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Pleasant Valley Cemetery

Pittsburg County, Oklahoma

Travel Hwy 69 south to Kiowa, turn east on Hwy 63 for two miles, turn south on Staples Road and go one and a half miles.
The cemetery is on the east side of the road on the south side of the hill.
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Last Name First Name Birth Death Comments
AlmonRobert M15 Sep 19145 Sep 1917s/o C F & Dora-See Photo
BiterR M 4 May 1943abt 80 yrs old-long time resident of Kiowa
BlackburnDuaine3 Oct 193517 Jul 19369 months old-s/o A B & Olive (Caberly) Blackburn-See Photo
BlackwellJuanita Staples3 Oct 192625 Dec 1972d/o Alexander & Celestia Staples-See Photo
BlantonRena Greer27 Apr 19023 Mar 1942d/o John C & Martha (Gather) Greer-w/o Frank W. Blanton-See Photo
BraineWilliam T  h/o Sarah-f/o Bertha Abercrombie
BryceMary 21 Mar 1988See Photo
ChapmanDellie Margaret6 Feb 188814 Oct 1908w/o Jim Chapman-d/o Ichabod & Margaret Mitchell
CoberlyBonnie Jean14 Jan 184112 Oct 1916d/o Ted & Pearl Coberly-See Photo
CoberlyOliver Perry14 Jan 184112 Oct 1916s/o Bennett & Margaret Coberly-See Photo
ConnerJohn L8 May 186221 Mar 1915See Photo
CufalVictor18701916See Photo
DabbsA  See Photo
DabbsAlice20 Aug 185916 Mar 1932d/o Horace Clark
DabbsJ A   
DanielsGary Michael Sr7 Dec 195114 May 2013s/o Roy Ralph & Deloice Irene Walker Daniels-See Photo
DanielsJanice Elaine4 Feb 194414 Apr 2009d/o Don & Pauline Wilkinson-w/o Gary Michael Daniels-See Photo
DarksCora  d/o William A & Mary Ann Brewster Darks
DarksJohn Eliot "Jack" 2 Oct 1936s/o W A Darks-age 63 yrs
DarksSallie  d/o William & Mary Darks
DennisJames MonroeMar 18541913s/o Simeon & Margaret Dennis-no headstone
DoyleBessie  3 months old-Triple stone with Mary Ida & Lula A Doyle-See Photo
DoyleBetty L14 Mar 194324 May 2005 
DoyleBraz  See Photo
DoyleCora Mae19111990m/o Emma Doyle Dobbs & Elizabeth Doyle Mangrum-See Photo
DoyleFrancis Elizabeth Staples21 Mar 185920 Jan 1942w/o John Edward Doyle-See Photo
DoyleGranville B189518968 months-s/o James & Mary Doyle-shared stone with John, Theoadore and Nannie U Doyle-See Photo
DoyleJames Arthur "Jimmy"19 Aug 18661938s/o Lewis & Elvina Doyle-h/o Mary
DoyleJames Edward21 Jan 19044 Sep 1991s/o James & Mary-h/o Margaret Henderson-f/o Mary Rose-See Photo
DoyleJohn  s/o James & Mary Doyle-1yr 9mos-shared stone with Theoadore, Nannie & Granville Doyle-See Photo
DoyleJohn Edward24 May 184630 Oct 1929s/o Burton & Dulcinia Doyle-Veteran of Civil War-See Photo
DoyleJohn Sidney26 Jul 193812 May 2021See Obit
DoyleLula A  9 mos-shared stone with Mary Ida & Bessie-See Photo
DoyleMargaret Ethel Henderson19 Jan 19142 Dec 2003w/o James Edward Doyle-See Photo
DoyleMary E Staples18721936w/o Jimmy Doyle-d/o William Brazelton & Mary Gaither Staples
DoyleMary Ida  7 yrs 7mos-shared stone with Lula & Bessie-See Photo
DoyleMary Rose5 Feb 19355 Feb 1935d/o James & Margaret
DoyleNannie Ula189919003 mos-d/o James & Mary-See Photo
DoyleNola18921908d/o James & Mary Doyle-See Photo
DoyleSidney Othel14 May 19076 Oct 1970s/o James & Mary Doyle-h/o Cora Mae Mills-See Photo
DoyleTheoadore189818986 wks-s/o James & Mary Doyle-See Photo
ElyTruman J4 Aug 1940 17 Feb 2003s/o Joe & Jessie Smart Ely-h/o Leona Little Ely-See Photo
FurrBaby Girl21 Jun 193121 Jun 19316 hrs-d/o Markis & Georgia Shults Furr-unmarked
FurrBaby Girlabt 1930 d/o William Franklin & Julia Shults Furr
FurrByrd Smith25 Feb 185811 Nov 1913s/o Eli & Mary Furr-h/o Fannie Frances Little-no headstone
FurrFannie Frances Little13 Mar 18608 Jul 1917d/o William Jessie Little-s/o Margaret Jane Little Medley
GaitherMinnie Lee Doyle15 Nov 187030 Sep 1958d/o Lewis & Elvina Coffman Doyle-w/o William Wert "Bill" Gaither-See Photo
GaitherWilliam Doyle "Bill"14 Jan 191125 Jan 1986s/o William Wert & Minnie Lee Doyle Gaither-See Photo
GaitherWilliam Wert "Bill"25 Mar 186013 Aug 1949s/o Granville & Nancy Adaline Staples Gaither-h/o Minnie Lee Doyle Gaither-See Photo
GodfreyEd12 Dec 186419 Dec 1928s/o Joseph Joel & Eliza Elizabeth Nichols-See Photo
GodfreyJoseph Henry25 Nov 18481921s/o Joseph & Eliza Godfrey-See Photo
GodfreyMary Caroline Gooding18601918d/o Charles & Mourning Gooding-See Photo
GreenNancy E Doyle13 Apr 18814 May 1932d/o John & Betty Staples Doyle-See Photo
GreerEd W 11 Mar 1918s/o John C & Mary Greer-h/o Ida Greer (no headstone)
GreerEdgar Leroy 1923s/o Braz & Alma-See Photo
GreerJohn C14 Aug 185016 Jun 1916h/o Martha Gaither Green
GreerMartha Gaither21 Mar 186617 Jul 1923w/o John C Greer
GriffithL I2 Mar 184926 Feb 190353 yrs 11 mos 24 days-See Photo
GriffithNewton15 Dec 191231 Dec 1912s/o Mr & Mrs J E Griffith-See Photo
HacklerCarsyn Kay27 Oct 200011 Nov 2007d/o Carl & Britton Stone Hackler-See Photo
HallBaby29 Oct 190815 Dec 1908 
HallJesse Calvin4 Nov 19094 Dec 1909 
HallRobert Lee19 Sep 190111 Sep 1921 
HarpJ T4 Apr 187710 Oct 1904s/o L B & Mahalie P Harp-See Photo
HarpMahalie23 Feb 18498 Jun 1907m/o J T Harp-See Photo
HatridgeAlabama Sultana "Bama" Griffith1883Apr 1913 
HendersonHenry J1 Dec 18565 Sep 1927s/o Benjamin W Henderson-See Photo
HendersonTelitha T Vanderpool26 Oct 187210 Feb 1947w/o Henry J Henderson-See Photo
HesterDonald Ray 1968See Photo
HesterWanda Jerlene "Jerri" Staples7 Jan 192924 Dec 2018See Photo
HunnHenry Oscar2 Jul 188917 Apr 191323 yrs 9 mos 15 days-See Photo
KellerNeomma9 May 191124 Oct 1913d/o J M & M E Keller-See Photo
KellerOggle14 Dec 190914 Dec 1909s/o J M & M E Keller-See Photo
KellerOpal14 Dec 19094 Jan 1910d/o J M & M E Keller-See Photo
KriegerAlice17 Feb 190620 Feb 1906d/o William & Margaret Agnes Lowry Krieger
KriegerHenry C13 Sep<1893/td>13 Sep 1894s/o William & Margaret Agnes Lowry Krieger
LayBaby15 Aug 193115 Aug 1931s/o Jessie Welby & Iza Franklin Adams-See Photo
LayIza Franklin Adams11 May 190119 Aug 1931d/o Isaac Franklin & Fannie Adams-See Photo
LittleBaby9 Jun 19519 Jun 1951s/o Mr & Mrs G W Little-See Photo
LittleBilly Sid26 Nov 196012 Feb 1961s/o Elizabeth Doyle Mangrum-See Photo
LittleClyde Wayne18 Nov 195719 Nov 1957s/o Mr & Mrs J E Little-See Photo
LittleColumbus Dow31 Jan 18805 Oct 1934parent was William Franklin Little-2 other unmarked graves
LittleGeorge W25 Feb 192429 Sep 1991s/o George W & Laura Hester Patterson Little-See Photo
LittleHomer H13 Jan 193020 Oct 1940See Photo
LittleJames16 Aug 189329 Jan 1920s/o William Franklin Little-OK Mech Co D 141 Inf WWI-See Photo
LittleJuanita F Pollock26 Jun 192618 Dec 1986w/o George Little-d/o Oliver & Olive Pollock-See Photo
LittleOra Rebecca18 Feb 19133 Feb 1914d/o George Washington Little & Laura Hester Little-See Photo
LittleTommy Ray22 Jul 196311 Jul 1984s/o Elizabeth Doyle Mangrum & "Bud" Little-See Photo
LittleVernon Lorraine Cotney6 Aug 19656 Jul 2016 
LittleWilliam Franklin27 Mar 184715 Apr 1916h/o Elizabeth Ellen Hall-See Photo
MangrumElizabeth Ann Doyle 30 Nov 194225 Mar 2013See Photo
MatthewsWilliam28 Feb 18313 Feb 1900 
MedleyMildred Ilene   
MedleyWilliam VanBuren18501925s/o George & Martha Catherine McFadden Medley-h/o Mary Jane Little
MeierE Dorthea11 Oct 188210 Aug 1918 
MillsEmma Medley15 Jan 189315 Nov 1927w/o John Edward Mills-d/o William Van & Margaret Jane Little Medley-See Photo
MitchellBaby Girl18 Dec 192518 Dec 1925d/o John & Jennie
MitchellJennie V14 Sep 188919 Dec 1925See Photo
MitchellMargaret Ann Johnson12 Jan 18605 May 1937w/o Ichabod Mitchell-m/o Dellie Margaret Mitchell Chapman
MitchellStilla V8 Feb 19071 Mar 1907See Photo
MitchellThurman3 Mar 191120 Oct 19??See Photo
RobersonGeorgia Darks   
RobersonMintie12 Feb 18934 Mar 1906w/o R E Roberson-See Photo
RoseAlcy29 Dec 18334 Mar 1906See Photo
ScrogginsJohn Abner2 Jul 187225 Jul 1958h/o Sarah Adeline Staples-s/o Abner & Nancy Richardson Scroggins-See Photo
ScrogginsLois Ruth30 Sep 191823 Jun 1920d/o John & Sarah Scroggins
ScrogginsSarah Adeline Staples25 Jun 188015 Apr 1957w/o John Scroggins-See Photo
SiscoBobby Gene28 Aug 19324 Jul 2019h/o Mary-s/o Thomas & Ollie-(BM)-See Photo & Obit
SiscoMary Elizabeth Staples19361991w/o Bob Sisco-d/o Alexander & Celestia Staples-See Photo
StaplesAlexander O16 Dec 189311 May 1966h/o of Celestia-f/o Juanjita, Paul Bill, LaRue, Mary & Jerlene-See Photo
StaplesBenjamin Alexander1 Jan 186220 Nov 1937h/o Nannie Elizabeth Doyle Staples-s/o William Brazelton & Mary Gaither Staples
StaplesCelestia Virginia Quick18 Feb 190028 Sep 1976w/o Alexander-See Photo
StaplesGladys Ortrude29 Sep 191211 Jun 1914 
StaplesIsbell Brown3 Nov 192612 Nov 1991w/o Paul Staples-See Photo
StaplesMary Gaither28 Dec 18368 Jan 1914w/o W B Staples
StaplesNancy Elizabeth Doyle25 Feb 187317 Aug 1899w/o Benjamin Staples-d/o Lewis & Elvina Doyle Staples
StaplesOscar3 Aug 189918 Jan 1900s/o Benjamin & Nannie Staples-Double stone with Nannie
StaplesPaul Eugene28 Apr 192420 Nov 1992h/o Isbell Brown-Brigadier General US Army-See Photo
StaplesWilliam Benjamin "Bill"3 Aug 193311 Sep 2018See Photo
StaplesWilliam Brazelton4 Apr 18295 Sep 1902h/o Mary Gaither Staples-s/o John & Sarah McKinney Staples
StaplesYnaith LaRue22 Mar 19318 May 1990d/o Alexander & Celestia Staples-See Photo
ThomasonMartha3 Mar 188429 Jan 1916w/o J R Thomason-See Photo
ThompsonInfant 13 Sep 18841 day old-s/o T D & S A-See Photo
ThompsonMicajah C "Mike" 1 May 1915Corporal Co H 47th ILL Inf-See Photo
WestCharles  See Photo
WixonW J4 Jun 18744 Aug 1937s/o Jessie L & Louise Wixon-Funeral record (no headstone)
WoodClara Bell abt 1912See Photo
WoodMinnie Bell25 Dec 186915 Sep 1913 

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