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Westwood Cemetery
Seminole County, Oklahoma

If you have family buried in the Westwood Cemetery and would like to add your information to this website, contact area coordinator.

Adkins Sonny 15-Aug-1893 11-Jul-1956 See Photo
Alexander Henry Luther 20-Feb-1963 2-Apr-2004 See Photo
Alexander Irene "Sister" 1-Jul-1952 24-Jul-2003 See Photo
Alexander Lucinda Ranson 4-Nov-1909 17-Aug-1986 See Photo
Alexander Ruth J. Samilton 30-Oct-1928 1-Sep-2003 See Photo
Alford Bernice 15-May-1909 4-Apr-1997 See Photo
Alford Dave 1-May-1913 23-Feb-1997 See Photo
Alford Edward Lee Sr, 28-May-1930 22-Nov-2010 See Photo
Alford Estelle 6-Mar-1905 29-Nov-1989 See Photo
Alford George A. 19-Jul-1907 2-Nov-1995 See Photo
Alford Lee Ann 29-Jul-1935 6-Mar-2009 See Photo
Allen Julia B. 12-Oct-1899 14-Aug-1989 See Photo
Ammons James 2-Mar-1894 19-Jan-1925 See Photo
Andrews Richard C. "Daddy" 5-Jun-1958 15-Dec-2003 See Photo
Barkus Autry May S. 4-May-1921 11-Nov-1966 See Photo
Barkus Cardell W. 18-Aug-1948 19-Aug-1995 See Photo
Barkus Huebert Lee 17-Nov-1943 8-Mar-1985 See Photo
Barkus Jonas B. 25-May-1969 18-Feb-1985 See Photo
Barkus Nickles 5-Jan-1903 29-Mar-1976 See Photo
Beavers Charles Earl 26-Jun-1945 11-Nov-1977 See Photo
Beckwith Eddie 31-Oct-1900 2-Sep-1991 See Photo
Beckwith George 1894 1974 See Photo
Bell Annie J. 27-Nov-1931 20-Jul-2009 See Photo
Bennett Bertha L. (Burris) 19-Apr-1950 1-Nov-2001 See Photo
Berryhill Ida Ann 1887 1970 See Photo
Bert Conley E. G. 2-Aug-1913 1-Jul-1985 See Photo
Bert Daisy B. 9-Apr-1912 26-Jun-2000 See Photo
Bert Errol G. 22-Oct-1959 28-Aug-1997 See Photo
Bert Lois Marie 2-Dec-1935 21-Jun-1990 See Photo
Bert Orlander D. 19-Dec-1921 16-Feb-1979 See Photo
Birton Octavia 9-Dec-1907 12-Jul-1992 See Photo
Birton Samuel 1905 1971 See Photo
Black Donna Pearl (Rivers) 9-Dec-1935 10-Dec-2004 See Photo
Blackshire James B. 29-May-1941 4-Sep-1995 See Photo
Blackshire Millie N. 9-Aug-1951 29-Mar-2002 See Photo
Blackwell Mary Ann (Phillips) 1899 1982 See Photo
Blanton Alberta W. 20-Apr-1909 25-Jun-2000 See Photo
Blanton Belton 14-Mar-1903 12-Oct-1999 See Photo
Blanton Joseph 29-Jul-1953 9-May-2011 See Photo
Blanton Tommie Parker 16-Dec-1934 13-Feb-1974 See Photo
Boone Corene 10-Mar-1914 25-Jun-1974 See Photo
Boone Elbert 10-Mar-1910 6-Jan-1963 See Photo
Boone Fred 16-Oct-1921 24-Dec-1973 See Photo
Boone Henretta 4-May-1914 14-Dec-1982 See Photo
Boone Herman 19-Oct-1917 18-Feb-1974 See Photo
Boone Hilluard J. 2-Jan-1900 26-Aug-1970 See Photo
Boone William 2-Jul-1879 2-May-1971 See Photo
Bowlegs Elvina 15-Jan-1890 18-Dec-1977 See Photo
Boykins Harry Lee 14-Jun-1946 31-Dec-1997 See Photo
Boykins Larry Lee 4-Aug-1944 10-Jun-1971 See Photo
Bradley Adam H. 1893 1960 See Photo
Bradley Alexander M. (Al) 25-Oct-1951 14-Jul-1993 See Photo, See Photo
Bradley Annie L. 1900 1977 See Photo
Bradley Cleo J. 2-Sep-1941 3-Mar-2009 See Photo
Bradley David D. 1900 1972 See Photo
Bradley James L. 12-Apr-1905 8-Apr-2000 See Photo
Bradley Louise E. 5-Oct-1913 5-Aug-1995 See Photo
Bradley Stephanie S. 7-Sep-1956 13-Jul-1993 See Photo
Bradley Theretia P. 6-Feb-1945   See Photo
Bradshaw Josephine 7-Oct-1912 27-Jan-2001 See Photo
Bray Carrie 1881 1957 See Photo
Brooks Emmitt Sr. 12-Jan-1898 17-Jan-1979 See Photo
Brooks Hattie L. 1-Oct-1908 12-Feb-1986 See Photo
Brooks Lula A. 3-Feb-1905 23-Sep-1950 See Photo
Brooks Mary V. 11-Jan-1868 17-May-1954 See Photo
Brooks Venton Weems 22-Jun-1913 7-Sep-1970 See Photo
Brooks Vernon C. 22-Jun-1913 3-Nov-1979 See Photo, See Photo
Brooks William 1862 10-Jul-1960 See Photo
Brown Annie Ree 14-Oct-1940 12-Feb-2009 See Photo
Brown Demetric Duan 8-Oct-1971 24-Nov-1995 See Photo
Brown Donald G. Sr. 1-Jan-1939 12-Apr-1986 See Photo
Brown Elva unk unk See Photo
Brown Ethel D. 8-Dec-1955   See Photo
Brown Eugene R. 9-Sep-1940 18-Jan-2004 See Photo
Brown Gerald Artley 4-Feb-1953 28-May-1998 See Photo
Brown Gretchen Lee 20-Oct-1968 20-Jun-1989 See Photo
Brown James C. Jr. 1942 1959 See Photo
Brown James L. 1912 1990 See Photo
Brown Johnnie 12-Jan-1922 16-May-2001 See Photo
Brown Katheryn J. 14-Feb-1919 19-Jul-2003 See Photo
Brown Lillian Dunlap Allen 2-Feb-1905 6-Mar-1988 See Photo
Brown Louisa V. 1886 1960 See Photo
Brown Mamie 12-Jul-1903 27-May-1979 See Photo
Brown Mary Lee 11-Jun-1937 16-Dec-2010 See Photo
Brown Maxzella Knight 15-Mar-1917 4-Jun-1996 See Photo
Brown Milton Edward 1931 1984 See Photo
Brown Robert Herbert 5-Apr-1903 12-Apr-1982 See Photo
Brown Shellie 1932 1957 See Photo
Brown Tommy E. 18-Nov-1947 13-Dec-1972 See Photo
Brown Warren H. 6-Sep-1945 4-Dec-1992 See Photo
Brown Wesley N. 12-Mar-1911 23-Nov-1995 See Photo
Brown William F. 1882 1954 See Photo
Brown Willie 1883 1967 See Photo
Brown Willie Maude Gill 5-Sep-1897 12-Apr-1968 See Photo
Brown Zora Davis 12-Aug-1891 21-Mar-1968 See Photo
Brownlee Allena 2-Sep-1876 5-Feb-1971 See Photo
Brownlee Timothy I. 14-Aug-1876 27-Apr-1964 See Photo
Bruner Angela Lois 6-Jul-1960 14-Nov-1974 See Photo
Bruner Benjamin 17-May-1988 See Photo
Bruner Blanche M. 1892 1983 See Photo
Bruner Clide Tee 29-Jun-1941 10-Nov-2007 See Photo
Bruner Dionisia Rianette 7-Oct-1990 2-Dec-1990 See Photo
Bruner Earnest E. 27-May-1940 19-Aug-1978 See Photo
Bruner Ed Oscar 1958 1979 See Photo
Bruner Elzora 19-Feb-1908 6-Feb-1981 See Photo
Bruner G.C. Billy 1890 1965 See Photo
Bruner Gary Lynn 11-Apr-1962 7-Apr-1990 See Photo
Bruner Glen A. 21-Jul-1964 8-Oct-2006 See Photo
Bruner Jearline 31-Dec-1938 11-Sep-1994 See Photo
Bruner John Booker 31-Oct-1919 8-Oct-1999 See Photo, See Photo
Bruner John D. 3-Feb-1943 16-Dec-1994 See Photo
Bruner Leonard 2-Aug-1945 12-Jan-2000 See Photo
Bruner Leonard, Sr. 2-Sep-1922 23-Jan-1982 See Photo
Bruner Lydia J. 16-Nov-1889 20-Jun-1981 See Photo
Bruner Maggie V. (Carolina) 9-May-1912   See Photo
Bruner Melvin 27-May-1938 6-Oct-1978 See Photo
Bruner Nahum E. 6-Nov-1917 17-Nov-1980 See Photo
Bruner William R. 20-Jul-1920 29-Jul-1973 See Photo
Bryant Charles E. 2-Sep-1944 5-Mar-1999 See Photo
Bryant Kaye L. 7-Jul-1962   See Photo
Buckner Betty Wylma 26-Jun-1908 29-Sep-1977 See Photo
Buckner Dave 16-Aug-1870 6-Dec-1931 See Photo
Buckner David Aug-1868 6-Dec-1931 See Photo
Buckner Earl 16-Dec-1901 6-Dec-1946 See Photo
Buckner Herman G. 26-Aug-1931 4-Jun-1969 See Photo
Buckner Isadora 9-Jan-1882 11.2.1971 See Photo
Buckner James David 14-Oct-1914 17-Nov-1992 See Photo
Buckner Nannie L. 8-Mar-1896 1-Jul-1970 See Photo
Buckner Olivia T. 9-Nov-1908 2-Nov-2000 See Photo
Buckner Roy 31-Jan-1905 6-Jul-1946 See Photo
Buckner Walter J. 20-Aug-1903 19-Mar-1976 See Photo
Buckner William F. 22-Nov-1911 1-Jan-2001 See Photo
Burch Edna L. 20-Jul-1901 11-May-1917 See Photo
Burris Beverly JoAnn 12-Dec-1959 11-Aug-2010 See Photo
Butler Tom 1-Feb-1905 10-Dec-1978 See Photo
Butler Tommie Parker 1-Feb-1905 20-Dec-1978 See Photo
Butler Zella 2-Jan-1913 16-Jun-1993 See Photo
Byrd Jamesetta Bell 28-Dec-1938 25-Feb-1987 See Photo
Byrd Larkin S. 20-Jul-1905 29-Feb-1992 See Photo
Cain Wilford 16-Apr-1940 27-Mar-1982 See Photo
Campbell Eugene "Gene" 24-Mar-1932 2-Jun-2008 See Photo
Campbell Francis C. "Mickey" 2-May-1939   See Photo
Campbell Glen 22-Dec-1900 18-Jan-1952 See Photo
Campbell Mark D. 17-Oct-1953 8-Dec-1974 See Photo
Campbell Percy 14-Dec-1886 23-Sep-1963 See Photo
Campbell Westly 25-Dec-1862 27-Apr-1945 See Photo
Carolina Andre' Lamon 10-Jun-1973 22-Dec-2007 Photo, See Photo
Carolina Brenda D. 21-Sep-1955 9-Jan-2009 See Photo
Carolina Charles G. 19-Mar-1914 9-Jun-1983 See Photo, See Photo
Carolina David D., Sr. "Buck" 22-Apr-1940 25-Nov-2008 See Photo
Carolina Felicher Gayle Simpkins 29-Jun-1967 18-Aug-2003 See Photo
Carolina Florene (Osborne) 6-May-1938 2-Aug-2001 See Photo
Carolina Geneva (Barkus) 20-Dec-1925 4-Apr-1988 See Photo
Carolina James, Jr. 10-Jul-1937 8-Jul-1998 See Photo
Carolina Jason L. 25-Jun-1979 21-Apr-2003 See Photo
Carolina Joyce A. (Reese) 19-Nov-1944   See Photo
Carolina Leon Jim 9-Apr-1937 6-Jun-2001 See Photo
Carolina Maedean Bruner 27-May-1932 4-Dec-2005 See Photo
Carolina May C. 5-Apr-1952 6-Mar-1995 See Photo
Carolina Quanzetta 13-Aug-1942 8-Jan-2009 See Photo
Carolina Richard, Sr 4-Aug-1915 6-May-2008 See Photo, See Photo
Carolina Valerie I. 19-May-1917 22-Nov-1985 See Photo
Carolina Walter 24-Dec-1919 30-Jun-1979 See Photo
Carson Gracie A. 1870 1939 See Photo
Carson Simon G. 1862 1932 See Photo
Carter Elizabeth Foster 11-Feb-1914 8-Aug-1987 See Photo
Carter Johnie C. 24-Dec-1902 24-Oct-1978 See Photo
Chambers Dora 26-Oct-1878 15-Mar-1974 See Photo
Chandler Aurelia (Reo) 19-Nov-1919 27-Dec-1986 See Photo
Chandler Betty Jean 517/1944 18-Dec-2000 See Photo
Chandler Cora E. 11-Jul-1881 3-May-1921 See Photo
Chandler Dr. B. C. 1-Jul-1893 8-Aug-1927 See Photo
Chandler Dr. J. J. 17-Feb-1880 3-Feb-1926 See Photo
Chandler E. 9-Jan-1863 26-Apr-1923 See Photo
Chandler Emma Z. 21-Sep-1875 17-Jun-1958 See Photo
Chandler Ida B. 25-Jun-1886 13-Jun-1962 See Photo
Chandler J. B. 1-Jul-1853 8-Jul-1920 See Photo
Chandler James Wesley 11-Nov-1888 25-Sep-1962 See Photo
Chandler Kevon J., Sr. 5-Nov-1944   See Photo
Chandler Luella   1936 See Photo
Chandler Mildred M. 11-Aug-1920 5-Aug-2007 See Photo
Chandler P. H. 3-Aug-1853 20-Jun-1920 See Photo
Chandler Rowena M. 18-Sep-1885 7-Sep-1979 See Photo
Chandler Salina T. 13-Mar-1890 23-May-1979 See Photo
Chandler Wayne C. 29-Mar-1916 12-Apr-2010 See Photo
Chandler William B. 4/2/1877 7-Mar-1941 See Photo
Chandler William E. 3-Sep-1891 24-Sep-1967 See Photo
Chilcote Casey Nicole 1-Aug-1998 10-Aug-1998 See Photo
Clark Cora 4-Jul-1880 24-May-1962 See Photo
Clark Earl 1872 6-Apr-1950 See Photo
Clark Kenneth E. 1929 1990 See Photo
Clark Nellie C. 5-Apr-1908 28-Feb-1984 See Photo
Clark Oceaphus 1911 1987 See Photo
Coats Anna Lou 15-Feb-1909 18-Dec-1991 See Photo
Coats Dorothy A. 11-Apr-1949   See Photo
Coats Jesse S. 2-Sep-1943 23-Jan-2005 See Photo
Coats Jesse S. 31-Oct-1905 12-Feb-1980 See Photo
Coats Margaret J. 17-Jul-1945   See Photo
Coats Orval. G. 18-Jul-1942 13-Mar-1992 See Photo
Cobb Clifford 1945 1989 See Photo
Cobb John 1911 1991 See Photo
Coffey Alfred V. 4-Sep-1876 15-Jul-1965 See Photo
Coffey Alfreda L. 7-Jul-1919 22-Jun-1920 See Photo
Coffey Birdie D. 4-Oct-1892 8-Jun-1979 See Photo
Coffey Carmie L. 18-Jul-1894 6-Nov-1974 See Photo
Coffey Emmet 19-Nov-1904 5-Dec-1918 See Photo
Coffey Emmett L. 14-Jul-1874 11-Dec-1954 See Photo
Coffey Henry G. 11-Sep-1843 5-Feb-1917 See Photo
Coffey Joel R. 28-Jul-1873 8-Sep-1924 See Photo
Coffey Mattie F. 10-May-1853 18-May-1938 See Photo
Coffey Simmie S. 1877 1928 See Photo
Coffey William E. 14-Apr-1880 6-Jun-1962 See Photo
Colbert Booker T. 15-Jan-1911 3-Dec-1975 See Photo
Colbert Elizabeth 11-Jul-1892 9-Feb-1980 See Photo
Colbert Grace L. 22-Oct-1918 29-Sep-2007 See Photo
Colbert J. B. Freeman 16-Apr-1944 10-Nov-1998 See Photo
Colbert Lizzie 4-Sep-1887 27-Nov-1977 See Photo
Colbert Silas 15-Mar-1887 26-Dec-1970 See Photo
Colbert Tommy Lee 21-Jan-1944 29-Feb-2008 See Photo
Cook Minnie 1896 14-Jun-1964 See Photo
Cooks James H. 1-Dec-1920 4-Mar-1976 See Photo
Cooks Willie 4-Nov-1912 19-Feb-1975 See Photo
Cooper Oliver W. 1-May-1934 29-Aug-2002 See Photo
Cope George C. 19-Nov-1887 12-May-1962 See Photo
Cope Ida W. 27-May-1897 1-Aug-1989 See Photo
Covkins Terrance Lee Samilton 14-Oct-1920 Oct See Photo
Crawford Alberta P. 13-Mar-1919 12-Jul-1997 See Photo
Crawford Augusta 12-Jan-1905 10-May-1995 See Photo
Crawford James 1-Jun-1900 2-Feb-1995 See Photo
Crawford James Lee 27-Dec-1927 3-Jul-1991 See Photo
Crawford Joe Louis 4-Jul-1945 23-Aug-2007 See Photo
Crawley Robertha Bowlegs 11-Aug-1912 29-Jul-1969 See Photo
Crenshaw Rev. G.L. 1894 1958 See Photo
Crockett Andrew 31-May-1936 18-May-2002 See Photo
Crockett Lula A. 1-Apr-1902 18-Oct-1970 See Photo
Crockett Robert D. 30-Dec-1976 5-Dec-1977 See Photo
Crosswaith Mable E. 30-Aug-1907 31-Mar-1989 See Photo
Cudjo Cleveland 29-Jun-1917 23-Oct-1966 See Photo
Cudjoe Harold Samuel 12-Oct-1920 2-Dec-2003 See Photo, See Photo
Cudjoe Willie Marie 25-Feb-1928 20-Jan-1980 See Photo
Cyrus Dan 30-Mar-1934   See Photo
Cyrus Rose 15-Oct-1876 13-Jul-1968 See Photo
Dancer George 5-Feb-1917 19-Aug-2001 See Photo
Dangerfield Rev. J. P. (James) 1888 1959 See Photo
Darden Lawrence C., Jr. 20-Mar-1948 11/13/12006 See Photo
Darden Wiley 7-Apr-1911 21-Mar-1988 See Photo
Davidson Arminta 1884 1966 See Photo
Davidson Johnie C. 11-Sep-1933   See Photo
Davidson R. S. 1888 19** See Photo
Davidson Toby Lee 4-Apr-1910 8-Aug-1986 See Photo
Davis Berlene 16-Feb-1895 27-Sep-1974 See Photo
Davis China B. 2-Feb-1924 28-Dec-2006 See Photo
Davis Davy C. 3-Feb-1963 20-Jun-1996 See Photo
Davis Earnest J., Sr "Squirrell" 22-Sep-1933 15-Feb-1996 See Photo
Davis Eula Mae 16-Sep-1934 12-Aug-1973 See Photo
Davis Exzetta B. 18-Oct-1915 17-Oct-1997 See Photo
Davis George Ray 28-Feb-1934 17-Nov-1995 See Photo
Davis Georgiann 10-Apr-1908 25-Aug-1994 See Photo
Davis Gradie Lee 5-Mar-1916 5-Jan-1974 See Photo
Davis Henrietta 1860 1925 See Photo
Davis Howard 28-May-1912 15-Aug-1989 See Photo
Davis James Alfred 9-Feb-1926 5-Sep-1994 See Photo
Davis Jo Byrd 11-Jan-1913 15-Sep-1997 See Photo
Davis Jonas 28-Apr-1910 7-Jan-1994 See Photo
Davis Osbin 7-Dec-1920 22-Aug-2004 See Photo
Davis Robert 30-Jul-1896 6-Aug-1972 See Photo
Davis Roger D. 16-Jul-1917 2-Apr-2006 See Photo
Davis Rosa 27-Apr-1906 8-Jan-1980 See Photo
Davis Rosetta E. 22-Oct-1921 26-May-2007 See Photo
Davis Samuel 25-Feb-1906 29-May-1977 See Photo
Davis Sylean 2-Nov-1916 1-Oct-1992 See Photo
Davis Willard F. 22-Aug-1941 22-Oct-1979 See Photo
Davis Willie 25-Feb-1901 3-Oct-1976 See Photo
Dean Kelvin Roshell 24-Jul-1964 14-Sep-2004 SeePhoto
Delaney Alfred 1894 1951 See Photo
Delaney Anna L. Kilgore 1898 23-May-1905 See Photo
Dennis Catherine Louie 31-Jan-1924 14-Aug-2003 See Photo
Dennis Lee 20-Dec-1928 11-Apr-2002 See Photo
Dennis Ronald Joe 18-Jun-1946 20-Jan-2003 See Photo
Dennis Venus E. 1950 1971 See Photo
Dindy Davis Morrell 18-Nov-1982 20-Jan-1999 See Photo
Dindy Katie 2-Mar-1927 3-Feb-2011 See Photo
Dindy Mazola (Sandy) 10-Mar-1930 28-Aug-2001 See Photo
Dindy Norma J. "Cookie" 10-Oct-1953 20-Apr-2010 See Photo
Dindy Zeola Mae 23-Apr-1943 3-Apr-2004 See Photo
Dixon Annie 1884 1966 See Photo
Dixon John E. 1876 1966 See Photo
Dobson Gatha Jo 2-Apr-1945 6-Jun-1983 See Photo
Doolittle Alzetta Lee 21-Nov-1948 5-Nov-1996 See Photo
Doolittle Bennie Mae 12-May-1925 17-Aug-2002 See Photo
Dorsett Eugene Alton 30-Jan-1941 13-Apr-1979 See Photo
Doser Flora 7-Jan-1907 22-Dec-1968 See Photo
Drinkwater A. J. 10-May-1892 18-Dec-1971 See Photo
Drinkwater Billy Eugene 13-Dec-1930 31-Jan-1987 See Photo
Drinkwater Callie 1-Mar-1908 7-Sep-1988 See Photo
Duke-Alford Carlos 18-Sep-1975 22-May-1994 See Photo
Dukes Juanita K. 11-Dec-1949 24-May-1992 See Photo
Dumas Annie May (Ransom) 15-May-1911 3-Mar-2001 See Photo
Dunlap Alma L. 21-May-1881 1-Nov-1968 See Photo
Dunlap Andrew O. 16-Aug-1904 18-Nov-1969 See Photo
Dunlap Dr. William Sherman 29-Jan-1871 25-Mar-1945 See Photo
Dunlap Etolia Maye 18-Jul-1908 12-May-1997 See Photo
Dunlap Frank 23-Dec-1905 9-Feb-1962 See Photo
Dunlap Hattie Allison 18-Feb-1907 18-Nov-1999 See Poto
Dunlap Vernal 14-Nov-1905 26-Dec-1979 See Photo
Dunlap William H. 19-Oct-1901 30-Mar-1963 See Photo
Durrow Maggie L. 28-Mar-1898 16-Apr-1950 See Photo
Durrow Robin Lee 18-Apr-1889 8-Mar-1964 See Photo, See Photo
Easley Charles William 11-Jul-1920 27-Jan-1976 See Photo, See Photo
Easley Eunice Myers Tyree 26-Aug-1916 8-Nov-2003 See Photo
Easley James L., Jr. "Cookie" 19-Aug-1942 7-Mar-1997 See Photo
Easley James L., Sr. 4-Jun-1907 8-Jan-1980 See Photo
Easley Marie 2-Jan-1916 7-Apr-1979 See Photo
Easley Ophelia B. 16-Sep-1897 26-May-1955 See Photo
Eaton Alberta 9-May-1947 22-Mar-1993 See Photo
Eaton Nettie 10-Jan-1926 16-Oct-1996 See Photo
Echols George 1-Dec-1889 14-Sep-1938 See Photo
Echols P. M. 10-Apr-1868 11-Jun-1911 See Photo
Edmond Stanley Lewis 18-Oct-1946 10-Dec-2000 See Photo
Edmondson Tommie Hardwick 20-Aug-1893 25-Nov-1986 See Photo
Edwards Bessie L. 1902 1980 See Photo
Edwards Boyze C. 23-Dec-1919 29-Dec-1991 See Photo, See Photo
Edwards Gay Lynn 23-May-1962 27-May-1962 See Photo
Edwards Glovenura 1886 1958 See Photo
Edwards Gracie Lee 1-Sep-1923 2-Apr-1998 See Photo
Edwards Pattie Sue 11-Nov-1941 27-Jul-2010 See Photo
Edwards Theodore 19-Aug-1925 8-Apr-1998 See Photo
Edwards Tyshana 13-Sep-1972 14-Sep-1972 See Photo
Ellison Charley 26-Feb-1878 1-Mar-1976 See Photo
Ellison Rosie L. Tobler 18-Apr-1920 1-Nov-1994 See Photo
Embry Trojer Louesa 16-Apr-1930 29-Jul-2007 See Photo
Emery Conan Deamatrice "Roc" 4-Nov-1972 25-Nov-1995 See Photo
Emery Lillie DeWitt 13-Apr-1902 29-Dec-1962 See Photo
Evans LaShawn D. 10-Sep-1961 16-May-1992 See Photo
Fair Daisy 26-Dec-1893 2-May-1987 See Photo
Fair Earl 1-Nov-1922 4-Jun-1985 See Photo
Fair Eldridge 5-May-1897 24-Nov-1977 See Photo
Fair Eldridge Pete 13-Dec-1933 12-Sep-1999 See Photo
Fair Willie 7-May-1930 31-Jan-1975 See Photo
Farmer Virginia Hill 13-Jun-1895 24-Apr-1985 See Photo
Feggins Octavia (Davis) 19-Mar-1903 23-Jan-1978 See Photo
Fields Willie D. 28-Nov-1894 11-Dec-1972 See Photo
Fleming Clara 1889 1988 See Photo
Fleming Major H. 1857 7-Mar-1933 See Photo
Fleming Minnie 27-Jul-1894 23-Nov-1967 See Photo
Fleming Winnie 1861 24-Oct-1934 See Photo
Foster Bobbie Lee 6-Sep-1928 22-Jul-1974 See Photo
Foster Clyde 21-Jul-1921 25-Feb-2000 See Photo
Foster Marcus L. 8-Dec-1952 6-Jun-1998 See Photo
Foster Mary Ann 27-Sep-1894 6-Jun-1967 See Photo
Foxworth Buster 1892 1975 See Photo
Foxx Eddie Andrew 3-Nov-1941 2-Aug-1960 See Photo
Franklin Regina Sadie Davis 15-Aug-1962 8-Sep-2008 See Photo
Fraxier William W.   17-Sep-1954 See Photo
Fuller Ernest Jerry 21-Feb-1951 16-Feb-1993 See Photo
Fuller Louise Joyce 5-Oct-1919 19-Aug-1991 See Photo
Gaines Sandra Devette Brown 13-Jun-1953 10-Mar-2004 See Photo
Gair James A. 7-Nov-1908 6-Aug-1977 See Photo
Gair Octavia 17-Jul-1886 4-Dec-1958 See Photo
Garfield Ethel M. (Dindy) 28-Sep-1952   See Photo
Garfield Rudolph "Rudy" 23-Jan-1945 23-Feb-2008 See Photo
Garland Charlotte R. 13-Sep-1970 9-May-2010 See Photo
Gentry C. L. 1919 1987 See Photo
Gentry Hettie C. 22-Dec-1892 3-Jul-1992 See Photo
Gentry J. B. 21-Mar-1918 11-Nov-2001 See Photo
Gentry Polly 29-Dec-1923 12-Jun-2003 See Photo
Gill Felix J. 15-Oct-1926 21-Jul-1992 See Photo
Gill Fellcia J. 15-Oct-1926 28-Sep-1987 See Photo
Gill Oral Nevoe 3-Mar-1892 13-Jul-1941 See Photo
Gill Robert Nevo 27-Nov-1918 4-Aug-1957 See Photo
Gillem Marshel B. 25-Nov-1891 9-Mar-1973 See Photo
Glenn Grover C. 10-Jul-1902   See Photo
Glenn Grover Vernell 5-Apr-1931 1-Dec-1982 See Photo
Glenn Ione Easley 14-Sep-1909 5-Aug-1968 See Photo
Goldsmith Edith Blanche 6-Dec-1915 27-Apr-1987 See Photo
Goldsmith Hurley 14-Aug-1904 26-Jul-1995 See Photo
Goldsmith William, Jr. 19-Aug-1902 27-Jan-1954 See Photo
Gooch Fannie L. 6-Mar-1908 2-Sep-1985 See Photo
Gordon Alberta Ransom 1913 1988 See Photo
Gordon Dorothy A. 15-Feb-1933 19-Apr-2002 See Photo
Gordon Jimmie Lee 25-Mar-1925 19-Nov-1983 See Photo
Gordon Leroy 20-Sep-1949 21-Jan-2006 See Photo
Gordon Micheal "Tack" 11-Aug-1957 10-Feb-2000 See Photo
Gordon Napoleon 27-Jul-1929 18-Apr-2000 See Photo
Gordon Nathaniel "Fats" 13-Oct-1933 13-Mar-2002 See Photo
Gordon Norma 1958 1999 See Photo
Gordon Pearl 18-Jan-1896 12-May-2002 See Photo
Gordon Peter Phillip Mar-1901 Feb-1982 See Photo
Gordon Willie L. 15-Feb-1927 16-Feb-2002 See Photo
Gorman Infant Son & Dau 21-Jun-1920   See Photo
Gorman Rev. Jackson A. 1850 1919 See Photo
Graham Melvin, Sr. 18-Mar-1906 2-Mar-1987 See Photo
Graham Thelma 10/201910 3-Aug-1994 See Photo
Graves Bennie 18-Apr-1896 25-Jan-1977 See Photo
Graves Gertha J. 5-Aug-1904 2-Jun-1997 See Photo
Graves Tom Norris 11-Feb-1894 29-Aug-1944 See Photo
Graves Willie P. 17-Aug-1891 14-Sep-1974 See Photo
Gravley Elgena 1887 1964 See Photo
Gravley Willie 1914 1959 See Photo
Gray Andrew 11-Sep-1915 11-Jun-1998 See Photo
Gray Baby 29-Mar-****   See Photo
Gray Donald Ray 31-Jul-1945 6-Jan-2001 See Photo
Gray Dud, Jr. 20-Aug-2011 20-May-1983 See Photo
Gray Earnestine Stevenson 8-Sep-1932 23-Jun-2010 See Photo
Gray Leon Sandy 11-Jun-1915 29-Dec-1985 See Photo
Gray Modene 25-Jun-1916 19-Jan-1996 See Photo
Grayson Alford 22-Oct-1937 1-Sep-1974 See Photo
Grayson Bertha 9-Feb-1898 15-May-1973 See Photo
Grayson Mitchell G. 10-Jan-1910 15-Oct-1999 See Photo
Green Kathuryn G. Watts 10-Mar-1925 29-Jul-2002 See Photo
Griffin John W. 5-Dec-1905 17-May-1966 See Photo
Griffis Dorothy 12-Feb-1932 16-Apr-1989 See Photo
Griffis Rev. Freddie 10-Mar-1929 13-Jun-1986 See Photo
Griffis Johnell 24-Aug-1949   See Photo
Griffis Terry Ray 28-Oct-1950 7-May-2008 See Photo
Griffis Tomeka L. 8-Aug-1971 17-May-1972 See Photo
Grose Lottie Sue 14-Sep-1911 25-Nov-1978 See Photo
Grose Willis 1-Apr-1908 29-Jul-1975 See Photo
Guess Corene H. 20-Feb-1935 23-Jan-1999 See Photo
Guess Freda Lynn 22-Feb-1960   See Photo
Guess Norman Keith 27-Sep-1959 29-Nov-1999 See Photo
Guess Richmond 4-Sep-1932 11-May-1999 See Photo, See Photo
Guess Veda F. 16-Sep-1937 28-Dec-1987 See Photo
Halbert Ella 10-Jan-1891 31-Oct-1954 See Photo
Hall Tomy 24-Dec-1889 15-Dec-1967 See Photo
Hamitt Jettie 8-Feb-1882 13-Apr-1960 See Photo
Hamitt Lee Roy 2-Aug1895 10-Mar-1967 See Photo
Hampton Wilburn H. 15-Sep-1886 25-Jul-1959 See Photo
Hamton Sophia     See Photo
Hancock Della 2-Jun-1884 21-Jun-1971 See Photo
Hancock Jim 22-Mar-1879 23-Dec-1955 See Photo
Hardeman Bessie L. 28-May-1914 11-Jan-1990 See Photo
Hardeman Cloyace L. 31-May-1945 4-Jul-1960 See Photo
Hardeman Fred D. 1884 1962 See Photo
Hardeman Larry D. 10-Oct-1961 30-Mar-2010 See Photo
Hardeman Larry Dean 3-Apr-1950 10-May-1981 See Photo
Hardeman Lucius C. 30-Oct-1909 3-Nov-1968 See Photo
Hardeman Lucius C., Jr. 1936 1963 See Photo
Hardeman Mary E. 1888 1963 See Photo
Hardin Carl Caruso 1-Aug-1933 25-May-2001 See Photo
Hardin Lucile (Beaver) 1-Sep-1907 11-Jun-1999 See Photo
Hardwick Frenchie L. 28-Sep-1941 27-Nov-1983 See Photo
Hardwick James C. 12-Jun-1913 13-Apr-1969 See Photo
Harmon Geneva 14-Apr-1915   See Photo
Harmony Rosetta Wilson 25-Mar-1926 31-Mar-1986 See Photo
Harrison Vernon, Jr. 2-Dec-1953   See Photo
Hart Cora E. 4-Oct-1914 2-Jan-1998 See Photo
Hart Leon 29-Jan-1907 19-Mar-1977 See Photo
Hart Mary Ann 20-Oct-1929 25-Dec-2004 See Photo
Hartley Alice Caneese 1914 1993 See Photo
Haywood Jamez D. 8-Feb-2006 17-Apr-2006 See Photo
Heath Audrie 1-Jun-1944 1-Feb-2008 See Photo
Henderson Rhina 1863 1967 See Photo
Hickman Zellie S. 27-Nov-1904 27-Aug-1989 See Photo
Hightower Donald Ray, Sr. 15-Apr-1939 8-Apr-2002 See Photo
Hightower Elizabeth 7-Apr-1895 12-Mar-1987 See Photo
Hightower Harvey, Sr. 18-Dec-1932 19-Jul-1987 See Photo
Hightower Vernon E. 21-Aug-1953 22-Oct-1994 See Photo
Hill Calvin C. 10-Jun-1914 4-May-1992 See Photo
Hill Cullen 5-Feb-1890 21-Sep-1952 See Photo
Hill Essie 1896   See Photo
Hill Fred 12-Oct-1899 28-Feb-1949 See Photo
Hill Girttrue 5-Apr-1922 27-Dec-1988 See Photo
Hill J. Jun-1918 7-Jul-1919 See Photo
Hill Melvin 3-Apr-1916 3-Jun-1982 See Photo
Hill Pauline E. 29-Aug-1935 21-Dec-1981 See Photo
Hill Ralph 15-Apr-1924 18-Jan-2011 See Photo
Hill Wallace 11-Jun-1931 2-Jul-2003 See Photo
Hishaw Louise (Johnson) 18-Mar-1946 14-Mar-2011 See Photo
Hodge Soloman P. 26-Mar-1921 12-Dec-1996 See Photo
Hollins James Milton 7-Mar-1921 1-Nov-1979 See Photo
Hollins Maggie 24-Sep-1915 11-Nov-1999 See Photo
Holloway Martin C. 17-Apr-1933 10-Sep-2008 See Photo
Holloway Viola M. 19-Nov-1943 1-Apr-2004 See Photo
Holmes Albert J. 1891 19** See Photo
Holmes Albert J. 19-Nov-1910 25-Sep-1967 See Photo
Holmes Rachel J. 1905 1965 See Photo
Hooks James Arthur 14-Apr-1918 4-Jan-1979 See Photo
House James 1879 1965 See Photo
House Jennie 1884 1965 See Photo
House Wardell 20-Mar-1911 10-Nov-1962 See Photo
Hubbard Henry H. 1888 1950 See Photo
Hubbard Martha A.     See Photo
Hubbard Mattie Dangerfield 25-Jan-1910 3-Feb-1989 See Photo
Hubbard Priscilla Nov-1907 1-Aug-1982 See Photo
Hughes Nora Echols 10-Nov-1887 20-Nov-1928 See Photo
Hunt Dewey, Sr. 15-May-1912 20-Dec-1998 See Photo, See Photo
Hunt Jerry A. 3-Aug-1951 13-Oct-2004 See Photo
Hunt Lynn K. 6-Jan-1952 24-Dec-2005 See Photo
Hunt Repol Betty 13-Jan-1920 26-Oct-1994 See Photo
Hutchinson Howard L. "Richard" 8-Mar-1937 3-May-1999 See Photo
Hutchinson Irene 25-Jan-1946 26-Feb-1998 See Photo
Hyeche Rose Marie Rivers 12-Aug-1948 29-Oct-2010 See Photo
Ishmel Reev. Harvey L. 13-Jan-1932 13-Dec-1995 See Photo
Jackson A. A. 25-Sep-1894   See Photo
Jackson Rev. Aaron A., Jr. 17-Nov-1933   See Photo, See Photo
Jackson Carl Esher 31-Jul-1955 27-Nov-1981 See Photo
Jackson Curetha L. 21-Mar-1920 14-Mar-1997 See Photo
Jackson Elizabeth "Big Mama" 28-Jan-1910 11-Mar-1987 See Photo
Jackson Ethel Lee 22-Apr-1929 12-Sep-1996 See Photo
Jackson Inmon 4-Jul-1897 15-Nov-1974 See Photo
Jackson Irene (Davis) 13-Feb-1915 8-Jan-1997 See Photo
Jackson Jennie 2-Feb-1894 14-Dec-1965 See Photo
Jackson Josephine 12-Nov-1893  See Photo
Jackson Marcell, Sr. 16-Jan-1926 28-Mar-1988 See Photo, See Photo
Jackson Marjorie B. 17-Jan-1939   See Photo, See Photo
Jackson Rev. Millard (Kitty) 14-Feb-1920 30-Jan-1988 See Photo
Jackson Stephen Ray 31-Dec-1977 7-May-2006 See Photo
Jackson Viola "Miss Honey" 1910 1981 See Photo
Jacobs Angela (Tubbs) 18-Apr-1964 26-Nov-2003 See Photo
James Clyde 28-Jul-1894 19-Jul-1989 See Photo
James Clyde, Jr. 10-Nov-1921 24-Sep-2000 See Photo
James Herman Raymond 28-Jul-1924 9-Dec-1982 See Photo
James Izora 27-Dec-1900 20-Jul-1986 See Photo
James Jenee 3-Sep-1984 Nov-1984 See Photo
James Olive Ruth 27-Aug-1922   See Photo
James Shirley Jean "Mama Shirley" 12-Feb-1936 22-Mar-2009 See Photo
James Unknown 9-Oct-1902   See Photo
Jefferson Doretha 17-Jan-1921 12-Jul-2005 See Photo
Jefferson Everett 22-Sep-1924 8-Jan-1975 See Photo
Jefferson Jessie J. 1905 1992 See Photo
Jefferson Lillie 5-Mar-1900 31-Aug-1994 See Photo
Jefferson Pinkey 12-Feb-1880 19-Apr-1975 See Photo
Jefferson Raymond 5-Apr-1919 11-Jan-1979 See Photo
Jenkins Carrie P. 25-Jan-1892 24-Oct-1979 See Photo
Johnson Amanda L. 16-Jun-1926 20-Jan-1994 See Photo
Johnson Ann M. 22-Nov-1912 12-Oct-1976 See Photo
Johnson Charles 6-Nov-1931 14-Aug-1973 See Photo
Johnson Coody 5-May-1900   See Photo
Johnson Cora Sancho (Cuz) 6-Apr-1906 4-Jun-1987 See Photo
Johnson Flowerlene 10-Feb-1906 24-Jun-1984 See Photo
Johnson Howard Taft 10-Jun-1912   See Photo
Johnson Lena E. 9-Mar-1889 23-Mar-1960 See Photo
Johnson Pearl 14-Apr-1873 10-May-1951 See Photo
Johnson Phillip 7-Jul-1905   See Photo
Johnson Priscilla 28-Feb-1862 21-Apr-1949 See Photo
Johnson Robert 18-Jul-1859 11-Oct-1919 See Photo
Johnson Tommy Lee 24-Sep-1924 3-Mar-2001 See Photo
Johnson Walter J. 27-Aug-1888 17-Dec-1960 See Photo
Jones Alexander 1-Apr-1918 20-Nov-1998 See Photo, See Photo
Jones Alzie Lee 1919 1989 See Photo
Jones Claudia A. 24-Jun-1926 22-Mar-1999 See Photo
Jones Cornell Edward 1-Mar-1944 8-Jan-2011 See Photo
Jones Dave H. 7-Apr-1894 17-Mar-1975 See Photo
Jones Ella Adkins 7-Apr-1891 2-Apr-1978 See Photo
Jones Elleen 23-Jan-1908 18-Sep-1985 See Photo
Jones John P. 3-Jan-1888 14-Mar-19** See Photo
Jones Johnnie B. 21-Mar-1920 8-Jul-2010 See Photo
Jones Mary Ella 15-Jul-1883 11-Sep-1959 See Photo
Jones Mildred Chandler 4-Sep-1912 14-Jan-1999 See Photo
Jones Robert M. 3-Nov-1949 11-Sep-1973 See Photo
Jones Sylvia J. (Simpkins) 8-Aug-1940 5-Aug-2000 See Photo
Jones Wiley 12-Jun-1892 17-May-1977 See Photo
Jones William Henderson 13-Mar-1939 19-Jan-2004 See Photo
Jones Wyladean 'Veronica' 23-Nov-1936 7-Apr-2011 See Photo
Keesee Andrea G. 1-May-1962 22-Dec-1999 See Photo
Keesee Rhoda Mae 3-Jul-1934 5-Jul-1994 See Photo
Keller Clarence B. 19-Apr-1893 19-Oct-1973 See Photo
Keller Fred Lincoln, Sr. 1-Mar-1934 7-Mar-2002 See Photo, See Photo
Keller Hattie 4-Feb-1910 19-Mar-1993 See Photo
Kelly Amanda 15-Nov-1885 18-Jun-1970 See Photo
Kemp Benny Ray 11-Jun-1982 15-Nov-2005 See Photo
Kemp James Harry 18-Oct-1902 28-May-1969 See Photo
Kemp Mollie 8-Mar-1906 23-Apr-1996 See Photo
Kemp Robert, Jr. 30-Jun-1939 11-Mar-1993 See Photo
Kerr Alvy M. 19-Apr-1896 25-Aug-1974 See Photo
Kerr Edith Jennings 24-Oct-1888 13-Apr-1976 See Photo
Kerr Robert D. 21-May-1920 21-Mar-1992 See Photo
Kidd Mary A. 9-Jun-1883 12-May-1975 See Photo
King Brenda D. Hightower 5-Dec-1954 18-Dec-1998 See Photo
King Evelyn 7-Jun-1936   See Photo
King Johnnie W. II 17-May-1933 4-Jun-1995 See Photo
Kirk Wilma Lee (Jackson) 17-Feb-1927 3-May-2002 See Photo
Knight Jordon Kellop 11-Jan-1884 14-Jan-1974 See Photo
Knight Lottie Beatrice 16-Apr-1893 24-Apr-1977 See Photo
Koven Winrow D. Brown 1952 1972 See Photo
LaFleur Louella 13-Jun-1896 11-Dec-1977 See Photo
Landrum Floyd II Jul-1930 Sep-1992 See Photo
Lang Lydie 3-Mar-1909 3-Sep-1994 See Photo
Levada     See Photo
Levier Geraldine 24-Jun-1929 16-Sep-2006 See Photo
Lewis Olivia 1911 2005 See Photo
Lewis Oreelious 28-Dec-1942 12-Apr-2001 See Photo
Liddell Anna B. 1880 1966 See Photo
Liddell Conoway 6-Jun-1933 5-May-2006 See Photo
Liddell Cornelious, Sr. "Bill" 20-Dec-1929 15-Sep-1997 See Photo
Liddell Evelyn 20-Mar-1913 2-Apr-1989 See Photo, See Photo
Liddell Richard 8-Oct-1910 22-Jan-1993 See Photo, See Photo
Liddell Solamon L. 2-Jan-1873 18-Mar-1956 See Photo
Lilly Leona Beatrice (Sancho) 2-Nov-1902 23-Sep-2003 See Photo
Logan Leslie 30-Aug-1901 27-Oct-1976 See Photo
Love L. L. 24-Mar-1876 9-Oct-1947 See Photo
Madkins Henry 21-Jan-1912 11-Aug-1981 See Photo
Madkins Ida B. 18-Nov-1926 19-Apr-2002 See Photo
Madkins Ladosca Jean (Nannie) 4-Nov-1934 15-Oct-2003 See Photo
Madkins Lillian 1927 1988 See Photo
Madkins Ollie 1901 1988 See Photo
Madkins Solomon 5-Feb-1920 31-Dec-1993 See Photo
Maillard Edward Richard 15-Mar-1958 5-Oct-2009 See Photo
Malone Rev. W. B. 1880 25-Oct-1952 See Photo
Marshall Quincy (Steele) 16-Oct-1923 18-Jul-1997 See Photo
Martin Andy 25-Mar-1900 19-Aug-1974 See Photo
Martin Harriet (Hattie) 1902 1990 See Photo
Marzett Henry F. 20-Jun-1925 4-Dec-1979 See Photo
Massey Edward 4-Mar-1938 28-Nov-2006 See Photo
Massey Zepher Gray 5-May-1918 21-Mar-2006 See Photo
Mathews W. R. 14-Feb-1857 30-Aug-1918 See Photo
McAllister Carolyn Ann Emery 12-Apr-1952 1-May-2006 See Photo
McClain Leona Sutton 12-Feb-1903 12-May-1960 See Photo
McClendon Gordon Terry 30-Oct-1952 7-Jul-1954 See Photo
McComb Inez Gladys 21-Apr-1911 5-Jun-1987 See Photo
McComb Lela V. 16-Feb-1880 27-May-1955 See Photo
McComb Lloyd B. 1950 2010 See Photo
McComb Lloyd H. 11-Aug-1903 3-Nov-1982 See Photo
McComb Mattie O. 6-Nov-1906 26-Feb-1950 See Photo
McDonald Edrene "Dimple" 13-Feb-1915 26-Jan-1992 See Photo
McDonald Eugene B. 27-Nov-1919 6-May-1971 See Photo
McDonald Gary L. 15-Dec-1960 15-Nov-2009 See Photo
McDonald Jessie B. (King) 10-Jun-1892 14-Mar-1976 See Photo
McDonald Theophilus M. 22-Nov-1890 17-Dec-1965 See Photo
McDuffy Julia E. 8-Jun-1909 25-Dec-1986 See Photo
McElwee Emma 1878 1960 See Photo
McElwee Merdie 1902 1969 See Photo
McGee Devona A. Branch 20-Apr-1971 20-Jun-1997 See Photo
McKinley Evelyn Parker 9-Jan-1903 24-Apr-1999 See Photo
McKinney Irby Gene 29-Jun-1927 27-Oct-1953 See Photo
McKnight Exzetta (Cudjo) White 19-Jun-1926 5-Feb-1998 See Photo
Memroy Perry Lottie 1946 1994 See Photo
Meyers Jennie H. 4-Apr-1933 7-Nov-1999 See Photo
Miles Mathew, Jr. 28-Sep-1921 27-Oct-1996 See Photo
Miller Walter J. 1941 2011 See Photo
Mitchell Ella Doolin 5-Apr-1892 15-Feb-1969 See Photo
Mitchell Jessie 1-Dec-1880 19-Mar-1957 See Photo
Mitchell L. T. 1-May-1865 22-Jun-1958 See Photo
Mitchel l Theo 2-Jul-1895   See Photo
Moaning Carrol A. 5-Jul-1949   See Photo
Moaning Joseph L. 20-Dec-1949 14-Mar-1987 See Photo
Moaning Tammi J. 14-May-1980 15-Jun-2000 See Photo
Moore Clema H. 11-Jun-1920 20-Dec-1985 See Photo
Moore John F. 31-Mar-1934 11-Apr-1974 See Photo
Moore Lillian Esther 27-Feb-1917 12-Jul-1999 See Photo
Moore Ray Dean 8-Aug-1953 8-Jan-2002 See Photo
Moore Sylvester B. 4-Feb-1909 6-Mar-1995 See Photo
Morris Robert B. 23-Jul-1910 17-Feb-1965 See Photo
Moses Annie Gray 17-Jun-1892 1-May-1977 See Photo
Moses James 2-Jun-1887 26-Mar-1963 See Photo
Murry Pinkie M. 16-Jun-1925 4-Mar-2006 See Photo
Murry R. D. 4-Oct-1905 9-Apr-2003 See Photo
Mustiful Ellen Ruth 5-Mar-1932 6-Mar-2005 See Photo
Myers Booker F. 1-Sep-1901 19-Oct-1972 See Photo
Myers Dora 1855 1947 See Photo
Myers Frank 1850 1932 See Photo
Myers Ida B. 25-Mar-1887 16-Sep-1968 See Photo
Myers Ida E. 4-Sep-1902 2-May-1976 See Photo
Myers James Anderson 7-Mar-1875 3-Apr-1940 See Photo
Myers James Randall 15-Sep-1923 30-Oct-1973 See Photo
Myers Lavada Carter 18-Jan-1921 4-Jul-1966 See Photo
Myers Marvin Nolan 20-Sep-1932 7-Mar-1982 See Photo
Myers Minnie L. 23-Dec-1908 13-Jul-2001 See Photo
Myers Ned S. 12-Jul-1890 12-Oct-1985 See Photo
Myers Robert E. 6-Apr-1912 31-Oct-1981 See Photo
Myers S. M., Jr. 19-Feb-1904 7-Sep-2003 See Photo
Myers Samuel M. 7-Oct-1872 26-Mar-1960 See Photo
Nash Alethia Gwen 27-Sep-1909 22-May-1992 See Photo
Nash Earl E. 3-Jun-1912   See Photo
Neighbors Estella 20-Apr-1884 28-Aug-1962 See Photo
Nevins Lonzo 30-Jun-1926 31-Jul-1993 See Photo
Newson A. L. 1-Jan-1895 20-Jun-1925 See Photo
Nichols Iverson D. 28-Jul-1932 14-Apr-1995 See Photo
Nichols Sharlene Bruner 9-Jan-1956 1-Sep-2009 See Photo
Noble Clayton 8-Nov-1918 14-Apr-2009 See Photo, See Photo
Noble Robert     See Photo
Noble Thelma Jean 28-Jul-1942 7-Feb-2000 See Photo
Norman Rev. Fay Norman, Sr. 20-Dec-1901 3-Dec-1975 See Photo
Norris Delontay E. (Carolina) 11-Sep-1971 13-Jul-1988 See Photo
Nutt Brenda Lee 1-Jun-1960 27-Apr-2002 See Photo
Nutt Mary 1969 1969 See Photo
Oates Allie B. 1881 1969 See Photo
O'Guinn Anna 6-Feb-1894 30-Nov-1980 See Photo
O'Guinn Bryce J. 10-Feb-1970 13-Oct-2006 See Photo
O'Guinn Donna LaShell 11-Jul-1967 4-Feb-1968 See Photo
O'Guinn Elwood J. 27-Sep-1924 27-Jun-1995 See Photo
O'Guinn Gladys Marie 12-Oct-1928 19-Jun-1993 See Photo
O'Guinn John 20-Jun-1884 23-May-1973 See Photo
O'Guinn Olean 24-Sep-1926 4-Dec-2000 See Photo
O'Guinn Ollie 1-Sep-1923   See Photo
O'Guinn Ulysses 27-May-1918 9-Oct-2004 See Photo
Osborne Annika Makayla 20-Mar-1999 14-Apr-1999 See Photo
Osborne Harper Lane, Jr. 21-Oct-1934 3-Dec-2001 See Photo
Osborne Rev. Harper Lane, Sr. "Boss" 9-Apr-1911 8-Mar-1999 See Photo
Osborne Lucy "Mama Lucy" 1914 1998 See Photo
Overstreet Minnie 1882 1951 See Photo
Overstreet Walter 2-Oct-1893 7-May-1951 See Photo
Owens Claudia Joanna 24-Feb-1933 20-Oct-1989 See Photo
Owens Frank 19-Jun-1890 25-Aug-1967 See Photo
Owens Jessie Mae 4-Aug-1899 21-Jan-1961 See Photo
Owens Walter 10-May-1895 9-Jul-1965 See Photo
Paldo Jeffery 15-Apr-1891 1-Mar-1971 See Photo
Parker Almeda C. 21-Aug-1916   See Photo
Parker Edward 1868 1930 See Photo
Parker Elsie 16-Nov-1911 9-Jun-1992 See Photo
Parker Eugene 15-Oct-1885 6-Jan-1981 See Photo
Parker Exzetta L. 31-Mar-1916 11-Jan-2000 See Photo
Parker Grant 1923 1977 See Photo
Parker James 22-Oct-1890 5-Jun-1966 See Photo
Parker Jessie 26-Mar-1926 15-Jul-1992 See Photo
Parker Myrtle 16-Sep-1929 24-Jan-1980 See Photo
Parker Rev. Otis D. 1907 1967 See Photo
Parker Ruby Beaver 1-Feb-1905 28-Apr-1991 See Photo
Parker Virgie May 7-Mar-1918 17-Sep-2006 See Photo
Parker William F. 18-Oct-1915 27-Jul-1995 See Photo
Parker Willie "Dudley" 19-Jun-1908 14-Jun-1982 See Photo
Parris Eddie     See Photo
Patterson Geraldine A. "Gerri" 2-Jul-1926 28-Nov-1987 See Photo
Payne Bobby "Killer" 8-Jun-1945 10-Aug-2009 See Photo
Payne G. Joe 19-Aug-1945 26-Jan-2009 See Photo
Payne John L. 1895 '1978 See Photo
Payne Joyce Ann 7-Apr-1931 21-Jun-1994 See Photo
Payne Lera A. 1896 1971 See Photo
Payne Ollie "Big Sister" 6-Mar-1952   See Photo
Perry Annie M. 23-Nov-1912 27-Jan-2004 See Photo
Perry Floyd D. 27-Oct-1926 8-May-1994 See Photo
Perry Floyd Darlin III 24-Jul-1997 25-Jul-1997 See Photo
Perry Jennetta 1889 1974 See Photo
Perry John Wesley 18-Dec-1938 19-Jan-2004 See Photo
Perry Julius C., Jr. 10-Jan-1932 6-Oct-1960 See Photo
Perry Julius C., Sr. 21-Feb-1909 15-Nov-1989 See Photo
Perry Tyran Montez 5-Oct-1998 18-Jan-1999 See Photo
Perry Velma 26-Nov-1930 12-Jan-2011 See Photo
Perry Zelma Z. 26-Oct-1929 24-Dec-1993 See Photo
Peters Helen (Mickey) 1939 1972 See Photo
Peters Peggy Jo 13-Oct-1943 13-Oct-1995 See Photo
Phillips Laura V. (Toles) "LV Honey" 23-Aug-1931 6-May-2004 See Photo, See Photo
Phillips Lela Mae (Douglas) 8-Apr-1930 18-Sep-1999 See Photo
Phillips Martin H. 1924 1986 See Photo
Phillips Pompey, Jr. 1-Sep-2026 18-Nov-1993 See Photo
Phillips Samuel 4-Jan-1896 17-Dec-1981 See Photo
Piercy Hattie 24-Feb-1907 2-Jun-1994 See Photo
Pinson Mindy 1865 1957 See Photo
Pittman John D. 11-Jan-1962 2-Mar-1987 See Photo
Pittman Olevia (Mama Leva) 28-Aug-1912 8-Feb-1994 See Photo
Pittman Wister 24-Jan-1913 1-Dec-1981 See Photo
Ponder Lillie Mae 4-Jan-1896 7//8/1959 See Photo
Ponder Minnie L. 16-Jan-1920 7-Jul-2005 See Photo
Ponder Paul Harding 30-Jan-1921 17-Sep-1992 See Photo
Ponder Ronald L. 5-Aug-1966 14-Dec-1993 See Photo
Ponder Teddie R. 1-Jan-1915 20-Jun-1974 See Photo
Ponder Thedore (Ted) 3-Sep-1948 13-Jul-1986 See Photo
Ponder Victor Lavern 25-Jul-1955 27-Oct-2008 See Photo
Ponder Wanda M. 1950 17-May-1905 See Photo
Ponder William T. 1-Jan-1915 6-Sep-1976 See Photo
Porter James A. 26-Feb-1894 1-Nov-1968 See Photo
Porter Luella B. 16-Oct-1911 1-Dec-1968 See Photo
Porter Mary E. 1894 1957 See Photo
Potts Emma Jean 10-Apr-1933 14-Jun-2002 See Photo
Powell Bennie Lee 18-Jan-1922 12-Oct-1999 See Photo
Powell Ed, Sr. 31-Aug-1897 1-Aug-1980 See Photo
Powell Elzora 1896 198* See Photo
Price Glen Dale 23-Mar-1955 14-Aug-2008 See Photo
Price Howard William 16-Jun-1924 6-Aug-2005 See Photo
Price W. H. 28-Feb-1883 4-Mar-1969 See Photo
Ransom Lillie Mae 2-Mar-1917 12-Aug-1999 See Photo
Raper Bernice 20-Jul-1926 30-Jul-1956 See Photo
Record Dasie Mae 8-Nov-1909 7-Mar-1985 See Photo
Reece Laquitta M. 24-Nov-1970 25-May-1980 See Photo
Reese Emanuel "Poor Boy" 12-Apr-1930 2-May-1982 See Photo
Reese Harvey Richard, Jr. 3-Dec-1932 2-Feb-2005 See Photo
Reese Harvey, Sr. 1-May 1897 7-Dec-1984 See Photo
Reese Minnie Lee 26-Jun-1905 29-Apr-1971 See Photo
Reese Preston J. 27-Oct-1933 13-Aug-1992 See Photo
Reese Tommy Roy 15-Dec-1943 6-Apr-1991 See Photo
Regans Elvie Lee 1918 1969 See Photo
Regans Leon 13-Sep-1922 16-Jul-1969 See Photo
Reid Laura 27-Dec-1893   See Photo
Reid Thornton N. 18-Feb 1890 17-Aug-1962 See Photo
Relerford Louis 14-May-1914 13-Aug-1979 See Photo
Renfro Rev. Billy G. 27-Aug-1932   See Photo
Renfro Helen Mae 11-Jun-2020 26-May-2004 See Photo
Renfro Naomi Jean 16-Apr-1931 30-Nov-2008 See Photo
Rentie Wesley 31-Mar-1930 20-Feb-1995 See Photo
Rhodes Sam A. 16-Sep-1919 11-Jul-1989 See Photo
Rice Albert Mexico 13-Jun-1910 20-Nov-1981 See Photo
Richard Edna 17-Jun-1911 7-Jun-2003 See Photo
Richard James 12-Jun-1912 24-Mar-1981 See Photo
Richardson Jimmie T. 3-Jan-1916 15-Oct-2002 See Photo
Richardson Mary Dee 1-Dec-1918 11-May-1994 See Photo
Richmond Augusta 26-Dec-1895 30-Jan-1952 See Photo
Richmond Josie Bell 8-Apr-1898 13-Sep-1992 See Photo
Richmond Rev. Robert Desby 27-May-1894 1-Feb-1953 See Photo, See Photo
Rivers Victoria 18-Nov-1920 29-Mar-1984 See Photo
Roberson Annie B. 13-Mar-1901 30-Sep-1991 See Photo
Roberson Joe W. 21-Mar-1896 27-Dec-1998 See Photo
Roberts Marcus Dain 10-Jan-1978 28-May-2005 See Photo
Roberts Martha A. 7-Apr-1927 18-Jan-2010 See Photo
Roberts Oscar C. 8-Oct-1924 23-Jun-1993 See Photo
Robertson Mrs Estella Essie 28-Feb-1899 21-Mar-1982 See Photo, See Photo
Robertson Robert 1861 1931 See Photo
Robertson Robert 9-Apr-1910 20-Oct-1993 See Photo
Robertson Verge 19-May-1880 15-Oct-1950 See Photo
Robinson Mozell Ross 5-May-1918 23-Apr-2003 See Photo
Rockwell Tommie (Joe Joe), Jr. 13-Apr-1958 30-Aug-1981 See Photo
Rockwell Tonly L. (T.T.) 6-Jul-1959 11-Dec-1980 See Photo
Rogers Jerry Joe 30-Jul-1948 1-Jan-1999 See Photo
Rogers Marquitta L. 4-Aug-1961 26-Apr-2010 See Photo
Rogers Mary (Mae) Ruth 6-Dec-1911 6-Sep-1997 See Photo
Rogers William Andrew 13-May-1910 2-Jan-1985 See Photo
Rogers William H., Jr. 18-Oct-1939 19-Jun-1963 See Photo
Roper Walter J. 25-Apr-1944 20-Jun-1970 See Photo
Samilton Elder Willis 26-Apr-1928 23-Feb-1996 See Photo
Samilton Gertrude 11-Mar-1902 28-Apr-1994 See Photo
Samilton Henry L. 1-Sep-1898 29-Jan-1990 See Photo
Samilton Janice Marie 20-Jul-1956 6-Dec-1998 See Photo
Sampson Louise M. 14-Nov-1931 28-Jul-1998 See Photo
Samuels Lucilla 20-Feb-1961 1-Jan-1993 See Photo
Samuels Sharman Leon 23-Feb-1919 24-Dec-1983 See Photo
Sancho Alice 18-Jun-1906 14-Feb-2001 See Photo
Sancho Irene Payne "Zillie"     See Photo
Sancho Rebecca H. 29-Nov-1935 18-Mar-1984 See Photo
Sancho Sipiew 5-Mar-1902 4-Jan-1988 See Photo
Sandridge Ella V. "Big Mama" 2-May-1915 3-Feb-1984 See Photo
Sandridge Lee 1900 1938 See Photo
Sandridge Lee I. 12-Sep-1905 17-Nov-1989 See Photo
Sandridge Mattie D. Davidson 24-Dec-1932 8-Jul-1989 See Photo
Sandridge Obelia 19-Feb-1902 11-Sep-1989 See Photo
Sandridge Richmond 10-Aug-1932 9-Dec-1992 See Photo
Sango James 1-Apr-1895 29-Mar-1983 See Photo
Saunders Willie Mae 23-Jun-1928 21-Oct-2009 See Photo
Scobey Mae E. 17-Nov-1947 3-May-2002 See Photo
Scott Asylean 21-May-1886 16-Oct-1934 See Photo
Scott Beatrice J. 1914 2007 See Photo
Scott James C. 6-Oct-1912 2-May-1968 See Photo, See Photo
Seals Mary 1886 1952 See Photo
Seals Study 1874 1952 See Photo
Seay James M., Jr. Jun-1905 Feb-1980 See Photo
Seay Lillie Mae Bruner Aug-1903 Feb-1980 See Photo
Selmon Lonnie 1948 1970 See Photo
Sewell Elizabeth 1899 6-Aug-1985 See Photo
Shelton Gloria D. "Teenie" 16-Oct-1954 12-Nov-2006 See Photo
Shelton Keith O'Neal 7-Mar-1958 3-Jan-1995 See Photo
Shelton Lartina 8-Mar-1914 21-Jan-1980 See Photo
Shelton Robert L. 19-Jul-1912 1-Sep-1984 See Photo
Shepard Emma 25-Dec-1866 6-May-1967 See Photo
Shepard Maple 1903 1959 See Photo
Sheperdson Anna 1886 1975 See Photo
Short Mom 16-Jan-1927 3-Oct-2004 See Photo
Simpson Shadrach 14-Aug-1891 20-Feb-1949 See Photo
Sims Rosie Lee 24-Mar-1900 28-Sep-1976 See Photo
Sims William Booker 12-Feb-1893 8-Dec-1979 See Photo
Slaton Opal 10-Feb-1933 23-Oct-1958 See Photo
Sloan Lora Mae (Bankie) 27-Nov-1948 17-Apr-1986 See Photo
Smiley Evelyn C. 5-Jan-1920 14-Mar-1986 See Photo
Smith Amy Gorman 8-Oct-1873 26-Feb-1945 See Photo
Smith Carrie B. 6-Sep-1910 16-Nov-1971 See Photo
Smith Emmitt 3-May-1911 7-Apr-1989 See Photo
Smith Ervie L. 1924 1973 See Photo
Smith Eva I. Sancho 2-Apr-1921 10-Nov-1981 See Photo
Smith Gerldine V. 7-Apr-1928 1-Sep-1986 See Photo
Smith Jaquan De'Breon 8-Nov-1977 23-Jun-1993 See Photo
Smith John H. 5-Feb-1921 12-Apr-1949 See Photo
Smith Leola 6-Jun-1910   See Photo
Smith Louis Robert 27-Jul-1953 4-Jun-1998 See Photo
Smith Maggie Lee 28-Apr-1913 29-Apr-1998 See Photo
Smith Willie Lee 26-Apr-1913 16-Jul-1990 See Photo
Solmon Leola Mitchell 12-Apr-1900 21-Apr-1974 See Photo
Spencer Alice V. 2-Feb-1898 3-Feb-1954 See Photo
Spencer Clyde I. 10-Dec-1924 8-Jan-2004 See Photo
Spencer Opal Lee 25-May-1927 19-Jul-1982 See Photo
Spencer Polly Ann 1892 1961 See Photo
Spencer Preston Sylvester 26-Feb-1921 15-Jun-2002 See Photo
Spencer Thomas J., Jr. 3-Sep-1922 20-Dec-1985 See Photo
Starnes Gentry, Jr. 12-Jun-1947 7-Jun-2008 See Photo
Starnes Gentry, Sr. 14-May-1904 24-Jun-1972 See Photo
Starnes Gerald L. 27-Nov-1970 20-Oct-1989 See Photo
Starnes Ivory 17-Jan-1943 24-Jul-1991 See Photo
Starnes Lottie L. 30-Oct-1948 19-Jun-1992 See Photo
Starnes Luegenia 17-Mar-1881 19-Aug-1956 See Photo
Starnes Marvin Gaye 12-Oct-1973 25-Oct-1998 See Photo
Starnes Mattie Odessa 11-Aug-1919 20-Oct-2007 See Photo
Starnes Willie 29-May-1902 25-Oct-1967 See Photo
Steele Aquilla 10-Jan-1897 30-May-1970 See Photo, See Photo
Steele J. Sherman 26-Jan-1892 23-Feb-1969 See Photo, See Photo
Steele Sherman 21-Dec-1925 14-Aug-1980 See Photo
Stephney Fredrick 20-Dec-1920 14-Nov-1969 See Photo
Stevens Glenn 29-Dec-1885 21-Jun-1913 See Photo
Stevenson Alphonzo 26-Sep-1936 4-May-2008 See Photo
Stevenson Daisy 1-Aug-1906 13-Jun-1978 See Photo
Stevenson Josephine 24-May-1924 9-Aug-1972 See Photo
Stevenson Michael Edward 23-Jun-1951 9/24/2007 See Photo
Stevenson Moses 15-Sep-1901 21-Mar-1960 See Photo, See Photo
Stevenson Wattyerene 6-May-1927 14-Oct-2007 See Photo
Stevenson Wilbur 16-Mar-1925   See Photo
Stillwell Earnest 2-May-1924 22-Oct-2009 See Photo, See Photo
Stillwell Elum 15-Apr-1899 13-Jun-1974 See Photo
Stillwell Henry 1-Jan-1884 26-Jan-1966 See Photo
Stillwell Henry, Jr. 20-Sep-1920 22-Oct-1992 See Photo
Stillwell Herman 18-Jun-1922 24-Nov-2006 See Photo
Stillwell Mable 12-Feb-1930 20-May-2002 See Photo
Stout Charles Otis 2-Jun-1907 15-Aug-1988 See Photo
Stout Juanita L. Kidd 7-Mar-1919 21-Aug-1998 See Photo
Street Asalee "Phillips" 3-Oct-1897 8-Feb-1979 See Photo
Street Ceasar M. 28-Apr-1951 11-Aug-1983 See Photo
Street Earnest 27-Dec-1913 19-Jan-1985 See Photo
Street George 30-Apr-1918 12-Nov-2001 See Photo
Street Mary (Mommie) 1913 1989 See Photo
Streeter Lester 1896 1966 See Photo
Streeter Theodore 23-Dec-1907 14-May-1948 See Photo
Sturgeon Mary 7-Dec-1888 28-Aug-1978 See Photo
Sturgeon T. C. 8-Jun-1941 31-Aug-1977 See Photo
Sutton Anthony 28-Jan-1943 27-Mar-1964 See Photo
Sutton Collins 17-May-1895 1-Mar-1970 See Photo
Sutton Everett 28-Dec-1900 22-Nov-1972 See Photo
Sutton Hobart 30-Jun-1899 17-Apr-1976 See Photo
Sutton Hubert James 11-Nov-1926 26-Jun-1979 See Photo
Sutton Isom 1887 1965 See Photo
Sutton Lena 1900 1980 See Photo
Sutton Lucille R. 16-Sep-1921 21-Feb-1991 See Photo
Sutton Robert 1910 1966 See Photo
Tamplin James A., Jr. 20-Dec-1926 14-Jun-1999 See Photo
Tate Eva Mable 14-Jan-1908 6-Jul-1967 See Photo
Tate U. Simpson 26-Jan-1900 12-Dec-1968 See Photo
Taylor Arsheal H. 10-Jul-1934 28-Feb-1989 See Photo
Taylor Lillie Mae 1899 1961 See Photo
Taylor Luster Austin 4-May-1918 2-Jun-1992 See Photo
Taylor Remonia S. 16-Mar-1916 4-Nov-1992 See Photo
Taylor Willie Mae 19-Jul-1899 15-May-1989 See Photo
Thomas Azline 17-Mar-1881 13-Jun-1951 See Photo
Thomas Daniel 28-Apr-1941 10-May-2006 See Photo
Thomas Jonas 16-May-18872 21-Mar-1965 See Photo
Thomas Korean 30-Jul-1921 8-Sep-1977 See Photo
Thomas Melissa 17-Jan-1972 17-Jan-1978 See Photo
Thomas Ora Lee 9-Sep-1941 12-Sep-2008 See Photo
Thompson Castella Johnson 1909 1959 See Photo
Thompson Elnora 20-Oct-1932 18-Feb-1985 See Photo
Thompson Homer 11-Aug-1908 18-Oct-1986 See Photo
Thompson Johnny 4-Apr-1950 1-Apr-1999 See Photo
Thompson Johnny E. 10-Jun-1919 10-Aug-1978 See Photo
Thompson Shermaine 22-Apr-1954 1-Mar-1988 See Photo
Thompson Veney E. 1-Apr-1946 12-Mar-1970 See Photo
Thornton Betty Jo Beavers 28-Mar-1938 28-Apr-2004 See Photo
Thornton Charles 17-Feb-1933 26-Oct-1992 See Photo
Thornwell Tishe 1868 1965 See Photo
Thurman Robert 1902 1986 See Photo
Tobler Howard, Jr. 25-May-1947 13-Apr-1988 See Photo
Tolbert Alice 1917 1974 See Photo
Tolbert Oliver 25-Apr-1903 16-Nov-1993 See Photo
Troupe Almond H. 15-Aug-1903 15-Dec-1985 See Photo
Troupe Rebecca H. 25-Mar-1917 29-Dec-1989 See Photo
Tubbs Tonja Renee 11-Jan-1970 22-May-1993 See Photo
Turner Willie Eugene 1-Oct-1976 31-Jul-1979 See Photo
Tyler Carrie B. 6-Feb-1887 10-Mar-1971 See Photo
Tyree Eunice Myers Easley 26-Aug-1916 8-Nov-2003 See Photo
Tyrus Mary     See Photo
Unknown       See Photo
Unknown       See Photo
Unknown       See Photo
Unknown       See Photo
Unknown       See Photo
Unknown       See Photo
Unknown       See Photo
Unknown       See Photo
Unknown       See Photo
Unknown       See Photo
Unknown       See Photo
Unknown       See Photo
Unknown       See Photo
Unknown       See Photo
Unknown       See Photo
Unknown       See Photo
Unknown       See Photo
Unknown       See Photo
Unknown       See Photo
Unknown       See Photo
Unknown       See Photo
Unknown       See Photo
Unknown       See Photo
Unknown       See Photo
Unknown       See Photo
Unknown       See Photo
Unknown       See Photo
Van Rev. Dewey 13-Dec-1897 14-Jan-1975 See Photo
Van Julia 4-May-1904 31-Dec-1986 See Photo
Vinson Dovie 16-Dec-1909 22-Apr-1932 See Photo
Wade Candance Preston 25-May-1964 12-Aug-1980 See Photo
Wade Dickie Glen 23-Apr-1962 5-May-2006 See Photo
Wade Mrs. Lucinda Lucy 17-Aug-1924 24-May-2003 See Photo
Waiters Beulah Gywen 30-Jun-1913 13-Dec-2010 See Photo
Wallace Billie J. 11-Sep-1947 14-Feb-2002 See Photo
Wallace Mildred Nadine 11-Oct-1939 5-Jul-2009 See Photo
Wallace Rodney J. 25-Nov-1966 6-Jun-1980 See Photo
Wallace Ronald Melvin 15-Aug-1938   See Photo
Walls Teola P. 4-Apr-1933 11-Dec-1983 See Photo
Wandrick W. M. Bill 1901 1960 See Photo
Ward Annie 27-Oct-1900 2-Mar-1996 See Photo
Ward Arthur 4-Apr-1892 20-Jun-1977 See Photo, See Photo
Ward Rhonda Ann 16-Jul-1971 16-Jul-1971 See Photo
Warren Adelle M. 16-Oct-1900 14-Dec-1979 See Photo
Warren Arthur L. 23-Jan-1913 3-May-1989 See Photo
Warrior Julia 25-May-1899 7-Sep-1992 See Photo
Washington Bobby Franklin 25-Nov-1952   See Photo
Washington Curley B. 16-Jan-1952 20-Jun-2001 See Photo
Washington Curley W. 8-Mar-1891 14-Jul-1978 See Photo
Washington Fannie 1892 1978 See Photo
Washington Fred Douglas 28-Jun-1925 27-Aug-1990 See Photo
Washington Maude 1900 1977 See Photo
Washington Myrtle 28-Apr-1900 24-Sep-1975 See Photo
Washington Nellie K. 13-Jun-1902 13-Mar-1983 See Photo
Washington Patricia Vanessa (Winrow) 15-Jun-1955 10-Oct-2008 See Photo, See Obit
Washington Sharon Elaine Dean 10-Jun-1959 16-May-2000 See Photo
Washington Virgil 4-Sep-1898 6-May-1977 See Photo
Watkins Karen Louise 14-Jan-1956 10-Feb-1998 See Photo
Watterson Blinzie Mae 12-Mar-1939 30-May-2000 See Photo
Watts Almeter Oguinn 5-Aug-1922 31-Dec-2002 See Photo
Watts Bert R. 18-Jan-1891 13-Aug-1967 See Photo
Watts Laddie 26-Oct-1904 4-Dec-1965 See Photo
Watts Lizzie     See Photo
Watts Vincent K. 26-Mar-1972   See Photo
Watts Walker Comer 7-Jan-1946 19-Jun-2001 See Photo
Weatherspoon George 1925 1982 See Photo
Weatherspoon Sarah I. 18-Sep-1923 22-Feb-1994 See Photo
Weaver Daisy 31-Oct-1884 7-Jan-1979 See Photo
Webber Marion D. 9-Sep-1926 10-Jul-2002 See Photo
Webster Betty J. 27-Jul-1928 17-Oct-1990 See Photo, See Photo
Webster L. R. 7-Dec-1927   See Photo, See Photo
West Billie E. 7-Jan-1931 28-Jun-1993 See Photo
West Estella 19-Jan-1894 12-Jul-1978 See Photo
West Hollie Ivy 8-Jun-1889 24-Nov-1953 See Photo, See Photo
West Margarette 22-Apr-1902 30-Mar-1996 See Photo
West Nora 1881 1968 See Photo
West Wister L. 12-Aug-1886 22-Aug-1965 See Photo, See Photo
White Lenolda E. 23-Sep-1955 10-Oct-1987 See Photo
White Lucinda (O.T.) 2-Jan-1930 9-Jan-1965 See Photo
White Phyllis A. 20-Dec-1955   See Photo
Wiggins George 10-Oct-1897 1981 See Photo
William N. 6-Feb-1847 23-Ma*-1946 See Photo
Williams Alice 20-Oct-1919 11-Dec-1990 See Photo
Williams Andral Lee., Jr. 3-Dec-1952 11-Sep-1997 See Photo
Williams Donald Lee, Jr. 5-Nov-1981 4-Mar-1997 See Photo
Williams Hubbard 19-Jun-1902 5-Mar-1995 See Photo
Williams Kittie Mae 5-Jun-1935 7-Jan-2006 See Photo
Williams Lula Bell 21-Apr-1906 27-Mar-1993 See Photo
Williams Palma Bruner 15-Sep-1913 8-Feb-1993 See Photo
Williams Ramona "Mona" 1966 1994 See Photo
Willis Jimmy 10-Apr-1901 9-Jul-1989 See Photo
Willis Oscar 13-Jan-1905 7-Jul-1993 See Photo
Willis Rosetta H. 14-Nov-1903 15-Apr-1980 See Photo
Wilson Bennie 17-May-1922 2-May-1992 See Photo
Wilson Clem 11-Aug-1919 23-Jan-2003 See Photo
Wilson Jake 22-Sep-1924 14-Nov-1981 See Photo
Wilson Mary 14-May-1921 14-Sep-1988 See Photo
Wilson Tommy R., Sr. 16-Mar-1950 29-May-1982 See Photo
Wilson William 9-Jul-1920 26-Mar-2005 See Photo
Wilson William B. 1884 1964 See Photo
Wilson Zillar 1881 1967 See Photo
Wimberly Dave, Jr. 7-Feb-1930 30-May-1999 See Photo
Wimberly Erwin D. 28-Mar-1965 24-Oct-2009 See Photo
Winn Alice Cudjo Johnson 13-May-1917 17-Dec-2004 See Photo
Winrow Doretha Vivian (Wright) 17-May-1926 8-Mar-2006 See Photo
Winrow LaRome Demont 2-Dec-1972 28-Oct-2010 See Photo
Winrow Roy, Sr. 15-Jan-1927   See Photo
Winrow Terry DeShawn 19-Nov-1975 8-Jul-1976 See Photo
Wisner Letha A. 1-Feb-1912   See Photo
Wisner Norbert W. 9-Aug-1909 23-Apr-1991 See Photo
Wright Bennie D. 13-Jul-1886 12-Sep-1961 See Photo
Wright Bettie 1-Mar-1878 25-Jun-1970 See Photo
Wright Clarence 1-Aug-1922 16-Dec-1996 See Photo
Wright Emma Martha Lee 3-Feb-1921 29-Jul-2008 See Photo
Wright Francis 7-Jan-1895 3-Feb-1987 See Photo
Young Elzora Hollins 1897 1966 See Photo
Young Iline 21-Jul-1905 12-Jan-1950 See Photo
Young Josephine 14-May-1869 22-Aug-1954 See Photo
Younger Gwendolyn F. 9-Oct-1925 4-Mar-2001 See Photo


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