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© Chris & Sharon Ingle

Bocox Cemetery

aka Bismark Cemetery

Survey © Mahlon Erickson
Survey © Bob Chada

Bob Chada surveyed this cemetery on September 18, 1999.  This information has been checked against the one Mahlon Erickson did on August 1, 1990, and against the original records for the cemetery on July 7, 2000, and came up with a few more burials.
There are other burials here that are unmarked, one sandstone marker that may be an Infant of John Case and 2 small boys and a black man.
The cemetery is located 7 miles west of the town of Orlando down the section line, or you can go 6 miles west, 2 miles north, and 1/2 mile west of the intersection of US Hwy 77 and OK Hwy 51 just south of Orlando.
If you have family buried in the Bocox Cemetery or have obits (with newspapers permission or an obit that you can write) or tombstone photos or individual portraits or can write a short bio or have a history of the cemetery and would like to add your information to this website, contact the area coordinator for more information. You can also check out our How to Submit page.
NOTICE. If you submit information to this website and change your e-mail address please notify the area coordinator with the county/cemetery and new e-mail address so we can keep our pages as up to date as possible.
NOTE Every effort has been made to transcribe this information accurately. These records MAY CONTAIN ERRORS. Any corrections and/or additions greatly appreciated. As with any genealogy information, this is a source and should be considered as such. It is up to the researcher to verify the accuracy.

AUSTIN Pauline Dee 07 May 1917 13 Oct 1917 Dau of M/M R. D.
See Photo
BACHMANN Lulu M. 23 Oct 1902 11 Dec 1904 Dau of M. R. & A. M.
See Photo
BASINGER Mary S. 1842 1911 Wife of Noah
See photo
BASINGER Noah 1838 1931 See photo
BELL Doris Rae Stagner Duckworth 09-04-1924 12-31-2005 See Photos
BLACKWELL Alma 15 Dec 1905 19 Oct 1906 Dau. of J. O. & M. L.
See Photo
BLACKWELL Dan O. 16 Feb 1911 02 May 1911 Son of J. O. & M. L.
See Photo
BLACKWELL Ethel 09 Nov 1907 08 Mar 1908 Dau. of J. O. & M. L.
See Photo
BOCOX Dora 27 Apr 1900 18 Jun 1900 Dau. of John & Elvira
See photo
BOCOX Elvira M. Johnson 18 Apr 1866 05 Apr 1908 Wife of John E.
See Photo
BOCOX Earnest Earl 21 Feb 1892 23 Mar 1964 See photo
BOCOX Glenn H. 1917 1920 See photo
BOCOX J. M. 1872 1959  
BOCOX Joe E. 13 Sep 1912 02 Dec 1994 See Photo
BOCOX John A. 27 Sep 1915 11 Jan 1959 See photo
BOCOX John E. 06 Apr 1862 19 Jul 1927 See Photo
BOCOX John Orville 1899 1957 See photo
BOCOX Lester R. 10-17-1919 07-29-2010 See Photo
BOCOX Lottie K. 27 Mar 1893 09 Jan 1958 Wife of Earnest E.
See photo
BOCOX Mary A.   09-03-1896 Wife of J. C.
60 Yrs 3 Mths 20 Da
See Photo
BOCOX Robert Allen 1951 2013 See Photo
BOCOX Russell H. 07 Nov 1922 17 Mar 1945 See photo
BOCOX William 1856 1930 See Photo
BOWMAN Mable (Bocox) 17 Sep 1923 01-07-2002 Wife of Marvin A.
See Photos
Marvin A. 21 Jul 1915 26 Feb 1984 US ARMY WW II
Married 06-19-1945
See Photos
CAPPER Isabelle 12 Dec 1836 14 Mar 1915 wife of Tobias
See Photo
CAPPER Lester E.     infant of G. E. & M.
ssw Mildred Capper
See Photo
CAPPER Mildred     infant of G. E. & M.
ssw Lester E. Capper
See Photo
CAPPER Tobias 15 Sep 1836 28 Mar 1910 See Photo
CAVE Martha 04 Sep 1844 08 Jul 1914 wife of Thomas
See Photo
CAWOOD Ethel   22 Mar 1899 dau of L. A. & V. R.
11 da
See Photo
CAWOOD Helena M. 19 Dec 1920 19 Dec 1920 dau of M/M C. C. Cawood
See Photo
CAWOOD Maggie M. Holt 12 Jan 1861 17 Aug 1924 mother of Howard Cawood
See Photo
CAWOOD Sonny 02 Jul 1928 02 Jul 1928 infant of M/M Howard Cawood
See Photo
CAWOOD William Albert 20 Jun 1860 31 Mar 1915 See Photo
COLLINS Nathan S. 26 May 1846 22 Aug 1902 See Photo
COLLINS Will     Unmarked
See article on the Ice Coffin
DECKER Roy Neal 01 Feb 1961 09 Oct 1991 See Photo
DESELMS     05 Dec 1902 See obit
DESELMS Fredrich   abt 04 Feb 1903 Unmarked
Child of Albert
DESELMS Genary   abt 04 Feb 1903 Unmarked
Child of Albert
DESELMS Rosalie Broseltaw     Unmarked
Wife of Albert Bryan Deselms
DESELMS William Butler   1901 Unmarked grave
DICKENSON Michael Prince Jr. 05-11-1987 04-19-2007 See Photos
DRAPER Almeda 1890 1982 Wife of Edward
See photo
DRAPER Arthur V. 09 Mar 1880 22 Apr 1954 "Father"
See photo
DRAPER Billie 20 Feb 1929 08 Jan 1943 See photo
DRAPER Dortha 1910 1926 See photo
DRAPER Edward 30 Mar 1875 28 Jul 1955 See photo
DRAPER Nellie Jane Stagner 18 Jan 1889 06 Jan 1950 Wife of Arthur
See photo
DRAPER Willard 1914 1934 See photo
Jack F. 29 Dec 1923 10 Jun 1982 "Father" of Jammie
Betty & Jackalene
See photo
DUCKWORTH Jackalene Rae 20 Oct 1946 21 Oct 1946 See photo
DUTRO Infant Son 25 Feb 1900 11 Mar 1900 son of S. S. & R. I.
See Photo
EDWARDS Owen A. 1862 1910 See Photo
FISHBURN Jeremiah Barkley 04 Jun 1992 22 Jun 1992 See Photos
HANSON Lillie     Unmarked grave
HEADLEY Milton M. 1897 1914 Son of J. M. & Altheora
See Photo
HICKAM Johnnie 31 Mar 1894 20 Feb 1904 See Photo
HILL Elmer     Unmarked
HOLT Amanda 22 Dec 1869 03 Oct 1908 See Photo
INGLISH David Y. 24 Jan 1829 09 Apr 1893 See Photo
INGLISH Erma   23 Mar 1898 dau. of J. M. & M.
"4 Da."
See Photo
INGLISH Lee Dyche 23 Oct 1902 30 May 1904 son of Charley & Annie
See Photo
INGLISH Mary W. 03 Jul 1826 26 Oct 1901 wife of David Y.
See Photo
JOHNSON Susan 20 May 1839 28 Feb 1901 Murdered by son Elbert
See obit
See photo
JOHNSON William M. 19 Aug 1835 28 Feb 1901 Murdered by son Elbert
See obit
See photo
KEITH Earlene Bocox 07-12-1939 03-18-2007 wife of Wilbur Aaron
See Photo
KEITH Wilbur Aaron 09-06-1935   See Photo
KOCH Abraham 03-10-1845 10-25-1918 Co C 7th Iowa Cav
See Photo
KOCH Cora May 02-24-1881 - Kansas 04-28-1972 Maiden: Ogden
Sister to Verlinda
2nd wife of Delbert
See Photo
KOCH DeEtte O'Roke 08-08-1847 04-28-1912 wife of Abraham
See Photo
KOCH Delbert 08-28-1870- Iowa 01-15-1939 married 1st wife 02-13-1902
married 2nd wife 10-04-1904
See Photo
KOCH Melvin L. 09-06-1917 08-29-1919 son of M/M H. E. Koch
See Photo
KOCH Orin V. 06-23-1919 01-21-1926 son of Guy Koch
See Photo
KOCH Ruby L. 02-10-1922 03-21-1922 dau of Guy Koch
KOCH Verlinda "Linnie" 06-06-1880 - Kansas 06-06-1904 Maiden Name: Ogden
Sister to Cora Mae
1st wife of Delbert
See Photo
KRAMER Cris LaDawn 02-02-1975   wife of James "Scott"
See photo
KRAMER James "Scott" 03-15-1972 01-20-1995 married 06-25-1994
See photo
KUFFER Daisy     Unmarked grave
LaFORCE Lewis     Unmarked now
Sandstone marker on lot
LINDAUER A. F. 01-06-1870 09-19-1899 See Photo
McDORMAN W. V.   07-02-1907 20Y 11M 1Da
See Photo
MAJOR Walter S. 07-25-1901 11-13-1910 See Photo
MILLAR Frank 10-09-1862 06-03-1908 profession was "Gambler"
See Photo
MILLER John 04-25-1848 02-15-1895 See Photo
MONTGOMERY Della L. 06-25-1926 08-16-1986 wife of Lloyd M.
See photo
MONTGOMERY Lloyd M. 05-01-1922   married 08-10-1942
See photo
MOSES Bertha 10-17-1904 12-23-1904 ssw Ralph
See Photo
MOSES Flora B. 1876 1938 wife of Jason A.
See Photo
MOSES Jason A. 1866 1941 See Photo
MOSES Ralph 02-15-1909 03-03-1910 ssw Bertha
See Photo
MURRAY Infant Son 05-15-1900 05-15-1900 ssw May
son of E. W. & E.
See Photo
MURRAY May 09-09-1901 11-14-1901 ssw Infant Son
dau. of E. W. & E.
See Photo
NIDA Effie E. 01-02-1895 05-01-1910 ssw Margery E.
dau. of J. R. & M. E.
See Photo
NIDA Margery E.   02-17-1892 ssw Effie E.
dau. of J. R. & M. E.
5 Yr 11 Mths 15 Da
See Photo
OGDEN John E. 1841 1906 father of Delbert Koch's wives
See Photo
PHARRIES Willis C. 07-10-1908 01-01-1916 See Photo
PINNIX A. Quincy 1851 1931 See Photo
PINNIX Ava 11-11-1883 08-08-1963 See Photo
PINNIX Denis R. 05-14-1902 03-17-1924 See Photo
PINNIX Elizabeth E. 1859 1933 wife of A. Quincy
See Photo
PINNIX Henry Amos 01-24-1888 01-06-1912 See Photo
PINNIX John E. 02-23-1885 12-13-1900 See Photo
PINNIX Sarah L. 01-22-1881 03-12-1900 wife of John E.
See Photo
RAYBORN Joseph 10-26-1844 12-05-1909 See Photo
RAYBORN Sirritha J. 01-09-1843   wife of Joseph
See Photo
ROLLIER Ella 1869 1897 See Photo
RUSSEL Martha L.   01 May 1901 wife of W. H.
61 Years
See Photo
SCHAAL Dortha 1910 1926  
SCHAAL Eva 03-13-1921 03-16-1921 See photo
SCHAAL Jessie Stagner 05-04-1902 1968 See photo
SCHAAL Levina B. 09-27-1863 02-05-1957 wife of William S.
SCHAAL Nelson Edward 1896 1994 See photo
SCHAAL Willard 1914 1934  
SCHAAL William S. 01-20-1861 11-09-1920  
STAGNER Christina Estella 11 Sep 1928 27 Oct 1933 Dau. of Ray & Estella
See photo
STAGNER Estella M. 22 Mar 1898 13 Dec 1975 Wife of Ray B.
See photo
STAGNER Evertt Thomas 03 Oct 1894 1966 "Dad"
See photo
STAGNER Jewel Mae 27 May 1917 14 Feb 1928 Dau. of Everett & Minnie
See photo
STAGNER Levina Bell 27 Sep 1863 05 Feb 1957 Wife of William S.
See photo
STAGNER Minnie 1888 1977 "Mom"
Wife of Everett
See photo
STAGNER Ray B. 28 Apr 1898 14 Jun 1967 See photo
STAGNER William S. 20 Jan 1861 09 Nov 1920 See photo
SULLINGER C.   Sep 1929 Unmarked grave
M. G. Sullinger's Brother
SULLINGER Nora M. 06-21-1888 06-09-1937 See photo
SULLINGER Marion Elmer   18 Mar 1928 Unmarked grave
TOBIAS Emma Townsend 03-28-1853 02-14-1896 wife of George E.
See Photo
TOWNSEND Matilda Jane Lee 1835 - CA 02-16-1896 mother of Emma Tobias
See Photo
WARD Arthur 11-08-1885 05-23-1911  
WARD Robert 01-25-1898 01-25-1898 son of C. J. III & M. E.
WARD Russell 01-25-1898 01-25-1898 son of C. J. III & M. E.
WEBB Ruth 06-02-1907 06-25-1909 dau. of J. A. & Bertha
See Photo
WRAY Ephamia M. 04-25-1847 01-05-1911 See Photo
WYLDER George Henry     See Photo
WYLDER Coren Emeline     wife of George Henry
See Photo

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