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Oak View Cemetery

aka Banner Cemetery
aka Banner North Cemetery

Logan County, Oklahoma

Chada originally surveyed this cemetery on 22 Oct 1999 with updates on 24 Jul 2000.Addt'l info has been added from the cemetery records and/or from Obituaries.

If you have family buried here and would like to have their information or additional information (Obituaries, Photos, Short Bio, Cemetery Photos)placed on our site please contact the Area Coordinator for details or visit our How To Submit page,both can be found on top of this page.

We are dedicated and strive for our records to be complete and accurate. As with all Genealogy work there comes a possibility for spelling or data errors with the information that we have received. Please let us know if you have found any such error.

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??Olive M.  ??
ACTONInfant Twins9 Apr 19139 Apr 1913Inf of Owen & Irene Acton
ADDINGTONGolda Lee18881952W of Joel C. Addington
ADDINGTONJoel C.28 Jun 18869 Feb 1973H of Golda Lee
ALBERTSONRhoda Marie7 Jun 182331 Jan 1905Unmarked Grave
ALEXANDERDaisy2 Dec 18803 Jan 1937Sis of Grace
Addt'l info provided by Dan Dunham
ALEXANDERGrace28 Feb 187923 Nov 1960Half sister of Roy W.
Addt'l info provided by Dan Dunham
ALEXANDERNancy Jane20 Jun 185321 Jan 1941Mother of Ray W. Alexander
Addt'l info provided by Dan Dunham
Ray W.10 Apr 18924 Sep 1964WW I
only child of Jas. & Nancy Jane Alexander
Addt'l info provided by Dan Dunham
AMICKWilliam A.22 Aug 186125 Nov 1947 
ANDERSONRuth L. (Newbold)19151982W. of Williard R. Anders
Williard Randolph7 Oct 191120 Sep 1985S Sgt US Army Air Corps - WW II
ARBUCKLEAudrey C.18891961Mother
Double stone with Arthur Travis
ARMSTRONGCora A.14 Jul 187617 Feb 1894D. of William & Lucy
ARMSTRONGFrancis Edward7 Dec 1873
Christion Co., Ill.
20 Apr 1941S. of William & Lucy
W. 1) Clara Norris on 16 Aug 1898
Clara was the dau of M/M G. G. Norris
Francis & Clara had three daughters
W. 2) Virginia Lee
married in 1924
ARMSTRONGVirginia "Jennie"1873
Parker Co., TX
7 Aug 1941
Great Bend, KS
at home of son Earl Lee
68 yrs, 10 mths, 20 das
dau of M/M Pate
husband 1) John Lee - m in 1889 in Fannin Co., TX
John & Jennie had 6 daughters & 4 sons
husband 2) Frances Edward Armstrong
m in 1924
AXLEYExene J.18471932W of Isaac H. Axley
AXLEYIsaac H.18411913 
BAILEYLynn L.9 Jun 1932
Chickalah, AR
31 Jan 2007
Sedgwick, KS
H. of Georgia Lou (Horner)
See obit
BAIRCarl U.17 Jun 190024 Apr 1943From FH records
BAIRJohn D.25 Nov 18683 Jun 1945From FH records
BARKERClyde Edward30 Sep 191128 May 1971See obit
BARNHILLDarlene G.19191938 
BARNHILLEthel A.18951978W. of Oury G. Barnhill
BARNHILLOury G.18921963Aged 71 yrs
BEAUCHAMPBridget18781968W. of Charles Beauchamp
BEAUCHAMPGrace M.13 Jul 190813 Jan 1994W. of Ralph Beauchamp
BEAUCHAMPLaura V.1904 W. of Darel Beauchamp
BEAUCHAMPRalph6 Jun 189930 Dec 1976 
BELLMinnie Fraze26 Apr 18834 Jan 1926 
BIRDClarence A.28 Oct 189217 Jan 1954See photo
BIRDLavina19171920D. of C. A. & Mary
See photo
BIRDMary E. 10 Jul 1966FHM says 10 Jul
W. of Clarence A. Bird
See photo
BRANSONWanda Irene (Norris)3 Dec 1925
Logan co, OK
13 May 2014
Logan co, OK
W. of Luther Brans.
See obit
BUCHANANSeth Alfred20 Feb 1921
La Kemp, OK
6 Jan 1931S. of M/M William Buchanan
bros: George & William Jr.
sis: Hazel & Josephine
BURLESONFrank3 Mar 187429 Feb 1944From FH records
BUTZNERJames T.18541897 
CAINEmma18601916W. of J. R. Cain
CAINJ. R.18531939 
CARSONCleo J.19061989W. of F. "Bud" Cars.
CARSONEivy V.25 Jun 187716 Oct 1905 
CARSONF. "Bud"19021965Mar. 21 Feb 1923
CARSONInfant S.25 Jun 192325 Jun 1923S. of M/M Bud Cars.
CARSONMildred L.5 Mar 190025 Nov 1979W. of Van Cars.
CARSONVan28 Mar 190024 Feb 1987 
CARTERCephas18701919Wife Betty is
buried in Enid
CHAMBERLAINSondra Jones16 Feb 195314 Apr 1995W. of Lee Chamberlain
D. of M. L. & Nadine Jones
CHITWOODDavid L.30 Jun 195516 Aug 1991S. of David G. & Etta Lee
CHOATEBobby Dale19 Jun 193419 Feb 1935Small metal plate
on trellis
COOKAnna M.19211966W. of Cleo A. Cook
COOKBaby  No other info
on marker
COOKCharles Allen21 Jul 1944
Guthrie, OK
13 Jul 2008
Guthrie, OK
See obit
COOKCleo Allen19 Apr 1916
Luther, OK
11 Oct 1992Mar. 29 years
s. of Steve & Addie
John Phillip21 Nov 194015 Sep 1999A2C US Air Force
COOKLowell Dean1 Nov 19434 Aug 1944 
COOKMaston24 May 192814 Aug 1973Marr. 21 Jul 1955
See obit
COOKRosella Dodd11 Jan 1936 W. of Maston Cook
COUNTESSAndrew Jacks.29 Jan 188112 Jun 1934 
COUNTESSCecil I.8 Oct 19229 Mar 1999Cremated
D. Couxie6 Dec 189424 Jan 1972TX Pvt 142 Inf - WWI
Footstone: Dr. C. Countess,
ssw S. Belle and infant
COUNTESSEugene 20 Sep 1944Inf.from FH records
COUNTESSEzra L.3 Jun 184612 Sep 1927 
COUNTESSFloyd K.18981977 
COUNTESSInf.1944 ssw S. Belle & D. Couxie
COUNTESSJohnny Lynn10 May 195416 May 1954Aged 6 da
now unmarked
s. of M/M Orval
COUNTESSMary E.12 Oct 12 186218 Dec 1914W. of Ezra L.Countess
COUNTESSMelba J.17 Sep 1932 W. of Cecil I. Countess
COUNTESSSarah Belle19001972W. of D. Couxie
ssw D. Couxie & infant
CUNNINGHAMEffie J.18 Aug 189811 Jul 1994W. of Rowe Cunningham
See photo
CUNNINGHAMF. Lee28 Sep 193114 Nov 1955S. of Rowe & Effie
CUNNINGHAMRowe S.8 Nov 189613 Mar 1959See photo
DALYSamuel Elwood17 Sep 1894
Wasco Co., OR
10 Apr 1910
cave in on farm
Stepson of Rev. Stringer
Aged 15 yrs 4 mo 7 das
Charles Alvin19 Jun 189522 Jul 1973OK Wagoner US Army - WW I
DAVISClarence16 Nov 189116 Oct 1895S. of James & Etta
DAVISDewey G.7 Dec 18986 Sep 1971 
DAVISEmma T.26 Mar 18986 Sep 1988W. of Milton E. Davis
DAVISEtta A.18691940W. of James S. Davis
DAVISEvelyn Louise (Sartain)26 Oct 1921
Seward, OK
21 Dec 2013W. of George Oliver Davis
See photo and obit
DAVISFloyd11 Jan 18949 Oct 1895S. of James & Etta
George Oliver6 Dec 1921
Lovell, OK
20 Oct 2013US ARMY - Sgt in Recon NCO
2 bronze stars, Amer. Theatre Ribbon & WW II Victory Medal
See photo
see obit
James J.12 Dec 188610 Mar 1939OK Pvt 311 Aux Rmt Depot. OMC - WW I
DAVISJames S.18661952 
DAVISMary A.18571917W. of Oliver T. Davis
DAVISMilton E.13 Oct 18844 Sep 1954 
DAVISOliver T.18521925 
DAVISONA. E. "Gene"30 Oct 18799 Jun 1968Death date on tombstone is incorrect.
See photo
DAVISONAaron E.27 Aug 183217 Nov 1917Father
DAVISONChris D.9 Mar 18748 Feb 1956See photo
DAVISONClara L.29 Jan 188428 Mar 1930W. of A. E. "Gene" Davis
See photo
DAVISONJames Quinton 12 Dec 1929Our Darling
home made stone
DAVISONJohn H.18831958See photo
DAVISONLawrence19 Jan 190226 Jan 1907S. of A. E. & Clara
See photo
DAVISONLucy M. Payne29 Jul 189429 Dec 1974Mother
See photo
DAVISONMattie V.31 May 188619 Apr 1968Mother
DAVISONRosa L.21 Jun 188010 May 1973W. of Chris D.
See photo
DAVISONSusan20 May 184415 Feb 1912Mother
W. of Aaron E. Davis.
DEEDSWinnie (Longpine)  See Longpine
double stone
DE HAASAmelia J.4 Mar 185612 Feb 1894Mother
Ssw Virgie A. & Ruth A.
DE HAASGideon16 Apr 18519 Jun 1935 
DE HAASRuth A. 16 Oct 1894Aged 9 mths
Virgie A. & Amelia J.
DE HAASVirgie A. 16 Nov 1893Aged 12 yrs
ssw Amelia J. & Ruth A.
DE JARNETTAileene M.19361936 
DENNYClaude12 May 189225 Feb 1895S. of J. W. & L. N.
DENNYCora V.06-06-190107-19-1982W. of George W. Denny
See photo
DENNYElla May18 Aug 191425 Jun 1916D. of F. L. & M. E.
See photo
DENNYFrank L.18821954See photo
DENNYGeorge W.20 May 190303 Feb 1974See photo
DENNYHallie Ruth12 Sep 1934 W. of Jack D. Denny
DENNYJack D.31 Jan 193028 Jan 1994 
DENNYMary E.18801968W. of Frank L. Denny
See photo
DENNYPatrick Duane17 Jul 1958
Okla. City, OK
29 Dec 2011See obit
DENNYRobert E.22 May 190620 Jul 1919S. of Frank & Mamie
See photo
DEWITTA. J.03 Jun 183317 Jul Married 02 Nov 1854
Clark Co, MO
DEWITTEmma Jennie (Gragg)14 Jan 186216 Apr 1937W. of William W.
sis to Ella Gragg Ellis
half sis to David Bush Gragg
Married to W. A. Amick
at time of death
See photo
DEWITTLouis T.18761931See photo
DEWITTSarah J.3 May 1837
Hardin Co., KY
1 Aug 1896
Logan Co., OK
W. of A. J. Dewitt
DEWITTWilliam W.18611930Married 18 Feb 1885 in Montgomery, Ill.
See photo
DEWITTZepher A.30 Oct 188701 Dec 1893D. of W. W. & E. J.
DICKERSONAnna M.  See Linville
double stone
DISNEYJames B.18 Dec 187014 Dec 1934 
DISNEYRosetta187127 Nov 1927W. of James B. Disney
DIVELEYAllene M. (Haughley)5 Jun 1911
Fort Collins, CO
9 Dec 2008
See obit
DODDCollie4 Apr 18994 Feb 1965Married 50 years
DODDEthel11 Jul 189701 Aug 1985W. of Collie Dodd
DODDMarieFeb 193423 Oct 1934Aged 8 mths
unmarked grave
D. of M/M Collie Dodd
DODDMurill Dean6 Feb 193217 Jan 1933Aged 11 mths
unmarked grave
s. of M/M Collie Dodd
DODSONGladys May15 Sep 190631 Aug 1983D. of Spy & Allie
ssw Ima Jean & Jess Eugene
W. of Jess Dods.
Addt'l info
from Delores Williams
DODSONIma Jean19311978D. of Gladys & Jess
Addt'l info
from Delores Williams
DODSONJess Eugene4 Jan 190021 Aug 1996Ssw Ima & Gladys
Addt'l infor
from Delores Williams
DOWINGHarry16 Mar 185027 Apr 1921ssw Lydia
DOWINGLydia A.09 Nov 185817 Dec 1906W. of Harry T. Dowing
DUGGERDella F.25 Apr 190330 Aug 1986W. of Thomas C. Dugger
Joseph Lawson15 Dec 18493 Jul 1939OK Cpl US Army
Thomas C.19 Nov 18888 Jan 1971WW I
DUGGERTwila Nadeen20 Mar 193321 Apr 1933Our Darling
DURHAMEliza Mae18721938W. of John A. Durham
DURHAMJohn A.13 Sep 186914 Mar 1942 
DURRILLLummie27 Mar 189513 Mar 1896D. of R. & L. M. Durrill
EDLUNDMary Elise16 Dec 1922
Okla. City, OK
 W. of Robert William Edlund
EDLUNDRobert William18 Oct 1920
Portland, OR
06 Jan 2000 
EITSONAlbert E.14 Oct 189230 Apr 1969Married 47 years
s. of Florence
EITSONFlorence (Litke)10 Nov 186214 Dec 1931Mother
EITSONJohnnie23 Sep 190006 Sep 1920 
EITSONSadie L.19 Aug 190215 Sep 1986W. of Albert E. Eits
ELLISElla S. (Gragg)18571935W. of Hiram Q. Ellis
sis to Emma Gragg DeWitt
Half sis to David Bush Gragg
See photo
ELLISHiram Q.02 Apr 18481 Feb 1942Married 17 Mar 1881 in Montgomery, Ill
See photo
ELMOREAlva Gaines18 Oct 191327 Feb 1991Parents: Gaines Rosscoe & Mary Elizabeth Vader Elmore
Married 30 Jul 1939
See photo
ELMOREDorothy Mae31 Aug 191812 Nov 1994W. of Alva Gaines Elmore
children: Leon - Janice
grandchildren: Kathleen, Debra, Kevin, Keith and Valerie
See photo
ELMOREGaines Roscoe18651938 
ELMOREMary Aileen8 Nov 192211 Mar 1998W. of Willie J. Elmore
children: Loy Don, Vonda, Sharon, Barbara, Francis, Bill & Connie
See photo
ELMOREMary E. (Vadder)18831950 
ELMOREWillie J.18 Jun 1916 Married 16 Mar 1940
See photo
ELRODAnna18671949W. of Ishmael W. Elrod
ELRODInfant S. 11 Jul 1923only date on stone
S of M/M Elwin Elrod
ELRODIshmael W.18631928 
ELRODRachel18881962W. of Elwin Elrod
EMRICKRichard C.10 Mar 194115 Jan 2006See obit
ENGLERTMelissa Ann21 Jun 197411 Aug 2016 Photo © Gary Clump (cem. info needs verified)
ENGLISHEliza31 Oct 187918 Nov 1953 
EPPERSONArthur Eugene6 Sep 1949
Lakin, KS
10 Mar 2011
Crescent, OK
H. of Lisa (Kissell)
Richard, Jr.21 Apr 192728 Dec 1989Y3 US Navy - WW II
gravestone photo
EVANSViolet M.22 Dec 192924 Apr 2015W. of Richard Evans, Jr.
 gravestone photo
Mother of: James Earl, Donald Ray, Robert Lee, Thomas Joe, Kay Lynn
FAGANAllie H. (Aldridge)6 Mar 186929 Mar 1970W. of Spy Fagan
Allie was Allie Fagan Pool at death
Addt'l info
from Delores Williams
FAGANBertha M.9 Nov 191213 Feb 1913D. of Spy & Allie
Addt'l info
from Delores Williams
FAGANClaud12 Mar 189812 Jan 1919S. of Spy & Allie
stone is inscribed as Fagin
Addt'l info
from Delores Williams
FAGANElecta Viola (Howe)5 May 19101 Jul 1991W. of Russell Fagan
Addt'l infor
from Delores Williams
Parents of Wanda, James & Robert
FAGANLeman Pete1 Feb 189626 Dec -1964S. of Spy & Allie
Addt'l infor
from Delores Williams
FAGANRussell12 Oct 190213 Aug 1976Married 15 Dec 1927
Addt'l infor
from Delores Williams
FAGANWilliam Spy1 Jan 18561 Jan 1856Addt'l info
from Delores Williams
FASTAda Blanche15 Aug 192228 Nov 1930D. of M/M J. W. Fast
FASTArchie M.18841930 
FASTElla18511936W. of Columbus Fast
FASTForrest D.28 May 190530 Mar 1982 
FASTGrace J.18851976W. of Archie M. Fast
FASTJohn William18751938 
FICKEN Anna Josephine 3/27/1860 1/24/1946 Mother to Herman Washington
W. of Peter Ficken
Herman Washington 1 Oct 1894 30 May 1985 Pvt US Army - WW I
Married 8 Sep 1924
See photo
Herman Wayman 8/31/1934 10/27/2020 Son of Herman W. & Minnie
Hus to Margarett
FICKEN Margaret Helen (Holliday) 13 Apr 1924
Muldrow, OK
31 Mar -2014
Okla. City, OK
W. of H.Wayman
See obit
FICKEN Minnie E. 30 May 1900 7 Feb 1979 W. of Herman Washington.
FICKEN Peter 10/02/1846 3/10/1920 Hus to Anna Josephine;Father of Herman W.
FISCHERJohn B.18601948 
FLOYDNancy E.1 Jan 188523 Jan 1964W. of William P. Floyd
FLOYDWilla Dean19221924Funeral Home Marker
FLOYDWilliam P.26 Jan 188023 Jan 1964 
FORTJordan L.28 Mar 1921  
FORTMargaret E.9 Jan 192122 Sep 1999W. of Jordan L. Fort
FRAZEInfant S.  S. of W. E. & S. A.
ssw W. E. & S. A.
FRAZESally Ann15 Mar 190510 Feb 1946W. of William Edward Fraze
FRAZEWilliam Edward1 Apr 19004 Jun 1972 
FRYA. Edgar16 Mar 190325 Aug 1977 
FRYArthur L.11 Apr 18933 Jun 1913 
Fred D.22 Sep 18955 Mar 1972OK Pfc US Army - WW I
bro of Lavina E.
See photo
FRYLavina E.14 Dec 189729 Jul 1952S of Fred D.
See photo
FRYMyrtle V.27 Jan 190331 May 1996W. of A. Edgar Fry
FRYPearl M.9 Dec 189922 Jan 1919 
FRYRoy C.6 Dec 19093 Mar 1910home made stone
s of M/M George Fry
FRYVictoria A. (Languein)18601955W of William W. Fry
parents of Lavina & Fred
FRYWilliam A.9 Feb 188322 Oct 1903Aged 21 yrs, 8 mths, 13 das
FRYWilliam W.13 Dec 185119 Jun 1943 
GILLETTCharles F.19331999Married 29 Dec 1972
GILLETTLois A.2 Sep 1939 W of Charles F. Gillett
parents of Paula & Diana
GLASSMalinda E.23 May 185316 Apr 1928 
GODDARDLyman B.18501903 
GODDARDThankful B.18401897W of Lyman B. Goddard
GRAGGCharles B.24 Feb 185416 Jan 1931See photo
GRAGGChild Aug 1905C of Sam Gragg
GRAGGCora M. 14 Dec 1892Dau of D. B. & M. J.
aged 2 Yrs 7 mths 19 das
See photo
GRAGGDavid Bush4 Mar 183828 Feb 1912See photo
GRAGGFrancis M.15 Mar 185222 Feb 1931See photo
GRAGGGeorge W.8 Mar 18707 Sep 1941See photo
GRAGGHattie I.14 Nov 188014 Nov 1919W of George W. Gragg
See photo
GRAGGIla May 25 Aug 1913Inf
only date on stone
GRAGGJohn T.23 Nov 187430 Aug 1951See photo
GRAGGLoueasa L.18601925W of Samuel T. Gragg
See photo
GRAGGMinerva J.30 Nov 184825 Jan 1919W of David Gragg
See photo
GRAGGSamuel Taylor20 Apr 185726 Mar 1924Married 07 Nov 1881
See photo
GRAGGWallace28 Feb 190201 Mar 1902S of S. T. & L.
See photo
GRAHAMDonovan Blake19951995FH marker
GRAYDarla J 10-1-1935 01-12-2002 Wife of Kenneth H Gray
Kenneth Harold6 Mar 192421 Aug 1994Pfc USA - Korea
H of Darla
GRAYBEALAnna Louise24 Jun 192516 Dec 2000W of Billy Lee Graybeal
GRAYBEALBelinda E.1849 W of Simeon Graybeal
GREYBEALBilly Lee16 Oct 1924 Married 16 Oct 1951
GRAYBEALEmma Mabel22 Oct 190215 Dec 1994W of Marion Lee Graybeal
GRAYBEALGeorge Wayne19061936 
GRAYBEALHenry A.18751959F.
GRAYBEALMarion Lee6 Jul 190117 Mar 1985 
GRAYBEALNellie5 Apr 19156 Jan 1919D. of H. A. & Rebecca
GRAYBEALNina Claire19031965 
GRAYBEALRebecca M.23 Dec 12-23-186711 Nov 1943Mother
W of Henry A. Graybeal
GREGORYMary Frances (Hollenbeck)7 Mar 1936
Lovell, OK
12 Sep 2013
Crescent, OK
W of Ted Gregory
See obit
GUTHRIEAllie A. 4 Jan 18326 Mar 1915Mother
W of Samuel Guthrie
GUTHRIESamuel F.20 Mar 18222 Mar 1906Father
GUTHRIEVirgil F.02 Dec 19034 Jul 1904S of C. V. & M.
HAGEREtta L.18901922 
HAGERStella L. (Cater)8 Dec 18783 Apr 1910Married J.W. Hager on 2 Oct 1895
6 children
HALLF. Reed15 Aug 191010 Nov 1996Dad
children: Leroy, Helen, Gary & Wayne
HALLGlenda L.6 Jun 1941 W. of Leroy K. Hall
HALLLeroy K.7 Apr 194126 Mar 1987S of F. Reed & Twyla L.
HALLTwyla LaVere (Jones)15 Apr 1915
Lovell, OK
2 Jan 2010
Crescent, OK
W. of F. Reed Hall
See obit
HARRISMary E.18691952W. of William Matthew Harris
HARRISWilliam Matthew18701924 
Carl F.19 Sep 189519 Mar 1977Cpl US Army - WW I
HARTEthel C.31 Jul 189711 Aug 1995 
HARTNorma Jean21 Oct 19278 Nov 1927 
HAUGHTYEdith L.18781954Mother
W of William G. Haughty
HAUGHTYRobert Irvin26 Dec 18629 Aug 1947 
HAUGHTYWilliam G.18701934Father
HAVENSTRITEBaby D.ghter4 May 19024 May 1902Dau of A. L. & Gertie
HAVENSTRITEGlen L.7 Sep 19281938 
HAVENSTRITEHannah26 Apr 182414 Jan 1903W. of J. P. Havenstrite
HAVENSTRITEJ. P.26 Feb 182411 Feb 1907 
HAVENSTRITERonald B.24 Jul 19237 Sep 1999 
HAYNESBennie W.23 Feb 190416 Jan 1978 
HAYNESPearl G.10 Sep 190312 Dec 1982W. of Bennie W. Haynes
HEIDENEarl A.7 Aug 1936 Married 30 Nov 1968
Our Children: Ann, David & Vicki
See photo
HEIDENVonda Lee18 Mar 1942 W. of Earl A. Heiden
See photo
HEIZERBaby27 Dec 190627 Dec 1906 
HEIZERDeszie I.17 Dec 18824 Jan 1907W. of Noah M. Heizer
HELTONIrven A.4 Dec 186930 Nov 1894 
HENDERSONSarah E.1 Nov 1865
Manis, Mo.
26 Feb 1945W. of: 1) Sylvester Durbin in 1884 - he died in 1888 - 3 children
and 2) Sidney Johnson in 1889 - he died 1902 - 5 children
and 3) J. T. Seagoe in 1909 - 1 child
HENNESSRosulpha18731942W of Charley Henness
HENRYCarol (Jones)10 Jan 193528 Mar 2009See obit
HICKSNorma Jean19341935Our Darling
HOLLENBECKJohn F.19061959 
HOLLIDAYWilliam Jack19 Dec 192627 Apr 2001See fhm
HOLTHAUSFreeda Irene17 Aug 1912
Lovell, OK
27 Nov 1979W. of Maurice O. Holthaus
HOLTHAUSMaurice Oscar13 Dec 1906
Washington, MO.
5 Feb 1972Married 17 Sep 1937 in
Wichita, Ks
HOPSONM. E. Lee18861912Hopson stone
Lee on bottom of south side of stone
ssw Sarah C.
HOPSONRoyse Jerome10 Aug 190514 Dec 1949 
HOPSONSarah C.27 Nov 186317 Feb 1917W. of William W. Hopson
HOPSONWilliam W.14 Jan 18631 Mar 1938 
HORROCKSClyda F.4 Feb 191323 Apr 1913 
HORROCKSErnest25 Feb 190622 Oct 1909 
HORROCKSRoy E.13 Jan 18899 Sep 1916 
HOWEJennie11 Jul 187210 Dec 1942W. of William T. Howe
HOWEWilliam T.29 Jun 186713 Jan 1938 
HUMPHREYClaudia J. (Countess)18851950 
IRWINClaude24 Aug 190024 Jan 1913 
Dave S.20 Oct 189528 Jan 1971OK Pvt US Army - WW I
Married 7 Mar 1929
JOHNSONFrieda M.7 Feb 190431 Aug 1992W of Dave S. Johns.
JOHNSONJudy Lee15 Jul 194815 Jul 1948 
JONESAmanda M.18631931W of Jesse Jones
JONESBennie B.19001962Father
JONESClement L.23 Apr 186416 Jun 1948 
JONESEcho V.19081970Mother
W. of Bennie B. Jones
JONESErnest12 Jul 188723 Oct 1890 
JONESFlorence M.18881977W of Vernie C. Jones
JONESIda R.9 Aug 18918 Oct 1985Mother
W of Perry L. Jones
JONESInfant S. 23 Oct 1891ssw Ernest Jones
JONESJames S.18251918 
JONESJesse 185110 Jan 1916 
JONESJohn18711952Double stone
only 1 name
JONESMargaret18311923W of James S. Jones
Marvin Ray25 Aug 193528 Dec 1981Sp4 US Army
JONESMelvin Dale19161922Son
JONESNancy P.18281902Mother
ssw Shelton L.
JONESPatsy Ruth17 Oct 1930 D. of Walter & Laura Johnson
W. of Raymond L. Jones
children: Rebecca & Diana
JONESPerry L.3 Jan 189227 Aug 1967Father
Married 15 Nov 1913
Raymond L.15 Sep 192611 Feb 1995EN1 USA - WW II - Korea
s. of Perry & Ida Jones
Married 13 Jul 1950
grandchildren: Jennifer, Emily & Mallory
JONESRonald G.19321935Our Son
JONESRosella14 Feb 18685 Jan 1934W. of Clement L. Jones
Married 31 Mar 1884
in Genda Springs, KS
JONESShelton L.18601904Son of Nancy P. Jones
JONESVernie C.18851966 
KECK (KICK)Bertha L.18821966ssw Curtis
KECK (KICK)Carrie B.02 Jul 187030 Aug 1901W. of Curtis
KECK (KICK)Curtis18641943ssw Bertha L.
KEELERIdus M.10 May 194719 Aug 1932Father
KEELERRose A.15 Apr 18531 Nov 1910Mother
W. of Idus M. Keeler
KENNEDYWillard 4 Sep 1891S of G. W. & R.
aged 5 yrs, 7 mths, 13 das
KINGAlice M.18561927 
KNECHTClifford Lee19 Jun 191027 Jun 1925 
KNECHTPaul6 Oct 183828 Mar 1916Info provided by:
Sharon Dance
KNECHTRosa27 Rosa 185217 Jul 1908Info provided by:
Sharon Dance
KUVERHerman A.5 Jun 18946 Mar 1975 
LANENaomi Friday19131948Mother
LANGLEYGeorge 1929Funeral home
marker in cement
LEWISEmma Georgene13 Nov 1921 W. of Wiley Houston Lewis
Troup, TX
12 Mar 1941Aged 69 yrs
s of William & Florence
LEWISWiley Houston28 Mar 19217 Mar 1994Married 16 Oct 1956
LINDEMANNRena Kaye (Cunningham)09 Feb 193724 Sep 2021Married Roy Eugene Lindemann 29 May 1958
LINVILLEAnna M. "Tootie"6 Mar 192424 Feb 1991After Ersel Linville's death Anna Married a Dickerson and is buried in the Oakland-Knowles Cemetery
Dau of Arthur & Audrey Linville Travis
See Oakland-Knowles Cemetery Page
Ersel Lyle09 Dec 191922 Aug 1948Pfc US Army - WW II
LINVILLEHenry C.18951947 
Henry Dwayne5 Aug 191710 Mar 1945OK Sgt 9 Marines
3 Marine Div - WW II
LINVILLERachel E.19001981 
LITSONBarbara18391920W of David Lits.
Info provided by:
Sharon Dance
LITSONDavid18371916Info provided by:
Sharon Dance
LITSONInfant D.ghter2 Sep 19027 Sep 1902D. of M/M G. W. Litson
home made stone
LITSONJohn C.22 Jun 186729 Aug 1947 
LITSONMary Jane18 May 18725 May 1937W. of John C. Litson
LONGBaby Girl25 Jul 193025 Jul 1930stillborn
LONGNelle I.4 May 190828 Feb 1996 
LONGPINEAddie O.18 Nov 187213 Feb 1956Mother
W. of Simon S. Longpine
LONGPINEArminta D.20 Feb 189727 Sep 1986W. of Lester E. Longpine
LONGPINELester E.13 Aug 189528 Jun 1992 
LONGPINERaymond S.13 Apr 190014 Jan 1934Father
LONGPINESimon S.19 Aug 186917 Jun 1916Father
LONGPINEWinnie7 Nov 190110 Aug 1984Mother
W. of Raymond S. Longpine
Was married to a Deeds at death
LOVENaomi B.1 Jun 19136 Nov 1948From FH records
LOVELLBaby20 Jan 190825 Jan 1908Our Darling
D. of John & Etta
LOVELLWillie Bonsetta (Addington) "Bonnie"19 Sep 191314 Apr 1999W of Virgil H. Lovell
LOVELLClyde  Son of J. W. & Mary
aged 10 mths 27 das
LOVELLEtta E.18841985W of John L. Lovell
LOVELLHazel (Wood)4 Jul 189124 Apr 1972Mother - Grandmother
LOVELLJames F.9 Jun 1934 Married 30 May 1954
son of James Wood Lovell & Ruth Newbold Lovell Anders
parents of Ralph James, Randall Anders., Rhonda Kay & Diana Ruth
grandparents of Sara, Rebecca, Celia, Amy, Carly, Stephen, Timothy, Wesley & Joshua
LOVELLJames W.28 Aug 191429 Oct 1983H. of Ora Lee
LOVELLJames W.10 Nov 185819 Jun 1914H of Mary L.
aged 55 yrs, 7 mths, 9 das
LOVELLJanice K. (Crall)9 Feb 1935 W of James F. Lovell
dau. of Ralph & Lura Crall
LOVELLJohn L.18841955Father
LOVELLLarry David17 Mar 193820 Mar 1938See photo
LOVELLLuther S.18891961 
LOVELLMae18971968W of Luther S. Lovell
was Mrs. Mae Harman, at death
LOVELLMary L.18 Aug 185630 Aug 1915W of James W. Lovell
aged 59 yrs 12 das
LOVELLOra Lee23 Apr 1923 29 Nov 2020W of James W. Lovell
LOVELLVirgil H.26 Apr 19128 Oct 2003Par of: Shirley, Harold, Etta Lee & Yvonne
See obit
MARIONPatricia Ruth (Lovell)09 Feb 1936
Lovell, OK
14 Mar 2016
Wichita, KS
W of George C. Marion, Sr.
See obit
MARRSRuth (Pollard)31 Jan 1920
Lovell, OK
14 Nov 1986W of: 1) George Rudd and 2) Carl Marrs
D. of George & Knola Harmon Pollard
McCALLBernice I. (DeWitt)188929 Dec 1910W of E. A. McCall
dau of M/M W. W. DeWitt
See photo
McCALLDorothy I.1918 W of Oral D. McCall
McCALLElla Beatrice18911944See photo
McCALLNiclas C.17 Jun 188810 Dec 1979See photo
Oral Dewitt15 Jan 1916
Lovell, OK
2 Aug 1979
Springfield, MO
US Navy - WW II
H of Dorothy
See obit
See photo
See photo
McCANDLESSAngeline A.18851944ssw Duane & Guy E.
McCANDLESSCaroline M.18441921Mother
McCANDLESSDuane190125 Oct 1944ssw Angeline & Guy E.
McCANDLESSFerrill M.19401946 
McCANDLESSGuy Edwin18751947ssw Angeline & Duane
McCANDLESSJames Ferrell7 Jan 190430 Mar 1946From FH records
McCANDLESSJerome21 Nov 18727 May 1944From FH records
McCANDLESSJoshua J.18711944ssw Julia
McCANDLESSJulia19 Dec 187910 Apr 1949W. of Joshua J. McCandless
McCUECharles W.16 May 18765 Jul 1910 
McCUELeverne5 Sep 190529 Sep 1910D of Charley & Edna
McDONALDLorene (Waggoner)23 Aug 191319 Mar 1993See photo
McGINTYMary E.18571937W of Thomas R. McGinty
McGINTYThomas R.18561948 
McKAYJames W.18541929 
McKAYOlive M.18711897W of James W. McKay
McKINNYJosephine A.16 Mar 1892Feb 1988W of William E. McKinny
McKINNYWilliam E.3 Sep 187915 Jan 1964 
MILLERJulius D.30 May 191224 Feb 1979 
MILLEROscar19111912In memory of
MILLEROscar18751953H of Susie
MILLERSusie18661967W of Oscar Miller
MILLICANVirginia P.19161993In Pollard Plot
MOOREAlbert E.18821918S of M/M E. T.
MOOREAnn E.18431927W of Enoch T. Moore
MOOREEnoch T.18451931 
MOORELizzie18771963W of Robert J. Moore
MOOREMartin13 Sep 18704 Nov 1935F H M
MOOREMary E.3 Jan 186922 Jul 1918W of Sy Moore
MOOREMary F.7 May 18126 Oct 1903 
MOOREMinnie L.23 Nov 18983 Nov 1978 
MOORERebecca18551926W of David Moore
MOORERobert J.18671960 
MOORESamuel2 Apr 185316 May 1917 
MOORESy13 Mar 186417 May 1936 
MOSSClara M.5 Nov 1932 W of Robert L. Moss
MOSSRobert L.4 Nov 192323 Nov 1975 
MOSSWilliam O. "Billy"17 Nov 196016 Aug 1974 
NAVEAlice G.19111987 
NAVEHoyt19071966Aged 59 yrs
ssw Newt
NAVEMary J.24 Mar 188611 Jan 1916W of N. M. Nave
NAVENewton18821960ssw Hoyt
NEALISKenneth Dewayne6 Sep 194113 Mar 2013See Obit
NICHOLSONRaymond A.3 May 189530 Jun 1896Son of J. P. & Effie
NORRISBaby  On Lot 108
no other info
NORRISBaby19211921only date on stone
Baby of G. B. & M. E. Norris
NORRISElsie Ann1 Mar 18816 Oct 1963 
NORRISGrover B.18871962 
NORRISMay E.18861973W of Grover B. Norris
OLIVERAnsyl6 Apr 190730 Aug 1984 
OLIVERVaden H.18 May 191029 Aug 1962 
OLTMANNSA. Eileen29 Jul 1931 W of James H. Oltmanns
OLTMANNSAgnes E.19041993W of Henry C. Oltmanns
"Rebekka & Eastern Star"
OLTMANNSAnna S.18791956 
OLTMANNSBaby21 Jan 194322 Jan 1943unmarked
OLTMANNSEnid A.26 Aug 1920 W of John F. Oltmanns
OLTMANNSFredrick13 Mar 18561 Jun 1919Father
OLTMANNSHenry C.19021981Married 2 Apr 1925
Odd Fellows & Mason
Herbert P.27 Feb 190015 May 19501864th Unit (8 SC) M. P. USA
OLTMANNSIda C.18 Feb 19086 Nov 1988W of John G. Oltmanns
OLTMANNSJames Henry25 Jun 192620 Mar 1993Husb of A. Eileen
w. of Fredrick Oltmanns
John F.11 Dec 19185 May 1998SSG USA - WW II
Married 15 Nov 1945
John George17 Oct 189328 Sep 1961OK Pvt H.Q. Co. 357 Inf. - WW I
OLTMANNSNora L.11 Feb 189620 Feb 1985W of Willie F. Oltmanns
OLTMANNSTheodore E.4 Mar 190418 Feb 1985 
OLTMANNSWillie F.6 Mar 189024 Jun 1969 
OLTMANNSWillis W.29 Jan 192728 Jan 1928 
PALKOEthel M.10 May 190512 Jan 1975W of George W. Palko
PALKOGeorge W.23 Mar 189722 Oct 1984 
PARRENTMattie Y.13 Nov 18507 Nov 1901W of J. E. Parrent
PAYNEBarbara  nothing else on stone
PAYNECecil Edward20 Apr 192030 Jan 1922ssw Infant
PAYNEGeorge D.22 Oct 19018 Oct 1970 
PAYNEGeorgia Ann7 Apr 1865
Glascoe, KY
23 Feb 1937
Logan Co., OK
W of William Dutton Payne
See photo
PAYNEGrover T.26 Sep 18901 Nov 1955 
PAYNEIna Mae  Nothing else on stone
PAYNEInfant 5 Jun 1909S of M/M W. D. Payne
aged 1 yr 5 mths 12 das
PAYNEInfant 13 Feb 1937ssw Cecil Edward
PAYNEJuanita M.19 Mar 191719 Mar 1917See photo
Lloyd R.25 Feb 192626 Mar 1945OK Pfc 353 Inf. 89 Div - WW II
See photo
PAYNEMichael Lynn8 Dec 19468 Dec 1946Stillborn
PAYNENina Fay  No other info on stone
PAYNEOllie M.5 Dec 189625 Oct 1985W of Grover T.
PAYNE   No other info on stone
PAYNERoscoe M.18931938See photo
PAYNETommy L.19 Jul 193220 Jul 1998 
PAYNEWilliam Dutton5 Jan 1861
Glascoe, KY
24 Jan 1928
Logan Co., OK
See photo
PAYNEWilliam Dutton, Jr.  no other info on stone
PAYTONDaniel Jeremiah29 Sep 187027 Dec 1946 
PAYTONPhilena A.19 Apr 187123 Oct 1946W of Daniel J. Payton
Verlan Dean24 Apr 192226 Mar 1945USNR Radarman 1/C - USS Halligan
died at sea
Cenataph only
See Cremations & More Section
POLLARDAmanda E.18831970W of James E. Pollard
Eastern Star
POLLARDDale27 Jun 190731 Jan 1995Husb of Lena E.
m. 29 Sep 1926
POLLARDDean15 Sep 193515 Sep 1935Baby
POLLARDDorothy J.7 Mar 193312 Sep 1933Dau
POLLARDElva Louise18861972 
POLLARDGeoffrey20 Feb 19514 Jul 1982 
POLLARDGeorge Isaac18791948 
POLARDHardy2 May 195221 Jul 1981 
POLLARDJames E.18811948Mason
POLLARDJohn Martin18881939 
POLLARDLena E.9 Jun 191125 Apr 1988W of Dale Pollard
POLLARDMax W.19311939Son
POLLARDRobert30 Jan 1916  
POLLARDVenetia M.3 Mar 191315 Dec 1989W of Robert Pollard
POLLARDVirginia E.18561942W of John Pollard
PORTWOODRobert W.13 Aug 195626 Nov 1956Beloved Son & Brother
POSTONJames B.18571930Father
Odd Fellow emblem
W of James B. Poston
PROCTORLaura L.18781939W of William H. Proctor
PROCTORWilliam H.18671944 
QUIGLEYBaby 23 Jan 1931Son of Everett & Alice
W of Jesse H. Quigley
QUIGLEYJ. Ray18841904 
QUIGLEYJesse H.18801936Father
QUIGLEYJohn E.18561921 
QUIGLEYNancy A.24 Jan 186219 Dec 1947 
James  Co. F. 133 ILL Inf
RAMSEYMartha C.18501932W of Lewis Ramsey
RAMSEYERFlorence L.2 Jan 19033 Dec 1991 
RAMSEYERJohn J.8 Feb 189811 May 1986 
RAYAbner B.18691918 
RAYC. Edgar19121938 
RAYCharley B.17 Jul 190021 Jan 1968Our Father
RAYEthyl A.25 Dec 189920 Oct 1989W of Charley B. Ray
RAYJosephine C.18711925W of Robert B. Ray
RAYLarain (Wright)19071928 
RAYMary Ann18811929 
RAYOwen P.   
RAYRobert B.18631928 
RAYThomas S.19001929 
REDMANEva Louise19381939Our Baby
RENEGERBarbara Lois21 Jul 19557 Mar 1996 
RENEGARBonnie N.27 Apr 19073 Feb 2000 
RENEGARCleo "Tee"3 Oct 190323 Nov 1985 
RICHARDSPerry Gene22 Jan 194130 Jan 1941 
RIDNERAndy J.5 Apr 188016 Jul 1928 
RIGDONAlfred9 Mar 18922 Aug 1917 
RIGDONArnal 9 Apr 1915S of Alfred & Nola
only date on stone
RIGDONClaudett Sue19491949stillborn inf
of M/M Ralph Rigdon
See obit
RIGDONEdwin Pete27 Mar 191214 Oct 1969Dad
RIGDONEva17 Jan 18903 Sep 1911W of C. M. Rigdon
RIGDONNola22 Nov 188913 May 1981W of Alfred Rigdon
RIGDONThelma15 Feb 191022 May 1911Dau of C. M. & N. E.
ROBINSONBernie Edward7 Oct 19159 Feb 2007See obit
ROBINSONDeloris Geraldine23 Jul 19167 Nov 2005See obit
ROGERSJohn Clifford17 Nov 1890
5 Oct 1943
Guthrie, OK
Aged 52 yrs 11 mo 11 das
married 17 Sep 1930
ROGERSKitty (Heird)8 Nov 189511 Oct 1972Mother
w of John Clifford Rogers
ROSEGeorge W.18551937 
RUDDGeorge O.19151948 
RUDDJohn O.16 Nov 18896 Jul 1974 
RUDDRosa A.29 Nov 18953 Jan 1979W of John O. Rudd
children: Mira & Virginia Rose
RUDDRuth (Pollard)19201986 
SM. E.  Mother
Red native stone
Nothing else on stone
SADEAlbert F.18 Jul 18892 Jun 1978Married 9 Nov 1913
SADEAlta E.15 Dec 189417 Aug 1978W of Albert F. Sade
SADEArthur C.18821965 
SADE Barbara Sue 7/10/1935 4/1/2019 Obit
SADECharleszene8 Feb 193014 Mar 1930Son of John & Ruby
SADEClarence H.7 Jan 190810 Jun 1997Married 26 Aug 1931
SADEEdith Fay (Stephen)9 Sep 190910 Jul 1989W of Clarence H. Sade
SADEEmit R.28 Jan 189425 Oct 1965 
SADEEula J.29 Oct 187815 Nov 1948W of Arthur C. Sade
SADEFrank W.22 Oct 190014 Jul 1965Bro of Clarence
SADEFranklin P.18541916Father
SADEIrene J.15 Aug 186523 Sep 1945Mother
W. of Franklin P. Sade
SADEIsis Belle28 Mar 189621 Sep 1898Dau of F. P. & I. J.
SADEThomas J.29 Aug 18195 Mar 1916 
SCHOONOVERCharles W.18801935 
SCHOONOVERJessie18851956W of Charles W. Schoonover
SCHOONOVERNancy E.25 Jan 18371 Apr 1916 
SCOTTFred J.18741939 
SCOTTGrace L.18801942W of Fred J. Scott
SCOTTMilford J.19011919 
SCOTTViola L.19051929 
SCROGGINSJohn C.18291914 
SEAGO J. T. Nov 1866 1 Oct 1909 Var.Spell (J.B.-Sego)
SEBRINGAgnes M.9 Mar 18733 Sep 1948W of Claud Sebring
SEBRINGAnna E.1858192889ers
W of William E. Sebring
Carl H.4 Aug 191420 Jan 1945OK Pfc 2 Inf. 5 Div. - WW II
See photo
SEBRINGFrank D.15 Aug 1918 Our Children:
Gary, Darla & Linda
SEBRINGLanora Leona27 Aug 189118 Dec 1942W of William E. Sebring
SEBRINGMarian Marcella (Grape)25 Mar 1922
Dover, OK
31 Jan 2012W of Frank D. Sebring
See obit
SEBRINGWilliam E.4 Jan 185811 Jul 194789ers
H to Anna E.
SEBRINGWilliam E.16 Jun 18883 Apr 1964H to Lanora L.
SELFAlbert Ray18 Oct 190924 Apr 1963 
SELFVera Mae6 Apr 1914 W of Albert Ray Self
SHORECinda E.18781934 
SMITHGail J.19031926 
SMITHHattie Pearl (Payne)20 Jun 188418 Oct 1918W of R. S. Smith
SMITHInes (McCall)31 Aug 1918 W of Lester W. Smith
James Thomas, Jr.4 Mar 1937
Lamar, OK
20 Jun 2016
Enid, OK
US Army
Husband of Mary Ann (Storey)
Cremated with burial in Oakview Cem.
SMITHLester W.15 Oct 191817 Jun 1984 
SNODGRASSDewey H.25 Sep 189812 Jun 1977 
SNODGRASSJames H.18741941 
SNODGRASSLenora M.18771941W of James H. Snodgrass
SNODGRASSMyrtle E.28 Mar 189630 Sep 1981W of Dewey H. Snodgrass
SNODGRESSBessie18871891D of T. J. & S. F.
ssw Sussie F. & Thomas J.
SNODGRESSSussie F.1852 W of Thomas J. Snodgrass
ssw Thomas J. & Bessie
SNODGRESSThomas J.18451899ssw Bessie & Sussie F.
SNOWJohn Henry19281929Funeral Home Marker
STAMBAUGHPearl M.18841936W of William H. Stambaugh
STAMBAUGHWilliam H.18701959 
STANSBURYAmanda E.18571940W of Jacob W. Stansbury
STANFIELGrace10 Mar 188813 Jan 1945From FH records
STANSBURYJacob W.18521941 
STANSBURYMary Ann18181897 
STEPHENSDavid D.27 Feb 189523 Jun 1896Son of A. & K. H.
STOREYDeloris8 Jun 1917 W of W. G. Storey
children: Carrol, Mary Ann & Sam
STOREYSamuel Gresham "Sam"6 Mar 193924 Dec 1990Cremated
STOREYWilliam G. "Bill"24 Dec 190622 Dec 1993H of Delores (Taliferro)
mar 1 Apr 1934
STORYCecil C.21 Mar 191519 Dec 1931 
STORYErle Don19151916On Clyde Lovell Lot
STORYGeorge C.18871928 
STORYHenry L.10 Aug 18628 Apr 1940 
STORYJames H.18961963Father
STORYKatherine Irene7 Jan 193012 Jan 1930Dau of Leeman & Ora
STORYMary Jane1 Aug 18729 May 1941Wife of Henry L. Story
STOUTRobert W. 26 Nov 19563 mths old
now unmarked
STRANGLHoward W.8 Jul 193131 May 1991Goober
mar 25 Aug 1959
STRANGLLucille29 Nov 1927 W of Howard W. Strangl
SUNDERLANDRetha Joyce22 Dec 194113 Oct 1942 
SWAIM  25 Mar 1920Dau of Oscar & Marie
SWAIMMarie A.13 Jun 188813 May 1983Wife of Oscar L. Swaim
SWAIMOscar L.2 Jan 188826 Apr 1986 
SWAIMRaymond E.13 Sep 1914 Marr 30 Nov 1945
SWAIMSarah I. "Helen"19 May 19201 Aug 1997W of Raymond Swaim
TALIAFERROElizabeth Jane03 Nov 183320 Aug 1910Aged 76 yrs 9 mths 17 da
See photo
TALIAFERROIlean18871965W of Wright L. Taliaferro
Eastern Star
TALIAFERROJohn W.6 Mar 186326 Aug 1909Aged 46 yrs 5 mths 20 das
TALIAFERROKnola V. (Pollard)18871971 
Lloyd L.31 Mar 188913 Nov 1958ILL Cook 27 Const. Co.
Air Svc - WW I
TALIAFERROSamuel L.18621926 
TALIAFERROWright L.18841954Mason
TARRANTAudrey Myrtle (DeJarnett)18 Apr 192222 Dec 2013W of Ralph Vincent Tarrant
See obit
TARRANTRalph Vincent25 Jun 19213 Oct 2006 
TERRYBessie M. (Cars.)16 Jul 1884Oct 1962W of Thomas J. Terry
TERRYThomas J.18851966 
THOMASLois Miller19081962 
TONROYEmily12 Dec 18232 Jul 1914 
TONROYMartin21 Nov 182814 Nov 1895 
TRAVISArthur Wayne13 Aug 19186 Jan 1999 
TRAVISAudrey C. (Arbuckle)18891961W of Arthur Travis
TRAVISEddie Wann30 Jan 191426 Feb 1995 
TRAVISHester M.19161919Dau of Arthur & Audrey
TRAVISLarry Wayne6 Apr 1943
Crescent, OK
16 Mar 2009
Okla. City, OK
See obit
TRAVISMargaret L.18 Nov 192414 Nov 1991W of Eddie Wann Travis
TRAVISPreston Field12 Apr 191220 Feb 1944 
TRAVISSharon Kay22 Aug 194922 Aug 1949Funeral Home Marker
TRAVISWilliam V.19111952 
VADDERDavy Joe20 Sep 194013 Apr 1943 
VADDEREdwin G.19 Sep 190918 Jan 1987Marr 19 Sep 1934
VADDEREmma H. (Koch)1885
Wils., Ks.
18 Apr 1959W of Joseph B. Vadder
Made the Land Run of '89
John26 Jul 188713 Mar 1947OK Pfc MED Dept. - WW I
VADDERJoseph30 Aug 18505 Dec 1933Father
h to Justina
VADDERJoseph B.18791959H of Emma H.
VADDERJustina14 May 18531 Apr 1940W of Joseph Vadder
VADDERKarl J.19061982Marr 26 Mar 1929
VADDERMinnie F.3 Nov 191411 Mar 1991W of Edwin G. Vadder
VADDERVelma M.1907Sep 1995W of Karl J. Vadder
VINCENTElmer A.24 Mar 188330 Apr 1966 
VINCENTKate E.2 Aug 188616 Apr 1917Aged 32 yrs
VINCENTMay (Taliaferro)16 Apr 18845 Mar 1972W of Elmer A. Vincent
WAGGONERGlenn C.28 Dec 1916 Marr 17 Sep 1943
See photo
WAGGONERGynetth D.4 Jun 1923 W of Glenn C. Waggoner
our sons: Charles, Kenneth, Myrl & Terry
See photo
WALLACEElla R.18901955W of James L. Wallace
See photo
WALLACEJames L.188019??See photo
WARDMajorie J.21 May 19108 Sep 1910Dau of J. C. & Jennie
WAREINGEmma S.12 Aug 186513 Nov 1946W of George H. Wareing
WAREINGFay9 Dec 190527 Oct 1907ssw Robert
WAREINGGeorge27 Feb 186116 May 1936 
John W.15 Sep 188716 Dec 1970WW I - Pvt Co. F 4th Inf.
WAREINGRobert Collar31 Aug 189914 Aug 1900ssw Fay Wareing
WATKINSDeWalt "Dee"28 Jan 1924
Tuskahoma, OK
5 Mar 1977unmarked grave
WATKINSWilda Beth Ray12 Nov 1926
Lovell, OK
26 Jun 1976Funeral Home Marker
W of De Walt Watkins
WELDENFred M.3 Apr 187910 Oct 1957 
WELDENMyrtle A.20 Dec 188911 Feb 1978W of Fred M. Welden
WHEELEREffie J.18721963W of Howard Wheeler
WHEELERHoward 18671942 
WHEELERL. T.  No dates
buried with Myrtle & Naomi
WHEELERLloyd31 Mar 190614 Feb 1958Daddy
WHEELERLouis Lee 6 Jul 1929 Our Darling
WHEELERLouise27 Jul 19088 Nov 1983Mother
W of Lloyd Wheeler
WHEELERMyrtle19091932W of Art
bottom of stone
and children:
L. T. & Naomi
WHEELERNaomi  No dates
buried with Myrtle & L. T.
WHEELERRalph W.24 Jul 19033 Apr 1956Our Daddy
WIEASMANLoueasa18261917On lot with Samuel T & O'Loueasa Gragg
See photo
WILBERMary O.18911977W of Charles Wilber
WILLIAMSArthur P.22 Jan 18955 Sep 1953 
WILLIAMSBeatrice4 Mar 190310 Mar 1968W of Arthur P. Williams
WILLIAMSCharles Arthur27 Jan 18942 Jul 1915Son of J. E. & M. E.
WILLIAMSDorothea 28 Feb 189230 Aug 1921W of W. H. Williams
Eugene A.14 Apr 189315 Apr 1970OK Pvt 3 Co. 164 Depot Brig. - WW I
WILLIAMSFairy Leone9 Feb 191721 Jan 1919Dau of W. H. & Dora
Harvey11 Jan 191330 Jul 1960CA BM2 USNR - WW II
WILLIAMSInfant  Of J. E. & M. E.
no other info
WILLIAMSJuanita O.7 Jun 189920 Feb 1976W of Moses H. Williams
WILLIAMSMoses H.17 Mar 185918 May 1926Father
H of Rebecca
WILLIAMSMoses H.27 Oct 189913 May 1978Husb of Juanita O.
WILLIAMSRebecca10 Jan 18668 Jan 1966W of Moses H. Williams
WILLIAMSRebecca19 Aug 19199 Feb 1920Dau of Mose & Juanita
WILLIAMSWilliam H.13 Jun 188910 Jul 1966 
WILSONAlice B.18621894ssw Mary E & George H
WILSONAlice Irene11 Mar 190817 Sep 1908Dau of Rankin & Sadie
ssw Infant S.
WILSONGeorge H.18591955ssw Mary E & Alice B
WILSONInf Son 31 May 1909Son of Rankin & Sadie
ssw Alice Irene
WILSONJames A.18901960 
WILSONMamie E.19001972W of James A. Wilson
WILSONNancy E.2 Aug 187121 Sep 1949ssw George H & Alice B
WINTERPeggy Carol Vadder21 Mar 193810 Sep 2015m 19 Sep 1934
D of
Edwin G & Minnie F Vadder
Submitted by:
Denise Sullins
WOODAlexander18561938See photo
WOODErnestine18641936W of Alexander Wood
See photo
YENZERAnna E.4 Jan 1902 W of Nathaniel Yenzer
YENZERInfant19241924On lot of
Nathaniel & Anna
YENZERJohn Elmer30 Dec 189020 Jan 1964Mar 26 Jan 1915
Nathaniel19 Dec 189526 Dec 1965Mar 24 Dec 1921
R Clp Co M
158 Inf. 40 Div. - WW I
YENZERSophie F.11 Jan 18911 Jun 1962W of John E. Yenzer

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