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Rocky Point Cemetery
Sequoyah County, Oklahoma
gate photo
© Martha Real
gate photo
© Martha Real
gate photo
© Ron Burnett

Photographed & documented by; Martha Real
Additional photos by Ron Burnett


First & Mi




Adair Baby no date no date photo
Adair Baby no date no date photo
Adair Jimmy Lee 2/12/1951 3/14/1951 S of John & Katie
John B
3/4/1916 12/9/2002 US Army WW II   photo
Wed Katie 1/3/1943
Adair Patricia Ann Bark 2/23/1956 3/16/2014 Wed Donald 3/10/2013
Billy Eugene
9/22/1954 4/17/2002 PFC US Army Vietnam
Adams Viola Mae "Jacki" McCall 5/1/1931 3/4/2003 W of Billy Joe
Allen Beulah      
Allen Beulah Lucille Johnson 12/29/1928 5/16/ 2001 Wed William 1/3/1970 photo
William Benjamin "Jack" 5/17/1918 2/5/1996 PFC US Army  photo
Wed Lucille 1/3/1970
Edward Lee "Ed"
12/10/1941 9/18/1998 US Army Vietnam
Wed Rose 5/22/1968 photo
Anderson Florence 9/28/1950 9/28/1950 photo
Anderson John Wesley 1/28/1903 2/12/1963 photo
Anderson Lee 1895 1959 H of Nancy   photo
Anderson Nancy 1889 1960 W of Lee     photo
Anderson Violet Blancet 9/28/1915 9/17/1998 Wed Walter 9/3/1938  photo
Anderson Walter Edward 2/18/1908 3/18/1988 Wed Violet 9/3/1938  photo
Asbill no info no info no info Last name only
Asbill Ella   6/29/1918  
Asbill Joseph "Joe" 3/20/1878 7/19/1933 photo
Baldridge Baby no info no info photo
Baldridge Charley no info no info photo
Baldridge Leach no info no info photo
Baldridge Mary no info no info photo
Baldridge Nakie Hughes 1845 9/2/1914  
Baldridge Nick no info no info photo
5/27/1918 1/27/1994 US Army  WW II
Baldridge Sagle no info no info photo
Barker Eula Iris Poindexter 12/12/1911 3/30/1984 W of Shuford  photo
Barker Shuford 8/31/1911 8/16/1988 H of Eula     photo
Two graves with Barnes Name
no info no info no info Last name only
Two graves with Benge Name
no info no info no info Last name only
Blaylock Marlis Mae 1/6/1936 2/19/1990 photo
Blunt Rodney Dean 8/15/1969 10/1/2007 photo
Boggus Nettie Ann Davis 2/24/1924 4/9/1986 W of Raymond   photo
Raymond Lee
12/16/1920 9/2/1984 H of Nettie    photos
Brackett Adam 6/19/1845 6/8/1912  
Brown Bessie June Woods 6/27/1927 6/22/2011 Wed William 10/25/1945
Brown Cathrine P Poindexter 4/8/1964 6/21/2009 W of Rick Brown
Jerry Glen
4/14/1952 9/4/1998 US Navy  photos
Brown Joann C 7/10/1937 8/27/1988 photo
Brown William Junior 7/6/1924 3/16/1987 Wed Bessie 10/25/1945
Buzzard Baby no info no info Last name only
Buzzard Betty Jean Bendel 8/20/1926 2/13/2002 Wed Hardy Jr 2/16/1959
Hardy Jr
5/18/1927 7/17/1996 Wed Betty 2/16/1959
PFC US Army WW II & Korea    photos
Buzzard Hardy Sr no info no info H of Nancy    photo
Buzzard Mack B 2/13/1951 10/30/2002 H of  Peggy photo
Buzzard Nancy Livers No info No info W of Hardy Sr   photo
Buzzard Peggy Sue Wytalier 12/3/1962 4/19/2010 W of Mack photo
Callahan Tammy Thomas 9/28/1959 4/2/2017  
Cambell No info No info No info Last name only
Christiansen Dr Lisa Christine Vann 9/4/1966   Photo hf
Frankie Lee Sr 10/21/1946 9/8/2016 H of Lou
Pvt US Army Vietnam    Photos hf
Cooper Lou Ellen 1/22/1950   W of Frankie   Photo hf
Davis Goldsworth
Hizer "Goldie"
5/1/1925 7/3/2002 H of Vinnie   photo
Davis Hazel May Woodward 6/1/1917 8/4/2013 Wed Sylvester 12/9/1934
Davis Lucille     Photo hf
Davis Mary Ann Honeycutt 11/9/1952 7/6/2007 Wed Ervin 8/27/1970
Davis Mary E Waters 12/16/1897 3/25/ 1935 W of Thomas   photo
Davis Ervin Lewis 2/25/1952 No date Wed Mary A 8/27/1970
Sylvester "Pete"
7/26/1913 3/18/1986 Wed Hazel 12/9/1934
Pvt US Army  WW II
Davis Thomas J 3/3/1891 8/20/1955 H of Mary E  photo
Davis Vinnie Poindexter 7/8/1927 10/25/1952 W of Goldsworth    photo
Davis Aunt  Viola 1/31/1926 10/29/1959 photo
Davis William Harvey "Will" 3/29/1958 5/27/2016  
Dority Marcelle M McLain 7/13/1934 7/16/2010 W of Tom   photo
Dority Tom F 7/29/1927 5/28/1997 H of Marcelle   photo
Dority Violet      
Glen D
8/21/1935 5/10/2004 SA US Navy Korea
Emerson no info no info no info see
Allen L
12/21/1964 7/31/1984 Pvt US Army
Frazier Louella "Squallie" Adair 10/4/1952 4/10/2008 photo
Gardenhire Anna Price 4/26/1911 9/4/1953 photo
Harris Aubree Nicole 8/6/1999 8/6/1999 D of Chad & LuWella
Hill Jimmie Lee 9/15/1957 10/27/1990 photo
John Wesley 8/23/1932 10/11/2013 H of Opal
FN US Navy  Korea photo
Hill Opal L Watie 5/17/1945 3/11/2014 W of John   photo
Honeycutt Joe Junior 1936 1940 photo
Iwanski Don Douglas 10/14/1966 2/4/1995 photo
James Garland      
James Jody R     Buried next to Richard D James
Submitted by:
Dutch Harley Girl
James Richard Dale 2/5/1967 6/27/1997 S of Linda & Dwight
Submitted by:
Dutch Harley Girl
Johnson Fredrick G "Johnny" 10/25/1947 3/8/1993 photo
Johnson Kenneth Gerald 1948 3/30/1997  
Key Maggie 3/4/1921 3/4/1928 D of James & Minnie photo
Kilgore no name no info no info Two stones with
the name Kilgore.
King Ophie F Turnage 12/19/1909 8/1/1992 see
Kyle no name no info no info Two stones with
the name Kyle   photo
Lannon no name no info no info photo
Livers Thomas 3/27/1863 12/4/1939 photo
Locust Baby no info no info photo
Long no name no info no info photo
McKenzie May Pricilla 5/25/1889 3/7/1962 photo
McWilliams Homer G 6/2/1935 8/2/2002 photo
Ned 3 stones w/name Ned no dates no dates  
New Doyle B 3/7/1937 7/4/1993 "The Whistler"   photo
1/30/1935 8/15/1991 US Air Force Korea
New Harvey Floyd 2/16/1937 6/13/1982 photo
Osburn George Henry 1945 1989 photo
Osburn Grace Thomas 3/12/1913 11/30/1999 W of John Sr photo
Osburn Infant 1949 1949 Child of John & Grace photo
Osburn Jimmy Harold 9/24/1941 7/3/2011
Osburn John "Jonce" Sr 1905 1989 H of Grace  photo
Parker no info no info no info photo
Poindexter Alton Lee Jr 4/17/1975 3/11/1977 S of Alton Sr & Elizabeth photo
Poindexter Alton Lee Sr 2/5/1954 2/7/2014 photo
Poindexter Baby no info no info photo
Poindexter Clarence 5/16/1918 3/4/1991  
Poindexter Connie no info no info photo
Poindexter E Decab      
Poindexter Elizabeth Ann Wigert 3/16/1957 1/18/1996 photo
Poindexter Ella Mae "Ellie" Campbell 4/21/1924 3/6/2004 W of Floyd  photo
Poindexter Eric Odie 11/20/1959 2/1/1978 photo
Poindexter Eula Mae Davis 5/21/1927 no date W of Levi    photo
Poindexter Floyd 12/16/1922 6/9/1996 H of Ella photo
Poindexter Francies 7/27/1924 12/13/2007 photo
Poindexter John no date no date photo
Poindexter John Henry 11/21/1909 6/9/1985 photo
Poindexter Levi 11/30/1920 5/27/2002 H of Eula photo
Poindexter Lou Webster 6/1/1885 11/6/1962 W of William photo
Poindexter Louella Atteberry 9/12/1913 12/20/1992 photo
Poindexter Richard J      
Poindexter William Mathice 6/17/1881 6/21/1968 H of Lou   photo
Pollard no info no info no info photo
Pollard Alonzo "Shorty" 1901    
Pollard Billy Ray 7/23/1950 6/3/2013 Photo hf
Pollard Bud B Jr 11/24/1946 12/24/2003 photo
Pollard Bud B. Sr. 2/11/1885 3/29/1967 Wed Euna  7/19/1944    photo
Pollard Donna Gail 12/20/1966 5/19/1967 photo
Pollard Emily Jane Gober Apr 1842 1919 Wed James J  12/1/1859
Pollard Euna Audrey Ogden 9/27/1913 1/26/1984 Wed Bud Sr  7/19/1944   photo
Pollard Floyd 10/7/1945 one date photo
Pollard Frances C Barker 5/12/1951 9/11/1967 photo
Pollard Grandma     Photo hf
James M. Jeremiah "Jerry" May 1843 1/2/1922 Wed Emily 12/1/1859
Co G 40th Regt GA INF C S A     photo
Pollard Jeremiah N B "Jack" 6/18/1863 5/21/1940  
Pollard Oma 12/22/1904 11/22/1924 D of Thomas & Lou
Pollard Thomas P "Tom" 10/17/1872 1925  
Pollard 3 Unknowns      
Burton Wilmont
8/2/1918 6/15/1997 H of Mary
Preston Mary Elizabeth July 18, 1921 June 6, 2000 W of Burton    photo
Alton Leonard
9/18/1925 2/14/1998 MSgt US Air Force 
WW II     photo
Price Baby Boy     S of Harold & Jane
Price Beulah Arbelia Hadlow 5/7/1903 2/23/1986 Wed Ottus 11/8/1919 photo
Price Dana Gail Moulder 10/30/1964 6/6/2005 photo
Price Harold Doyne 11/1/1938 9/23/2011 Wed Laura 2/8/1960
Price Hazel Geraldine Benge 3/8/1921 2/23/1993 W of Woodrow Sr   photo
Price Jesse Lea 1/12/1940 4/16/1941 S of Woodrow & Hazel
Price Joel Strauther 7/9/1866 12/30/1940 H of Lenora    photo
Price Laura Elena 12/2/1937 12/21/1937 D of Hazel & Woodrow
Price Laura Lou Jane 2/8/1940 1/10/1980 Wed Harold 2/8/1960
Price Lenora Ellen Brown 9/15/1880 1/28/1972 W of Joel  photo
Price Pearl Maxine 8/13/1932 1/11/1984 photo
Price Ottus 1/30/1902 11/22/1986 Wed Beulah 11/8/1919
Woodrow Jr 8/6/1944 6/9/2017 US Army   Photo hf
Woodrow Sr
8/6/1914 11/29/1986 H of Hazel    photos hf
SSgt US Army  WW II
Quinton George no info no info see
Renfrow William Kenneth "Bill" 2/10/1924 10/23/2002 H of Rena    photo
Renfrow Rena P Poindexter 6/6/1942  /23/2020 W of William   photo upd hf
Reynolds no info no info no info photo
Robber Joe 1859 5/21/1928 H of Lizzie
Robber Lizzie     W of Joe
Robber Tom     S of Lizzie & Joe
Rutledge James Howard Sr 4/17/1931 8/22/2009  
Rutledge Narcissa E Price 3/7/1908 12/25/1934 photo
Scott Mary 10/31/1929 6/5/1963 photo
Three graves & stone with the name no info no info photo
Smith Deanna Lynn 1/3/1968 10/7/1991  
Smith Hester Thomas
3/7/1908 1/17/2008 photo
Southern Dorothye Lou 6/12/1945 5/23/1997 photo
Charles Edward 8/30/1918 4/12/1988 US Army    photo
Spears Clarence Virgil 8/4/1898 2/19/1984 photo
Stewart Mildred Irene Price 4/18/1921 2/12/2013 photo
Thomas George W 4/9/1860 11/22/1932 H of Martha  photo
Thomas J B "Gib" 11/26/1926 11/17/2013 Wed Lorene  6/29/1950 photo
Thomas Jimmy 12/26/1937 4/16/2017  
Thomas Lorene Viva New 7/14/1933 12/22/1999 Wed  J B  6/29/1950  photo
Thomas Martha E 1/1/1870 11/12/1954 W of George  photo
Thomas Roberta 8/6/1943 12/9/1993 W of Wilbur    photo
Thomas Steven Jay 8/10/1971 11/27/1999 photo
Thomas Troy Leon 4/16/1960 1/24/2018  
Thomas Vida Ophelia Price 7/30/1904 2/14/2007 Wed Walter 2/12/1921  photo
Walter 10/1/1895 4/18/1993 Pvt Co M 39thInf US Army WW I   photos
Wed Vida 2/12/1921
Thomas Walter Clay 3/6/1933 12/18/2010 photo
Thomas Wilbur "Fay" 4/5/1931 7/21/1994 H of Roberta  photo
Vann Allen 3/11/1928 1/29/1998 photo
Vann Arcene      
Vann Baby     S of James & Susie
Vann Baby     S of James & Susie
Vann Fayola Spears 3/7/1936 1/7/1969 W of Mack   photo
Vann George 6/8/1910 10/15/1987 photo
Vann Jack Jr 2/9/1937 2/15/1997 Wed Margaret 4/10/1986
Vann Jack Sr 12/26/1912 4/26/1993 photo
Vann James 2/1/1874 2/7/1980 H of Susie  photo
Vann Janessa Nicole Soap 11/24/2007 11/242007 photo & obit
Vann Lydia (Christie) (Buzzard) 1/25/1922 June 9, 2010 D of James and Susie (Ellis) Vann    Photo
W of Jess Christie
W of Harvey Buzzard
Vann Mack "Guyadahi" 3/6/1931 4/22/2019 H of Fayola   Obit
Vann Margaret Lea Canoe 7/31/1939 4/17/2012 Wed Jack  Jr 4/10/1986
photo & obit
Vann Susie A Allen 12/11/1883 1/25/1991 W of James photo
Vann Wilson   1933  
Weaver David L 6/1/1860 5/14/1948 photo
Whitworth no info no info no info photo
Williams Phyllis Alicia Stewart 2/10/1940    Wed Robert 7/1/1970
Williams Robert Guy 4/17/1935 2/24/2009 Wed Phyllis 7/1/1970
Wilson Caleb 1848 6/22/1917  
Winn Kevin C 9/6/1984 8/2/2016 Photo hf
Winters no info no info no info photo
Winters 4 unknowns      
Wolfe Leatha Mae 1944 1963 photo
Woodard Ward Jr 9/27/1943 8/5/2011 Wed Bessie 9/23/1967
Woodard Bessie Aline Poindexter 6/22/1946    Wed Ward Jr 9/23/1967
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