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Greenwood Cemetery
Custer County, Oklahoma

© 2007 Rita Collvins Mayfield

Located: On HWY 54 N.W. of Weatherford
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ACHORLyurges S.06 Aug187012 Jul 1909  
ADAIRNewton Calvin19 Jun 191025 Jun 1990  
ADAMSE. A.18651943 husband of Martha
ADAMSMartha18721949 wife of E. A. Adams
ADAMSFrancis Irene21 Mar 190231 Mar 1977  
ADDISONCharles W.18901950 husband of Phoebe N.
ADDISONPhoebe N.18931958 wife of Charles W. Addison
Alexander 14 Jan 1894 10 Aug 1977 Pvt US Army - WW I
husband of Anna
ADLERAnna20 Feb 189902 Jul 1988 wife of Alexander
ADLERGary Lee19561961  
ADLERHenry24 Sep 188800 Sep 1967 husband of Rena
ADLERRena18901969 wife of Henry
ADLERIrene R.5/3/1932?? wife of LeRoy Adler
LeRoy 22 Feb 1926 30 Jan 1985 Sgt US Army - Korea
husband of Irene R.
ADLERKatharina03 Mar 186430 Apr 1914 wife of Konrad Adler
AINSWORTHEarl Dean01 Sep 193425 Oct 1990  
AINSWORTHMarie (Hamilton)14 Dec 191422 Apr 1995 wife of Early Ainsworth
AINSWORTHEarly16 Jan 191021 Mar 1999 husband Marie (Hamilton)
AGANCurtis H.22 Sep 189909 Jul 1988 father of Earl & Glenn
AGANLelah Edna11 Feb 190231 Jul 1988  
ALBRECHTElsie02 Dec 191204 Apr 1932 wife of Evert Albrecht
ALBRECHTEvert10 Sep 190904 May 1975 husband of Elsie
ALBRECHTHenry G. 1959  
ALBRECHTJacob J.18741940 husband of Mary
ALBRECHTMary18791954 wife of Jacob J. Albrecht
ALBRECHTLova Ellis05 Jun 190917 Nov /1938  
ALBRECHT(female) 1938  
ALBRIGHTDorella21 Apr 190813 Nov 1985  
ALBRIGHT Glenn P. 20 Mar 1913 03 Mar 1985  
Roy E. 30 Dec 1920 19 Mar 1977 S/Sgt US Army - WWII
husband of Vesta Lois (Newman)
ALBRIGHT Vesta Lois (Newman) Feb 01, 1921
Arapaho, OK
Apr 06, 2013
Guthrie, OK
wife of Roy E. Albright
ALKIREBenjamin F.18491919  
ALKIREHerbert O.18811945  
ALKIRELula Maude18901973  
ALKIREMargaret A.18541934  
ALKIRENova E.18851935  
ALLBRIGHTMary12 Jul 184303 Feb 1907 wife of William Allbright
ALLENEldon H.26 Apr 189105 Nov 1906 son of R. W. & Mary B.
Harvey Lemuel 9/20/18882/16/1957 Mo. USNR PHMI - WWI
ALLENHenry W.9/28/18672/09/1913  
ALLENJames D.18671939 husband of Mary E.
ALLENMary E.18621937 wife of James D. Allen
ALLENLeonard E.03/22/191008/3/1981 husband of Vonnie (Mickie)
ALLENVonnie (Mickie)08/09/190803/07/1990 wife of Leonard E. Allen
ALLENMargaret05/12/191705/05/1918 dau. of J. L. & Rose
ALLENMary Belle11/11/186711/18/1947  
Melvin L. 12/18/1908 07/28/1983 1st Lt US Army - WW II
ALLENM. Tytha18961918  
ALLENNeva (Young)03/16/189102/16/1972  
ALLENRose A.10/24/188107/25/1973  
William 06/24/1843 06/10/1911 MO CSA Marmadude Camp
ALSTONDeborah Ann 1956 6 months
AMENAudry08/22/190602/24/1988 husband of Marie E.
AMENMarie E.09/29/190903/12/1930 wife of Audry Amen
AMENBertha E.09/19/191005/12/1920 dau. of Casper & Emma
AMENCasper22 Dec 188200 Jan 1966 husband of Emma
AMENEmma18881969 wife of Casper Amen
AMENKevin Dale09/13/196605/06/1982 son of Rodney & Linda
AMENLinda Kay09/28/1948  wife of Rodney Alen Amen
AMENRodney Alen05/10/1948  husband of Linda Kay
AMENOna C.11/06/190710/26/1979 husband of Thelma T.
AMENThelma T.03 01 191523 Sep 2004 wife of Ona C. Amen
AMENAlvin Eugene 12/10/1927 infant
AMENCharles P.18661944  
AMENCynthia Ann 10/09/1931 infant
AMENCynthia E.18661944  
AMENLaura Ovella04/21/ 190508/28/1972 wife of Raymond S. Amen
AMENRaymond S. (Ray)04/04/190101/30/1977 husband of Laura O.
AMONMarion C.19051936  
ANDERSONAlexander G.18901950  
ANDERSONCharles S.18731940 husband of Martha M.
ANDERSONMartha M.18831922 wife of Charles S. Anderson
ANDERSONChester07/14/190509/12/1910 son of J. H. & Tillie
ANDERSONEffie Mae 1906 3 yrs.
ANDERSONHazel E.28 Apr 190800 Jul 1992 wife of Otho Lee Anderson
ANDERSONOtho Lee10/12/190712/16/1976 husband of Hazle E.
ANDERSONKevin Shane19771977 infant
Robert 04/13/1930 06/16/1988 PFC US Army - Korea
ANDESRay29 Mar 191911 Sep 2006 husband of Sue
ANSONBill L.02 Mar 192605 Feb 1985  
ARMSTRONGNancy Myrtle03/04/189501/20/1972  
ARMSTRONG     1952  
William F., Jr. 10/04/1953 10/07/1976 SP5 US Army - Vietnam
ARTHURMaud03/30/189101/10/1919 wife of John Arthur
ASKINSJohn Robert09/12/189203/17/1976 husband of Eudah Belle
ASKINSEudah Belle07/12/189405/11/1991 wife of John Robert Askins
ATCHLEYWarren R.02/23/194103/07/1988  
ATWOODNina Sibyl03/14/190507/27/1911 dau. of J. W. & Dolly
AUSTINAvis 1914  
AUSTINInfant 1909  
Melvin L. 08/12/1934 10/10/1934 OK A2C USAF
AVRITT Mattie D. 1880 1970 wife of P. Gon Avritt
AVRITTNina Lee R.190725 Apr 1929 Next to Paul
Paul U. 19211944 160 Fld. Artillery Pilot See Funeral Card
AVRITTP. Gon18761956 husband of Mattie D.
AXTELLCaleb Christopher III19 Nov 195725 Oct 2007 See Obit
AYRESAlma P.12 Mar 189600 Dec 1986 wife of P. J. Ayres, Jr.
AYRESP.J., Jr18921939 husband of Alma P.
P. J. 10/06/1845 11/25/1912 Co G 3rd VA Cav
Don 06/29/1930 05/14/1970 OK USAF - Korea - Vietnam
AYRES Floyd A. Apr 07, 1905 Jun 01, 1976 husband of Frances E.
AYRES Frances E. Oct 01, 1907 Aug 24, 1987 wife of Floyd A. Ayres
AYRESLouise (Jack)17 May190925 Jun 1998 wife of Omer T. Ayres
Omer T. 04 Nov 1909 00 Nov1977 husband of Louise
AYRESno name (male)18871902  
BACONCharles Hamilton19161959  
BACONMerle  1989 
BAHNEYFannie S.19051964 wife of Willie Loyd Bahney
BAHNEYWillie Loyd18981969 husband of Fannie S.
BAILEYBradley K.11/10/186907/04/1908  
BAILEYCarmen Sue04/18/195502/12/1984  
BAILEYElla C.18651954  
BAILEYJeff D. 18611923 
BAILEYNancy V.02/15/187010/25/1910  
BAIRDFlora D.18491936  
BAIRDGeorge S.18481929  
BAIRDVera W.18771956  
BAKERElla C.04/25/187101/21/1938  
BAKERGeorge, Rev.18981973  
BAKERThorton J.07/25/186604/11/1930  
BAKERW. L.1878 1960husband of Mable
Charles   01/25/1901 CSA
BANKEREsther O.01/01/191608/17/1921  
BANKERWalter P.04/19/188211/08/1947  
BANKSCarla Kay04/20/196811/13/1987  
BARGSLEYLewis William12/17/190407/18/1906 son of Charles & Laura
BARNESBeaulah I.19201973 husband of Hazle
BARNESHazel M.18921966 wife of Everette Barnes
Everette Earl 10/19/1893 04/24/1973 OK Sgt. US Army - WWI
husband of Hazle M.
BARNESClaud 1918  
BARNESLois M.18451921  
BARNESRebecca 1917  
BARNESRebecca (Collings)10/27/189110/13/1917  
BRYAN Linda Kay (Yarbrough) 07-15-1948
Sayre, OK
Weatherford, OK
wife of George Kendall Bryan
CATESPeter F.18871947 husband of Vada (Hadley)
CATESVada (Hadley)1896 1977 wife of Peter F. Cates
Barney E. 12/19/1898 05/16/1987 Sea 1 US Navy - WWI
CHRISTYJewel09/06/190104/07/1980 wife of Barney Christy
CHRISTYMarsha Ann 04/17/1952 infant dau. of J. W. & Joy
COTTEREarnest Lee05/22/190712/18/1990  
COTTEREarnest L.08/04/188903/23/1959 husband of Eudora L.
COTTEREudora L.09/15/188902/16/1978 wife of Earnest L. Cotter
COTTERSarah J.01/08/186206/20/1918  
DIBLERGeorge Duane06/14/194707/06/1983  
DIBLERIra I.03/14/186711/23/1931  
DIBLERRoy Irven06/28/189504/17/1969 husband of Stella
DIBLERStella08/19/189512/29/1984 wife of Roy Irven Dibler
Warren Irven 07/5/1921 08/07/1977 Sgt.USA Korea
husband of Dorothy (Bruce)
DIBLERWilliam19311931 infant
EADSCarl18751939 husband of Jennie
EADSJennie18811953 wife of Carl Eads
EADSGeorge B.18771960 husband of Jessie A.
EADSJessie A.18861973 wife of George B. Eads
James 9/2/1833 2/22/1904 Co G 116 Il. Inf. - Civil War
EADSJohn A.18671936  
EADSMinerva J.12/19/184303/01/1923  
EATON Geraldine (Jones) Nov 29, 1912
Sentinel, OK
Oct 13, 1988
Okla. City, OK
wife of Homer Eaton
FRIESENCatherine (Howe)01/26/192106/04/1943  
FRIESENCharlie H.09/01/190008/05/1979  
FRIESENEarl J.07/25/190807/12/1983 husband of Vera Mae (McGoffin)
FRIESENVera Mae (McGoffin)12/12/190701/17/1977 wife of Earl J. Friesen
FRIESEN Earl, Jr. 1930 1979 husband of Bebe
Frank 10/18/1914 06/28/1958 CA 9201 SVC - WW II
GOSSMAN Melvin Rick 02-17-1925 09-30-2014 husband of 1) Jessie Thomas
2) and Rhowene (Bentley) McCarthy
HADLEY Al Dean 08/22/1933 09/10/1991  
Eldon Algy 05/21/1894 10/10/1963 OK 539 Mtr Trk Co - WW I
husband of Golda ( Neighbors)
HADLEYGolda (Neighbors)01/21/189704/10/1980 wife of Elden Algy Hadley
HADLEYE. O.18741934  
HADLEYHenry J.18531930 husband of Sarah
HADLEYSarah07/31/184307/09/1917 wife of Henry J. Hadley
Jack E. 04/10/1920 08/15/ 1990 WWII- Korea
husband of Joanne (Friesen)
HAMILTONCicero18531928 husband of Sarah
HAMILTONSarah18601928 wife of Cicero Hamilton
HAMILTONHenry, Jr.01/24/1920  husband of Wanda J. (Taylor)
HAMILTONWanda J. (Taylor)09/09/1926  wife of Henry Hamilton, Jr. - married 05/15/1947
HAMILTONHenry Robert01/16/1877 12/12/1971 husband of Rose Ellan (McGoffin) - married 10/08/1907
HAMILTONRosa "Rose" Ellan (McGoffin)07/14/188710/07/1975 wife of Henry Robert Hamilton, Sr.
HAMILTONJohn W.01/13/196212/28/1926  
HAMILTONMammie E.18901986 Note: She was the old rural telephone operator.
HAMILTONUrie Z.02/27/189702/15/1915 son of J. W. Hamilton
Walter C. 10/14/1891 09/05/1931 OK Cpl 256 ECT Co. - WWI
HARDINBessie B.1903  wife of Joseph M. Hardin
Joseph M. 03/20/1895 10/04/1969 OK Co B 131 M6 BN - WWI
husband of Bessie B.
HARDINClaarence W.18811958 husband of Rosetta C
HARDINRosetta C.18891958 wife of Clarence W. Hardin
Herbert H. 10/08/1920 02/24/1986 TEC4 US Army - WWII
husband of Nadine
HARDINNadine   wife of Herbert H. Hardin
HARDINJesse Louis18851975 husband of Jessie I. (Hamilton)
HARDINJessie I. (Hamilton)18871957 wife of Jesse Louis Hardin
HARDINLaurence L.19121955 husband of Mildred I. (Claunch)
HARDINMildred I. (Claunch)19151980 wife of Laurence L. Hardin
HARDINMargaret 10/13/1976  
HARTJoy Marie07 Jun 192730 Nov 2004 dau. of Vernie
HART Vernie Robert 19 Aug 1906 13 Apr 1935 husband of Mamie Avritt
HENDERSON Betty Ruth (Haney) Sep 12, 1931
Butler, OK
Mar 13, 2002 wife of Dickey Henderson
Herbert Andrew 01/29/1908 03/23/1987 1st. Sgt. USA - WWII
husband of Lois
JOHNSTONLois Viola (Mcgoffin)02/13/1915  married 12/18/1943
KEEN Nancy J. "Grandma" Aug 19, 1833 Jan 07, 1920 wife of Enoch Keen
MCGOFFINAndrew Leo18911945 husband of Eupha Mae
MCGOFFINEupha Mae18931987 wife of Andrew Leo McGoffin
PALMERRobert Monroe1874 1941 husband of Tillie I.
PALMERTillie I.18911975 wife of Robert Monroe Palmer
RICECarolyn Ragan11/27/187403/12/1937  
RICECharles Elmo05/13/189107/18/1918  
RICEJohn Wesley02/03/184703/19/1920  
RODMANAnna Mae (Huddleston)1879 1975  
Henry S. 03/28/1897 04/11/1975 Pvt US Army - WWI
husband of Rose Leah
RODMANRose Leah02/08/190207/22/1981 wife of Henry S. Rodman
RODMANHugh W.18751950  
ROLANGlen Alvin19081971 husband of Ruby M. (Eads)
ROLANRuby M. (Eads)09/18/190707/06/1991 wife of Glen Alvin Rolan
ROESCHAgnes J. (Brown)18941974 wife of Willie H. Roesch
ROESCHWillie H.1894 1957 husband of Agnes J. (Brown)
ROESCHBlanche D.06/07/189912/10/1986  
ROESCHPaul J.12/25/189801/08/1956  
ROESCHW. Dale05/18/1921   
ROESLEREdward H.18771940  
ROESLERMildred E.1910 1920  
ROESLERRachel Rosena18741963  
ROESLERSamuel1870 1936  
ROESLERLila M.19131920  
RYMER Isaac "Ike" Feb 20, 1890
Benton, TN
Feb 19, 1941
Cheyenne, OK
husband of Viola (Mosburg)
STEWARD Lillie Mae (Hanshaw) Jun 23, 1890
Georgetown, TX
Mar 20, 1985
Okla. City, OK
wife of J. Brent Steward
TAYLOR Harold Duane Jun 11, 1929
Greensburg, KS
Jul 24, 1999
Weatherford, OK
husband of Esther (Zielk)
THOMAS Auda Marie May 06, 1943
Enid, OK
Jan 27, 2016
Okla. City, OK
TRENT Luke W., Jr. Aug 25, 1912
Hammon, OK
May 13, 1991
Weatherford, OK
husband of Nena (Holladay)
WEASTGertrude E.02/11/188405/11/1960  

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