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 J Surnames
Memorial Park Cemetery
Bartlesville, Washington County, Oklahoma

Partial Survey
Location: 4200 Nowata Rd, Bartlesville, OK, 74006
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NOTE: Every effort has been made to transcribe this information accurately. These records MAY CONTAIN ERRORS. Any corrections and/or additions greatly appreciated. As with any genealogy information, this is a source and should be considered as such. It is up to the researcher to verify the accuracy.



First MI




JACKSON Mary Elinor (Marshall) 11-Jul-1910
Perrysbury, Ohio
14-Dec-2002 Wed Melvin "Ellis" Jackson 8/30/1928
in Dewey
D of Ernest and Iva (Mattix) Marshall
Info by:
Jaggers Leota A (Hanna) 12/12/1932 1/3/2020 Obit
Jamison Anna Jo (Byrd) 8/25/1926 11/7/2016 Obit
Jamison Glen 1925 1999 H of W Pauline
Jamison W Pauline 1928   W of Glen
Jarrett Benny Ray 11/1/1943 3/6/2019 Obit
Jarrett Dorothy (Doss) 1/2/1950 2/23/2017 Obit
Jarrett Rosa (Barr) 1893 1988 W of William     Photo
Jarrett William Gus 1888 1973 H of Rosa       Photo
Jensen Betty L 9/9/1926 9/15/2005 W of George   Photo
George Herbert 4/4/1921 6/16/2007 US Navy  WW II
H of Betty   Photo
Jensen Helen M 9/21/1907 10/13/1979 W of Marinus   Photo
Jensen Jean Gay (Parry) 2/8/1935 8/10/2018 Obit
Marinus K 7/19/1889 1/22/1960 H of Helen
Sgt I Co Coast Arty
WW I   Photo
Jensen Mary Ellen 2/2/1926 8/11/1994 Photo
Jensen Ola E 4/15/1892 1/7/1993 Photo
Jensen Philip Martin 8/25/1948 2/25/1956 Photo
JETER Wanda M. (Casida) 12-Apr-1923 02-Mar-2013 obit
JETTON Brenda Jo (Searle) 10-Apr-1943 12-Aug-2008 obit
Jirele Debra Ann "Debbie" (Burge) 12/7/1963 11/11/2017 Obit
Johansen Infant Son 12/17/1952 12/17/1952 S of Robert & Norma
Johansen Norma Jean (Smith) 10/1/1924 5/3/2017 Wed Robert 9/9/1945 Obit
Robert T "Bob" 6/13/1924 8/24/1998 Wed Norma 9/9/1945
2ndLt US Air Force
Johnson Ada (Goree) 1/25/1922 4/12/1980 Photo
Johnson Ben R 9/4/1934 12/21/2005 Photo
Johnson Betty Lou (Baldwin) 9/13/1920 11/20/1998 W of Charles Jr   Photo
Johnson Bill Allen 1925 1983 H of Madge    Photo
Johnson Carl Ira 11/5/1928 4/22/1985 Photo
Johnson Caroline (Nissen) 3/20/1880 8/26/1958 Photo
Dr. Charles Leon, Jr. 3/19/1919 2/8/1999 H of Betty
Lt US Navy MC  WW II 
Johnson Clara (Hoon) 12/30/1846 10/25/1931 Photo
Clarence Franklin 12/7/1939 3/4/2008 H of Irma
US Army  Photo
Clifford S 12/6/1921 3/19/1951 OK SSgt 4914thAF Flight OPN Sq   Photo
Johnson Clyde E "Bing" 8/11/1889 9/20/1974 H of Gertrude   Photo
Johnson Dale Estes 3/4/1939 1/5/2016 Wed Janet E 6/30/1960
Johnson David Ernest 2/7/1887 2/3/1956 H of Stella   Photo
David Frank 1/14/1937 11/11/2002 US Air Force   Photo
Johnson Dennis Benjamin 12/27/1902 12/6/1981 H of Lois    Photo
Johnson Donna Kay (Payne) 9/7/1942 3/14/2018 Wed Jack 6/5/1960  Photo
Johnson Dorothy Marie 11/11/1948 8/4/2010 Photo
Johnson Edna (Hawkes) 9/19/1909 5/28/1959 Photo
Johnson Evalyn Irene (Whittington) 12/1/1924 12/19/2009 Wed Lyle 2/17/1946  Photo
Johnson Frank 2/23/1891 5/25/1940 Photo
Johnson Frank 1895 1960 H of Odessa    Photo
Johnson Frank A 1900 1970 H of Okla     Photo
Johnson Gertrude D 4/28/1907 1/10/2000 W of Clyde   Photo
Johnson Glen Moroni 1908 2002 H of Letha  Photo
Johnson Guila Anna (Mills) (Kerby) 4/26/1914 3/26/2002 1stW of William Kerby  Photo
Johnson Hazel L (Merryman) 3/4/1927 1/29/2005 W of Otis   Photo
Johnson Helen Lurline 3/29/1913 4/25/2004 W of Jule   Photo
Johnson Infant Daughter 1/9/1930 1/9/1930 D of Pearl & Ola  
Johnson Infant Son 12/17/1952 12/17/1952 S of Robert & Norma
Johnson Irma May (Cox) 3/8/1939 5/24/2013 W of Clarence
Jack Verlan 5/15/1940 8/19/2009 Wed Donna 6/5/1960
US Army National Guard
Johnson Jacob J 1/15/1881 4/10/1945 Photo
James 1/27/1842 11/7/1931 Co D 63rd OH Vol V Inf Photo
James E 4/14/1908 4/8/1970 OK Pvt US Army  WW II  Photo
Johnson Janet Elaine (Riddle) 12/21/1939 3/12/2010 Wed Dale 6/30/1960
Johnson Janet L 1918 2002 Photo
Johnson John Thistle 10/9/1880 9/19/1939 Photo
Johnson Juanita Marie (Patterson) 2/20/1918 1/29/2015 W of Wilbur
Jule Gunter 3/13/1909 10/28/1986 Pvt US Army  WW II
H of Helen   Photo
Johnson Jule Gunter "Jay" 12/23/1938 11/27/1988 S of Jule & Helen   Photo
Johnson Kathalyn B 1935   W of Robert W   Photo
Johnson Katherine (Alexander) 2/8/1936 4/25/2002 Photo
Johnson Katie L 1880 1974 W of Jacob   Photo
Larry Gale 1941 1979 A1C US Air Force Vietnam       Photo
Johnson Lathel M 1908 1997 H of Virginia L   Photo
Johnson Laura Mae 1892 1973 Photo
Johnson Leah Marguerite (Edwards) (Bolinger) 3/15/1920 12/2/2016 Wed Percy Bolinger  1948
W of Melvin Johnson
Leonard T 1894 1974 WW I Veteran
H of Virginia M   Photo
Johnson Letha Marie (Mattes) 1911 1990 W of Glen   Photo
Johnson Lily May (Hackney) Feb 1880 1961 W of William F   Photo
Johnson Linda L 10/18/1947 3/15/1996 Photo
Johnson Lizzie I (King) 2/15/1887 6/18/1979 Photo
Johnson Lloyd Theodore 7/10/1920 4/6/1985 H of Mary P   Photo
Johnson Lois (Straight) 1/26/1907 8/11/2001 W of Roy   Photo
Johnson Lois (Nuttall) 1886 1984 Photo
Johnson Lois Irene (Hayes) 11/18/1908 5/27/1995 W of Dennis   Photo
Johnson Luke Robert 10/9/1999 12/30/2001 Photo
Lyle Larimet 1922 2001 Wed Evalyn 2/17/1946  WW II  Veteran   Photo
Johnson Madge Ellen 1924 2006 W of Bill    Photo
Johnson Mary P (Auten) 12/16/1922 5/10/2007 W of Lloyd    Photo 
Melvin Wade 3/29/1920 1/5/2010 Pvt US Army  WW II
H of Lea
h    Photo
Johnson Dr. Marvin Merrill Mar 21,1928 Mar 2017 Obit
Johnson Norris E 1905 1988 Wed Ruth 5/18/1928  Photo
Johnson Odessa 4/30/1901 7/30/1971 W of Frank   Photo
Johnson Okla 1914 1989 W of Frank A  Photo
Johnson Ola (Duffey) 10/24/1892 6/13/1960 W of Pearl
Johnson Otis P 7/10/1923   H of Hazel    Photo
Johnson Patricia Carol "Pat" 4/19/1940 8/12/2001  
Johnson Paul H 5/2/1916 9/22/2004 Photo
Johnson Pearl 8/14/1883 10/9/1967 H of Ola
Richard Hawkins "Rich" 12/6/1914 8/13/2006 US Army  WW II
Johnson Robert W 1933 1999 H of Kathalyn   Photo
Johnson Roy Zacheus 1906 1995 H of Lois Straight   Photo
Johnson Ruth R Watson 7/26/1905 12/13/2005 Wed Norris 5/18/1928  Photo & Obit
Johnson Sadie C 1883 1965 Photo
Johnson Stella Mae (Fields) 3/17/1892 12/2/1969 W of David E  Photo
Johnson Sylvia Rae (Potteiger) (Schultz) 5/26/1911 11/10/2002 W of Orville Schultz
W of Sidney Johnson  Photo
Johnson Tennie 3/2/1893 11/29/1994 Photo
Johnson Teresa Renee (Taylor) 10/22/1958 6/5/1998 Photo
Johnson Tina Rae 12/22/1977 8/3/1985 Photo
Johnson Virginia M 1899 1991 W of Leonard    Photo
Johnson Virginia L 1914   W of Lathel   Photo
Wilbur R 9/3/1911 10/21/1985 Lt US Navy  WW II
H of Juanita   
Johnson William Fraley 9/8/1875 12/6/1945 H of Lily    Photo
Johnson Zephaniah Micah 11/20/2005 11/20/2005 S of Sarah  Anne  Photo
Johnston Alleane (Newton) 8/28/1934 12/10/1998 Photo
Johnston Anna M 1895 1988 W of Frank   Photo
Johnston Bessie Irene (Glover) 2/1/1913 7/26/1991 W of Roy    Photo
Johnston Billie Roe 1927 1930 Child of Monroe & Madelyn
Johnston Charles Henry 1867 1930 Photo
Johnston Conway 1/12/1927 11/1/2009 H of Dorothy   Photo
Johnston Donald Eugene 10/18/1928 11/8/2018 Obit
Johnston Dorothy M 6/4/1929 3/10/1995 W of Conway   Photo
Johnston Edith Irene 9/25/1910 11/3/1999 Photo
Johnston Edward L 3/24/1926 2/27/1989 Photo
Johnston Ethel L 1891 1970 W of Ralph     Photo
Frank B 1889 1969 H of Anna    Photo
WW I Veteran
Johnston Infant 10/1/1933 10/1/1933 Child of James & Mildred
Johnston James Coffman 2/4/1893 2/8/1988 H of Mildred    Photo
Johnston Lewis M 8/21/1924 6/23/1977 Photo
Johnston Madelyn M 11/20/1908 4/16/1987 W of Monroe
Johnston Mildred (Hiatt) 3/13/1900 11/24/1993 W of James   Photo
Johnston Monroe R 10/19/1905 May 1984 H of Madelyn
Johnston Nellie Mae (Moland) 8/4/1952 6/25/2015 Wed Tommy Sr 1/30/1972
Johnston Ralph W 1899 1960 H of Ethel   Photo
Johnston Ray Olden 2/14/1990 4/3/1953 Photo
Johnston Richard L 1925 1978 Photo
Johnston Roy D 1918 2007 H of Bessie   Photo
Johnston Sandra Sue 6/29/1940 6/29/1940  
Johnston Thadeus Constantine 11/27/1919 1/23/1964 Photo
Johnston Tommy Leo Jr 12/13/1972 3/28/2016  
Tommy Leo Sr 6/1/1947 7/3/2007 Wed Nellie 1/30/1972 
US Army  Vietnam   Photo
Johnstone C H 1867 6/11/1931  
Johnstone Charles R 1901 1983 H of Myrtle   Photo
Johnstone Charles Richard II 11/8/1934 11/8/1934 S of Charles & Myrtle
Johnstone Leo Haskell Jr 10/28/1917 11/12/1997 Wed Mildred  12/20/1943 Photo
Johnston Mildred (Owen) 10/19/1920 6/8/2014 Wed Leo Jr   12/20/1943
Johnston Myrtle Edna "Eddie" (Edwards) 1/20/1903 9/15/2003 W of Charles R  Photo
Jones Betty Jane (Davis) 10/20/1921 3/4/2000 W of James A Photo
Jones Betty Rose (Humble) 10/31/1920 3/19/2001 W of James P  Photo
Jones Bonnie Ann 6/5/1942 11/3/1992 W of Jack L   Photo
Jones Ellen (Mattocks) (Maybon) 5/15/1872 6/16/1963 W of Lester Maybon
W of James W Jones   Photo
Jones Elsie Libby (Smith) 7/13/1921 5/15/2007 W of James R  Photo
Jones Floyd O 1907 1968 Photo
Harry Glynn 4/3/1922 6/23/2002 1stLt US Army Air Forces WW II  Photo
Harry Robert 8/19/1893 4/25/1976 H of Opal O
Sgt US Army  WW I
Jones Herbert Doran 7/18/1903 6/13/1957 H of Opal L   Photo
Jones Howard Russel 1906 1970 H of Lucile Photo
Jones Jack Leroy 7/16/1938 3/7/2008 H of Bonnie   Photo
Jack O'Dell 6/18/1925 2/9/2018 Wed Myrtie 9/19/1970
US Navy WW II  Obit
Jones James Arthelle 8/26/1918 9/23/1974 H of Betty J Photo
Jones James D 1942 1986 Photo
Jones James Powell "Jimmie" 2/11/1922 5/9/2001 H of Betty R  Photo
James Robert "Jimmie" 10/10/1916 10/18/2007 H of Elsie  Photo
WW II Veteran
Jones James W 9/8/1872 8/17/1937 H of Ellen  Photo
Jones Jean Paul 7/15/1895 10/15/1969 H of Mona
Jones Lucile Margery 1910 1994 W of Howard Russell Photo
Jones Myrtie Bess (Childers) 7/9/1932 1/24/2013 Wed Jack O 9/19/1970
Jones Mona Lee (Willis) 10/6/1895 6/8/1967 W of Jean Mona
Jones Opal Lucretia (Hubbard) 7/26/1903 1/22/1979 W of Herbert Photo
Jones Opal Oretta 9/14/1895 7/19/1988 W of Harry R  Photo
Jordan Aden Lee 1922 1990 Wed Norma  6/12/1943 Photo
Jordan Alford Rowland 11/12/1872 5/5/1946 H of Gertrude   Photo
Jordan Betty Jo (Workmon) 1933 June 2014 Wed Carl 5/5/1951
Jordan Carl Edward 8/17/1931 10/21/2017 Wed Betty 5/5/1951  Obit
Jordan Gertrude (Surdoval) 1/10/1874 8/3/19334 W of Alford    Photo
Jack Warren 1926 1996 WW II Veteran   Photo
Jordan Jerry Beth 1928 Photo
Jordan Miner C 1881 1966 H of Susa   Photo
Jordan Nancy Pearl (Miller) 6/8/1912 12/27/1987 Wed Glen 2/11/1960
Jordan Norma Lenora (Fritz) 7/4/1925 2/22/2015 Wed Aden  6/12/1943 Photo
Paul N 12/10/1915 11/4/1989 US Army  WW II  Photo
Roy Dale 8/8/1921 6/16/2006 H of Virginia   Photos
US Army Air Forces
Jordan Stephen W 1953 1973 Photo
Jordan Susa Jane 1886 1970 W of Miner   Photo
Jordan Virginia P 1920 1990 W of Roy   Photo

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