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Fort Cobb/Oak Grove Cemetery
Caddo County, Oklahoma

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F Surnames

Row 25.26FARLEYLucy188516/Feb/1936 
 FARMERAleta Pauline [Bentley]26/Oct/192310/Aug/1994"In my Father's house are many mansions that when I am there you may be also"
W/O [1] John Henry Cook [2] SS/W William Avery "Bill" Farmer, D/O Clinton B. & Ethel Bentley
Row __FARMERLorene Lenora27/Sep/192729/Sep/1996Unmarked grave
Row __FARMERRobert Lester05/Apr/192702/Aug/1980Unmarked grave
Row __FARMERSharon Suzanne [Schrantz]14/Dec/194918/Aug/1999Unmarked grave
Row __FARMERWilliam Avery13/Jul/191301/May/1981"In my Father's house are many mansions that when I am there you may be also"
SS/W & 2nd H/O Aleta Pauline [Bentley] Farmer
Row __FARRISIza [Trull]1920 2011W/O Unknown Farris, D/O Witt L. & Laura Elizabeth [Mease] Trull
See photo
Row __FARRISLucy May [Landreth]--/Aug/188616/Feb/1936"In Loving Memory" "Mother"
W/O Elick F. Farris, buried Sanger CA
Row 1.1FARROWFrances Maude [White]18/Jul/190304/Nov/1960
Fort Cobb OK
SS/W & W/O Rollie E. Farrow, M --/Sep/1919 Clay KS, car accident, Fort Cobb Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
See obit
Row 1.1FARROWRollie Eugene23/Mar/1898
Amboy IL
Fort Cobb OK
SS/W & H/O Frances Maude [White] Farrow, S/O Arthur Tellis & Alice Adeline [Holcomb] Farrow, car accident, Fort Cobb Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
See obit
Row __FATHEREEBen L. Jr02/May/1933
Chickasha OK
Chickasha OK
 US Navy ~ Korea
H/O Billie Jo [Maddox] Fatheree, M 11/Sep/1957 Alburquerque NM, S/O Ben L. & Velma [Wimms] Fatheree
Unmarked grave
See obit
Row __FELDMANJanet "Jan" [White]17/Sep/195729/Dec/2005"Proud Mother of James and Matthew"
Row 37
FERGUSONBonnie A. [Brown]29/Mar/190210/Jun/1981W/O Thearl P. Ferguson, D/O Robert Lee & Mary Frances [Garner] Brown
Row 21.17FERGUSONHallie F. [Finney]25/May/1870
Altus OK
SS/W & W/O Robert Belshaw Ferguson
Row 21.17FERGUSONRobert Belshaw09/Apr/1858
Drunkirk Ireland
Caddo CO OK
SS/W Hallie F. Ferguson
See obit
Row 37
FERGUSONThearl P.28/Apr/190920/Oct/1982SS/W & H/O Bonnie A. [Brown] Ferguson, S/O Adolphus D. & Beulah Clyde [Murphy] Ferguson
Row 3.6FIELDENEmma F.14/Oct/1863
Chandlerville IL
Salt Lake City UT
SS/W John Joseph Fielden, M 39/Jan/1883 Chandlerville IL
Caddo CO OK
See obit
Row 13.17FIELDENInfant babies  "Infant babies of Robert L. & Ora Fielden"
I/O Robert L. & Ora [Pegg] Fielden
Row 3.6FIELDENJohn Joseph25/Aug/1857
Cass CO IL
Fort Cobb OK
SS/W Emma F. Fielden, M 30/Jan/1883
Fort Cobb Pioneer
See obit
Row 13.16FIELDENJustine G. [Cotter]18961989SS/W & 2nd W/O Robert L. Fielden
Row 13.15FIELDENOra [Pegg]21/Nov/1889
Nevada MO
OK City OK

"Wife of Robert L."
W/O Robert L. Fielden, M 17/Mar/1912, D/O A. R. & Unknown Pegg, Watts & McAtee Funeral Home ~ OK City OK
See obit
Row 13.16FIELDENRobert L.18911974H/O [1] Ora [Pegg] Fielden [2] SS/W Justine G. [Cotter] Fielden, S/O John Joseph & Emma F. Fielden
Row __FILIATRAULTKaren Pearl [Rich]01/Jul/1947
Clinton OK
W/O [1] Alan Hubert Gaston [2] Art Filiatrault, D/O Marshall & Lillian Pearl [Longnecker] Rich
Unmarked grave
Row __FINNEYA. Marita16/Feb/193825/Nov/1999See photo
Row __FINNEYChristina Jeanette [Valenzuela]10/Jan/1991
Arcadia CA
10/Jan/2014W/O Ryland Finney, M 19/Nov/2010 Anadarko OK, D/O Alfred & Karen [Silvera] Valenzuela, car accident
Unmarked grave
See obit
Row __FINNEYDolores [Root]20/Dec/193007/Apr/2001See photo
Row 21.19FINNEYFrances [Beckett]19111976"Mother"
SS/W John Edgar Finney Jr, D/O Otto B. & Theresa V. [Wilfenburg] Beckett
See photo
Row 12.22FINNEYIrma [Wray]21/Dec/190112/Dec/1986SS/W & W/O Whitham Dickenson Wray, M 29/Mar/1926 Caddo CO OK
See photo
Row 21.18FINNEYJohn Edgar14/Feb/1872
Paxico KS
Fort Cobb OK
"Father" Whitham D.'s mom & dad"
SS/W Olive D. [Dickinson] Finney, M 30/Dec/1896 Vera KS
See obit & photo
Row 21.19FINNEYJohn Edgar, Jr.19121976"Whitam's brother"
SS/W Frances [Beckett] Finney
See photo
Row 21.18FINNEYOlive D. [Dickinson]28/Jul/1872
Princeville IL
SS/W John E. Finney, M 30/Dec/1896 Vera KS
See obit & photo
Row 12.22FINNEYWhitham Dickenson17/Sep/189819/Sep/1997SS/W Irma [Wray] Finney, M 29/Mar/1926 Caddo CO OK
See photo
Row 12.24FINNEYWhitham Wray14/Sep/192918/Jun/1980See photo
Row __FIOREWilliam A.15/May/189402/Jun/1968 "New York Pvt Com CO M 328 Inf ~ World War I"
Row 32
FISHERAgnes E.--/Aug/1894--/Sep/1956Unmarked grave
Row __FISHERAlice [Bell]18/Sep/1934 "Love lives on"
SS/W Freddie Ralph Fisher
Row 10.26FISHERBarbara03/Dec/186011/Jun/1935"Mother"
W/O John V. Fisher
Row 37
FISHERChester Taylor18/Apr/191810/Jun/1991"Married Dec 10, 1948"
SS/W & H/O Gladys Louise Fisher
Row 27.28FISHERCora19031992SS/W John Fisher
Row __FISHERFlorence [Elliott]04/Jul/189018/Mar/1914Unmarked grave
Row __FISHERFreddie Ralph01/Apr/193329/Dec/1990"Love lives on"
SS/W Alice [Bell] Fisher
Row 37
FISHERGladys L.24/May/192928/Dec/2006"Married Dec 10, 1948"
SS/W & W/O Chester Taylor Fisher
Row 32
FISHERHenry A.17/Nov/189617/Nov/1982"Together Forever"
SS/W & H/O Wanda M. Fisher, S/O Rudolph & Unknown Fisher
Row 27.46FISHERHenry R.04/Jul/193018/Nov/1999Unmarked grave
Row __FISHERInfant24/Feb/1934 24/Feb/1934I/O Larry & Unknown Fisher, Harvey Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
Unmarked grave
Row __FISHERInfant08/Sep/1944 19/Sep/1944I/O William & Unknown Fisher
Unmarked grave
Row __FISHERJames Raymond14/Jan/1918
Fort Cobb OK
OK City OK
S/O Lawrence & Mary Susan [Cowling] Fisher
Row 27.28FISHERJohn18991981SS/W Cora Fisher
Row 10.25FISHERJohn V.25/Jan/184814/Feb/1927 "CO E 2 MO Cav"
H/O Barbara Fisher
Row 32
FISHERJohnny A.06/Jan/193311/Nov/1998Unmarked grave
Row 15.18FISHERLawrence24/Oct/189013/Mar/1953H/O Mary Susan [Cowling] Fisher
Row 17.17FISHERMary Susan [Cowling]22/Feb/1895
Hillsboro TX
W/O Lawrence Fisher
Row 27.7FISHERMaudie Elizabeth [McDaniel]19/Nov/1910
Frederick OK
OK City OK
"In Loving Memory"
W/O Albert Theodore Fisher [D Mar 1968], M 27/Jul/1931 Boise City OK, M/O Theda Fern, Elmer Ray, Reba Maureen, Dale Keith, June Lorraine, Melvin Wayne, Betty Kay & Eldon Lee Fisher, D/O Alexander & Martha Jane [Igo] McDaniel, D/O Alexander "Little Alex" & Martha Jane [Igo] McDaniel
Row 23.36FISHERSarah Jane28/Apr/187414/Feb/1949"Our Mom"
Row 27.46FISHER,Wanda M.18/Jun/1932   "Married Dec 10, 1948"
SS/W & W/O Henry R. Fisher
Row 17.18FISHERWilliam Vernon15 /Feb/192206/Nov/1998 "SSgt US Army ~ World War II"
S/O Lawrence & Mary Susan [Cowling] Fisher
Row __FLOODClaude Vernon21/Feb/1927
Fort Cobb OK
Fort Cobb
H/O Mary Ann [Dowler] Flood, S/O John Joseph & Lillian Roberta [Dorsey] Flood
Row __FLOODMary Ann [Dowler]20/Jun/194205/Oct/2005"In God's Care"
W/O Claude Vernon Flood
Row 6.14 FLOWERSAngus McCaskill13/Oct/1852
Franklin CO OH
Fort Cobb OK

H/O Ellen Sarah [Cooper] Flowers, S/O Valentine D. & Margaret Ann [Gray] Flowers
Row 6.12FLOWERSEdward Earl02/Sep/1883
Maryville MO
Fort Cobb OK

H/O Ada Francis [Asher] Flowers Edwards, S/O Angus McCaskill & Ellen Sarah [Cooper] Flowers
Row 6.15FLOWERSEllen Sarah [Cooper]06/Nov/1856
Fort Cobb OK
Wife of A. M.
W/O Angus McCaskill Flowers, D/O Greenberry D. & Elizabeth Ann [Wilson] Cooper
Row 6.13FLOWERSPaul R.05/Jun/1915
 "California PVT Air Corps ~ World War II" "8th Army Air Corp" "He gave his life for his country on Mindanao P. I."
S/O Edward Earl Flowers & Ada Francis [Asher] Flowers Edwards
See photo
Row 5.15FORDIda Eugene14/Feb/186617/Aug/1902"Thy Will Be Done" "Wife of M. K. Ford"
See photo
Row 2.10FORDSaddie K.28/Oct/188812/Jul/1930
"Wife of John L. Ford" "Gone but not forgotten"
See photo
Row 5.20FOSTEREdward1870 1943"Father"
SS/W & H/O Gertrude Clara [Duckers] Foster
Row 5.20FOSTERGertrude Clara [Duckers]18751909"Mother"
SS/W & W/O Edward Foster, D/O John & Clara Ann Duckers
Row __FRANCISDonna Faye [Brown]06/Nov/194920/Nov/1991"Mother of Dena, Mike & Lisa"
Row 7.5FRANCISTerry Don16/Jul/193717/Jul/1937 
Row 2.36FRANKAdolph Jr26/Feb/192307/Oct/1999SS/W Betty Joe Frank
Row 38
FRANKAdolph Sr19011982Unmarked grave
Row 2.36FRANKBetty Joe21/Jun/1925 "[Married] May 26, 1946"
SS/W & W/O Adolph Frank Jr
Row 38
FRANKEmilie19041969Unmarked grave
Row __FRANKHerman01/Jan/1928
Castle Butte AZ
H/O Revina [Berry] Frank, M 30/Aug/1952, S/O Unknown & Mary Frank Silversmith, silversmith & artist, Navajo Tribe,
Unmarked grave
See obit
Row __FRANKLINLue Ethel [Osborne]13/Jun/1927
Carnegie OK
Chickasha OK
W/O [1] Willard Dorsey [2] Unknown Franklin, D/O John & Sallie Ann [Thacker] Osborne, Fort Cobb Funeral Home ~ fort Cobb OK
Unmarked grave
Row __FRAZIERBilly Kent29/Jul/1958
Hollis OK
Crows Roost OK
"Loving Memories" "Brothers"
SS/W & B/O Jackie L. Frazier, S/O Robert Jack & Glenda Marie [Wolfe] Lookingbill, Fort Cobb Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
Row __FRAZIERJackie29/Jun/1957 04/May/2009"Loving Memories" "Brothers"
SS/W & B/O Billy Kent Frazier
Row 2.13FREEMANAuthur R.22/Jan/188721/Sep/1907Son of J.W. & M.A. Freeman
Row 5.29FREEMANClemmie Delpha [Weems]188402/Sep/1935"Mother"
SS/W & W/O William F. Freeman, D/O Robert & Nancy [Noah] Weems
Row __FREEMANDonald Roger07/Mar/192827/Feb/1930Harvey Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
Unmarked grave
Row __FREEMANMary196103/Aug/1933Harvey Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
Unmarked grave
Row 5.29FREEMANWilliam F.18781957"Mother"
SS/W & H/O Clemmie Delpha [Weems] Freeman
Row __FRENCHEdgar Leonard Jr08/Aug/1934
Verden OK
Chickasha OK
72 Yrs, H/O Shirley Ann [Williams] French, M 28/Mar/1959 Lawton OK, S/O Edgar L. Sr. & Blanche [Reynolds] French, Steverson FHM ~ Anadarko OK, Delaware Nation of OK
See obit
Row 24.15 FRENCHGerald Ray20/Apr/196026/May/1978"#1" "Our Beloved Son"
Row __FRENCHShirley [Edge]19/Nov/193406/Jan/2007Unmarked grave
Row 24.14FRENCHSuzanne Helen22/May/196922/Sep/1999"Our Beautiful Baby, Mommy and Sister"
Row 2.13FREEMANAuthor R.22/Jan/188721/Sep/1907"Son of J.W. & M.A. Freeman"
Row 17.20FULLERAlfreida19291931Fort Cobb FHM ~ Fort Cobb OK
Row 17.24FULLERBenjamin Nelson25/Apr/185026/Mar/1951"Father"
SS/W & H/O Emma Lue Fuller
Row 11.23FULLERClarence Alford10/May/191501/Jun/1916"Son of J. J. & M. D. Fuller"
Row 17.24FULLEREmma Lue18/Oct/186830/Jun/1960"Mother"
SS/W & W/O Benjamin Nelson Fuller
Row 23.48FULLERImo Gean07/Jan/1932  "Married 30 Oct 1950" "Parents of: Paul, Jr. ~ Nelson Edward"
SS/W & W/O Paul Ruthfin Fuller
Row 17.25FULLERJ. J.188608/Dec/1951"Father"
Marker is sinking
Row __FULLERLum18741945"Father"
Row 13.6FULLERMatthew M.187419--"Father"
SS/W & H/O Mollie E. Fuller
Row 13.6FULLERMollie E.18781925"Mother"
SS/W & W/O Matthew M. Fuller
Row 26.11FULLERNadine [Prichard]12/Nov/192018/Jul/1940 
Row 13.5FULLERPansy Willie [Hodo]05/Jan/1903
Goldwaithe TX
SS/W & W/O Willie Arthur Fuller, M 1918 Hobbs NM
See obit
Row 23.48FULLERPaul Ruthfin Holmes23/Nov/ 192412/Sep/1998 "US Army ~ World War II" "Married 30 Oct 1950" "Parents of: Paul, Jr. ~ Nelson Edward"
SS/W & H/O Imo Gean Fuller
Row __FULLERRoy H.02/Mar/1926
Fort Cobb OK
Chickasha OK
 "US Army ~ World War II"
76 Yrs, SS/W & H/O Patricia [Powell] Fuller, M 08/May/1978 Henryetta OK, S/O Willie A. & Pansy [Hodo] Fuller, McRay Funeral Home ~ Chickasha OK
Row17.23FULLERSteve15/Aug/190222/Aug/1927"Gone but not forgotten"
Row 29.12FULLERTed20/Sep/190717/Mar/1981 
Row 26.36FULLERWayne Arthur03/Jun/1949
Carnegie OK
Chickasha OK
SS/W & B/O Grace [Fuller] Carter, S/O Willie Arthur & Pansy Willie [Hodo] Fuller
Row 13.5FULLERWillie Arthur07/Sep/189813/Apr/1953SS/W & H/O Pansy Willie Fuller
Row 10.23FULLERTONH. H. "Heck"18931935SS/W Janie Fullerton
Row 10.23FULLERTONJanie18931925SS/W H. H. Fullerton
Row 10.24FULLERTONJohn William18601937"Honesty, Hardwork and Faith in God"
SS/W & H/O Mary [Balentine] Fullerton
Row 10.24FULLERTONMary [Balentine]18651932"Honesty, Hardwork and Faith in God"
SS/W & W/O John William Fullerton

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