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Floral Haven Memorial Gardens Cemetery
Tulsa County, Oklahoma

M Surnames

partial survey
If you have family buried in the Floral Haven Memorial Gardens Cemetery or can take a gate photo that I can place on the website or can give driving directions to the cemetery or have obits (with newspapers permission or an obit that you can write) or tombstone photos or individual portraits or can write a short bio or have a history of the cemetery and would like to add your information to this website, contact the area coordinator for more information. You can also check out our How to Submit page.
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Note: Every effort has been made to transcribe this information accurately. These records MAY CONTAIN ERRORS. Any corrections and/or additions greatly appreciated. As with any genealogy information, this is a source and should be considered as such. It is up to the researcher to verify the accuracy.
Maddox Daniel E Jr 3/10/1962 1/31/2017  
Maddox Linda Lee (Dalton) (Rick) 12/8/1954 10/3/2008 Obit
Maddox Tessie May 9/27/1945 10/20/2011 Photo
Mantooth Jean Faye "Jeanie" Butterbaugh 1/26/1916 7/13/2017 W of William  Photo
Mantooth Jim H 1/22/1955 9/21/1980  
Mantooth William Seth 2/28/1916 10/6/1999 H of Jean   Photo
Woodrow 8/27/1914 1/14/1991 Sgt US Army  WW II
Masters Brent Arthur 6/4/1976 1/14/1992  
Calvin Guy 1/4/1927 9/25/2006 H of Louise photo
US Army  WW II
Masters Charlotte M 8/4/1915 3/15/2008  
Masters Christina Faye (Gibson) 7/3/1973 3/6/2012  
Masters Esther H (Strain) 9/20/1919 3/26/1988  
Masters George W 8/1/1948 11/6/2002  
Masters Jean E 1/14/1922 9/2/2005 Wed Raymond 4/25/1948
Masters Joseph Max 7/19/1913 9/26/1993  
MASTERS Louise V. 1926 2001 W of Calvin   photo
Masters Raymond 8/31/1923 2/15/2011 Wed Jean 4/25/1948
May Anna M 1922 1998 W of Edward C Photo
May Archie 11/16/1905 10/11/1985  
May Clarabelle 1919 12/10/2019 W of Raymond Photo
Dennis L 8/25/1944 5/29/1999 US Navy  Vietnam
May Edward C 1915 1990 H of Anna  Photo
Edward Pruitt Sr 1/23/1922 9/28/2008 Cpl US Army WW II  Photo
May Felix Beecher 6/5/1928 10/14/1977  
May Dr John F 1917 2005 Photo
May Lena Eldred 1902 1993 Photo
May Leta L 3/18/1921 7/10/2011  
May Ovis L "Tiny" 1916 1996 Photo
May Raymond K 1918 2003 H of Clarabelle  Photo
May Shirley Eileen Davidson 1/4/1930 10/16/2011  
Maybin Amiah Lee 3/22/2014 3/22/2014 D of Kerri & Markel
MAYER Andrew L 8/20/1885 10/7/1960 photo
MAYER Mary Joyce 3/23/1944 11/9/1981 Photo 
Bobby Joe "Bob" 12/11/1929 1/23/1988 US Navy  Korea
H of Donna
McAdow-Shoop Donna Mae Burner 3/3/1931 4/15/2020 W of Wilbur Shoop
Wed Bobby McAdow  11/19/1954   Obit
McCormack Connie (Jordan) 1909 1996 W of Martin  Photo
McCormack Dennis T 1943   H of Patricia  Photo
McCormack Donnie Ray 8/7/2009 8/7/2009  
Joy Allen 1926 1996 US Navy  WW II  Photo
McCormack Lea Ann 1957 1996 Photo
McCormack Martin Winton 1899 1963 H of Connie   Photo
McCormack Patricia M 1947 1982 W of Dennis   Photo
McCormack Virginia 10/20/1920 5/9/1991 Photo
McCrary Barbara Jo 12/22/1943 1/31/2015  
McCrary Dillon Carter 7/30/1996 3/27/2001  
McCrary Jearl D 1956   Photo
McCrary Lori Lynn 12/14/1986 12/14/1986  
McCrary Millie Jo 1924 1990 Photo
Troy Byron 8/5/1927 10/26/2008 US Army  WW II  obit
McCrary Virginia E 1954   Photo
MCCRAY Annabel (Gesin) 1915 2006 W of Claude photo
MCCRAY Claude Hubert 1910 1991 H of Annabel  photo
MCCRAY Ella Louise (Linville) 9/10/1939 4/15/2014  
William H "Bill" 12/11/1926 7/12/2016 Merchant Marine service WW II   Photo & Obit
Meaders Peggy 1919   W of Yondell  Photo
Meaders Yondell Wayne 6/7/1918 7/12/2007 H of Peggy    Photo
Meigs Ramona Ellen "Rae Girl" (Snellings) 6/3/1922 10/29/2008 W of Roy
Photo & Obit
Meigs Roy L 1922 1981 H of Ramona Photo
Miller Evelyn N 1910 1983 W of Reuben  Photo
Reuben L 1/11/1899 10/31/1969 OK Pvt STU US Army
TNG Corps  WW I 
H of Evelyn   Photos
MOHUN C Joan 1933   W of Michael    Photo
MOHUN Michael Thomas 11/7/1932 9/27/2003 Hof C Joan    Photo
Moody A W   3/12/1966  
Moody Betty Ann (Sneed) 4/2/1932 6/2/2015 W of Tomey  Photo
Moody Betty Jean 12/2/1927 3/23/1994  
Moody C Marlene (Doty) 1931   W of Walter
Moody Carrie Meda (Jacobson) (Elsey) 1/10/1912 7/25/2001 W of Gordon Elsey
W of Leon Moody
Moody Charles Floyd 7/5/1917 10/15/2012 H of Pauline
Moody Ellen Lee (Hamilton) 2/3/1906 10/19/1973 W of Jess
Emmitt Edmond 1/27/1935 4/22/2012 H of Rosanna
Military Veteran
Moody Gay L (Rogers) 9/10/1931 2/23/2011 W of Sammy
Moody Harley Martin 9/14/1942 10/20/2002 H of Linda
Moody James Howard 12/21/1933 12/25/2014  
Moody Dr. James Michael "Mike" 8/29/1949 1/1/2010  
Moody Jess Martin 4/9/1891 3/28/1970 H of Ellen
Moody Jessica Lynn 4/22/1981 4/22/1981  
Moody June (Grafton) 7/13/1926 1/4/2014 W of Thomas C
Moody Leon N 2/21/1908 12/2/1968 H of Carrie
Moody Linda S 1947   W of Harley
Moody Marguerette P 1/30/1902 5/8/1966  
Moody Myrtle T (Skaggs) 10/13/1899 3/21/1986  
Moody Pauline Montez (Hartley) 3/14/1920 5/30/2013 W of Charles
Moody Robert E 9/15/1956 8/31/1993  
Rev. Robert H 4/10/1928 4/9/2017 Wed Rose 7/8/1951
US Army  Korea
Moody Rosanna (Wilson) 9/19/1938 10/31/1980 W of Emmitt
Moody Rose "Ramelle" (Lane) 9/5/1930 7/20/2008 Wed Robert H 7/8/1951
Moody Sam S 1907 1974  
Sammy Gene 6/11/1931 6/4/2006 H of Gay
EM3 US Navy  Korea
Moody Terry G 11/10/1958 3/11/1997  
Moody Thomas Cone 1928   H of June   Photo
Moody Tomey Joe 1937   H of Betty A  Photo
Tommy F 1923 1984 SSgt US Army 
Moody Walter Emmit Jr Age 80 11/27/2009 H of C Marlene
Moody Zachary Scott 5/31/1988 2/2/2013  
Moore Catherine Loretta (Griffin) 2/15/1925 4/18/2017 W of Earl K
Photo & Obit
Earl Dean "Luke" 2/12/1924 4/18/2015 H of Wanda  
Photo & Obit
US Army Air Corps
Moore Earl K 1922 1985 H of Catherine Photo
Moore Wanda "Cokie" Glo 1/30/1931   W of Earl D
Marie "Molly" Frisch Lancour 1920 1985 Wed Steven 4/12/1947   US Army  WW II Photo
Steven Evo "Jackie" 12/19/1913 3/31/2014 Wed Marie  4/12/1947 
FldArty Unit  344th Bn 90thInf Div WW II
Morris Jane Sylvia (Maddox) 9/30/1948 11/23/2012 Photo
Morris Scott Allyn Sep 1973 9/7/1993 Photo
Morrison Abbie C   5/20/2003  
Morrison Barnet Jr 4/12/1915 4/5/1999 H of Mildred
Morrison Bernell L 1918 2001 W of C W Photo
Morrison Betty E Scarlett 7/24/1942 7/10/2004 W of Bob
Morrison Betty Marijean Dewey (Postlewait) 3/27/1933 10/27/2012 Wed Glen Postlewait 2/15/1952
Wed Jess Morrison 11/28/1987
Morrison Bob S 1939   H of Betty E
Morrison C W "Jack" Jr 1917 4/24/2002 H of Bernell  Photo
Morrison Charlene Virginia Age 64 4/12/2008 W of Charles E
Morrison Charles Edward 8/3/1939 8/16/2019 H of Charlene   Obit
Charles T Jr 9/11/1923 7/11/2007 WT1 US Navy  WW II
Morrison David Eugene Jr 6/3/1948 12/9/2008  
Morrison Dorothy M   3/1/2003  
Morrison Elizabeth Ann 12/21/1989 12/21/1989  
Morrison Etta Mildean "Mickey" 1927   W of Rueben   Photo
Morrison James E 1944 2006 Wed Jane  11/12/1967    Photo
Morrison Jane D 1948   Wed James   11/12/1967  Photo
Morrison Jeannine H 1931 1996 W of Robert
Morrison Judith Benay Johnson 5/6/1939 10/28/2015  
Morrison Kathleen Roberta Avery (Reavis) 3/29/1948 9/10/2012 W of Richard Reavis
W of ?? Morrison
Morrison Lois R 10/16/1906 7/19/1992 Photo
Morrison Marcus Sinclair 10/5/1972 10/7/2014  
Morrison Mildred M 1907 1987 W of Barnet Jr
Morrison Mitchell A 12/22/1992 9/14/2008  
Morrison Opal Marie 4/26/1926 1/12/1997 Wed Richard  7/2/1947 Photo
Morrison Ralph Darrell 1/16/1948 7/27/2010  
Richard Lloyd 10/25/1927 10/19/2014 US Navy  WW II
Wed Opal  7/2/1947 Photo
Morrison Robert E 12/22/1926 1/28/2011 H of Jeannine
Morrison Roy Lee 2/24/1925 2/20/1998 Photo
Rueben Lee 8/20/1920 1/3/2012 WW II Veteran
H of Etta    Photo
Morrison Shirley 12/24/1934 10/5/2008 W of William
Morrison William J 2/19/1932 10/3/2009 H of Shirley
Edmond L "Babe" 4/12/1917 8/24/2007 Wed Geraldine 12/5/1944
SSgt US Army  WW II & Korea
Moseley Geraldine "Jerry" (Wilson) 3/1/1927 10/15/2010 Wed Edmond 12/5/1944
MOSELEY Mary Letita (Daw) 7/17/1926 1/12/1999 W of Orville Jr Photo
MOSELEY Orville Haywood, Jr. "Moe" 3/7/1924 9/5/2006 H of Mary    Photo
MURPHY Dorothy L. 1914 2002 W of James     Photo
MURPHY James O. 1914 1972 H of Dorothy    Photo
MURRAY Lucille G. 1917 1993 W of Marion    Photo
MURRAY Marion A. 4/2/1911 May 1985 H of Lucille     Photo

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