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Highland Cemetery, Lawton,
Comanche County, Oklahoma

partial survey

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M Surnames

MADDEN Charles A. 09/28/1866 02/13/1939  
MADDOX James H. 02/07/1869 11/08/1916 "Weep not he is at rest"
MANGRAM Virgil G., Rev. 05/29/1930
Lawton OK
H/O Wanda Mangram, F/O Nancy McNeil, S/O Orville & Lola [Flanagan] Mangram
MANNING Emma J. 1876 11/27/1958  
MANNING Joseph L. 1884 03/051959  
MANSELL Ann Lou 10/28/1955 10/28/1955 "Forever a sleeping Angel"
MANSELL Baby Girl 12/19/1955 12/19/1955 "Asleep with Jesus"
MANSELL Billy Wayne 07/05/1929
Comanche OK
Lawton OK
"In Loving Memory Of"
S/O Milburn Lee Mansell & Juanita Sybil [Taliaferro] Mansell Claiborne
Mansell Plot
MANSELL Cynthia   05/25/1966 Mansell Plot
MANSELL Georgie F. 07/07/1915 07/28/1967 Mansell Plot
MANSELL Jerry Gwendolyn 03/03/1931 02/27/1994 "Beloved Sister", D/O Milburn Lee Mansell & Juanita Sybil [Taliaferro] Mansell Claiborne
Mansell Plot
MANSELL Milburn Lee 03/24/1906 05/26/1945 H/O Juanita [Taliaferro] Mansell Claiborne, S/O William Harley & Eliza [Smith] Mansell
Mansell Plot
MANSELL R. L. 1921 02/12/1922 6 Mos.
MANSELL Robert Lee   01/04/1957  
MARLER James A., Jr. 1908 1982  
MARLER Marie Lee [Maupin] 11/24/1909 05/04/1993 "Sleep Sweet"
SS/W & W/O Wilbur Nonley Marler
Related to:Sandi Carter
MARLER Mary I. 1873 1962  
MARLER Wilbur Nonley 10/22/1911 06/05/1993 "Sleep Sweet"
SS/W & H/O Marie Lee [Maupin] Marler
Related to:Sandi Carter
MARPLE Daisy Eva [Furr] 11/27/1889 07/29/1916  
MARPLE Frank M. 1865 1926  
MARTINEAU Betty Jo [Simpson] 01/09/1921
Hutchinson KS
Lawton OK
W/O Robert E. Martineau Ret CSM, M 7 Jan 1976 Lawton OK, M/O William R. Brown & Peggy J. Moot, D/O Fred & Vivian A. Simpson
Becker Funeral Home ~ Lawton OK
MASON Bertha Elizabeth [Jorgensen] 09/11/1896
Astoria OR
Lawton OK
W/O John Arthur Mason ( D 1975), M Seattle WA, M/O Nancy A/ [Lawton Ritter~Dalton Funeral Home
MASON Winnie B 11/28/1913 07/26/1972  
MASSAD Sam A. 10/22/1922 08/31/1996  
MATTHEWS Doris [Hatfield] 05/31/1920
Covington OK
Lawton OK
W/O Jean Houston Matthews, M 25 Sep 1941 Carlsbad NM, M/O Kenneth Matthews, D/O Alvin M. & Addie [Hackett] Hatfield
Lawton Ritter Gray Funeral Home
MATTHIESEN August A. 05/19/1893
image "Texas Lt Col TC ~ World War I & II"
H/O Lillian Claudine [Fields] Matthiesen, F/O Martin Matthiesen
MATTHIESEN Lillian Claudine [Fields] 08/10/1900
W/O August A. Matthiesen, M/O Martin Matthiesen, D/O David Andrew Fields & Mary M. Lewis
MATTHIESEN Martin 01/07/1919 12/12/1924 S/O August A. Matthiesen & Lillian Claudine Fields
MATUCK Nettie Fitzgerald Prater 12/24/1918 10/28/1997 Prater Plot
MAUPIN Herman Brown 03/17/1882 03/07/1962 H/O Willie Mae [Welch] Maupin, F/O Marie Lee [Maupin] Marler, S/O William Henry Harrison Maupin & Ida Brunetta Baker
Related to:Sandi Carter
MAVITY Frances 12/10/1868 03/07/1962
Lawton OK
SS/W John H. Mavity
MAVITY John H. 07/07/1868 12/12/1956
Lawton OK
SS/W Frances Mavity
MAYS Eva H. [Highland] 12/21/1919
Tulsa OK
Lawton OK
W/O [1] James Odis Hardcastle [2] Jack B. Mays, D/O George & Eula Mae [Pointer] Highland, Whinery-Huddleston Funeral Home
See obit
McALISTER Johnie Lucille [Hennessee] 02/04/1909
Jefferson CO OK
Winsted CT
W/O Gardner Sterling McAlister, M/O Janice Gengenbach & Jeanette Noveroske, D/O William Patrick & Frances Aldora [Carter] Hennessee
Lawton Ritter Gray Funeral Home
McAVOY Charles P. 03/1884 04/12/1925 image "Oklahoma Pvt 142 Inf 56 Div", S/O John H. & Sara Elizabeth [Burns] Mcavoy
McAVOY John H. 01/15/1850
Philadelphia PA
02/16/1912 "Gone but not forgotten"
H/O Sarah Elizabeth [Burns] McAvoy, M 1881 LaCrosse WI, F/O Julia, James E., Mary L., Samuel C., Joseph C., Pearl Emil, Archie G., Christopher S., Robert B. & Charles P. McAvoy, S/O Edward McAvoy & Emily Lewis Husband
McAVOY Sarah Elizabeth [Burns] 09/21/1857 09/26/1945 W/O John H. McAvoy, M/O Julia, James E., Mary L., Samuel C., Joseph C., Pearl Emil, Archie G., Christopher S., Robert B. & Charles P. McAvoy, D/O Peter F. Burns & Mary Sullivan
McCANTS Josephine B. 12/03/1915
Stapleton NE
M/O Maureen VanArsdale, Bernard L., Kenneth G. & Dennis V. McCants
Lawton Ritter Gray Funeral Home
McCAULEY Grace A. [Champion] 03/24/1914
Cotton CO OK
Lawton OK
W/O Elmer F. "Chick" McCauley (D 18 Dec 1999), M 16 Mar 1953 Lawton OK, M/O Jacqueline Wolf, D/O Ross L. & Elsie H. [Pinc] champion
Becker Funeral Home ~ Lawton OK
McINTOSH Clara Belle [Neill] 05/05/1866
Bona MO
Lawton OK
W/O Elijah Milton Commadore McIntosh, D/O Alexander N. Neill & Senah E. Porter
McKINNEY Sherry M. [Logsdon] McKinney 11/27/1939
Chickasha OK
Lawton OK
W/O Howard C. McKinney, Jr. (D 22 Dec 1994), M 12 Feb 1982 Vernon TX, D/O William J. & Mildred Logsdon
See obit
McLEAN Loretta [Palka] 05/27/1920
Chicago IL
W/O Floyd William McLean, Army Master Sgt., M Jan 1943 Camp Van Dorn MS, M/O Deborah Lee Elledge, Floyd William, Jeff, Chris & Bruce McLean, D/O Frank & Katherine Palka
Hart~Wyatt Funeral Home ~ Walters OK
McMAHON Eugene D. 01/28/1895 06/07/1945  
McMAHON Eugene P. 11/01/1862 05/15/1936  
McMAHON Louise [Davis] 01/18/1873 02/08/1966  
McMAHON Maurice R. 10/10/1920 10/13/1920 "Son of M. & S. McMahon" "Gone but not forgotten"
McNATT Elmer   07/11/1920  
McNATT Mary Jessie 10/031927 07/20/2001  
McNATT Ray      
McNEAL Cecil Charles 02/28/1905 05/15/1990 SS/W Mary H. [Beck] McNeal
McNEAL Mary H. [Beck] 12/18/1907 03/25/1996 SS/W Cecil Charles McNeal
McNEIL Kenneth Dale 05/031950 05/03/1950 "Infant Son Of Merl & June McNeil"
MELTON Faye 07/1885 1971 "Daughter", D/O Thaddeus Sebastian Melton & Margaret "Maggie" Frakes
Melton Plot
MELTON Homer B. 1890 1926 "Brother", S/O Thaddeus Sebastian Melton & Margaret "Maggie" Frakes
Melton Plot
MELTON Margaret A. "Maggie" [Frakes} 08/1860
1939 "Mother", W/O Thaddeus Sebastian Melton, M/O Faye & Homer B. Melton
Melton Plot
MELTON Thaddeus Sebastian 12/03/1856
"Father", H/O Margaret A. [Frakes] Melton, F/O Faye & Homer B. Melton, S/O David Melton & Martha Ann Tranum
Melton Plot
MERCADO Enedina [Trevino] 05/14/1896
Nuevo Leon MX
Lawton OK
MICHAEL Edward Eugene 11/05/1886 10/27/1918 "In Loving Memory"
Sons Blondell William (Bill) & Wesley" "Wife Lula"
MILES Eugene P.   11/24/2006 Becker Funeral Home ~ Lawton OK
MILEY Laura V. 1889 1960  
MILLER Eva Lee Dora [Winton] 12/26/1879
Lawton OK
W/O Isaac Samuel "Ike" Miller, M/O Lillie Mae [Miller] Roberts (1898~1988), Pearl Ona [Miller] Dale (1901~1988), Grace Emily [Miller] Ross (1903~1964), Bonnie Lee [Miller] Renick (1906~2000), Jesse Samuel Miller (1915~2003) & Floy Magdalene [Miller] Ledford (living), D/O Stephen Robert Winton (1843~1927) & Elizabeth Parlee [Cozart] Winton (1858~1927)
MILLER Isaac Samuel "Ike" 08/31/1868
Knoxville TN
Lawton OK
H/O Eva Lee Dora [Winton] Miller, M 26 Dec 1897 Marsden Chickasaw Nation IT (Love CO OK), F/O Lillie Mae [Miller] Roberts (1898~1988), Pearl Ona [Miller] Dale (1901~1988), Grace Emily [Miller] Ross (1903~1964), Bonnie Lee [Miller] Renick (1906~2000), Jesse Samuel Miller (1915~2003) & Floy Magdalene [Miller] Ledford (living)
MILLER Pearl E. 05/27/1913 05/28/1933 "Forever In Our Hearts"
MILLER William I. 9/Dec/1873 24 Nov 1949 "Father"
MITCHELL Arthur I. 1883 1942  
MITCHELL Dora G. 1887 1976  
MITCHELL Thomas J. 28/Jun/1872 13/Sep/1947
Lawton OK
"At Rest"
MOFFITT Mildred 1906 1910 "Tho' lost to sight, to memory dear"
MOORE Lee, Major 9/Sep/1916 16/Sep/1966
(burial 22 Sep)
H/O Lorene [Martin ] Moore
MOORE Travis Oran 5/May/1943
Natalia TX
Lawton OK
S/O Henry G. & Ethel [Griggs] Moore
Comanche Nation Funeral Home
MORFORD Travis Edward 1982 8/Jul/2007 25 Yrs, S/O Pete & Danni Morford
MORRIS Ida Ola 1885 1947
SS/W & W/O John Paton Morris
MORRIS John Edward 1940 25/Jun/1940  
MORRIS John Paton 1883 1964
SS/W & H/O Ida Ola Morris
MORRISON Erin Michael 21/Dec/1983 24/Jul/2004  
MORROW Ella 1870 5/Feb/1957  
MORROW Robert J. 1860 31/Mar/1949  
MOSHER Wayne Val, Lieut. 20/Feb/1916 12/Jul/1942 image "Lieut Wayne Val Mosher 20th Pursuit Group. 77th Fighter Sqd, US Army Air Forces" "He Gave His Life For His Country"
MOSS William 25/Nov/1940 23/May/2002 See obit
MOTT Geneva Joe [Clark] 13/Apr/1921
Lawton OK
Lawton OK
W/O [1] Raymond E. Powell, M 1941 [2] Harold Mott, M 1979 Whittman AZ, M/O Ramona Boyington, Geneva Powell & Betty Calipatrea, D/O Edward H. & Mary Pache [Parker] Clark
Comanche Nation of Oklahoma
MULLINS Alvie "Beau" 15/Dec/1913
Boswell OK
Lawton OK
S/O Jesse & Mamie [Rogers] Mullins, B/O Edna Pauline Mullins, never married
MURRAY Elias A. 20/Mar/1877 12/Aug/1963 Murray Plot
MURRAY Jane 1874 1929 Murray Plot
MURRAY Nancy C. 14/Sep/1841 18/Apr/1917 Murray Plot
MURRAY Vera Hattie [Smith] 7/Oct/1900 2/May/1980 Murray Plot
MUSTAIN Jerry 4/Dec/1918
Lawton OK
Lawton OK
image US Navy ~ World War II, H/O Muriel [Glasgow] Mustain, M 25 Dec 1938 Lawton OK, F/O Michael Mustain, S/O Cecil & Mabel Mustain
Lawton Ritter Gray Chapel
MYERS Claude 16/Nov/1912 19/Aug/1953 "Son"
See photo
Related to:Dixie Sain Berry
MYERS George Washington "Jack" 8/Sep/1883
Alvord TX
Lawton OK
"Husband of Nannie Myers", H/O Nannie Beatrice [Jordan] Myers
See photo See obit
Related to:Dixie Sain Berry
MYERS Nannie Beatrice [Jordan] 4/Feb/1891
Joplin MO
Amarillo TX
"Wife of George Myers", W/O George Washington "Jack" Myers
See photo See obit
Related to:Dixie Sain Berry

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