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McCoy Cemetery
Sallisaw, Sequoyah County, Oklahoma
gate photo
© & Submitted by: Ron Burnett

At the junction of Highway 59 and 1040 rd (Akins turn off) which is about 5 miles north of Sallisaw, turn West on 1040 rd (Dwight Mission rd), it's about 2.5 miles you will cross 4620 rd (Marble City rd) (old 17 hwy) from that junction keep going West 6.5 miles, you will come to a railroad crossing and the McCoy (Badger Lee) Cemetery is just across the tracks on the North side of the road. 
© & Submitted by: Ron Burnett

gate photo

gate photo
© & Submitted by: Ron Burnett

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Adair Baby Girl 10/8/1918 10/8/1918 photo
AdairEdna Bell 4/27/18975/5/1968 W of John L photo
AdairEdward Everett 4/15/18535/10/1930 H of Rachel   photo
AdairElizabeth M "Little Lizzie" 9/18/18918/3/1893 D of Edward & Rachel photo
AdairEmma Choate 2/14/18583/13/1933 W of John H photo
AdairInfant Son2/2/1897 2/13/1897S of J H & Emma  photo
AdairJohn Harrell 1/8/18551/18/1912H of Emma   photo
AdairJohn Lafayette 11/3/18851/26/1970 H of Edna  photo
AdairMarv Catherine Rider 4/20/18571/15/1914 W of Oscar photo
Judge Oscar Fitzaland1848 3/21/1923H of Mary 
Pvt Co I 1st Cherokee Cav     photo
AdairRachel Louvenia Twist 5/25/18598/25/1943W of Edward  photo
AdairSara Ruth "Little Ruth" 8/23/1886May 1894  D of Edward & Rachel photo
AdairTommie7/27/1908 623, 1909photo
AdairVelma Ruth Warwick 6/28/19107/20/2005 W of Walt    photo
Walt Corrigan2/12/1896 4/3/1944OK PFC 358th INF
90th DIV WW I photo
AdairWilliam Penn III 1/27/188011/6/1941 photo
Baby     photo
BankstonJames Marion 1/9/18605/18/1944 H of Willie
BankstonWillie Ann Deweese (Atkisson) Oct 18641907 W of James
BargerAndrew J     
BargerBarnie T2/11/1907 4/7/1956photo
BargerBelvie "Bev" 3/9/19027/24/1991H of Sadie  photo
BargerBilly George "Sie" 8/3/19355/3/2019 Wed Nellie 2/8/1957
BargerDarrell Ray 3/9/193711/19/2002 photo
BargerElijah2/13/1900 6/2/1944photo
BargerGeorge W2/20/1876 3/13/1956 H of Mary Aphoto
BargerJoe Oliver 11/13/19412/15/1943 photo
BargerMamie Alice May 11/11/190612/16/1990 W of Yancey Sr photo
BargerMary Alice Boling 6/9/18762/10/1938 W of George   photo
BargerMyritt1914 1970 
BargerNellie Sue Hight 6/8/19403/14/2018 Wed Billy 2/8/1957
BargerSadie W Welch 7/26/19047/14/1994 W of Belvie photo
BargerYancey Merritt Jr 4/4/19295/19/1938S of Yancey & Mamie photo
BargerYancey Merritt Sr 1/27/19044/18/1970 H of Mamie  photo
BarlowAnn6/23/1919   Dbl w/Dean photo
Richard Dean1/16/1923 2/28/1972H of Ann photo
WW II   photo
BeanSarah "Cance"Sept 1861 3/29/1916photo
BeattyFrances C2/3/1943 7/11/1979photo
Buster Burtom2/5/1918 11/29/1974US Army photo
BiasCharlotta Melinda "Linnie" Vickery11/23/18949/17/1958 photo
BiasKirby D9/17/1931 11/1/1979photo
BiasM C    photo
BiasM L    photo
BiasMelinda Taber 11/26/18591/26/1929 W of Micajah
BiasMicajah B 3/6/185910/24/1925H of Melinda
Paten Eastman4/18/1923 6/2/1978 PFC US Army WW II photo
BiasTed11/18/1919 11/19/1923 
BoydBobby Gene9/16/1933 6/22/2004 H of Kitty photo
BoydKitty Stewart 7/18/19334/29/2006 W of Bobby  photo
BratulichAlbert Fred 3/12/190611/11/1998 H of Winifred   photo
BratulichWinifred Lucille 8/19/190410/3/1988 W of Albert  photo
BrownJames Henry Cleveland 7/17/18854/6/1939  
BrownMary E1840 1927 photo
BurgessOscar Oliver 9/25/19259/24/1926 photo
ByrdStewart 3/10/19053/12/1905 S of Edgar & Della  photo
Byrd Peachie Louvenia McCoy 18901933 photo
Carver Tommie12/30/1897 6/18/1916 photo
Cascaden John12/14/1954 1/16/2005 photo
Choate Charity Sular 6/21/18765/23/1944 photo
Choate John W 12/13/18248/12/1914 photo
Choate Joshua B 10/6/18555/5/1923 photo
CodayClaude William 10/22/194811/5/2013 photo
Floyd Eugene10/10/1925 4/8/2002 PFC US Army WW II
Wed Kathirene  12/21/1946   photo
CodayFloyd Gabriel 3/13/19973/13/1997 photo
CodayKathirene Jantta Gibson 6/13/1927  Wed Floyd 12/21/1946 photo
CodayKenneth Wayne 9/17/19634/23/1995 photo
Ernest Edward1/17/1912 9/12/1976 MSgt US Army WW II H of Ruth  photos
Cowan-RachelsRuth Langdon 8/13/19175/15/1997 W of Ernest photo
CrowEmma Welch 1/4/18992/26/1976 photo
DeVaughnRiley Clayton 19091910 S of Auther & Rose
FeatherSallie Morris1878 1910 photo
FisherFred E2/23/1931 11/8/1931 photo
FisherMrs. J. P.189_ 1932 photo
FisherPearl7/24/1899 3/18/1932 photo
HallClara Jean Jamison
10/27/19326/16/1994 photo
HarmonMary J Stewart 11/14/193911/6/1976 photo
HathcoatManerva A 11/23/18589/22/1939 photo
HavenerS V1882 1/16/1914  
HendersonJames Duncan "Jim" 7/19/19472/4/2014 US Marine Corps  Vietnam   photo
HendersonJames Robert 12/9/18491/14/1930  
HendersonS L    W of J
HendersonWalisi1/1/1997 1/1/1997 D of James D  photo
HillRexine Lockhart 1/28/19514/17/2011  
HoltIra EMay 1914 Aug 1972 photo
HoltJames Samuel1873 1927 H of Mattie  photo
HoltMary L Rice1853 1914 W of Joseph  photo
HoltMary LenaJan 1910 Mar 1911 photo
HoltMattie Hames1878 1933 W of James  photo
HorsechiefSydnee Danielle 6/15/20016/28/2001 D of Lena & David photo
JamisonAaron Ray 10/31/19652/14/1969 photo
Bob Dean1/16/1942 12/9/2009 Pvt US Army  photos
JamisonCarl10/2/1929 1/24/1934 S of Logan & Florence photo
JamisonEthel 1/2/192510/17/1925 D of Robert & Myrtle
JamisonFlorence L Penson 9/8/19094/1/1980 W of Logan   photo
JamisonHarold Wayne "Bubbles" 12/22/193010/13/1986 Wed Lou  4/29/1950 photo
JamisonJames Logan 10/1/195612/18/2013 photo
JamisonLogan10/9/1904 9/13/1989 H of Florence   photo
JamisonLou Ellen Mae Stevens 5/10/193210/14/ 1998 Wed Harold 4/29/1950 photo
JamisonimageWilliam Isaac "Bill"11/3/194010/27/1979 PFC US Army  Vietnam
JonesWonder Faye 12/28/19281/27/1929 Child of Marvin & Ella
KroftCharles D3/7/1882 10/7/1974 H of Elzora   photo
KroftElzora Kear 6/25/188511/6/1969 W of Charles   photo
KyleAndrew J6/8/1864 11/22/1946 photo
KyleLarkin1829 1906 photo
KyleLouise Ann
1836 1905 photo
LawsonMinnie    Mother of Maggie Stewart   photo
LewisBobby Gene "Bob" 9/24/194311/1/2017 Wed Margaret 5/4/1963
LewisJake "Jakemonster" 10/6/199511/12/2016  
LewisMargaret "Mardee" Bowler 9/3/194611/2/2013 Wed Bobby 5/4/1963 photo
LewisRobert Eugene 7/23/19659/16/1989 photo
LockhartCalvin "Cal" 1/30/18549/8/1921 photo
Dave Edward 8/15/1923 3/4/1999 PFC US Army WW II  Wed Katherine 3/23/1948 photos
LockhartDave Edward Sr "Ed"1890 3/26/1924 photo
LockhartKatherine Lorine Greenfield11/20/1927  Wed Dave 3/23/1948 photo
LockhartMeta8/3/1931 9/15/1931 photo
LockhartRosa Lee Manuel 4/24/189310/27/1945 photo
LockhartVigle5/14/1917 2/12/1933 photo
LollisHester Chasteen1904 1927 photo
LouDella1930 1930 photo
MarrsElbert F11/21/1868 1955  H of Etta   photo
MarrsEtta3/20/1880 1963  W of Elbert   photo
MarrsJess Leroy5/24/1919 3/4/1931 photo
MarshJ WAge 64 7/14/1916 H of Nancy
MarshNancy Walston Aug 18552/16/1909 W of J W
MattinglyGeliea Mae
7/7/19463/1/2002 photo
MayesMary Louvenia "Babe" Sanders 11/16/9048/11/2005 photo
McClanahanMollie Jane Henderson18711932 W of W Thomas photo
McClanahanW Thomas1857 1938 H of Mollie   photo
McCoyAnnie1874 1899  
McCoyCharles 9/14/1873 10/7/1939 H of Sallie   photo
Edward EverettJuly 1895 5/29/1934 OK Pvt 3rd INF  Photo
Edward H Tosset9/28/1835 1/17/1884 2nd Indian Home Guard INF photo
McCoyGyann Henry 12/4/19404/6/2011  
McCoyLooney8/14/1871 10/6/1929 photo
McCoySallie Collins 12/25/187212/28/1933 W of Charles   photo
MoffittPatrick GreenMay 1853 Nov 1904 photo
MooreDr.Age 60 8/9/1909  
MooreEd Alonizo1944 1944 photo
MooreEmma Lucile 1/18/191311/27/1913 D of H W & I L   photo
MooreHazel Lou 4/29/19494/30/1949 photo
MooreJohn A4/21/1911 11/11/1980 photo
MooreKatherine2/4/1909 10/16/1910 D of H W & I L     photo
MooreOpal Odus6/18/1910 12/15/1979 photo
MorrisAnna Sautake1850 1893 W of John  photo
MorrisGideon Franklin1872 1902 photo
MorrisJames Ramsey 3/3/19176/7/1918 S of Rosa & Joseph  photo
MorrisJohn Gideon 1/1/184612/31/1919 H of Anna   photo
MorrisRobert L1912 1922 S of Mary & George photo
MorrisRufus1883 1905 S of Anna & John photo
NewtonBenjamin Allen 2/3/193311/12/2018  Wed Glennis 6/3/1954 photo
NewtonGlennis Faye Ross 10/12/19353/12/2010 Wed Benjamin 6/3/1954 photo
NewtonJames Cannon 2/15/19107/14/1985 H of Rosie  photo
Jay Cannon "JC"5/10/1931 12/26/2018 US Army
NewtonJohnny7/18/1904 7/18/1904 photo
NewtonMay D12/8/1937 6/25/1998 photo
NewtonMichael James "Mike" 12/8/1961Oct 2014  
NewtonRosie Bell Real 4/6/19145/16/2005 W of James   photo
NorwoodMae Daniels 2/3/190812/12/1999 photo
NuppLucy M6/8/1891 2/16/1910 photo
O'BannonEula L Lockhart 1/26/19115/10/1980 W of Roy  photo
O'BannonRoy A11/30/1903 6/10/1969 H of Eulaphoto
OgdenHenry Albert 11/18/18475/18/1909 H of Maria    photo
OgdenInfantAge 7 days2/21/1909  
OgdenMaria Abigail Mitchell (Nupp)3/17/18527/25/1925 W of ?? Nupp 
W of Henry Ogden photo
OgdenOscar Samuel 5/3/189312/9/1919 photo
OwenCharles Samuel 1/9/19331/14/1933 S of Vernie & Cherokee photo
OwenInfant Sons8/14/1934 8/14/1934 Twins of Vernie & Cherokee photo
PayneIra1925 8/26/1926 S of John & Laura
RayIda Pearl Marsh 1/1/189410/17/1937 W of Maurice  photo
RayJohnny Mackie    photo
RayMaurice E1/8/1891 3/16/1960 H of Ida  photo
ReederEllen P Hathcoat 9/6/185911/27/1942 4thW of Joseph photo
ReederJoseph Richard 12/15/18611/5/1916 H of Ellen    photo
RenfroNellie1904 10/2/1908 D of Hiram & Rosa
RiderAgnes Maria Stewart  (Jones) 3/4/18727/30/1907 W of John   photo
RiderAustin Walker 3/26/18924/3/1971 Wed Charlotte 1/31/1912  photo
RiderCarl Jay11/20/1904 8/25/1970 H of Lorene   photo
RiderCharlotte "Lottie" Cowell 3/31/18912/27/1925 Wed Austin  1/31/1912   photo   &   photo
RiderJohn Walker "Jack" Aug 18601928 H of Agnes   photo
RiderLorene E9/5/1915 11/13/1977 W of Carl   photo
Woodrow Wilson11/22/1912 8/14/1982 Pvt US Army WW II photo
RoachClara Jean 19091994  
RossHenry J9/19/1911 1/15/1983 H of Ruby    photo
RossJess Dwight Jr 2/4/19267/15/1928 S of Jess & Minnie photo
RossRuby I3/15/1912 8/23/1993 W of Henry    photo
RothersJoseph Wayne 3/1/19712/16/2016  
RyderJeanne H1926 1975 photo
RyderNannie Maud 3/21/18908/23/1898 D of J W & A M   photo
SandersCherokee Cornelia Adair 9/26/1883 9/11/1907 W of Hoolie  photo
Corrigan C
8/20/1921 7/7/1993 US Army  WW II  photo
SandersCynthia Frye 1/31/19152/4/2007 photo
SandersJessica Ann 7/201/194011/5/1940 D of Roy & Jessie
SandersJessie Alice Adair1880 1904 W of Moses  photo
SandersMose Foch Jr 5/12/19527/27/2015  
SandersMose Foch Sr 8/14/19182/8/1992 Wed Oleta  12/22/1939   photo
SandersMoses Frye1866 1937 H of Jessie  photo
H of Sara
SandersOleta Charlene Davis 6/19/19206/19/1992 Wed Mose Sr  12/22/1939 photo
SandersPollyFeb 1920 Feb 1920 photo
SandersRoy A4/19/1912 11/11/1980 photo
SandersSarah Ruth Adair Sep 18811965 W of Moses  photo
SelfRev. James Henry 7/21/18796/11/1944 photo
SizemoreBilly Youl "Bill" 2/20/19388/26/2017  
SizemoreDale Gene 10/12/19493/2/1975 photo
SizemoreEdwin Wayne 4/2/19398/16/1998 H of Ruth  photo
SizemoreMary Faye Bias 7/30/19211/9/2009 Wed Youl  2/5/1936   photo
SizemoreRickey Lee 1/18/19566/30/2001 Wed Shirley 5/2/1997 photo
SizemoreRuth Stewart 1/29/19436/21/2016 W of Edwin
SizemoreShirley Jean Folks 3/18/19471/11/2000 Wed Rickey 5/2/1997 photo
SizemoreYoul5/25/1918 5/27/1998 Wed Mary 2/5/1936  photo
SmithFrancis J11/27/1932 9/5/1995 photo
SmithLina Lockhart 10/28/191510/26/1944 W of Tom  photo
SmithThomas J5/15/1957 11/21/1978 photo
SmithTom2/10/1905 9/2/1986 H of Lina  photo
StarrBaby 2/14/1882 2/16/1882 D of Charles & Sarah photo
StewartAlta A1901 1987 W of Bert  Sr  photo
StewartBaby1945 1945 photo
StewartBaby    photo
StewartBaby    photo
StewartBaby1921 1921 photo
Bert Harrison Jr9/23/1926 6/13/2019US Air Force
StewartBert Harrison Sr1898 1950 H of Alta   photo
StewartBill12/1/1903 1/24/1973 H of Jewell   photo
StewartBrad3/18/1952 3/18/1952 photo
StewartEsther Ruth Miers 10/25/1917  W of J D   photo
StewartHenrietta Josephine Fry 18661934W of William A   photo
StewartJames Cecil 9/14/19144/30/1934 photo
StewartJewell Cotton 11/27/190311/17/1980 W of Bill    photo
StewartJoseph Stanley 3/24/19058/20/1972 photo
StewartJ. D.1/25/1951   Only 1 date  photo
Kenneth A12/10/1920 4/19/1941 OK S2 US Navy  photo
StewartLeander Franklin 8/9/186811/25/1960 H of Mary E   photo
Lee11/3/1896 8/19/1976 SEA1 US Navy
WW I   photo
StewartMaggie Lawson1875 1950 W of Winfield   photo
StewartMargaret Lucretia Fry1843 1922 W of William E photo
StewartMary WarnekeAug 1891 May 1974 W of Ralph   photo
StewartMary Ellen Marsh 12/1/18779/28/1962 W of Leander   photo
StewartMaude11/28/1902 10/25/1915 photo
StewartMiles1/16/1885 12/26/1901 S of William & Henrietta photo
StewartMollie Jane 18911932 
StewartRalphAug 1886 May 1973 H of  Mary   photo
StewartRonald11/13/1949   Only 1 date  photo
StewartTheron1/13/1916 8/13/1939 photo
StewartWanda Norwood 9/29/1928  Only 1 date  photo
StewartWilliam Alison 1/20/186212/29/1947 H of Henrietta  photo
StewartWilliam E 2/23/19003/4/1968 photo
StewartWilliam E 2/26/18373/6/1900 H of Margaret photo
StewartWillie S3/16/1890 1/16/1968 photo
StewartWinfield1864 1934 H of Maggie  photo
StoolBelle Lockhart (Carver)Jul 1855Feb 1918 W of John Carver
W of Sam Stool  photo
TaberEmily Malinda "Lindy" Bias7/12/18871930 photo
TaberJ O  1923  photo
TaberLoyd1/15/1905 7/31/1929 photo
TaborWilliam Tell 10/10/18773/22/1972 photo
TaylorMinerva1837 9/5/1911  
TossetEdward H  1/17/1884 photo
UnknownUnknown    2 Stones unreadable photo
UnknownUnknown    3 unknown   photo
UnknownUnknown    3 unknown   photo
UnknownUnknown    1 unknown   photo
Unreadable     photo
UnreadableTed188_ 1923 photo
UssreyJohn  8/29/1909  
VictoryClarence E 10/31/19034/8/1985 H of Ella    photo
VictoryElla Josephine Leonard 10/6/19092/21/1982 W of Clarence   photo
VictoryL L1881 ? 1957 ? photo
WalkerBuster O3/17/1914 2/11/1950 photo
WalkerClifford O 5/26/191110/28/974 photo
WalkerHarvey Abner 6/10/19093/24/1987 photo
WalkerJames Henry1882 1960 Wed Maggie  12/20/1900 photo
WalkerMaggie F Ogden 8/19/18806/26/1931 Wed James  12/20/1900 photo
WannJessica Lee6/21/1980 10/11/2003 photo
WarnekeWilliam "Will"1892 1918 photo
WebbAmber Dawn11/10/1983 11/10/1983 photo
WebbBrandy J3/3/1975 3/10/1975 D of Larry & Judy photo
WhitlockMuriel S 6/7/19056/1/1972 photo
WilliamsJohnny Louis 2/2/19539/17/2008 photo
WilsonBilly Henry 9/8/19489/26/2013 photo
WilsonDovie W10/31/1914 12/27/1980 photo
WilsonGrover L O II
12/9/19629/14/1979 photo
WilsonSheilia Joan  Newton 1/9/19564/13/1987 photo
WoodCarnie Marie Crow (Bird) 8/21/19214/21/2004 W of Robert Bird photo
WoodsBenjamin Roe Jr  6/14/1943 S of Benjamin & Mildred
YoungDora Beatrice 6/27/19394/22/1940 D of William B & Margaret  photo

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