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B Surnames

 McAlister Cemetery

Carter County, Oklahoma

by Bill Hamm & Angela Bell


BACON Baby      
BACON Daniel J Dec 1870 1930  
Dave Jackson 2-Oct-17 28-May-49 OK Cpl 806th AAF Bomb Sq   WW II
BACON Lelar Leona 10/21/1927 1929  
BALES David Wayne 11-Jan-45 29-Jun-05 photo
BALES EARLENE 24-Apr-05 30-Jun-05  
BALES Earline R 1941 2008 photo
BALES Elsie Marlene Commander Jul 1920 10/22/2014  
BALLINGER Diana Lou Hayes 3-Apr-59 28-Jun-80  
BALLINGER Lillian Moore 12-Aug-15 24-Jul-88  
BAMBURG Ginger Gail Smith 4/20/1958 4/5/2011 W of Randall
BAMBURG Randall Lee "Bird" 8-Nov-52 4-Jul-90 H of Ginger
Baptiste Devon "Chito" 1/14/1957 11/19/2018  
Baptiste Duane "Osie" 1/14/1957 8/21/2015  
Baptiste Gladys Yearby (LaFontain) 11/15/1917 11/13/1988 W of Joseph LaFontain
W of King Baptiste
Kenneth 3/1/1941 4/18/2020 US Air Force
BAPTISTE KING 1-Apr-21 25-Jul-78 H of Gladys  Photo
Postoak A 15-Mar-23 3-Jan-74 OK TSgt US Army
WW II    Photo
Baptiste Randolph "Randy" 4/9/1961 4/26/2014 Photo
Barnes Billy Eugene 1/2/1940 5/6/2006 Wed Eva 4/2/1963
Barnes Burl Ray 25-Aug-38 10-Jun-39 S of Mildred & Hubert
Connie Joe 8/1/1945 4/13/2018 SSgt & WO
US Marine Corps Vietnam
BARNES Eva Lois Hall 3/15/1937 17-Dec-96 Wed Billy 4/2/1963
BARNES Hazel Faye 22-Jan-38 27-Feb-38  
Barnes Henry Olen Sr "Jack" 7/22/1900 7/31/1964 H of Mollie
BARNES Mollie N Williams 10-Nov-02 13-Mar-86 W of Henry
BARNHILL Ora Addie Carter 8/25/1882 20-Sep-63 W of Pleasant
BARNHILL Pleasant Horace  "Ples" 12/29/1878 6-Jun-61 H of Ora
Barnwell Emily Backus 7/16/1834 2/14/1923 W of John Sr
Barnwell John Thomas Sr May 1833 4/14/1908 H of Emily
BARR David Michael 9-Apr-98 9-Apr-98 S of Robert & Bethany
Bart Cameron Kenneth 8/14/2013 8/14/2013 S of Phillip & Christie
Barthel Lindell "Linda" Gentry (Toungate) 2/16/1926 3/25/2013 Wed Alvin Toungate 12/8/1945
Wed Arlie Barthel 1/21/1981   Photo
BARTSCH Virginia Louise Williams 2-Jan-39 9-Sep-00  
Phil Everett 27-Feb-48 27-May-92 Sgt US Army  Vietnam
BEANE Donna Sue 20-Aug-56 21-Oct-57  
BECK Clarence Lee 1/3/1909 5/8/1942  
BECK E R 6/7/1936 6/7/1936 S of Clarence
BECK Effie Gennie Eddy 12/10/1887 26-Feb-69 W of Green
BECK Green Lee 12/10/1883 28-Jun-58 H of Effie
BECK Louis Tipton 6/16/1910 11/26/198  
BECK MARY 20-Dec-22 30-Dec-22  
BECK N J 17-Jan-23 23-Jan-23  
Beery Mary Susan "Susie" Hannah 12/2/1886 3/8/1911 W of George  Photo
BEGAYE Helen C Shoemaker 24-Oct-43 29-Aug-97 Wed Russell 8/16/1975
BELL BERRY 15-Sep-12 19-Apr-14 S of Rufus & Ada
BELL George Rufus 30-Jul-10 29-Jul-57  
BELL Infant Daughter 6-May-33 7-May-33 D of George & Ella
BELL James Murray 8/17/1930 12/5/2002 Wed Polly 1/28/1948   Photo & Obit
BELL Polly Stubbs 11/14/1933   Wed James 1/28/1948   Photo
BELL RUFUS 1888 7-Jan-14  
BELT Gregory Wayne 14-Dec-71 15-Dec-71  
Frank Joseph 9-Jan-06 24-Jul-63 H of Willie
OK Cpl 63rd Airdrome Sq AAF  WW II    Photo
BERGMAN Willie Fay "Aumpie" Grounds 3/11/1912 9/4/1999 W of Frank  Photo
Andrew Jackson "Andy" 2/25/1927 2/19/2018 SSgt US Air Force
WW II, Korea, & Vietnam
Wed Nettie 11/24/1955
Berry Damion Ray 4/24/1992 5/30/2015  
Berry Nettie Alita Miller 11/17/1939 3/30/2013 Wed Andrew 11/24/1955   Photo
Bigheadman Chandesi Devona 7-Jul-75 13-Nov-10 photo
Blakely Robert Washington "Bob" 4/1/1881 2/25/1921  
BLALOCK Lawrence Waven 16-Mar-24 19-Feb-90  
BLALOCK Viola Mae Talley 4/14/1898 27-Dec-94  
Blankenship Allie Cisco 9/16/1875 4-Feb-53 W of James
Blankenship Arbell Plew 2-Dec-10 4-Dec-91 W of Clinton
Blankenship Clinton "Clint" 6/1/1897 2-Mar-75 H of Arbell
Blankenship Evalenah  Clemaline "Eva" Webb 7-May-13 20-Jan-93 W of Troy
Blankenship Hiram 5-Oct-00 23-May-69  
Blankenship James 2/24/1865 30-Oct-48 H of Allie
Blankenship Jonah "Jonney" 5-Oct-05 5-Dec-17 S of James & Allie   Photo
Blankenshipp Maxine Alban "Maxie" Freeman 5/24/1891 8-Mar-79 Wed Shelby 11/24/1924   Photo
Blankenship Shelby "Shell" 9/28/1894 2-Feb-78 Wed Maxine 11/24/1924    Photo
Blankenship Troy A "Bill" 13-Jul-11 1-Dec-95 H of Eva
Blount Wesley Lee "Wes" 3/11/1949 9/5/2020  
Blue-Mendez Donna Sue Wilkins 7/16/1948 4/13/2004  
BOBO Annie Giles 3/8/1890 30-Jun-65  
Bolen Ola Shoemaker 8/7/1911 10/7/2003  
Bolin AMY      
BOLLEN Cordelia D  McDonald 1874 1917 W of William
BOLLEN Lula Myrtle Talley 8/13/1889 2/13/1920  
BOLLEN William Monroe 10/21/1861 11/24/1956 H of Cordelia
Bond Dixie M Stinson 10/17/1937   Wed Dixie 5/12/1957  Photo
Edgar Lee 28-Sep-28 9-Aug-00 US Marine Corps
Bond Harrison B abt 1882 1937  
Bond Nelson Sr 7/6/1933 8/2/2005 Wed Dixie 5/12/1957   Photo
Bond Samuel Adam Land 5/25/2005 6/4/2005  
Stephenson A "Steve" 9/30/1935 9/5/2009 US Army   Korea Photo
Bond Stephenson R 5/17/1960   Photo
BOURLAND Frankie Lorraine 12-Mar-12 15-Apr-36  
George Wright Jr 18-Nov-18 13-Jul-82 Sgt US Army   WW II
BOURLAND George Wright Sr 3/24/1885 24-Mar-36 Wed Juliette 1/19/1910  Photo
BOURLAND Juliette Bowie Brown 8/14/1890 1979 Wed George Sr 1/19/1910    Photo
BOURLAND Sidney Graham 10/9/1882 27-Feb-75  
BOWDEN Ida Lee "Annie" Williams 21-Oct-05 27-Nov-88 Wed Ruben 4/23/1922
BOWDEN Bobby R 7/12/1935   Wed Sheran 5/15/1964 Photo
Robert Odell 5/15/1931 6/1/2014 Pvt US Army  Photo
BOWDEN Ruben Odell 14-Feb-00 27-Dec-87 Wed Annie 4/23/1922
BOWDEN Sheran Pauline Sharpe 9/16/1942 9/19/2013 Wed Bobby 5/15/1964 Photo
Bowers Curtis Dale "Chubs" 11/8/1975 8/15/2019  
BOYD Maggie Marie 3/4/1918 3/1/1920 D of James & Osha
BOYD Nancy R "Ann" 5/26/1832 13-Nov-13  
BRAKE Bennett 9/6/1890 12/27/1891 S of C M & NE
Lawrence James 16-Nov-15 2-Feb-82 SSgt US Army  WW II & Korea
BREWSTER Pearl Locke 2-Jun-13 14-Jun-84 Photo
Brokeshoulder Eugene Leon 11-Sep-40 17-Jan-95  
Brokeshoulder Leonard Leon 8/29/1962 7/15/2020  
Brokeshoulder Rena Rasha 11-May-16 27-Dec-76 W of Thomas
Thomas Edward 10/8/1915 5/4/2006 H of Rena
BROWN A Marie Baker 21-Jul-27 22-Jun-88  
BROWN BILL 8-Jul-23 19-Sep-93 Wed Norma 9/20/1942 Photo
Billy Joe "Bill"  27-May-27 15-May-11 FN1 US Navy WW II photos
Bobby Gene 11/12/1928 12/1/2014 US Navy WW II  Photo
SSgt US Army Korea
BROWN Charlotte J Riner 8/25/1869 5-Jul-54 W of Henry
BROWN Edgar C 18-Feb-32 22-Dec-92 Wed Peggy 7/2/1981   Photo
BROWN Freda B "Freddie" Newman 14-May-07 5-Oct-94 W of Joseph H
BROWN Gary Lee 4/15/1946 11/14/2018  
BROWN H N 1867 1946 H of Lillie
BROWN Henry M 1/25/1856 9-Jan-54 H of Charlotte
BROWN Joseph F 7-Mar-64 24-Apr-82  
BROWN Joseph H 5/15/1904 20-Dec-88 H of Freddie
BROWN Lillie I King 2/13/1876 5/5/1971 W of H N
BROWN Norma Jean Pletcher 15-May-24 28-Oct-00 Wed Bill 9/20/1942  Photo
BROWN Osie Houchin 1890 1962 Photo
BROWN Peggy J Hickman 4-Mar-40 13-Feb-02 Wed Edgar 7/2/1981  Photo
William 2/12/1896 19-Mar-74 OK Pvt US Army
BUCK Alice Cornelia 8/10/1869 15-Apr-40 W of Martin
BUCK G L 23-Oct-07 13-Aug-58  
BUCK Maggie 18-Feb-09 1-Jun-23  
BUCK Martin Alick 4/1/1864 9-Feb-38 H of Alice
BULL Cleo Shoemaker 3-Feb-30 4-Apr-98  
BULL Susan Marris Jul-58 23-Jan-66  
BURCH Larry Duane 25-Mar-66 5-Jan-84  
BURRIS Myrna Sue Meredith 1/7/1939 9/14/2010  
BURRIS Ephraim C 2/7/1848 16-Oct-36  
Burton Billy John 9/26/1930 9/10/2013 Wed Pamela 3/12/1972     Photo
Burton Pamela Ann 9/22/1951   Wed Billy 3/12/1972  Photo
Bussell Betty Houchin 12/9/1956   Wed Roy 6/20/1987  Photo
Bussell Roy Don "Sonny" 7/19/1942 12/9/2006 Wed Betty 6/20/1987  Photo
BYARS Baby Boy 1926 1926  
BYARS H A 9/8/1875 2/17/1946  
Sweeney Winson 5/15/1915 9/19/1963 Military Veteran
BYARS Tarco A 21-Mar-18 10-Nov-19 S of H A & Lena   Photo


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