Kiowa Cemetery
Hammon, Roger Mills County, Oklahoma
© Leila Evett

Submitted & © by: Leila Evett & Area Coordinators

Transcribed by: Mollie Stehno

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Alphabetical listing
The information on these pages are from a book by Leila Ford Evett called: "Kiowa Cemetery".
Gravestones: Beginning on west side of Cemetery:

Row 1, south to north

Lacey, Frank CrockettAugust 7, 1898June 17, 1960Samuel Mack LaceyPearl CrockettVelma Mary HodgesBailey, IT now Grady Co., OKMidwest City, OKSee obit
Lacey, Velma MarySeptember 15, 1910November 18, 1951Andrew Pierce HodgesLula LinvilleFrank Crockett LaceyHammon, Roger Mills, OKPueblo, Pueblo CO"Dear wife and mother."
See obit
Lacey, Fred Clinton "Buck"November 29, 1900September 21, 1954Samuel Mack LaceyPearl CrockettEmily Henrietta "Etta" WrightEldora, Greer OTHarmon, Roger Mills, OKSee obit
Brothers, Georgia AliceDecember 7, 1900December 21, 1977William Alfred FordAdeline "Addie" RhodesGuy Ervin BrothersCloud Chief, Washita OTWichita, Sedgwick KSSee obit
Brothers, Guy ErvinMarch 20, 1900June 10, 1975Joseph I. BrothersElizabeth "Betty" WebbGeorgia Alice BrothersCoulter, Custer OTDumas, Moore TXSee obit
Bender, Hannah Arty DykesJanuary 22, 1897May 29, 1980Henry Clay DykesEliza Jane Hall? BenderRoger Mills, OTWichita Falls, TXSee obit
Ford, Lena RiversMarch 19, 1905August 5, 1982William Alfred FordMargaret Catherine LaceyunmarriedLarned, Roger Mills OTOklahoma City, OK, OKSee obit
Bartlett, Margaret Laone FordNovember 27, 1908May 2 1971William Alfred FordMargaret Catherine LaceyMerrill S. Bartlett (Div)Hammon, Roger Mills, OKOklahoma City, OK, OKSee obit
Ford, William AlfredJuly 20, 1869January 1, 1950James Henry FordMargaret Ann Murley(1) Adeline Rhodes
(2) Margaret Catherine Lacey
Seny, Macon, MOElk City, Beckham, OKSee bio
See obit
Ford, Margaret CatherineDecember 28, 1879August 13, 1966George Valentine LaceyNancy Catherine StewartWilliam Alfred FordBrownwood, Brown, TXOklahoma City, Oklahoma Co., OKSee obit
Ford, Oscar DarwinJanuary 5, 1911January 19, 1970William Alfred FordMargaret Catherine Dorothy Faye Lackey
widow of Dillard Mathews
Hammon, Roger Mills, OKOklahoma City, OK, OKPvt Coast Artillery Corps WWII
See obit
Evett, Lawrence ElwoodNovember 9, 1913August 3, 1979Lawrence Elwood Evett, Sr.Ethel Maude MetcalfLeila Cordelia FordSan Diego, San Diego, CAOklahoma City, OK, OKTec. 3, U. S. Army, WWII
See obit
Lacey, Jeff Elbert HerbertApril 1, 1896March 13, 1959Jackson Boston LaceyEdna A. Phillips(1) Ruby Koontz
(2) ?
Duke, Greer OTElk City, Beckham, OKPvt Okla Co B
22nd Engrs, WW I
See obit
Yost, Alice Mary June 20, 1863 October 29, 1964Nathaniel Haggard LaceyMary Jane Stewart(1) Esau Blue
(2) John Wesley Yost
(3) W. V. Garrett
Duke, Greer OTElk City, Beckham, OKSee bio
See obit
Yost, John WesleyApril 1, 1856July 30, 1937  Alice Mary LaceyRondo, Polk Co., MO See obit
Nischwitz, Jesse HayesMay 20, 1876March 18, 1940Jacob E. NischwitzJessie D. LennoxLoretta N. LaceyRichmond, Wayne, IndianaElk City, Beckham, OKSee bio
Nischwitz, Loretta N.July 3, 1881May 19, 1971George Morrison LaceyFlorence LaneJesse Hayes NischwitzGalena, Cherokee, KSElk City, Beckham, OKSee bio
Shelton, Menard M.March 3, 1874May 14, 1949A. M. SheltonSarah BlantonPearl BlueHughes Springs, Cass, TXElk City, Beckham, OKSee obit
Shelton, Pearl BlueNovember 5, 1881January 18, 1987Esau BlueAlice Mary LaceyMenard Maderson SheltonBrownwood, Brown, TX  

Row 2, south to north

Carter, Reverend R. L.December 27, 1873May 22, 1954James Thomas CarterHarriett McDanielsMary Cordelia MaplesDelta Co. TXElk City, Beckham, OKSee bio
See obit
Carter, Mary CordeliaDecember 26, 1877February 2, 1972William T. MaplesMargaret FranksRobert Leonard CarterDrummonds, Tipton, TNCheyenne, Roger Mills, OKSee bio
See obit
Brothers, Margaret AliceFebruary 15, 1929March 15, 1929Guy Ervin BrothersGeorgia Alice FordHammon, Roger Mills, OKSayre, Beckham, OK  
Dykes, Theodore TedJanuary 28, 1912July 2, 1974Henry Clay DykesEliza Jane Hall Roger Mills, OK  
Dykes, Henry ClayMarch 15, 1871August 27, 1933  Eliza Jane HallState of KY
Wolfe County
OklahomaSee bio
Dykes, Eliza JaneMarch 18, 1873April 12, 1951Riley HallHannah JustinHenry Clay DykesCarter Co., KYClinton, Custer, OKSee bio
See obit
Dykes, Nathan H.March 15, 1894January 2, 1910Henry Clay DykesEliza Jane Hall   "Our darling one
has gone before
To greet us on
the other shore"
Lacey, May NanMarch 29, 1890April 8, 1979George Valentine LaceyNancy Catherine StewartUnmarriedBrownwood, Brown, TXJones, OK, OKSee obit
Lacey, George HoustonOctober 20, 1886November 18, 1972George Valentine LaceyNancy Catherine StewartunmarriedBrownwood, Brown, TXElk City, Beckham, OKPvt US Army WW I
See obit
Lacey, George ValentineOctober 31, 1854May 12, 1899Nathaniel Haggard LaceyMargaret Ann CarrNancy Catherine StewartState of MissouriRoger Mills County, OTSee bio
Lacey, Nancy CatherineOctober 7, 1850January 20, 1944Columbus Joshua StewartMary "Polly" StutzmanGeorge Valentine LaceyBolivar, Polk, MOHammon, Roger Mills, OKSee bio
See obit
Ford, Nancy LulaOctober 31, 1906January 10, 1908William Alfred FordMargaret Catherine Lacey Roger Mills County, OTRoger Mills County, OK"Our darling one
has gone before
To meet us on
the other shore"
Lacey, Hattie Marie July 27, 1919Nathan Joshua LaceyMildred D. Eakens   1 yr, 5 wks
Lacey, Nellie B. July 20, 1918Nathan Joshua LaceyMildred D. Eakins   Aged 9 mos
Perkins, Olla OteraJune 13, 1905December 25, 1907James P. PerkinsLevenus Stewart
dau of Belle Lacey
   "She was the sunhine
of our home.
See bio
Lacey, Jackson BostonJanuary 25, 1871May 15, 1953Nathaniel Haggard LaceyMary Jane StewartEdna A. PhillipsBolivar, Polk, MOOK"Together Forever"
See bio
Lacey Edna A.February 16, 1873February 20, 1959Richard Phillips Jackson Boston LaceyAlabamaElk City, Beckham, OK"Together Forever"
See obit
Lacey, J. B.September 3, 1910Jaunary 7, 1911Jackson Boston LaceyEdna A. Phillips Roger Mills Co., OKRoger Mills County, OK"Budded on earth
to bloom in Heaven"
Lacey, Finis B.October 17, 1900March 11, 1902Jackson Boston LaceyEdna A. Phillips Roger Mills County, OKRoger Mills County, OK"Gone to bloom in
the garden of Heaven
To dwell with
the happy and blessed."
Williams, George Silas18511936Thomas WilliamsMary Jane StewartIda Paola "Hoddy" KellyBolivar, Polk, MORoger Mills County, OK 
Lacey, Mary JaneApril 8, 1832May 12, 1904Evan StewartNancy B. Jenkins(1) Thomas Williams
(2) Nathaniel Haggard Lacey
Dorans Cover, Jackson, AlabamaRoger Mills County, OK"A loved one from us has gone
A voice we love is stilled
A place is vacant in our home
Which never can be filled."
See bio
Unmarked Field Stone  Nathaniel H. LaceyMary Jane StewartMolly PhillipsBolivar, Polk, MORoger Mills County, OKBelieved to be
the grave of Emmett Lacey.
Kepley, Elizabeth E.November 21, 1853January 21, 1908Thomas WilliamsMary Jane StewartRobert Preston KepleyBolivar, Polk, MORoger Mills County, OKSee bio
Kepley Robert PrestonMarch 2, 1859October 18, 1961James Henry KepleyElizabeth ChaneyElizabeth "Betty" WilliamBolivar, Polk, MOElk City, Beckham, OKSee bio
See obit
Unmarked Field StoneMarch 31, 1851June 28, 1903Benjamin "Bird" LaceyElizabeth WatkinsFlorence LanePolk Co., MORoger Mills Co., OKGrave of George Morrison Lacey
This branch of the
family sometime
spell the name Lacy
without the "e"
See bio
Unmarked Field StoneOctober 17, 1859March 16, 1938Sam LaneMargaret Armstrong(1) George Morrison Lacey
(2) John E. Lacey
Keokuk, Lee Co, IAElk City, Beckham Co., OKGrave of Florence Lane Lacey
Unmarked Field Stone       Grave of the infants
of Jesse & Loretta Nischwitz
Shelton, Wesley Mc B.November 18, 1914January 3, 1915Menard Maderson SheltonPearl Blue Roger Mills County, OKRoger Mills County, OK 
Shelton, InfantDecember 6, 1923December 9, 1923MacGruver SheltonElverda Jewel YostNoneRoger Mills County, OKRoger Mills County, OK 
Shelton, Elverda JewelJune 18, 1898November 6, 1980John Wesley YostAlice Mary LaceyMacGruver SheltonElk City, Beckham, OKOklahomaWife of M. G. "Mac"
See obit
Shelton, M. G. "Mac"April 17, 1891November 8, 1977A. M. SheltonEllen CallowayElverda Jewel YostHughes Springs, Cass, TXRoger Mills Co., OKMarried: 29 Aug 1916
See info

Row 3, north to south
Eakins, ViolaNovember 28, 1890November 14, 1900Noah Wiley EakinsLela Worthy   lengthy inscription
but not legible.
Unmarked Field Stone        
Eakins, Infant of Fred  Fredrick J. Eakins     
Eakins, Cora LoucretaApril 2, 1893July 22, 1963Millard Monroe MooreMary "Molly" Morton(1) Roy Creach
(2) Fred J. Eakins
Cisco, Eastland Co., TXOklahomaSee obit
Eakins, Frederick J.May 12, 1888September 1956Noah Jones EakinsLarissa Florence Friar(1)?
(2) Cora Loucreta Moore
Denton, Denton, TXOKVet of WW I
See obit
Eakins, Charley E.June 21, 1874December 5, 1899Noah Jones EakinsLarissa Florence Friarunmarried  "Asleep in Jesus
Let us all go home."
(Noah Jones Eakins
planted a cedar
Tree at the
head of Charley's
grave at the time
of his death.
Eakins, Noah Jones18491925     See obit
Eakins, Larissa Florence18541951     Mother
See obit
Hill, Emma A.November 24, 1861April 20, 1907     Emma & Froggie Hill
(according to census
were both born
in Texas.
They filed for
homestead in
Sec. 29, T 13N, R 21 WIM.
They were the
parents of
Wilson, Roy, Rena,
Henry, Pete and the
two children
buried here.
At the early deaths
of their parents the
children became
scattered. Pete
was reared by the
Lucius W. Hicks family
who filed
Sec. 25, T 13 N, R 22 WIM
and Pete jockeyed
for him.
Roy md. Laura??
lived in Amarillo,
Rena md. Ray Mansur
lived in Idaho,
Pete (Pharron) md.
Mrs. Nellie Kate Glazner
was postmaster at Elk City.
"Our mother Emma,
wife of E. R. Hill
A Fruitful wife,
a constant mother
Asleep in the arms
of Jesus."
Hill, Elbert R. "Froggy"March 5, 1860July 31, 1905     "To the memory
of my dear husband
Not lost
but gone before."
Hill, Infant son of E. R. & EmmaJanuary 7, 1900January 20, 1900     "Transferred to God."
Hill, Thomas P.February 7, 1899March 17, 1899Elber R. HillEmma A.   It was with the
death of this child,
the first in the
community and the
need for a cemetery arose
that George Valentine Lacey
set aside the corner
of his homestead
for a cemetery.
Of such is the
Kingdom of Heaven."
Unmarked Field StoneDecember 6, 1912July 27, 1914George W. PerryMeda Damron   Grave of Violet Lorena Perry
Unmarked Field Stone June 18, 1930Val Earnest PerryRuby Pharr   Grave of Evelyn Perry
Unmarked Field Stone June 27, 1903George W. PerryMeda Damron   Grave of infant son
of George W. Perry
& Meda Damron
Charles Damron Perry
Perry, Riley O.August 14, 1888January 9, 1907Alonzo PerryElizabeth Jane Hodges   In Memory Of
enclosed in wrought
iron fence.
Unmarked Field StoneMarch 5, 1869April 3, 1930Oliver Hazard PerrySusan A. MeadowsElizabeth Jane Hodges  Grave of Alonzo Perry
See bio

Row 4, south to north

Gaskin, J. K.February 11, 1904June 22, 1904Benjamin F. GaskinM. L. ?   "Budded on earth
to bloom in Heaven
Unmarked Field Stone 1899  Josephine Bruner  Grave of Calvin "Cal" Rowland
who was murdered
late in 1899
while working on the Herring Ranch.
See bio
Farni, J. DoyleNovember 19, 1913November 19, 1972Joseph C. Farni
Alice Ullum
Marie Eakins  See bio
Farni, Marie E.December 17, 1917 George Calvin EakinsDella E. RippyJ. Doyle Farni   
Farni, D. WayneApril 13, 1936April 15, 1936J. Doyle FarniMarie E. Eakins    
Eakins, George CalvinApril 21, 1889July 8, 1961James Montgomery EakinsMary Dialtha James(1) Ella E. Rippy
Mother of his
Quanah, Hardeman, TXElk City, Beckham, OKSee obit
Eakins, Della E.July 8, 1890January 8, 1924George Marion RippeyNannie NealGeorge Calvin Eakins   
Eakins, Mary DialthaOctober 18, 1850September 6, 1937W. M. C. JamesElizabeth ?James Montgomery Eakins  See bio
Eakins, James MontgomerySeptember 4 18451918  Mary Dialtha JamesKentucky Brother to
Noah Jones Eakins
See bio
Row 5, north to south
Mitchell, Laura Belle1892still living in 1938Joseph Alexander MoadMother Naomi GaileyWalter Mitchell   
Moad, William GilpinOctober 10, 1866February 12, 1939Alfred MoadElizabeth DavisJenny JohnsonCaliforniaHammn, OKObit
Moad, AlfredAugust 30, 1926October 1, 1905  Elizabeth DavisIllinois Vet of Mexican War
See bio
Row 6, north to south
Leslie (Cutberth) Addie Pearl (Moad)December 27, 1896October 26, 1938Joseph Alexander MoadNaomi GaileyBarney Cutberth
W. B. Leslie
Moad, NaomiApril 13, 1863February 4, 1937Joseph GaileyNancy ?Joseph Alexander Moad  See obit
Moad, Joseph AlexanderJanuary 23, 1859March 28, 1936Alfred MoadElizabeth MoadNaomi GaileyMarysville, Yuba, CA See obit
Moad, William A.February 5, 1885May 17, 1901Joseph A. MoadNaomi Gailey   Thou art gone
Fond memories
cling to thee.
Gailey, NancyMarch 27, 1829December 23, 1903     Passed through the
golden gate
Into the beautiful
shining land.
Moad, L. Robert19081908Joseph Alexander MoadNaomi Gailey   3 days old
Unmarked Field Stone        
Wilson, Charity SamanthaMay 1854September 18, 1901     "Gone but
not forgotten."
See info
Wilson, Albert L.July 28, 1887April 4, 1900      
Stanford, IdelerApril 6, 1880November 19, 1905     See info
Unmarked Field StoneApril 14, 1942April 15, 1942Malcolm WadeVesta Garrison   Believed to be
grave of Ward or Wade baby.
Quote from May
Lacey's diary
"April 15, 1942
Vesta Garrison Ward's
baby was buried today"
Records at Savage
Funeral Home, Elk City, OK
Garrison, Joshua O.October 18, 1911February 28, 1916Joe GarrisonMary Austin   "A little time
on earth he
Until God for
his angel sent."
See bio
Row 7, south to north
Kimmel, StephenApril 18, 1842August 18, 1927     2 on same stone
Came to OK
about the time
daughters Mrs. Flick
& Bryce
did from Indiana.
Mr. Kimmel returned
to Indiana but body
was returned for burial
with his wife.
Kimmel, Syrilda J.April 14, 1852May 24, 1909     Same stone with
"Mother has gone home."
Hill, Luna L.18711907     marriage record,
Cheyenne, OK:
John W. Hill
of Learned, OT
Luna L. Mero
of Hamilton, OT
married April 27, 1904
Hill, John W.April 1 1864February 1, 1941   Buchanan Co., MONevada, MOFuneral arrangements
for return of body
to OK were made by
Webb Hill.
Martin's Funeral Chapel,
Elk City, OK
Forgey, Cora LeneveDecember 3, 1888March 13, 1912Henry Jackson LuttrellNancy Alice RanesLewis A. ForgeyOregonRoger Mills County, OKSee bio
Forgey, Corano dates Lewis A. ForgeyCora Leneve Luttrell    
Luttrell, Opalno dates Henry Jackson LuttrellNancy Alice Ranes    
Luttrell, Eva M.May 27, 1906April 11, 1907Henry Jackson LuttrellNancy Alice Ranes   "Gone but not
Luttrell, Ollie D.December 25, 1899November 3, 1900Henry Jackson LuttrellNancy Alice Ranes   "Gone but not
Luttrell, Henry JacksonSeptember 14, 1866September 20, 1946Benjamin Luttrell Nancy Alice RanesBloomington, McLean, ILElk city, Beckham, OK"Our Beloved
Father & Mother"
See obit
Luttrell, Nancy AliceJuly 16, 1869June 23, 1958Marion Mansfield RanesSarah Clark Morris County, TXElk City, Beckham, OKParents of
Alice, Cora,
Lena, Floyd,
Dolph, Ollie,
Emma, Eva, & Audie.
See obit
Hungate, Adolphus PoloniusMay 10, 1842November 21, 1928  Nancy L. StarkWashington County, INRoger Mills County, OKUnion Officer
in War between
"Call me not dead
when I am gone,
Nor write it as a
mournful song
For I have only
passed away
To regions of the
eternal day
To join the
host gone on before
There to progress
for evermore."
Woodman of the
World Monument
See bio
See obit
Hungate, Jessie SimpsonJanuary 28, 1874March 30, 1908Adolphus P. HungateNancy Loucreta Stark Knox County, INElk City, Beckham, OKSee more
Hungate, Nancy LoucretaAugust 13, 1845January 12, 1927  Adolphus Polonius HungateVigo Co., IN See bio
See obit
Moore, Mrs. W. O. EmilySeptember 29, 1882November 19, 1982Adolphus P. HungateNancy Loucreta StarkWilliam Ocie MooreLampasas, Lampasas, TXPorterville, Tulare, CASee bio
Castor, Goldie19031906      
Hicks, John A.June 29, 1828October 18, 1902  Mary ??Kentucky filed for homestead May 15, 1902
Sec. 2, Twp 12N, R22 WIM
See bio
Jeffrees, John L.December 26, 1863March 18, 1892     in wrought iron
enclosure. Believe death
date is in error
4 Jeffrees filed
in Sec. 30 T 12N,
R 21 WIM.
Wm. H. Jeffress
filed November 22, 1900
the other Sterling P.,
James M., and John L.
each filed.
Jeffress, James M.July 20, 1853November 16, 1906     In wrought iron fence
Hess, Della MaeJanuary 21, 1901February 10, 1902R. D. HessAnnie?    
Row 8, north to south
McReynolds, EuelFebruary 2, 1907June 29, 1907George Euel "Ude" McReynoldsOna Teresa Fowler   "Lead kindly light
Gone but not
Fowler, Tabitha JaneFebruary 7, 1853October 25, 1903James Edward FergusonFannie FitzpatrickTony Fowler  Toney Long Fowler
& Tabitha Jane
were married
17 December 1874
in Young Co., TX
by S. M. Glasgow, JP.
See bio
Staton, LottieNovember 25, 1892December 2, 1906John T. StatonC. Belle Newby   John T. Staton filed
for homestead
26 May 1901
in Sec 27, T 13N, R 22 WIM
See bio
Howard, EarnestNovember 21, 1897March 27, 1928?? HowardLizzie   "At rest. A little
time on earth
he spent
Till God
for his
angel sent.
Howard EstellaFebruary 28, 1899June 1, 1911?? HowardLizzie   "Thy will be done.
No pain, no gried,
No anxious fear
can reach our loved
one sleeping here."
See more
Mills, Ila M.June 25, 1875June 29, 1909  Charles H. Mills  Children: Nina D.,
Everett L., Erma L.,
Roy W., Ruby M.
"She was a kind
& affectionate wife,
A fond mother
& friend to all."
See bio
Row 9, north to south
McReynolds, Stella MayDecember 1891November 16, 1907Stephen L. McReynoldsMittie Argle Long   See bio
Luttrell, Gladys MarieFebruary 18, 1900June 9, 1974Stephen Lee McReynoldsMittie Argle LongDolph M. Luttrell  See obit
Luttrell, Dolph M.May 26, 1896July 7, 1978Henry Jackson LuttrellNancy Alice RanesGladys Marie McReynolds  Vet WW I
See obit
Fisher, Joe dates John W. FisherLettie ??    
Fisher, J. dates John W. FisherLettie ??    
Stults, HobsonMay 5, 1901November 15, 1980Adam D. StultsMary Edwardsunmarried  See obit
Forgey, FlorenceSeptember 13, 1910September 18, 1910Clone C. ForgeyBelle Stults    
Franklin, Lena M.March 6, 1892October 19, 1909Adam D. StultsMary EdwardsEllie B. Franklin  Mother of
Gertie Franklin
See bio
Stults, Adam D.December 23, 1832February 14, 1908  Mary Edwards  See bio
Stults, MaryMarch 9, 1856May 31, 1941?? Edwards Adam D. Stults   
Stults, JohnOctober 15, 1869July 17, 1936Adam D. Stults    See info
Mc Donald, EverettApril 6, 1906December 22, 1909L. Guy McDonaldEthel ?    
Row 10, south to north
Batteas, Lillie BelleOctober 18, 1912October 2, 1929W. C. BatteasM. E. McElroy   This is a red shale
stone hand carved
by her father.
Lillie Belle died
from a ruptured appendex.
Johnston, Walter BruceJuly 2, 1910April 26, 1911      
Lacey, "Etta" Emily HenriettaJuly 9, 1902June 25, 1962Moses Lemuel WrightSarah Ellen WrayFred "Buck" LaceyHall County, TXYuba City, Yuba, CASee obit
Unmarked Field StoneJune 25, 1863November 11, 1939  Moses Lemuel WrightPutnam Co., TNRoger Mills Co., OKGrave of Sarah Ellen Wray
See bio
Unmarked Field StoneDecember 1859February 11, 1928  Sarah Ellen WrayFern, KYHammon, Roger Mills Co., OKGrave of Moses Lemuel Wright
Husband of Sarah Ellen Wray
See bio
Unmarked Field Stone1897August 23, 1915Moses Lemuel WrightSarah Ellen Wray Hall Co., TXHammon, Roger Mills Co., OKGrave of David Lee Wright
See obit
Wright, Lela MayOctober 24, 1893November 24, 1909Moses Lemuel WrightSarah Ellen WrayunmarriedHall Co., TX.Roger Mills Co., OK 
Unmarked Field StoneJune 6, 1932June 6, 1932Walker AckleyKatie Buelah Wright   Grave of Walker Leory Ackley
Unmarked Field Stone October 25, 1933Walker AckleyKatie Buelah Wright   Grave of James Theodore Ackley
Hill, JimJuly 2, 1897November 22, 1975William Riley HillAda Mary Turner   Christianed Hiram Millard Hill.
See obit
Hill, William RileyDecember 28, 1861April 13, 1955James R. HillJulia HerveyAda Mary Turner  See obit
Hill, Ada MaryJanuary 21, 1874September 20, 1963John Q. TurnerGertrude MorrisWilliam Riley HillBenson, DeSoto, LA See obit
Urquhart, Lula H.18931934William Riley HillAda Mary TurnerJim Urquhart   
Hill, Oral19011904William R. HillAda Mary Turner    
Potts, Jaunita1920193??? AbbottRuth A. Hill   See obit
Frost, Ruth A.March 25, 1903April 6, 1965William Riley HillAda Mary Turner   Mother of
Juanita Potts
See obit
Row 11, north to south
Unmarked Field Stone        
Unmarked Field Stone        
Unmarked Field Stone        
White, Maudyno dates James J. WhitePeal ?Gresham    
Unmarked Field Stone        
Unmarked Grey Granite Stone        
White, Pearlno dates ?? Gresham (1) ?? Bradley
(2) James J. White
  Obit death date
May 12, 1912
See obit
Erwin, Jeannette PearlMay 10, 1899February 18, 1917William H. ErwinBertie M. ?Gresham    
Miller, Margaret18321913?? Reinhardt Dr. Dan MillerNorth CarolinaRoger Mills County, OKIn Memorian of Margaret Miller
"A loving grandmother"
Obit date differs
See obit/info
Unmarked Field Stone       Two stones in this
area are reportedly
the graves of Julia Phy
(grandmother of Mrs.
Addie Williams &
Addie Fay Miller
dau of Jesse Miller
& Myrtle Moore.
See obit/info
Unmarked Field Stone       Two stones in this
area are reportedly
the graves of Julia Phy
(grandmother of Mrs.
Addie Williams &
Addie Fay Miller
dau of Jesse Miller
& Myrtle Moore.
Unmarked Field Stone        
Row 12, south to north
Jenkins, Emmitt DeanJanuary 5, 1907March 7, 1980Jesse Hammon JenkinsMary Chockley   Pvt US Army WW II
See obit
Burrows, Robert DuncanDecember 6, 1883January 17, 1967Robert D. BurrowsMaud BorenMae L. SmithMcLennan County, TXElk City, Beckham, OKSee bio
Burrows, Mae L.April 18, 1875October 3, 1969Bird SmithSimmie Louise TullyRobert Duncan BurrowsColeman, Coleman, TXOklahomaSee bio
Boren, Thomas DuncanApril 30, 1864December 12, 1946  unmarriedTexasRoger Mills County, OKSee obit
Allen, Mother Rose19151938Joseph B. PinkstonCora E. EzellJesse Allen   
Unmarked Field Stone  Joseph B. PinkstonCora E. Ezell   Grave of Opal Fay Pinkston
Unmarked Field Stone  Joseph B. PinkstonCora E. Ezell   Grave of Lucille Estelle Pinkston
Unmarked Field Stone       Grave of Pinkston infant
Unmarked Field Stone       Grave of Pinkston infant
Pinkston, Joseph B.1885November 28, 1930  Cora E. Ezell  See bio
Williams, Johnnie LeeApril 20, 1915September 18, 1919Oliver WilliamsAddie Miller   Died of
Typhoid Fever
Williams, AddieDecember 18, 1888November 18, 1913Charley MillerJulia PhyOliver M. Williams  See obit
See bio
Williams, Oliver M.November 23, 1884September 25, 1973Moses WilliamsMargaret WalkerAddie Fay Miller  See obit
See bio
Williams, Two Infants  Moses Williams    Infant son of
Oliver & Addie Williams
Grave of Melvin Monroe Williams
no dates on stone
b & d May 17, 1913.
Williams, Two Infants  Moses Williams    Infant son of
Oliver & Addie Williams
Grave of Stillborn son Williams
no dates on stone
d March 30, 1914.
Carder, Mariah JaneNovember 14, 1835January 3, 1913? Brown Baxter Carder  aged 77 ys, 1 m, 20 da
This stone is broken.
Name is misspelled.
See obit
Unmarked Field Stone  Emmitt H. CarderRose Bashaw   Grave of Paul Carder
Grandson of
James Henry Carder
who is the son of
Mariah Jane & Baxter Carder.
Stringfellow, J. C.November 16, 1836March 16, 1906  FrancesMississippiRoger Mills Co, OTVeteran of CSA
Civil War
"Our Father"
"We cannot call
him back
But we can go to him."
See info
Unmarked Field Stone August 10, 1914    Wetumka, OKGrave of Frances Stringfellow
Body shipped for interment with husband.
See obit
Row 13, north to south
Unmarked Field Stone        
Unmarked Field Stone        
Castleberry, Rita19151915George E. CastleberryNora Bates    
Castleberry, George E.18841920John T. Castleberry
Rittie ?
Nora BatesArkansasHerring, Roger Mills, OKSee bio
Burrows, Cathy AnnAugust 24, 1955December 31, 1972Jack Campbell Larry Don Burrows  Md: July 9, 1971
See obit
Burrows, Larry DonMay 1, 1951living 1983Robert D. BurrowsEster DoddOklahoma   
Spitzer, Harriett Alice1865September 18, 1930? Fitzwater Daniel D. SpitzerVA
to Missouri
at age 6
Elk City, Beckham, OKSee bio
Spitzer, Daniel DavidApril 24, 1859April 17, 1959  Harriett Alice FitzwaterVAOKSee bio
See obit
Luttrell, J. C.January 9, 1929January 29, 1929Hervie E. LuttrellFannie E. Spitzer    
Luttrell, CarlMay 19, 1926February 20, 1930Hervie E. LutterllFannie E. Spitzer    
Sutton, Mollie "Mother"August 24, 1879September 13, 1939Jake ChesneyMollie DuffGeorge W. Sutton   
Sutton, JimmieAugust 12, 1904May 26, 1926George W. SuttonMollie Duff Chesneyunmarried   
Sutton, George W.18651957  Mollie Duff Chesney   
Sparks, Nathaniel R. (B)March 30, 1845June 23, 1906  Margery MaxwellanWilson County, TNRoger Mills County, OKNote:
date in obit varies
See obit/info
Row 14, north to south
Barnes, Clifford Bernard19131974Ep BarnesGrace ChambersNaomi Thomas  See obit
Barnes, Naomi1912still living 1983  Clifford Bernard Barnes   
Barnes, Phillis Undeen October 5, 1940Clifford Bernard BarnesNaomi Thomas    
Chambers, Minnie LouiseAugust 21, 1874September 28, 1974David Crockett Field
Mattie DuncanRobert C. ChambersLee Co., TXElk City, Beckham Co., OKSee obit
Chambers, Robert C.November 15, 1869May 11, 1934  Minnie Louise Duncan   
Bullard, ElleaOctober 2, 1914March 23, 1919James Lee BullardRuth Chambers Roger Mills Co., OKRoger Mills Co., OK 
Chambers, Robert DuncanOctober 7, 1909January 11, 1916Robert C. ChambersMinnie Louise Duncan Roger Mills Co., OKRoger Mills Co, OKSee obit
Field, Wilson PierceMay 5, 1893 (? 1902)May 12 1911Thomas G. FieldMartha Wilson Roger Mills County, OTRoger Mills County, OK 
Field, FlossieSeptember 9, 1911October 31 1911Thomas G. FieldMartha Wilson Roger Mills County, OKRoger Mills County, OK 
Field, Lowell D.July 30, 1909November 16, 1911Thomas G. FieldMartha Wilson Roger Mills County, OKRoger Mills County, OK 
Field, Thomas G.November 3, 1868March 2, 1913David Crockett Field Martha WilsonHood Co., TXRoger Mills Co., OK"Death is the
Crown of Life."
Woodman of the
World Monument
See bio
Luttrell, Fannie EvelenaApril 2, 1901September 24, 1976Daniel D. SpitzerHarriett Alice FitzwaterHervie E. LuttrellElk City, Beckham, OKTulsa, Tulsa, OKSee obit
Luttrell, Hervie EverettJune 25, 1897August 31, 1973William Frank LuttrellHattie WoodFannie Evelena SpitzerMarlow, ITTulsa, Tulsa, OKSee obit
Unmarked Field Stone        
Unmarked Field Stone        
Burrows, Daniel LeonAugust 27, 1969August 30, 1973Dalton Leon BurrowsCarolyn Sue Potts OKOKSee obit
Row 15, south to north
Hardy, Elwood JoeJuly 13, 1877June 2, 1966  Bertha Ann Shockley  See obit
Hardy, Bertha AnnNovember 11, 1898February 23, 1987Thomas Charles ShockleyJulia AnnJoe Elwood Hardy   
Hardy, Vertie MeaJune 30, 1921February 15, 1934Elwood Joe HardyBertha Ann Shockley Hammon, Roger Mills Co, OKElk City, Beckham Co, OKName is Bertie
See obit
Row 16, south to north
Noblit, Cora E.April 13, 1891July 3, 1981? EzellBetty Overton(1) Joseph B. Pinkston
(2) Mahlon Noblitt
Phoenix, Maricopa, AZ See info
Noblit, Mahlon18881971  (1) Paulina Tittsworth
(2) Cora E. Ezell
  Died May 2, 1971
Baker, Alice NoblittDecember 7, 1934July 2, 1955Mahlon NoblittCore E. Ezell Rogers Mills County, OKErick, Beckham, OKSee obit
Noblitt, Paulina "Lena"January 29, 1889June 18, 1931Cleve TittsworthElizabeth AgnewMahlon Noblitt   
Noblitt, Glenna B.February 20, 1924April 26, 1926Willie Thilbert NoblittMaudie Argo Roger Mills Co., OKRoger Mills Co., OK"A little flower
of love that
but todie
transplanted now
above to bloom."
Argo, GladysDecember 25, 1915March 6, 1918George ArgoKatie Appleton Roger Mills County, OKRoger Mills County, OK"Weep not Father
and Mother for me,
I am working
in glory for thee.
See bio
Argo, Robert LeeJanuary 8, 1922February 14, 1922George ArgoKatie Appleton   "A little time
on earth he
spent, Till
God for his angel sent."
See bio
Fergason, Charles DouglasOctober 19, 1861July 21, 1933Levi Ferguson Carrie ?Indiana See bio
Fergason, MaryJune 5, 1903November 5, 1906Charles Douglas FergasonCarrie ?   On same stone as her father
Unmarked Concrete Stone        
Row 17, north to south
Unmarked Field Stone July 10, 1917Ephrem W. BullardLinda Eliva Austin Illinois Grave of James Lee Bullard
See obit
Unmarked Field Stone April 6, 1915  Linda Eliva Austin  Grave of Ephrem W. Bullard
Aged 80 yrs
See bio
See obit
Unmarked Field StoneNovember 6, 1837September 13, 1918  Ephrem W. BullardIllinoisRoger Mills Co., OKGrave of Linda Eliva
Austin Bullard
Aged 80 yrs
See bio
See obit
Unmarked Large Stone       Three children
of Clyder Farmer
Farmer, John WilsonJanuary 19, 1861January 2, 1942Henry Farmer Martha Ellen Bullard  See obit
Farmer, Martha EllenAugust 20, 1862October 21, 1951Ephraim W .BullardLinda Eliva AustonJohn Wilson FarmerIllinois See obit
Farmer, Maude FlorenceApril 16, 1896January 6, 1973Thomas G. FieldMartha WilsonRichard R. FarmerLake Valley, Sierra, NMElk City, Beckham, OKSee obit
Farmer, Richard R.January 22, 1892June 24, 1981John Wilson FarmerMartha Ellen BullardMaude Florence FieldDuke, Old Greer, OTElk City, Beckham, OKSee obit
Row 18, north to south
Baggett, Richard VoyneJanuary 23, 1915August 4, 1943Henry D. BaggettKate Raye PritchettunmarriedStrong City, Roger Mills, OKSicilyUS Army
3rd INF Div
See obit
Baggett, Lucius T.September 25, 1893October 1918Henry D. BaggettKate Raye PritchettSan Augustine, TXU. S. Naval Hospital, Mare Island, CA "A friend of his county
& a believer
in Christ."
See obit
Baggett, JewelJuly 7, 1932July 7, 1932     "Our Darling at Rest."
Baggett, Juanila JoDecember 29, 1933December 29, 1933W. A. Baggett     
Baggett, Kate RayeFebruary 25, 1875April 14, 1959John PritchettRebina PolkHenry D. BaggettSan Augustine, TXElk City, Backhand, OKSee bio
See obit
Baggett, Henry DavidOctober 5, 1872October 14, 1959John BaggettKizzie LansfordKate Ray PritchettSan Augustine, TXGraham, Young Co., TXSee bio
See obit
Baggett, EstellaAugust 25, 1900March 3, 1968Francis Ellsworth RogersRose PendletonNewman V. BaggettFarmersville, Collin, TXElk City, Beckham, OKSee bio
Baggett, Newman V.December 19, 1896June 22, 1977Henry David BaggettKate Raye PritchettEstella RogersSan Augustine, TXGrants, Valencia, NMVet of WW I
See bio
See obit
Baggett, Terrence I "Ted"March 8, 1904January 27, 1981Henry David BaggettKate Raye PritchettWillie T. TrentGeary, Panola, TXAlbuquerque, Bernalillo, NMSee obit
Baggett, Willie T.December 4, 1904   Terrence I. "Ted" Baggett  living in
Albuquerque, NM 1993
December 19, 1998
Burials since publication of book
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Bridges, Larry19471994 
Brothers, Mayzelle Ford  Mar 11, 1992W of Will R.
Brothers, Will Ray  Aug 16, 1985 
Burrows, Annie "Esther" DoddMar 19, 1928Aug 2, 1999 
Farmer, Marie  Jul 4, 1986 
Lee, John Marvin19221993 
Stalcup, Ira  Feb 24, 1994 
The records at The Martin Funeral Chapel at Elk City show the following interment. Jackie Lee Yell born 14 February 1935, died 18 March 1935. Parents: J. O. Yell and Mayell Tipton. One of the unmarked field stones must be the grave of this child.

Unmarked Grave of unidentified young man who broke his neck when he dove from the bank of the Washita River in August 1926. He carried no identification but had inquired from someone in the community about the possibility of finding work. His funeral service was conducted by the Reverend William R. Trent. Many attended the service and all grieved for his family who would possibly never know what happened to him.

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