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McDougal Cemetery

Pittsburg County, Oklahoma

From McAlester, OK travel Hwy 69 N/N George Nigh Expressway for 22.1 miles, turn left onto OK-113S/SE Johnson St, then turn a slight right onto NW Toole Ave, then turn left onto D1255 RD.

© Jennifer Williams

AdamsEda Allice14 May 190912 May 1912 
AdamsEva 26 Sep 1898See Photo
AdamsJohn 23 Apr 1881See Photo
AdamsJohn QuincyFeb 18541915 
AdamsWillie S27 Aug 18977 Oct 1897See Photo
AirheartBazel22 Sep 187018 Aug 1877See Photo
AllenM A 24 Nov 19005 Jul 1901 
AllenM J 3 Apr 188015 Dec 1900See Photo
AndersonJodie 11 May 19001 Jan 1990See Photo
ArmstrongBaby16 Jan 194216 Jan 1942 
ArmstrongFred4 Sep 18958 Jan 1920See Photo
ArmstrongSarah Ellen23 Jul 186020 Nov 1920 
ArmstrongWillis Mitchell9 Dec 185123 Apr 1923 
BarnesG R13 Feb 186313 Oct 1926See Photo
BarnesMary11 Oct 186930 Apr 1904See Photo
BarnhillBert5 Apr 189916 Sep 1985See Photo
BellerM B 11 May 1902See Photo
BirdsongEwing W21 Now 182721 May 1900See Photo
BradshawCharles Lester18 Mar 188827 Feb 1889See Photo
BradshawMinnie M1 Mar 1881&nsbp;See Photo
BradshawThomas&nsbp;17 Feb 1880See Photo
BradshawW D29 Jun 18329 Sep 1887See Photo
BraggAllene18 Jan 19199 Apr 1919See Photo
BrittonEdward18311916by gggranddaughter by his wife Mary Ann Ball & their daughter Lillian Britton of Montgomery Cty, IN-See Photo
BrownAmas12 Jul 184324 Mar 1888See Photo
BurryCharlie28 Dec 18831 Jan 1884See Photo
BurryJosephine I McDougal30 Aug 18621 Mar 1888See Photo
BurttMalissa 13 Jan 1924See Photo
BurttRuth 12 Jan 1946See Photo
ButlerFredie6 May 19012 Feb 1917See Photo
BynumJames Franklin15 Apr 186230 Dec 1886See Photo
BynumJames Monroe1 Jan 188316 Mar 1890See Photo
BynumMaudie Crystal25 Dec 188920 Aug 1903See Photo
BynumMary Caroline Proctor183210 Nov 1874See Photo
ByramJ C22 Nov 18765 Aug 1903See Photo
CampbellJesse5 Apr 18572 Mar 1893See Photo
CantrellInfant2 Aug 191026 Aug 1910See Photo
CarmonCharlie L29 Apr 188221 Dec 1965See Photo
CarmonMinnie L Rhodden25 Sep 188617 Aug 1927See Photo
CarterFannie6 Mar 19282 Mar 1944See Photo
CarterJim D20 May 189131 Mar 1965See Photo
CarterMaudie15 Oct 18922 Mar 1932See Photo
CatheyDouglas Howard28 Feb 190926 Jun 1909See Photo
CatheyInfant 17 Jun 1902See Photo
CatheyMartha Ann Mappin1 Jul 18801 Jan 1917See Photo
CatheyTomie6 Jun 18889 Aug 1909See Photo
CesarCleo W18911923See Photo
CesarWallas Cleo15 Aug 192323 Aug 1923See Photo
CesarLucinda Parker18589 Feb 1901See Photo
CesarWilliam Granville Sr18539 Feb 1901See Photo
ChancellorJohn Franklin31 Aug 187517 Nov 1900See Photo
ClaryJessie9 Sep 18959 Sep 1895See Photo
ClaryThomas M30 Sep 187910 Sep 1899See Photo
CockrellGeorge E1 May 18597 May 1929See Photo
CockrellHorace A2 May 191512 Apr 1962See Photo
CockrellMary Jane27 May 183917 Aug 1924See Photo
CollinsMartha E18921961See Photo
CollinsRoy E  See Photo
CollinsW A18711937See Photo
CooperElisha C 11 May 1901See Photo
CooperInfant Son27 Sep 19046 Oct 1904s/o George & Lonnie Cooper-See Photo
CooperMary Jane Doggett22 Feb 18498 Jan 1905w/o Elisha-See Photo
CornelisonAlbert S18671930See Photo
CornelisonSara Lue C18491929See Photo
DavidsonJosie8 Aug 187027 Dec 1953See Photo
DelozierFaney 28 Jun 1886See Photo
DisneyDurwood R1 Jan 191424 Dec 1941See Photo
DisneyHarvey Thelmadge18 Mar 19126 Dec 1940See Photo
DodsonGeorgie5 Oct 188230 Jul 1884See Photo
EarlySusanna E16 Dec 184620 Oct 1890See Photo
EllisMinnie Carman 17 Jul 192512 May 1990See Photo
EstesPearl Frame14 Jan 190220 Apr 1923See Photo
FisherPat7 Sep 18974 Jan 1912See Photo
FosterFannie A14 Dec 188920 Aug 1894See Photo
FosterHerman30 Jul 192428 Mar 1935See Photo
FrameCecil16 May 190931 Dec 1915See Photo
FrameGene13 Feb4 Jan 1913See Photo
FrameLawrence6 Dec 191531 Dec 1915See Photo
FrameW W30 Jun 18711 Jan 1919See Photo
GarrisonJesse1 Aug 18214 Oct 1910See Photo
GuestBaby19001901See Photo
HamblinJesse R23 Aug 18999 Apr 1918See Photo
HamiltonL D4 Dec 18494 Nov 1895See Photo
HarnessRegeana Ann2 Dec 19424 Dec 1942See Photo
HayesLinnie M6 Aug 192213 Aug 1922See Photo
HayesTommy21 Mar 19031 Dec 1927See Photo
HensonAlma Olive 12 Aug 1889See Photo
HensonJulius H 12 Aug 1889See Photo
HensonMary A22 Feb 187227 Jun 1901See Photo
JinksCheedle19051907See Photo
JinksMiles Chatman18751947See Photo
JohnsonAdlfo24 May 190014 Nov 1918See Photo
JohnsonMaston W4 May 186924 Mar 1890Born in Fort Worth, Texas-See Photo
JonesM C8 Oct 187310 Dec 1894See Photo
KilgoreHugh1841 See Photo
KimbroJohn A25 Oct 187117 Jan 1899See Photo
KingWilliam Denson30 Aug 185623 Feb 1886See Photo
LambMattie Cockrell26 Mar 187618 Feb 1946See Photo
LangstonD S2 Apr 18731 Apr 1900See Photo
LeardRufus M11 Sep 187215 Nov 1896See Photo
LemmingsNina M24 Jul 19128 Nov 1975See Photo
LemmingsWillie T3 Aug 19085 Apr 1983See Photo
LewallenJosephine29 Apr 1862JulSee Photo
LinthecumPVT Ernest12 July 19159 Mar 1970See Photo
LogginsMillia12 Mar 183925 Jan 1898See Photo
LowreyMary Parker18621916See Photo
MappinJohn Jefferson4 Apr 183118 Feb 1905See Photo
MartinL A7 Dec 185213 May 1910See Photo
MartinSillen N8 Jan 18566 Mar 1918See Photo
MartinTandy W9 Feb 189324 Sep 1925See Photo
MatlockLydia22 Feb 183921 Feb 1894See Photo
McCainCorp. Noah A27 Sep 189720 Aug 1938See Photo
McDougalG M 23 Jan 1879See Photo
MeffordPansy Ellen1 May 19218 May 1994See Photo
MeltonWalter A 3 Jun 1937See Photo
MorrisonJohn C20 Apr 185414 Jun 1879See Photo
MyersAlvin23 Sep 189322 Sep 1894See Photo
MyersCora28 Dec 189428 Dec 1894See Photo
MyersDora Jones15 Sep 187131 Dec 1894See Photo
MyersM K8 May 18615 Jan 1909See Photo
NeillJessie 24 Feb 191452 years-See Photo
NewtonGertrude18 Dec 189019 Aug 1916See Photo
NorwoodLewis Ray5 Sep 192310 Nov 1923See Photo
OgdenMargaret8 Feb 192422 Dec 1924See Photo
PopejoyJohn E15 Dec 188520 Feb 1965See Photo
PopejoyLela A Stamps14 Jan 18874 Aug 1976See Photo
PopejoyUla May3 Sep 190916 Feb 1910See Photo
RameyArty E  See Photo
RameyEva E  See Photo
RameyFloranc I7 Oct 189815 Jan 1899See Photo
ReavesLuther H18 Jun 187718 Feb 1896See Photo
ReavesW S9 Feb 18757 Oct 1899See Photo
RitchieBenjamin25 Mar 188819 Aug 1888s/o Bruce & Nancy-See Photo
RitchieNancy J15 Sep 186818 Nov 1900w/o Bruce-See Photo
RitchieRose Eter7 Feb 188229 Sep 1888See Photo
RodenCharley J2 Oct 189513 Oct 1974See Photo
RogersBill Lee20 Sep 194526 Sep 1945See Photo
RogersDink19101938See Photo
RogersEdna30 Sep 192712 Dec 2003See Photo
RogersEmery Callie30 Jan 191018 Jul 1948See Photo
RogersRuby Ann 14 Jul 19217 Jul 2001Double stone with Emery Callie-See Photo
RogersJames Albert9 Dec 193613 Jan 1937See Photo
RogersJim18731962See Photo
RogersMary18721952See Photo
RogersOsker19161968See Photo
RogersVirgie9 May 192013 Aug 1984See Photo
SalmonsNona M10 Jan 189520 Mar 1901See Photo
SalmonsWilliam H See Photo
SandersLeona24 Jan 18469 Dec 1891See Photo
SaulsEthel Jane Brown11Mar 189716 Aug 1926See Photo
SeymourAndrew Jackson22 Sep 18754 May 1902See Photo
SeymourGeorge Washington6 Oct 182910 May 1898See Photo
ShafferCharles H21 Jun 19406 Jun 1997See Photo
ShafferEdgar L21 Dec 19199 Dec 1999See Photo
ShafferOrville27 Aug 19331 Dec 1995See Photo
SmithE J23 Jan 18372 Aug 1910See Photo
SmithHervy R25 Aug 18326 Apr 1909See Photo
SmithLeslie T17 Apr 18705 Apr 1879See Photo
SmithZimry T12 Nov 18566 Jan 1906See Photo
SpeerMary L21 May 18833 Nov 1884See Photo
StampsJoseph E10 Aug 186112 Jan 1914See Photo
StampsMary H1 Jan 185227 Jun 1940See Photo
SurberJohn16 Aug 189026 Aug 1914See Photo
SuttonL Earl17 Jan 190115 Jun 1901See Photo
TackettE C17 Sep 18894 Jan 1910See Photo
ThomasonPFC Carl15 Feb 192010 Sep 1943See Photo
ThompsonBelvia12 Jan 190430 Jul 1923See Photo
ThompsonCallie 12 Oct 1886See Photo
ThriftMinnie M  See Photo
UtzmanJacob L29 Aug 185631 Dec 1901See Photo
UtzmanSallie L29 Dec 186129 Jun 1900See Photo
VanceyJosephine26 Jan 185721 Nov 1906See Photo
WalkerArthur Livingston12 Aug 188319 Dec 1918See Photo
WalkerElsie Naylor1 Jan 188123 Oct 1900See Photo
WalkerDr. George W11 Sep 184513 May 1890See Photo
WalkerInfant11 Sep 188711 Sep 1887d/o George & Sallie-See Photo
WalkerMargarett14 Jan 19156 Jan 1920See Photo
WalkerOscar21 Mar 187913 Jul 1879See Photo
WeaverGary Gilbert6 Sep 194726 Dec 1992See Photo
WeeksClyde18 Feb 191826 Nov 1937See Photo
WeeksCarl Lee1 Sep 192614 Apr 1929See Photo
WeeksEthel M21 Jul 189916 Mar 1976See Photo
WeeksRobert L28 Jun 189512 Sep 1936See Photo
WeeksFrank Hall6 Jan 1894 See Photo
WeeksFrank Pierce14 Feb 18584 May 1937See Photo
WeeksHarold Ray11 Nov 191812 Nov 1984See Photo
WeeksJesse John3 Feb 189722 Feb 1918See Photo
WeeksMellia Belle10 Sep 190018 Oct 1914See Photo
WeeksMartha Virginia "Mattie" Anderson1 Jul 18684 Aug 1957w/o Frank Pierce WeeksSee Photo
WeeksRuby Lowrey1 Nov 190016 Feb 1939See Photo
WeeksZona18941969See Photo
WherlandMartha Fisher7 Sep 189714 Nov 1976See Photo
WhiteLuie17 Aug 190915 Dec 1912See Photo
WilliamsGeorge B11 Feb 188625 May 1891See Photo
WilliamsMary W18 Jan 184919 Oct 1900See Photo
WrightJessie30 Oct 188221 Jul 1926See Photo
WrightWyeth6 Nov 19096 Aug 1924See Photo

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