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If you have family buried in the Tate Mountain Cemetery and would like to add your information to this website, contact area coordinator.

Adams Ada B. 29-May-1880 8-Oct-1968 See Photo
Adams William H. 24-Apr-1885 12-Oct-1940 See Photo
Akin Jewel one date 8-May-1920 See Photo
Akin Nora Lee 11-Feb-1920 4-Dec-2008 See Photo
Akin R.H. Sr. 4-Sep-1915 3-May-1988 See Photo
Akins Belle 2-Jun-1888 7-Jun-1980 See Photo
Akins C.F. (Bud) 22-Mar-1886 3-Jul-1974 See Photo
Austin Amanda J. 2-Jan-1844 21-Jan-1922 See Photo
Ayler Loney 25-Oct-1914 16-Jul-1937 See Photo
Aylor Charlie Roy 6-Oct-1934 28-Apr-1969 See Photo
Barkhimer Armon L. 11-Jul-1943 18-Oct-1985 See Photo
Barkhimer Christine 16-Sep-1953 22-Sep-1953 See Photo
Barkhimer David F 10-Oct-1886 26-May-1971 See Photo
Barkhimer Ethel 24-Msr-1897 21-Oct-1983 See Photo
Barkhimer Jessie Faye 18-Jan-1924 22-Apr-1985 See Photo
Beck Bonnie M. 16-May-1913 14-Jan-1984 See Photo
Bible Preston Lee 30-Aug-1955 11-Nov-1991 See Photo
Boatman Henry unk 13-May-2006 See Photo
Boatman Lillian L. 15-Apr-1919 11-Jun-1996 See Photo
Bollinger Shane Austin 12-Nov-2008 12-Nov-2008 See Photo, See Photo
Bomar Charles B. 5-Sep-1884 13-Aug-1930 See Photo
Bomar Dr. John 1865 1929 See Photo
Bomar E.N. 9-Dec-1882 27-Apr-1931 See Photo
Bomar Hettie M. 22-Jun-1892 10-Oct-1910 See Photo
Bomar Hope 26-Mar-1929 22-May-1929 See Photo
Bomar Joyce G. 6-Mar-1893 13-Sep-1913 See Photo
Bomar Laura 1856 1923 See Photo
Bowen Effie (Shores) 27-May-1892 18-Jun-1982 See Photo
Broghton Rick 2008 See Photo
Brown B. Elizabeth 1854 1916 See Photo
Brown H. Fred 6-Jul-1891 4-Apr-1965 See Photo
Brown Mary E. 26-May-1861 3-Oct-1940 See Photo
Brown Minnie "Little" 8-Nov-1918 14-Sep-1921 See Photo
Brown William L. 1852 1929 See Photo
Campbell Rufus T. 29-Jan-1908 6-Jan-1980 See Photo
Campbell Rufus Thurman Jr. 25-Aug-1937   See Photo
Campbell Sarah J. 31-Jan-1909 15-Jun-1988 See Photo
Campbell unk unk unk See Photo
Campbell Willard unk unk See Photo
Catlett Abb 15-Jan-1872 26-Jul-1964 See Photo
Catlett Ancy Belle 10-May-1890 30-Jan-1969 See Photo
Catlett Bertha E. 11-Oct-1893 20-Jan-1986 See Photo
Catlett Betty L. 19-Jun-1933   See Photo
Catlett Birtie Ann 18-Sep-1902 25-Apr-1992 See Photo
Catlett Claud Ervin 5-Jul-1903 23-Mar-1989 See Photo
Catlett Doyle G. 31-Dec-1931 10-Jul-1993 See Photo
Catlett Fred Franklin 10-Jul-1909 12-Sep-1961 See Photo
Catlett George G. 9-Feb-1890 16-Jun-1965 See Photo
Catlett Hoyt G. 8-Sep-1922 15-May-1927 See Photo
Catlett Jessie (Odelia) 19-Apr-1911 4-May-1976 See Photo
Catlett Luther Eugene 26-Jan-1900 8-Jan-1959 See Photo
Catlett Odessia 1923 1924 See Photo
Catlett Odis 7-Apr-1915 27-Jan-1940 See Photo
Catlett Odra Ray 18-Sep-1918 25-Feb-2009 See Photo, See Photo
Catlett Otis 11-Aug-1917 7-Jul-1950 See Photo
Catlett unk unk 2002 See Photo
Catlett William A. 1892 4-Jan-1986 See Photo
Chambers Jerry D. Jr. 20-Aug-1967 21-Dec-2004 See Photo
Chilcoat (J.A.) James Absolum 5-Jan-1854 27-Dec-1938 See Photo
Chilcoat A.B. 3-Mar-1904 6-Aug-1964 See Photo
Chilcoat E.J. 29-Jun-1901 10-Aug-1978 See Photo
Chilcoat Elizabeth Dement 29-Nov-1830 5-Jan-1907 See Photo
Chilcoat Hattie 1869 1947 See Photo
Chilcoat Hattie Jo 1905 23-Nov-1960 See Photo
Chilcoat Infant Boy 29-Dec-1929 29-Dec-1929 See Photo
Chilcoat Martha Jane Spillers 1849 1936 See Photo
Chilcoat Mollie E. 30-Oct-1885 17-Jan-1924 See Photo
Chilcoat Nellie Jamison 5-Jul-1875 31-Aug-1964 See Photo
Chilcoat Oklahoma B. 5-Jul-1908 3-Aug-1913 See Photo
Chilcoat William Thomas 18-Aug-1849 7-Sep-1916 See Photo
Choate Billie Joe 24-Apr-1929 20-Jun-1938 See Photo
Choate James Harris 11-Jan-1876 26-Apr-1937 See Photo
Collier B.J. 13-Aug-1934 11-Aug-1991 See Photo
Collier Chester M. 22-Sep-1904 14-Jul-1966 See Photo
Collier Clyde Edward 13-Dec-1909 15-Oct-1994 See Photo
Collier Florance L. 19-Jun-1911 3-Nov-2002 See Photo
Collier J.D. 14-Aug-1939 28-Oct-1956 See Photo
Collier John William (Bill) 18-Feb-1849 27-Mar-1943 See Photo
Collier Kenneth Wayne 20-Jul-1942 7-May-2001 See Photo
Collier Lee Roy 8-Jan-1901 1-Feb-1970 See Photo
Collier Mildrew Laveta 2-Jun-1935 18-Jul-1936 See Photo
Collier Sarah Lucinda White 6-Jan-1843 1921 See Photo
Collier Thelma E. 21-May-1911 24-Jun-1956 See Photo
Cook J.G. one date 17-Mar-1912 See Photo
Cruse Sheila Dionne 14-Jun-1970 10-Nov-1971 See Photo
Davidson Harold H. 8-Nov-1919 16-Apr-2001 See Photo
Davidson Leoma 22-Nov-1926 30-Mar-2007 See Photo
Davis Earl Andrew 9-Jul-1903 21-Oct-1986 See Photo, See Photo
Davis Julius Ross 12-Aug-1895 31-Feb-1986 See Photo
Davis Loid D. 16-Dec-1913 8-Oct-1914 See Photo
Davis Mary Sue 7-Jan-1918 30-Jul-1997 See Photo, See Photo
Davis Nora Mae 15-Apr-1898 25-Aug-1974 See Photo
Davis Sarah E. 1860 1913 See Photo
Degge Mettie L. 1881 1906 See Photo
Dement Hattie unk 13-Jun-1909 See Photo
Dement Shirley M. 1937 2000 See Photo
Dodd Lawrence 25-Jul-1918 27-Nov-1922 See Photo
Dodson Donna J. 9-Aug-1952 3-Jul-1991 See Photo
Dodson Emily Ann Ligon 2-Nov-1982 2-Oct-2009 See Photo
Douglas Alvin Rufus Ray 1910 1981 See Photo
Douglas Elva Josephine Yarbrough 30-Oct-1917 30-Jan-1954 See Photo
Douglas Kenneth R. 6-Oct-1934 19-May-1988 See Photo
Douglas Mary Frances Halliburton 30-Dec-1889 23-Apr-1928 See Photo
Drawbaugh C.C. 24-Dec-1918 8-Feb-1919 See Photo
Duckworth Martha E. 14-Dec-1859 20-Sep-1924 See Photo
Duckworth S.H. 21-Jan-1848 13-Dec-1927 See Photo
Duckworth William S.     See Photo
Durham Clyde 1-Oct-1874 29-Jan-1919 See Photo
Durham Katie Frances 7-Mar-1918 8-May-1918 See Photo
Durham Leah 19-Mar-1891 12-Nov-1958 See Photo
Durham Lewis C. 7-Nov-1892 15-May-1971 See Photo
Durham Marcus M. 3-Mar-1898 3-Nov-1947 See Photo
Durham Martha H. 7-Nov-1899 20-Nov-1982 See Photo
Elliott Albert A. 2-Aug-1925 23-Jan-1986 See Photo
Elliott Roy Lee 19-Feb-1959 1-Sep-1985 See Photo
Ellis Kathleen 11-Feb-1905 18-Feb-1907 See Photo
Epperley Andrew J. 8-Nov-1977 8-Nov-1977 See Photo
Epperley Kenneth B. 4-Feb-1934   See Photo
Epperley Velma Shores (Dink) 18-Jun-1918 25-Jun-1982 See Photo
Epperley Vera L. 11-Jul-1936   See Photo
Factor Billy C. 17-Oct-1946 21-Apr-1968 See Photo
Factor Charles B. 17-Sep-1938 21-Mar-1983 See Photo
Factor Gordon Kieth 23-Oct-1962 14-Dec-1984 See Photo
Factor John 9-Feb-1912 17-Aug-1993 See Photo
Factor Lou Gene 17-Sep-1912 28-Aug-1958 See Photo
Fletcher Valana Wiseman 3-Sep-1896 15-Jan-1928 See Photo
Floyd Sarah J. Early 1900's unk See Photo
Floyd Thomas S. Mid 1800's unk See Photo
Ford J.W. 1-Jun-1930 19-Dec-2003 See Photo
Ford Joseph (Ted) 19-Jun-1905 15-Aug-1975 See Photo, See Photo
Ford Thelma V. 10-Mar-1907 26-Mar-1989 See Photo, See Photo
Frazier James T. 23-Sep-1884 18-Mar-1936 See Photo
Freeman Avie L. (Akin) 6-Feb-1911 25-Mar-1997 See Photo
Freer Clyde Ernest 24-Mar-1916 16-May-2002 See Photo
Freer Jeanette 15-Oct-1937 18-Apr-1994 See Photo
Freer Mildred (Thomas) 26-Aug-1915   See Photo
French James Monteville 10-Dec-1838 9-Apr-1911 See Photo
French Raymond Monteville 25-Jun-1909 11-Nov-1910 See Photo
Gayler Becky 30-Jan-1907 5-Dec-1929 See Photo
Gayler Bell Zora 27-Apr-1888 15-Dec-1950 See Photo
Gayler Clarence Andrew 1921 1996 See Photo
Gayler Henry A. 3-Sep-1880 1-Jun-1957 See Photo
Gayler Mamie Farmer 28-Mar-1921 7-Feb-1982 See Photo
Glen J.N. 20-Sep-1858 3-Dec-1924 See Photo
Glen Myrtle May 12-Apr-1907 1-Oct-1909 See Photo
Gray Daughter of John and Nora no date no date See Photo
Gregg John C.F. 4-Sep-1863 11-Jan-1910 See Photo
Gregg Melvina L. unk 1940 See Photo
Greggs William Paul 13-Oct-1960 14-Oct-1960 See Photo
Guinn Betty Jean unk unk See Photo
Guinn Elizabeth Miller 1853 4-Apr-1914 See Photo
Guinn Martin "Mart" 1843 4-Dec-1912 See Photo
Hall Lancy 6-Sep-1906 17-Feb-1981 See Photo
Hall Samuel 4-Feb-1872 10-Jan-1963 See Photo
Hand Wade 1939 1920 See Photo
Hand Wanda Lou unk 30-Aug-2006 See Photo
Hargus Ethel 15-Jan-1885 14-Nov-1952 See Photo
Hargus Newt 17-Apr-1886 30-Aug-1965 See Photo
Harrington James Nelson 1862 1935 See Photo
Heard Louie 16-Jan-1926 8-Nov-1969 See Photo
Heard Michael 14-Oct-1959 8-Nov-1988 See Photo
Heard Ozell 6-Nov-1924 19-Feb-1989 See Photo
Heard Richard Paul 30-Sep-1977 12-Mar-1999 See Photo
Heard Zella 26-Mar-1925   See Photo
Hedrick Avery no date 7-Feb-1907 See Photo
Heflin Laura Clem 1878 1909 See Photo
Hesley William can not read can not read See Photo
Hoglan Charles Ashley 26-Feb-1901 8-Jun-2003 See Photo
Hoglan Lucille Thomas 22-Nov-1916 8-Sep-2009 See Photo
Housdon Baby unk unk See Photo
Housdon Baby unk unk See Photo
Housdon R.L. 12-Sep-1904 1932 See Photo
House Jamie Dean 15-Nov-1997 15-Nov-1997 See Photo
House Jeremy Wayne 21-Nov-1997 22-Nov-1997 See Photo
Huckabay Belle 14-Jun-1902 26-May-1999 See Photo
Huckabay Dewey R. 17-Oct-1898 23-Oct-1977 See Photo
Huckabay William O. 24-Dec-1873 unk See Photo
Irby Bessie Carrie 20-Mar-1910 11-Oct-2006 See Photo
Jackson Herbert Ray 25-Apr-1942 7-Oct-2003 See Photo
Jackson Willie A. (Wingo) 14-Apr-1891 20-May-1972 See Photo
Jamison John Harvey 10-Oct-1853 5-Jun-1910 See Photo
Jamison Lois 18-Jan-1918 25-Sep-1921 See Photo
Jamison Lucy D. Broadfoot 5-Feb-1855 29-Apr-1932 See Photo
Jeffery Twin Daughters of Glenn and Belva 29-Mar-1941 30-Mar-1941 See Photo, See Photo
Jefferys Alva Lee 28-Nov-1900 22-Jul-1959 See Photo
Jefferys Flora 15-Dec-1877 17-Feb-1963 See Photo
Jefferys John W. 4-Mar-1840 14-Mar-1932 See Photo
Jeffreys W.J. 10-Jan-1874 1-Apr-1962 See Photo
Jones Lena May 20-Feb-1884 29-Jan-1961 See Photo
Jones Shirley Ann 12-Sep-1938 12-Sep-1938 See Photo
Kirkland Jeanne 25-Feb-1939 7-Sep-1988 See Photo
Lasiter Bobbie Marie 16-Oct-1932 17-Jan-2001 See Photo
Ledgerwood Mary V. 24-Sep-1908 26-Jul-2009 See Photo
Ledgerwood Walter Carl 8-Dec-1910 19-Oct-1987 See Photo
Lemmons Terra Renea 14-Apr-?? 2-Jun-?? See Photo
Leonard Evert L. 9-Jan-1911 6-Oct-1912 See Photo
Leonard Rosa F. 26-Feb-1913 26-Oct-1916 See Photo
Lindley Will 1-Oct-1872 24-Dec-1961 See Photo
Lytle Anna 1895 1965 See Photo
Madden Mary T. 16-Sep-1861 7-Jun-1916 See Photo
Madron Cathy Lynn 4-Jun-1953   See Photo
Madron Henry 18-Nov-1921 20-Mar-1994 See Photo, See Photo
Madron Lois Frances 24-Aug-1931   See Photo
Madron Willard Henry 3-Jan-1953 28-Mar-2006 See Photo
Martin James Cade "Jim" 21-Sep-1934 22-Jul-2006 See Photo
Mathews Roxie Lee 1896 1924 See Photo
McCloud G.B. 11-Feb-1849 19-Mar-1926 See Photo
Meshew Louie 1909 1931 See Photo
Meshew Oar unk 1911 See Photo
Motley David D. 10-Sep-1980 24-Jun-1986 See Photo
Myers Samuel Phillip 14-Mar-1943 8-Sep-2008 See Photo
Nalley Altha 22-Mar-1917 8-Nov-1917 See Photo
Nalley Charley T. 13-Dec-1881 17-Apr-1978 See Photo
Nalley Fannie M. 30-Oct-1884 13-May-1978 See Photo
Nalley Lola 25-Apr-1918 22-Sep-1922 See Photo
Nalley Sarah J. 2-Apr-1850 13-Dec-1921 See Photo
Nalley Thomas Jefferson 22-Sep-1840 10-Apr-1928 See Photo
Narcomey Cecil 31-Jul-1936 28-Jan-2006 See Photo
Northcott Louetta Yarbrough 24-Oct-1948 23-Mar-1973 See Photo
Parker Jewell 25-Jan-1016 14-Dec-1989 See Photo
Phelps James Albert 2-Sep-1878 11-Dec-1928 See Photo
Phelps Rev. J.W. 16-Jan-1845 13-Feb-1915 See Photo
Phelps Sarah E. 22-Jun-1857 1-Feb-1931 See Photo
Pickett Johnny 1915 1938 See Photo
Pitts Gwendolyn Lenora 20-Oct-1925 11-Sep-1930 See Photo
Price Essie Pearl 1900 1911 See Photo
Rawls Earl F. 1932 1933 See Photo, See Photo
Rawls Harl S. 1931 1934 See Photo
Rawls Jessie Owen 14-Aug-1907 14-Mar-1966 See Photo
Rawls Mary M. 1-Mar-1912 17-Jan-1995 See Photo
Romans Ilda unk unk See Photo
S E.J. unk unk See Photo
S W.A. unk unk See Photo
Scroggings Hazel Wingo 29-Sep-1918 7-Aug-1976 See Photo
Smith Alma Bernice 27-Oct-1914 27-Apr-2002 See Photo
Smith D. Harrison 19-Sep-1883 17-Feb-1962 See Photo
Smith Elaine 20-Dec-1917 15-Nov-1972 See Photo
Smith Elizabeth 3-Feb-1898 2-Sep-1966 See Photo
Smith Emmett Marvin 13-Jul-1917 24-Aug-1970 See Photo, See Photo
Smith Glenn A. 27-Aug-1941 28-Aug-1941 See Photo
Smith Linda Yarbrough 1951 2004 See Photo
Smith Otis Clyde 27-Jan-1915 13-Jul-1989 See Photo
Smith Webb 4-May-1915 19-Apr-1984 See Photo
Smith William Frank 19-Aug-1919 26-Dec-1958 See Photo
Sneed Robert James 10-Oct-1986 12-Oct-1986 See Photo
Spray Judith Ann 6-Sep-1942 9-Dec-1942 See Photo
Squires Minna Lo (Porter) 27-Mar-1922   See Photo
Squires Sherman F. (Abie) 6-Jun-1913 26-May-2001 See Photo
Stafford Ethel 24-Dec-1897 4-Nov-1983 See Photo
Stafford George M. 26-Nov-1889 22-Jul-1977 See Photo
Stafford John F. 21-Jan-1855 19-Jan-1919 See Photo
Strafford Ernest R. 27-Jul-1915 7-Jun-1916 See Photo
Streater Arthur F. 1889 1983 See Photo
Streater Bessie E. 24-Feb-1915 20-Dec-1995 See Photo
Streater Chester Sonny 5-Apr-1929   See Photo
Streater Delois June 19-Jun-1936 16-Apr-2008 See Photo
Streater Edna Lois 27-Jul-1920 6-Oct-1922 See Photo, See Photo
Streater Edwin 30-Nov-1916 20-May-1994 See Photo
Streater Eldora M. 18-Sep-1928 28-Apr-2008 See Photo
Streater Golden E. 16-Feb-1893 29-Jul-1986 See Photo
Streater Jerry 28-Jun-1960 29-Jun-1960 See Photo
Streater Leo Neal 17-Jul-1935 27-Feb-2009 See Photo
Streater Nell 12-Sep-1913 19-Aug-1993 See Photo
Streater Quint 12-Oct-1962 18-Mar-1987 See Photo
Streater Stella Aline 16-Nov-1930 18-Jul-2007 See Photo
Swanson Alene 1911 1983 See Photo
Swanson Milford 1912   See Photo
Tankersley Lillar R. Lenley 31-Aug-1874 27-Feb-1959 See Photo
Taylor L. unk unk See Photo
Thomas Eugene 11-Feb-1891 26-Aug-1972 See Photo
Thomas Julia C. 23-Jan-1894 3-Mar-1974 See Photo
Tidwell Earnest O 25-Jul-1891 5-Sep-1943 See Photo
Tiger Charley T. 20-Jan-1920 4-Apr-1992 See Photo
Tiger Howard Lee 20-Jun-1946 16-Dec-2004 See Photo
Tiger Nora F. 23-Aug-1915 7-Jun-1995 See Photo
Tyler Ethel Tankersley 1902 14-Aug-1930 See Photo
Van G.W. 1858 1937 See Photo
Van George D. 6-Jun-1899 9-Mar-1991 See Photo
Van George H. 30-Oct-1921 29-Jun-1992 See Photo
Van Mira can not read can not read See Photo
Vanzant Walter Thomas "Jasper" 6-Nov-1953 17-Aug-2002 See Photo
Villines Loyd 29-Dec-1911 14-Oct-1912 See Photo
W T.W. unk unk See Photo
Wade Kathleen 16-Sep-1953 27-Oct-2008 See Photo
Wade Maggie Murphy 1870 1910 See Photo
Walker Remona Lee 20-Nov-1950   See Photo
Walker Robert Louis 5-Nov-1948 19-Oct-1996 See Photo
Wallace Laura M. 6-Jun-1901 21-Sep-1981 See Photo
Wallace Lowell D. 21-Mar-1935 14-Dec-1976 See Photo
Wallace Randy Lee 6-May-1963 8-Sep-1984 See Photo
Wallace Robert M. 23-Aug-1888 10-Jun-1966 See Photo
Watters John Coleman 10-Jul-1866 6-Jun-1927 See Photo
White Bernadean unk 22-Jul-2008 See Photo
White John Vernon (M.D.) 22-Aug-1926 17-Dec-2000 See Photo, See Photo
White Mary W. (R.N.) 14-Sep-1939 27-Feb-2007 See Photo
Williams Alleyne Adams 29-Aug-1915   See Photo, See Photo
Williams Glen D. Jr. 31-Mar-1931 8-Apr-1999 See Photo
Williams Lloyd George 29-Oct-1918 16-Feb-1994 See Photo, See Photo, See Photo
Williams Vada Marie 6-May-1928 19-Aug-1992 See Photo
Wilson Emma 17-Dec-1904 26-Oct-1926 See Photo
Wingo Cordia 1-Feb-1889 13-Jun-1963 See Photo
Wingo Grover C. 24-Jan-1884 1-Jul-1939 See Photo
Wingo Jim B. 25-Nov-1870 25-Jul-1937 See Photo
Yarbrough Archie 1850 1894 See Photo
Yarbrough C.G. 25-Sep-1924 20-Oct-1966 See Photo
Yarbrough Carmie 12-Feb-1924 1-Oct-1926 See Photo
Yarbrough Cleo Gale 17-Dec-1946 22-May-1998 See Photo
Yarbrough Dovie Pearl 26-Jan-1892 8-Jul-1978 See Photo
Yarbrough Eddie Eugene 23-Jun-1887 30-Oct-1973 See Photo
Yarbrough Elgie Eugene 30-Oct-1917 14-Aug-1999 See Photo
Yarbrough Georgie 2-Jun-1856 17-Nov-1894 See Photo
Yarbrough Infant Daughter of J. T. and C. A. unk unk See Photo
Yarbrough Iria 12-Jun-1915 1-Dec-1916 See Photo
Yarbrough John Thomas 8-Aug-1855 28-Mar-1940 See Photo
Yarbrough Ode T. 23-Sep-1889 9-Jul-1940 See Photo
Yarbrough Opal 20-Mar-1917 19-Oct-2007 See Photo
Yarbrough Ruby Mae 29-Oct-1926 10-Feb-2008 See Photo
Yeager Allie E. 25-Sep-1903 25-Mar-1991 See Photo
Yeager Infant Daughter of L.C. and Allie unk unk See Photo
Yeager Loren C. 24-Apr-1907 23-Mar-1978 See Photo
Youngblood Rose Lee 16-Aug-185? 15-Jun19?? See Photo


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