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Jim Woodruff

Wanette Cemetery
Wanette, Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma

Submitted & by: Jim Woodruff

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Wanette Cemetery is located one mile south of Hwy 39 and one mile east of Hwy 102 - Map. This is a very large cemetery with several internal roads dividing it into sections. I have listed the graves within the various sections. Starting with Section A in the far southeast corner and working to the north, I have labeled the sections as A, B, C, D and E. Within each section, I always number the monuments from north to south. Example: Plot A-R5-4 would be the fourth grave from the north end of Row 5 of Section A. Section E extends on past the outhouse. Section F begins at the main gate on the west side of the gate road and extends the width of both Sections A and B. Section G follows to the immediate north of Section F. Section H is the small section to the south of the outhouse. Section I is to the west of Section H. The far west end has two long rows extending almost the length of the cemetery. I labeled this as Section J. These are very long rows extending from about even with the outhouse to the south cemetery fence. Example: J-R1-40 would be the 40th grave marker in from the north end of Row 1 of Section J.

If you have family buried in this cemetery and would like to add their information, an obit,
tombstone photo, funeral home record or memorial card to this website, please email area coordinator.

City of Wanette, Okla is responsible for Wanette Cemetery Upkeep.

Address: Town Of Wanette
P.O. Box 142
Wanette. Ok.. 74878
(405) 383-2246

Lot Number Last Name First & Middle Born Died Comments
G-R8-14ABBOTTARLIN D.2/12/19353/24/1935 Photo
G-R8-15ABBOTTOTIS J.19011961 Photo
G-R8-16ABBOTTFREDA O.19011980 Photo
I-R4-29ABSTONMARY IBIA6/12/188510/6/1950Wife of D. F. Photo
I-R4-30ABSTOND. F.3/12/18782/28/1957 Photo
D-R19-25ACKERCHRISTIA {WILLIS}3/2/19003/7/1937 Photo
A-R3-3ADAMSGLADYS M.10/18/19008/4/1906Daughter of A. G. & L.A. Photo
A-R3-4ADAMSALVA12/8/19073/31/1908Son of A. G. & L. A. Photo
A-R3-5ADAMSLAURA A.10/9/186712/17/1907Wife of Alfred G. Photo
A-R3-6ADAMSALFRED G.8/5/18631/24/1962 Photo
C-R15-15ADAMSEULA6/26/19065/6/1973 Photo
C-R15-16 ADAMS
WILLIAM WALTER 8/27/1887 2/11/1978 US Army Photo
C-R15-17ADAMSALFRED C.8/5/1863No date Photo
C-R15-18ADAMSLOTTIE C.3/12/18703/13/1933Wife of Alfred C. Photo
C-R25-7ADAMSRACHEL3/28/186011/20/1942Wife of John L. Photo
C-R25-8ADAMSJOHN L.4/21/18558/8/1924 Photo
D-R13-24ADAMSELLA {McSWAIN}18741943 Photo
D-R17-15ADAMSKATHERINE {HORTTOR}7/6/19032/24/1985 Photo
D-R17-16ADAMSJOHN Q.8/31/18983/3/1975 Photo
JOHN JR.3/8/192312/12/1944SSGT USAAF WW II Photo
HOUSTON G. 11/2/1915 5/18/1974 SGT USAAF PhotoBtwn 22 & 23
F-R4-35ADAMSMANDY B.11/16/187411/6/1952 Photo
F-R9-17ADAMSELZY LOMEDA19072001Cooper FH Photo
F-R9-18ADAMSMARIE "REE"5/1/19356/11/1982 Photo
F-R9-19ADAMSELMER HOWELL "JODY"12/7/19268/19/1993Pickard FH Photo
HOWELL J. 5/1/1909 1/17/1987 USN WW II Obit PhotoUSN WW II
UNKADAMS CARLA LEHMAN 7/30/1961 1/11/2016
UNKADAMS JAMES LLOYD :JIMMY" 5/22/1961 12/13/1944
D-R17-4AKINMADONNA {KERR}18791950 Photo
D-R17-5AKINLEE18721947Under a cedar tree
A-R15-7ALBINSARAH A.4/23/18626/4/1925Wife of Robert Photo
A-R15-8ALBINROBERT10/23/18548/27/1915 Photo
UNKALBRIGHT, jr JOHNNY BRANNON, 5/30/1930 4/16/2015
G-R5-9ALDERSONBEN4/11/18471/23/1929 Photo
G-R5-10ALDERSONLIZZIE10/14/18631/1/1940 Photo
G-R5-11ALDERSONMANUAL L.11/25/192812/8/1928 Photo
A-R14-7ALEXANDERW. E.18601904Woodmen of the World Photo
B-R15-3ALEXANDERMABEL ADELAID8/4/19152/4/1941 Photo
E-R4-2ALEXANDERTROY J.6/26/19817/19/2003Wilson Little FH Photo
E-R4-3 ALEXANDER BOBBY GENE 10/9/1936 9/11/1997 Married Aug 17 1957 Obit
E-R4-3 ALEXANDER ESTHER J. {VAN SCHUYVER} 1/10/1939   Wife of Bobby G.
F-R3-16 ALEXANDER DESSIE LEE 8/21/1896 8/27/1952 Wife of Claude Photo
F-R3-17ALEXANDERCLAUDE7/6/18987/28/1956 Photo
G-R3-27ALEXANDERB. H.18561934 Photo
C-R6-15ALLENJESSIE J.18871980Wife of James G. Photo
C-R6-16ALLENJAMES G.18761952 Photo
MELVIN WILLIAM3/19/193412/15/1990PVT US Army Photo
F-R5-24ALLENCRISEY {HENRY}9/25/18885/30/1954 Photo
A-R6-5ALLISESTELLE4/13/18911/30/1982Wife of Edward K. Photo
EDWARD K.5/1/188111/25/1939CAPT USA Medical Corps Photo
B-R24-7ALOWAYVIDA RUTH7/3/19033/11/1991Wife of Charles O. Photo
B-R24-8ALOWAYCHARLES OTHO12/28/19013/28/1981Married May 5 1926 Photo
I-R1-27AMOSOBERT O.8/17/19074/14/1979 Photo
I-R1-28AMOSVERGIE MAE11/6/190710/11/1944 Photo
F-R3-2ANDERSONMARY A.5/21/18838/29/1973Wife of Oscar H. Photo
F-R3-3ANDERSONOSCAR HENRY6/25/188212/7/1958 Photo
B-R18-11ANDESOLIVE L.9/12/188212/5/1904 Photo
B-R18-12ANDESSUSANN1/13/18511/3/1933 Photo
B-R18-13ANDESEDWARD4/3/183810/28/1901 Photo
E-R11-1ANDESKENDYLE LEA ANN12/3/199212/29/1992Pickard FH Photo
I-R5-2ANDESEARL R.19021985Married Feb 18 1925 Photo
I-R5-2ANDESGERTRUDE1906 Wife of Earl R. Photo
I-R5-2ANDESINFANT SON  Buried in Sentinal, Oklahoma Photo
I-R5-5ANDESMAYME19091994Wife of Orville Photo
I-R5-6ANDESORVILLE19051965 Photo
  ANDES Anna Lou Bishop 12 Aug 1941 16 Jan 2020 Obit
C-R16-30ANTOINEEMIL5/15/18616/6/1938 Photo
G-R5-18ARBAUGHJOHN WESLEY2/6/19004/12/1936 Photo
G-R5-19ARBAUGHJOHN A.2/16/18592/24/1928 Photo
A-R12-7ARCHERELLENNo dates Grandmother Photo
A-R13-6ARCHERALEX M.18541910 Photo
A-R13-7ARCHERFANNIE18571927Wife of Alex M. Photo
A-R13-8ARCHERJOHN L.18871907Son of Alex & Fannie Photo
A-R15-15ARCHERLULA {BAIRD}18871931Daughter of Edwin Photo
A-R15-16ARCHEREDWIN18591926 Photo
A-R15-17ARCHEREDNA L.18901947Daughter of Edwin Photo
A-R15-18ARCHERLONNIE A.18801947Son of Edwin Photo
WILLIS GEORGE5/2/192111/3/1999F3 USCG WW II Photo
A-R15-20ARCHERSAMUEL P.6/10/18925/13/1961 Photo
A-R16-15ARCHERNOVA19101911Sister Photo
A-R16-16ARCHERMARTIN A.2/4/19041/16/1923Brother Photo
C-R18-28ARCHERLYLE3/8/191810/7/1929Son of Samuel & Myrtle Photo
TELLAS L.4/12/190812/21/1963CPL USAAF WW II Photo
C-R20-3ARCHERJENNIE E.18991948Daughter of George & Annie Photo
C-R20-4ARCHERGEORGE E.18741943 Photo
C-R20-5ARCHERANNIE L.18781929Wife of George E. Photo
I-R5-1ARCHERMARTHA EVA18821973 Photo
I-R5-17ARCHERHATTIE F.18991971Wife of Euell R. Photo
I-R5-18ARCHEREUELL R.18991984 Photo
I-R5-19ARCHERCHARLES11/27/190412/28/1950 Photo
J-R1-40ARCHERTERESSA J.3/8/191012/23/1974 Photo
SAMUEL H. 9/3/1907 1/9/1975 CPL US Army Photo
Unk ARCHER REBA JUNE {STARK} 2/2/1929 3/14/2014 Wife of Gilliam Obit
UNKARCHER GILLIAM 1/11/1926 4/30/2011
C-R8-14ARMITAGEGIRTIE B.3/7/18962/27/1981 Photo
C-R4-13ARNOLDCORA L.18801980Wife of Mace M. Photo
UNK ARNOLD IONE 6/17/1931 4/14/2021 Obit W/O John Douglas m: 3/27/1948
C-R4-14ARNOLDMACE M.18751963 Photo
C-R4-15ARNOLDJESSIE2/27/19099/22/1955Wife of Olen Photo
C-R4-16ARNOLDOLEN6/2/19076/15/1990 Photo
UNK ARNOLD JOHN DOUGLAS "DOUG" 3/27/1929 2/18/2014
B-R24-16ARRINGTONDORA L.18881953Wife of Frank S. Photo
B-R24-17ARRINGTONFRANK S.18841945 Photo
C-R6-3ARTHURZONA M.7/9/18894/2/1976Wife of Floyd M. Photo
C-R6-4ARTHURFLOYD M.8/18/18849/19/1953 Photo
B-R2-6ATCHLEYWILLIAM DAVE2/26/18829/1/1974 Photo
B-R2-7ATCHLEYMARTHA MOSELLA2/1/18928/22/1969Wife of William D. Photo
B-R2-8ATCHLEYRAYMOND7/18/19109/19/1910Son of W. D. & M. M. Photo
E-R1-8ATCHLEYZELMA {BLAINE}3/27/1915 Wife of William L. Photo
E-R1-8ATCHLEYWILLIAM LEON11/30/19117/23/2000Married Oct 6 1933 Photo
F-R4-21ATCHLEYFELIX M.6/4/19159/17/1965 Photo
F-R4-21ATCHLEYBETHEL BERNICE {NEAL}2/2919204/12/2012Wife of Felix M. Obit Photo
CHARLES5/20/19245/25/1987USN WW II Photo Between row 11 & 12
J-R1-9AUSTIANJAMES W.10/4/19477/25/1976 Photo
J-R1-10AUSTIANEDNA11/28/191510/31/1995Wife of Charles N. Photo
CHARLES N.9/1/191112/5/1993Married Mar 28 1934
US Army WW II Photo
J-R1-12AUSTIANMAE L.3/18/19046/22/1998 Photo
J-R1-13AUSTIANTHOMAS I.6/18/19073/13/1992 Photo
E-R10-15AUSTINALVIN DEAN1/7/19602/19/1991 Photo
C-R24-12AVANTSMRS. M. E.6/6/18406/3/1926 Photo

Willie Pauline Melot
10 Jul 1926
6 Nov 2017
B-R20-14BAILEYTABITHA8/22/1836?8/16/1909?Wife of Andrew J. Photo
ANDREW J.     Company G. 39th Tennessee Mtd. Inf. CSA Photo
C-R16-13 BAILEY ROSA A. 2/3/1896 6/13/1984 Wife of Charles
C-R16-14 BAILEY CHARLES 3/11/1896 9/21/1970 Under a cedar tree
C-R25-12BAILEYSARAH CATHERINE18621947Wife of Greenberry Photo
C-R25-13BAILEYGREENBERRY18481924 Photo
D-R25-5BAILEYEMMA18771956Wife of C. C. Photo
D-R25-6BAILEYC. C.18681936 Photo
G-R1-11BAILEYLOU EVALYN1/13/19041/13/1974Wife of Ennis M. Photo
G-R1-12BAILEYENNIS MILLER3/18/190210/14/1978Married Jun 5 1925
Between road and row 1 Photo
G-R1-13BAILEYSHARRON G. {KETTLER}4/3/194511/18/1980 Photo
G-R1-14BAILEYENNIS DUANE11/6/192511/18/1925 Photo
I-R1-24BAILEYW. F. "BILL"1/30/18824/18/1960 Photo
J-R2-23BAILEYROBERT N.10/27/1938 Married Sep 16 1962 Photo
J-R2-23BAILEYWILDA J.4/18/19394/2/1985Wife of Robert N. Photo
UNK BAILEY IRIS ANN HEATLEY 9/1/1938 6/11/2018
UNK BAILEY LOYD DELANE 1/21/1936 4/17/2017
UNK BAIRD CURTIS ERNEST 3/2/1928 10/24/2011
BAIRD HELEN JEWEL O'NEAL 20 Aug 1928 12 Nov 2015 Obit
B-R3-5BAKERF. WARREN9/20/188212/23/1968 Photo
B-R3-6BAKERSULA1/19/18879/25/1973Wife of F. Warren Photo
B-R3-7BAKERANGUS1/26/19064/27/1907Son of F. W. & Sula Photo
C-R3-11BAKERJOHN DALE9/19/194311/18/1996 Photo
C-R3-12BAKERHAROLD E.10/27/193810/28/1956 Photo
C-R3-13BAKEREDNA A.8/24/19164/13/1994Wife of John J. Photo
C-R3-14BAKERJOHN J.12/8/191411/5/1972Married Nov 27 1935 Photo
C-R3-15BAKERCORDA B.2/2/190512/10/1973Wife of George C. Photo
C-R3-16BAKERGEORGE C.12/14/19121/1/1969Married Dec 23 1938 Photo
C-R3-17BAKERJAMES B.2/9/19456/15/1994Between rows 2 & 3 Photo
C-R3-18BAKERLUCY ELLEN6/28/18873/12/1974Wife of George W. Photo
C-R3-19BAKERGEORGE W.3/19/188610/11/1956Married 50 years Photo
DEWEY DUDE3/19/19118/5/1998US Army WW II Photo
D-R5-8BAKERHELEN12/7/190211/19/1973 Photo
BURTON L.8/28/192012/26/1991PVT US Army WW II Photo
F-R1-2BALLNINA C.1/15/18784/5/1966Wife of James A. Photo
F-R1-3BALLJAMES A.5/6/18769/14/1956 Photo
F-R2-50BALLLUTHER C.5/8/188312/19/1950 Photo
F-R2-51BALLCLARA8/16/18509/23/1933Wife of J. H. Photo
F-R2-52BALLJ. H.10/16/18475/12/1928 Photo
F-R2-53BALLMATTIE O.10/30/18858/23/1918Daughter of J. H. & Clara Photo
F-R2-56BALLINFANT3/13/19133/13/1913Daughter of J. A. & Nina Photo
F-R2-57BALLMERTIE M.3/1/188510/1/1980 Photo
F-R2-58BALLWILLIAM A.12/14/18728/5/1947 Photo
D-R11-6BALLARDETHLEEN11/29/18921/15/1961Wife of Owen Photo
D-R11-7BALLARDOWEN5/27/18888/30/1954 Photo
I-R2-17BANTHERMOLLIE M.2/22/187211/26/1949Wife of George Photo
I-R2-18BANTHERGEORGE12/17/18696/6/1941 Photo
B-R21-21BARNESLAVINIE9/15/18832/17/1965Wife of John W. Photo
B-R21-22BARNESJOHN W.12/1/18765/11/1954 Photo
JONCE P.10/25/188410/24/1969F2 US Navy WW I Photo
BILL B.11/21/19082/15/1981PFC US Army WW II Photo
CLARENCE W.3/23/19169/5/1971S2 US Navy WW II Photo
WILLIAM LEROY9/3/191812/24/1973PFC US Army WW II Photo
UNK BARNES ITHA LEE BISSELL 6/11/1916 2/14/2013
UNK BARNES JOHN WALTON "JOHNNY" 1/18/1923 4/9/2016
J-R1-72BARRYCECILE O.10/25/189510/5/1965 Photo
J-R1-73BARRYBENJAMIN F.9/4/188911/12/1968 Photo
C-R22-8BATESEFFIE G.19141978 Photo
C-R23-18BATESJAMES HOBSON9/8/18981/26/1926 Photo
C-R23-19BATESSARAH I.4/22/18672/27/1927Wife of Richard P. Photo
C-R23-20BATESREV. RICHARD P.5/6/186110/31/1955 Photo
C-R23-21BATESMARY E.9/15/18701/16/1943 Photo
D-R13-17BAWIECJOSEPH S.7/29/19163/2/1996Corporal Photo
A-9-17BEALS. N.9/13/18453/8/1920 Photo
B-R25-1BEALMYRTLE I.1/6/188312/23/1978Wife of George E. Photo
B-R25-2BEALGEORGE E.12/3/18762/24/1938 Photo
E-R7-24BEASONNORA EVELYN9/25/192310/12/1974Wife of Thomas J. Photo
THOMAS J.6/28/19224/20/2002US Army WW II Photo
A-R6-7BEATTYWILLIAM9/19/18813/12/1919 Photo
A-R6-8BEATTYNORMA8/11/188712/20/1971Wife of William Photo
A-R3-2BECKHERMAN E.10/23/19123/10/1913Son of T. H. & E. V. Photo
B-R21-26BECKNERSARAH A.18561934Wife of John K. Photo
B-R21-27BECKNERJOHN K.18471927 Photo
B-R23-9BECKNERINFANT1/3/19141/8/1914Daughter of J. A. & S. H. Photo
B-R23-10BECKNERSUSIE H.8/2/18896/8/1972Wife of Jesse A. Photo
B-R23-11BECKNERJESSE A.10/8/18898/10/1969 Photo
A-R23-6BEENER. D.1/7/18981/28/1947 Photo
A-R23-7BEENELUCILLE10/9/19253/17/1946 Photo
A-R25-4BEETSLOIS M.6/5/19242/6/2003Wife of Urshal V. Photo
A-R25-5BEETSURSHAL V.3/19/19188/24/1999Married Nov 8 1948 Photo
WILLIAM A.7/5/19152/5/1987TEC5 US Army WW II Photo
C-R10-12BEETSDALE EDGAR JR.3/22/19665/13/1966Son of Dale & Ginger Photo
C-R10-13BEETSJERRY DEE4/12/19392/4/1940Son of Edgar & Imogene Photo
C-R10-14BEETSIMOGENE9/18/19154/9/1964Wife of Edgar Photo
C-R10-15BEETSEDGAR9/30/19101/22/1998 Photo
D-R22-13BEETSANNIE5/18/18832/16/1963Wife of Sam Photo
D-R22-14BEETSSAM5/22/18831/4/1964 Photo
E-R8-10BEETSANNIE N.3/11/19102/9/1992Wife of Curtis J. Photo
E-R8-11BEETSCURTIS J.1/7/19087/19/1978Married Aug 18 1928 Photo
G-R4-12BEETSRAYFORD8/8/19201928Prichard FH Photo
G-R4-13BEETSDORIS MYREE19301930Prichard FH Photo
G-R4-14BEETSJAMES EDWARD4/11/191311/25/1938Prichard FH Photo
G-R5-20BEETSINESS {MOODY}3/5/19238/23/2001Wife of Ralph A. Photo
G-R5-21BEETSRALPH A.8/8/19204/24/1954Married Jun 10 1939 Photo
UNK BEETS DALE 6/15/1941 1/16/2016
UNK BEETS LARRY LEE 4/12/1939 5/31/2011
UNK BEETS BARBARA ANN 9/13/1947 4/28/2023 Obit D/O Ralph & Iness
A-R10-4BEHANMARY8/15/18395/30/1907Born in Ireland Wife of Patrick Photo
A-R10-6BEHANPATRICK3/17/18345/2/1909 Photo
F-R4-51BELCHERTENNIE A.9/13/189110/11/1958 Photo
A-R6-9BELLKATHRYN {MAHONEY}5/10/19146/8/1993 Photo
B-R3-9BELLSUSIE18611931 Photo
B-R3-10BELLTRENNA A.5/20/18902/3/1913Wife of James L. Photo
B-R3-11BELLJAMES L.9/1/18899/12/1969 Photo
C-R10-23BELLPEGGY JEANE9/9/19409/16/1940 Photo
A-R5-9BENCHPAUL10/4/19028/30/1907 Photo
D-R15-18BENHAMARTIE5/1/18803/19/1946Wife of John W. Photo
D-R15-19BENHAMJOHN W.No dates Under a cedar tree
UNKNOWNBENJAMINSANDY S.4/26/19527/16/2010 Photo
C-R10-10BENNETTJOHN W.9/29/18686/29/1943 Photo
C-R10-11BENNETTAUGUSTA A.18701954 Photo
F-R5-20BENNETTEDNA PEARL {LOVE}6/29/191212/1/1997Between rows 4 & 5 Photo
G-R9-8BENTLEYMINNIE MAE5/12/19071/5/1990Wife of L. F. Photo
G-R9-9BENTLEYL. F. "PETE"12/31/18988/29/1939 Photo
G-R9-10BENTLEYW. A.18731936 Photo
G-R9-11BENTLEYA. B.18781965 Photo
DANIEL L.4/20/19649/15/1984BM3 US Navy Photo
J-R1-4BENTLEYEDNEY MAE3/8/19106/13/1986Wife of E. A. Photo
J-R1-5BENTLEYE. A. "LONNIE"10/4/190612/7/1983 Photo
F-R7-17BENTLEYRonald Gene11/6/19587/23/2019 Obit
UNK BENTLEY JAMES HOMER 11/23/1930 6/28/2017
UNK BENTLEY MAYME RUTH SMITH 1/23/1930 9/18/2012
F-R7-17BERGERONLINDSAY C.11/14/191711/21/1917 Photo
F-R8-8BERGERONFRANCIS E.No dates1881 Photo
Unk BERGSCHNEIDER MARGARET M. 6/30/1914 5/10/2008 Photo
Unk BERRY RUBY MARIE 5/4/1920 8/23/2008 Photo
J-R1-69 BERTRAND GERTRUDE M. 7/17/1892 3/17/1977 Wife of Benjamin H. Photo
J-R1-70 BERTRAND BENJAMIN H. 2/8/1884 8/3/1971 Married Aug 7 1907 Photo
A-R5-3BETHUNEADA MAE4/23/18745/26/1954 Photo
A-R5-4BETHUNEJOHN PAYTON3/3/18672/4/1939 Photo
A-R5-5BETHUNEGERALD GLENN5/9/194010/13/1944 Photo
A-R21-12BETHUNEW. M.3/4/183311/20/1905 Photo
A-R21-13BETHUNEMATILDA I.12/7/18538/24/1932Mother Photo
A-R21-14BETHUNERUBY1/20/188712/23/1918Woodmen Circle Photo
B-R14-10BIGBYPRESTON H.1/7/18416/21/1912 Photo
D-R16-25BILLINGSLEYMAUDE M.11/20/18799/28/1976Wife of Burse M. Photo
D-R16-26BILLINGSLEYBURSE M.4/17/18726/20/1944 Photo
D-R16-17BIRKSANNIE L.3/20/18753/5/1950 Photo
D-R16-18BIRKSCARL Y.4/19/19129/26/1945 Photo
F-R9-14BISSELLMARTHA A. (ARCA)18741956 Photo
J-R1-79BIVENSLAVERNE J.8/15/19231/28/2001 Photo
HERBERT LEON2/26/19399/8/1983SP4 US Army Photo
J-R1-81BIVENSWILLIAM GARY12/7/19407/7/1996Husband of Eva E. Photo
F-R7-23BIVINSROCKY1/18/19577/18/1996Difficult to read
F-R8-29BIVINSOLLIE LOU6/20/19161/25/1972 Photo
D-R25-11BLACKMARCIA ANNE19331936 Photo
C-R6-8BLACKWOODORAL B.4/14/191411/6/1981 Photo
C-R6-8BLACKWOODFLORENCE G.5/9/1923 Wife of Oral B. Photo
B-R16-22BLANKENSHIPJEANNINE A.10/10/19281/31/1988 Photo
C-R11-6BLANTONEPSIE L.12/18/189112/12/1961Wife of Thaddeus P. Photo
C-R11-7BLANTONTHADDEUS P.12/21/18884/8/1961 Photo
C-R11-8BLANTONLOYD EUGENE7/23/19321/6/1983Between rows 10 & 11 Photo
C-R11-11BLANTONJOHNNIE R.2/4/193510/24/1988Between rows 10 & 11 Photo
C-R11-12BLANTONJAMES D.11/7/192112/12/1944AMM 1C Photo
THADDEUS P. JR.2/12/19274/12/1947PFC US Army Photo
C-R18-16BLEDSOELILLIE B.18891930Wife of Ervin G. Photo
C-R18-17BLEDSOEERVIN G.18881936 Photo
C-R21-5BLEDSOEIDA A.6/2/18662/18/1929Wife of J. R. Photo
G-R1-5BLEDSOEMAGGIE1/14/18859/19/1926Wife of C. C. Photo
G-R1-6BLEDSOEC. C.5/6/18691/23/1945 Photo
I-R3-2BLEDSOEALBERT8/1/19054/5/1987 Photo
EDWARD C.11/6/191010/9/1987US Army WW II Photo
E-R4-9 BLEVENS RUBY LEE 4/15/1923   Wife of Ray Photo
E-R4-9 BLEVENS RAY 10/28/1923 1/7/1980 Photo
G-R8-21BLEVENSJAMES LEO8/8/193310/14/1934 Photo
UNK BLEVENS LOUIS EUGENE 8/8/1933 7/9/2016
B-R25-10BLUERUBY E.1/10/19029/21/1983Wife of W. S. Photo
B-R25-11BLUEW. S.1/13/189811/29/1975 Photo
E-R2-3BLUEMILDRED LORENE8/15/1920 Wife of Bert H. Photo
E-R2-3BLUEBERT HAYDEN5/2/191911/1/1982Married Jan 10 1942 Photo
E-R8-26BLYTHEJOSIE2/7/1916 Wife of Samuel A. Photo
E-R8-26BLYTHESAMUEL A.8/28/19143/26/1974 Photo
A-R11-2BOANEDDIE J.8/17/18892/18/1918Woodmen of the World Photo
A-R11-3BOANJOHNNIE R.9/17/18963/18/1923 Photo
A-R11-4BOANMARY ELIZABETH9/18/19226/20/1923 Photo
A-R13-1BOANBURTIE D.7/12/18932/11/1901Son of J. C. & M. L. Photo
A-R13-2BOANJOSEPH C.1/11/18627/23/1905Woodmen of the World
B-R4-2BOASTHOMAS H.6/15/19071/15/1965 Photo
B-R4-3BOASPEARL8/20/188810/21/1974 Photo
B-R4-4BOASBEN W.8/25/18854/27/1959 Photo
B-R4-5BOASARTHUR9/24/19086/10/1910 Photo
D-R16-21BOATWRIGHTFANNIE L.18741963Wife of William J. Photo
E-R1-4BOATWRIGHTFLORENCE {DOBBS}9/20/19047/28/1992 Photo
LEVOY CHESLEY9/2/19185/31/1998PFC USMC WW II Photo
G-R2-6BOATWRIGHTANNA M.4/10/19204/12/1964Wife of Levoy C. Photo
JOSEPH RICHARD 04/19/1837 03/30/1914 Company K 6 Kansas Infantry Photo
C-R14-10BODINEELLA6/1/188412/14/1933 Photo
C-R21-6BODINEHARRIET E.9/10/18591/26/1932Wife of John N. Photo
C-R21-7BODINEJOHN N.4/20/185811/8/1928 Photo
C-R21-19BODINEJOHN JR.2/21/19295/21/1930 Photo
C-R21-20BODINEROSA LEE10/28/192610/28/1926 Photo
C-R21-21BODINENORA E.5/13/18919/20/1973Wife of John R. Photo
C-R21-22BODINEJOHN R.7/19/188511/6/1980 Photo
C-R21-23BODINELAWRENCE M.12/28/19197/14/1998Married Sep 7 1944 Photo
C-R21-24BODINEL. JOAN9/17/19256/29/1986Wife of Lawrence M. Photo
DELOS H.12/27/19122/2/1974TSGT USAAF WW II Photo
I-R6-9BODINEVELDA LaZELLE1922 Wife of Everette T. Photo
I-R6-9BODINEEVERETTE TAYLOR19151972Married Nov 24 1942 Photo
WILLIE1/6/18933/30/1952PVT US Army WW I Photo
C-R8-18BOENIVA9/2/186512/13/1951Wife of Thomas J. Photo
C-R8-19BOENTHOMAS J.11/27/18604/11/1944 Photo
B-R17-1BOGGSJ. L.9/30/187412/5/1926 Photo
B-R17-2BOGGSALLINE H.5/11/19116/19/1987 Photo
B-R17-3BOGGSJOHN C.3/2/18856/21/1974 Photo
B-R17-4BOGGSMAGGIE E.4/17/18871/3/1973Wife of John C. Photo
B-R17-6BOGGSH. C.4/30/18538/10/1924 Photo
B-R17-7BOGGSHARRIETT C.9/15/18683/5/1942 Photo
C-R8-4BOGGSJOHN CLAYTON9/22/188810/30/1944 Photo
E-R5-6BOGGSRAYMOND H.5/13/19244/28/1995 Photo
D-R24-15BOLDINGANNIE L.7/9/189612/2/1980 Photo
C-R13-8BOLERWILLIAM "BILLY"9/7/18641/18/1936Married 1905 Photo
C-R13-9BOLERMINTIE11/10/187512/29/1955Wife of William Photo
E-R7-3BOLERJEWELL10/3/19122/6/1981Wife of Jack Photo
E-R7-3BOLERJACK10/1/1918 Married May 7 1927 Photo
E-R8-8BOLERMARIE5/2/191912/4/1997Wife of Wilson Photo
E-R8-9BOLERWILSON3/4/19133/28/1983Married Jul 21 1939 Photo
A-R20-19BONSERJACOB3/16/184911/5/1918 Photo
D-R10-18BOOTHRUTH C.7/31/19147/9/1976 Photo
D-R10-19BOOTHFRANK E. "TED"5/9/19111/6/1970 Photo
D-R10-20BOOTHGARY PAUL1/23/19532/4/1953Son of F. E. & R. C. Photo
D-R10-21BOOTHMITTIE11/22/189211/3/1975Wife of Henry C. Photo
D-R10-22BOOTHHENRY C.12/21/18779/6/1952Married Apr 16 1910 Photo
A-R1-5BOSWELLGWENDOLYN BEULAH5/17/19183/8/1928 Photo
B-R21-12BOSWELLM. M.8/15/191310/31/1914 Photo
B-R21-14BOSWELLWILLIAM FRANKLIN9/27/19153/1/1924 Photo
C-R16-23BOSWELLMARTHA J.4/26/18586/3/1944Wife of William F. Photo
C-R16-24BOSWELLWILLIAM F.4/18/18574/29/1938 Photo
C-R16-27BOSWELLDENNIS ONA4/22/19313/9/1932Between rows 15 & 16 Photo
D-R12-10BOSWELLJAMES WILLIAM4/13/19303/7/1983Between rows 11 & 12 Photo
G. LEON2/27/19244/15/1988US Army WW II Photo
D-R12-12BOSWELLMARGRET F.11/23/189511/29/1977Wife of Charles H. Photo
D-R12-13BOSWELLCHARLES H.3/8/18907/14/1980 Photo
D-R12-14BOSWELLALVA "JACK"9/18936/1952 Photo
B-R18-14BOURASSATHEODORE W.6/20/18875/9/1940 Photo
B-R19-4BOURASSATHEODORE SANTANA9/12/184811/26/1930 Photo
B-R19-5BOURASSAMARGARET E.5/16/18563/21/1927Wife of Theodore S. Photo
B-R19-6BOURASSAMARY ANN9/4/19319/30/1931Daughter of Erving & Annie Photo
B-R24-4BOURASSAANNIE V.12/14/190112/16/1984Wife of Erving W. Photo
B-R24-5BOURASSAERVING W.1/19/19006/28/1978Married Sep 16 1918 Photo
EWING W. P.8/13/18968/6/1979PVT US Army Photo
H-R2-7BOURASSARAYMOND ANDREW6/5/191411/15/1995 Photo
H-R2-7ABOURASSAMILDRED {RAWLINGS}11/23/19159/27/2010Wife of Raymond A. Photo
I-R5-20BOURASSAFREEMAN8/26/1921 Married Oct 2 1954 Photo
I-R5-20BOURASSARAMONA LEE5/11/19331/2/2000Wife of Freeman Photo
I-R5-21BOURASSAMICHELLE4/2/195612/3/1975 Photo
I-R5-22BOURASSAETHEL18971949 Photo
BOURASSAMABLE ESTELLE GRISHAM9/25/19341/9/2019Married Jerry on 7/24/1952 Photo
B-R10-1BOWBABY5/1/19395/2/1939 Photo
C-R8-20BOWENPVT. DHON W.9/11/191911/11/1943 Photo
C-R8-21BOWENLEOTA F.10/22/19043/18/1996Wife of Mervin Photo
C-R8-22BOWENMERVIN L.3/15/19018/16/1969 Photo
C-R12-1BOWENMYRTLE C.10/25/188710/26/1952Wife of Claud A. Photo
C-R12-2BOWENCLAUD A.8/26/18834/28/1972Between rows 11 & 12 Photo
A-9-11BOWLESADELE9/29/186510/12/1939Wife of Michael M. Photo
A-9-12BOWLESMICHAEL M.10/29/18548/12/1905 Photo
D-R13-1BOWLESRITA {FRANKLIN}3/22/1948 Wife of Rev. Donald E. Photo
D-R13-1BOWLESREV. DONALD EUGENE11/27/19442/23/1987Married Aug 18 1973 Photo
F-R7-3BOWLESLILLIE M.9/20/18832/8/1884Daughter of M. M. & Adell Photo
G-R3-11 BOX SUSIE 1859 6/29/1934 Photo
E-R7-10BOYDPEARL {MELOTT}1/9/19168/7/1988Wife of John W. Photo
E-R7-11BOYDREV. JOHN W.10/19/19038/27/1979 Photo
A-9-1BOYERANGIE3/19/18537/15/1912Wife of David F. Photo
A-9-2BOYERDAVID F.2/11/185110/11/1910 Photo
F-R6-1BOYERISABELLA7/12/183611/14/1884Wife of W. C. Photo
HARROL LEROY 4/12/1931 10/22/2009 CPL US Army Korea Photo
B-R22-25BRADYWILLIAM J.18651941 Photo
B-R16-21BRANDENBURGPETER18431912 Photo
A-R21-24BRASELTONCLARA A.10/7/191810/9/1918Daughter of John & Evelyn Photo
F-R2-39BRAUCHFRANCES L.7/31/19151/18/1918Daughter of R. S. Photo
C-R17-22BRAYWALTER WILLIAM9/8/18656/5/1930 Photo
D-R18-32BRAYJULIA L.4/28/18688/19/1958Wife of James F. Photo
D-R18-33BRAYJAMES F.7/24/18682/23/1937 Photo
E-R4-8BRAYBABY10/17/198110/17/1981Son of Jack & Phyllis Photo
UNK BREMER EDNA FUNDIS 11/25/1935 4/21/2015
A-R2-5BRIANTHESTER5/8/19085/1/1912Daughter of C. G. & Mollie Photo
C-R24-6BRIDGESNELDA R. {WILLIAMSON}1/15/19321/7/1995Daughter of M. E. & J. D. Photo
C-R5-3BRIGGSMINNIE8/31/18848/23/1964Wife of Earnest D. Photo
C-R5-4BRIGGSEARNEST D.10/2/188111/2/1958 Photo
C-R5-5BRIGGSKENNETH RAY11/29/194411/9/1954 Photo
F-R7-20BRIGHTH. B.10/30/185012/23/1916 Photo
C-R8-7BRISTOWALLIE C.8/20/189810/10/1976 Photo
C-R8-8BRISTOWERNEST E.8/31/189411/26/1941 Photo
D-R13-21BROCKBESSIE L.6/14/189610/6/1984 Photo
UNK BROCK Charles Wyman Dewayne 7/9/1965 10/8/2022 Obit H/O Kristina m: 9/1/2000
UNK BROCK Tyler DWayne Lowe 9/11/1995 9/3/2021 Obit Avid Sportsman
C-R2-3BROGDONORA3/26/18973/22/1978 Photo
C-R13-19BROGDONWAYMOND3/14/19182/24/1937Son of Luther Photo
D-R3-20BROOKSBERTHA B. {DAVIS}8/6/18996/30/1966Wife of James L. Photo
D-R3-21 BROOKS JAMES L. "DUKE" 8/17/1895 9/11/1980 Married Jan 7 1917 Photo
UNK BROOKS NELDA 1/13/1933 3/22/2023 D/O James & Bertha Brooks
C-R22-1BROWDERBAILEY C.4/19/18919/21/1927 Photo
C-R22-2BROWDERTHOMAS JEFFERSON4/10/18701/25/1943 Photo
C-R22-3BROWDERALBERT L.11/17/18837/27/1968 Photo
A-R1-8BROWNMARY I.2/3/18752/26/1916 Photo
A-R16-21BROWNRUBY & CHUCK18891913 Photo
UNK BROWN DELORES MARTIN 12/19/1921 6/12/2015
A-R16-22 BROWN JASPER HILL 5/16/1888 11/15/1916 Difficult to read
A-R18-14BROWNJULIA E. {JACKSON}12/18/19107/14/1991Between rows 18 & 19
A-R21-19 BROWN MINNIE L. 3/23/1886 9/1/1917 Photo
A-R21-20 BROWN JOHN LEWIS 6/23/1875 9/30/1949 Photo
B-R11-7BROWNMARY F.12/25/186010/20/1939Wife of Aaron Photo
B-R11-8BROWNAARON4/27/18534/13/1934 Photo
F-R2-1BROWNMARGARET A.3/28/18771/11/1967Wife of William D. Photo
F-R2-2BROWNWILLIAM D.1/5/18782/15/1944 Photo
F-R2-3BROWNELBERT8/2/191810/14/1991Between rows 1 & 2
J-R1-22BROWNWANDA ERNESTINE8/5/192311/11/1971 Photo
J-R2-27BROWNDOLORES M.12/19/1921 Wife of Blair P. Photo
J-R2-27BROWNBLAIR P.2/7/192011/2/1996 Photo
BROWN Max E. 02/23/1929 08/25/2022 ObitH/O Rosa m: 8/03/1951
E-R9-7BRUMLEYOTIS8/7/190512/28/1990 Photo
E-R9-8BRUMLEYGRACIE4/6/19087/24/1990Wife of Otis Photo
WOODSON PERRY11/11/18905/21/1984PFC US Army WW I Photo
A-R2-7BRYANTMOLLIE9/1/18716/17/1963Wife of Charles G. Photo
A-R2-8BRYANTCHARLES G.11/28/18691/3/1939 Photo
A-R18-11BRYANTMARGARET ELMINA11/28/191212/3/1979 Photo
B-R25-14BRYANTLYDIA R.12/11/18931/5/1981Wife of William W. Photo
B-R25-15BRYANTWILLIAM W.3/28/18889/4/1959 Photo
B-R25-16BRYANTBABYNo dates  Photo
D-R4-3BRYANTLULA E.19091994 Photo
D-R4-4BRYANTBERNEY L.19021973 Photo
D-R23-15BRYANTLOIS A.11/29/19091/28/1994 Photo
D-R23-16BRYANTANNIE B.18801942Wife of Samuel D. Photo
D-R23-17BRYANTSAMUEL D.18711934 Photo
C-R23-17BRYSONPENDER MACK18591920 Photo
H-R1-6BRYSONGRACIE E.1/12/18867/28/1954 Photo
H-R1-7BRYSONA. F.3/20/18758/16/1944 Photo
ORLAND V.19131978CPL US Army WW II Photo
H-R1-12BUCHNERWYNEMA {WARD}11/24/19248/1/1995 Photo
G-R5-5BUCKLERDOCIA A.10/2/18694/6/1928 Photo
G-R5-6BUCKLERJAMES B.8/4/18624/27/1937 Photo
G-R5-7BUCKLERCLAUDE B.8/7/18984/18/1963 Photo
G-R5-8BUCKLERVERTA M.3/29/190311/30/1988 Photo
UNK BUCKLER JAMES MARSHALL 2/24/1931 3/31/2017
B-R21-9BUCKLEWEDITH C.11/6/191511/14/1916 Photo
B-R21-10BUCKLEWHOWARD A.9/2/18903/10/1916 Photo
C-R11-9BUCKLEWMAUD19081937 Photo
F-R2-4BUDHUTSARAH JANE9/30/18439/10/1919 Photo
F-R2-5BUDHUTFREDERICK A.10/15/18597/28/1927 Photo
A-R15-6BUGGM. E.11/1/18347/11/1914 Photo
C-R16-16 BUGG MARY ELLA 5/26/1883 4/4/1967 Photo
C-R16-17 BUGG JOHN HENRY 7/3/1882 7/11/1961 Photo
C-R16-18 BUGG INFANT 5/9/1935 5/9/1935 Son of Elza Photo
C-R16-19 BUGG ICY 2/8/1911 7/16/1990 Between rows 15 & 16 Photo
C-R16-20 BUGG
JOHN RUSSELL 1913 1979 S2 USN WW II Photo
F-R6-14BULLOCKSUSIE (NEAL)3/13/18831/23/1973Wife of William H. Photo
F-R6-15BULLOCKWILLIAM H.2/22/18766/8/1959 Photo
F-R6-16BULLOCKINFANT12/12/190212/12/1902Son of W. H. & Susie Photo
A-R7-7BUMGARNERMINNIE7/21/190010/15/1906Daughter of C. A. & A. Photo
C-R17-18BURCHSIDNEY L.5/11/18899/11/1930 Photo
C-R17-19BURCHJESSIE THOMAS1/6/18488/21/1930 Photo
I-R5-3BURGETTEDNA L.5/2/19135/11/1982 Photo
I-R5-4BURGETTERNEST E.8/16/19109/10/1970 Photo
ERNEST AUBREY7/10/193312/28/1975CAPT USMC Korea and Vietnam Photo
F-R4-28BURGINWANETTE12/30/19028/14/1996Roesch FH Photo
C-R25-15BURKETTWILLIAM SUMMERS5/25/18819/19/1936 Photo
G-R6-13BURLESONBABYNo dates  Photo
G-R6-14BURLESONIRENENo dates  Photo
G-R6-15BURLESONBILLYNo dates  Photo
C-R11-1BURLISONEDD F.11/11/187411/6/1938 Photo
C-R11-2BURLISONCALLIE B.11/30/18769/25/1954 Photo
C-R15-1BURROWSDELLA {HAAS}18981937 Photo
C-R15-2BURROWSMATTIE E.18661932Wife of J. W. Photo
C-R15-3BURROWSJ. W.18631940 Photo
D-R13-14BURROWSEDNA MAE6/29/19064/7/1966Wife of Herbert Photo
D-R13-15BURROWSHERBERT "DUTCH"8/1/19031/19/1953 Photo
A-R20-17BURTRANSOM ANDREWS12/28/185912/29/1900 Photo
A-R20-18BURTERASTUS11/5/18307/6/1913 Photo
A-R2-6BURTONALICE {BRYANT}10/8/18983/11/1922 Photo
A-R12-15BURTONELBERT LINNIEL12/7/190011/27/1902Son of Charles & Iva Photo
UNK BURTON, jr VICTOR CARL 7/9/1943 1//23/2016
A-R12-16BURTONCHARLES ROBERT18791936Stone under cedar tree Photo
A-R12-17BURTONIVA LUCINDA18801964Wife of Charles R. Photo
A-R18-20BURTONMAMIE18921982Wife of Ross Photo
A-R18-21BURTONROSS18871943 Photo
A-R18-22BURTONLUCILLE2/7/19192/9/1919 Photo
A-R18-23BURTONVIOLA3/17/19159/21/1919 Photo
A-R23-19BURTONW. C. "SONNY"5/3/19186/16/1920Son of Burnard & Mattie Photo
A-R23-20BURTONMATTIE12/2/18877/7/1972Wife of Burnard S. Photo
A-R23-21BURTONBURNARD S.10/27/18839/26/1975 Photo
C-R2-6BURTONTERRY M.5/16/19496/3/1977 Photo
C-R2-7BURTONWANDA R.1/22/1922 Wife of Calvin L. Photo
C-R2-7BURTONCALVIN L.12/17/19179/9/1972 Photo
C-R10-5BURTONJACKIE LOVELL5/22/19395/28/1939Son of Jim Photo
C-R10-8BURTONPEARL ANN5/13/18906/15/1979 Photo
C-R10-9BURTONADLAI S.6/13/18928/22/1968 Photo
C-R21-29BURTONJAMES T.7/15/18471/24/1926 Photo
C-R21-30BURTONJOSEPHINE R.1/1/18545/6/1946Wife of James T. Photo
BOBBY RAY6/22/19371/4/2002US Navy Photo
CHALMUS M. JR.11/4/19067/26/1976PFC US Army WW II Photo
D-R4-15BURTONELLA B.5/28/18859/15/1969Wife of Chalmus Sr. Photo
D-R4-16BURTONCHALMUS M. SR.9/4/18829/13/1965 Photo
E-R3-3BURTONMARY ANN12/6/1916 Wife of Jim S. Photo
E-R3-3BURTONJIM S.7/10/19166/7/1986Married Nov 14 1936 Photo
E-R5-2BURTONBERTIE M.4/24/19055/8/1999Wife of B. M. "Bill" Photo
E-R5-3BURTONB. M. "BILL"10/10/19043/22/1993 Photo
E-R8-27BURTONELLIE M.18961979 Photo
ED9/15/18963/21/197?PVT US Army WW I Photo
E-R11-9 BURTON WANDA W. 1/26/1929 1/25/2002 Photo
BURTON THOMAS ARTHUR, JR. 1/3/1919 10/15/2018 See Obit
BURTON HELEN LUCILLE 8/24/1916 11/30/2018 See Obit
A-R3-10 BUTLER ZULA M. 3/5/1896 1/28/1907 Daughter of W. C. & M. M. Photo
B-R13-6 BUTLER WILLIAM M. 8/13/1880 9/29/1939 Photo
B-R13-8BUTLERRICHARD9/14/18784/12/1912 Photo
B-R20-1BUTLERCATHERINE5/26/18424/26/1929 Photo
B-R20-2BUTLERF. B.18691928 Photo
ABRAMNo dates Company G 150 Indiana Infantry Photo
C-R5-14BUTLERMAUDE JEANNINE5/29/19555/29/1955 Photo
EDGAR GEORGE12/2/192012/28/1993AEM2 US Navy WW II Photo
B-R24-1BUTTSARCH H.2/6/18855/14/1950 Photo
B-R24-2BUTTSMARY ANN9/12/18575/23/1934 Photo
B-R24-3BUTTSJOHN HENRY4/5/18573/15/1927 Photo
D-R12-4BUTTSJOHN H. JR.12/25/18885/22/1956 Photo
G-R1-25BUTTSNOAH M.18761965 Photo
G-R1-26BUTTSMOSELLE18761963 Photo
G-R1-27BUTTSSIDNEY4/9/19167/9/1920Son of N. M. & Moselle Photo
J-R1-34BUTTSIVA M.8/3/19088/14/1974Wife of John A. Photo
J-R1-35BUTTSJOHN A.7/6/1898No dateStill alive? Photo
UNK BYERLY ALBERT UNK 9/24/2003 H/O Marguerite m: 2/17/1951
UNK BYERLY MARGUERITE "MARGY" McCUISTION 6/20/1931 4/11/2020 Obit W/O Albert m: 2/17/1951
A-R22-13BYRDMARTHA ALICE9/28/18535/30/1916 Photo
B-R22-19CAGLEJ. W.2/16/187111/24/1914 Photo
E-R9-11CAGLESIBYL A.1/16/19209/10/2000Wife of Roy A. Photo
E-R9-12CAGLEROY ALFRED4/17/19172/27/1987Married Mar 26 1938
US Navy WW II Photo
B-R7-6CAINGEORGE THOMAS9/18/18615/20/1946 Photo
B-R13-12CALHOUNJOHN M.7/11/18511/24/1950 Photo
E-R9-14CALHOUNEFFIE6/25/190811/19/1999Wife of Daniel Y. Photo
DANIEL Y.4/20/19064/3/1985Married Dec 8 1926
PFC US Army WW II Photo
G-R8-20CALHOUNDORTHA JEAN2/11/19319/20/1938Between rows 7 & 8 Photo
E-R8-4CAMPE. B. "SONNY BOY"9/11/19172/27/1981 Photo
E-R8-5CAMPERMA E.5/27/19208/12/1999Wife of E. B. Photo
F-R5-1CAMPAGNES M.2/24/18904/19/1963Wife of Charles E. Photo
F-R5-2CAMPCHARLES E.2/23/18834/20/1964Married Mar 2 1908 Photo
Unk CAMP CHARLES EDWARD 3/13/1940 7/18/2008 Photo
F-R5-3CAMPL. B.11/26/19084/12/1914Son of C. E. & M. A. Photo
D-R21-12CAMPBELLCHARLES E.18551937 Photo
D-R21-13CAMPBELLIDA C.18611959Wife of Charles E. Photo
E-R7-2CANNINGMARGUERITE12/22/1918 Wife of Charles F. Photo
E-R7-2CANNINGCHARLES F. "SONNY"11/1/192911/26/1988Married Aug 61969 Photo
D-R23-30CANNONEDNESS C.18911933 Photo
F-R2-11CANTRELLEVA L.7/12/19104/24/1986Wife of Claud V. Photo
F-R2-12CANTRELLCLAUD V.8/4/19056/1/1970Married Aug 12 1930 Photo
D-R24-13CARLTONEVANGELINE W.7/7/19114/16/1999 Photo
D-R23-9CARRLOU ANN9/19/18684/21/1944 Photo
D-R23-10CARRWILLIAM B.3/6/187212/13/1938 Photo
D-R23-11CARROPAL8/30/190310/1/1965Wife of Dewey Photo
D-R23-12CARRDEWEY4/5/19018/2/1979Between rows 22 & 23 Photo
D-R23-14CARRBILLIE F.9/20/1928 Wife of Calvinal D. Photo
D-R23-14CARRCALVINAL D.6/11/19272/3/1961 Photo
E-R5-25CARRMICHAEL LYNN12/22/196110/14/1981 Photo
CHARLES L. "SNIP"4/1/19292/7/1976CPL US Army Korea Photo
I-R3-13CARRGLADYS B.9/11/19079/16/1957Wife of William A. Photo
I-R3-14CARRWILLIAM A.4/18/18992/9/1981 Photo
F-R2-6CARRELLJAMES9/15/18151/7/1887 Photo
F-R2-7CARRELLJAMES N.4/20/18821/20/1915 Photo
F-R4-31CARROLLHENRY2/15/18989/22/1899 Photo
F-R4-32CARROLLBERTIE10/4/18956/29/1896Daughter of Arch & Amanda Photo
F-R4-33CARROLLDENIS6/24/190112/16/1901Son of Arch & Amanda Photo
F-R4-34CARROLLARCH18641923 Photo
E-R9-3CARSONCATHRINE11/22/19232/6/1990 Photo
CARTER Rosa Lee 8/26/1928 11/11/2020 Photo
A-R16-12CASEYFRANCES F. {SCHOEMANN}10/10/1923 Wife of Ira D. Photo
A-R16-12CASEYIRA D.8/31/19212/13/1985 Photo
C-R16-9CASKEYMARIE10/14/191112/19/1988Between rows 15 & 16 Photo
C-R16-10CASKEYRAYMOND R.8/21/19098/25/1967Between rows 15 & 16 Photo
C-R16-11CASKEYJAMES C.8/14/18818/21/1945 Photo
C-R16-12CASKEYLUCILLE19111931Under a cedar tree
D-R11-20CASKEYCELESTIA A.2/17/19187/26/1999Wife of Harold Photo
D-R11-21CASKEYHAROLD11/5/191812/30/1970 Photo
D-R11-22CASKEYPATRICIA ANN7/8/19475/29/1951 Photo
D-R12-22CASKEYJEWEL ELLEN10/17/190010/11/1984Wife of Joseph R. Photo
D-R12-23CASKEYJOSEPH ROBERT2/18/18861/10/1948 Photo
I-R2-10CASKEYMARY ANNA1/27/18735/24/1952Wife of William F. Photo
I-R2-11CASKEYWILLIAM F.7/9/18666/6/1949 Photo
J-R1-57CATEJAMES ELI4/12/18823/4/1963 Photo
C-R24-10CATLEGEMARTHA D.11/24/18608/22/1965Wife of Tom O. Photo
C-R24-11CATLEGETOM O.3/27/18574/14/1948 Photo
C-R22-4CAUDLETHOMAS F.18751931 Photo
C-R22-5CAUDLECAROLINE18781963 Photo
J-R1-2CHAMBERSWILLIE MAE7/21/19209/22/1985Wife of Kent E. Photo
D-R22-31CHAMBLESSD. D.18711938 Photo
D-R22-32CHAMBLESSDELLA JOE12/20/18798/8/1968 Photo
D-R22-33CHAMBLESSELBERT W.7/4/19102/22/1982 Photo
E-R8-37CHAMBLESSLEE WILSON3/13/19134/3/1990Son of W. D. & Annie Photo
E-R8-38CHAMBLESSANNIE {ELIPHALET}1/2/18961/17/1982Wife of William D. Photo
E-R8-39CHAMBLESSWILLIAM DENNIS1/28/18911/23/1973Married Mar 17 1912 Photo
A-R18-1CHARLTONANN {WERRELL}9/5/18368/4/1899 Photo
C-R4-22CHEATWOODBEAULAH MYRTLE6/20/18899/6/1987Between rows 3 & 4 Photo
NATHAN C.5/20/18916/14/1964PVT US Army WW I Photo
D-R11-11CHRISTIANMARY A.4/8/19119/13/1996 Photo
D-R11-12CHRISTIANCARL V.3/27/190011/22/1952 Photo
WILLIAM CARROLL4/23/18409/30/1927PVT Co. H 28 Tennessee Infantry CSA Photo
F-R7-22CHRISTIANELIZABETH {JULIAN}12/23/184711/4/1931 Photo
D-R7-3CLAGHORNMELLVINA4/25/1891No dateWife of Jesse L. Photo
D-R7-4CLAGHORNJESSE L.1/7/1893No date  Photo
Unk CLAIR OLA MAE {HIGGINS} 4/20/1919 9/2/2012 Wife of Ralph C. Obit
A-R14-1 CLARDY WILLIAM 5/19/1866 6/4/1901 Photo
A-R15-2CLARDYW. B.10/17/18988/29/1941 Photo
A-R15-3CLARDYLON M.4/29/19036/3/1910 Photo
F-R2-8CLARDYISABELLA {BERTHAND}4/11/18371/5/1899 Photo
F-R2-9CLARDYJ. E.7/31/18353/11/1893 Photo
F-R2-10CLARDYN. J.7/2/181012/21/1875 Photo
B-R19-1CLARKWILLIAM H.3/9/18867/1/1948 Photo
B-R19-3CLARKHATTIE B.12/10/189112/26/1939 Photo
D-R2-4CLARKEDITH C.12/8/188911/11/1969Wife of Everett E. Photo
EVERETT E.5/18/19071/21/1972PVT US Army WW II Photo
PAUL J.12/6/19497/8/2001LCPL USMC Vietnam Photo
E-R9-2CLARKJESSE "JACK"2/20/19152/29/1988Married Aug 5 1942 Photo
E-R9-2CLARKLOUISE12/26/1914 Wife of Jesse Photo
B-R14-12CLARYMITTIE19022002Cooper FH Photo
LORANZA GROVER12/7/18928/13/1956PVT 345 Field Artillery WW I Photo
E-R10-25CLEMENTSFAYE E.11/13/192212/25/1987Wife of Herchel D. Photo
E-R10-26CLEMENTSHERCHEL D.4/3/19152/23/1995Married May 24 1941 Photo
E-R9-17CLINEDANA COLLEEN4/11/195912/10/1984 Photo
A-R5-8CLINTONINFANT3/16/19113/16/1911Son of C. C. & M. J. Photo
A-R6-12CLINTONHATTIE M.9/21/18887/24/1907Daughter of M. P. & T. J. Photo
A-R13-19CLINTONGEORGE M.1/19/18681/14/1950 Photo
D-R23-13CLINTONDON FRANKLIN5/5/19356/26/1936 Photo
D-R24-9CLINTONDAISY M.6/15/190911/24/1978Wife of Leonard M. Photo
D-R24-10CLINTONLEONARD M.8/5/190510/1/1978 Photo
E-R8-2CLOSEMYRTLE K.3/25/19112/10/1999Wife of Robert O. Photo
E-R8-3CLOSEROBERT O.12/27/19061/10/1981 Photo
A-R21-6CLOUGHMATTIE4/30/18748/8/1949Wife of Mel P. Photo
A-R21-7CLOUGHMEL P.4/17/18641/17/1958 Photo
C-R13-1CLOUGHCURTIS19091935 Photo
I-R1-1CLYMERBRENTT WESLEY6/28/19758/27/2000Eisenhour FH Photo
A-R25-23 COBB DOY E. 12/24/1912 4/9/1985 Photo
J-R2-11 COBB BETTY JEAN {JARNIGAN} 3/05/1931 1/28/2015 Wife of David L. Obit
J-R2-11 COBB DAVID LAMONT 4/08/1919 7/08/2003 Obit Photo
D-R3-1COCHRANE. V. "PUNK"4/18/19042/15/1979Married Jun 20 1933 Photo
D-R3-2COCHRANOZZIE FAYE10/18/19165/3/1979Wife of E. V. Photo
F-R1-1COFERWILBURN ORVILLE9/17/191412/18/1959 Photo
A-R2-4COFFEYAMERICA T. (BRYANT)7/5/188210/19/1908 Photo
A-R3-14COFFEYJESSIE18975/19/1910Daughter of E. V. Photo
A-R3-15COFFEYROSA18965/19/1910Daughter of E. V. Photo
A-R3-16COFFEYSADIE18985/19/1910Daughter of E. V. Photo
B-R23-19COKERMARTIN C.2/25/18723/4/1959 Photo
B-R23-20COKEREUNICE4/5/18742/28/1959Wife of Martin C. Photo
D-R6-3COKERPEARL12/17/1904 Wife of Frank J. Photo
D-R6-3COKERFRANK J.9/9/19035/11/1971 Photo
E-R10-9COKERKENNETH E.10/31/19334/8/1992Married Sep 16 1955 Photo
E-R10-9COKERE. ALENE11/6/1936 Wife of Kenneth E. Photo
CALVIN G.9/29/19206/28/1993US Army WW II Photo
F-R3-12COKERAGNES M.11/21/19098/7/1999Wife of Ruben E. Photo
F-R3-13COKERRUBEN E.7/25/19071/21/1966Married Apr 1 1926 Photo
F-R3-15COKERJESS11/24/19002/20/1964 Photo
F-R3-15COKERLUDIE8/8/1904 Wife of Jess Photo
G-R5-16COKERROBERT H.8/5/18831/23/1974 Photo
G-R5-17 COKER RUTH ELVA 5/16/1898 4/19/1991 Wife of Robert H. Photo
A-R25-30 COLE Loeta Maxine 2/28/1934 10/22/2019 Photo
A-R25-30COLLIERNADINE L.7/4/1939No date Photo
A-R25-32COLLIERBEAULAH M.8/28/19026/29/1967Wife of NewtonB. Photo
A-R25-32COLLIERNEWTON B.8/21/19021/31/1984Married Feb 7 1925 Photo
G-R8-26COLLIERJOSEPH2/11/19342/11/1934 Photo
G-R8-27COLLIERAUDREY10/15/19088/11/1986Wife of Henry P. Photo
G-R8-28COLLIERHENRY PAUL12/17/19047/22/1981 Photo
G-R9-16COLLIERJ. C.3/29/19284/17/1932 Photo
G-R9-17COLLIERCARLENE L.3/10/19323/10/1932 Photo
B-R12-16COMPTONMAUDIE ANN10/22/18931/22/1981Wife of Asa L. Photo
B-R12-17COMPTONASA LEE12/25/188810/2/1971 Photo
B-R12-18COMPTONCLYDE RAY9/8/19333/13/1950Son of A. L. & M. A. Photo
B-R13-22COMPTONANNIE BELL6/6/18682/7/1941Wife of M. C. Photo
B-R13-23COMPTONM. C.7/8/18639/5/1953 Photo
C-R18-10COMPTONBERT C.7/15/19038/10/1997Married Nov 23 1929 Photo
C-R18-11COMPTONTHELMA O.1/9/19109/3/1988Wife of Bert C. Photo
UnkCOMPTONRANDELL LEO8/19/194911/23/2015Obit

Cheryl Lee Reichwald
16 Oct 1953
19 Feb 2018
A-R10-13 CONLEY CROCKETT C. 6/8/1855 3/3/1907 Photo
A-R10-14 CONLEY MARY ANN 1/9/1857 2/10/1929 Wife of Crockett C. Photo
D-R18-10 CONLEY RALPH VERNON 2/4/1915 9/28/1997 Obit Photo
D-R18-11 CONLEY LONA M. {HUTCHINSON} 10/22/1895 2/11/1973 Wife of Tarence E. Photo
D-R18-12 CONLEY TARENCE E. 7/18/1888 5/4/1964 Photo
E-R4-1 CONLEY TORRENCE E. "SLUG" 8/16/1927 4/11/2000 Mar. Edra 12/10/1957 Photo
G-R7-2CONNJACKIE CLYDE4/16/19304/16/1930 Photo
G-R7-3CONNJIMMIE RAY2/25/19334/18/1934 Photo
I-R4-4COODYMYRTLE A.5/10/189210/6/1968Wife of Grover C. Photo
I-R4-5COODYGROVER C.7/12/18926/12/1967 Photo
D-R10-23COOKWILLIE M.6/8/18934/12/1952Wife of Willie H. Photo
D-R10-24COOKWILLIE H.6/27/18849/26/1964 Photo
B-R13-13COOPERMARTHA10/1/190210/2/1983Wife of Howard Photo
B-R13-14COOPERHOWARD3/18/190012/27/1947 Photo
C-R7-8COOPEREVA18741959Wife of Porter H. Photo
C-R7-9COOPERPORTER H.18701952 Photo
D-R8-27COOPERMARY A.10/22/18851/24/1973Wife of Edward R. Photo
D-R8-28COOPEREDWARD R.12/24/18725/3/1955 Photo
D-R8-29COOPERDEVERNA "DEE"3/31/19171/16/1968 Photo
D-R11-14COOPERVINITA6/4/19102/23/1979Wife of Earl Photo
ROBERT EARL3/6/18965/12/1952PVT 358 Infantry WW I Photo
E-R5-13COOPERRUTH M.6/16/191811/15/2002Wife of Lester H. Photo
E-R5-14COOPERLESTER H.2/24/19086/6/1985Married Apr 10 1963 Photo
G-R1-24COOPERFRANK R. "SONNY"12/23/19305/8/1992 Photo
I-R3-19COOPERLOYCE19072000Cooper FH Photo
I-R3-20COOPERFRANK LELAND2/15/19037/18/1960 Photo
B-R14-16COPELINARTIE L.8/3/18932/14/1912Sister Photo
B-R14-17COPELINW. J.8/19/185310/17/1902Woodmen of the World Photo
F-R5-7CORNISHMYRTLE M.9/4/19106/3/1983 Photo
B-R11-15COSSEYMAUD H.3/6/18937/3/1975Wife of W. W. Photo
B-R11-16COSSEYW. W. "WILL"3/5/189112/7/1936 Photo
D-R22-29COSSEYMORRIS18841964 Photo
D-R22-30COSSEYSALLY RUTH18901935Wife of Morris Photo
B-R23-12COTTENHENRY JR.10/21/18838/11/1914 Photo
B-R23-13COTTENC. E.8/12/188010/21/1918 Photo
B-R23-14COTTENLLOYD19071941 Photo
B-R22-15COTTINGHAMCATHRINE18621938Wife of Millard F. Photo
B-R22-16COTTINGHAMMILARD F.18521934 Photo
B-R22-17COTTINGHAMJAMES L.18851924 Photo
D-R21-27COTTRELLOWEN W.4/20/187211/22/1943 Photo
D-R21-28COTTRELLEVA A.3/5/18739/15/1958Wife of Owen W. Photo
OWEN DALE9/19/19249/27/1996PFC US Army WW II Photo
F-R2-30COTTRELLEVELYN RUTH9/10/192011/17/1991 Photo
F-R2-31COTTRELLMYRTLE7/6/189911/10/1973Wife of Owen Photo
OWEN H.9/12/18993/16/1970PFC 31 Infantry WW I Photo
G-R7-15COTTRELLRICHARD E.1/24/19045/22/1944 Photo
G-R7-16COTTRELLORA MAY1/2/190511/15/1988Wife of Richard E. Photo
A-R1-1COULTERJOSEPH ELOI8/2/19189/9/1995 Photo
A-R1-2COULTERWALTER J.12/21/18959/24/1980 Photo
A-R14-3COULTERHENRIETTA F.8/9/18802/7/1956Wife of Robert J. Photo
A-R14-4COULTERROBERT J.2/24/18697/9/1965 Photo
CHARLES JOSEPH3/25/192112/8/1993SGT US Army WWII Photo
B-R10-20ACOULTEREVELYN LORENE {KILPATRICK}11/25/192312/11/2011Wife of Charles J. Obit
B-R10-21COULTERGERTRUDE K.4/14/19003/1/1987 Photo
GUY JOSEPH7/23/18955/5/1928CPL 101 Field Artillery Photo
A-R19-1COXMARVIL9/8/18338/29/1901 Photo
G-R1-17COXETHEL3/6/18917/25/1976Wife of John L. Photo
G-R1-18COXJOHN L.7/5/18867/26/1924 Photo
C-R2-19COXDOUGLAS J.5/1/191810/8/2000 Photo
C-R2-20COXBEMA MARIE {CARROLL}6/17/19305/7/2016Wife of Douglas J. Obit Photo
E-R7-16CRAIGELAINE {LATIMER}10/21/194111/9/1978 Photo
Unk CRAWFORD RAYMOND E. JR. 11/5/1948 6/8/2008 Married Jul 2 1979 Photo
Unk CRAWFORD GAIL 9/6/1950   Wife of Raymond E. Jr. Photo
D-R1-1CRAWFORDILA REBECCA "BECKY'2/9/1946 Wife of James H. Photo
D-R1-1CRAWFORDJAMES HUBERT12/15/19361/20/2000Married Jul 28 1962 Photo
D-R1-2CRAWFORDJUANITA9/23/1917 Wife of Hubert K. Photo
D-R1-2CRAWFORDHUBERT K.3/23/19149/5/1968 Photo
D-R17-26CRAWFORDMANILA C.10/10/187010/23/1941 Photo
D-R17-27CRAWFORDRUTH R.7/19/18985/16/1959 Photo
F-R4-36CRAWFORDMAUDE A.5/27/18838/7/1949Wife of Joe Photo
F-R4-37CRAWFORDJOE7/18/187710/24/1961 Photo
E-R11-4CREECHFERN5/19/19171/26/1997Wife of Milus Photo
E-R11-5CREECHMILUS8/21/191410/1/2001Married Dec 4 1937 Photo
BEN8/28/18951/16/1970PVT USA WW I Photo
MRS. F. J.
5/24/18292/17/1923 Photo
B-R12-10CROOKCALVIN9/10/18951/20/1910 Photo
D-R15-9CROUCHJAMES W.2/2/188211/5/1960 Photo
F-R9-2CROUCHGEORGE W.5/27/185012/14/1927 Photo
A-R12-8CROWMALAHA18631909Mother Photo
A-R23-1CROWPALLIE11/18857/18/1912Mother Photo
E-R7-21CRUSERUBY ELDORA8/30/191911/11/1980 Photo
A-R23-17CRYERWINNIE P.11/23/19073/13/1996 Photo
A-R23-18CRYERRICHARD JAMES7/26/189311/8/1970 Photo
C-R15-25CUESARAH J.9/9/18494/20/1931 Photo
D-R10-25CULBERTPEARL MARIE6/23/19169/2/1955Wife of James C. Photo
D-R10-26CULBERTJAMES COOPER2/29/19088/9/1981 Photo
A-R11-5CUMMINGSWILLIAM3/4/18323/24/1913 Photo
A-R11-6CUMMINGSCYNTHIA A.9/23/18346/6/1911Wife of William Photo
A-R23-2CUMMINGSLORANCE E.3/30/19046/24/1904Son of J. & Gertie Photo
A-R17-6CURNUTTNOVELLA E. {KEESEE}7/25/18932/22/1971 Photo
I-R4-27CURNUTTFLONEY M.5/21/18915/15/1951Wife of Milton I. Photo
I-R4-28CURNUTTMILTON I.6/8/188211/9/1970 Photo
A-R8-3DAMRONGLADYS4/5/19174/24/1918 Photo
A-R8-4DAMRONMARY H.18631945Wife of Martin L. Photo
A-R8-5DAMRONMARTIN L.18621945 Photo
A-R12-12DANIELJAMES M. JR.11/14/19019/12/1902Son of J. M. & N. A. Photo
A-R12-13DANIELNANCY ALMA10/15/18806/11/1976Wife of James M. Photo
A-R12-14DANIELJAMES MADISON5/12/18787/13/1967 Photo
A-R20-6DANIELMYRTLE12/6/189910/26/1900Daughter of J. A. & Ida Photo
A-R20-7DANIELHOMER5/16/19047/17/1905Son of J. A. & Ida Photo
ERNEST10/6/189711/21/1962WW I Veteran Photo
D-R19-2DANIELMARY C.1/22/18701/27/1946 Photo
D-R22-23DANIELMARGARET6/14/190612/5/1989Wife of Charles E. Photo
D-R22-24DANIELCHARLES E.8/20/19004/28/1987Between rows 21 & 22 Photo
WALTER B.4/28/190212/9/1963PVT USCG WW II Photo
A-R23-16DARNELLFLORANCE1/28/19041/28/1904Daughter of A. T. & Maggie Photo
F-R5-34DAUGHERTYRACHEL AMANDA {FAWCETT}10/12/18391918Wife of Robert R. Photo
CLETUS L.4/4/19354/27/1987TSGT USAF Vietnam Photo
G-R8-10DAUGHERTYVERNIE LEE11/1/19042/17/1961Between rows 7 & 8 Photo
G-R8-11DAUGHERTYLLOYD EUGENE11/28/19318/3/1933 Photo
A-R16-1DAVENPORTLIBBIE6/7/18975/24/1979 Photo
A-R16-2DAVENPORTALVA11/1/18999/2/1962 Photo
A-R16-3DAVENPORTBURLNo dates1/1943 
A-R16-8DAVENPORTJOHN3/17/19034/7/1963Husband of Ethel Photo
A-R17-1DAVENPORTFELIX M.11/12/18567/17/1940 Photo
A-R17-2DAVENPORTNANNIE10/17/18672/18/1939Wife of Felix M. Photo
B-R1-7DAVIDSONSUSAN18261914 Photo
B-R16-7DAVIDSONLULA {PAINE}12/13/18739/20/1959 Photo
B-R16-8DAVIDSONJOSEPH P.3/28/18649/28/1939 Photo
B-R16-9DAVIDSONESTIL P.7/29/190410/12/1921 Photo
B-R18-26DAVIDSONLEENo dates Child of G. W. & M. L. Photo
B-R18-27DAVIDSONSTELLANo dates Child of G. W. & M. L. Photo
B-R18-28DAVIDSONTRULYNo dates Child of G. W. & M. L. Photo
B-R18-29DAVIDSONALVIENo dates Child of G. W. & M. L. Photo
A-R1-4DAVISLENARD C.18921931 
A-R15-13 DAVIS JOHN C. 9/14/1854 3/18/1926 Photo
A-R15-14DAVISMARGRET J.2/1/18579/30/1938 Photo
B-R15-4DAVISKENNETH MICHAEL6/6/19746/6/1974 Photo
B-R21-13DAVISMANDY C.12/25/18727/14/1948 Photo
B-R21-17DAVISA. J.8/25/18598/7/1916 Photo
C-R9-2 DAVIS ANNA KLYDE BENNETT 9/12/1897 4/15/1981 Photo
C-R9-3DAVISELMER O.12/25/189610/5/1961 Photo
C-R20-19DAVISCAROLINE18331927 Photo
D-R23-1DAVISCLARENCE2/15/18987/5/1987 Photo
D-R23-2DAVISVIRENDA A.7/15/19119/27/1957 Photo
D-R23-3DAVISEFFIE M.3/18/187912/31/1967Wife of J. George Photo
D-R23-4DAVISJ. GEORGE1/1/18758/20/1940 Photo
E-R8-6DAVISLILLIE BELL9/28/19083/14/1987Wife of Herbert H. Photo
E-R8-7DAVISHERBERT W. "HUB"8/25/19084/22/1980 Married Dec 10 1928 Photo
I-R2-1DAVISLUCILLE2/10/19146/25/1992Wife of Oscar S. Photo
I-R2-2DAVISOSCAR S.6/24/19119/24/1987Married 56 years Photo
J-R1-37DAVISBILLY RAY9/21/19369/27/1936Between road & row1 Photo
A-R21-21 DAVLIN F. G. 4/17/1884 5/15/1904 Son of C. W. & H. M. Photo
A-R4-3 DAWSON INFANT 12/26/1903 12/30/1903 Son of B. B. & H. M. Photo
A-R4-4 DAWSON B. B. M.D. 2/6/1874 12/24/1936 Photo
A-R4-5 DAWSON HELEN M. 6/29/1875 11/8/1929 Wife of B. B. Photo
A-R22-1 DAWSON VEDA M. 10/31/1894 6/25/1900 Photo
A-R22-2 DAWSON ORVAL R. 9/9/1899 11/12/1900 Photo
A-R22-3DAWSONWILLIAM HAROLD6/21/19168/16/1924Son of T. B. Photo
A-R22-4DAWSONMARY G.9/24/19136/7/1999 Photo
TRUMAN B.1/4/19121/16/1983S2 US Navy WW II Photo
B-R15-5DAWSONGERTRUDE F.4/26/18679/3/1928Wife of William W. Photo
B-R15-6DAWSONWILLIAM W.9/28/18667/21/1954 Photo
B-R21-3 DAWSON WAYNE W. 8/30/1898 1/18/1992 Married Jun 4 1934 Photo
B-R21-4 DAWSON EDITH T. {KESLER} 1/17/1910 2/6/2003 Wife of Wayne W. Photo
B-R21-5DAWSONDANNY RAY11/24/19389/4/1960Son of Wayne & Edith Photo
B-R23-22DAWSONCAROLINE ELIZABETH8/17/18733/22/1936 Photo
B-R23-23DAWSONTHOMAS B.11/5/18649/9/1929 Photo
B-R24-23DAWSONJOHN P.3/17/187511/17/1941 Photo
B-R25-33DAWSONLUCRETIA7/30/18463/11/1927Wife of William Photo
WILLIAM10/15/18399/30/1928Co. H 2 Iowa Infantry Photo
C-R2-10DAWSONIVA M.12/17/18941/30/1990Wife of William E. Photo
WILLIAM E.9/15/18927/25/1968PVT Medical Department WW I Photo
BILLY J.8/27/19246/1/1959TEC4 US Army WW II Photo
KENNY RAY11/6/19492/22/1980LCPL USMC VIETNAM Photo
D-R23-22DAWSONWINNIE M.18981978 Photo
D-R23-23DAWSONDELLA DELONE11/14/18739/6/1960Wife of Lee R. Photo
D-R23-24DAWSONLEE ROY12/25/18732/21/1948 Photo
F-R3-4DAWSONVERNA7/4/19017/3/1980Wife of Russell Photo
F-R3-5DAWSONRUSSELL12/2/19003/16/1985 Photo
F-R3-6DAWSONRUSSELL BILLY6/15/19236/15/1923 Photo
F-R3-7DAWSONROY4/21/18943/8/1899Son of W. W. & H. G. Photo
F-R3-8DAWSONROBERT F.7/13/18967/30/1896 Photo
J-R1-67DAWSONVICTORIA E.8/4/191111/9/1972Wife of C. Fred Photo
J-R1-68DAWSONC. FRED2/10/190512/30/1982 Photo
A-R12-9DEANANNIE3/13/19086/9/1908Daughter of J. M. & L. Photo
A-R22-17DEANELLA4/7/189310/30/1918 Photo
A-R22-18DEANSARAH JANE18591946Wife of J. Blackston Photo
A-R22-19DEANJ. BLACKSTON4/10/18592/28/1921 Photo
A-R22-23DEANW. L. "BOOTS"18841952 Photo
D-R7-18DEARMORENORA DEEL9/11/18928/3/1955 Photo
D-R25-1DEARMOREADA5/13/188511/23/1936Wife of W. E. Photo
D-R25-2DEARMOREW. E.5/25/188112/12/1945 Photo
D-R8-13DEATHRAGEPATSY RUTH6/2/19424/21/1989Between rows 7 & 8 Photo
D-R4-9DeCARLISLOUIS5/27/18874/21/1970 Photo
D-R4-10DeCARLISNORA12/3/189112/30/1968Wife of Louis Photo
C-R18-25DEENCELIA ANN12/16/189111/30/1990Wife of James R. Photo
C-R18-26DEENJAMES RUFUS9/22/188611/17/1964 Photo
C-R6-6DEESJESSIE V.9/4/19015/26/1953Wife of Walter J. Photo
C-R6-7DEESWALTER J.5/10/18942/12/1967 Photo
E-R4-12DEESV. WAUNELL11/19/192712/12/2020Wife of Vernon M. Obit
E-R4-12DEESVERNON M.3/27/19208/28/1989Married 42 years Photo
A-R17-10DEJARNETTENELLIE C.9/12/18907/23/1954Wife of C. C. Photo
A-R17-11DEJARNETTEC. C.8/27/18849/20/1973 Photo
A-R20-20DEJARNETTEJAMES E.8/8/18522/18/1901 Photo
C-R24-22DeJARNETTEJOSEPH S.8/29/188910/31/1958 Photo
C-R24-23DeJARNETTEMARY A.2/8/18507/8/1939 Photo
C-R24-24DeJARNETTEJOHN H.1/27/18472/23/1923 Photo
C-R22-9DENNEYJOHN ALLEN9/20/18631/27/1927 Photo
D-R21-20DENNINGDAVID J.6/25/18679/10/1942 Photo
D-R21-21DENNINGEMILY A.4/9/18702/27/1950Wife of David J. Photo
J-R1-49DESMONDPEARL "NANA"19055/19/1999Hedge-Lewis FH Photo
J-R1-49ADESMONDBARBARA JEAN19291963Daughter of James and Pearl Photo
J-R1-49BDESMONDJAMES19051982 Photo
C-R2-18 DeWEESE EDD 12/6/1901 Byars OK 4/20/1971 Sacramento CA Between rows 1&2
Married Aug 24 1919
Submitted by: Janet Muse
C-R2-18 DeWEESE LORA O. DOUGHTY {DeWEESE} 12/17/1903 8/11/1977 Between rows 1&2
Married Edd DeWeese Aug 24 1919
Married J. Bob Edgmon after 1924 Photo
B-R10-18 DICKINSON D. A. 2/13/1874 12/16/1904 Photo
B-R11-13DICKINSONMARY L.9/9/18547/22/1902 Photo
B-R11-14DICKINSONERDEAN M.3/28/18987/11/1901Daughter of W. M. & A. L. Photo
C-R8-6DICKINSONADA JANE1/29/188710/19/1956 Photo
F-R9-40DIGNANWILLIAM B.4/6/19023/6/1956 Photo
F-R9-41 DIGNAN MARY ODELLA HENRY 10/13/1902 7/9/2000 Wife of William B. Photo
A-R8-6DIKEALICE1/24/18953/17/1969 Photo
B-R23-15DIKEGERALDINE KATHERINE1/15/192012/31/1921Daughter of Wayne Photo
D-R18-2DIKEADA M.6/3/188812/12/1964Wife of Reed W. Photo
D-R18-3DIKEREED W.12/27/18873/27/1967 Photo
D-R18-5DIKETHEDA LOUISE2/4/19176/1/1986Wife of Delbert Photo
ROSCOE W.7/8/189712/2/1956PFC US Army WW II Photo
D-R19-15DIKESARAH C.18641956 Photo
D-R19-16DIKEGEORGE A.18601938 Photo
C-R1-3DOBBSDOROTHY E.8/23/18969/20/1973Wife of Willard D. Photo
WILLARD D.6/20/18952/24/1961Married Nov 14 1925
PVT US Army WW II Photo
D-R18-24DOBBSBENJAMIN FRANKLIN7/1/19074/12/1946 Photo
I-R1-30DODDROSALIND {LAURENT}8/28/19236/25/1990Between road & row 1 Photo
C-R17-21DODSONVARA LOU8/9/19368/9/1936 Photo
Unk DOLAN WILLIAM T. 8/9/1949 2/15/2009 Photo
C-R15-13DOSSBERTHA C.18971932 Photo
C-R15-19DOSSMOLLIE1/28/186810/28/1939Wife of Jess Photo
C-R15-20DOSSJESS2/8/18636/1/1934 Photo
B-R2-3DOWDMAMIE1/18/18934/23/1979 Photo
A-R11-7DRAPERINFANTNo dates2/19/1903Son of J. B. & C. B. Photo
C-R23-6DRENNANWILLIAM DARRELL6/1/192011/14/1983Between rows 22 & 23 Photo
C-R23-7DRENNANDARA SUE7/7/19687/7/1968 Photo
ROBERT6/4/189711/27/1966PVT US Army WW I Photo
C-R25-19DUNAWAYRUTH4/7/19188/18/1923 Photo
D-R19-19DUNCANDORA A.3/12/18754/18/1951Wife of James B. Photo
D-R19-20DUNCANJAMES B.2/18/18693/11/1954 Photo
D-R19-23DUNCANNETTIE BELL10/25/18981/15/1989Wife of Alva L. Photo
D-R19-24DUNCANALVA LEROY7/19/18995/12/1937 Photo
E-R8-35DUNCANDELLIA M.6/17/19356/2/1973Wife of James D. Photo
E-R8-36DUNCANJAMES D.12/22/19327/3/1981 Photo
E-R11-6DUNSTONSHIRLEY2/9/19156/8/2000Wife of Orvalle Photo
E-R11-7DUNSTONORVALLE8/7/19103/28/2001Married Jun 30 1935 Photo
D-R22-5DUNTONARTIE N.10/1/19133/3/2000Wife of Irvin D. Photo
D-R22-6DUNTONIRVIN D.3/7/191012/9/1986Married Jul 23 1932
Between rows 21 & 22 Photo
D-R22-7DUNTONWILLIAM HENRY2/22/18717/24/1944 Photo
D-R22-8DUNTONIDA MAY6/18/18775/3/1966Wife of William H. Photo
D-R22-9DUNTONCHARLIE P.18981941 Photo
E-R5-11DUNTONSHELIA JEAN3/14/19475/26/1990Wife of Jerry A. Photo
E-R5-12DUNTONJERRY ALLEN9/14/19397/15/1990Married May 10 1968 Photo
B-R10-7DURHAMLEVI2/26/18394/19/1929 Photo
B-R10-8DURHAMMARY E.10/29/18436/7/1910 Photo
B-R10-9DURHAMUNA11/17/18832/4/1919 Photo
F-R5-41DURHAMEULA L.8/25/18815/11/1976Wife of Henry A. Photo
F-R5-42DURHAMHENRY A.11/15/18798/26/1942 Photo
F-R5-43DURHAMRUBY L.10/30/190910/15/1917 Photo
A-9-8DUTTONHELEN K. {RABB}5/25/18751/27/1967Wife of John J.
A-9-9DUTTONCLARA MAY12/10/19042/9/1907Daughter of J. J. & H. K. Photo
B-R17-18DYERBERNICE19061999Vondel Smith FH Photo
B-R1-1ECKERTEDWARD L.11/22/18905/12/1958COOK QMC WW I Photo
C-R3-20EDGMONLORA O.12/17/19038/11/1977Between rows 2 & 3 Photo
B-R14-11EDMONDSONE. L.18601912 Photo
A-R17-20EDWARDSOLIVER L.6/19/18912/22/1955PVT 147 Eng. WW I Photo
A-R17-21EDWARDSSEPENA18601940Wife of Julian Photo
A-R17-22EDWARDSJULIAN E.18481905 Photo
C-R21-8ELLISONVERNON J.7/19/19262/21/1985PFC USA WW II KOREA Photo
C-R21-11ELLISONWILLIE LEE2/4/19249/15/1978TEC4 US Army WW II Photo
C-R21-12ELLISONOTT6/2/18877/2/1968PVT US Army WW I Photo
C-R17-7ELSEYW. T. "TOMMY"18541931 Photo
A-R12-18ELWOODMINNIE L.18761944Wife of James M. Photo
A-R12-19ELWOODJAMES M.18711936 Photo
A-R12-20ELWOODJIMNo dates  Photo
A-R22-15ENISMATTIE D.7/11/18894/6/1966Wife of Richard V. Photo
A-R22-16ENISRICHARD V.9/16/18853/10/1966 Photo
B-R22-6ENLOWJULIA {FARLEY}1892No date Photo
B-R22-7ENLOWHUGH LOIS18871952 Photo
D-R2-1ESTEPOPAL LUCILLE1/1/19311/3/1980 Photo
D-R10-27ESTEPDONALD KEITH19511958 Photo
B-R2-9ESTESISABELLE M.6/23/18629/25/1954Wife of James W. Photo
B-R2-10ESTESJAMES W.3/31/18561/30/1939 Photo
B-R2-11ESTESLOTTIE1/2/189512/26/1909 Photo
B-R2-12ESTESIVA1/2/189512/26/1909 Photo
D-R22-1EVANSMARY F.18671962Wife of John M. Photo
D-R22-2EVANSJOHN M.18641941 Photo
B-R12-6EVERETTGEORGE A.11/12/18793/26/1955Married Aug 15 1915 Photo
B-R12-7 EVERETT MAYMEE {CROMWELL} 6/6/1896 12/1980 Wife of George A. Photo
B-R18-16EVERETTEVA3/4/18831/19/1958 Photo
B-R25-8EVERETTTHEODORE12/28/191011/7/1945 Photo
D-R11-17 EVERETT LILLIE B. 1897 1981 Wife of Sherman L. Photo
D-R11-18 EVERETT SHERMAN L. 1902 1961 Married Jan 23 1919 Photo
D-R11-19 EVERETT JOHN E. 1/11/1877 2/27/1952 Photo
D-R13-5EVERSOLEJOHN12/26/18613/6/1950Under a cedar tree Photo
E-R10-23EVERSOLEWES2/13/190811/28/1988TEC5 US Army WW II Photo
E-R10-23 EVERSOLE MILDRED HIGGINS 11/16/1914 7/20/2014 Wife of Wes Photo
B-R11-6EXLETONHETTIE E.10/10/18796/8/1910Wife of E. C. Photo
D-R17-28FANNINGSARA ANNIE11/22/18793/26/1974Wife of John W. Photo
D-R17-29FANNINGJOHN WESLEY6/14/18802/20/1939Married Jan 10 1904 Photo
A-R15-9FARLEYIDA {MAJORS}1/7/188110/14/1945 Photo
B-R15-1FARLEYFLORENCE MAE3/9/188112/24/1971Wife of Lemial A. Photo
B-R15-2FARLEYLEMIAL A.9/6/187911/13/1966 Photo
B-R16-1FARLEYSYLVA E.4/19/19153/6/1996Wife of Ben H. Photo
B-R16-2FARLEYBEN H.5/24/19124/8/1966Married Mar 1 1930 Photo
B-R16-4FARLEYJESSIE M.10/15/19162/26/2000Wife of Joe L. Photo
B-R16-5FARLEYJOE L.4/28/191412/14/1980Married Jul 27 1934 Photo
B-R18-5FARLEYRACHEL VERTA6/16/19176/16/1917 Photo
B-R18-6FARLEYROBERT VERNON6/16/191712/11/1919 Photo
B-R18-7FARLEYJAMES M.18551949 Photo
B-R18-8FARLEYMARTHA A.18601921Wife of James M. Photo
B-R22-8FARLEYROBERT C.1/2/18979/2/1954PFC 12 Infantry WW I Photo
B-R23-8FARLEYJAMES T.3/15/19049/23/1953 Photo
C-R6-11FARLEYJENETTIE J.8/9/18832/27/1964Wife of James H. Photo
C-R6-12FARLEYJAMES H.12/23/18835/30/1962 Photo
C-R6-13FARLEYONUS RAY9/22/19196/27/1976SP5 US Army Photo
C-R17-1FARLEYREBA JEAN7/25/19379/26/1937 Photo
C-R17-2FARLEYZELPHA DEAN7/13/193711/4/1937Between rows 16 & 17 Photo
C-R17-3FARLEYNANCEY E.8/7/18816/17/1958Wife of John F. Photo
C-R17-4FARLEYJOHN F.5/2/18785/16/1952 Photo
C-R17-5FARLEYPERRY MILTON9/13/19108/20/1972PVT US Army WW II Photo
C-R17-6FARLEYGEORGE FRANKLIN3/23/19084/20/1970Between rows 16 & 17 Photo
C-R19-9FARLEYTHOMAS L.18641944 Photo
C-R19-10FARLEYLULA E.18661938Wife of Thomas L. Photo
C-R20-8FARLEYT. FRANK10/19/188612/15/1958Woodmen of the World Photo
C-R20-9FARLEYRUTH C.18911934 Photo

Julia Ruth Cozette Wood
3 Jan 1940
13 Aug 2017
C-R20-10FARLEYFREEMAN C.19111929Son of Ruth C. Photo
D-R4-17FARLEYNORA A.2/14/19092/25/1999Wife of William H. Photo
D-R4-18FARLEYWILLIAM H.6/7/19062/19/1970Married Jun 4 1935 Photo
D-R11-13FARLEYDANNY J.7/22/19271/10/1976PVT US Army WW II Photo
D-R11-23FARLEYTHOMAS P.3/29/19454/23/1990US Army Photo
D-R11-24FARLEYWESLEY E.19051978 Photo
D-R11-25FARLEYAUDREY E.19091950Wife of Wesley E. Photo
D-R11-26FARLEYREX L.5/31/193212/11/1993SN US Navy Vietnam Photo
D-R12-1FARLEYSETH ELMER9/4/19022/25/1975 Photo
D-R12-2FARLEYEUNA3/15/19044/27/1993Wife of Seth E. Photo
D-R12-3FARLEYOLIE L.19001960 Photo
D-R12-3FARLEYLOITA L.1916 Wife of Olie L. Photo
D-R25-10FARLEYFLORENCE {LOVIN}19131936 Photo
E-R1-2FARLEYTIMOTHY KENNETH1/11/197811/27/1998 Photo
E-R4-4FARLEYPATRICIA "PATSY"9/9/1949 Wife of John D. Photo
E-R4-4FARLEYJOHN D.4/17/19463/13/1995Married Feb 8 1966 Photo
E-R5-16FARLEYROBERT L. "PINKIE"2/24/19432/24/1992 Photo
E-R5-17FARLEYCLEMA L.5/13/1923 Wife of James L. Photo
 FARLEYCHARLES ERNEST12/16/19379/16/2013H/O Julie Ruth-Wed 9/14/1958 Photo
E-R5-17FARLEYJAMES L.2/22/19173/22/1985 Photo
F-R3-31FARLEYMARVIN L.6/7/19263/5/1945PFC 47 Infantry WW II Photo
F-R3-32FARLEYLLOYD W. "MUTT"6/14/192011/16/1994 Photo
F-R3-33FARLEYEULA P.10/2/1896No dateWife of James E. Photo
F-R3-34FARLEYJAMES E.8/11/18925/31/1954 Photo
J-R1-65FARLEYMINNIE M.12/3/19165/22/1993Wife of Charles H. Photo
J-R1-66FARLEYCHARLES H.3/30/191611/22/1980Married Oct 4 1934 Photo
D-R18-8FARMERSAMUEL1/29/18907/9/1975 Photo
D-R18-9FARMERJESSIE BELL2/15/190111/17/1944Wife of Samuel Photo
F-R5-5FARMERFANNIE WYNONA8/17/191411/28/1918 Photo
H-R2-11FARMERMAGGIE2/7/186710/6/1938Wife of B. F. Photo
H-R2-12FARMERB. F.1/20/186510/6/1941 Photo
I-R2-7FARMERLORETTA3/2/18989/16/1983Wife of Stephen E. Photo
I-R2-8FARMERSTEPHEN E.11/18/18956/17/1949 Photo
D-R5-10FARRELLMATTIE LEE8/18/190511/7/1984 Photo
D-R7-14FENNELLROSIE M.3/16/18824/6/1972Wife of George F. Photo
D-R7-15FENNELLGEORGE F.10/19/18778/30/1968 Photo
G-R7-4FENNELLIDA T.18871972Wife of Jesse A. Photo
G-R7-5FENNELLJESSE A.18811957 Photo
B-R12-11FINLEYTHOMAS ELMO6/3/19192/25/1920Son of Lee & Elizabeth Photo
B-R12-12FINLEYELIZABETH F.7/8/18909/24/1985Wife of Lee Photo
B-R12-13FINLEYLEE9/13/18852/23/1967 Photo
D-R7-12FINLEYBEULAH E.10/31/18793/18/1968Wife of David H. Photo
D-R7-13FINLEYDAVID HUGH8/26/18752/5/1956 Photo
J-R1-46FISHERJAMES B.4/3/19449/8/1980US Air Force Vietnam Photo
B-R16-15FLINNGEORGIA A.11/14/189112/28/1965 Photo
B-R16-16FLINNR. CARROLL6/28/189311/30/1956 Photo
B-R16-17FLINNGEORGE R.3/23/18603/24/1931 Photo
B-R16-18FLINNANNIE E.5/7/186411/19/1931Wife of George R. Photo
C-R6-10FLOWERSJERRY RAY8/1/19424/13/1997Between rows 5 & 7 Photo
D-R3-14FLYNNWILMA KAY9/24/19457/20/2003Griffin FH Photo
G-R3-1FLYNNMATTIE2/9/186312/21/1928Wife of Grant Photo
G-R3-2FLYNNGRANT6/2/18743/9/1927 Photo
G-R3-14FLYNNLETA M.9/29/19037/17/1995 Photo
G-R3-15FLYNNDAVID C.12/16/18995/25/1988 Photo
G-R3-16FLYNNALEEN4/22/19244/22/1924 Photo
D-R13-18FOILESVIVIAN1912??Wife of Joseph E. Photo
D-R13-19FOILESJOSEPH E.19091940 Photo
D-R8-1FOLLOWWILLLOU11/14/19365/13/1971 Photo
D-R8-3FOLLOWWILLJUDY ANN7/30/19606/2/1961 Photo
C-R4-18FORDGRACE ELLA {PYBAS}11/28/19009/23/1983 Photo
E-R6-1FORDHENRY VERNON10/18/19218/22/1987S1 US Navy WW II Photo
E-R6-1FORDVERNA MAURINE {THIESSEN}7/11/19237/1/2016Wife of Henry V. Obit Photo
G-R8-29FORDHATTIE6/12/187712/26/1945Wife of Frank L. Photo
G-R8-30FORDFRANK L.10/7/18743/13/1951 Photo
J-R1-6FORDWILLIAM A.4/3/19478/22/1992 Photo
A-R16-13FORRESTERALENE19031913 Photo
A-R16-14FORRESTERMARTHA E.2/6/18821/5/1981 Photo
J-R2-8FORRESTERTOM B.11/26/19093/4/1994Married May 18 1992 Photo
J-R2-8FORRESTERBARBA R.4/30/1936 Wife of Tom B. Photo
D-R6-18FOUSTOLIVIA L.2/24/19256/6/1990Wife of Arthur H. Photo
D-R6-19FOUSTARTHUR H.9/3/19209/22/1956TEC4 384 FA Battalion WW II Photo
D-R7-16FOUSTMARGRET E.12/25/18763/10/1956Wife of Cal A. Photo
D-R7-17FOUSTCAL A.8/30/187210/26/1955 Photo
B-R15-7FOWLERJOHN B.No dates LT Co. H 2 Iowa Infantry Photo
C-R17-8FOXKATIE LEE10/9/19022/13/1994Between rows 16 & 17 Photo
C-R17-9FOXWILLIAM WADE M.D.10/16/18995/9/1969Between rows 16 & 17 Photo
C-R17-10FOXWILLIAM W.12/30/18635/8/1953 Photo
C-R17-11FOXPEARL1/23/18751/15/1934Wife of William W. Photo
D-R5-13FOXGERTRUDE E.8/17/19101/1/1997Wife of Hollis D. Photo
D-R5-14FOXHOLLIS D.7/18/19104/22/1994Married Jan 14 1934 Photo
J-R1-86FRANCISLISA FERN4/27/195711/11/1973 Photo
J-R1-87FRANCISSHELLY KAY8/9/195911/11/1973 Photo
J-R1-88FRANCISLEON M.11/30/192812/29/1996Married Aug 27 1946 Photo
J-R1-88FRANCISELOISE {ALLEN}10/30/1928 Wife of Leon M. Photo
D-R13-2FRANKLINROSA IOLA1/22/18931/13/1951 Photo
D-R13-3FRANKLINREV. CHARLES SLEDGE1/2/18864/18/1961 Photo
E-R11-10FRANKLINELLIS WAYNE9/20/191312/11/1999SGT USAAF WW II Photo
E-R11-10FRANKLINDORIS IRENE10/6/1915 Wife of Ellis W. Photo
C-R12-3FRAZIERCLAUDIA JEAN11/5/19409/5/1941 Photo
A-R14-8FRENCHTHOMAS N.11/20/18928/21/1973 Photo
A-R20-11FRENCHJOHN WILBORN5/4/185512/3/1933 Photo
A-R20-12FRENCHMARY IRENE1/14/18597/31/1955Wife of John W. Photo
C-R19-19FRENCHLA RUTH2/27/19183/3/1929 Photo
C-R19-20FRENCHMAYME B.3/26/189611/28/1993Wife of DeWitt Photo
C-R19-21FRENCHDeWITT T.10/26/18911/7/1985 Photo
D-R13-6FRENCHEMMA PAMELIA1/19/18612/28/1952Wife of Taylor H. Photo
D-R13-7FRENCHTAYLOR HINKLE4/30/18576/27/1948 Photo
D-R13-8FRENCHNEAL11/14/18806/1/1949 Photo
F-R3-28FRENCHWILLIAM G.7/26/19218/16/1921 Photo
D-R7-5FUGETTRONALD GALE8/20/19481/6/1996Vondel Smith FH Photo
D-R7-6FUGETTGLINDA DIANE11/20/19439/4/1960 Photo
D-R16-1FUGETTANDREW FAY5/19/19164/18/1974 Photo
D-R16-3FUGETTSUSAN E.4/3/188712/30/1969Wife of Andrew N. Photo
D-R16-4FUGETTANDREW NATHANIEL4/28/18827/23/1951 Photo
D-R22-15FUGETTOSCAR T.4/6/19066/10/1939 Photo
I-R1-20FULTONORAL AMY8/30/18827/8/1947 Photo
I-R1-21FULTONARTHUR C. "HAPPY"3/29/18806/7/1953 Photo
I-R3-5FULTONFRED VIRGEL11/5/191810/15/1962CPL USMC WW II Photo
B-R21-15FUNDISMARY E.4/22/18791/20/1974Wife of Charles B.
B-R21-16FUNDISCHARLES B.7/10/18647/26/1930 
B-R22-18FUNDISMARY C.9/26/1909 Wife of Charles E. Photo
B-R22-18FUNDISCHARLES E.11/8/190811/2/1992 Photo
B-R24-15FUNDISVALYE NELL19302003Cooper FH Photo
C-R5-17FURGERSONCASSIE {HAYS}9/10/19122/15/1988 Photo
C-R5-18FURGERSONNETTIE MAGDALENE9/21/19182/8/2003 Photo
C-R7-1FURGERSONJOHN D.6/12/19151/21/1945SGT US Army WW II Photo
C-R7-2FURGERSONMARY LELA18741957Wife of James C. Photo
B-R16-3FURRKENNETH E. JR.2/6/19523/22/1986US Army Vietnam
J-R2-26GAEDDERTELMER4/1/19283/25/1999Pickard FH Photo
D-R15-20GAGEOLLIE A.3/9/19009/14/1998Wife of Edward C. Photo
D-R15-21GAGEEDWARD C.2/20/18898/25/1966Married Feb 17 1921 Photo
D-R15-22GAGEMARION FLOYD10/1/19278/22/1945 Photo
B-R20-6GAINMARSHALL L.2/21/19127/2/1914Son of J. M. & Susan Photo
B-R20-7GAINJ. M.9/18/18593/8/1913Woodmen of the World Photo
A-R6-10GAMBILLLOYD3/10/190211/28/1906Son of J. W. & E. S. Photo

Elizabeth Elaine Gregson
15 Dec 1959
1 Jun 2016
C-R14-8GARRETTA. L. "PETE"12/25/18845/12/1964Father of Ruby Photo
F-R2-41GARRETTLOYD E.5/19/18978/1/1965PVT US Army WW I Photo
I-R3-8GARRETTEDNA FRANCES3/31/1907 Wife of James F. Photo
I-R3-8GARRETTJAMES FREDERICK6/17/19059/17/1959 Photo
C-R12-4GARRETTENORMAN GALE1/4/19371/17/1937Son of George & Anna Photo
F-R2-42GARRETTERUTH MAE19071915 Photo
F-R2-43GARRETTEJOHN LEWIS8/7/18678/23/1931 Photo
F-R2-44GARRETTEEMMA EDNA1/11/18779/17/1957Wife of John L. Photo
B-R2-1GARVERROY3/6/19044/13/1954 Photo
B-R9-7GENTRYCLARA A.18741943Wife of George W. Photo
B-R9-8GENTRYGEORGE W.18621940 Photo
B-R9-9GENTRYELIZABETH6/19/18841/6/1911 Photo
C-R20-23GERLEMANJOHN18671954 Photo
C-R21-28GERLEMANBARNEY18711945 Photo
F-R5-26GIDDENSEDITH9/26/190012/27/1979Wife of David E. Photo
F-R5-27GIDDENSDAVID E.1/3/189810/11/1947 Photo
C-R10-16GIERHARTFAITH1/22/19403/4/1940 Photo
C-R10-17GIERHARTRUBY H.5/13/190610/13/1970Wife of Lew A. Photo
C-R10-18GIERHARTLEW A.9/16/190612/16/1968 Photo
F-R2-20GIERHARTBESSIE ORDILIA10/29/19098/31/1933 Photo
F-R2-21GIERHARTSYLVESTER SHERIDAN3/14/18714/13/1956 Photo
F-R2-22GIERHARTJESSIE ESTELLA3/12/18711/5/1957Wife of Sylvester Photo
F-R2-23GIERHARTESSIE W.1/6/189712/4/1952 Photo
F-R2-24GIERHARTLEORA PEARL6/3/189810/7/1898 Photo
F-R2-25GIERHARTJESSIE S.6/12/18929/25/1978PVT US Army WW I Photo
F-R2-29GIGERRILEY18541899 Photo
A-R7-2GILBERTLAURA18611941Wife of J. Franklin Photo
A-R7-3GILBERTJ. FRANKLIN18621943 Photo
A-R7-4GILBERTROY9/11/18959/9/1989Married Dec 27 1962 Photo
A-R7-5GILBERTOPAL10/8/18961/31/1986Wife of Roy Photo
F-R8-18GILBERTIVY B.4/18/186812/26/1945Wife of Anthony E. Photo
F-R8-19GILBERTANTHONY E.9/17/18664/1/1949 Photo
B-R18-10GILESANNIE5/15/18766/24/1913Wife of D.F. Photo
B-R24-9GILESEVA ARDEN1/26/18909/7/1959 Photo
D-R8-4GILESD. F. SR.7/31/18714/9/1959 Photo
A-9-3GILPINMARY3/30/18463/8/1923Wife of E .B. Photo
A-9-4GILPINE. B.10/26/1844?1/11/1903Stone under cedar tree Photo
I-R2-6GOODALBERT C.7/6/18728/7/1951 Photo
B-R7-1GOODNIGHTKENNETH J.6/4/192110/15/1996US Navy WW II Photo
B-R7-2GOODNIGHTSTACY C.3/25/19526/29/1970Maud High School Photo
B-R8-1GOODNIGHTSTELLA M.6/25/18942/13/1999Wife of Jake A. Photo
B-R8-2GOODNIGHTJAKE A.7/19/18944/3/1962Married Sep 22 1910 Photo
C-R6-9GRAHAMFLORENA "SUE" {BLACKWOOD}7/28/195911/15/1982Between rows 5 & 6 Photo
D-R3-4GRAHAMDONNA WYNELLE8/10/1942 Wife of Harvey E. Photo
D-R3-4GRAHAMHARVEY E. "GENE"11/3/19295/27/2000Married Mar 31 1978 Photo
B-R7-3GRANTLEE8/6/18926/12/1913Woodmen of the World Photo
B-R8-3GRANTA.3/23/18778/2/1910Woodmen of the World Photo
J-R2-28GRAVESPAUL S.8/30/19412/3/2000SGT US Army Vietnam Photo
J-R1-8GRAYBETTY ORALENE {FORD}6/19/19373/17/1982 Photo
A-R23-10GREENHATTIE4/8/189311/9/1918Woodmen of the World Photo
A-R23-11GREENL. A.2/3/18738/3/1969 Photo
A-R23-12GREENC. P.4/12/187111/6/1918 Photo
B-R20-11GREENMARY ANN5/2/19425/3/1942 Photo
B-R20-12GREENCORA NELL3/4/19123/3/1983Wife of Barney G. Photo
C-R1-11GREENVICKIE ANN7/19/194611/23/1979 Photo
C-R1-12GREENVIVIENNE {McCLURE}6/28/19159/26/1986 Photo
C-R1-13GREENFRED H.11/30/190510/8/1960 Photo
C-R3-23GREENLEWIS F.12/3/192912/5/1995 Photo
C-R3-24GREENJESS11/23/19172/18/1994US Army WW II Photo
C-R3-25GREENMARTHA E.8/3/18884/30/1984Wife of Stephen H. Photo
C-R3-26GREENSTEPHEN H.1/15/187810/1/1955 Photo
C-R21-25GREENDAVID C.1/31/19208/25/1994MSGT USAF Photo
C-R21-26GREENFLORENCE7/19/18892/5/1927Wife of Claud D. Photo
C-R21-27GREENCLAUD D.5/14/18759/25/1926 Photo
D-R13-4GREENRUTH6/20/192112/10/2002 Photo
GREEN Timothy M. 1/17/1937 4/12/2011 Photo
A-R18-18GREGGROSEY MAE8/30/19134/18/1995Wife of Johnnie V. Photo
A-R18-19GREGGJOHNNIE V.2/6/19103/24/1998Married Oct 1 1929 Photo
D-R3-12GREGGROY VERNON7/17/19155/2/1975 Photo
D-R3-13GREGGTHELMA IRENE9/3/19213/12/1968Wife of Roy V. Photo
D-R4-19GREGGBETTY ANN1/30/19641/30/1964Daughter of Jay & Bertha Photo
D-R5-18GREGGLEE V.3/19/19319/25/1989 Photo
D-R5-19GREGGBEULAH E.11/9/19116/3/1975Wife of Willie M. Photo
D-R5-20GREGGWILLIE M.7/23/19022/14/1982 Photo
D-R18-25GREGGMRS. V. L.2/21/18721/12/1939 Photo
C-R8-15GREGORYANNIE2/14/189311/18/1945Wife of Mack H. Photo
C-R8-16GREGORYMACK H.8/22/187812/5/1950 Photo
C-R8-17GREGORYM. H.1/6/19213/7/2000Between rows 7 & 8 Photo
E-R10-4GREGSONMARK ALLEN8/9/19568/10/1991 Photo
E-R11-8GREGSONROBERT K.19312000Cooper FH Photo
I-R1-25GREGSONCORA7/16/18844/5/1964Wife of George A. Photo
I-R1-26GREGSONGEORGE A.8/21/18817/12/1959 Photo
C-R17-15GRIBBLEBERTIE8/2/18767/5/1945Wife of Robert L. Photo
C-R17-16GRIBBLEROBERT L.12/8/18708/25/1930 Photo
B-R19-2GRIFFINDELILA {BOURASSA}12/5/18503/22/1900Wife of T. F. Photo
D-R11-4GRIFFITHJEWEL MADGE5/30/19076/22/1990Wife of Alpheus P. Photo
D-R11-5GRIFFITHALPHEUS P.2/9/190210/18/1979 Photo
D-R17-22GRIMESFRANKIE4/4/19011/3/1942 Photo
A-R25-20GRISHAMEDYTH4/14/19138/1/1982 Photo
A-R25-21GRISHAMMARTHA ELLEN3/31/188512/10/1963Wife of William A. Photo
A-R25-22GRISHAMWILLIAM ASA5/10/187311/28/1950 Photo
D-R17-10GRISHAMFRANCES L.1/4/1918 Wife of Eulis Photo
D-R17-10GRISHAMEULIS8/29/19156/11/1984 Photo
D-R17-11GRISHAMLARRY DEAN4/22/194212/4/1945 Photo
A-R10-7GROTZMAMA1/23/18838/20/1908Daughter of M. & M. Photo
A-R10-8GROTZCHARLEY C.No dates6/6/1920PVT 321 Field Artillery Photo
A-R10-9GROTZMARGRET M.9/2/18601/4/1952Mother Photo
A-R10-10GROTZETHEL E.3/23/18882/19/1971Wife of Peter J. Photo
A-R10-11GROTZPETER J.8/24/18858/17/1971 Photo
G-R2-11GROTZAGNES M.7/24/19024/3/1993Wife of Frank P. Photo
G-R2-12GROTZFRANK P.9/25/18901/7/1960 Photo
Unk GUGEL DONALD C. 3/31/1929 5/28/2008 Married Linda K. Spangler 12/27/2002 Photo
D-R15-1HACKETTMILDRED LUCILLE11/1/19137/2/2002 Photo
D-R15-2HACKETTALFORD D.1/20/19146/6/1990CPL US Army WW II Photo
D-R15-3HACKETTMABEL A.8/17/18961/31/1981Wife of Thomas G. Photo
D-R15-4HACKETTTHOMAS G.10/30/18926/9/1970 Photo
D-R21-3HACKETTPAULINE5/24/19333/15/1992Wife of Andy O. Jr. Photo
D-R21-3 HACKETT ANDY O JR. 11/26/1925 6/18/2013 Married Jun 21 1952 Photo
E-R6-7HACKETTALBERT LEROY "JAKE"4/12/19392/22/1990 Photo
F-R4-19HACKETTALTA L.3/1/19158/7/1985Wife of Lloyd O. Photo
F-R4-20HACKETTLLOYD O.7/4/19163/20/1982Married Apr 3 1957 Photo
I-R5-9HACKETTEULA G.12/7/19041/15/2000Wife of Andy O. Photo
I-R5-10HACKETTANDY O.10/25/18987/16/1984Married Oct 31 1924 Photo
I-R5-13HACKETTOLA MAUD5/27/19005/17/1985Wife of William M. Photo
I-R5-14HACKETTWILLIAM M.7/6/18942/5/1992 Photo
J-R1-26HACKETTELDON O.10/30/19219/4/19751st SGT US Army WW II Photo
D-R2-6HALERACHEL6/23/1922 Wife of Clyde E. Photo
D-R2-6HALECLYDE E.12/6/191911/27/1986 Photo
D-R2-7HALECHARLES ELVIN12/11/194411/7/1969SGT 24 Infantry Division Vietnam Photo
I-R5-7HALECLAUD ELVIRO9/22/18949/10/1961PVT US Army WW I Photo
A-R11-14HALLMRS. MYRTEL11/13/18907/31/1916 Photo
C-R2-1HALLKATIE MAY10/7/189510/17/1966Wife of William H. Photo
C-R2-2HALLWILLIAM HUEY11/15/18948/5/1959COOK US Army WW I Photo
D-R22-16HALLLELA3/5/18939/4/1936 Photo
D-R22-17HALLHOMER H.5/27/18964/20/1947 Photo
D-R22-18HALLARAH1/26/19246/12/1957 Photo
D-R22-19HALLDORMAN9/4/191712/1/1953 Photo
D-R22-20HALLGENEVIEVE8/15/191910/1/1961 Photo
D-R24-1HALLTHOMAS18611940 Photo
D-R24-2HALLAMY18721962Wife of Thomas Photo
G-R5-25HALLGLADYS {REYNOLDS}9/10/19059/10/1928Daughter of C. A.& Mary Photo
G-R7-21HALLOCKEDWIN M.3/9/192511/24/1929Difficult to read
C-R24-9HAMERD. J.8/12/183811/22/1926 Photo
C-R14-9HAMESALTHA4/8/18912/26/1957 Photo
A-R25-24HAMILTONGWENDOLYN GAY7/11/19618/12/1982 Photo
A-R25-25HAMILTONLOUIS B.5/28/19304/7/1997US Army Korea Photo
HAMILTON Peggy Diane 5/4/1954 11/29/2019 ObitD/O Louis & Delores Hamilton
J-R1-25HAMPTONLLOYD O.9/7/19158/22/1994Married May 1 1936 Photo
J-R1-25HAMPTONTHELMA L.10/27/1919 Wife of Lloyd O. Photo
J-R2-2HAMPTONHAROLD LLOYD9/7/193710/4/1995ABUAN US Navy Photo
B-R23-16HANESIDA {COTTEN}8/5/188411/15/1961 Photo
A-R17-12HANEYSARAH ALICE18581926 Photo
A-R17-13HANEYWILLIAM H.18541934 Photo
D-R13-32HANEYNELLIE C.8/31/18626/7/1940 Photo
J-R2-13HANGERLEWIS CLAYTON JR.12/14/19777/29/2002 Photo
E-R7-22HANKSRUBY A.5/7/19023/31/1987Wife of Thed L. Photo
E-R7-23HANKSTHED L.2/17/19002/26/1978 Photo
E-R8-24HANNAMARCUS L.6/20/191012/2/1991US Army WW II Photo
A-R12-10HARDINCATHARINE8/15/183612/26/1904Wife of M. R. Photo
A-R12-11HARDINM. R.11/21/18333/28/1907 Photo
F-R5-45HARDINGENEVA B.9/9/192510/8/1996 Photo
F-R5-46HARDINM. BLANCHE10/28/19038/5/1984Wife of E. Bruce Photo
F-R5-47HARDINE. BRUCE3/19/189812/18/1994Married Nov 21 1924 Photo
F-R6-11HARDINJAMES G.4/18/18598/24/1946 Photo
F-R6-12HARDINLAURA E.9/18/187210/3/1936Wife of James G. Photo
J-R1-17HARDINCARLETA S.1/10/193911/27/1988 Photo
J-R1-18HARDINBESSIE V.5/2/190110/17/1988Wife of Gus D. Photo
J-R1-19HARDINGUS D.6/29/18946/3/1971 Photo
B-R20-16HARDYOVILINE18531928 Photo
D-R17-18HARGROVERUBULA8/4/19011/8/2003Wife of Vance Photo
D-R17-19HARGROVEVANCE8/28/18971/27/1970 Photo
D-R17-20HARGROVEIDA L.3/4/18707/24/1943 Photo
D-R17-21HARGROVECLYDE9/20/188912/22/1942PVT 137 Infantry 35 Division Photo
C-R20-20HARKINSJOHN O.12/22/19228/26/1970SGT USMC WW II Photo
C-R20-21HARKINSPAULINE12/7/19206/6/1938 Photo
C-R20-22HARKINSJOSIE6/27/18868/29/1926 Photo
C-R14-1HARMONBERTIE EARL7/2/190912/3/1961Father Photo
C-R14-2HARMONBERTIE BRANCH10/1/18847/2/1959 Photo
I-R5-8HARPMATTIE A.8/20/18731/4/1960 Photo
C-R10-3HARPERGEORGIE ANN12/18/193812/20/1938Daughter of G. W. Photo
C-R10-4HARPERGEORGE W.4/9/19122/83/1945PFC US Army WW II Photo
D-R15-13HARPERWILLIAM M.18961980PVT USA WW 1 Btwn rows 14 & 15 Photo
D-R15-14HARPERTED7/15/19029/21/1974 Photo
D-R15-15HARPERCLETUS L.3/24/19063/14/1950 Photo
D-R15-16HARPERMARY J.4/14/18705/20/1946 Photo
D-R15-17HARPERJAMES E.11/22/18731/12/1956Under a cedar tree Photo
D-R21-14HARPERALBERT H.3/21/190910/3/1968PFC 129 Ord. Battalion WW II Photo
D-R21-15HARPERRUBY J.10/11/191910/18/1980Wife of Albert H. Photo
B-R25-23HARRISALFRED N.10/16/18961/9/1920 Photo
B-R25-24HARRISDAISY11/1/18696/30/1943Wife of J. H. Photo
B-R25-25HARRISJ. H.1/2/1864No date Photo
D-R8-7HARRISNORA1/15/1890No date Photo
D-R8-8HARRISEUGENE6/11/18845/11/1958 Photo
D-R15-26HARRISCORA A.7/1/18815/31/1942 Photo
G-R3-21HARRISMARTHA J.18621926Wife of Pleas H. Photo
G-R3-22HARRISPLEAS H.18581939 Photo
G-R8-22HARRISDONIE {TUCKER}4/20/191810/11/2000 Photo
I-R1-29HARRISONMELVIN GENE11/16/194211/18/1942 Photo
I-R3-6HARRISONETHEL J.1/22/19112/9/1984 Photo
I-R3-7HARRISONTED V.5/2/19022/27/1962 Photo
D-R15-5HARTLESSROSIE B.2/9/18762/19/1960Wife of Frank W. Photo
D-R15-6HARTLESSFRANK W.3/19/18741/13/1976 Photo
J-R2-14HASHLUE BELL1/19/19111/27/1965 Photo
J-R2-15HASHWELDON A.1/7/188312/30/1967 Photo
B-R7-11HAYESJ. H.1876No date Photo
B-R7-12HAYESTINA18771942 Photo
A-R7-15HEATHJESSIE C.7/31/19092/11/1911 
A-R20-21HEATHEMMA ROSELLA9/6/18875/21/1913Mother of H. E. Photo
B-R9-5HEATLEYGLADYS MARY {CARTER}10/16/190910/7/1998Wife of John W. Photo
B-R9-6HEATLEYJOHN W.3/28/18838/8/1953 Photo
C-R25-14HEATLEYLOLA M.11/25/189910/11/1925Wife of J. W. Photo
C-R25-16HEATLEYELLEN4/7/18623/7/1923Wife of J. W. Photo
D-R5-11HEATLEYLEE ANNE1/12/19659/15/1972 Photo
D-R5-12HEATLEYWYNELLE1/10/193210/18/1985 Photo
D-R16-16HEDDLESONE. B.No dates  Photo
F-R2-45HEERJOSEPH F.7/1/19141/3/1915 Photo
F-R2-46HEERMARIE A.7/1/19146/2/1935 Photo
F-R2-47HEERLOUISE {BOWLES}11/16/18863/8/1920 Photo
F-R2-48HEERJOHN5/16/188311/2/1965 Photo
F-R2-49HEERGRACE ALBERTA4/23/19183/19/1990Between rows 1 & 2 Photo
E-R7-1HELMRUSSELL CLARK2/28/19084/23/1980PVT US Army WW II Photo
D-R22-10HEMBREEJOHN4/15/187212/1/1946 Photo
D-R22-11HEMBREEELIZA2/18/18725/24/1943Wife of John Photo
D-R10-13HENAGARJAMES W.19131964 Photo
D-R10-15HENAGAROPAL PAULINE7/5/19183/9/1959 Photo
D-R10-11HENDERSONANNIE MAE18981982Wife of Elmer W. Photo
D-R10-12HENDERSONELMER WILLIAM11/18/18943/8/1981PVT US Army WWI Photo
G-R9-12HENDERSONFRANK C.18591934 Photo
G-R9-13HENDERSONLOUISA L.18681941 Photo
B-R22-5HENDRICKJIM J.12/22/18441/25/1916 Photo
A-R4-11HENDRIXANNA C.5/18/187312/11/1924Wife of Mathew S. Photo
A-R4-12HENDRIXMATHEW S.12/9/18652/25/1916 Photo
A-R4-13HENDRIXHERSHEL L.11/28/19017/8/1921Son of M. S. & A. C. Photo
A-R10-16HENRYLOYD JEFFERSON4/15/18744/14/1938Born in Cooksville Tennessee Photo
A-R10-17HENRYGRISSIE LOU4/10/186812/30/1963Wife of Loyd J. Photo
A-R11-8HENRYMARY ETTA9/25/190610/5/1981Wife of Charlie Q. Photo
A-R11-9HENRYCHARLIE Q.12/17/1903No dateMarried Oct 11 1924 Photo
A-R24-14HENRYG. W.8/26/18748/10/1916 Photo
A-R24-15HENRYERNEST7/26/190211/7/1903Son of C. W. & Minnie Photo
A-R24-16HENRYE. FERREL1/16/19147/30/1932 Photo
B-R7-4HENRYIDA MAE5/1/18893/23/1934Wife of Benton M. Photo
B-R7-5HENRYBENTON M.5/9/18859/21/1963 Photo
B-R13-3HENRYAMANDA3/28/18471/17/1929 Photo
C-R4-2HENRYD. M. "HANK"5/9/190111/30/1956 Photo
C-R15-5HENRYJOHN R.18481932 Photo
C-R15-6HENRYLOU18761945 Photo
D-R3-17HENRYMYRTLE6/20/18914/21/1968 Photo
D-R3-18HENRYJOE9/4/188110/26/1965 Photo
D-R3-19HENRYCLIFF3/9/19118/10/1968 Photo
D-R12-32HENRYLOYD8/26/19183/14/1964 Photo
D-R12-34HENRYPRESTON1/15/19071/10/1955 Photo
D-R19-22HENRYRALPH11/7/19213/5/1977SSGT US Army WW II Photo
F-R8-30HENRYBASIL A.6/10/19149/26/1965 Photo
F-R8-34HENRYLEONA3/4/18961/20/1919Wife of Riley C. Photo
F-R8-35HENRYRILEY C.5/3/18901/23/1919Woodmen of the World Photo
F-R9-32HENRYCATHERINE E.3/27/189012/29/1962Wife of John F. Photo
F-R9-33HENRYJOHN F.7/9/18839/26/1949 Photo
F-R9-34HENRYLINA3/28/19287/4/1933 Photo
F-R9-35HENRYJOHN L.4/11/192612/19/1931 Photo
F-R9-36HENRYMARGARET11/7/18574/3/1943Wife of James V. Photo
F-R9-37HENRYJAMES VINET1/5/18545/27/1931 Photo
F-R9-38HENRYJESSIE T.1/16/189611/11/1948CPL 53 Field Artillery WW I Photo
F-R9-39HENRYBEATRICE19001967Wife of Jessie T. Photo
G-R9-20HENRYJEWEL NADINE6/13/19337/19/1934 Photo
I-R4-16HENRYMARY E. {LAURENT}12/9/19108/24/1995Wife of John H. Photo
I-R4-17HENRYJOHN H.8/30/19089/24/1984Married May 4 1929 Photo
B-R22-9HENSONEVA18941978Wife of Basil Photo
B-R22-10HENSONBASIL18921956 Photo
I-R2-19HENSONMYLENA R.10/18/191810/2/2001 Photo
C-R16-3HERNDONDELLA {WATSON}11/2/18904/16/1976Between rows 15 & 16 Photo
F-R2-18HERNDONUNKNOWNNo dates  Photo
G-R3-23HERNDONHELEN H.18951997Wife of George L. Photo
G-R3-24HERNDONGEORGE L.18931958 Photo
G-R3-25HERNDONJACK H.19271956 Photo
G-R5-1 HERNDON CLARENCE ARTHUR SR. 8/7/1885 12/5/1989 Between rows 4 & 5 Photo
S-R5- HERNDON CLARENCE ARTHUR JR 9/13/1922 4/30/2004 Photo
S-R5- HERNDON JIMMY RAY, SR 9/13/1922 4/30/2004 Photo
S-R5- HERNDON DR. JIMMY RAY, JR 9/21/1952 2/16/2017 Photo
S-R5_ HERNDON MARY FRANCIS 9/25/1931 9/19/2004 Photo
G-R5-2HERNDONNOLA MAE1/24/189310/29/1987Wife of Clarence A. Photo
B-R17-13HERRINGOLLA LEE6/5/190012/2/1984Wife of Earl H.
B-R17-14HERRINGEARL H.7/8/191212/7/1985 
A-R1-11HEYHATTIE12/15/18753/31/1949Wife of Peter Photo
A-R1-12HEYPETER3/28/18585/16/1913 Photo
A-R1-13HEYJOE18971922 Photo
F-R9-30HEYJULIA IZORA10/4/19011/12/1963Wife of Lawrence M. Photo
F-R9-31HEYLAWRENCE M.2/5/19004/8/1986Married Jul 27 1928 Photo
D-R19-26HIBBARDFRANK M.12/14/19091/11/1950 Photo
D-R25-7HIBBARDALVARETTA2/3/188712/7/1986Wife of J. R. Photo
D-R25-8HIBBARDJ. R.12/25/18857/19/1969 Photo
C-R25-5HICKMANMINNIE L.5/24/189310/12/1984Wife of William C. Photo
C-R25-6HICKMANWILLIAM C.1/22/18832/13/1968 Photo
F-R5-18HICKMANJUANITA P.7/8/1915 Wife of John L. Photo
F-R5-18HICKMANJOHN L.6/30/191212/23/1985Married Apr 4 1936 Photo
G-R3-19HICKSEMMA JANE5/19/18687/29/1951With of Seth L. Photo
G-R3-20HICKSSETH LEONARD2/8/18581/27/1921 Photo
UNKHICKSJOE WILBURN4/20/19389/14/2016Married Nov 15 1957 Obit
F-R6-2HIGGINBOTHAMETHEL L. {BOYER}8/16/18729/6/1891Daughter of Isabella Photo
E-R10-24HIGGINSLOUIS D.8/25/19296/22/1988SSGT US Army Korea Photo
E-R11-23HIGGINSLARRY D.3/21/196711/6/1995 Photo
F-R6-17HIGGINSOPAL FAY4/20/19195/28/1920Between rows 5 & 6 Photo
F-R6-18HIGGINSNANCY3/4/184312/21/1917Wife of Elighe Photo
F-R6-19HIGGINSELIGHE3/25/184411/8/1938 Photo
F-R6-20HIGGINSZULA T. {BARNES}5/15/18936/18/1980Wife of Murray D. Photo
F-R6-21HIGGINSMURRAY DRAYTON12/26/187612/8/1957Married Nov 5 1911
PFC U. S. Army Photo
I-R2-9 HIGGINS DONALD REED 9/20/1910 10/25/1969 SGT USAAF WW II Photo
Unk HIGHTOWER RANDY E. 8/26/1954 4/18/2014 Obit
A-R24-11HILLMARY V.5/6/18504/15/1931Wife of James A. Photo
A-R24-12HILLJAMES A.1/1/18375/20/1918 Photo
E-R8-23HILLALBERT H. JR.10/17/19131/31/1977Married Oct 14 1933 Photo
E-R8-23HILLFANNIE M.10/29/1911 Wife of Albert H. Jr. Photo
F-R3-25HILLMARTHA A.6/8/18565/18/1953Wife of Richard E. Photo
F-R3-26HILLRICHARD E.10/13/18416/3/1921 Photo
F-R3-36HINESJ. B. "PAT"9/17/18612/14/1923 Photo
C-R7-6HISEREARL C.1/14/19018/21/1967 Photo
C-R7-7HISEREMMA10/12/19008/2/1973Wife of Earl C. Photo
D-R10-10HISERMELVIN V.4/9/191410/26/1968 Photo
D-R12-24HISERMARGARET E.2/12/18679/7/1948 Photo
D-R12-25HISERGLADYS LILLIAN11/27/18968/23/1986Wife of Frank L. Photo
D-R12-26HISERFRANK LEXIE9/28/18919/13/1958 Photo
UnkHISERVIRGINIA M.10/24/192711/21/2010 Photo
B-R25-20HITTMARGARETT M.4/17/18662/8/1941Wife of Thomas T. Photo
B-R25-21HITTTHOMAS T.7/10/18634/30/1943 Photo
I-R1-9HITTBYRON ADELBERT4/20/19002/21/1972 Photo
I-R1-10HITTHERMAN D.12/30/19272/24/1947PVT US Army WW II Photo
I-R3-9HITTEFFIE ADELINE9/16/18931/17/1967Wife of Lee P. Photo
I-R3-10HITTLEE PERRY9/17/18894/18/1982 Photo
I-R3-11HITTALLIE B.2/6/19024/12/1981Wife of Clyde B. Photo
I-R3-12HITTCLYDE B.8/30/189411/1/1957 Photo
C-R12-21HOFFMANJULIA {ADAY}8/16/18887/17/1937 Photo
F-R7-16HOLLOWAYGLADYS G.10/5/19159/28/1916Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. HollowayPhoto
F-R9-21HOLLOWAYE. MAUD18821939 Photo
F-R9-22HOLLOWAYHENRY L.6/13/189210/12/1949 Photo
F-R9-23HOLLOWAYFAYE L.3/28/18982/6/1976Wife of Henry L. Photo
F-R9-24HOLLOWAYAARON L.1/17/192712/30/1999US Army Korea Photo
F-R9-25HOLLOWAYRAMONA GEAN11/12/19335/1/1934 Photo
B-R8-14HOLMANKATE4/2/18527/5/1925Wife of Joe Photo
Unk HOLMAN Kimberly D. Bowen 3/16/1963 3/7/2024 W/O Ron m: 11/26/1985 Obit
B-R8-15HOLMANJOE11/6/18507/30/1930 Photo
Unk HOLT BRUCE ALAN 10/20/1955 9/23/2007 Married Jun 11 1977 Photo
Unk HOLT JENNIFER MARIE 9/4/1959   Wife of Bruce A. Photo
Unk HOLT ERNEST BRUCE 5/12/1930   Married Jun 7 1948 Photo
Unk HOLT LESSIE LEE 1/30/1931 1/8/2009 Wife of Ernest B. Photo
B-R3-8HOLTJACK5/13/18828/13/1911Husband of Ola
Woodmen of the World Photo
I-R1-16HOLTARCHIE12/20/19061/28/1967Wife of Ernest Photo
I-R1-17HOLTERNEST4/28/190510/8/1972Married Nov 10 1928 Photo
I-R1-18HOLTELVIRA18791946Wife of Jonathan T. Photo
I-R1-19HOLTJONATHAN T.18721953 Photo
C-R24-17HOOFARDESTHER12/25/188711/20/1989Wife of Walter Photo
C-R24-18HOOFARDWALTER9/15/188010/14/1969Under a cedar tree Photo
D-R11-27HOOFARDLORETTA L.12/15/19438/17/1949 Photo
B-R12-9 HOOKER ANNA 1/4/1848 Lawrence County MS 11/4/1912 Asher OK Wife of M. L. Photo
B-R21-8HOOPERLUCY M.12/9/190611/7/1919 Photo
J-R1-89HORNEROPAL E.10/20/19036/4/1991 Photo
J-R1-90HORNERROBERT W.2/16/189010/10/1969 Photo
J-R1-91HORNEREARNIE LEE10/13/196012/7/1976Between road and row 1 Photo
J-R2-24HORNERROBERT JR.5/8/19324/14/2001Married Jun 22 1937 Photo
J-R2-24HORNERHELEN A.5/8/1932 Wife of Robert Jr. Photo
Unk HORNER TERRY "BUBBA" WAYNE JR. 6/24/1997 6/22/2015 Obit
Unk HORNER Robert Lee 4/3/1958 9/30/20 Obit
A-R14-9HORSLEYJ. D.11/10/192312/29/2001 Photo
A-R14-10HORSLEYBESSIE A.5/23/19042/23/1997Wife of Dewey J. Photo
A-R14-11HORSLEYDEWEY J.1/21/189911/16/1987 Photo
A-R14-12HORSLEYFLORENCE LENORA1/24/19132/21/1913 Photo
E-R10-11HORSLEYJESSE A.7/13/19175/17/1989USCGMarried Oct 8 1938 Photo
E-R10-12HORSLEYEVELYN J.6/1/19229/9/2000Wife of Jesse A.
I-R2-12HORSLEYMAUD12/12/18801/26/1971 Photo
I-R2-13HORSLEYWILLIAM J.7/26/18664/5/1949 Photo
I-R1-22HOUKFANNIE BELLE18781953 Photo
HOSTETTER Shawn LeRee Ford 09/10/1969 08/19/2019 Obit
I-R1-23 HOUK THOMAS NEWTON 1873 1945 Between two cedar trees Photo
C-R4-3HOUSTONROBERT O.12/22/19292/22/1998SP3 US Army KOREA Photo
C-R4-4HOUSTONWINNIE H.12/15/19073/12/1982Wife of Robert H. Photo
C-R4-5HOUSTONROBERT H.5/8/19041/9/1972 Photo
C-R21-9HOUSTONVERNIS L.3/24/19066/5/1954 Photo
C-R21-10HOUSTONORAN W.4/11/18929/16/1952 Photo
C-R21-13HOUSTONMARTHA ELIZABETH6/15/18732/13/1939Wife of Joe W. Photo
C-R21-14HOUSTONJOE WESLEY4/13/18719/9/1927 Photo
D-R21-1HOUSTONTHOMAS A.4/7/187611/20/1936 Photo
D-R21-2HOUSTONKATE8/2/18765/8/1953Wife of Thomas A. Photo
E-R6-14HOWETHKAREN S.3/23/19423/28/1993Wife of Aaron I. Photo
I-R1-11HUCKABYMITTIE5/12/189310/29/1961Wife of Oscar Photo
I-R1-12HUCKABYOSCAR5/1/18877/31/1947 Photo
G-R1-19HUDGENSCLAUDE8/21/19013/15/1941 Photo
G-R1-20HUDGENSSIMP6/12/187510/30/1921 Photo
HUDSON Deward Wayne 9/28/1935 2/17/2020 H/O Ila Obit
D-R2-2 HUDSON ROMA LEE {GIDDENS} 9/15/1931 1/28/2003 Wife of William J. Photo
D-R2-3 HUDSON WILLIAM JOHN 5/24/1924 9/14/1991 Married Jun 9 1948
PFC US Army WW II Photo
A-R15-5HUGHESNANCY H.12/25/18573/19/1937 Photo
B-R13-15HULSELORA FRANCES11/30/190412/9/1997Bible Scholar & Teacher Photo
B-R13-16HULSEHATTIE N.11/13/18809/6/1953Wife of Henry E. Photo
B-R13-17HULSEHENRY E.1/14/18703/26/1948 Photo
C-R15-14HUNTHENRY W.18561935 Photo
C-R24-13HUNTEREFFIE M.2/7/18966/5/1964Wife of Ernest L. Photo
C-R24-14HUNTERERNEST L.1/1/18972/1/1964 Photo
B-R15-9HURSTARBIE I.18771978 Photo
B-R15-10HURSTW. S.18671957 Photo
B-R15-11HURSTIDA B.18831929 Photo
B-R15-12HURSTELIZABETH J.6/9/19025/10/1912Daughter of W. S. & Ida Photo
C-R18-7HUTCHESONSALLIE7/15/18746/12/1965Wife of N. P. Photo
C-R18-8HUTCHESONN. P.6/6/18643/25/1940 Photo
A-R20-10HUTSONCHARLEY4/22/18891/7/1901Son of H. T. & R. A. Photo
B-R25-3HYNESWINNEFRED10/10/185510/10/1940Wife of William R. Photo
B-R25-4HYNESWILLIAM R.7/12/18589/24/1916 Photo
D-R4-2INGRAMELWANDA JO2/17/19289/1/1981Between rows 3 & 4 Photo
B-R7-16IVEYEDD12/24/18815/20/1914 Photo
B-R7-17IVEYALVIN E.6/5/19087/29/1980MSGT USAF WW II Korea Photo
B-R7-18IVEYLUCY BELL12/15/19082/28/1914 Photo
B-R7-19IVEYISABELLA2/17/18451/22/1910 Photo
B-R8-8IVEYJ. M.6/28/191911/23/1973PFC US Army WW II Photo
B-R8-9IVEYMYRTLE2/13/18883/7/1962Wife of John I. Photo
B-R8-10IVEYJOHN T.7/24/187111/28/1957 Photo
B-R8-11IVEYWILLA M.12/30/18852/11/1978Wife of Thomas L. Photo
B-R8-12IVEYTHOMAS L.2/9/18706/22/1954 Photo
A-R17-14JACKSONINFANT3/6/19013/16/1901Daughter of J. A. and M. I. Photo
A-R17-15JACKSONMARY IDA4/15/18755/11/1957Wife of John A. Photo
A-R17-16JACKSONJOHN A.10/11/18663/10/1950 Photo
A-R18-12JACKSONJOHN W.7/12/18721950 Photo
A-R18-13JACKSONMARY E.5/19/188610/1/1962Wife of John W. Photo
A-R18-17JACKSONFRANK E.2/15/191811/1/1918 Photo
D-R5-15JACKSONARTHUR R.3/10/19285/16/1994PFC USA WW II KOREA Photo
D-R12-6JACKSONMARTHA4/12/18935/16/1953Wife of Edward Photo
D-R12-7JACKSONEDWARD3/10/18771/25/1953 Photo
E-R1-1JACKSONJERRY DON6/9/195210/23/1999 Photo
E-R7-18JACKSONSUSIE ANN10/2/19267/6/1974Wife of James F. Photo
E-R7-19JACKSONJAMES FORD12/12/19587/15/1978 Photo
JACKSON Ruth Yoland 12/17/1920 1/26/2012 Obit W/O Ralph m: 72 Years
D-R22-22JAMIESONWILBUR F.10/3/19031/5/1974US Army WW II Photo
D-R22-25JAMIESONLESLIE BUTLER12/10/18992/1/1963USAAF WW II Photo
D-R22-26JAMIESONALEXANDER F.8/12/18631/31/1950 Photo
D-R22-27JAMIESONMARY LORENE8/19/187511/17/1942Wife of Alexander F. Photo
D-R22-28JAMIESONDOROTHY HELEN10/1/19133/18/1936 Photo
I-R3-26JAQUESSARAH ELIZABETH7/26/19937/26/1993 Photo
B-R17-9JEFFCOATSADDEL {STONE}5/16/18845/22/1958Wife of Conner D. Photo
B-R17-10JEFFCOATSCONNER D.3/8/187110/26/1958 Photo
C-R3-7JENKINSHELEN ELIZABETH12/30/195812/30/1958 Photo
C-R21-15JENKINSHENRY WARREN3/14/19212/27/1978 Photo
C-R21-16JENKINSWALLACE HENRY9/8/18891/4/1969 Photo
C-R21-17JENKINSIDA ELIZABETH12/30/189211/17/1977Wife of Wallace H. Photo
C-R21-18JENKINSJACQUITA12/11/19259/24/1927 Photo
F-R3-19JENKINSBONNIE {THETUS}1/1/190412/12/1990 Photo
C-R8-1JERNIGANDUTCH2/2/18857/23/1946 Photo
C-R8-2JERNIGANJOHN D.1/19/18716/19/1953 Photo
J-R1-39JESINGEREREWE {ABBOTT} HITT11/3/19032/25/2001 Photo
A-R8-2JOHNSONINFANT8/19/19258/19/1925Daughter of Oscar
A-R13-3JOHNSONMARY E.4/24/186510/17/1901 Photo
B-R1-15JOHNSONMARY18795/10/1917 Photo
B-R18-30JOHNSONWILLIE2/3/18764/10/1928Wife of James A. Photo
B-R18-31JOHNSONJAMES A.1/26/18684/12/1932 Photo
C-R7-4JOHNSONGENE PETE4/9/19195/26/1997PVT US Army WW II
C-R8-3JOHNSONIVA (BOGGS)9/17/19223/12/1994Between rows 7 & 8 Photo
C-R11-3JOHNSONMARTHA {KOEHLER}5/17/18983/29/1989Wife of H. M. Photo
C-R11-4JOHNSONH. M. "JIM"3/22/18921/11/1939 Photo
C-R18-9JOHNSONNANNY PEARL7/8/19012/13/1929 Photo
D-R17-2JOHNSONVERA E. {REDWINE}19041976 Photo
F-R7-24JOHNSONMARGIE EVELYN9/25/192012/1/1924 Photo
F-R7-25JOHNSONONA18971984Wife of Britton Photo
F-R7-26JOHNSONBRITTON18951958Married Nov 16 1916 Photo
G-R4-15JOHNSONPETE M.11/19/19196/24/1996Son of N. M. & M. I. Photo
G-R4-16JOHNSONLEE O.8/16/19037/12/1990Son of N. M. & M. I. Photo
G-R4-17JOHNSONN. M.1/27/18785/27/1948 Photo
G-R4-18JOHNSONMARTHA IDER1/19/18794/18/1927Wife of N. M. Photo
G-R6-18JOHNSONMINNIE MAY8/9/19266/23/1928 Photo
G-R7-6JOHNSONMARY10/10/18781/22/1929 Photo
G-R7-7JOHNSONCAPTAIN W.5/14/18985/19/1963 Photo
G-R9-18JOHNSONELLENNo dates11/1930Wife of Alfred Photo
G-R9-19JOHNSONALFREDNo dates12/1930 Photo
JOHNSON ALPHA STATZER 7/25/1930 2/1/2021 Wife of Junior 5/5/1956 Obit
E-R8-21 JOLLEY JAMES ALBERT 1/25/1920 3/26/1989 US Army WW II Photo
JOLLEY MAXINE MERRILL 8/18/1926 8/7/2020
B-R17-16JONESBELL18731968 Photo
B-R17-17JONESW. A.18671943 Photo
B-R18-19JONESELLEN E. J.7/17/18405/20/1901Wife of J. P. Photo
C-R16-25JONESJOHN H.18791953 Photo
C-R16-26JONESBEULAH T.18821931Wife of John H. Photo
D-R17-8JONESNOLEN L.18921946 Photo
E-R2-2JONESVIVIAN M.12/11/1915 Wife of Fred E. Photo
E-R2-2JONESFRED E.2/3/19082/12/1981 Photo
E-R10-1JONESLINDA FAY10/9/19531/6/1996 Photo
E-R10-2JONESFAY REAN10/8/19326/17/1992 Photo
F-R2-19JONESCLARA L.4/13/19019/4/1927 Photo
G-R5-15JONESCHARLES FLOYD2/8/19365/25/1996LCPL USMC Photo
JOLLEY Maxine Thompson 8/18/1926 8/7/2020 Obit
A-R21-4JOYCEINFANT4/7/19004/10/1900Child of W. M. & M. Photo
A-R21-5JOYCEPATRICK J.9/26/18975/22/1908Son of W. M. & M. Photo
B-R18-1JUDYBRUCE C.5/30/19127/15/1982 Photo
B-R18-2JUDYMARY LOUISE4/28/192011/6/1920 Photo
B-R18-3JUDYSAMUEL C.5/6/18783/18/1929 Photo
B-R18-4JUDYHATTIE A.3/12/18814/18/1953 Photo
C-R23-1JUDYGLENNA DARLENE1/20/19401/20/1940 Photo
D-R3-24JUDYGLADYS M.1/2/190512/9/1970Wife of Lanta H. Photo
D-R3-25JUDYLANTA H.5/23/18973/2/1982WW I Veteran Photo
E-R5-29JUDYGEORGE HAROLD3/30/19318/21/1995CPL US Army Photo
D-R19-1KABONLELA {COTTRELL}3/15/18826/11/1956 Photo
A-R23-13KAYEMILY H.18491940 Photo
F-R9-42KEATONROBERT H.19261936Son of Julia Photo
F-R9-43KEATONJULIA18891937 Photo
C-R5-1KEENONBEAULAH MAE7/23/188810/9/1953 Photo
C-R5-2KEENONJOHN12/31/18905/31/1955 Photo
KEESEE Alfred 11/17/1936 4/28/2023 ObitH/O Virginia m: 4/13/1962
A-R17-3KEESEEJOSEPHUS19171936 Photo
A-R17-4KEESEEH. D.19241944 Photo
A-R17-5KEESEEJOSEPH R.18891955 Photo
B-R3-1KEESEEJOHN J.3/2/18924/25/1972 Photo
B-R3-2KEESEECORDELIA3/8/18949/17/1964Wife of John J. Photo
B-R3-3KEESEELEE ROYNo dates Infant
B-R3-4KEESEEJESTER R.10/28/19194/26/1946 
C-R22-10KEESEEO. G.8/21/18965/9/1953 Photo
C-R22-11KEESEEANNA LIZA1/18/186110/5/1951 Photo
C-R22-12KEESEEJOHN JAMES12/18503/1923 Photo
D-R5-23KEESEEWILLIAM "BILL"2/10/18982/24/1976Married 50 years Photo
D-R5-24KEESEEETHEL MAE8/26/190812/8/2001Wife of William Photo
D-R5-25KEESEEMARTHA B.19121973Wife of Clarence L. Photo
D-R5-26KEESEECLARENCE L.19021957 Photo
D-R5-27KEESEEROY A.3/2/19454/10/1999Between rows 4 & 5 Photo
D-R8-22KEESEEJULIA MAE7/24/19147/24/1997Wife of Rufus L. Photo
D-R8-23KEESEERUFUS L.5/10/191411/6/1982 Photo
E-R8-1KEESEEKENNETH E.7/23/193011/30/1990 Photo
E-R8-33KEESEEFAYE M.3/13/19168/19/2002Wife of Moyse Photo
Unk KEESEE GAYLE {DOWNEY} 12/18/1942 7/25/2015 Wife of Alfred Obit
Unk KEESEE Rita Rose Marler 9/17/1959 10/6/2013 Obit W/O Donald m: 6/9/1984
B-R10-10KELCYENOLA GLADYS6/24/18872/6/1965Wife of Samuel F. Photo
B-R10-11KELCYSAMUEL F.2/3/18854/24/1966 Photo
H-R1-11KELCYDIXIE DEA8/31/19151/10/1939 Photo
D-R2-12KELLEYLENA M.9/1/18934/2/1973Wife of Jesse A. Photo
D-R2-13KELLEYJESSE A.9/23/18953/9/1965 Photo
C-R12-5KELLYWILLIAM L.18581936 Photo
C-R12-6KELLYELNORA J.18691947Wife of William L. Photo
C-R12-7KELLYRAYMOND T.6/5/190810/14/1996Married Dec 24 1936
Between rows 11 & 12 Photo
C-R12-8KELLYLOIS9/12/19128/21/1996Wife of Raymond T. Photo
C-R19-11KELLYJAMES WILLIAM1/2/19299/13/1952A1C USAF MIA Korea Photo
C-R19-12KELLYNETTIE M.5/1/190310/30/1989Wife of Rev. Dee M. Photo
C-R19-13KELLYREV. DEE M.6/10/18971/22/1976Married Jan 23 1921 Photo
D-R2-11KELLYBILL1/6/1941  Photo
D-R2-11KELLYDONICE I.12/8/193810/9/1985Wife of Bill Photo
D-R2-14KELLYJAY J.8/6/191311/13/2000Married 66 years Photo
D-R2-15KELLYIRENE CHRISTINE3/31/19151/16/2000Wife of Jay J. Photo
E-R6-2KELLYDEE ROY SR.12/9/192110/17/1978US Army WW II Photo
J-R1-20KELLYJENNIE M.8/2/19011/25/1990Wife of Clarence A. Photo
J-R1-21KELLYCLARENCE A.10/29/18982/4/1978Married 56 years Photo
J-R2-7KELLYRICHARD A.5/10/192610/7/1934Married Jul 23 1953 Photo
J-R2-7KELLYLOUISE5/10/1926 Wife of Richard A. Photo
D-R23-25KELTNEREFFIE O.9/28/18793/2/1951Wife of Edgar L. Photo
D-R23-26KELTNEREDGAR L.3/8/18703/28/1934 Photo
D-R23-27KELTNERGRACE E.2/5/19003/11/1997Wife of Valton L. Photo
D-R23-28KELTNERVALTON L.6/15/18963/27/1980Married Nov 25 1925
Between rows 22 & 23 Photo
D-R23-29KELTNERNORMAN R.11/4/18991/14/1988US Army WW I Photo
E-R4-13KELTNERLEOMA D.2/14/193412/18/1996 Photo
F-R6-5KEMPWILLIAM10/15/18479/16/1896 Photo
I-R4-7KENNEYEILEEN B.7/4/19131/22/1993Between rows 3 & 4 Photo
I-R4-8KENNEYGENEVIEVE9/26/19118/29/1993Between rows 3 & 4 Photo
D-R15-7KENTSTEPHEN12/26/194712/26/1947 Photo
B-R22-3KERSEYOLLIE C.18891977Wife of Emmette C. Photo
B-R22-4KERSEYEMMETTE C.18701946 Photo
C-R1-5KERSEYMINNIE MOLLIE3/6/19036/23/1990Wife of Jesse L. Photo
C-R1-6KERSEYJESSE LEE8/1/18972/19/1963 Photo
C-R2-4 KERSEY EMOGENE 8/12/1921 10/3/2012 Wife of Marvin R. Photo
KERSEY Louise Compton 4/16/1925 11/28/2018 See ObitW/O Herman
C-R2-4KERSEYMARVIN R.9/26/191710/20/1960 Photo
H-R1-8KERSEYRELLA10/2/190710/6/1995Wife of Henry P. Photo
H-R1-9KERSEYHENRY PAUL1/2/19082/8/1970Married Dec 15 1927 Photo
D-R3-5KERVINNORA8/23/19056/23/1993Wife of Loyd Photo
D-R3-6KERVINLOYD11/26/19079/3/1988US Army WW II Photo
A-R19-2KESLERINFANT11/13/191511/13/1915Daughter of D. P. & Mattie Photo
A-R19-3KESLEREDNA MAY4/17/19042/16/1917Daughter of D. P. & Mattie Photo
A-R19-4KESLERINFANT2/25/19176/29/1917Son of D. P. & Mattie Photo
A-R19-5KESLERMARTHA10/6/18818/29/1961Wife of Daniel P. Photo
A-R19-6KESLERDANIEL P.5/23/18685/13/1940 Photo
A-R20-1KESLEREUTHA19021917 Photo
A-R20-2KESLEREARNEST E.6/6/18987/10/1898Son of James & Ader Photo
A-R20-3KESLERINFANT11/11/189411/11/1894Son of James & Ader Photo
A-R20-4KESLERMARY ADA11/21/18743/29/1908Wife of Henry J. Photo
A-R20-5KESLERHENRY JAMES5/3/186511/7/1950 Photo
B-R21-6KESLERGINA11/22/19156/15/1990Wife of Woodrow W. Photo
B-R21-7KESLERWOODROW WILSON7/4/191211/27/1986PFC US Army WW II Photo
C-R16-28KESLERDANIEL D.4/14/19005/5/1972 Photo
C-R16-28KESLERAGNES M.10/6/1910 Wife of Daniel D. Photo
C-R16-29KESLERYEVION2/13/19313/4/1931Daughter of D. D. & Agnes Photo
D-R12-20KESLERETHEL {HARDIN}3/25/19108/12/1983Wife of Clarence D. Photo
D-R12-21KESLERCLARENCE D.8/2/19028/23/1949 Photo
F-R4-1KESLERMAUDIE M.12/7/19147/5/1997 Photo
F-R4-2KESLERHENRY JAMES9/30/189610/25/1975PVT US Army WW I Photo
F-R4-3KESLERGORDON11/24/19056/24/1941Difficult to read Photo
F-R4-4KESLERNOLA E.3/27/18984/28/1939Difficult to read Photo
C-R4-11KESTERSONALICE LEE {MALICOAT}2/22/18964/23/1978Daughter of John W. Photo
E-R10-5KETCHUMR. WAYNE8/4/19529/26/1987Son of Virginia Photo
E-R10-6KETCHUMBENNY M.9/19/195012/10/2001USAF Vietnam Photo
B-R4-10KIDDVERNON E.9/1/190011/22/1981 Photo
B-R6-9KIDDNEWTON A.2/19/18611/14/1905 Photo
B-R6-10KIDDKATIE5/3/18662/22/1946 Photo
B-R7-20KIDDLOIS MARIE11/19/19146/21/1916 Photo
B-R7-21KIDDEVA E.7/11/189011/6/1967Wife of Claude C. Photo
B-R7-22KIDDCLAUDE C.3/23/18862/28/1972 Photo
F-R4-52KIDDNo other information  Top of stone missing
G-R1-7KIDDIVY18971926 Photo
G-R1-8KIDDR. G.18591933 Photo
G-R1-9KIDDC. B.185819??Date left blank Photo
G-R1-10KIDDLaPEARL18851962 Photo
J-R1-71KIDDRUBY12/14/18998/7/1980Wife of Oliver Obit Photo
B-R5-9KILGODENTON3/25/19126/18/1981 Photo
B-R5-9 KILGO YVONNE 12/12/1912 5/24/2010 Wife of Denton Photo
A-R2-1KILLIANBESSIE18881906 Photo
A-R2-2KILLIANCLARENCE OMAR9/13/188510/23/1977 Photo
A-R2-3KILLIANMACKEY ANN7/21/188910/9/1959Wife of Clarence O. Photo
A-R20-25KILLIANLYNN3/9/195711/14/1995Beloved son, brother, dad Photo
C-R14-20KILLIANMARY A.18581943 Photo
C-R14-21KILLIANW. S.18411934 Photo
E-R5-18KILLIANGENEVA E.9/17/19172/3/1992Wife of Floyd W. Photo
E-R5-19KILLIANFLOYD W.5/1/19202/14/1982PFC US Army WW II Photo
G-R1-1KILLIANMELVIN18971943 Photo
G-R1-2KILLIANADA M.18851926 Photo
C-R22-20KIMBRELLTHELMA {KIRKMAN}1/16/190012/4/1979Wife of John A. Photo
C-R22-21KIMBRELLJOHN A.9/3/18937/9/1955PVT 357 Infantry WW I Photo
C-R22-22KIMBRELLLETA MAE3/29/19037/17/1986Wife of Len Photo
C-R22-23KIMBRELLLEN2/2/19022/11/1995Between rows 21 & 22 Photo
C-R22-24KIMBRELLARRINE M.11/2/18672/12/1929Wife of Andrew B. Photo
C-R22-25KIMBRELLANDREW B.12/25/18669/12/1923 Photo
D-R8-16KINDERHORTON LEE "DOCK"3/17/19186/11/1983PFC US Army WW II Photo
D-R8-17KINDERMILDRED A.5/5/191110/27/1996Wife of Horton Photo
A-R14-13KINGAYRES B.9/23/189911/15/1919Daughter of Tom & N. A. Photo
A-R14-14KINGALICE6/16/188010/14/1928Wife of Tom Photo
A-R14-15KINGTOM9/28/18682/13/1950 Photo
A-R14-16KINGG. W.2/5/18752/25/1913 Photo
D-R12-18KINGCLARA ALPHA7/5/186611/1/1951Wife of Joseph A. Photo
D-R12-19KINGJOSEPH ALLEN1/12/18641/24/1952 Photo
E-R4-6KINGINFANT BOY8/26/19928/26/1992 Photo
E-R4-7KINGMARTIN L.12/15/19213/14/1985US Army WW II Photo
E-R4-7KINGNEONE A.9/21/1929 Wife of Martin L. Photo
F-R4-10KINGMINNIE R.18921972Wife of John A. Photo
F-R4-11KINGJOHN HAROLD19181939 Photo
F-R4-12KINGJOHN A.18921971 Photo
D-R13-31KIRKHAROLD GLEN6/17/19056/8/1964MAM1 USNR WW II Photo
I-R2-3KIRKPATRICKLILLIAN M.7/31/190410/29/1996 Photo
I-R2-4KIRKPATRICKOPAL C.9/21/19025/25/1952 Photo
I-R1-4KISERWANDA L.6/4/19325/7/2002Wife of William T. Photo
I-R1-5KISERWILLIAM T.11/11/19265/29/1998Between road & row 1 Photo
J-R2-5KLEINWAYNE4/6/19309/3/1985 Photo
J-R2-5KLEINCLYDEE10/3/1931 Wife of Wayne Photo
J-R2-6KLEINMICHAEL6/10/195612/9/1994 Photo
A-R10-12 KNIGHT JOHN 6/12/1836 4/16/1912 Photo
C-R5-6 KNIGHT JAMES RUSSELL 12/19/1895 4/17/1959 Photo
C-R5-7 KNIGHT IDA VIOLA 9/4/1876 6/30/1955 Photo
D-R13-16 KNIGHT OLLIE M. 10/5/1892 8/8/1969 Photo
G-R9-2KOEHLERAUGUST10/7/18697/4/1932 Photo
G-R9-3KOEHLERLIZZIE4/15/186810/31/1950Wife of August Photo
G-R9-4KOEHLERLOUIS "SPUD"3/15/1911 Married Sep 20 1936 Photo
G-R9-4KOEHLERJOSEPHINE12/24/19163/22/2002Wife of Louis Photo
B-R18-21LABASSBONNIE9/9/19066/24/1944 Photo
B-R22-26LACKEYDORA3/20/18741/7/1957Wife of Joseph W. Photo
B-R22-27LACKEYJOSEPH W.11/28/18658/24/1926 Photo
A-R18-7LAMCORA T.3/20/187812/1/1965 Photo
A-R18-8LAMW. C.5/7/18741/30/1932 Photo
A-R18-9LAMTOMMIE5/9/19085/28/1908 Photo
A-R18-10LAMEUGENE8/24/19209/21/1920 Photo
C-R12-17LAMBEN C.5/12/19118/9/1935 Photo
C-R15-23LAMEDWARD O.8/26/19043/6/1981 Photo
A-9-16LAMBERTMINNIE V.8/30/19137/19/1969Wife of Ernest A. Photo
B-R14-14LAMBERTW. M.5/1/18799/24/1954 Photo
B-R14-15LAMBERTDELLA J.9/24/187910/27/1918Wife of W. M. Photo
B-R8-4LAMIRANDJ. H.7/19/18783/21/1911Woodmen of the World Photo
B-R8-5LAMIRANDTINA5/4/185111/10/1926Wife of T. J. Photo
B-R8-6LAMIRANDT. J.6/1/185010/17/1927 Photo
B-R8-7LAMIRANDB. C.1/1/187811/28/1915Woodmen of the World Photo
D-R3-15LAMIRANDGRACE V.2/27/1917 Wife of Theodore L. Photo
D-R3-15LAMIRANDTHEODORE L.4/30/191011/13/1965 Photo
D-R13-26LAMIRANDDONALD LEE5/19/194010/10/1940 Photo
D-R13-27LAMIRANDLILLIE MAE10/11/18973/30/1986 Photo
D-R13-28LAMIRANDOSCAR2/1/188910/11/1957 Photo
D-R13-29LAMIRANDCHARLES E.9/13/19309/26/1999SSGT US Army Vietnam Photo
D-R18-1LAMIRANDELMORE T.19131947 Photo
E-R7-20LAMIRANDCHARLES E. JR.7/14/18587/15/1978 Photo
F-R8-10LAMIRANDFRED C.1/10/19082/15/1967 Photo
F-R8-11LAMIRANDRACHEL18641930 Photo
F-R8-12LAMIRANDBABY19001900 Photo
F-R9-11LAMIRANDEMILY L.12/13/18481/31/1895 Photo
F-R9-12LAMIRANDANTHONY E.No dates 21 Indiana L. A. Photo
F-R9-13LAMIRANDLOUIS D.7/30/18746/15/1895 Photo
G-R4-19LAMIRANDDOVIE C.9/9/19154/25/1927Under a cedar tree Photo
G-R4-20LAMIRANDWOODROW W.3/17/19188/4/1976PVT USAAF WW II Photo
G-R4-21LAMIRANDLULA M.10/11/189210/11/1943Wife of Frank A. Photo
G-R4-22LAMIRANDFRANK A.3/28/18762/17/1952Married 1908 Photo
G-R8-23LAMIRANDPEARL12/26/18873/21/1978Wife of William Photo
G-R8-24LAMIRANDWILLIAM9/10/18785/10/1960 Photo
G-R8-25LAMIRANDWILLIAM INFANT3/24/19314/4/1931Difficult to read Photo
J-R1-47LAMIRANDSOPHIA IRENE11/28/18883/6/1969Wife of Fred C. Sr. Photo
J-R1-48LAMIRANDFRED C. SR.1/27/188211/18/1970Married 65 years Photo
D-R11-1 LAMIRAND JANET MARLENE 4/25/1951 4/14/1962 Photo
Loy 9/5/1927 12/18/2020 ObitUS Army WW II
B-R6-8LANCEJOSEPH L.1/11/19015/11/1907Son of L. N. & E. J. Photo
G-R5-26LANDERSRUTH12/31/192312/5/1924Daughter of Gladys Photo
J-R2-1LANDERSSARAH DIANNE7/29/19819/11/1983 Photo
A-R21-8LANDONMAUDE L.18901964Wife of Harry C. Photo
A-R21-9LANDONHARRY C.18861958 Photo
A-R22-14LANDONLOYSE L.9/8/191911/12/1970 Photo
B-R5-1LANDONMARIE19091914 Photo
Unk LANDON TONY LYNN 12/5/1951 5/29/2016 Obit
B-R13-7LANEEMMA {BUTLER}8/22/18569/17/1931 
E-R8-19LANGSTONBENA MAE1/18/19095/17/1998Wife of Kenneth M. Photo
E-R8-20LANGSTONKENNETH M.12/18/19052/18/1989Married May 14 1927 Photo
JAMES KENNETH 7/29/1928 11/16/2020 ObitUS Air Force Vietnam & Korea
A-R7-8LANSDOWNAUDRA A.10/9/19106/29/1914Daughter of W. E. & A. A. Photo
A-R7-9LANSDOWNINFANT2/4/19072/13/1907Daughter of W. E. & A. A. Photo
A-R7-10LANSDOWNHOMER11/20/18924/16/1908Son of W. E. & A. A. Photo
A-R7-11LANSDOWNBENNETTE R.6/10/18878/13/1912 Photo
B-R14-6LANTHRIPEJOHN PRESTON8/20/19009/10/1969 Photo
B-R14-7LANTHRIPEDAISY ETHEL6/26/18774/25/1962Wife of John A. Photo
B-R14-8LANTHRIPEJOHN ANDERSON11/26/18737/24/1934 Photo
B-R14-9LANTHRIPEETHEL V.10/24/190110/22/1918Woodmen Circle Photo
A-R4-1LaREAUMARY A.9/25/18531/10/1919Wife of Joseph Photo
A-R4-2LaREAUJOSEPH11/27/18494/14/1923 Photo
A-R5-1LaREAUMARTHA EMMA3/23/18851/5/1919 Photo
A-R5-2LaREAULOUIS E.7/28/188110/29/1954 Photo
A-R21-16LaREAUELIZABETH18841981Wife of Francis C. Photo
A-R21-17LaREAUFRANCIS C.18751951 Photo
A-R21-23LaREAUF.C. JR.19111954 Photo
A-R23-8LaREAUALVA18721935 Photo
A-R23-9LaREAUROSE18821934 Photo
E-R5-5LARMANGLENDA SUE3/5/19426/14/1992 Photo
E-R5-10LARMANE. RACHELLA {FUGETT}10/30/19389/25/1990Wife of Virgil R. Photo
E-R5-10LARMANVIRGIL ROYCE10/30/19389/25/1990Married Jan 5 1957 Obit Photo
C-R2-14LASHLYVIOLET V.6/27/19135/22/1962Wife of Floyd L. Photo
C-R2-15LASHLYFLOYD L.11/29/19093/26/1999 Photo
C-R2-16LASHLYEMMER5/17/18891/9/1975Wife of Elmer Photo
C-R2-17LASHLYELMER5/23/18862/9/1959Married Jan 17 1909 Photo
B-R21-23LASSITERJOHN H.18641936 Photo
B-R21-24LASSITERNINA A.18791948Wife of John H. Photo
B-R21-25LASSITERD. E.2/7/19139/5/1916Son of J. W. Photo
B-R23-6LATIMERMARY M.8/30/18915/28/1977Wife of James M. Photo
B-R23-7LATIMERJAMES M.2/9/18852/9/1961 Photo
E-R7-15LATIMERLOLA10/22/1918 Wife of Earl Photo
E-R7-15LATIMEREARL11/5/19178/5/2001Married Dec 21 1939 Photo
A-R16-17LAUGHLINHENRY L. "BOSS"12/22/190311/24/1963 Photo
A-R16-18LAUGHLINMARY L.11/22/18704/3/1955Wife of William M. Photo
A-R16-19LAUGHLINWILLIAM M.2/9/18714/24/1949 Photo
A-R16-20LAUGHLINREBA J.8/31/19458/31/1945 Photo
C-R24-19LAUGHLINCLARA J.5/16/19152/13/1994Wife of Alvin R. Photo
C-R24-20LAUGHLINALVIN RAY10/6/18959/26/1974PVT US Army Photo
C-R24-21LAUGHLINGLADYS9/19056/1923 Photo
E-R5-1LAUGHLINH. L. "FOOZY"12/2/193110/17/2002A1C USAF Korea Photo
E-R7-12LAUGHLINRALPH L.19232000 Photo
G-R1-3LAUGHLINEMILY T.9/18/19029/2/1979Wife of William H. Photo
G-R1-4LAUGHLINWILLIAM H.9/3/18979/30/1963 Photo
J-R1-74LAUGHLINBEATRICE B.7/22/192012/20/2001Wife of Robert E. Photo
J-R1-75LAUGHLINROBERT E.3/13/19227/10/2001Married Mar 7 1942
I-R1-31LAURENTDOVIE2/12/19012/25/1965Wife of Wilson Photo
I-R1-32LAURENTWILSON8/12/19095/5/2001 Photo
G-R2-7LAURENTCHARLES A.11/19/18861/24/1940 Photo
G-R2-8LAURENTCORA ANN8/24/189011/17/1927Wife of Charles A. Photo
G-R2-27LAURENTJOSEPH F.1/21/18574/12/1924 Photo
G-R6-19LAWRENCERUBY RUTH8/12/19108/23/2002 Photo
C-R23-14LAWSONSARAH LEE18941922 Photo
D-R17-23LAWSONMARY9/25/187211/14/1950Wife of Arthur Photo
D-R17-24LAWSONARTHUR2/10/187112/15/1941 Photo
D-R17-25LAWSONCHARLES LEROY10/21/19004/27/1966PVT USAAF WW II Photo
J-R1-42LAWSONRALPH HERBERT11/21/19027/30/1971Married Nov 17 1924 Photo
J-R1-43LAWSONNOLA B.8/31/19054/27/2001Wife of Ralph H. Photo
J-R1-44LAWSONMAYME F.3/29/190612/9/1996Wife of James R. Photo
J-R1-45LAWSONJAMES R.6/9/18981/3/1969Married Dec 30 1923 Photo
C-R14-18LAYTONALICE L.5/16/18621/23/1944Wife of William J. Photo
C-R14-19LAYTONWILLIAM J.8/22/185512/5/1932 Photo
Unk LEAZER LAWRENCE LEEROY 9/24/1928 8/11/2005  
A-R13-14 LEE ALICE E. 1878 1939 Wife of George Photo
A-R13-15LEEGEORGE18781949 Photo
F-R2-40LEERUBY T.7/28/1913 Wife of Carl Photo
F-R2-40LEECARL12/2/190612/1/1974 Photo
C-R5-12LEMLEYNORA MAE1/2/188910/16/1969Wife of James A. Photo
C-R5-13LEMLEYJAMES A.10/22/18811/26/1955 Photo
C-R4-1LEWELLENCLARA {HENRY}1/28/19061/14/1979 Photo
J-R1-7LEWIN CECIL E.9/21/1923 Married Oct 13 1951 Photo
J-R1-7LEWINMARGIE F. {FORD}7/10/19171/26/1984Wife of Cecil E. Photo
B-R5-4LEWISGROVER E.18831939 Photo
B-R5-5LEWISEMILINE4/22/18685/16/1943 Photo
B-R5-6LEWISMAGDELINE5/10/19278/1/1927Daughter of T. J. & Mary Photo
B-R5-7 LEWIS CLYDE ELDER 3/19/1918 6/4/1932 Son of T. J. & Mary Photo
B-R5-8LEWISJ. B.2/8/18638/8/1903Woodmen of the World Photo
D-R6-5LEWISPATRICIA KAY {McGAHA}3/17/19532/20/2001 Photo
F-R8-14LEWISPAULINE18811969Wife of Omer D. Photo
F-R8-15LEWISOMER D.18781960Married Nov 23 1902 Photo
F-R8-16LEWISJOSEPHINE11/29/18714/7/1951Sister of Charles W. Photo
F-R8-17LEWISCHARLES W..9/12/18747/22/1892Brother of Josephine Photo
A-R24-6LIGHTNERFAYE F.7/7/18957/26/1957 Photo
A-R24-7LIGHTNERESTON E.3/13/187811/16/1952 Photo
D-R6-8LIMKEJOHN C.4/15/19079/27/1981 Photo
G-R7-8LIMKEELIZABETH MARY12/2/18795/7/1977 Photo
G-R7-9LIMKEFRANK WILLIAM8/24/18741/3/1965 Photo
G-R7-10LIMKEGUSTIE L.7/16/190712/9/1985Between rows 6 & 7 Photo
LIVINGSTON William "Bill" Robert 2/17/1938 11/29/2019 Obit US Navy
C-R12-9LIVVIXMARY A.18511935Wife of W. H. Photo
C-R12-10LIVVIXW. H.18481945 Photo
F-R3-14LIVVIXRUTHA6/23/18861/9/1919Daughter of W. H. & M. A. Photo
I-R3-21LIVVIXWINNIE GRACE4/9/1888No dateWife of Arthur P. Photo
I-R3-22LIVVIXARTHUR P.1/2/18828/21/1949 Photo
D-R21-31LOCKARDKEVIN LEE8/3/19578/3/1957Son of Floyd & J. M. Photo
D-R21-32LOCKARDJUANITA MAYE {SPAUGY}2/2/19259/24/1998Wife of Floyd A. Photo
D-R21-33LOCKARDFLOYD A.12/26/192712/22/2001Married Apr 4 1947 Photo
D-R2-17LONDONLAURA {BAKER}7/12/186412/7/1947 Photo
I-R3-16LONGFANNIE {GREGSON}7/8/19053/16/1999Wife of Ambrose Photo
I-R3-17LONGAMBROSE18811956 Photo
G-R6-10LOONEYMARY M.4/17/18558/20/1929 Photo
F-R5-21LOVEGEORGE B.18521929Between rows 4 & 5 Photo
F-R5-22LOVENELLIE18901918 Photo
F-R5-23LOVEA. C.18851954 Photo
Unk LOVELESS DOROTHA FAY {BROGDON} 12/25/1929 11/24/2013 Wife of Jeral D. Obit
Unk LOVELESS JERAL DEAN 10/25/1927 1/5/2011 Married Dec 26 1944 Obit
D-R16-6 LOVELESS SANDRA KAY 9/2/1949 9/2/1949 Daughter of J. D. Photo
D-R16-7 LOVELESS JERRY DON 10/4/1945 4/8/2003 Wilson Little FH Photo
E-R6-3LOVELLMICHAEL TERRY4/1/19839/23/1992 Photo
D-R4-1LOVETTVENUS I.3/17/1918 Wife of Joseph H. Photo
D-R4-1LOVETTJOSEPH H.3/23/19137/25/1974 Photo
D-R25-9LOVINMARY ANN18931975 Photo
D-R16-15LOWERYGERTIE M.6/4/18935/26/1946 Photo
A-R12-1LUCASDAVE R.7/3/18637/9/1923 Photo
A-R12-2LUCASWINNIE L.9/5/18763/26/1960Wife of Dave R. Photo
E-R5-15LUKERFLORENCE "ANN"8/19/19458/13/1994 Photo
C-R5-19LUPERARRELL3/27/18818/20/1967 Photo
C-R5-20LUPERARZO9/23/18827/13/1959 Photo
C-R2-8LUSKJACKIE3/1/19306/13/1998Wife of Donald Photo
C-R2-9LUSKDONALD6/19/19304/25/1986Married Mar 20 1954
PFC US Army Korea Photo
C-R24-7LYLEOLIVE3/31/18793/30/1958 Photo
C-R24-8LYLEADOLPH5/19/18849/16/1956 Photo
B-R4-1LYNNINFANT11/191011/1910Son of J. P. Photo
C-R13-13LYNNVIRGEL2/21/19153/1/1935 Photo
C-R13-14LYNNMANDA LOU3/26/18777/15/1970Wife of John P. Photo
C-R13-15LYNNJOHN P.10/26/18733/5/1962 Photo
D-R11-28LYNNLOWELL DEWAYNE3/8/19413/8/1941 Photo
A-R18-24MAHANALENA K. {BYERLY}7/8/19268/26/1996Wife of Roy H. Photo
A-R18-25MAHANROY H.9/29/192311/25/1984PFC USMC WW II Photo
B-R2-13MAHONEYGEORGE18721914 Photo
B-R2-14MAHONEYJOHN R.3/24/18651/7/1910 Photo
B-R2-15MAHONEYL. F.No dates Co. I 123 Illinois Infantry Photo
A-R15-10MAJORSS. E.7/28/184412/20/1918 Photo
C-R4-9MALICOATERNEST J.1/27/190511/10/1991PVT 113 AAA WW II Photo
C-R4-10MALICOATTONY7/14/191312/25/1956PVT Military Police WW II Photo
C-R4-12MALICOATJOHN WESLEY12/25/18693/8/1956 Photo
F-R9-3MALICOATGRACIE VERA9/15/18961/17/1933 Photo
F-R9-4MALICOATTRUMAN L.1/15/19239/21/1944SGT USMC WW II Photo
F-R9-5MALICOATCHARLIE NEWTON11/17/18983/24/1974 Photo
G-R2-16MALICOATVIRGLE WESLEY5/30/19014/5/1967 Photo
G-R2-17MALICOATDANIEL N.18721925 Photo
A-R21-18MALLORYMELICIA J.1/21/18783/6/1901Wife of R. L. Photo
C-R9-1MALONEGUS "DOC" JR.7/22/19193/12/1988US Army WW II Photo
J-R2-10MANLEYLORRA L.11/7/19605/8/1998 Photo
C-R17-17MANNEVELYN11/30/192712/9/1932 Photo
D-R5-1 MANNING ERNEST B. 5/31/1920 6/12/1989 US Army WW II Photo
I-R4-18 MANNING INFANT 1/8/1952 1/8/1952 Son of G. S. & Lillian Photo
Unk MANNING JOHN SIDNEY 12/9/1941 9/24/2013 Married Jan 8 1962 Obit
Unk MANNING Georgia Mae Keesee 5/30/1943 6/1/2020 Obit W/O John Sidney Manning Photo
A-R18-15MANTOOTHLOIS J.6/18/19145/2/1986Wife of Talmage O.
A-R18-16MANTOOTHTALMAGE O.8/20/19189/17/1993Married Aug 2 1941
C-R7-10MANTOOTHADA BELL19201963Wife of Rhondle Photo
C-R7-11MANTOOTHRHONDLE B.19161976 Photo
C-R7-12MANTOOTHMATTIE L.18861953Wife of John C. Photo
C-R7-13MANTOOTHJOHN C.18801951 Photo
D-R5-16MANTOOTHMARY E.2/5/18953/2/1982Wife of Dan W. Photo
D-R5-17MANTOOTHDAN W.6/7/18858/4/1962 Photo
E-R5-30MARSHALLJEWEL L.9/24/190611/19/1987Wife of Robert H. Photo
E-R5-31MARSHALLROBERT H.7/11/19058/19/1975 Photo
G-R1-21MARSHALLLUCY E.8/18/18818/18/1974Wife of W. F. Photo
G-R1-22MARSHALLW. F.9/11/18781/25/1949 Photo
C-R22-6MARTINEVYLINE T.18431928Wife of William C. Photo
C-R22-7MARTINWILLIAM C.18531928 Photo
D-R4-11MARTINGLADYS8/4/19046/21/1977 Photo
D-R4-12MARTINRICHARD S.9/17/18887/1/1967CPL US Army WW I Photo
E-R3-2MARTINGALE11/14/1940 Married Jan 2 1992 Photo
E-R3-2MARTINSUE {BURTON}9/8/194511/25/1995Wife of Gale Photo
E-R10-14MARTINALMA R. {ROBERSON}5/4/19332/13/1989 Photo
F-R8-31MARTINABBIE V.11/27/18847/2/1963Wife of William O. Photo
F-R8-32MARTINWILLIAM O.8/27/18848/11/1968 Photo
F-R8-33MARTINEMMET2/2/19192/2/1919 Photo
I-R4-3MARTINBERNIECE T.1/27/191210/27/1992 Photo
J-R1-62MARTINHARRY LEE10/31/192612/12/1962TEC5 US Army WW II Photo
J-R1-63MARTINHENRY R.10/4/18867/20/1966 Photo
J-R1-64MARTINCLARA L.2/20/18979/7/1988Wife of Henry R. Photo
D-R15-10MASINGILLJERL D.10/9/19232/4/1981S1 USN WW II Korea Photo
D-R15-11MASINGILLNORA ETTA6/5/18857/6/1964 Photo
D-R15-12MASINGILLWILLIAM S.10/29/18826/6/1946 Photo
A-9-14MASONDAISY V.9/23/19001/5/1976Wife of J. P. "Jack" Photo
A-9-15MASONJ. P. JACK12/13/18956/16/1988 Photo
A-R11-10MASONVESTA MAE8/3/18951/8/1971Wife of W. R. Photo
A-R11-11MASONW. R.7/24/18913/16/1987 Photo
A-R19-13MASONVELMA EVELYN12/23/18989/26/1908?Daughter of J. W. & Annie Photo
C-R16-4MASONMYRTLE L. {WATSON}10/6/19004/17/1989Between rows 15 & 16 Photo
C-R16-5MASONARCHIE L.4/10/190012/29/1972Between rows 15 & 16 Photo
F-R2-27MASONEVA PAULINE8/22/19095/16/1999Wife of John F. Photo
F-R2-28MASONJOHN FRANCIS4/2/19069/10/1984 Photo
C-R10-6MASSIELARRY LYNN3/22/19623/25/1962Between rows 9 & 10 Photo
C-R10-7MASSIEKIMI KAE1/26/19641/26/1964Between rows 9 & 11 Photo
C-R19-7MASTERSACE BENTON7/28/18684/24/1943 Photo
C-R19-8MASTERSHESTER8/20/18708/7/1929 Photo
A-R6-11MASTINGLEN10/5/19069/28/1907Son of W. R. & Cora Photo
I-R2-5MATHEWSJACOB B.5/1/186711/8/1951 Photo
D-R16-23MATTHEWSLUELLA9/28/188911/12/1968Wife of James L. Photo
D-R16-24MATTHEWSJAMES LEE10/3/18869/6/1945 Photo
F-R4-43MAXWELLROBERT A.18961926Between rows 3 & 4 Photo
A-R20-8McAFEELAURA M.18921977 Photo
A-R20-9McAFEECLAUDE M.18911947 Photo
A-R21-1McAFEEERNEST S.9/29/18953/25/1960CPL 357 Infantry WW I PH Photo
A-R21-2McAFEEMARY E.18721942Wife of D. S. Photo
A-R21-3McAFEED. S.18691946 Photo
C-R1-7McAFEEDAVID WESLEY19531978PVT US Army Vietnam Photo
C-R1-8McAFEEJ. D.9/13/192212/15/1961S1 USNR WW II Photo
C-R1-9McAFEEEDNA19001993Wife of Guy W. Photo
C-R1-10McAFEEGUY W.18981961 Photo
A-R22-20McALISTERWILLIE F.11/1/18613/8/1900Wife of G. W. Photo
B-R18-18McALISTERZELLA COY6/20/18949/25/1900Daughter of J. S. & B. W. Photo
I-R1-13McALISTERERNEST L.4/29/191512/12/1971Between road & row 1 Photo
I-R1-14McALISTERMAMIE8/12/18919/13/1976 Photo
I-R1-15McALISTERW. T.5/11/187110/29/1946 Photo
A-R14-5McCALLT. D.1/31/18501/24/1926 Photo
A-R14-6McCALLMARY J.18511933 Photo
A-R17-9McCALLGERTIE IRENE12/4/18856/28/1903Wife of T. M. Photo
B-R22-20McCALLMYRTLE I.6/7/18893/3/1982Wife of John F. Photo
B-R22-21McCALLJOHN F.11/22/187712/20/1948 Photo
G-R5-3McCLURENORA B.10/15/18898/6/1987Wife of John W. Photo
G-R5-4McCLUREJOHN W.9/10/18851/7/1965Between rows 4 & 5 Photo
B-R19-16McCOLCANTHOMAS9/2/18423/26/1923 Photo
B-R19-17McCOLCANSARAH9/20/18411/25/1917Wife of Thomas Photo
B-R19-18McCOLCANG.1/6/18704/16/1899 Photo
F-R4-5McCOLGANSALLIE MAY18901899Daughter of W. J. & J. L. Photo
F-R4-6McCOLGANNORA AMMIE18991899Daughter of W. J. & J. L. Photo
F-R4-7McCOLGANINFANT9/5/18939/5/1893Daughter of W. J. & J. L. Photo
F-R4-8McCOLGANJAMIMA LOU18671933 Photo
A-R12-3McCOLLUMRAY EUGENE19281933Son of Marner M. Photo
A-R12-4McCOLLUMMARNER MAE19021933 Photo
A-R13-10McCORMICKMAMIE {COX}4/2/18893/21/1976 Photo
A-R13-11McCORMICKTHURMAN H.11/27/190012/18/1923Son of C. H. & M. J. Photo
A-R13-12McCORMICKMATTIE J. {ARCHER}3/31/18795/31/1912Wife of Charles H. Photo
A-R13-13McCORMICKCHARLES H.1/4/18762/16/1946 Photo
B-R8-13McCOYFLORA7/20/18534/14/1909Wife of D.
B-R12-1McCOYANNA L.18881966Wife of John E. Photo
B-R12-2McCOYJOHN E.18781956 Photo
B-R12-3McCOYRAYMOND S.12/14/19084/5/1912Son of J. E. & Anna Photo
B-R12-4McCOYBONNIE D.7/27/19074/5/1912Daughter of J. E. & Anna Photo
E-R12-2McCOYJOAN S.5/17/193312/30/1998Wife of Ralph V. Photo
E-R12-2McCOYRALPH V.12/4/1921 Married Aug 28 1950 Photo
F-R2-26McCRACKINEWINGNo dates Co. A Gordon's Arkansas Cavalry CSA Photo
D-R24-7McCRIGHTHENRY9/8/18849/5/1946 Photo
E-R5-20McCUISTIONVERNON JOE3/31/19279/30/1987TEC4 US Army WW II Photo
E-R5-21McCUISTIONMATTIE {BALDWIN}2/10/19097/28/1985Wife of O. A."Whitey" Photo
E-R5-22McCUISTIONO. A. "WHITEY"8/30/19021/13/1979 Photo
E-R11-2McCUISTIONVERNA LEA {BAILEY}4/5/19466/9/2002 Photo
E-R11-3McCUISTIONJOHN DAVID10/6/19432/15/2001USAF Vietnam Photo
D-R22-3McCULLARDELLA7/31/18805/20/1944 Photo
C-R15-21McCULLYMINNIE LEE12/1/187511/11/1932 Photo
C-R15-22McCULLYJOHN EVERETT12/24/18722/14/1958 Photo
C-R20-11McCULLYPEARL IMOGENE5/21/19279/28/1927Daughter of Ed Photo
F-R2-15McCULLYRUBY A.12/29/189612/21/1913Daughter of G. O. & V. F. Photo
F-R2-16McCULLYGEORGE O.3/13/187610/12/1956Married Dec 8 1896
Between rows 1 & 2 Photo
F-R2-17McCULLYVIRGINIA F.2/20/18789/5/1964Wife of George O. Photo
B-R11-1McCURRYRHODA3/22/18223/24/1906 Photo
D-R5-3McDANIELGOLDIE E.1/2/19124/25/1995Wife of Loyd F. Photo
D-R5-4McDANIELLOYD FERN2/9/19134/25/1999 Photo
D-R5-5McDANIELALMEDA MAY1/3/18947/11/1971Wife of Loyd S. Photo
D-R5-6McDANIELLOYD S.10/1/18892/23/1963 Photo
F-R9-16McDONALDJAMES LOY6/25/19896/25/1989 Photo
I-R6-1McDONALDLISA M.4/2/1971 Wife of John Photo
I-R6-1McDONALDJOHN "J. C."6/22/196911/9/1999 Photo
F-R5-12McDOWELLJOHN11/??/????12/??/????Can't read dates Photo
F-R5-13McDOWELLLULA4/22/19024/26/1902Daughter of John & M. A. Photo
A-R11-13McELHINEYBITHA E.11/11/18864/9/1944 Photo
B-R15-20McELHINEYS. C.2/5/18815/30/1959 Photo
F-R4-16McFARLINVELENOR PEARL7/3/18921/24/1895Daughter of H. R. & M. E. Photo
F-R4-17McFARLINMARY P.3/30/18301/31/1897Wife of Dr. H. R. Photo
D-R6-7 McGAHA MAXINE {WHITE} 11/2/1924 3/13/2003 Wife of Ray L. Obit and Photo
D-R6-7 McGAHA RAY LEVI 11/25/1919 11/17/1961 PFC US Army WW II Photo
A-R21-10McININCHMARTHA3/12/186711/16/1927 Photo
A-R21-11McININCHW. J.12/26/18636/18/1926 Photo
A-R22-6McININCHSYNTHA J.12/18/183312/17/1904Wife of Charles P. Photo
A-R22-7McININCHCHARLES P.5/10/18321/29/1902 Photo
A-R22-8McININCHWESS6/11/18867/26/1918Woodmen of the World Photo
A-R22-10McININCHMILLARD F.12/5/191211/5/1954 Photo
F-R6-7McKAYSARAH E.9/30/18739/20/1901Wife of J. M. Photo
F-R6-10McKAYJOHN M.18651927 Photo
C-R6-19McKINLEYKENNETH RAY9/18/193510/1/1961PFC Co. B 35 Infantry Photo
C-R6-20McKINLEYHESTER L.3/18/19047/23/1989 Photo
C-R6-21McKINLEYDEWEY G.5/31/19057/26/1985 Photo
C-R6-22McKINLEYQUETA RYNELL8/13/19497/17/1990Between rows 5 & 6 Photo
C-R11-16McKINLEYDONALD10/4/19117/30/1936 Photo
C-R11-17McKINLEYJOSEPH8/14/18981/24/1942 Photo
C-R11-18McKINLEYWANDA L.10/1/192910/29/1942 Photo
C-R11-19McKINLEYMATTIE E.4/15/18821/29/1957Wife of Dearwood B. Photo
C-R11-20McKINLEYDEARWOOD B.6/14/18717/4/1957Between rows 10 & 11 Photo
D-R10-4McKINLEYFLOYD C.2/8/19337/20/1962SP4 USAR Photo
D-R10-5McKINLEYVIOLET M.11/12/19069/14/1991Wife of Van B. Photo
D-R10-6McKINLEYVAN B.1/25/19033/7/1986 Photo
E-R5-23McKINLEYKARMEN LeANNA10/10/195910/27/1978 Photo
E-R5-24McKINLEYROSEMARY19362003Cooper FH Photo
E-R11-22McKINLEYH. D.6/9/19144/28/1993US Army WW II Photo
E-R5-9McLENDONDEANA DIANE11/29/19616/22/1995 Photo
D-R6-13McMILLINMARY ANGELA10/15/195710/15/1957 Photo
D-R6-14McMILLINMELISSA NAN7/17/19633/13/1968 Photo
D-R6-15McMILLINHIRAM ORVEL2/13/192111/5/1983Between rows 5 & 6 Photo
D-R6-16McMILLINGLADYS M.12/24/19073/6/1958Wife of Hiram A. Photo
D-R6-17McMILLINHIRAM A.5/11/189810/29/1991 Photo
B-R19-8McPHERSONROSEANN {WEST}5/5/182612/23/1906 Grandmother Photo
B-R19-9McPHERSONRUTH LORA2/2/19061/12/1916Daughter of J. M. & E. N. Photo
D-R1-3McPHERSONFLORA P.3/24/190010/1/1975Wife of Homer G. Photo
D-R1-4McPHERSONHOMER G.7/15/18982/11/1966 Photo
D-R10-28McPHERSONTYLAR JUSTIN2/23/19492/23/1949Son of Tommy & Irene Photo
D-R10-29McPHERSONLUCY R.4/7/187911/2/1965Wife of T. J. Photo
D-R10-30McPHERSONT. J.7/6/18809/24/1948 Photo
G-R2-13McPHERSONGRACE OKLA2/24/190910/6/1989Wife of Ona L. Photo
G-R2-14McPHERSONONA LEWIS2/25/19038/6/1974 Photo
G-R2-15McPHERSONINFANT7/2/19267/2/1926Son of O. L. & G. O. Photo
D-R12-5McQUEENADELINE1/15/19126/15/1982 Photo
G-R8-12 MEINERT BERNARD A. 1859 1942 Photo
G-R8-13 MEINERT WILHELMINA E. {MEISSEN} 1867 1935 Wife of Bernard A. Photo
A-R7-12MELOTLEE11/1/191711/11/1918Son of Rev. Melot Photo
A-R7-13MELOTTBEN F.11/17/190412/12/1982Son of Lewis Photo
A-R7-14MELOTALICE18851907Wife of L. Photo
F-R7-12MELOTCLAUDE18269/28/1906 Photo
F-R7-13MELOTFRANCES T. {NAVARRE}18339/6/1912 Photo
F-R7-14MELOTJOSEPH C.18622/12/1912 Photo
F-R7-15MELOTANNA10/9/188310/1/1909Wife of Vernon Photo
F-R8-6 MELOT KATE 1853 1933 Mother of Rev. Melot Photo
I-R4-12 MELOT ERNESTINE {MOORE} 9/23/1916 8/1/2000 Photo
J-R1-23 MELOT ANNA 2/21/1892 9/20/1985 Photo
J-R1-24 MELOT JEROME 11/26/1888 3/8/1974 Photo
J-R1-52 MELOT MARY ALICE 11/14/1906 5/11/1971 Wife of John E. Photo
J-R1-53 MELOT JOHN EDWARD 8/10/1899 2/29/1988 Photo
F-R6-3MELOTTREV. LOUIS2/14/18794/3/1972 Photo
F-R7-7MELOTTSERETHE3/8/18966/21/1896Son of W. W. & Neoma Photo
F-R7-8MELOTTARGAL5/17/18977/12/1897Son of W. W. & Neoma Photo
F-R7-9MELOTTNEOMA R.6/13/18786/25/1897Wife of W. W. Photo
F-R7-11MELOTTWILLIAM A.10/10/18642/6/1900 Photo
F-R8-3MELOTTJOSEPH8/15/18394/30/1898Husband of Catharine Photo
F-R8-5MELOTTM. L.3/5/18857/6/1886Daughter of J. & Catharine Photo
F-R8-7MELOTTB. F.6/20/18701/19/1893Son of Seth & Catharine Photo
B-R12-5MELTONCANDAS10/16/18486/14/1906Wife of W. F. Photo
G-R7-1MELTONLAURA LEVERNE3/28/19313/28/1931Daughter of Vern & Laura Photo
A-R16-4MERRELLMAGGIE2/9/187411/18/1907 Photo
A-R16-5MERRELLLUCINDA12/1/18527/8/1939 Photo
B-R21-20MESHEWC. E.18631930 Photo
I-R4-1METCALFCLARA12/8/190910/19/1997Wife of Homer Photo
I-R4-2METCALFHOMER7/22/19065/30/1976 Photo
D-R20-2MIDDLETONJAMES BRUCE2/6/19249/19/1967 Photo
D-R21-6MIDDLETONJESSE J.18911944 Photo
D-R21-7MIDDLETONBURL T.1/25/19197/10/1977PFC US Army WW II Photo
D-R21-8MIDDLETONLAURA ELIZABETH12/24/18954/10/1981 Photo
E-R6-20MIDDLETONOLEN L.11/16/19269/7/1974 Photo
I-R5-15MILBURNAGNES L.18881967Wife of John W. Photo
I-R5-16MILBURNJOHN W.18811953 Photo
D-R5-2MILESMYRTLE O.2/10/1909 Wife of George W. Photo
D-R5-2MILESGEORGE W.1/28/19059/1/1967Married Nov 21 1925 Photo
A-R22-21MILLERLEE O.18951954 Photo
A-R22-22MILLERVIOLA M.19091959Wife of Lee O. Photo
A-R24-2MILLERLILLIE9/5/187110/26/1948Daughter of J. I. & Arrena Photo
A-R24-3MILLERLUCY ANN5/4/187010/5/1949 Photo
A-R24-4MILLERMARY JANE3/3/18734/29/1959 Photo
A-R25-1MILLERJAMES1/16/18776/14/1898Son of J. I. & Arrena Photo
A-R25-2MILLERJAMES I.10/11/18454/6/1916 Photo
A-R25-3MILLERARRENA11/26/184612/29/1925Wife of James I. Photo
D-R24-8MILLERALICE7/29/18615/18/1938 Photo
D-R24-11MILLERWILLIAM J.9/9/186912/22/1947 Photo
D-R24-12MILLERFRANCES M.3/29/1872No dateWife of William J. Photo
E-R7-4MILLERJACK LEE2/7/192112/16/1983Son of Flora L. Photo
E-R7-5MILLERFLORA L.4/25/190112/24/1988 Photo
E-R7-13MILLERELIZABETH F.11/29/190512/31/1991Wife of Henry W. Photo
E-R7-14MILLERHENRY W.3/23/19028/11/1979Married Dec 23 1922 Photo
E-R8-30MILLERLUCILLE G.10/28/19131/17/1991Wife of Gordon C. Photo
E-R8-31MILLERGORDON C.2/22/19055/26/1985Married Dec 24 1932 Photo
E-R8-32MILLERLINDA LOUISE3/4/1946 Wife of Isaac N. Photo
E-R8-32MILLERISAAC NEWTON "IKE"4/17/19398/10/1973 Photo
F-R5-30MILLERRUTH {DAVIS}9/26/19097/30/1924Daughter of O. J. & V.P. Photo
F-R5-31MILLERC. F.6/22/18797/14/1965 Photo
F-R5-32MILLERNORA LEA2/19/18807/6/1920Wife of C. F. Photo
F-R5-33MILLERCHESTER "FRANKLIN"4/3/19061928Born in Ector TX Photo
F-R9-7MILLERLORENE E.8/23/192310/2/1993Wife of James J. Photo
F-R9-8MILLERJAMES J.6/28/19*197/8/1986Between rows 8 & 9 Photo
F-R9-9MILLERBARBARA ANN4/2/19446/24/1981Wife of James E. Photo
F-R9-10MILLERJAMES E.7/30/19444/29/1992 Photo
G-R4-23MILLERELMER HENRY JR.9/14/193412/16/1970 Photo
G-R4-24MILLEROTTIE9/13/19021/21/2003Wife of Elmer H. Sr. Photo
G-R4-25MILLERELMER HENRY SR.3/12/19074/8/1976Married Jan 2 1926 Photo
G-R4-27MILLERLUCILLE MARIE7/29/19147/13/1999Wife of William R. Photo
G-R4-28MILLERWILLIAM RAY11/5/191010/26/1968Married Jan 8 1931 Photo
G-R6-24MILLERLOUISE7/14/19319/17/1936 Photo
G-R6-25MILLERLEDORA7/19/19337/19/1933 Photo
G-R6-26MILLERMARY JO3/19/193512/27/1938 Photo
G-R6-27MILLERBARBARA ANN12/18/193612/13/1938 Photo
G-R6-28MILLERWILDA LORENE7/22/19163/10/1929Daughter of N. T. & Rosie Photo
G-R6-29MILLERROSA E.3/15/187212/11/1956Wife of Newton T. Photo
G-R6-30MILLERNEWTON T.8/11/187211/29/1950Son of Lucinda J. Photo
G-R6-31MILLERLUCINDA J.5/23/184412/26/1933 Photo
J-R1-50MILLERROY RAY11/16/19089/1/1973SSGT USAAF WW II Photo
J-R1-76MILLEROPAL L.10/17/19084/5/1980Wife of Louis J. Photo
J-R1-77MILLERLOUIS J.3/15/19006/7/1988 Photo
J-R1-78MILLERLOUIS RAY11/29/19282/5/1990Between road and row 1 Photo
J-R2-3MILLERJO ANN3/11/193312/20/1983Wife of Charles R. Photo
J-R2-4MILLERCHARLES R.5/19/19324/23/2000Married Dec 10 1953
US Navy Korea Photo
A-9-13MILLWEEELIZA C.3/8/187111/8/1904Wife of S. M. Photo
E-R9-18MINERLORENE {SMITH}4/5/19207/5/1977Wife of Ervin H. Photo
E-R9-19MINERERVIN HENRY9/25/191410/2/2002Married Dec 25 1945 Photo
I-R6-18MINTONEDNA MILDRED3/27/19066/8/1966Wife of William F. Photo
I-R6-19MINTONWILLIAM FRED11/14/19034/28/1967 Photo
A-R10-18MITCHELLEBYNEZER B.11/26/18938/25/1961 Photo
A-R10-19MITCHELLINFANT7/3/19177/7/1919Daughter of E. B. & Ethel Photo
A-R10-20MITCHELLALTA L.8/7/191812/4/1920Daughter of E. B. & Ethel Photo
A-R12-21MITCHELLELBERT G.5/31/18836/30/1941 
A-R12-22MITCHELLLUGENA E.10/10/18584/2/1940Wife of Woodard L. Photo
A-R12-23MITCHELLWOODARD L.3/10/18559/10/1926 Photo
D-R21-9MITCHELLTOBE19011936 Photo
D-R21-10MITCHELLD. A. "GUS"8/24/18702/13/1959 Photo
D-R21-11MITCHELLADDIE12/28/18677/17/1963Wife of D. A. Photo
F-R3-35MITCHELLLOU A.10/26/18446/27/1919Wife of A. A. Photo
B-R9-2MONGOLDJOHN EARL9/24/18923/8/1911 Photo
B-R9-3MONGOLDFLORENCE J.7/23/18539/19/1924 Photo
B-R9-4MONGOLDJOHN4/12/184510/25/1934 Photo
C-R4-17MONKRESALFRED T.9/11/18972/2/1971Between rows 3 & 4 Photo
  MONROE Erric James
2 Feb 1993
10 Sep 2014
B-R22-22MONTGOMERYJAMES H.12/14/18521/11/1931 Photo
B-R22-23MONTGOMERYROSSEY10/10/189811/10/1898Son of J. H. & N. C. Photo
B-R22-24MONTGOMERYNANCY C.5/9/185911/8/1898Wife of James H. Photo
C-R19-15MOONLOLA10/27/18837/23/1951 Photo
C-R19-16MOONROY REA2/16/19155/4/1929Son of J. W. & Lola Photo
MOORE Helen Christine Scott 09/02/1923 02/01/2014 Obit W/O R. B. m: 1/4/1941
A-R4-6MOOREJENNIE10/28/18531/9/1937Wife of Ely H. Photo
A-R4-7MOOREELY H.3/8/185010/24/1941 Photo
A-R16-9MOOREWYVERN D.4/5/19354/5/1935 Photo
A-R16-10MOORELYNN C.11/24/19066/30/1941 Photo
D-R12-15MOORETED W.5/29/19326/27/2000 Photo
D-R16-31MOOREOPAL4/12/19109/13/1981Wife of Burnice Photo
D-R16-32MOOREBURNICE7/21/190812/10/1975Married 1931 Photo
D-R17-12MOORERUTH M.1/2/19146/4/1958 Photo
F-R8-36MOORELORA E.4/29/19178/17/1997Wife of Edwin M. Photo
F-R8-37MOOREEDWIN M.9/10/191412/23/1989Married Oct 2 1937 Photo
G-R9-14MOOREMAY3/20/18815/27/1960Wife of John R. Photo
G-R9-15MOOREJOHN R.10/5/18751/22/1941 Photo
I-R4-11MOOREHERSCHELL A.2/16/19204/30/1992CPL US Army WW II Photo
I-R4-13MOOREVIVIAN E.3/31/189310/10/1990Wife of Ernest E. Photo
I-R4-14MOOREERNEST E.1/17/18914/14/1959 Photo
I-R4-15MOOREGERALDINE9/23/191610/14/1998Between rows 3 & 4 Photo
J-R1-84MOOREBERTA6/17/19058/21/1983Wife of Robert W. Photo
J-R1-85MOOREROBERT W.7/19/190210/29/1968 Photo
UnkMOOREMARY RAMONA {SIMPSON}1/15/19294/11/2016Wife of James W. Obit
G-R3-12MORELANDMINNIE B.18631943Wife of Jesse M. Photo
G-R3-13MORELANDJESSE M.18631923 Photo
C-R20-16MORGANM. M.11/18/186212/27/1934 Photo
C-R20-17MORGANR. L.7/8/18616/9/1942 Photo
C-R20-18MORGANEMANUAL W.18561930 Photo
D-R22-4MORGANGOLDA12/15/191211/16/1997 Photo
J-R2-12MORGANBETTY J. B.19452003Cooper FH Photo
C-R3-8MORPHEWJEANETTE18941990Wife of Ollie Photo
C-R3-9MORPHEWOLLIE18941957 Photo
D-R21-18MORPHEWJAMES A.9/22/187011/29/1947 Photo
D-R21-19MORPHEWLAURA F.9/16/18763/4/1942Wife of James A. Photo
B-R10-19 MORRIS BEATRICE E. 11/5/1918 12/26/2013 Wife of William V. Photo
B-R10-19MORRISWILLIAM V.10/17/19133/28/1989 Photo
B-R15-21MORRISPATRICIA ANN "PAM"2/1/19499/22/1966 Photo
F-R9-1MORROWMAUDE4/1/18688/12/1904Wife of S. R. Photo

Henry John
15 Jan 1937
4 Nov 2017
B-R6-5MULLENSMARTIN B.5/25/18466/22/1910 Photo
A-9-5MULLEREDDIE SAMUEL3/30/18925/8/1951Stone under cedar tree Photo
A-9-6MULLERALICE M.9/2/18596/25/1946Wife of William A. Photo
A-9-7MULLERWILLIAM A.4/2/18549/16/1947 Photo
B-R4-6MULLINSDAVE2/18/18975/30/1943 Photo
B-R4-7MULLINSGEORGE12/6/190310/1/1920 Photo
B-R6-2MULLINSNANNIE4/7/18693/6/1949Wife of Matt Photo
B-R6-3MULLINSMATT3/7/18691/3/1941 Photo
B-R6-4MULLINSTHALIA ANNE9/15/18414/18/1929 Photo
B-R15-14 MULLINS E. E. 1856 1940 Wife of P. G. Photo
B-R15-15 MULLINS P. G. 11/9/1852 2/24/1913 Photo
A-R24-13MUNDAYM. J.11/25/18557/15/1914Surname could be Monday Photo
A-R25-29 MUNDY J. M. 1863 1932 Photo
C-R14-6 MUSTION ARTIE B. {STAATS} 3/27/1907 5/11/1972 Photo
D-R8-24 MYERS ELIZABETH 6/23/1955 6/23/1955 Photo

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