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gate photo
Layout map of cemetery.
Photo submitted by: Jim Woodruff

Brown Cemetery
Shawnee, Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma

Submitted & © by: Jim Woodruff

Brown Cemetery is located about three miles east of Pink, Pottawatomie County, OK, on Hwy 9. From I-40, take Hwy. 102 south about eight miles. The cemetery is about 1/2 mile west of Hwy 102 on Hwy 9 on the north side of the highway. I have listed the graves by section and row with plots proceeding from north to south. Examples: W-R5-4 would be the fourth grave in from the north end of row 5 in the west section. M-R1-3 would be the third grave in on the first row of the middle section. NE-R4-6 would be the sixth grave in on the fourth row of the northeast section.

For information about Brown Cemetery, please contact Tom Cox {405} 250-9354.

If you have family buried in this cemetery and would like to add their information, an obit,
tombstone photo, funeral home record or memorial card to this website, please email area coordinator.

NE-R4-7 ABBOTT Wilma Eileen Jun 16 1917 Jul 3 1982 See photo
NE-R4-8 ABBOTT Clayton V. Sr. Mar 10 1936 Feb 11 1985 PVT U. S. Army
See photo
W-R10-19 ADAMS Silvinia Dec 22 1854 Mar 19 1896 Wife of J. F. Adams
See photo
W-R10-20 ADAMS S. A. Jan 19 1896 Jun 15 1896 Daughter of J. F. and S. Adams
See photo
M-R6-20 ADKINS Eva Feb 1900 Mar 26 1906 See photo
M-R4-12 ALLDREDGE Woodrow M. Jun 4 1918 Aug 21 1969 See photo
M-R5-8 ALLDREDGE Vancil Hugh Jan 31 1919 Dec 14 1967 Veteran of World War II
See photo
M-R5-9 ALLDREDGE L. V. "Budd" May 7 1921 Feb 13 1961 See photo
M-R5-10 ALLDREDGE Una Mae Dec 28 1888 Oct 30 1970 Wife of W. M. Alldredge
See photo
M-R5-11 ALLDREDGE William M. Sep 3 1876 Jul 3 1943 See photo
M-R5-12 ALLDREDGE Obeda M. Jul 8 1893 Mar 8 1970 See photo
M-R5-13 ALLDREDGE Hugh Mar 19 1889 Oct 10 1933 See photo
NE-R2-12 ALLDREDGE William Max Jul 7 1944 Mar 24 1978 U. S. Army Vietnam
See photo
M-R8-15 ALLEN Wilford 1850 1931 Husb. of Susie
See photo
M-R8-16 ALLEN Susie 1852 1933 See photo
M-R8-17 ALLEN Infant Feb 25 1914 Feb 25 1914 Son of E. W. and Maggie Allen
See photo
W-R4-28 ARRASMITH Catherine Aug 17 1853 Dec 27 1936 See photo
W-R4-29 ARRASMITH John N. Jan 24 1848 Dec 14 1911 See photo
W-R4-30 ARRASMITH Jennie Jun 11 1896 Jan 27 1905 See photo
NE-R8-5 ARRASMITH Ova Lee Jan 6 1921 May 30 1996 Wife of James Arrasmith
See photo
NE-R8-6 ARRASMITH James N. Oct 23 1909 Jul 27 1991 U. S. Army World War II
See photo
M-R6-26 AVENT Effie V. Oct 26 1887 Feb 18 1904 See photo
M-R6-27 AVENT Mattie L. Nov 21 1861 Nov 4 1899 See photo
M-R6-28 AVENT Richard M. Nov 4 1899 Dec 14 1899 See photo
SE-R7-9 BAKER Mary {Warledo} Feb 25 1940 Nov 1 2000 See photo
SE-R7-10 BAKER Edith {Cross} Dec 26 1938 Nov 29 2000 See photo
SE-R8-4 BAKER Rocky C. Nov 15 1977 Dec 21 2000 See photo
UNK BAKER Tammy C. Apr 23 1968 Oct 15 1986 See photo
W-R3-15 BALLARD Sarah Criss No dates   See photo
M-R10-8 BANKS Anice Mar 13 1870 Nov 18 1931 Wife of G. O. Banks
See photo
M-R12-17A BANNING Leo M. Oct 7 1921 Sep 28 2002 U. S. Army Air Force World War II
See photo
M-R12-21 BANNING Sarah Lachell Mar 23 1989 Mar 23 1989 Daughter Of Glen and Tammy Banning
See photo
M-R12-22 BANNING Hazel L. Jan 30 1927 Oct 21 1989 Wife of Harvey Banning
See photo
M-R12-23 BANNING Harvey Lee Jan 25 1919 May 1 1972 SGT U. S. Army Air Forces World War II
See photo
M-R11-4A BARNETT Loyd 1923 2002 Cooper FH
See photo
M-R11-5 BARNETT Jimmy Loyd Feb 22 1955 Oct 24 1999 See photo
M-R12-9 BARNETT Ella Mae Sep 30 1892 Oct 2 1979 See photo
M-R12-10 BARNETT Luther Lee Jan 1 1889 Apr 13 1978 See photo
NE-R3-1 BARNETT Bobby Oct 2 1934 Dec 20 1992 See photo
NE-R5-2A BARNETT Betty Ann Dec 14 1927 Sep 10 2001 See photo
NE-R5-3 BARNETT J. D. May 13 1932 Jul 21 1998 U. S. Army Korea
See photo
NE-R6-6 BARNETT Riley "Aud" Sep 16 1918 Jul 1 1986 See photo
NE-R10-3 Barnett Larry Edward Aug 23 1948 Jul 28 1997 CPL U. S. Marine Corps Vietnam
See photo
NE-R10-3A BARNETT Acie Aug 14 1918 Dec 20 2001 Husb of Evadean
See photo
NE-R11-1 BARNETT Rayford No dates    
NE-R1-1 BARRETT Myrtle M. Jul 10 1913 Nov 17 1992 See photo
NE-R9-1 BARRETT Robert W. Dec 14 1908 Dec 11 1996 Husb. of Isabelle
See photo
SE-R4-5 BAXTER Anna M. "Rita" May 12 1926 Aug 2 1986 See photo
M-R10-16 BEESON Richard Rowe Jan 6 1898 Mar 18 1965 CPL U. S. Army World War I
See photo
M-R10-17 BEESON Robbie Julia Feb 2 1903 May 16 1974 See photo
NE-R10-1 BEESON JACK W. 9/9/1922 11/11/1999 USA WW II
See photo
W-R6-13 BELL Marion F. Feb 19 1905 Mar 20 1905 Son of R. E. and S. E. Bell
See photo
W-R6-15 BELL Infant Feb 18 1905 Feb 19 1905 Baby of J. W. and D. M. Bell
See photo
W-R7-7 BLEDSOE Rev. William Travis Sep 17 1903 Feb 8 1973 Married 46 years
See photo
W-R7-8 BLEDSOE Bessie Lorene Apr 17 1909 Sep 8 1985 See photo
W-R7-9 BLEDSOE William T. 1870 1944 See photo
W-R7-10 BLEDSOE Eliza A. {Campbell} 1873 1965 Daughter of John and Mary Bledsoe
See photo
W-R8-7 BLIGHT Opal Iv 1911 1993See photo
W-R11-17 BLOSS Baby Jul 11 1909 Jul 11 1909 See photo
W-R7-1 BOMAR Linn J. Feb 21 1928 Mar 12 1991 See photo
NE-R1-7 BOTELLO Jesus M. Jan 3 1890 Sep 28 1975 See photo
SE-R4-6 BOYD Foy Gene Nov 8 1936 Jan 20 1989 U. S. Air Force Korea
See photo
M-R10-10 BRADLEY Della {McCullough} Aug 18 1902 Oct 21 1983 See photo
M-R10-11 BRADLEY Charlie M. Mar 26 1900 Nov 7 1957 See photo
M-R10-12 BRADLEY Amanda Francis 1858 1935 Wife of E. J. Bradley
See photo
M-R10-13 BRADLEY Edward Jackson 1846 1933 See photo
M-R8-18 BRANSON Florence B. Oct 30 1884 Feb 11 1913 Wife of S. M. Branson
See photo
M-R8-18A BRANSON Infants     Infants of S. M. Branson
See photo
M-R8-19 BRANSON Hazel Apr 29 1933 Feb 19 1935 See photo
M-R8-20 BRANSON Roy Aug 7 1918 Jun 18 1936 See photo
M-R8-26 BRANSON Jimmie W. Jun 14 1904 Jun 28 1906 Son of W. T. Branson
See photo
M-R10-21 BRANSON Penolope Dec 15 1848 Mar 5 1909 Wife of Rev. L. Branson
See photo
M-R10-22 BRANSON Levi     Company F 9th Tennessee Cavalry
See photo
M-R10-23 BRANSON Billy Bob Nov 17 1933 Nov 17 1933 See photo
M-R10-24 BRANSON P. F. Sep 21 1901 Mar 27 1985 See photo
M-R12-12A BRANSON Donna Lavonne     See photo
M-R12-12B BRANSON Jimmie G. 1937 2001 Clayton FH
See photo
M-R12-26 BRANSON Ferron Van Jul 12 1909 Jun 17 1967 Husb. of Emma
See photo
M-R12-27 BRANSON Sarah E. Mar 26 1876 Jun 20 1976 See photo
M-R12-28 BRANSON W. T. Dec 12 1873 Sep 29 1939 See photo
M-R5-32 BRAY Nola E. Jul 6 1901 Jun 20 1902 Daughter of G. W. and B. H. Bray
See photo
SE-R1-4 BRAY Rev. Thomas C. Dec 17 1929 Jun 18 1982 Husb. of Emma E.
See photo
NE-R7-1 BRENDLE James Ralph Nov 13 1917 Jul 14 1986 PFC U. S. Army World War II
See photo
M-R5-18 BRIGHTWELL Mary E. Jun 5 1902 Jun 3 1988 Wife of Horace D. Brightwell
See photo
M-R5-19 BRIGHTWELL Horace D. Jun 16 1903 May 22 1986 See photo
NE-R6-1 BROWN Lillian B. Jul 9 1906 Dec 19 1988 Wife of Rufus Brown
See photo
NE-R6-2 BROWN Rufus A. Jun 11 1909 Mar 4 1983 See photo
NE-R6-3 BROWN Ina Nell {Coffey} Jul 27 1938 May 19 1983 See photo
NE-R10-2A BROWN Joyce D. Sep 14 1939 Oct 17 2000 Mar. L. D. 5/20/1958
See photo
SE-R4-2 BROWN Verna Mae Feb 27 1927 Jan 3 1990 See photo
NE-R8-9 BRYAN Brandon Damion Oct 19 1995 Jan 22 1996 See photo
W-R3-1 BUCKMASTER Daisy M. May 18 1907 May 8 1946 See photo
W-R3-2 BUCKMASTER C. C. Feb 17 1900 Oct 30 1972 See photo
W-R11-19 BUNCH William H. 1925 1934 See photo
W-R11-20 BUNCH Ollie W. 1899 1943 See photo
NE-R5-2B BURKE Thomas Eugene Sep 18 1928 May 23 2001 See photo
W-R7-12 BUTLER G. A. 3/23/18?? 12/1/1898 Husb. of M.C.
See photo
W-R7-13 BUTLER Loretta Marie Jun 20 1913 Apr 24 1927 See photo
W-R7-14 BUTLER Willie L. Dec 4 1915 Jun 1 1916 Son of Edd and Grace Butler
See photo
W-R7-15 BUTLER Harley J. Feb 24 1918 Dec 19 1919 Son of Edd and Grace Butler
See photo
W-R7-16 BUTLER Baby Twin Oct 24 1906 Oct 24 1906 Son of Edd and Grace Butler
See photo
W-R7-17 BUTLER Baby Dec 12 1909 Dec 12 1909 Son of Edd and Grace Butler
See photo
W-R7-18 BUTLER Calvin A. Mar 28 1850 Dec 11 1898 See photo
W-R7-19 BUTLER Martha C. Jun 7 1854 Sep 18 1911 See photo
M-R5-23 BUTLER Edward W. Feb 3 1881 Sep 26 1953 See photo
NE-R8-7 BUTLER Vivian May 7 1927 May 28 1999 See photo
W-R8-11 CABLE Albert Lester Jul 1 1894 Jan 28 1976 See photo
W-R9-29 CABLE Brugie Apr 10 1903 Jan 31 1904 Son of W. T. and Rebecca Cable
W-R9-30 CABLE John H. 3/4/1887 3/18/1912 Son of W.T. & Rebecca
See photo
W-R9-31CABLEWILLIAM T.7/18/18564/12/1920See photo
W-R9-32CABLEREBECCA11/30/18582/12/1932See photo
W-R5-5ACAMPBELLJOHN MARION7/30/18511/4/1929 
W-R5-5BCAMPBELLMARY ANN "MOLLY"3/3/18513/18/1926 
M-R8-4CARPENTERWILLIE A.3/14/191412/31/1979See photo
M-R8-5CARPENTERJOHN E.8/9/19061/27/1973See photo
M-R8-6CARPENTERLEO O.5/30/19008/26/1972See photo
M-R8-7CARPENTERS. A. "JACK"6/16/19041/10/1939See photo
M-R8-8CARPENTERS. Emily6/28/18806/26/1957See photo
M-R8-9CARPENTERJ. R. OWEN8/3/18795/5/1936See photo
NE-R3-2CARRSTEPHEN JOSEPH10/?/193210/?/1932See photo
M-R4-20CASHJEWEL10/30/19023/16/1908Dau. of Allen & Emma
NE-R6-8ACASTLEBERRYJAMES8/11/19372/26/2002See photo
See photo
SE-R7-7CHEEKRAYMOND LEON SR.11/23/193111/17/1998See photo
NE-R12-1CLUTSMARGARET E. (KOCHICK)12/01/19701/13/2002USA PersianGulf
See photo
W-R4-8COBBGEORGE WALTER6/4/19043/13/1935See photo
NE-R1-8COEARTHUR R.9/9/18953/7/1973PFC USA WW I
See photo
NE-R6-7COFFEYCHRISTOPHER WAYNE4/2/19846/12/1984See photo
M-R12-14COLEYS. D.No dates  
M-R12-15COLEYBESSIE L.1/17/19062/7/1999Mar. Rube 4/10/1922
See photo
M-R12-16COLEYRUBE4/9/19017/6/1968See photo
W-R7-4COOKWILLIAM1/2/193711/6/1938See photo
W-R7-5COOKHATTIE5/26/19046/22/1977See photo
W-R7-6COOKGEORGE W.7/26/18997/25/1979See photo
W-R9-4COOKJENNIE18651945See photo
W-R9-5COOKGEORGE18621937See photo
M-R4-1COOKRAYMOND4/12/19169/7/1994USN WW II
See photo
M-R4-2COOKW. H.11/16/19162/6/1931See photo
M-R4-3COOKANNIE9/17/18971/24/1937See photo
M-R7-13COOKMARY12/19/18533/14/1933See photo
W-R3-16COOLEYSOLOMON9/11/18595/26/1913Husb. of B.V.
See photo
W-R2-2ACOOPERDANNY JOHN JR.11/17/19624/04/2002See photo
M-R12-8CORPLOYD LESSLE2/23/192910/13/1944See photo
SE-R5-3COTTONJAKE PERRY7/14/19227/30/1995See photo
SE-R7-3COTTONMILDRED B.8/25/19245/29/1997Wife of Walter
See photo
See photo
NE-R6-10CUMMINGSMEGHAN BROOKE9/4/19939/27/1993See photo
W-R10-12DABNEYMARIE A.3/28/19453/28/1945See photo
SE-R1-5DABNEYBEE ORA8/28/19129/29/1979Mar. L.F. 50 years
See photo
SE-R1-6DABNEYLAWRENCE F.3/23/19116/25/1984See photo
SE-R2-5DABNEYCHARLES H. SR.3/27/19463/2/1985See photo
SE-R5-2DARBYROBERT L.9/23/19228/24/1988See photo
M-R5-20DAVISAMANDA T.18791962Wife of Shannon
See photo
M-R5-21DAVISSHANNON J.18821916See photo
M-R5-22DAVISDWAIN B.1/16/19093/25/1999See photo
M-R7-10DAVISHELEN P.2/5/191012/27/1979See photo
M-R11-7DAVISESSIE A.1/29/191010/14/1998Mar. Fred 10/24/1973
See photo
M-R11-8DAVISFRED O.8/31/19052/16/1984See photo
NE-R5-2DEARMANGUY B.3/21/19245/17/1988USA WW II
See photo
W-R5-6DEATHERAGEZUBA E.19081952See photo
W-R5-7DEATHERAGEROBERT F.19031956See photo
W-R9-19DEATHERAGEGINTHY H.3/11/18723/28/1917See photo
NE-R10-2DELOSSANTOSJONAHNo dates1994See photo
M-R1-22DEMPSEYINFANT19291929Dau. of J.C. & A.M.
See photo
M-R1-23DEMPSEYALLIE MAE (WHITLEY)11/18/18999/?/1936Wife of J.C.Dempsey
See photo
W-R4-12DENNISHENRY FREDRICK10/2/19369/7/1942See photo
M-R8-1ADICKOVERRAY W.No dates See photo
M-R8-3DICKOVERMYRTLE L.19221959Son of J.R. & S.E.
See photo
NE-R7-10DONAHUEBETTY (STANSELL)11/5/19381/17/1993See photo
W-R12-11DRAGGOOFITZHUE19151917Son of J.W. & Ella
See photo
W-R12-12DRAGGOOELLEN BUNCH18931915See photo
M-R1-17DRAGGOOMARY RUSH18521913See photo
M-R2-2DRAGGOOJESS M.6/7/18737/21/1953See photo
M-R2-3DRAGGOOE. J.18531937Wife of E.M.
See photo
M-R2-4DRAGGOOE. M.18401932See photo
SE-R2-3DUFFBEULAH ANGELINE11/30/19305/10/1999See photo
SE-R2-4DUFFWILEY W.2/22/192212/22/1980SGT USA WW II
See photo
W-R4-32 EDGEMAN ANNA LOUISE {HOGUE} 10/1/1932 11/13/2010 Wife of Sam Edgeman
See obit
See photo
W-R4-32 EDGEMAN SAM 8/8/1918 8/15/1998 Married May 19 1950
See obit
See photo
W-R5-30 EDGEMAN L. H. 7/29/1920 7/8/1941 See photo
W-R5-31 EDGEMAN MAMIE {SEXTON} 6/28/1882 3/17/1956 Wife of Abner Edgeman
See photo
W-R5-32 EDGEMAN ABNER 9/1/1916 1/1/1937 See photo
M-R6-19 EDMONDSON D. A. 3/21/1868 6/27/1904 Wife of J. W. Edmondson
See photo
SE-R10-1EDWARDSB. ELIZABETH (GILL)12/02/19175/17/1996See photo
W-R5-3EVANSMELVIN JOE8/29/19408/29/1940See photo
W-R5-8EVANSANDREW E.11/22/18975/27/1975See photo
W-R10-18FAHNESJ. M.5/4/18301/28/1898Difficult to read
SE-R2-1FARMERRUDY E.8/28/19267/25/1982USA KOREA
See photo
SE-R5-3AFARRELLJULIE ANN (COATNEY)10/16/19626/15/2001See photo
M-R5-28FARRISLURLIN2/11/191210/20/1995Wife of Kennard
See photo
M-R5-29FARRISKENNARD3/7/19108/10/1972See photo
W-R3-23FERGUSONMARTHA M.D.8/4/18374/15/1924See photo
M-R6-11FILESETHEL R.18941956See photo
M-R7-2FILESANNA10/3/18585/?/1932See photo
M-R7-3FILESR. R.4/7/1858No dateSee photo
W-R12-10FILIEREMYRTLE E.9/9/189810/30/1898Dau. of F.W. & F.A.
See photo
M-R6-13FINNIECHARLEY LEE9/6/19023/3/1956See photo
M-R6-14FINNIEMARY JANE6/2/18661/3/1929See photo
M-R6-15FINNIEJAMES W.3/2/18611/9/1925See photo
M-R5-30FOGARTYBLUFORD U.4/2/19032/18/1904See photo
W-R2-1FOURTHARDIN H.11/9/18766/16/1966See photo
W-R10-9FOWLERMAY CARY LEE11/27/193312/2/1933See photo
W-R10-11FOWLERSEBERN1/31/19091/19/1999See photo
W-R10-11AFOWLERLOUISE10/11/19106/5/2001See photo
W-R11-2FULLBRIGHTMATTIE2/9/189711/26/1992See photo
W-R11-3FULLBRIGHTCHARLIE E.9/10/18902/11/1964See photo
W-R11-4FULLBRIGHTVIVIAN EMOGINE1/19/19283/22/1928See photo
W-R12-1FULLBRIGHTMARY J.18761975See photo
W-R12-2FULLBRIGHTPOLLY A.183810/12/1919See photo
W-R12-3FULLBRIGHTNOAH M.11/17/18553/7/1928Husb. of Polly
See photo
W-R12-4FULLBRIGHTSARAH J.1/26/18684/18/1933See photo
W-R12-5FULLBRIGHTM. M.12/6/186210/5/1918See photo
W-R12-13FULLBRIGHTDELLA9/18/188710/5/1901Dau. of A.H. & R.E.
See photo
W-R12-14FULLBRIGHTFLORA R.9/3/189810/3/1899Dau. of A.H. & R.E.
See photo
M-R11-11FULTONVIRGIE S.10/21/19107/31/1982See photo
M-R11-12FULTONBILLY WAYNE3/4/193411/15/1934See photo
W-R3-6BFULTZNEWELL "SHORTY"10/21/19121/12/1974See photo
W-R3-6CFULTZZEBEDEE1/18811/1934See photo
See photo
NE-R6-5GENTRYROSS S.2/13/19208/6/1994See photo
W-R11-5GERELDSW. S. "BILL"12/5/18835/13/1957See photo
W-R11-6GERELDSANNA5/20/18869/2/1927See photo
W-R2-3GEYERPHIL DAN5/25/19135/17/1995USN WW II
See photo
W-R3-3GEYERFRANCIS W.9/16/19179/17/1995USA WW II
See photo
W-R3-4GEYERJIMMY LEE8/2/19498/2/1949See photo
W-R3-5GEYERH. W.12/4/18762/14/1954See photo
W-R3-6GEYERPEARL8/13/18821/13/1962See photo
W-R3-7GEYERCASSIE IRENE R.N.6/16/19049/23/1973See photo
W-R3-8GEYERCHESTER MICHAEL2/27/190812/15/1980See photo
M-R3-1GILLEUNIA B.18711933See photo
M-R3-2GILLWILLIAM F.18661949See photo
SE-R7-8GRAVESR. MAE4/25/193212/27/1998See photo
NE-R7-12GRAYJAMES ABEL2/14/19005/31/1990Mar. Ada 2/1924
See photo
NE-R7-12AGRAYADA RAY8/3/19066/7/2001See photo
W-R3-25GREENMINA J.4/17/19116/30/1989See photo
NE-R6-9GREENLAURIE JO19561989See photo
NE-R8-3GREENINGGUY C. JR.5/9/19275/26/1997USA WW II
See photo
NE-R8-10GRIDERSTEPHEN G.7/16/19655/6/1993See photo
M-R11-17GUINNBERTA C.1/25/19102/4/1990Wife of Willard
See photo
M-R11-18GUINNWILLARD C.11/17/19029/21/1974See photo
UNKNOWNHAFFEYFREDRICK J. "FRED"19542011Cooper Funeral Home
See photo
W-R11-16HAIGWOODEARNESTNo dates See photo
NE-R5-4HALEYMARGARET "MICKEY"10/13/19369/27/1988See photo
NE-R4-6HAMELJUDE MICHAEL7/?/199110/?/1991Gson of F.C. Nickerson
See photo
M-R5-31HAMESOATIS11/25/18846/22/1902Son of T.H. & F.E.
See photo
M-R5-34HAMESFRANCIS E.18611938See photo
M-R5-35HAMESTHOMAS H.18551932See photo
M-R1-11HAMMANLOVEDY I.18521934See photo
M-R1-12HAMMANJOHN F.18491928See photo
M-R1-13HAMMANNEALY A.2/10/18926/4/1912Husb. Of Pearl
See photo
M-R3-13HANNINGGEORGE CHESTER4/13/19006/10/1904See photo
W-R1-4HARBOURBETTY O.8/10/191411/19/1990See photo
W-R1-5HARBOURJIM M.2/7/18991/17/1986See photo
W-R2-20HARBOURMINNIE LOVE5/25/18995/18/1978See photo
W-R8-1HARRISLOUCINDY11/7/18416/15/1924See photo
W-R5-1 HARRISON Bessie B. Apr 25 1899 Sep 4 1974 See photo
W-R5-2 HARRISON Claude M. Jan 16 1903 Sep 19 1978 See photo
NE-R1-4 HATCH Samuel Bryant 1889 1968 See photo
W-R11-7 HAWK Lillie May May 4 1886 May 27 1979 See photo
W-R2-23 HAWKINS Ruth Ible 1919 1995 See photo
W-R2-24 HAWKINS Roy Donald May 14 1914 Jan 17 1970 See photo
SE-R4-1 HERR Etta Gene Feb 5 1897 Jun 18 1993 See photo
NE-R1-5 HERRON Nettie Ella {Rayfield} Sep 30 1911 Jul 11 1994 Wife of James L. Herron
See photo
NE-R1-6 HERRON James Lewis Oct 26 1895 Nov 39 1969 Married Jun 13 1938
PFC Company G World War I
See photo
UNK HERRON Lewis Andrew Apr 12 1941 Oct 1 2008 See obit
W-R6-16 HETHCOCK Florence M. Mar 6 1908 Nov 6 1908 Daughter of M. F. and M. V. Hethcock
See photo
M-R1-1 HINES Mellie M. Feb 11 1876 Oct 12 1966 See photo
M-R1-2 HINES Samual A. Oct 2 1870 Apr 20 1938 See photo
M-R2-1 HINES Jesse Mar 1 1897 Feb 11 1966 PVT U. S. Army World War I
See photo
M-R2-1A HINES Vernon 1930 1930 See photo
SE-R8-2 HOCK George W. May 23 1943 Oct 6 1993 SP4 U. S. Army Vietnam
See photo
W-R4-4A HOGUE Paul Herman 1923 2003 Cooper FH
See photo
W-R4-5 HOGUE Vina Aug 26 1891 May 26 1980 See photo
W-R4-6HOGUEORA G.11/20/18901/11/1973See photo
W-R5-13HOGUETHOMAS J.3/8/192010/25/1963PFC 726 Med Det WW II
See photo
W-R5-15HOGUEJOHN WILLIAM3/6/18885/31/1948See photo
W-R5-16HOGUELILLIE BELL3/23/188311/21/1930See photo
W-R5-17HOGUEHERBERT LESLIE2/17/19003/4/1931See photo
W-R5-18HOGUEGEORGE W.No dates1927See photo
W-R5-19HOGUEALICE PURETT18691918See photo
W-R10-15HOGUETHOMAS JEFF9/2/18654/4/1920See photo
W-R10-17HOGUEFANNIE N.8/4/18684/5/1933See photo
W-R11-21HOGUEHELEN1/6/19172/6/1917See photo
NE-R6-4HOLMESJACK H.2/9/19189/21/1995Mar. Dorthy 2/10/1940
See photo
W-R6-7HOLTPATRICIA4/5/1950Can't readSee photo
M-R6-1HOWELLDANNY RAY10/?/198410/?/1984See photo
M-R6-2HOWELLFAYE D.8/11/19171/11/1984Mar. A.L. 6/11/1938
See photo
M-R6-3HOWELLANCILLE L.12/16/19101/24/1982See photo
M-R6-5HOWELLFRANCIS A.18641933See photo
M-R6-6HOWELLJOHN12/22/19019/24/1931See photo
M-R6-7HOWELLGEORGE C.1/31/19002/19/1944PVT USA WW II
See photo
M-R6-8HOWELLANNA18711953See photo
M-R6-9HOWELLHELEN2/22/18964/3/1955See photo
M-R6-10HOWELLEVERETT E.5/18/18905/15/1952See photo
W-R6-10HUCKABEEWHEELER18661939See photo
W-R6-11HUCKABEEOLIVER18571936See photo
W-R6-12HUCKABEELOWELL D.3/12/18984/6/1938Born in Texas
See photo
W-R12-6HUCKABEEFREDDIE R.7/1/19142/27/1920Son of F.G. & A.G.
See photo
W-R12-7HUCKABEEALICE G.1/22/18899/28/1961See photo
W-R12-8HUCKABEEFRED G.12/7/18895/11/1948See photo
M-R4-4 HUCKABEE John A. Feb 10 1877 Apr 8 1938 See photo
M-R4-5 HUCKABEE Nellie M. Oct 15 1878 Mar 23 1959 See photo
M-R5-33 HUFF Millie 1888 1909 See photo
M-R7-4 HUFF Patricia Ann 1956 1956 See photo
M-R7-5 HUFF Billy R.   Sep 9 1935 See photo
M-R7-6 HUFF Wanda M.   Oct 3 1936 See photo
M-R7-7 HUFF Edna Mae Apr 26 1905 Jun 22 1992 See photo
M-R7-8 HUFF Henry Gilbert Aug 17 1905 May 26 1983 See photo
W-R7-20 HULIN Bessie E. 1909 1935 See photo
W-R7-21 HULIN Clifford Jr. Nov 24 1927 Feb 19 1976 PFC U. S. Army Korea
See photo
W-R7-22 HULIN Joe Frank Nov 22 1946 May 25 1958 See photo
M-R7-12A HULIN Hadley M. Jun 30 1915 Oct 10 2000 Wife of Burl W. Hulin
See photo
M-R8-12 HULIN Josie I. Aug 20 1873 Mar 24 1968 Wife of Joe Hulin
See photo
M-R8-13 HULIN Joe W. Jul 27 1866 Sep 9 1948 See photo
M-R8-14 HULIN Orval Sep 17 1913 Jun 16 1914 See photo
NE-R4-1 HULIN Lee Jan 15 1907 Apr 18 2000 Wife of Pete Hulin
See photo
NE-R4-2 HULIN Pete May 21 1901 Mar 27 1981 See photo
SE-R1-3 HUMBLE Woodrow W. Aug 20 1912 Jun 7 1976 See photo
W-R6-2A HUNT Doris Mildred Jul 11 1918 Aug 16 1940 See photo
W-R9-7 ISENHOWER Mildred D. 1920 1940 Daughter of H. W. and Aletha Isenhower
See photo
W-R9-8 ISENHOWER Aletha 1879 1956 See photo
W-R9-9 ISENHOWER Harvey W. 1878 1936 See photo
W-R10-3 ISENHOWER Howard W. Oct 1 1915 Jun 1 1995 Mar. Inola 10/31/1942
See photo
W-R11-8 ISENHOWER Hidden Blair Jul 21 1882 Apr 2 1961 See photo
W-R11-9 ISENHOWER Sarah Ann 1843 1926 Wife of Daniel Isenhower
See photo
W-R11-11ISENHOWERGRANT ALPIN9/27/19035/2/1964See photo
W-R11-12ISENHOWERO. A.18731962 
W-R11-14ISENHOWERCLAY12/17/190111/16/1909Son of Obe & Ada
See photo
M-R12-11ISENHOWERBESSIE L.8/26/190511/24/1993See photo
M-R12-12ISENHOWERGUY L.5/7/19004/2/1970See photo
NE-R7-2ISENHOWERTHAD MARSHALL8/15/198212/21/1995See photo
NE-R7-3ISENHOWERLILIA L.9/13/19139/22/1992Mar. Fred 8/21/1933
See photo
NE-R7-4ISENHOWERFRED T.8/14/19122/9/1998See photo
NE-R7-5ISENHOWERCARL CECIL2/6/19114/10/1998See photo
NE-R7-6ISENHOWERMARY ETTA "TEET"9/18/19167/28/1989Mar. Carl 45 years
See photo
NE-R3-4JOLLYGARY A.3/12/19471/29/1999USN VIETNAM
See photo
NE-R3-5JOLLYNOVA F.6/25/19307/1/1994Wife of K.L.
See photo
NE-R3-6JOLLYKENNETH L.5/19/19242/9/1998PFC USA WW II
See photo
W-R10-16JONESJOHN STANSON18221908See photo
M-R3-9JONESBERTNo dates Son of Plez & Mary
NE-R2-14JORDANMAE GUINN2/28/19147/19/1981Mar. Otho 7/22/1929
See photo
NE-R2-15JORDANOTHO STERLING11/23/19089/21/1979See photo
M-R11-22JUSTUSCHARLIE C.2/10/190812/6/1931See photo
M-R11-23JUSTUSFLORENCE18793/28/1917See photo
SE-R5-7KEESEEW. B.9/13/19293/29/1995US Army Korea
See photo
W-R1-6KENTC. WILBUR10/25/19099/10/1982USA WW II
See photo
W-R9-24KENTT. J.2/9/18452/28/1903See photo
NE-R1-11KIDWELLBRADLEY A.7/26/19546/3/1995Husb. of Janice
See photo
M-R4-21KINGGEORGE L.2/28/18612/15/1904Woodsmen
See photo
M-R4-22KINGRALPH10/2/19059/9/1906Son of R.F. & M.E.
See photo
M-R4-23KINGEFFIE A.5/16/18952/25/1919See photo
SE-R9-2KINGMYRTLE MAE4/09/19056/23/1905Cooper Funeral Home
See photo
W-R2-11KINSEYROBERT LEE4/18/19056/08/1905See photo
W-R2-12KINSEYTAMARA WYNETTE2/09/19852/09/1985See photo
W-R2-13KINSEYK. BRUCE5/18/19482/11/1969SSGT 3 RANGER CO.
See photo
W-R2-13AKINSEYEMMA IRENE8/23/19083/24/1999See photo
W-R2-14KINSEYROBERT M.11/19/19034/24/1974See photo
M-R1-18KNOXDUDLEY1/12/18998/14/1962See photo
M-R1-18AKNOXFRANCES7/15/19067/14/2000Wife of Dudley
See photo
M-R1-19KNOXRONDALL ROYCE8/1/19344/25/1995US Army
See photo
M-R2-17KNOXHOWARD A.8/4/19277/25/1949Son of D.B.
See photo
NE-R12-2 KOCHICK Michael S. Jr. 1923 2003 Married Oct 10 1944
See photo
UNK KOCHICK Myrtle {Campbell} Nov 15 1917 Jan 3 2007 Wife of Michael S. Kochick Jr.
See obit
M-R12-3 LACKEY Martha J. 1891 1961 See photo
M-R12-4 LACKEY Grover C. 1884 1966 See photo
M-R11-4 LAMBERT John P.   Dec 25 1934 See photo
NE-R8-4 LANCASTER Blanche E. Oct 26 1934 Dec 30 1991 See photo
M-R9-5 LANCEY Myrtle Ione Jul 18 1884 Aug 18 1969 See photo
NE-R4-9 LANGSTON Ruth Ann May 13 1941 Jul 4 1982 See photo
M-R11-1 LARGENT Tempie Hogue Mar 27 1893 Aug 1 1977 See photo
W-R4-13 LaROSA Clara Irene Oct 29 1913 Jul 2 1999 See photo
W-R4-14 LaROSA Frank Jan 16 1916 Oct 17 1976 See photo
NE-R8-2 LEADER Joe H. May 27 1928 Apr 13 1984 U. S. Navy
See photo
NE-R4-11LEEARTHUR3/22/19232/5/1986USMC WW II
See photo
UnknownLEEIva Juanita "Jordan"5/28/19342/5/2009See photo
W-R2-17LESSLEYGEORGE ANDREW3/5/190110/9/1962See photo
W-R2-18LESSLEYGEORGE IRA12/11/187610/30/1964See photo
See photo
W-R3-9LEWISLUCY MAY1/5/18962/24/1970See photo
W-R3-10LEWISLORA ELMO9/9/18984/13/1989See photo
W-R4-9LEWISJACK12/9/19219/24/1944SSGT USA WW II, Silver Star & P.H.
See photo
M-R2-5LEWISCHARLIE H.18741953See photo
M-R2-6LEWISVIVIE K.18741931See photo
M-R3-4LEWISLUTHER H.8/22/18952/19/1920See photo
SE-R7-1LEWISZELLA MAE19041991See photo
M-R3-6LINDUFFROY P. "JACK"4/28/189912/4/1969See photo
M-R3-7LINDUFFILA3/10/190912/11/1979Married 12/20/1928
See photo
M-R3-8LINDUFFHOWARD J.2/11/19031/13/1990See photo
M-R4-13LINDUFFEARNEST F. "SHORTY"4/18/19117/6/1970See photo
M-R4-14LINDUFFSADIE ANN6/10/19019/22/1967See photo
M-R4-15LINDUFFGULIELME2/12/187612/14/1925Wife of Charley
See photo
M-R4-16LINDUFFCHARLEY6/29/187012/15/1941See photo
M-R2-19LONGFREDDIE10/2/189411/5/1898See photo
W-R4-15LOOPERMINNIE7/10/190611/5/1987See photo
W-R4-31LYNCHJAMES T.L.18991927Remount 120 A.E.F.
See photo
SE-R1-2LYNCHGRACE BELL3/17/19094/4/1987See photo
W-R5-4MACKLINBIRTHY B.18781955See photo
W-R5-5MACKLINJAMES A.18591939See photo
W-R9-18MANNINGJANNIE2/26/18817/18/1900See photo
See photo
M-R4-6MAUPINCECIL J.3/10/191112/7/1934See photo
M-R4-7MAUPINCLAUDE1/1/190112/19/1925See photo
M-R4-8MAUPINLAFAYETTE9/3/18537/7/1935See photo
M-R4-9MAUPINTABITHA F.4/21/18866/4/1931See photo
M-R4-10MAUPINCLARENCE1/1/19014/1/1941See photo
M-R5-14MAUPINWAYNE F.3/30/18874/14/1929See photo
M-R5-15MAUPINRAYMOND R.1/20/19216/1/1945PVT Qtrmaster Corps
See photo
M-R5-16MAUPINWILLIS W.12/30/19258/26/1949See photo
M-R5-17MAUPINBOBBY GENE10/10/19278/29/1985USA WW II
See photo
W-R4-4MAYESOLEN BUFORD8/11/19193/4/1996USA WW II
See photo
W-R5-25McBRIDELAURA E.1/29/19055/25/1988See photo
W-R5-26McBRIDEGILBERT A.9/24/19022/16/1965Married 36 years
See photo
W-R5-27McBRIDEELSIE L.2/24/189712/15/1987See photo
W-R5-28McBRIDELULA C.9/2/18603/22/1905See photo
W-R5-29McBRIDEROBERT H.5/5/185512/21/1937See photo
M-R11-6McCULLOUGHWILBER "LEE"5/1/191410/12/1991See photo
NE-R3-3McCOYBOB6/19/19324/14/1981See photo
NE-R7-9McCRAWOPAL (STANSELL)9/8/19075/1/1990See photo
W-R9-24AMcGANNONBEE6/8/189611/6/1896Dau of C.B. & L.
See photo
W-R9-25McGANNONSUSIE9/11/18957/17/1898Dau. of C.B. & L.
See photo
W-R9-26McGANNONDATIN3/6/18976/17/1901Son of C.B. & L.
See photo
W-R10-4McGANNONLOU8/7/186112/23/1918Wife of C.B.
See photo
W-R12-9McGOWNNANNIE BELL11/15/191711/3/1920See photo
NE-R2-10McGUIREBILLY E.6/14/19478/10/1985See photo
NE-R2-11McGUIRECLAUD J.12/8/19199/13/1988USA WW II
See photo
W-R3-28McLAINNORA B.6/6/18963/20/1920See photo
M-R9-8McLAUGHLINCLARENCE L.10/27/192112/8/1995USAF WW II
See photo
M-R9-9McLAUGHLINASA L.9/28/18962/26/1979See photo
M-R9-10McLAUGHLINANNIE5/26/19026/7/1982See photo
M-R9-11McLAUGHLINVIRGINIA M.6/29/18681/1/1954Wife of James L.
See photo
M-R9-12McLAUGHLINJAMES L.5/3/18632/5/1933See photo
M-R9-13McLAUGHLINC. P.9/29/18943/18/1973See photo
M-R11-10AMcLAUGHLINCORA BEE5/25/191211/1/2002See photo
M-R11-19McLAUGHLINALMA A.10/19/18982/25/1987Wife of J.R.
See photo
M-R11-20McLAUGHLINJOSEPH R.9/29/189411/16/1962See photo
M-R11-21McLAUGHLINWELDON19201938Son of J.R. & A.A.
See photo
W-R2-2McLINCURTIS C.10/29/195811/19/1998See photo
W-R2-5McLINJACKIE ALLEN11/21/19572/14/1958See photo
W-R2-6McLINDONNA MARIE8/13/19568/17/1956See photo
W-R2-7McLINFRANCES A.7/16/19134/18/1993See photo
W-R2-8McLINDEWEY M. "DOCK"10/01/190711/11/1981See photo
W-R2-9McLINMITCHELL KEITH5/30/19623/28/1984See photo
W-R9-6McMAHANSARAH J.9/23/19137/7/1998See photo
M-R10-25McMAHANDAVID G.4/25/19089/16/1933Son of G.W. & Ola
See photo
M-R10-26McMAHANCHARLES M.3/3/19137/1/1914Son of G.W. & Ola
See photo
M-R10-27McMAHANFLOYD G.5/18/190712/22/1907Son of H.H.
See photo
M-R10-27AMcMAHANSARAH C.6/6/18791/12/1964See photo
M-R10-27BMcMAHANKENNETH M.7/15/189711/26/1941See photo
M-R10-28McMAHANMARTHA L.E.10/18/18839/20/1907Sister of Pink M.
See photo
M-R10-29McMAHANPINK M.3/16/188812/6/1907Brother of Martha
See photo
M-R10-29AMcMAHANCAL6/24/19116/24/1913See photo
M-R10-29BMcMAHANH. H.12/14/18737/28/1950See photo
M-R10-30McMAHANW. H.18351/19/1913See photo
M-R10-31 McMAHAN Mary E. Mar 1 1848 Feb 15 1929 See photo
M-R11-13 McMAHAN Della Marie Apr 6 1936 May 6 1936 See photo
M-R11-14 McMAHAN William H. Mar 6 1897 Feb 15 1936 Son of M. and M. McMahan
See photo
M-R11-15 McMAHAN Matilda Jan 18 1880 Sep 4 1947 See photo
M-R11-16 McMAHAN Mack Feb 10 1878 Nov 28 1948 See photo
M-R12-24 McMAHAN America Sybrilla Mar 19 1905 Jul 22 1988 Wife of J. W. McMahan
See photo
M-R12-25 McMAHAN John Walter Jan 8 1900 Nov 24 1958 See photo
M-R4-25 METZKER Reva Pearl Nov 11 1911 Jun 6 1913 See photo
W-R3-6A MILES Hazel {Fultz} No dates   See photo
SE-R1-1 MILLER John 1881 1972 See photo
W-R1-1 MINCHEN Sylvia L. Apr 21 1925 Feb 17 1981 See photo
W-R1-2 MINCHEN Lester A. Jul 19 1916 Jul 6 1982 See photo
W-R6-8 MITCHELL W. E. "Ed" Dec 2 1885 Nov 14 1964 See photo
W-R6-9 MITCHELL Margaret J. Jan 18 1894 Jun 13 1961 See photo
W-R9-14 MITCHELL Mary Elizabeth Oct 6 1935 Feb 23 1936 See photo
W-R9-15 MITCHELL Joe Cary Jul 30 1940 Apr 21 1954 See photo
W-R9-16 MITCHELL William C. Jun 12 1906 Oct 8 1959 See photo
W-R9-17 MITCHELL Nettie M. Feb 15 1911 Sep 28 1981 See photo
W-R10-7 MITCHELL Abner H. Mar 24 1908 Sep 11 1909 Son of C. A. and L. E. Mitchell
See photo
W-R10-8 MITCHELL Lavina E. Jan 17 1871 Jan 23 1933 See photo
W-R10-10 MITCHELL Cary Abner Jan 21 1861 Jul 18 1936 See photo
NE-R4-9A MONK Daisy Nicole Mar 30 2000 Jun 22 2000 See photo
W-R3-11 MONROE Martha W. {Lessley} Mar 5 1880 Sep 10 1952 See photo
M-R11-9 MOORE Ola A. May 26 1895 Sep 7 1975 Wife of Jessie Moore
See photo
M-R11-10 MOORE Jessie A. Jun 13 1897 Sep 9 1982 U. S. Army World War I
See photo
W-R7-11 MORRIS Effie Bell {Bledsoe} May 10 1894 Jun 6 1939 Daughter of William and Eliza Morris
See photo
M-R6-4 MORRISON Montye Lee Jan 5 1935 Oct 3 1935 See photo
NE-R2-4 MORTON Betty L. Jul 16 1896 Jun 1 1977 See photo
  MOTSENBOCKER Zelma Pearl Aug 7 1910 Mar 8 1911 Infant child of Addie and William T.
M-R8-21 MURRAY John Alton Jul 24 1904 Mar 10 1907 Son of J. R. and L. E. Murray
See photo
M-R8-22 MURRAY Laura E. 1874 1951 See photo
M-R8-23 MURRAY John R. 1863 1944 See photo
M-R9-20MURRAYJULIA A.9/16/18348/10/1911See photo
W-R4-20MYERSADDIE B.4/19/19122/3/1954See photo
W-R4-21MYERSDAVID C.8/2/19045/29/1989 
W-R4-22MYERSLITTLE THELMA3/16/19318/10/1935See photo
W-R4-23MYERSDAVID C.7/12/19406/30/1996US ARMY
See photo
M-R12-19MYERSNORA B.1/22/18843/28/1973See photo
NE-R9-2MYERSE. B.12/22/19385/27/2001US Army
See photo
W-R11-29NEIGHBORSGEORGIE ANNA4/17/18601/1/1926See photo
W-R11-30NEIGHBORSJOHN L.7/16/18312/13/1904Difficult to read
See photo
W-R11-31NEIGHBORSLACIENo dates See photo
NE-R7-13NEWTONPAUL EDWARD11/28/19313/10/1991See photo
M-R4-19NICHELSONDONALD JAMES10/18/193411/7/1934See photo
NE-R4-5NICKERSONFRANCIS C.7/?/19208/?/1986See photo
NE-R2-11ANOBERTJOSEPH ALLEN "HIPPIE"3/15/19824/13/2002See photo
M-R2-7NORTHCUTLENA A.10/6/189312/28/1977See photo
M-R2-8NORTHCUTGREEN G.7/19/18922/2/1961See photo
M-R2-9NORTHCUTGLEN R.1/8/19207/9/1921Son of L.A. & G.G.
See photo
W-R10-1NORTHCUTTGLADYS M.1/9/19057/22/1983Married 3/24/1923
See photo
W-R10-2NORTHCUTTJAMES C.6/12/18978/25/1990See photo
M-R7-1NORTHCUTTMARTHA C.4/6/186611/5/1943See photo
W-R9-2NUNGESSERMARGARET E.18601948See photo
W-R3-20O'NEALFRANCES8/30/185911/28/1944See photo
W-R3-21O'NEALWILLIAM H.8/9/18543/12/1913See photo
W-R3-22O'NEALINFANT6/29/19296/29/1929Dau. of J.G. & J.V.
See photo
W-R3-24O'NEALINFANT11/15/193011/15/1930Dau. of J.G. & J.V.
See photo
W-R3-26O'NEALJAMES G.8/25/18975/26/1940See photo
W-R3-27O'NEALJULIA V.12/2/19003/31/1967See photo
W-R6-22O'NEALTHOMAS A.11/15/18294/9/1910See photo
W-R6-23O'NEALJAMES W.11/23/189911/9/1900See photo
W-R6-24O'NEALJOHNIE G.6/8/19187/27/1920See photo
W-R6-25O'NEALMARY N.4/11/18766/25/1963See photo
W-R6-26O'NEALJOHN M.11/18/18728/2/1962See photo
W-R6-21AOSBORNVIRGINIA (GARRISON)12/23/18491/8/1927Wife of William T.
See photo
W-R6-21BOSBORNWILLIAM THOMAS10/31/18463/22/1921See photo
W-R8-2PAGEHAROLD19151934See photo
W-R8-3PAGEJIM19081919See photo
W-R8-4PAGEEDNA19171919See photo
W-R8-5PAGENETTIE MAY3/31/187610/26/1956See photo
W-R8-6PAGECARL EARL3/5/19043/20/1973See photo
M-R10-1APASSENAUDOROTHY ALCORTA7/16/19357/26/2000See photo
W-R9-20PENNYJOANNA KENT2/17/18462/26/1925See photo
W-R9-21PENNYJAMES M.3/15/18391/18/1913See photo
SE-R5-1PEREZDORIS19341989See photo
W-R6-4PICKLEBETTY RUTH7/21/193110/14/1997 
W-R9-1APLANTZWILEHELMINA C.11/10/19108/27/2000See photo
W-R9-1PLANTZCLOVIS W.10/3/19094/12/1971See photo
M-R12-12CPLANTZCHRISTOPHER JAMES10/7/198210/10/2002See photo
M-R12-13PLANTZJAMES EARL3/15/19558/26/1988See photo
M-R2-16POUNDSJESSY E.2/24/18966/6/1901Son of B.F. & M.E.
See photo
SE-R5-6 POWELL DOROTHY MAE {McCARTY} 5/15/1938 2/11/1994 Wife of Jimmie Powell
See photo
SE-R5-6 POWELL JIMMIE 9/10/1935 10/17/2008 Married Oct 23 1954
See obit
W-R4-17PRINGLEMARIETTA2/28/18955/26/1974See photo
W-R4-18PRINGLEFRANK7/16/18924/1/1974See photo
W-R4-19PRINGLESTEVEN W.3/27/19383/27/1938See photo
W-R6-14PRINGLEANNIE8/19/18607/25/1919See photo
M-R12-20PRINGLEBAILEY ALLEN8/10/19958/14/1995See photo
See photo
NE-R5-1PRINGLEROY F.12/19/19262/5/1982USA WW II
See photo
SE-R7-2QUALLSTHOMAS J. JR.2/12/19328/14/1994USA KOREA
See photo
M-R1-6RADERMARION CHAMPION1/24/19029/9/1973See photo
M-R1-7RADEREXENA I.9/12/18779/24/1962See photo
M-R1-8RADERJEWETT G.2/27/187311/22/1956See photo
M-R1-9RADERA. M.5/28/19001/22/1918See photo
M-R6-21RADERALFREDNo dates See photo
M-R6-22RADERNEWTNo dates See photo
M-R6-23RADERSTELLANo dates See photo
M-R6-24RADERGEORGENo dates See photo
M-R6-25RADERG. L.11/30/18946/9/1954See photo
W-R8-10RAMSEYMABEL3/8/19094/22/1909Dau. Of F.M. & M.J.
See photo
M-R9-16RAMSEYNEWTON M.8/27/18541/11/1930See photo
M-R9-17RAMSEYSILAS MARION12/5/184511/27/1935See photo
NE-R10-4RATLIFFFRED9/26/194810/2/1998Husb. of Joy
See photo
W-R2-21RAYMATTIE18561929See photo
W-R2-22RAYOLVA SNOW18901957See photo
W-R3-17RAYINFANT5/31/19135/31/1913Dau. of T.R. & Ada
See photo
W-R3-18RAYADA8/19/18846/14/1976See photo
W-R3-19RAYTHOMAS ROSS10/18/18883/20/1952See photo
SE-R2-2RICHARDSHOWARD DOYLE1/11/19403/29/1980See photo
W-R2-15RICHARDSONEARL M.19061935See photo
NE-R6-11RICHEYHAUGHTY MAY18961989See photo
W-R6-18ARICKETTSCHARLES F.8/6/18391/1899Co. B, 1st Minn. Inf
See photo
M-R5-1RIDERTWILLIA LEA10/29/197012/22/1970See photo
See photo
M-R5-3RIDERBESSIE O.8/9/19077/24/1997Wife of M.B.
See photo
M-R5-4RIDERMARION B.12/2/190210/22/1967See photo
SE-R11-3RILEYMAXINE "DEAN"4/21/191710/22/2001Mar. Raymond 1/29/1936
See photo
W-R4-7ROBERTSBENJAMIN FRANKLIN2/4/18674/8/1966Son of Jane
See photo
W-R9-22ROBERTSJOHN ASBURY5/27/18587/24/1945See photo
W-R9-23ROBERTSNANCY JANE11/12/18657/12/1908See photo
W-R10-14ROBERTSJANE1/15/18203/25/1917Wife of Elijah
See photo
W-R11-18ROBERTSAMY LOIS (BUNCH)4/18/190412/29/1990See photo
W-R11-24ROBERTSARCHIE3/25/18958/5/1895Son of Sarah
See photo
W-R11-25ROBERTSSARA FRANCIS (ADAMS)4/5/187211/27/1918Wife of Benjamin F.
See photo
M-R6-12RODGERSDARLINGNo dates See photo
M-R4-11ROGERSMYRTLE MAUPIN5/6/19032/14/1997See photo
SE-R11-4ROGERSMARVIN BRUCE12/23/192310/15/1999Mar. Helen 9/20/1944
See photo
M-R6-16ROSEJAMES A.11/11/185911/22/1916See photo
M-R6-17ROSEADDIE L.1/18/18661/23/1953Wife of J.A.
See photo
M-R6-18ROSEMACK C.11/10/18956/1/1981Father of J.A.
See photo
M-R8-1ROSEJAMES C.11/28/188612/20/1966Mar. F.M. 9/26/1907
See photo
M-R8-2ROSEFLORENCE M.9/24/18885/6/1960See photo
W-R2-16ROWELLMAGGIE MAE8/28/18903/21/1932See photo
W-R12-20RUDLANGRAYMOND LEE4/21/19684/9/1995See photo
W-R5-14RYALSOZIE L.4/13/19366/25/1936See photo
M-R10-4RYCHLECSHERRY LOU3/14/19536/13/1991See photo
W-R6-5SANDERSJOEMARY12/22/19265/24/1928See photo
W-R6-6SANDERSVIRGINIA1/21/19041/2/1939See photo
M-R8-24SANDERSE. E. & INFANT9/9/18678/5/1905Wife of J.R.
M-R12-5SANDERSMABEL11/6/19091/13/1995See photo
M-R12-6SANDERSMARY W.4/6/19462/10/1988See photo
M-R12-7SANDERSHERMON2/1/19439/24/1954See photo
NE-R2-3SCHLOTTMANHENRY OTTO19201998Cooper Funeral Home
See photo
NE-R4-3SCHLOTTMANLOTTIE L.11/7/19203/1/1985See photo
NE-R4-4SCHLOTTMANDAVID8/26/195610/15/1990See photo
M-R2-18SCOTTWILLIE2/3/19018/24/1902Son of H.A. & C.E.
See photo
NE-R11-3SEALSMARY19402003Cooper Funeral Home
See photo
W-R3-13SELFJOE THOMAS10/18/18882/9/1964US ARMY WW I
See photo
W-R3-14SELFDANIEL TIPTON2/6/18923/20/1957PFC WW I
See photo
SE-R9-1SEVYDAVID MELVIN2/28/19459/26/1994US Army
See photo
NE-R2-5SEXTONJAMES J.8/24/19252/7/1999See photo
NE-R2-6SEXTONGARY L.11/3/195312/22/1978See photo
NE-R2-8SEXTONPEGGYNo dates See photo
W-R6-3SHELTONCLARA4/16/189512/3/1932See photo
W-R1-3SHIREYTHURMAN E.12/22/19226/03/1989See photo
M-R3-10SHIREYBEATRICE10/22/18843/30/1902Wife of S.S.
See photo
M-R10-14SHIREYBENTON ROBERT11/9/189612/28/1964S2 USN WW I
See photo
M-R10-18SHIREYJAMES S.6/19/19158/26/1962S2 USNR WW I
See photo
M-R10-19SHIREYZORA Y.4/8/18842/14/1958Wife of J.L.
See photo
M-R10-20SHIREYJAMES L.4/25/18758/17/1951See photo
M-R11-10BSHIREYBARNEY LEON11/2/19208/18/2002See photo
SE-R1-7SHIREYWILLIAM J. SR.19081995See photo
NE-R8-11SHOEMAKERJACKSON H.12/27/19205/14/2002SSGT USAF Korea
See photo
NE-R8-8SIGMANANDREA LEIGH2/21/19773/15/1996See photo
M-R9-6SIMONMAUREL7/4/191412/15/2001See photo
M-R9-7SIMONOLLIE4/3/190410/12/1952See photo
M-R8-10SINGTOBY E.4/5/19079/17/1982Husb. of Martha
See photo
M-R8-11SINGRAYMOND H.5/22/19292/24/1987SGT USA KOREA
See photo
M-R10-2SINGTERRI ANN6/29/19686/29/1968See photo
M-R10-3SINGDOCIA ALICE12/30/18741/28/1960See photo
NE-R2-8ASINGJAMES DONALD19302002Cooper Funeral Home
See photo
NE-R2-9SINGJACKIE FLOYD7/4/19437/16/1995Mar. Sandra 3/3/1967
See photo
W-R2-10SKELLYDENISE ANN 9/25/1965See photo
W-R6-19SMITHANNA8/28/189410/17/1897See photo
W-R6-20SMITHF. M.5/15/18927/11/1897See photo
W-R9-27SMITHOZA12/28/187811/27/1896Son of M.C. & Rebecca
See photo
W-R9-28SMITHJEFFIE12/18/18854/9/1901Son of M.C. & R.A.
See photo
W-R11-15SMITHWILSON A.12/15/183512/2/1905See photo
M-R12-2SMITHPAULINE I.9/27/191611/16/1999CPL USA WW II
See photo
NE-R2-13SMITHALLEN M.8/18/19432/3/1980See photo
NE-R8-1SMITHMARK ALAN4/14/19662/3/1984See photo
NE-R8-1ASMITHCAROL ANN19382002Cooper Funeral Home
See photo
NE-R8-8ASMITHRICHARD AUSTIN RAY10/10/19972/6/2001Son of Carina & Justin
See photo
SE-R8-3SMITHJENNIFFER ANN6/30/19828/09/1999See photo
M-R5-26SNIDERNELGE J.18251933See photo
M-R5-27SNIDERVIRGINIA R.18371923See photo
M-R5-25SNYDERFRED NELSON1/14/18892/24/1973PVT USA WW I
See photo
M-R1-14SPEYERSWILLIE3/1/19043/9/1904Dau. of M.S. & L.L.
See photo
M-R1-15SPEYERSLEOLA4/10/19034/27/1903Dau. of M.S. & L.L.
See photo
NE-R1-2SPIVAFRED L.5/28/188211/1/1968Married 1/25/1903
See photo
NE-R1-3SPIVACORA A.6/7/188410/31/1963See photo
NE-R1-10STANDLEYRICHARD PRESTON6/21/19917/24/1991See photo
NE-R7-7STANSELLBRIAN DEAN5/31/19681/13/1989US Army
See photo
W-R5-10STAPPRUBY IRENE10/23/19096/21/1986See photo
W-R5-11STAPPJAMES S.7/4/18976/22/1954See photo
W-R5-12STAPPJOHNNIE R.1/20/193510/6/1936See photo
W-R9-9 STAPP MAYME IRENE {LEWIS} 7/2/1918 1/4/2007 Wife of Charles A. Stapp
See obit
W-R9-10 STAPP CHARLES ALLEN 9/23/1918 12/5/1960 Married Aug 24 1940
See photo
W-R9-11STAPPOLLIE L.2/23/18964/27/1981See photo
W-R9-12STAPPA. C. ALLEN2/27/18939/6/1973See photo
W-R10-5STAPPVIRGINIA GRACE6/11/19246/5/1926See photo
W-R10-6STAPPINFANT7/2/19227/2/1922Son of David
See photo
M-R8-27STAPPMYRTLE BRANSON4/17/18966/9/1918Wife of A.C.
See photo
M-R8-28STAPPBABYNo dates  
M-R10-5STAPPMABEL7/15/19015/22/1989Wife of Druie
See photo
M-R10-6STAPPDRUIE3/26/18967/10/1967US Army WW I
See photo
M-R10-7STAPPMARY FRANCES7/1/19233/4/1938See photo
M-R10-7ASTAPPJAMES C.9/30/19258/11/2001US Army WW II
See photo
W-R6-21STEPHENSPEARL M.1/12/18976/27/1898Dau. of W.J. & C.A.
See photo
W-R2-3ASTEVENSNAOMI M.4/03/19118/28/2002See photo
W-R2-4STEVENSWILLIAM KENDALL7/09/19059/15/1979See photo
W-R4-10STEVENSMARY EMMA1/23/18687/29/1937See photo
W-R4-11STEVENSWILLIAM THOMAS3/2/18608/11/1933See photo
W-R4-16STEVENSGORDON HERBERT1/17/19017/23/1990See photo
W-R5-20STEVENSROSIE MAY5/5/18953/17/1930See photo
W-R5-21STEVENSROBERT H.8/16/18756/18/1958See photo
W-R5-24STEVENSWILSON M.18321910PVT Co. H, Miss. Regt. CSA
See photo
W-R6-17STEVENSROY J.7/10/19201/12/1924Son of Nora P.
See photo
W-R6-18STEVENSNORA P.12/16/19017/25/1920See photo
M-R1-10STEVENSLEE ROY SR.7/9/19021/3/1982See photo
M-R11-2STEVENSCORA MYRTLE5/8/18981/5/1971See photo
M-R11-3STEVENSTEXAS JOE7/6/18935/3/1979See photo
NE-R5-3ASTINGERJACK19582002Cooper Funeral Home
See photo
M-R2-9ASTRICKLANDWILLIAM W.2/27/19272/3/2001See photo
M-R2-10STRICKLANDMATTIE G.9/1/18974/7/1996See photo
M-R2-11STRICKLANDADRIAN F.3/16/189511/3/1948See photo
M-R2-12STRICKLANDHAZEL I.12/5/19251/2/1926See photo
W-R11-1STROMPOLISGEORGE T.7/26/19176/10/1990USA WW II
See photo
M-R9-1STUARTBETTY JEANNE11/15/193311/28/1992See photo
M-R9-2STUARTCHRISTINA ANN5/19/19805/19/1980See photo
M-R9-3STUARTMARY DOXIE4/16/18968/31/1965See photo
M-R9-4STUARTELMER ELLIS10/16/19035/20/1963See photo
NE-R4-10STUARTDONNA SUE8/24/19534/3/1985See photo
NE-R5-5STUARTWESLEY WARNER10/28/19352/13/2002See photo
SE-R3-1SWARBKENNETH D.1/7/19305/22/1984SP3 USA
See photo
SE-R4-3SWARBMARVIN8/30/190412/29/1999See photo
SE-R4-4SWARBMARGUERITE19061994Cooper Funeral Home
See photo
M-R10-1SWEANEYLOUIS JAMES9/28/19111/29/1980See photo
M-R12-1SWEANEYVERNON JOE11/16/19368/27/1962See photo
M-R12-17BTACKERJAMES MICHAELNo dates2002Cooper Funeral Home
See photo
M-R12-18TACKERCARTER J. JR.8/25/192412/20/1996USAAC WW II
See photo
W-R7-11ATANNERWILLIAM TRAVIS4/28/19139/28/1928Son of Effie Morris
M-R9-14TARBOXEDGAR A.11/10/18753/11/1966Son of Mary H.
See photo
M-R9-15TARBOXMARY H.2/1/18513/8/1930Wife of Augustus
See photo
M-R10-9TARBOXLAURA10/28/186710/27/1943See photo
M-R7-11TAYLORJAMIE5/5/19615/6/1961See photo
M-R7-12TAYLORJAMES E.5/5/19615/6/1961See photo
M-R1-15ATEMPLETONBETTY LOU19392002Cooper Funeral Home
See photo
M-R1-15BTEMPLETONLONNIE L.19402002See photo
M-R1-16TEMPLETONCHERYL LEE6/30/19589/27/1980See photo
NE-R6-2ATEMPLETONBOBBY JOE4/28/19354/23/2002Mar. Laverne 11/5/1954
See photo
SE-R7-5TEMPLETONNOLA B. (MOORE)8/11/191712/19/1997Mar. E.A. 6/5/1945
See photo
SE-R7-6TEMPLETONEVERETT A.10/30/19251/04/1998See photo
M-R4-24TERRYJOHN3/14/18453/14/1901See photo
M-R11-3ATHOMASVIRGIL LEROY7/11/19205/24/2002See photo
M-R11-3BTHOMASLOIS MARIE10/15/19265/30/2002Mar. Virgil 9/2/1942
See photo
M-R3-11THOMPSONMATTIE1/3/18467/20/1905See photo
M-R3-12THOMPSONHEZEKIAH8/29/184811/8/1916See photo
M-R9-18TILGHMANVICTORIA12/10/18623/27/1917Wife of J.T.
See photo
M-R9-19TILGHMANJ. T.1/26/186412/23/1935See photo
W-R4-2TISONORA "O.A."7/4/193911/20/1992See photo
W-R4-3TISONJOHNNIE AVERECE7/28/19198/4/1970See photo
W-R10-13TISONINFANT4/16/19414/16/1941Son of J.A.
See photo
SE-R5-8TOOMANKIMBERLY ANN7/19/19668/5/1995Wife of Wesley
See photo
SE-R14-1TOWNSENDROBERT ALLEN9/09/19753/27/2001"Murdered"
See photo
W-R4-1TRAVELERSBABYNo dates See photo
W-R8-8TRAVISEVA BELL2/28/18745/17/1950See photo
W-R8-8ATRAVISCHAMPNo dates See photo
W-R8-9TRAVISJOHN THOMAS10/12/18737/30/1940See photo
SE-R11-1TROUTTHELMA4/23/19458/13/2001Mar. John 10/29/1965
See photo
SE-R11-2TROUTJOHN MELSON7/28/19337/30/2001BM3 US Navy
See photo
W-R7-2TUCKERMYRTLE "GILL"11/21/189811/14/1977See photo
W-R7-3TUCKERTHAD L.4/22/18935/18/1965PFC WW I
See photo
NE-R2-2VACADANIEL A.6/7/19198/16/1973SGT USA WW II & KOREA
See photo
M-R7-14WADEBLANCHE PEARL7/22/19076/12/1993Wife of James L.
See photo
M-R7-14AWADEJAMES LESTER9/10/19062/7/2001See photo
W-R4-33WARRENALLAMAE M. (NICHELSON)9/8/19047/21/1987See photo
M-R5-24WARRENVIVIAN2/11/19102/22/1912Dau. Of C.A. & Mary
See photo
W-R9-13WEATHERLYCLIDE ORAN3/4/19021/15/1904See photo
W-R6-1WEAVERETHEL E.9/22/18936/8/1970Married 1/2/1922
See photo
W-R6-2WEAVERROBERT L.4/10/189312/10/1968PFC Mach Gun Bn WW I
See photo
M-R5-5WEAVERJOE H.6/16/190811/22/1992See photo
M-R5-6WEAVERCLINTON E.9/8/18979/19/1974US ARMY
See photo
M-R5-7WEAVERNATHAN GASTON10/16/193310/30/1933Son of J.R.
See photo
M-R2-13WEBBNANCY CAROL1/22/19447/7/1944See photo
M-R2-14WEBBVIOLA V.4/29/187512/15/1956See photo
M-R2-15WEBBWILLIAM T.4/10/18708/7/1969See photo
M-R1-3WELLSOLIVA E.3/20/19013/25/1926See photo
M-R1-4WELLSBABY19261926See photo
W-R11-22WHEELERJESSE2/17/18982/17/1898Son of E.W. & SNJ
See photo
W-R11-23WHEELERROSA5/31/18968/4/1896See photo
M-R3-3WHEELERE. W.8/17/18689/4/1943See photo
M-R3-3AWHEELERSARAH4/26/18761/1/1949Wife of E.W.
See photo
M-R4-17WHEELERRETTY9/27/18941/13/1912See photo
M-R4-18WHEELERBETTY4/12/189212/2/1904See photo
NE-R6-8WHITEL. PAUL4/24/19058/25/1988SGT USA WW II
See photo
M-R1-20WHITLEYALMEDA MARYNo dates See photo
M-R1-21WHITLEYSTERLING LEENo dates See photo
NE-R11-2WHITMANCARL12/12/19259/27/2002See photo
W-R5-22WILDERBONNIE M.10/27/19141/20/1997See photo
W-R5-23WILDERHOMER T.8/21/19124/13/1997See photo
M-R1-5WILLIAMSIBEL E. RADER4/27/19067/25/1999See photo
W-R11-26WILLIAMSONGEORGE M.8/19/18936/30/1901Son of M.W. & M.J.
See photo
W-R11-27WILLIAMSONM. E.12/29/18536/2/1897Wife of T.C.
See photo
W-R11-28WILLIAMSONDR. T. C.5/10/18271/10/1904See photo
W-R12-15WILLIAMSONHELEN E.1/15/18999/9/1899Dau. of T.D. & M.S.
See photo
W-R12-15AWILLIAMSONMAUDIE E.12/189?1895See photo
W-R12-16WILLIAMSONPIERCE D.1/18/18952/1/1896Son of T.D. & M.S.
See photo
W-R12-17WILLIAMSONTHOMAS C.9/18/18915/1/1892Son of T.D. & M.S.
See photo
W-R12-18WILSONKIMBERLY D.9/20/19727/9/1990
See photo
W-R12-19WILSONBERVA D.10/11/19527/2/1990See photo
See photo
M-R7-16WISDOMJ. T.5/31/19206/16/1994Mar. Syble 10/8/1941
See photo
M-R7-17WISDOMGENE MICHAEL11/9/19466/10/1999See photo
M-R7-17AWISDOMMARY L. (STONE)9/10/18228/16/1899Difficult to read
See photo
M-R8-25WISDOMPEARL11/14/18971/14/1927See photo
M-R12-17 WISDOM John L. Jul 17 1928 Dec 19 1967 See photo
NE-R10-1A WOHNOUTKA Edward J. Apr 6 1995 Apr 6 1995 See photo
NE-R2-1 WOODALL Rufus R. 1910 1973 See photo
NE-R2-1A WOODALL Elsie Bernice 1913 2000 Cooper FH
See photo
W-R4-24 WOODRUFF John M. 1863 1944 See photo
W-R4-25 WOODRUFF Lucy S. 1864 1943 See photo
W-R4-26 WOODRUFF Dewey G. Nov 16 1899 Jun 2 1919 WOODSMEN
See photo
W-R4-27 WOODRUFF Grover Nov 1 1906 Jul 15 1912 Son of J. M. and Lucy Woodruff
See photo
M-R10-15 YANDELL Zorra Beeson Jun 8 1921 Jun 22 1988 See photo
SE-R8-1 YARDY Stephen B. Apr 7 1950 Mar 19 1992 U. S. Air Force Vietnam
See photo

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