-See photo
McFallG M28 Jun 183513 Feb 1912shared with S B McFall-See photo
McFallMaggie Kelso6 Oct 187013 Nov 1922shared with Charles Franklin McFall-See photo
McFallS R8 Jun 183911 Jul 1913shared with G M McFall-See photo
McKaughnBaby  See photo
McKeeChester Andrew6 Jul 18827 Sep 1912See photo
McKeeDelpha6 Dec 190522 Oct 1967See photo
McMillanMr 1929See photo
MorrisSharon Lynn Robinson22 Sep 19468 Jan 2013 
MorrisSusan Danette Guagliardo20 Aug 195227 Feb 2012Gdaugther of Joseph & Pearl Featherston-See photo
MossBertha B Brumfield16 Aug 188714 Jan 1933See photo
NailAmy Cooper25 Apr 18658 Jan 1941See photo
NailNickolas Joseph10 Feb 18738 Jul 1931See photo
OgdenEllen Wallace8 Mar 19246 Mar 2018 
OgdenEmma Leigh14 Jan 200727 Jul 2011 
OgdenLee Curtis1 Apr 198327 Jul 2011 
OgdenMackennon Ralynn13 Mar 200627 Jul 2011 
OgdenPaul Glenn8 Jun 197427 Jul 2011 
OgdenRudolph G "Doc"21 May 19254 Aug 2014 
OwensGeorge Gaston2 Aug 186023 Oct 1944shared with Myrtle E Owens-See photo
OwensHalstead Frost Leigh15 Sep 190016 Apr 1927See photo
OwensMyrtle Elizabeth Moore14 Nov 186722 Nov 1930shared with George G Owens-See photo
ParkElsie L17 Oct 191829 Oct 1918See photo
PeevyBenny Leo31 Jul 192422 Jun 2014 
PeevyBobie2 Dec 19442 Feb 1945See photo
PeevyBaby  See photo
PeevyMartha Trixie McMorris1930  
PraterEdwin George Coleman19 Feb 19269 Aug 1983US Navy WWII-See photo
PraterGeorgeanna23 Jan 19182 Feb 1920d/o G C and Ella Prater-See photo
PraterElla Earl Benson10 Mar 188524 Dec 1967shared with George C. Prater-See photo
PraterGeorge Coleman28 Jan 188427 Jan 1962shared with Ella E Prater-See photo
PraterHelen Myrtle Hill7 Apr 192416 Jul 2013See photo
RayVirginia Ginger9 Sep 1943Jun 1944See photo
ReynoldsRobert E20 Nov 18748 Feb 1913h/o Mrs R E Reynolds-See photo
RigginsWilliam Porter10 Oct 19053 Jul 1976See photo
RobertsAmy Juanita15 Jan 1920 See photo
RobertsK W17 Apr 1936 ICDR US Navy Vietnam-See photo
RobertsLucy N Nail2 Aug 189812 Aug 1983See photo
RobertsOdie Kie13 Sep 189829 Mar 1985See photo
RobertsOleta Wanara28 Aug 193431 Mar 2010See photo
RobinsonGeneva Marqurite Roberts25 Jan 19249 Dec 2010shared with John C Robinson-See photo
RobinsonJess N31 May 191523 Nov 1989MSGT US Air Force WWII Korea-See photo
RobinsonJohn C15 Mar 19175 Sep 2001shared with Geneva M Robinson-See photo
RobinsonRoy Raymond5 Sep 189418 Mar 1965Dad-See photo
RobinsonTillie Millie1982Sep 1982See photo
RobinsonTommye Luna Cearley15 Sep 189811 Aug 1979Mother-See photo
RogersOlie2 Feb 191218 Dec 1974See photo
RutledgeStanley Keith11 Sep 19534 Jul 2019s/o Robert & Lena
SP V   
SatterfieldBetty Lou Bookout15 Mar 19308 Nov 2010 
SatterfieldJ D "Junior"20 Dec 192114 Sep 1995S1 US Navy WWII-See photo
SatterfieldLanny Doyle19 Oct 195021 Jun 2017 
ShiveJ D   
SmootLyle H6 Jul 1914 See photo
SmootMary Jolene11 Aug 192319 Jun 2006See photo
SmootWilliam Herschell30 Mar 187319 May 1960See photo
SmootWilma Viola Wilson21 Oct 188920 Jun 1957See photo
SparksCharlotte M Black19 Apr 188321 Jan 1974shared with Charlotte M Sparks-See photo
SparksEdger Mae White11 Feb 190017 Sep 1989shared with Robert Hutton Sparks-See photo
SparksJ Rudd5 Feb 191726 May 1918See photo
SparksJohn Matthew "Jim"11 Nov 19207 Jul 1989See photo
SparksMatt Bagby10 Dec 18775 Aug 1944shared with Matt B Sparks-See photo
SparksRobert Hutton2 Nov 189921 Jun 1981shared with Edger M Sparks-See photo
SparksShirley B24 May 190316 Dec 1935See photo
SpearsMackenzie Blake25 Sep 201710 Apr 2018See photo
SpicerDarryl D4 Apr 196415 Sep 1964See photo
SpicerE Levon16 Nov 19239 Nov 1998See photo
SpicerEarl Thomas7 Aug 192721 Dec 1990See photo
SpicerJosie Revena McDonald31 Jan 19354 May 2013OK AMM3 US Navy WWII-See photo
SpicerLeon Clarvel12 Oct 192126 Dec 1973OK AMM3 US Navy WWII-See photo
SpicerMary A24 Aug 1928 See photo
SpicerMinnie Mae Riggins16 Nov 190117 Dec 1996shared with Raymond Spicer-See photo
SpicerRaymond28 May 189916 Jan 1983shared with Minnie Spicer-See photo
SpicerTerri S2 Feb 196819 Oct 1968Our Baby-See photo
SpringerDonald Lee "Don"31 Oct 19372 Jun 2016shared with Raymond Spicer-See photo
StacyAlmetta Brents 1960See photo
StoneNellie Summers30 Jul 185318 Mar 1918See photo
StrableAudra Lynn11 May 198920 Feb 2020See obit
StrainBilly Edford1 Aug 19373 Dec 1991See photo
StrainJames L "Jim" 15 Feb 1951See photo
StrainKatie Nail31 Aug 192929 Sep 2015See photo
StrainLanford19471947See photo
StrainLedford T S21 Jul 193521 Jan 1970See photo
StrainLenford RayJul 19302 Jan 1992US Army Korea-See photo
StrainLidiaunk7 Jul 1950See photo
StrainLitdy Pearl19231923See photo
StrainLula Pauline Gifford8 Apr 193820 May 1996See photo
StrainOrtha Elrena "Rena" Roberts22 Nov 190618 Feb 1965See photo
StrainPauline 20 May 1996 
StrainPete22 May 189715 Aug 1961 
StrainRaymond Glenn31 Aug 197916 Mar 2005See photo
StrainSanford Leon11 Aug 192612 Apr 1987See photo
StrainTomunk15 Aug 1961See photo
StrainWilliam Bill15 Apr 190117 Sep 1980 
SuttonRuth Ann Ellis25 Oct 19387 Jul 2011 
SwearingenDebra Paulette Strain17 May 195912 Nov 2015 
TerrelClyde E24 Oct 191321 Nov 1916s/o J E & Laura Terrel-See photo
TerryHattie M23 Mar 190217 Oct 1917See photo
ThompsonMargaret Carole Cooper8 Aug 193925 Feb 2015See photo
TurnerAllie F188624 Aug 1905See photo
UnknownGypsy Baby   
WaasDorthy Lorene18 Apr 192022 Aug 1921See photo
WaasPerry L1 Apr 190914 Oct 1915s/o W P & Alice Waas-See photo
WallaceBaby3 Apr 1936 s/o Cecil & Jessie Wallace-See photo
WallaceBell Z22 Mar 185714 Apr 1933See photo
WallaceBoy 1914See photo
WallaceCecil C29 Oct 191118 Dec 2004shared with Jessie M Wallace-See photo
WallaceEsther E28 Mar 19096 Jun 2000Our Beloved Sister-See photo
WallaceEunice Ann24 Feb 193124 Nov 1931See photo
WallaceGirl1917 See photo
WallaceGirl 1927See photo
WallaceGirl 1929See photo
WallaceJessie Muriel Davenport15 Dec 191311 Jun 1994shared with Cecil C Wallace-See photo
WardenAlonzo PDec 18514 Jul 190755 yrs-See photo
WarrenClaud6 Apr 188230 Aug 1920h/o Susie Ashmore-See photo
WatersJo Ruth Sparks5 Feb 191726 Oct 1952See photo
WattsCharles Hoyt20 Aug 193430 Mar 1936Gone But Not Forgotten-See photo
WattsTwin Babies22 Mar 191922 Mar 1919Died at Birth-mother Sela Watts-See photo
WattsSarah Ann Barker17 Feb 18725 May 1949See photo
WattsSela Louizie27 Oct 189622 Sep 1919See photo
WattsThomas Lefayett14 May 186622 Mar 1917See photo
WelliverRichard Thomas25 May 194512 Feb 2001SP4 US Army Vietnam-See photo
WestMalissia3 Dec 188731 Dec 1968See photo
WilliamsEsley19251932See photo
WilliamsLeora K2 Nov 186730 Jan 1918w/o J F Williams-See photo
WilliamsJames F3 Dec 18593 May 1907See photo
WilliamsLaurie B20 Sep 189820 Jan 1917 
WilliamsLeora K2 Nov 186730 Jan 1918 
WilliamsWillieunkunkSee photo
WilsonBessie B Hardy5 Jan 185519 Mar 1942See photo
YandellLillie Marie19261930Our Dear Daughter-See photo

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