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Floral Haven Memorial Gardens Cemetery
Tulsa County, Oklahoma
W Surnames

Partial survey

If you have family buried in the Floral Haven Memorial Gardens Cemetery or can take a gate photo that I can place on the website or can give driving directions to the cemetery or have obits (with newspapers permission or an obit that you can write) or tombstone photos or individual portraits or can write a short bio or have a history of the cemetery and would like to add your information to this website, contact the area coordinator for more information. You can also check out our How to Submit page.
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Note: Every effort has been made to transcribe this information accurately. These records MAY CONTAIN ERRORS. Any corrections and/or additions greatly appreciated. As with any genealogy information, this is a source and should be considered as such. It is up to the researcher to verify the accuracy.

Charles Willard 5/30/1927 1/13/2005 US Army
Wagner Edith Beth (Moore) 2/4/1917 1/16/2008 W of Rhinie
Wagner Eula M 1912 1993 W of Farl C
Wagner Farl Clifton 2/28/1907 7/29/2000 H of Eula
Farl Duane 2/28/1946 12/29/1968 OK Sgt Co E, 27thInf, 25thInfDiv  Vietnam
Wagner Frances Emily (Smith) 5/11/1912 10/25/1999 Photo
Wagner Frank Doyle Sr 8/18/1923 5/2/1995  
Wagner Herschel Duncan 1/26/1929 7/27/1997 H of Thelma
Wagner Jerry Ann (Newton) 9/14/1938 1/17/2007 W of Richard
Wagner Jesse Lee 5/3/1911 6/13/1997 H of Nola
Wagner Nola N (Bourland) 7/19/1911 1/27/2008 W of Jesse
Wagner Rhinie Ernest 1913 1/28/1993 H of Edith
Wagner Richard "Dan" 1/31/1937 12/30/2016 H of Jerry
Wagner Thelma Lee (Payne) 6/3/1932 9/15/2013 W of Herschel
Cecil Byron 2/4/1922 2/6/2013 US Army 
Photo & obit
Waychoff Bernard Harold 12/30/1908 Mar 1979 H of Esther    photo
Waychoff Esther L. 2/28/1908 7/22/1988 W of Bernard    photo
WELLS James E 1906 1977 H of Pauline   Photo
WELLS Pauline L 1910 2003 W of  James     Photo
West Callie 9/26/1921 7/5/1998 Photo
Raymond Lee 7/14/1927 10/1/2002 US Marine Corps
WW II    Photo
WHITE Albert C 4/28/1883 9/23/1960 H of Louvenia   Photo
Albert C Jr 12/13/1919 8/27/2001 US Army  WW II  photo
WHITE Alveda L 1903 1966 W of Gorden    Photo
WHITE Anita R 1911 1988 W of Jesse
WHITE Archie Richard 1919 2001 H of Mary A
WHITE Beau George 6/30/2016 6/30/2016  
WHITE Betty Ann 1925 2014 Wed Lester 6/8/1946
Bob Jr 1927 12/13/1997 Wed Eileen  5/27/1952 Photo
US Army  WW II
WHITE Bobby Lee 1939 1992 H of Donamae  Photo
WHITE Bradley Joe 12/2/1963 4/1/2016  
WHITE Carol 1927 1964  
Charles Edward 1914 1995 US Navy - WW II
WHITE Charles H 1907 1998 H of Gladys 
WHITE Charles H 1919 1994 H of Joanna     Photo
WHITE Christopher Lee 5/27/1978 5/27/1978  
Claud Junior 9/15/1932 1/1/2015 H of Dee
Sgt US Army  Korea
WHITE Creasy 1903 1981  
WHITE Crystal E 9/30/2012 9/30/2012  
WHITE Cyrus Stonewall 1907 1989 H of Mary L
WHITE David E Sherrell 2/4/1999 6/24/1999  
WHITE David Wayne 11/12/1961 6/11/2018 Obit
WHITE Dee Ann 1944   W of Claud
Donald Ray 5/30/1931 1/22/2006 US Army  Korea
H of Wanda
WHITE Donamae M 1940 2000 W of Bobby  Photo
WHITE Doris E 7/14/1914 5/3/1984  
WHITE Dorothy 10/19/1937 11/22/2008  
WHITE Edith Mae 1915 1969  
WHITE Edna F 1933   W of Kenneth R  Photo
WHITE Edris E 1922 1981  
WHITE Edwin Maurice "Ed" 6/30/1941 2/18/2012 Photo
Eileen Marie 10/4/1924 9/5/2012 Wed Bob Jr 5/27/1952 Photo
US Army  WW II
WHITE Eleanor R 1929 1985 W of Herbert Sr  Photo
WHITE Esther E 10/18/1927 4/25/2008 W of Orvind     Photo
WHITE Esther L 12/31/1912 9/17/2006  
WHITE George Alton 1913 1997 Photo
WHITE George Wesley "Wes" 4/25/1921 6/5/2006 H of Ursula     Photo
WHITE Gerald Lee 9/9/1936 7/9/2018 H of Janice M
WHITE Geraldine 12/22/1919 2/23/2008  
WHITE Gladys C 1908 1961  
WHITE Gordon F 1898 1986 H of Alveda    Photo
Harold Eugene 8/20/1917 9/20/1985 PFC US Army  WW II  Photo
WHITE Hattie L 1/6/1903 1/25/2005 W of Roy Photo
WHITE Hazel Ann 9/1/1915 8/14/2007  
WHITE Helen Lucile (Bowe) 7/23/1913 11/18/2012 W of William W
WHITE Herbert L Sr 1925 1991 H of Eleanor   Photo
WHITE Howard 1919 1976 H of Mildred
WHITE Imogene 1918 1998  
WHITE Ira Keith 9/27/1940 9/9/2010  
WHITE Isaac Andrew 5/21/2002 5/21/2002  
WHITE Isabel 8/19/1921 12/26/1964  
WHITE Isaiah Jr 3/18/1962 3/7/2014  
WHITE Jack Thomas 6/30/2016 6/30/2016  
WHITE Jacqulyn Rae (Grady) 10/11/1959 11/11/2014 W of Ronald E  Photo
WHITE James A 1959 1993 Photo
James Alton "Jimmy" 6/30/1947 4/12/2006 US Army  Vietnam
WHITE James D 1925 1986 H of Joan
WHITE James Emmett 6/7/1906 6/14/1969 Wed Lelia 4/2/1929
WHITE James L 1938 5/29/1992 H of Suzanne  Photo
WHITE James Preston "Jim" 9/2/1952 2/21/2011 H of Janice
WHITE Janice 6/7/19??   W of James P
WHITE Janice May (Brandon) 9/23/1935 12/2/2008 W of Gerald
WHITE Jeanette Lee Age 70 7/26/2011  
WHITE Jerry 1932   H of Kaye
WHITE Jerry R 2/17/1928 12/28/1999  
WHITE Jess S 1910 1993 Photo
WHITE Jesse H 1901 1977 H of Anita
WHITE Joan 1928 1981 W of James D
WHITE Joanna (Holland) 3/28/1923 4/30/2011 W of Charles H  Photo
WHITE Joe E 1911 1988 Wed Winnie  9/26/1934   Photo
WHITE John B Age 91 10/20/1990  
WHITE John L 12/24/1926 3/16/2008  
WHITE Juanita E M 1923 2005 Photo
WHITE Kathryn 3/9/1959 8/23/2008  
WHITE Kaye 1936 2007 W of Jerry
WHITE Kenneth Ray 9/21/1934 1/27/2016 H of Edna    Photo
WHITE Kimberly Jean (Goodwin) 9/10/1958 3/17/2013  
WHITE Laurence S 11/29/1907 8/9/1961  
WHITE Lela Irene (Adams) 11/6/1907 5/3/1968  
WHITE Lelia Blanche (Hill) 1906 1963 Wed James E 4/2/1929
WHITE Lester Carlton 3/31/1925 12/14/2009 Wed Betty 6/8/1946
WHITE Lillie Pearl (Redlur) 5/13/1933 9/15/2010  
WHITE Louvenia 1/20/1883 4/25/1958 W of Albert C   Photo
WHITE Lucille "Cindy" 1924   W of Verl    Photo
WHITE Mabel Ann (Turney) 8/19/1915 12/26/2010  
WHITE Margarita 10/27/1918 12/4/1991  
WHITE Marie Caroline (Jensen) 3/25/1912 10/1/1999 W of Orville
Marvin Earl 12/13/1926 1/15/1995 US Army Air Corps
WW II     Photo
H of Wilma
WHITE Mary Alene (Chasteen) 1932 2006 W of Archie
WHITE Mary Lenora 1918 2005 W of Cyrus
WHITE Memphis Lee-Ann 6/30/2016 6/30/2016  
WHITE Michael Duane 2/9/1946 7/18/2011  
WHITE Mildred (Morris) 1/8/1920 9/20/2008 W of Howard
WHITE Mildred A (Krebbs) 1902 1969 W of William P
WHITE Mildred Inez (Henley) 2/20/1918 5/15/2008 W of Tasso    Photo
WHITE Minnie Pauline (Cauthren) 12/5/1922 11/24/1991 W of Taylor
WHITE Myrtle Marie 9/29/1908 9/14/1995 Photo
WHITE Neil Ray 8/16/1939 10/9/2016  
WHITE Nelson P H Jr "Joe" 12/15/1956 1/13/2006  
WHITE Opal M   11/26/1954  
WHITE Orville Lonzo 8/23/1908 5/17/1999 H of Marie
WHITE Orvind G 1922   H of Esther E   Photo
WHITE Patricia Sue 7/28/1959 8/10/2010  
WHITE Ralph E 12/21/1928 8/29/1982 Wed of Virginia  7/2/1947    Photo
WHITE Ralph W 1931   H of Sandra   Photo
WHITE Robert Jr "Bob" 7/12/1941 4/29/1993 H of Wahleta
WHITE Robert E 1895 1978 H of Stella
WHITE Ronald Duane 10/8/1943 11/28/2005 Photo
WHITE Ronald E 1950   H of Jacqulyn  Photo
WHITE Ronald W 4/11/1944 3/22/2009  
Roy W 12/19/1893 11/10/1968 OK Pvt Co K 358th Inf  WW I   Photo
H of Hattie
WHITE Ruth A 7/11/1921 8/10/1967 Photo
WHITE Ruth C 1912 1992 W of Walter W
WHITE Sandra Lee 9/17/1936 11/19/2001 W of Ralph W   Photo
WHITE Shirley A 1938   Photo
WHITE Stella S 1916 1984 W of Robert E
WHITE Stephen Gerald 5/12/1948 11/19/1991  
WHITE Steven D 3/14/1970 1/21/1982  
WHITE Suzanne M 1949 2005 W of James L   Photo
WHITE Tasso A "Bill" 1921 2003 H of Mildred I  Photo
WHITE Taylor Andrew 1919 1989 H of Minnie P
Theodore Jr 11/23/1923 2/24/1997 Pvt US Army  WW II  Photo
WHITE Ursula E (Kaminsk) 1923 2008 W of George W  Photo
WHITE Verl "Whitey" 1/6/1920 5/2/2013 H of Lucille   Photo
WHITE Virginia 9/7/1918 12/24/2015  
WHITE Virginia L 5/7/1930   Wed Ralph 7/2/1947  Photo
WHITE Vivian E 4/8/1915 4/8/2002 Photo
WHITE Wahleta 11/26/1943 10/2/2003 W of Robert Jr
WHITE Walsie Ellen (Jones) 11/23/1901 7/13/1986 W of Walter P Photo
Walter Paul 4/9/1895 4/2/1964 OK Mech Co D 4thBn
US Guards   WW I   H of Walsie   Photo
WHITE Walter Warren 1913 1999 H of Ruth C
WHITE Wanda Lee 1935 2001 W of Donald R
WHITE William Perry 1901 1969 H of Mildred A
WHITE William W "Bill" 1904 1988 H of Helen
WHITE Wilma June (Culp) 7/6/1927 10/16/2015 W of Marvin
WHITE Winnie Carrie 1910 2000 Wed Joe 9/26/1934   Photo
Thomas L. 8/11/1932 12/101988 US Air Force
Korea      Photo
WILDER Loretta J. 7/15/1908 1/5/2001 Photo
Williams Earl J. 1914 1984 H of Oleta    Photo
Williams G M 1/1/1874 12/14/1917 Photos
Williams Oleta D 1923   W of Earl   Photo
Donald Ray, Sr. 8/22/1941 10/16/1999 US Army   Photo
Wilson Bradford 6/9/1914 1/15/1996 H of Daisy   Photo
Wilson Daisy May (Martin) 4/8/1917 1/10/2016 W of Bradford   Photo
Wing Doris Allene (Ramsey) 1/18/1929 4/5/2014 Wed Robert 8/22/1950
James Howard 2/17/1942 4/21/2011 US Army (Ret)
Wing Kimberly Lynn 10/24/1964 9/12/2019 Obit
Wing Rita I 12/8/1920 12/20/2005 Photo
Robert William 8/22/1921 10/9/2003 Wed Doris 8/22/1950
Sgt US Marine Corps
Wing Willow Sage 10/11/2014 10/11/2014  
Wingo Marion Jeanette (Winkler) 10/3/1937 12/10/2005 Wed Russell 11/27/1957
Russell Edward 3/28/1927 10/10/2010 Wed Marion  11/27/1957
US Navy  WW II
Winstead Anne (Shoup) 11/21/1928 1988 W of Dennis  Photo
Winstead Dennis E 1924   H of Anne      Photo
Winstead George M 10/21/1888 Oct 1975 H of Lois
Winstead Juanita A 2/1/1921 7/22/2014  
Winstead Lessie L 1898 1980 Photo
Winstead Lois M 1912 1979 W of George
Wissinger Robert Willard 4/29/1903 12/18/1993 H of Vivle
Wissinger Vivle Ruth Morrison 11/18/1899 4/8/1981 W of Robert
WOODY Eugene W. 1914 1998 H of Florene     photo
WOODY Florene I. 1923 2000 W of Eugene     photo
Workman Bernie Larry 6/28/1943 1/14/2004 H of Betty   Photo
Workman Betty D 1942   W of Bernie  Photo
Workman Jack K 1926 2009 H of Naomi  Photo
Workman Naomi O (unk) (Malone) 1916 1983 W of Hershel Malone
W of Jack Workman Photo
WYSE Willie Emma (Taddrick)(Wisdom) (Linton) 4/14/1913 10/23/2009 W of Elmer Wisdom
W of John Linton
W of Leonard Wyse

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