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Fort Cobb/Oak Grove Cemetery
Caddo County, Oklahoma

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G Surnames

Row 22.3GADBURYBilly Lloyd02/Oct/1930
Fort Cobb OK
Fort Cobb OK
Twin of LeRoy Gadbury, S/O Roy Wallace & Mary Luaney [Jones] Gaddbury Conklin
Row __GAGEAdesta Rae [Hawkins]16/Jan/1909
Mayfield OK
OK City OK

"Married June 6, 1926"
SS/W & W/O Fred Benjamin "Freddie" Gage, M Roosevelt OK, D/O Jack Milton & Nannie Rudella [Cook] Hawkins, Martin Funeral Home ~ Elk City OK
See photo
Row 39
GAGEAmy [Shamley]01/Jun/1915
Eakly OK
W/O Wilbur Gage, M 15/May/1937, D/O Claude & Mary Adeline [Beckham] Shamley, Fort Cobb Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
Unmarked grave
Row 39
GAGECarolyn Joyce30/Jan/194529/Nov/2002D/O Wilbur & Amy [Shanley] Gage
Row 35
GAGEClaudine Larrie04/Sep/192004/Nov/1992Unmarked grave
Row 35
GAGEDessie Ray19092002Unmarked grave
Row 35
GAGEFred B.19061974 "Married June 6, 1926"
SS/W & H/O Adesta Rae [Hawkins] Gage, S/O Noah Benjamin & Dora Bell Gage
See photo
Row __GAGELavada13/Dec/1957 14/Feb/2008"Resting with those she loved"
D/O Wilbur & Amy [Shamley] Gage
Row 39
GAGEWilbur30/Jul/191024/Feb/1994 "Sfc US Army ~ Career"
H/O Amy [Shamley] Gage, S/O Allen Benjamin & Ruby Leona [Miller] Gage
Row __GALLOWAY/td>S. F.25/Aug/1888 03/Dec/1909"She made her neighbors feel welcome and enjoy her company but made her home happy for her husband"
Row 12.2GARCIAFreddie E. Jr07/Nov/193526/Oct/1993"Precious Lord take my hand"
SS/W Patricia A. Garcia
Row 12.2GARCIAPatricia A.27/May/1943 "Precious Lord take my hand"
SS/W Freddie E. Garcia, Jr.
Row 10.4GARDNERSarah Frances "Pet" [Gardner]14/Oct/1885
Fort Cobb OK
D/O George Anson & Sophronia Ann [Edwards] Gardner
Row __GAROFALOIsabelle Julia [Fernandez] 07/Apr/1935
Chickasha OK
"In God's Hands" "Beloved Mother & Grandmother"
W/O Unknown Garofalo, D/O Francisco & Aura Esteva Fernandez
Row 13.25GARRETTOda Belle [Nix]30/Jun/190701/Mar/1995"Daughter of James M. and Alice Nix
W/O Thomas Simons Garrett
Row __GARRICOIsaac08/Jun/1876 26/Aug/1908H/O Marcie Garrico
Unmarked grave
Row __GARRICOMaud C.1905 1909D/O Isaac & Marcie Garrico
Unmarked grave
Row 16.16GATESCharles G.09/Nov/189806/Jun/1925
"Upright and just he was in all his ways, a bright example in degenerate days"
S/O John W. & Cora C. [Hood] Gates
See photo
Row 23.34GATESCora C.18791943"Mother" "Whose feet have trod the path to God" "Not lost, but gone before"
SS/W & W/O John W. Gates
Row 16.17GATESDouglas W.19/May/190103/Dec/1933
"Son of J.W. & Nora" "#0160 Police Oklahoma City, Okla., F.S.D.W.C" "This monument is a token of love from his Captain, J. F. Milam"
S/O John W. & Cora C. Gates, killed on the job
See photo
Row 16.18GATESJack D.31/Dec/190223/Mar/1930

"Son of J. W. & Cora" "#056 Police Oklahoma City, Okla. Faithful to his trust, even unto death"
S/O John W. &Cora C. Gates, killed on the job, Perrine Funeral Home ~ OK City OK
See photo
Row 23.34GATESJohn W.18581937"Mother" "Whose feet have trod the path to God" "Not lost, but gone before"
SS/W & W/O Cora C. Gates
Row 38
GAYMamie28/Jul/190212/Nov/1966Unmarked grave
Gee Family Plot
Row 6.37
GEEBuna L.18/Jun/190122/Mar/1975SS/W & W/O William Samuel "Sam" Gee
See photo
Gee Family Plot
Row 6.38
GEECora Vivian [Byrd]13/Jan/197911/Jan/1979"Mother"
W/O Joseph H. "Joe" Gee, D/O Edward D. & Odelia Byrd
See photo
Gee Family Plot
Row 6.38
GEEGreen22/Apr/188211/May/1964SS/W Joseph H. "Joe" Gee
See photo
Gee Family Plot
Row 6.38
GEEJoseph H. "Joe"09/Mar/188419/Dec/1966SS/W Green Gee, H/O Cora Vivian [Byrd] Gee
See photo
Gee Family Plot
Row 6.35
GEEJohn Oliver11/Feb/182521/Dec/1925
S/O William Samuel & Buna L. Gee
Gee Family Plot
Row 6.39
GEEMartha Ann16/Dec/185510/Sep/1947See photo
Gee Family Plot
Row 6.
GEERaymond Douglas Sr27/Jul/193427/dec/2004"Sfc US Army ~ Vietnam" "[Married] Sept 18, 1954" "50 Years" "Parents of Raymond D. Jr ~ Randall D. ~ Brenda Freeman"
SS/W & H/O Wanda Mae [Holland] Gee
See photo
Row 6.GEEWanda Mae [Holland]30/Sep/1937
Fort Cobb OK
Carnegie OK
"[Married] Sept 18, 1954" "50 Years" "Parents of Raymond D. Jr ~ Randall D. ~ Brenda Freeman"
D/O Rufus Wilson Holland & Ellen Holland Payne
See obit & photo
Gee Family Plot
Row 6.37
GEEWilliam Samuel "Sam"29/Apr/189421/Jan/1979SS/W Buna L. Gee
See photo
Row 40
GENTRYFlossie M.03/Dec/192015/Feb/1994SS/W Vollie L. Gentry
Row __GENTRYLouise02/May/1927 10/Jun/1930Harvey Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
Unmarked grave
Row 40
GENTRYVollie L.13/Sep/191307/Oct/1995SS/W Flossie M. Gentry
Row __GEORGEEdgar1902--/Oct/1929Unmarked grave
Row __GEORGENaomi [Keever]29/May/190823/Jan/2005Unmarked grave
Row 6.17GILBERTCatharine [Blicker]13/Oct/186421/Nov/1945
Anadarko OK
See obit
Row 14.16GILBERTGeorge Watson23/Feb/1883
Edwardsville IL

SS/W & H/O Ida Malinda [Park] Gilbert, M 18/Nov/1906 Fort Cobb OK, S/O James Howard & Catharine [Blicker] Gilbert, Pitcher Funeral Home ~ Carnegie OK
See obit & photo
Row 6.16GILBERTHoward J.18/May/1892
Edwardsville IL
Muskogee OK
 Oklahoma, PVT 1st Class 357 Inf 90th Div
H/O Bertha [Martin] Gilbert, M 09/Mar/1919 Carnegie OK, pharmacist, Street and Draper Funeral Home ~ OK City OK
See obit
Row 14.16GILBERTIda Malinda [Park]01/Nov/1885
Weatherford TX
Cordell OK
SS/W & W/O George W. Gilbert, M 18/Nov/1906 Fort Cobb OK
See photo
Row 6.18GILBERTInfant15/Jun/190715/Jun/1907"Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. J. H. Gilbert"
S/O J. H. & Catharine [Blicker] Gilbert
Row 29.19GILBERTIrene [Clary]11/Oct/1902
Fort Cobb OK
Fort Cobb OK

W/O Louis Edgerton Gilbert, M 1921 Fort Cobb OK
See obit
Row 6.18GILBERTJ. H.27/Dec/185213/Jun/1907"Husb of Mrs. J. H. Gilbert"
SS/W Infant Son Gilbert, H/O Catharine [Blicker] Gilbert
Row 6.25GILBERTKatie17/Jan/188829/Mar/1917"Wife of Paul Gilbert"
Row 29.18GILBERTLouis Edgerton31/Jan/189528/Apr/1957 "Oklahoma Cpl CO A 70 Infantry ~ World War I"
H/O Irene [Clary] Gilbert, S/O J. H. & Catharine [Blicker] Gilbert
Row 6.26GILBERTMorris A.15/Aug/190624/Oct/1918"Son of Katie & Paul Gilbert"
Row 6.27GILBERTPaul28/Apr/187803/Nov/1937H/O Katie Gilbert, S/O J. H. & Catharine [Blicker] Gilbert, co-established Caddo CO Bank
See obit
Row 14.15GILBERTThelma Irene09/Jul/191208/Aug/1912"Dau of G. W. & I. M. Gilbert"
D/O George Watson & Ida Malinda [Parks] Gilbert
See photo
Row 23.15GILESAlice Faye [Tate]24/Jan/186914/Nov/1939"Mother"
W/O John Giles, D/O Robert Sellers & Unknown Tate
Row 11.31GILESBerry Wilson Sr02/Apr/1865
Spartanburg SC
Fort Cobb OK
H/O Ida Tennessee [Courtney] Giles
Row 11.30GILESIda Tennesee [Courtney]07/Apr/1865
Fort Cobb OK
"Beloved Wife of B.W. Giles"
W/O Berry Wilson Giles Sr
Row __GILESJames Arthur04/May/1894
Austin TX
Anadarko OK
  "US Military ~ World War I"
S/O John & Alice Faye [Tate] Giles, Fort Cobb Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
Unmarked grave
Row 23.13GILESJohn07/Apr/186301/Jul/1933"Father"
H/O Alice Faye [Tate[ Giles
Row 23.14GILESLester Isaac10/Apr/18961938"Brother"
S/O John & Alice Faye [Tate] Giles
Row 23.16GILESMaudie19001946"Sister"
D/O John & Alice Faye [Tate] Giles
Row __GILESPaul18981966S/O John & Alice Faye [Tate] Giles
Unmarked grave
Row __GILLHenry Roscoe "Frog"20/Aug/1920
Noble OK
Fort Cobb OK
"Beloved Brother"
S/O Earl Roscoe Gill & Bessie Ann [Stark] Gill Davis
Row __GILLILANDBessie M.18911965SS/W William Herbert & William Thomas Gilliland
Row __GILLILANDGrace M.22/Aug/1925 "Married Sept 13, 1943"
SS/W & W/O Herbert Ross Gilliland
Row __GILLILANDHerbert Ross26/Mar/192427/Sep/2004"Married Sept 13, 1943"
SS/W & H/O Grace M. Gilliland
Row __GILLILANDWilliam Herbert18761958SS/W Bessie M. & William Thomas Gilliland
Row __GILLILANDWilliam Thomas28/Sep/192927/Aug/1953SS/W Bessie M. & William Herbert Gilliland
Row __GILLISCarl Douglas13/Mar/195714/Nov/1993 "Sfc US Army"
Row __GILLISLyle Vern24/Jan/1935
Alma MI
Lawton OK
 "Msgt US Air Force ~ Korea ~ Vietnam"
H/O Wanda A. [Turney] Gillis, M 22/Jul/1963 Carthage MOS/O Denver & Clara Gillis
Row __GILLISWanda A. [Turney]13/Jun/1931
Hydro OK
W/O Lyle Vern Gillis, M 22/Jun/1963 Carthage MO, D/O Jesse Malcum & Nora Adeline [Sheffield] Turney, Smith Funeral Home ~ Anadarko OK
Unmarked grave
Row 15.9GLOVERAdrian Walls02/Apr/188204/Aug1957
Clinton OK
B/O Paul Glover, Ida Humphrey & Unknown Barron
Row 15.14GLOVERAnnie Mae [Coldsmith]1873
Fort Cobb OK
SS/W & W/O Sylvester Oliver Glover, M 20/Mar/1890 Harrisonville MO, D/O Samuel F. & Nancy J. [Brown] Coldsmith
Row 14.13GLOVERBill C.22/Nov/193330/Mar/2001H/O Mary Jeanne [Jackson] Glover
Unmarked grave
Row __GLOVERBlanche [Williams]19051992D/O John D. & Nora Viola [Baxter] Williams
Unmarked grave
Row __GLOVERChet A.19071978Unmarked grave
Row 15.15GLOVERDan A.04/Jan/189101/Mar/1941Unmarked grave
Row 15.15GLOVERDana188105/Jan/1960 
Row 15.13GLOVEREarl S.24/May/1894 05/Jan/1960S/O Sylvester Oliver & Annie Mae [Coldsmith] Glover
Row __GLOVERMary Jeanne [Jackson]14/Sep/1934
Fort Cobb OK
W/O Bill C. Glover, M 15/Jun/1956, D/O Paul & Evelyn Jackson, teacher
Unmarked grave
Row 15.14GLOVERSylvester Oliver12/Feb/1869
Fort Cobb OK
SS/W & H/O Annie Mae [Coldsmith] Glover, M 20/Mar/1890 Harrisonville MO
Fort Cobb Pioneer
See obit
Row 21.12GODWINRosie Lee [Davis]23/Feb/1876
Survisville TN
Caddo CO OK
"Mother" Wife of Julius W."
W/O [1] Walter Corey, M 1884 [2] Julius W. Godwin, M 05/Nov/1903
See obit
Row 36
Row __GONZALESAlecia [Keahbone]1926
Fort Cobb OK
Caddo CO OK

1993-94 recipient of the Indian Woman of the Year award, preserver of the Kiowa language, Kiowa Nation
See bio & obit
Row __GONZALEZDaniel Keith Sr08/Jan/195219/Nov/2003"Gonzo"
Row __GONZALEZJewel Faye "Judy" [Smith] 03/Mar/1943
Anadarko OK
Chickasha OK

W/O [1] Jessie James Avery, M 1961 [2] John Gonzalez, M --/Nov/1983, D/O & Cleo Vivian [Douglas] Smith, Sevier Funeral Home ~ Chickasha OK
Unmarked grave
Row __GONZALEZJohn D.23/Jun/1940
Carnegie OK
Chickasha OK
H/O [1] Peggy [LaFever] Gonzalez (D), M 31 Dec 1958 [2] Judy [Avery] Gonzalez, M 17 Nov 1983, S/O Natividad & Rosalie [Guajardo] Gonzalez, Sevier Funeral Home See obit
Row 18.13GONZALEZTheodore14/Mar/192531/Dec/1939 
Row 1.17 GOOCHGrady E.17/Apr/1917 13/Jan/1998"Mother"
Row 41
GOODWINOpal Ann [Prather] 31/Aug/1911 15/Feb/1983 W/O Orval C. Goodwin, D/O Samuel E. & Rosa Etta [Troy] Prather
Row __GOODWINSusan183307/Mar/1915Unmarked grave
Row __GOODWINWilliam B.20022002FHM
Row __GOOMBIAdolphus01/Apr/1910
Chickasha OK
SS/W & H/O Cynthia [Berry] Goombi, S/O Unknown & Lillian Marie [Goombi] Hunt
Row __GOOMBICynthia [Berry]28/Mar/190724/Aug/1985W/O Leonard Keahbone [2] SS/W & Adolphus Goombi, D/O Tennyson E. & Annie E. [Jones] Berry
Row __GOOMBIDaniel James1984--/Apr/2011Steverson FHM ~ Anadarko OK
Row __GOOMBIGeraldine "Geri" [Eustace] 05/May/1942
Zuni NM
OK City OK
W/O J. T. Goombi, D/O Raymond & Vera [Roamncito] Eustace
See obit
Row __GOOMBIHelena11/Jun/199623/Aug/2001SS/W Timothy Goombi
Row __GOOMBIMarlin Ray Sr26/Sep/1947
Lawton ok
Lawton OK
 "US Army ~ Vietnam"
H/O Ramona [Peña] Goombi, M 02/Oct/1970 Fort Cobb OK, S/O Adolphus & Cynthis [Berry] Goombi, Kiowa Gourd Band member
See obit
Row __GOOMBITimothy23/Jun/1999 23/Jun/2001SS/W Helena Goombi
Row 26.1GORDONAlice Eva13/Jan/191818/Jul/1937D/O J. E. & Unknown Gordon, Harvey Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
See obit
Row 16.13GORDONBluford G.24/Jun/189931/Mar/1979SS/W Nickie C. Gordon
Row 16.15GORDONDavid B.18641949SS/W Velera Gordon
Row 16.13GORDONNickie C. [Bentley]31/Aug/190001/Feb/2004SS/W Bluford G. Gordon, D/O Robert E. & Sallie Ann [Hash] Bentley
Row __GORDONSalonia187717/Apr/1935Harvey Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
Unmarked grave
Row 16.15GORDONVellra18661947SS/W David B. Gordon
Row __GORMANDonny07/Jun/1961 27/May/1983"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15" "A friend to all""
Row __GOSSETTMary K.18551925"In God's Care"
SS/W & W/O O. S. Gossett
Row 10.21GOSSETTO. S.1852 1929"In God's Care"
SS/W & H/O Mary K. Gossett
Row 10.21GOSSETTMary K.18551925SS/W O. S. Gossett
Row 13.41GOULDRoyce19241926"Dau of Ray & Ruby Gould"
Row 13.43GOULDRuby M.18/Jun/188813/Feb/1977 
Row 13.42GOULDWilliam Roy27/Nov/188909/Aug/1957See obit
Row 19.28GOZACarl Dean16/Jun/1941
Carnegie OK
OK City OK
"In Loving Memory"
S/O James Edward & Zula Ethel [Scales] Goza, car accident
Row __GOZAJames Edward Jr23/Sep/193318/May/2008 "SN US Navy ~ Korea" "Together Forever" "[Married] December 31, 1954" "I will Rise on Eagles Wings before my God. Fall on my knees and rise. I will Rise."
SS/W & H/O Loretta Blanche [Griffitts] Goza
Row 19.29GOZAJames Edward "Buster" Sr22/Jul/1904
Lindsay OK
Oney OK
"Married 64 years. 25 Aug 1927" "Parents of: Catherine ~ Rubye Lea ~ Joquetta ~ James ~ Tommy ~ Donald ~ Carl"
SS/W & H/O Zula E. Goza, M Anadarko OK, S/O Thomas Aryes & Nora [Miller] Goza
Row __GOZALoretta Blanche [Griffitts]12/Apr/193418/May/2008"Together Forever" "[Married] December 31, 1954" "I will Rise on Eagles Wings before my God. Fall on my knees and rise. I will Rise."
SS/W & W/O James Edward Goza Jr, D/O Henry Howard & Goldie R. [Harvey] Griffitts
Row 40
GOZAWilliam A.15/Aug/189220/Jun/1973 
Row 19.29GOZAZula Ethel [Scales]29/Jul/1907
Walters OK
Weatherford OK
"Married 64 years. 25 Aug 1927" "Parents of: Catherine ~ Rubye Lea ~ Joquetta ~ James ~ Tommy ~ Donald ~ Carl"
SS/W & W/O James E. Goza, D/O Joseph C. & Sarah C. [Treadway] Scales
Row __GRAGGGerald Willis12/Mar/1931
Sand Springs OK
OK City OK
"US Army"
H/O Gladys Emily [Genzer] Gragg, M 28/Jun/1952, S/O Albert Willis & Jewell Francis [Smith] Gragg, Golden Gloves champion, mortician, Mayor og Binger OK, Fort Cobb Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
Unmarked grave
Row __GRAGGGladys Emily [Genzer]09/Nov/1930
W/O Gerald Willis Gragg, M 28/Jun/1952, D/O Emil Martin & Sophie Whilamina Augusta [Kuhlman] Genzer
Unmarked grave
Row __GRAHAMClaude W.18/Jun/1900
Greenville TN
Elk City OK
H/O Roma R. [Stevens] Graham, S/O Charles A. & Emma C. [Armitage] Graham
Unmarked grave
See obit
Row __GRAHAMRoma R. [Stevens]03/Apr/190501/Nov/1976W/O Claude W. Graham, D/O James Franklin & Maggie Lawrence [Herndon] Stevens
Unmarked grave
Row 28.21GRAMLICHJacob J.1875 1945
Row 38
GRANTJames Clyde "JC"07/Mar/192327/Oct/1973 "Oklagoma Pvf US Army ~ World War II"
H/O Sarah Carnetta [Davis] Grant-Kuhn
Row __GRANTJoe20/Mar/192026/Jun/2002"Married Aug 7, 1938"
SS/W & H/O Lottie Janie Grant
Row __GRANTLottie Janie06/Feb/192306/Jun/2002"Married Aug 7, 1938"
SS/W & W/O Joe Grant
Row __GRANT-KUHNSarah Carnetta "Bea" [Davis]04/Mar/1931
Durant OK
"Beloved Moma & Wife"
W/O James Clyde Grant, D/O Harland & Bessie Ann [Stark] Davis
Row __GRAYCarolyn J. [Bentley]11/Jul/1933 "Together Forever" "[Married] Feb 9, 1952" "Parents of Mari, Sue, Greg"
SS/W & W/O Millard G. Gray, M Fort Cobb OK
Row __GRAYCharley Ross "Chief"10/Jun/1912
Winnipeg Canada
Binger OK
 Shipyards ~ World War II
H/O [1] Alberta Lewis [Baker] Littrell Gray [2] Zella Mae [Smith] Gray, M 1964, S/O John Albert & Mary Gray
Row 31
GRAYGeorgia Irene [Dunn] 27/Aug/1915
Fox OK
Anadarko OK
"Loving Parents of Phil, Sandra and Gary"
SS/W & W/O Jessie Joseph Gray, M 20/Jun/1936 Sayre OK, D/O John Michael & Annie Loretta [Wright] Dunn
Row __GRAYHayden Gene10/Aug/2017
Norman OK
S/O Josh & Cori [Williams] Gray, Fort Cobb Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
Unmarked grave
Row 31
GRAYJesse Joseph28/Mar/191625/Nov/1995"Loving Parents of Phil, Sandra and Gary"
SS/W & H/O Georgia Irene [Dunn] Gray, M 20/Jun/1936 Sayre OKtd>
Row __GRAYMillard G.09/Feb/1925 20/Jul/2007
 "1st Cav Div US Army ~ World War II ~ Korea" "Silver Star Purple Heart Bronze Star Medal" "Together Forever" "[Married] Feb 9, 1952" "Parents of Mari, Sue, Greg"
SS/W & H/O Carolyn J. [Bentley] Gray, S/O Millard & Mary Myrtle [Hall] Gray, Fort Cobb Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
Row 31
GRAYPhil D.02/Aug/19371963S/O Jesse Joseph & Georgia Irene [Dunn] Gray
Row 3.27GREENAddie A.[Garrison]27/Nov/1878 20/Feb/19261st W/O Dolphus Byrd Green, D/O Joseph Hayward & Clara Lucinda [Parks] Garrison
Row __GREENBetty [Garrison]04/Jul/188022/Jul/19612nd W/O Dolphus Byrd Gray, D/O Joseph Haywood & Clara Lucinda [Parks] Garrison
Row 14.27GREENBobby Gene192225/Oct/1926"Age 4 years" "Son of Hardin & Lillie"
Row __GREENDarlene Gayle [Ralston]26/Jun/1944
Anadarko OK
Weatherford OK
W/O Billy Green, D/O Jack & Frances [Blood] Ralston
Unmarked grave
Row 3.28GREENDolphus B.07/Nov/187422/Feb/1963H/O [1] Addie A. [Garrison] Green [2] Betty [Garrison] Green
Row __GREGORYRoy Barnes--/Dec/191923/Apr/1920Gish Funeral Home ~ Anadarko OK
Unmarked grave
Row __GREGORYUnknown191421/Mar/1934Harvey Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
Unmarked grave
Row 29.6GRIFFINAllen Lee18881960"Father"
H/O Nellie Ann Griffin
See photo
Row 40
GRIFFINEunice [Goza]03/May/190612/Mar/2000"Married Jul 8, 1923"
SS/W & W/O Roy M/ Griffin, M Lindsay OK, D/O Thomas Aryes & Nora [Miller] Goza
Row __GRIFFINGarland Gene24/Nov/1927
Oney OK
Binger OK
 US Marine Corps ~ Korea
H/O Verna Lee [McAnally] Griffin, M 02/Jun/1950 Henrietta TX, S/O William A. & Mary [Dodson] Griffin
Unmarked grave
Row 29.7GRIFFINNellie Ann1889 1939"Mother"
W/O Allen Lee Griffin
See photo
Row 40
Byers OK
Fort Cobb OK
"Married Jul 8, 1923"
SS/W & H/O Eunice [Goza] Griffin, M Lindsay OK, Fort Cobb Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
Row __GRIFFINVerna Lee "Red" [McAnally] 23/Aug/1931
Oney OK
Binger OK
W/O Garland Griffin, M 02/Jun/1950 Henrietta TX, D/O Harvey & Luby [Barbee] McAnally
Unmarked grave
Row __GRIFFITHMarilyn [Shepherd]30/Jan/1948
Caddo CO OK
Inola OK
Former W/O George Mayall & Larry Griffith, D/O William Herbert & Evalena [Stone] Shepherd
Unmarked grave
Row __GRIFFITHThelma27/Dec/1903 08/Jul/1941 
Row 22.7GRIFFITTSDavid Ray1944 1944Buried next to Raymond & Leotie Griffitts
Unmarked grave
Info provided by: Lois Campbell
Row 20.2GRIFFITTSDeannie Laverne [Gray]03/Dec/192118/May/1987SS/W & W/O Homer Jasper Griffitts, D/O William G. & Maudie Bell [Dyer] Gray
Row 20.2GRIFFITTSHomer Jasper22/Feb/191104/Jul/1969
Wichita Falls TX
SS/W & H/O Deannie Laverne [Gray] Griffitts, S/O Raymond Amos & Leotie [Kenney] Griffitts
Row 22.7GRIFFITTSLeotie [Kenney]18771938"Mother"
SS/W & W/O Raymond Amos Griffitts, M 1908
Row 22.7GRIFFITTSRaymond Amos30/Dec/1872
Hancock CO IL
SS/W & H/O Leotie [Kenney] Griffitts, M 1908, S/O James & Eliza Jane [Irwin] Griffitts
Grimmett Family Plot
Row 11.34
Row __GRIMMETTChild191430/Apr/1917I/O C. C. & Unknown Grimmett, Gish Funeral Home ~ Anadarko OK
Unmarked grave
Row __GRIMMETTEdgarAbt 1870 28/Oct/1917
Fort Cobb OK
Related to C. C. Grimmett, typhoid, Gish Funeral Home ~ Anadarko OK
Unmarked grave
Grimmett Family Plot
Row 11.33
GRIMMETTJ. E.10/Jun/186831/Oct/1917"G" "Life is but a winter's day. A journey to the tomb."
Grimmett Family Plot
Row 11.35
GRIMMETTKatie May [Owings]18721948W/O Unknown Grimmett, D/O Richard Henry & Ada [Eames] Owings
Row 18.20GROVESFern A.19081984SS/W & W/O Garvie Hollis Groves
Row 18.20GROVESGarvie Hollis190628/Mar/1933SS/W & H/O Fern A. Groves
Row 18.19GROVESMelvin H.17/Oct/1927
Fort Cobb OK
Fort Cobb OK
S/O Garvie Hollis= & Fern A. Groves, Harvey Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
See obit
Row 2.27GUFFEEHenry Alvin "Pat"04/May/1908
Cloud Chief OK
Gentry AR
 "Oklahoma, PFC 227 General Hospital ~ World War II"
H/O Unknown Guffee, S/O John Henry & Lula May [Thompson] Guffee, car accident, Pitcher Funeral Home ~ Carnegie OK
See obit & photo
Row 2.26GUFFEEJohn Henry22/Nov/1881
Gordon TX
OK City OK
H/O [1] SS/W Lula May [Thompson] Guffee [2] Mary Winnie [Lee] Guffee, S/O Unknown Guffee & Anne Elizabeth [Kuydendall] Guffee Cantwell
See obit & photo
Row 2.26GUFFEELula May04/Nov/188414/Jan/1920SS/W & 1st John Henry Guffee
See photo
Row 2.28GUFFEEThomas C.27/May/1910
Cloud Chief OK
Verden OK
"Gone but not forgotten"
H/O [1] Lillie Ellen [Adams Guffee Beall [2] Lovertia Inez [Chadrick] Guffee, S/O John Henry & Lula May [Thompson] Guffee, People's Funeral Home ~ Lone Wolf
See obit & photo
Row __GUIN/GUNNJodie L.185118/Mar/1934Harvey Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
Unmarked grave
Row 11.40GUNTERMagdalene P. [Pruitt]15/May/193410/Mar/1994W/O Unknown Gunter, D/O Elijah & Gertrude [Messer] Pruitt
Row 15.38GUYElizabeth "Betty"09/Sep/1944 "Married July 13, 1962" "Wife, Mom, Nann"
SS/W & SS/W & W/O Willard Guy
Row 25.12GUYJustin Francis04/Dec/197127/Nov/1987"Son, Brother and Uncle"
Row 25.13GUYRena Marie [Edge]19081974"The Lord is my Shepherd Psalms 23-1"
W/O Willard Guy Sr
Row __GUYWendel03/Oct/1940 04/Oct/1940 
Row 25.13GUYWillard Sr04/May/1913 02/Feb/1974 "Oklahoma, S1, US Navy ~ World War II" "For God so loved the world John 3-16"
SS/W & H/O Rena Marie [Edge] Guy
Row 15.38GUYWillard B. "Sammy"04/Jul/193825/Jun/1998"Married July 13, 1962" "Husband, Dad& Grandad"
SS/W & H.O Elizabeth "Betty" Guy

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