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© Bob Chada

Mt. Hope Cemetery

Logan County, Oklahoma

The Old Dunkard Cemetery

Survey © Bob Chada

Chada surveyed this cemetery on November 19, 1999.
Some area folks also know this cemetery as the Action Cemetery or the Rosehill Cemetery
There are about 15 or so unmarked graves in this cemetery: 2 concrete slabs, 3 sandstone markers, 10 old rusted - non-readable funeral home markers, 2 wooden crosses (one has unreadable funeral home marker), grave depression.
From the intersection of State Highways 74 and 74C on the north edge of Crescent, take 74C east for 3 1/2 miles to where it makes a turn to the right (south). At this point, turn left (north) on the gravel secession line for 2 miles, then turn right (east) on the section line and go approximately 1/2 mile. The cemetery is on the left (north) side of the section line.
If you have family buried in the Mt. Hope Cemetery or have obits (with newspapers permission or an obit that you can write) or tombstone photos or individual portraits or can write a short bio or have a history of the cemetery and would like to add your information to this website, contact the area coordinator for more information. You can also check out our How to Submit page.
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NOTE Every effort has been made to transcribe this information accurately. These records MAY CONTAIN ERRORS. Any corrections and/or additions greatly appreciated. As with any genealogy information, this is a source and should be considered as such. It is up to the researcher to verify the accuracy.

ADAMS Elisha S. 1868 1951 See photo
ADAMS Malindia M. 1872 1928 See photo
ALLEN W. L.   1900 See obit
ANDERSEN Tamara Faye (Wolf) 07-24-1965
Guthrie, Logan, OK
Crescent, Logan, OK
wife of Dave Andersen
ANNIS Mary C. (Clymer) 1870 1953 See photo
AUFLEGER Alois James "Jimmy" 11-23-1957
Crescent, Logan, OK
Crescent, Logan, OK
AUFLEGER Bill E. 1923 1979 See photo
AUFLEGER Judy Marie 1964 1967 See photo
AUFLEGER Mildred Mae 1931   See photo
BABCOCK Elma ca 1820 06-11-1906 unmarked grave
See obit
BABCOCK J. M.   10-21-1914 unmarked grave
See obit
Sheldon Ray 02-11-1961
Guthrie, OK
03-14-2008 ET1 US Navy
BELL Edward 05-23-1961 08-14-1979 See photo
BELL Virgil Lee 1930 1950 See photo
BERMAN Henry "Hank" Howard 02-27-1949
New York City, NY
Oklahoma City, OK
BERRY Stella E. 11-21-1881 11-28-1901 dau of A. R. & S. E.
See photo
BEST Ruby Lea (Aufleger) 02-27-1964
Crescent, Logan, OK
Crescent, Logan, OK
wife of Bryan Best
BETKEY Baby Ruhl     ssw Caroline
See photo
BETKEY Caroline 1853 1920 See photo
BETKEY Ernest 1835 1889 See photo
BIGBEY Scotty Everett 09-15-1978 11-13-1999 See photo
BISHOP Clarence M. 1880 1909 See photo
BISHOP Irene Covert 1860 1944 wife of John Wesley Bishop
See photo
BISHOP James V. 04-19-1824 11-12-1889 Moved from the Old Dodd Cemetery
See photo
BISHOP John Wesley 1853 1944 See photo
BISHOP Leonard E. 03-13-1903 04-01-1903 son of W. M. & B. O.
See photo
BISHOP Sarah E. 1824 1909 wife of James V. Bishop
Moved from the Old Dodd Cemetery 1981
See photo
BLACKMON Nora 12-08-1904 09-18-1938 wife of W. C. Blackmon
See photo
BLACKMON W. C. 11-10-1898 04-03-1972 See photo
CANNON Dean Bradley   08-25-1998 See photo
CAREY Jessie A. 07-21-1891 03-16-1901 ssw Mabel G.
children of M. & Dell
See photo
CAREY Mabel G. 12-09-1897 12-19-1897 ssw Jessie A.
children of M. & Dell
See photo
CHAMBERS Dwayne   01-05-1921 son of Lee & Maggie
See photo
CHAMBERS Marlene DeLores 1932 1932 dau of Joel O. & Ione
See photo
CHAMBERS Milton   06-11-1917 son of Lee & Maggie
See photo
CHAMBERS Owen 01-22-1914 02-12-1914 See photo
CLYMER Baby     nothing else on stone
See photo
CLYMER Berta 11-30-1901 03-11-1988 wife of Walter Clymer
See photo
CLYMER Connie L. 09-28-1957 03-21-1958 See photo
CLYMER Cora Zaye 12-08-1904 12-31-1989 wife of Unie Clymer
See photo
Elbert Dempsey 11-28-1926
Crescent, OK
Okla. City, OK
husband of Frances A.
CLYMER Elbert E. 12-10-1950 06-15-1954 See photo
CLYMER Frances A. 11-22-1934 10-12-1974 See photo
CLYMER Helen Yvonne (Hopkins) 11-16-1934
Logan county, OK
Okla. City, OK
wife of David Lee Clymer
Leon Francis 07-30-1937
Crescent, Logan, OK
Grantham, PA
US Army - Bamburg, Germany
husband of Leslie
CLYMER Unie 03-21-1903 07-13-1994 See photo
CLYMER Unknown     Marker in Clymer lot, matches Connie's except no plate.
Walter 04-30-1895 09-02-1964 OK Pvt. US Army - WW I
See photo
COFFIN Arthur A.   03-04-1901 See photo
COFFIN Charles R. 02-12-1866 04-26-1959 See photo
COFFIN Mary Alice 02-10-1871 11-09-1948 See photo
COFFIN Orville "Pappy" 12-11-1893 12-18-1988 See photo
COOK Ida Mae 1954 1954 Funeral Home Marker
COUNTESS Eugene 1892 1939 See photo
COUNTESS Ezra Lee 1902 1939 See photo
COVERT Elizabeth A. 1820 1893 Wife of William
See photo
COVERT William 1822 1902 See photo
CRAFTON Martha L. 1930 1930 See photo
DECKER August 1852 1905 See photo
DECKER David L. 1888 1907 Son of Mary
See photo
DECKER Mary A. 1860 1932 See photo
DECKER Mary Viola 9-22-1904 1907 See photo
DECKER Montana Ruth 1897 1907 Dau. of Mary
See photo
DODSON Cora 1888 1936 See photo
DODSON Ida E. 08-13-1913   Wife of Milburn I.
See photo
DODSON John C. 11-05-1878 03-09-1961 Funeral Home Marker
Aged 83 Yrs 4 Mths 4 Da
See obit
DODSON Milburn I. 02-18-1907 06-04-1940 See photo
DODSON Viola 1895 1931 See photo
DODSON William Oscar "Rev." 02-07-1878 09-07-1964 See photo
DONALDSON Thomas J. 1844 1925 Born in Ireland
See photo
EDWARDS Baby   1928 See photo
EDWARDS Mary Bessie 1900 1965 See photo
ELLISON Carrie   09-05-1898 See obit
ELLISON Paris M. 04-02-1837 02-11-1912 Unmarked grave
See obit
ELLISON Thomas Marion "Tom" 10-03-1882
Hamilton, NV
Guthrie, Logan, OK
Unmarked Grave
FITE M. E. 06-25-1872 08-31-1899 See photo
FRIDAY Cleo 11-04-1921 05-27-1926 Home made stone
Aged 5 Yrs 6 Mths 23 Da
GILLIS Thomas R. 06-08-1848 01-14-1922 See photo
GOOCH Rex 02-08-1915 06-07-1916 Son of Guy & Tina
See photo
GOOCH Tina M. Bishop 1893 1915  
GREEN James Monroe 1913 1959 See photo
HARELD Little Honor 04-10-1899 04-13-1899 Dau of C. A. & A. R.
See photo
HEDGLIN Glen A. 1911 1920 See photo
HICKS Nancy M. 1881 1954 Wife of Robert B.
See obit
See photo
HICKS Robert B. 1881 1915 See photo
HIGHLAND Ada Decker 1880 1902 See photo
HOBBS Oma D. 1900 1918 See photo
HUFF Bettie Ann 1844 1924 Wife of Isaac N.
See photo
HUFF Isaac N. 1845 1925 See photo
JOHNSON Hazel M. 09-23-1897 08-03-1898 Dau. of R. G. & A. E.
See photo
JOHNSTON Allan W.     Home made marker
KELLER Edna E. 12-1893 08-1894 stone propped up against the east fence
See photo
KELLER Emma E. 12-1866 08-1894 stone propped up against the east fence
See photo
KELLER Henry W. 1832 1902 See photo
KINKADE Nellie Mae Hembree 09-03-1896 06-23-1935 See photo
LAMBDIN R. V.   09-12-1932 Baby
very hard to make out.
See photo
LANDIS Arelia A. 10-09-1858 07-01-1897 Wife of G. W.
See photo
LANDIS Carrie M. 02-05-1871 01-27-1896 Wife of F. B.
See photo
LANDIS Martha A.   11-01-1893 Dau of G. W. & B. A.
See photo
LANDIS Mary A. 12-07-1863 01-29-1892 Wife of J. A.
See photo
LANDIS Nora Bell 10-23-1894 06-18-1895 Dau of J. A. & Mattie J.
See photo
LANDIS Seth B. 01-11-1892 01-18-1892 Inf son of J. A. & Mary A.
See photo
LEGRANDE Casey Lewis 1978 1998 See photo
Joseph D. 1909 1990 Pfc US Army - WW II
See photo
LINO Rosie Ann 03-01-1916 12-19-1995 See photo
LONG Hattie F. 08-17-1899 04-26-1938 See photo
LONG James T. 09-27-1874 01-01-1967 See photo
LONG Olevia S. 05-22-1877 04-18-1944 Wife of James T.
See photo
LYTER George F. 1862 1919 See photo
MALASKA Lloyd Gene Jr. 1974 1999 See photo
MARTIN Lizzie V.   12-25-1904 Wife of T. S.
See photo
MARTIN Olive E. 1897 1957 See photo
MASON Olive B. 1863 1908 Was moved from the old Dodd Cemetery 1981
See photo
McANALLY Crotia 03-17-1892 07-24-1954 See photo
MCANALLY Eliza 10-18-1861 10-23-1928 "Mother"
MCANALLY M. L. 10-21-1855 09-08-1915 See photo
MCANALLY William H. 07-03-1897 02-16-1987 See photo
MCWILLIAMS (?) Edith Christine 02-12-1935 01-21-1991 "Mother" - Wooden Painted Plaque
MCWILLIAMS (?) Marion Willie 03-01-1932 12-27-1988 See photo
MEEKS Bessie 1909 1928 See photo
MEEKS Cordia B. 04-09-1888 12-23-1947 Wife of Ranson P.
See photo
MEEKS Earnest 1902 1961 See photo
MEEKS Etta 1901 1923 See photo
MEEKS H. S. 1883 1923 See photo
MEEKS Harmon Price 04-20-1906 07-09-1932 See photo
MEEKS Hattie S. 04-19-1924 04-19-1924 See photo
MEEKS Lawrence P. 1922 1954 See photo
MEEKS Lillie 1880 1961 Wife of Peter G.
See photo
MEEKS Nancy J. 03-23-1845 05-24-1923 Wife of W. T.
See photo
MEEKS Paul D. 1906 1928 See photo
MEEKS Peter G. 1870 1919 See photo
MEEKS Ranson P. 11-16-1887 06-25-1935 See photo
MEEKS Rosa E. 1885 1940 See photo
MEEKS W. T. 12-12-1848 03-05-1922 Home made stone reads
W. T. Meeks
12-12-1849 to 03-05-1922;
Nancy 03-23-1845 to 03-24-1923
See photo
NEHER Ollie Mae 03-02-1881 06-23-1895 See photo
NELSON E. H. 06-17-1871 03-11-1955 See photo
NELSON Elba Lea 10-1939 11-1939 See photo
NELSON James Leslie 06-23-1964 11-12-1995 See photo
NELSON Joseph 12-10-1915   Son of E. H. & M. M.
See photo
NELSON Marvin J. 03-20-1901 04-30-1977 See photo
NELSON Marvin Leroy 10-31-1931 07-08-1967 See photo
NELSON Mary E. 09-02-1907 01-18-1976 Wife of Marvin J.
See photo
NELSON Mary Massie 09-04-1879 11-11-1956 Wife of E. H.
See photo
ODEA M. Nolan 03-20-1910 09-28-1929 See photo
Robert Lewis 02-12-1933 05-28-1998 Cpl. US Marine Corps - Korea
See photo
PAYNE Gilbert Leon 11-05-1953 11-21-2003 See obit
PRINGLE Eva Decker 1895 1935 See photo
PROSSER Baby     See photo
REYNOLDS C. S. 02-11-1883 01-12-1939  
REYNOLDS Ruby     Dau of M/M Charles
See photo
ROSE Enoch 1867 1947 See photo
ROSE Enoch W. 1930 1988 See fhm
ROSE Everett 02-23-1897 06-27-1945 See photo
ROSE Floyd 11-09-1916 12-25-1957 See photo
ROSE Joseph 02-16-1926 01-13-1963 See photo
ROSE Leroy   01-29-1933 See photo
ROSE (?) Max 1936 1991 In Rose plot
fhm with last name missing.
See photo
ROSE Nancy 1861 1940 Wife of Enoch
See photo
ROSE Rosella   10-15-1915 See photo
ROSE Wayne 1927 1987 See photo
ROSE William 09-20-1917 03-12-1952 See photo
Roy C. 10-02-1916 09-23-1998 Sgt. US Army - WW II
ROTEN Ralph L. 02-25-1924 04-01-1925 See photo
ROTEN Tom 1889 1954 See photo
SANBORN Martha J. 10-06-1892 09-15-1896 Dau of E. T. & M. J.
See photo
SAUNDERS Lula Mae 06-05-1910 05-22-1911 Dau of T. D. & C. E.
See photo
SCHUESSLER Mrs. Elizabeth Gerisch 02-12-1881 06-04-1922 See photo
SCHUESSLER Infant Son   04-30-1922  
SEBRING Vivian 05-23-1936 12-01-1936 Unmarked grave
Information by Delores Williams
SMITH A. L. 05-1859 03-27-1930 See photo
SMITH George Henry 01-15-1831 02-25-1910  
STANBROUGH Sarah 06-29-1866 05-14-1935  
STRICKLAND Sarah E. 09-25-1856 01-15-1903 See photo
Charles R. 06-06-1924 09-24-1972 A. S. US Navy - WW II
See photo
LeRoy James 05-02-1926 07-05-1971 OK Pvt US Army - WW II
See photo
TELLARO A.   08-05-1896 See photo
TELLARO Andrew 1854 1915 See photo
TELLARO Anthony 10-04-1888 03-23-1974 See photo
TELLARO Lida M. 11-03-1895 11-23-1977 Wife of Anthony
See photo
TELLARO Michael 1864 02-07-1901 See photo
TELLARO Rosa 1860 1944 See photo
THOMPSON Nina 07-08-1852 07-18-1898 Wife of M.
See obit
See photo
UNKNOWN G H     See photo
UNKNOWN       See photo
UNKNOWN       See photo
UNKNOWN       See photo
UNKNOWN       See photo
UNKNOWN       See photo
UNKNOWN       See photo
WALLACE Fannie R. 06-07-1895 01-27-1963 See photo
Melvin F. 12-23-1925 06-29-1944 OK Pvt, 34 Inf. - WW II
See photo
WHITE Minnie M. 1889 1979 Wife of Noah P.
See photo
WHITE Noah P. 1882 1935 See photo
WILLIAMS Alice E. 01-08-1924   Wife of Jasper N.
See photo
WILLIAMS E. Isabell 1910 1917 See photo
WILLIAMS J. Wilbur 1913 1938 See photo
Jasper N. 02-24-1918 06-20-1985 Pfc US Army - WW II
See photo
WILLIAMS Laura E. 1899 1943 See photo
WILLIAMS M. Richard 1877 1928 See photo
WINGARD Erma Iola 08-07-1907 04-16-1909 Dau. of R. E. & Cora
See photo
WOLF Chester Earl 04-12-1944 09-11-1960 See photo
WOLF James F. 11-14-1889 08-19-1967 See photo
John H. 06-22-1927 10-07-1992 Pvt. US Army - WW II
See photo
WOLF Mary A. 04-13-1906   Wife of James F.
See photo
WOLF Nanna Elizabeth 01-01-1934 01-05-1934 See photo
WOLF Walter Jay 11-08-1979 11-08-1979 See photo
WOLF Wanda Lou 08-31-1932 01-03-1972 See photo
WOLFE Infant Daughter 01-01-1934 01-05-1934 Dau of M/M James Wolfe
services held at home of William Hoggatt
See obit

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