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Fairview Cemetery
Apache, Caddo County, Oklahoma

Submitted by: Sandi Carter

McCay, M - McCunn Surnames
McCay Family PlotMcCAYMabel Louise [Wagner]30/Jul/190709/Mar/1985"Mother"
SS/W & Loomis W. McCay, M/O Donald Loomis McCay, D/O Karl F. & Caroline Louise [Mannschreck] Wagner, Mabel L. & Loomis W. McCay Family
 McCAYMargaret Ann [Huckleberry]12/Sep/1934
Apache OK
OK City OK
"[Married] Oct 4, 1952" "Huckleberry Inn"
SS/W & W/O Martin Thomas McCay, D/O Clarence & Verda H. [Wyatt] Huckleberry, Operated the Huckleberry Inn ~ Cyril OK, Crews Funeral Home ~ Apache OK
 McCAYMartha Jane25/Apr/188509/Dec/1914"Dau of E. I. & S. A. McKay"
D/O Ephraim I. & Susan Ann [Walker] McCay
Single marker
 McCAYMartin Thomas12/Nov/1932  "US Army 1947 ~ 1979" "[Married] Oct 4, 1952" "Huckleberry Inn"
SS/W & H/O Margaret Ann [Huckleberry] McCay
 McCAYMartin Thomas "Marty" Jr14/Jul/195908/Nov/1999"Father of Elijah Thomas"
H/O Unknown McCay, S/O Martin Thomas & Margaret Ann [Huckleberry] McCay
Single marker
 McCAYNelson27/Mar/189320/Apr/1970  "Oklahoma Pvt Btry C 343 Fa 90 Div ~ World War I" "Married Aug 19, 1919"
SS/W & H/O Climma Tennessee [Wheeler] McCay, S/O Epharaim I. & Susan Ann [Walker] McCay
Two markers
 McCAYOney Jachin19/Dec/190510/Nov/1986
SS/W & H/O Lucille Katherine [Wagner] McCay, F/O Larry, Carl, Gerald, Wanda, Delores & Carolyn
 McCAYRalph Earl05/Aug/194602/Aug/1947"Son of Earl & Wilma McCay"
S/O Earl Weaver & Wilma Frances [Burkhead] McCay
Single marker
 McCAYSusan Ann [Walker]18/Feb/186901/Jan/1962 "Gone but not forgotten"
SS/W & W/O Empraim I. McCay
 McCAYThomas Earl19/Nov/194823/Feb/2003"Father of Becky and Bobby"
H/O Unknown McCay, S/O Earl Weaver & Wilma Frances [Burkhead] McCay
Single marker
 McCAYVicki Lynn [Howell]15/Dec/1950
Duncan OK
Apache OK
W/O Howard McCay, M 08/Feb/1969 Apache OK, D/O Johnny Thomas & Doris Jean [Sims] McCay
Unmarked Grave
McCay Family PlotMcCAYWalter Mitchell10/Nov/189124/Aug/1962  "Oklahoma Pvt MG CO 79 Inf. ~ World War I"
H/O Leta [Kelly] McCay, S/O Ephraim I. & Susan Ann [Walker] McCay McCay, Lawrence W. McCay, Leta & Walter Mitchel McCay Family
Single marker
 McCAYWilma Frances [Burkhead]01/Mar/1923
Apache OK
Apache OK
"Married January 11, 1941"
SS/W & W/O Earl Weaver McCay, M/O Ralph Earl, Thomas Earl, Howard Wayne, Gordon Ray & Frances Ellen McCay, D/O Jess W. & Myrtle G. [Scammahorn] Burkhead
 McCLOSKEYDaniel C.25/Oct/189216/Jan/1971SS/W & H/O Hester Lena [Huffine] McCloskey, F/O Arlene, Joyce, Leland & Delores
 McCLOSKEYEdna Sue07/Mar/194628/Apr/1962"Our Loving Daughter"
D/O Royce W. & Unknown McCloskey, Car accident
 McCLOSKEYHester Lena [Huffine]19/Feb/189821/May/1984SS/W & W/O Daniel C. McCloskey, M/O Arlene, Joyce, Leland & Delores
 McCloskeyLeland E.24/Dec/191904/Jan/2003 "Sf1 US Navy ~ World War II" "In Loving Memory" "[Married] Oct 24, 1947"
SS/W & H/O Mary Ann McCloskey, S/O Daniel C. & Hester Lena [Huffine] McCloskey
Two markers
 McCLOSKEYMadie Merle25/Aug/192224/Sep/1946"Wife of Leland McCloskey"
Single marker
 McCloskeyMary Ann30/Apr/1925 "In Loving Memory" "[Married] Oct 24, 1947"
SS/W & W/O Leland E. McCloskey
 McCLOSKEYRaymond V. "Jabo"19221981 RM 3 US Navy~ World War II "Not Forgotten"
Single marker
 McCLUREAudra Myrtle [Allison]19/Aug/1908
Fort Cobb OK
Lawton OKburial/23/Aug
"Married Jan 26, 1919"
SS/W & W/O James Franklin McClure
 McCLUREBlanche Irene [Palesano]22/Jul/1924
Fort Cobb OK
Lawton OK
W/O Marvin Vestal McClure, M 24/Mar/1946, D/O James & Meeta Mae [Carter] Palesano, Crews Funeral Home ~ Apache OK
Unmarked Grave
 McCLURECecil Leslie07/Jul/192301/Jan/2007  "Tec 5 US Army ~ World War II" "Together Forever" "Parents of Carolyn, Sharon, Debra"
SS/W & H/O Otha Marie [Palesano] McClure, S/O James Franklin & Audra Myrle [Allison] McClure
 McCLUREElla01/Sep/1955 "Son of Loyd and Ible" "Father of Joe" "At rest in the secret place"
SS/W & W/O Jerry D. McClure
 McCLUREEmma Sylveda [Crow]09/Aug/1924Apache OK27/Jul/1997
Fort Worth TX
   "Precious Memories"
SS/W & W/O Howard L. McClure Sr, M 19/Aug/1939 Apache OK, D/O M. Sylvester & Elizabeth [Brewer] Crow, Practical Nurse, Crews Funeral Home ~ Apache OK
 McCLUREHoward Lee Sr02/Jan/1922
Fort Cobb OK
Lawton OK
    "Sgt US Army ~ World War II" "Precious Memories"
SS/W & H/O Emma Sylveda [Crow] McClure, M 19/Aug/1939 Apache OK, S/O James Franklin & Audra Myrle [Allison] McClure, Crews Funeral Home ~ Apache OK
Section EMcCLUREIble May08/Dec/191709/Nov/1992 "Married Apr 14, 1938"
SS/W & W/O Loyd Haskel McClure, M/O Myrle, Florence, Linda, Laura, Loyd Jr, Jerry, David, Becky & Brenda McClure
 McCLUREJames Franklin26/Sep/189823/Aug/1969"Married Jan 26, 1919"
SS/W & H/O Audra M. McClure, S/O Unknown McClure & Florence Ellen [Cochran] McClure Briedwell
 McCLUREJames Marvin01/Jul/1947
Apache Caddo CO OK
  "Oklahoma Pfc CO C 9 Infantry Div ~ Vietnam BSM-PH"
H/O Debbie McClure, S/O Marvin Vestal & Blanche Irene [Palesano] McClure
 McCLUREJames Virgil13/May/1933
Fort Cobb OK
Apache OK
"[Married] Mar 16, 1952" "Parents of Kerry ~ Andrea ~ John" "Thank you Lord, for Your Blessings on us"
SS/W & H/O Marjorie Ella [Woolsey] McClure, M Clinton OK, S/O Rev James Franklin & Audra Myrle [Allison] McClure, Crews Funeral Home ~ Apache OK
 McCLUREJerry D.27/Jul/195115/Dec/2004"Son of Loyd and Ible" "Father of Joe" "At rest in the secret place"
SS/W & H/O Ella McClure
 McCLURELoyd Haskel14/Apr/197016/Nov/1998"Married Apr 14, 1938"
SS/W & H/O Ible May McClure, S/O Rev James Franklin & Audra Myrle [Allison] McClure
 McCLUREMarjorie Ella [Woolsey]21/Oct/1931 "[Married] Mar 16, 1952" "Parents of Kerry ~ Andrea ~ John" "Thank you Lord, for Your Blessings on us
SS/W & W/O James Virgil McClure
 McCLUREMarvin Vestal02/Dec/1926
Gracemont OK
Lawton OK
H/O Blanche Irene [Palesano] McClure, M 24/Mar/1946, S/O James Franklin & Audra Myrle [Allison] McClure
Unmarked Grave
 McCLUREOtha Marie [Palesano]12/Jul/1923
Fort Cobb OK
Lawton OK
"Together Forever" "Parents of Carolyn, Sharon, Debra"
SS/W & W/O Cecil Leslie McClure, D/O James "Jim" & Meeta Mae [Carter] Palesano
 McCOMBSarah P.18/Aug/185815/Mar/1922"Mother" "We'll meet again"
SS/W & W/O T. W. McComb
 McCOMBT. W.23/Oct/185320/Jul/1936"Father" "We'll meet again"
SS/W & H/O Sarah P. McComb
 McCORDGeorge W.18701939"Father"
SS/W & H/O Sarah E. McCord
Single marker
 McCORDSarah E.18841955"Mother"
SS/W & W/O George W. McCord
 McCORMICKJane "Janie" [McAllister]1868
Denton TX
20/Apr/1905SS/W & W/O Samuel McCormick, D/O Unknown & James W. & Lorinda Dallas [Fulbright] Turner McAllister
 McCORMICKMarjorie 04/Apr/1997Unmarked Grave
 McCORMICKSamuel18501934SS/W & H/O Jane "Janie" [McAllister] McCormick, S/O Joseph & Martha [Chewning] McCormick
 McCRACKENAlvin Houston08/Jun/191419/Mar/2003SS/W & H/O Jessie Pauline [Webb] McCracken
 McCRACKENBennie  Unmarked Grave
 McCRACKENBertha A. [Miller]22/Mar/191018/Sep/2003Unmarked Grave
 McCRACKENCecil Smith28/Dec/190716/Mar/1995Single marker
 McCRACKENJames Allen "Jim"30/May/197602/Oct/2006"Loving Son, Brother, Uncle"

Single marker
 McCRACKENJessie Pauline [Webb]09/Sep/191515/Oct/1967SS/W & W/O Alvin Houston McCracken
 McCRACKENJimmy Allen25/Dec/1935
Apache OK
   US National Guard "In Loving Memory"
H/O Joan [Pilcher] McCracken, M 01/Dec/1960 Fort Sill OK, S/O Alvin Houston & Jessie Pauline [Webb] McCracken, Apache Fire Dept
 McCRACKENJoan [Pilcher]27/Sep/1937
Chickasha OK
Lawton OK
W/O Jim McCracken, M 01/Dec/1960 Fort Sill OK, M/O Jeff McCracken, D/O Garrett D. & Daisy M. Pilcher, Crews Funeral Home ~ Apache
See obit
 McCRACKENPaul Max07/Jan/189517/Dec/1910"Son of Loula & R. A. McCracken"
Single marker
 McCRACKENPauline09/Sep/191515/Oct/1967SS/W & W/O Alvin Houston McCracken
 McCRACKENRobert Azrise "Bob"28/May/1855
Hickory CO MO
Apache OK
  "53 Yrs 1 Mo 16 Days" "Tho lost to sight to memory dear"
H/O Lula M. [Page] McCracken, M 14/Feb/1891
 McCRACKENRobert Byron18841916Single marker
 McCRACKENRobert C.07/Oct/194022/Sep/1984SS/W Virginia McCracken
 McCRACKENSam Houston24/Nov/189022/Feb/1979SS/W & H/O Wavy L. McCracken
 McCRACKENVirginia17/Mar/1943 SS/W Robert C. McCracken
 McCRACKENWavy L.24/Nov/189028/Feb/1989SS/W & W/O Sam Houston McCracken
 McCRAYHenry Luther23/Sep/1923
Lawton OK
S/O Willis Marion & Willie Blanche [Clark] McCray, Whitt Funeral Home ~ Duncan OK
Unmarked Grave
 McCRAYNathaniel Joseph08/Aug/197626/Sep/1976Single marker
 McCRAYTimothy Wayne03/Jan/1957
Lawton OK
Geronimo OK
S/O Willis Marion & Willie Blanche [Clark] McCray
Two homemade markers
 McCRUMMarybelle [Hudgins]22/Aug/191622/May/2002Single marker
 McCULLAREssie Othella [Suter]16/Sep/1917
Cyril OK
W/O George Marvin McCullar
 McCULLARGeorge Marvin22/Feb/1910
Phillips OK
Apache OK
H/O Essie Othella [Suter] McCullar
 McCULLEYIra J.21/Jan/1891
Apache OK
H/O Emma Belle McCulley, S/O I. M. & Lucy [Goodsell] McCulley
Unmarked Grave
 McCULLEYLittle Jack18/Dec/191721/Aug/1927 "Son of Oliver M. & Clara McCulley"
Single marker
 McCULLEYOliver M.06/Jan/189002/Nov/1961 "Oklahoma Sgt 317 Bakery Co OMC ~ World War I"
Single marker
 McCULLOUGHBeulah191214/Sep/1915"Age 3 Years"
Single marker
 McCULLOUGHHelma [Base]29/Jun/1926 "Together Forever"
SS/W & W/O Raymond L. McCullough
McCullough Family PlotMcCULLOUGHJack Jr19241961  "S.F.C. US Army ~ World War 11 ~ Korea" "Daddy"
H/O Josephine M. McCullough, Jack Jr & Josephine M. McCullough Family
Single marker
McCullough Family PlotMcCULLOUGHJosephine M.19271994 "Mother"
W/O Jack McCullough Jr, Jack Jr & Josephine M. McCullough Family
Single marker
 McCULLOUGHRaymond L.06/Feb/1927 "Together Forever"
SS/W & H/O Helma [Base] McCullough
 McCUNNBetty M.16/Apr/190511/May/1905"Mother"
Single marker

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