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Underwood Cemetery

Underwood Road
Payne County, Oklahoma

Located East of the Township of Yale, Ok. Turn South off
State Highway 51 onto Underwood Road, Cemetery is
located on the East side of Underwood Road

If you have family or friends buried in this cemetery and
would like to add their names and information, please send
an e mail to Sandi Carter area coordinator.

ADKINSAlbert D.18/Aug/191105/Nov/1936Son of James Buchannan & Nancy Eller [Evans] Adkins
Single Marker
ADKINSJames A.24/Aug/1917
"Daddy" Married Apr 13, 1941"
Son of James Buchannan & Nancy Eller [Evans] Adkins
Single Marker
ADKINSJames Buchannan26/Jan/1880
Williamsburg KY
Olive OK
Husb of Nancy Eller [Evans] Adkins
Single Marker
ADKINSLuther Woodrow25/Nov/1912
Olive OK
27/Mar/1914"Darling We Miss Thee"
Son of James Buchannan & Nancy Eller [Evans] Adkins
Single Marker
Son of James Buchannan & Nancy Eller [Evans] Adkins
Single Marker
ADKINSNancy Eller [Evans]09/Jun/1885
Drumright OK
Dau of Daniel James & Sarah L. [Eaton] Evans
Wife of James Buchannan Adkins
Single Marker
ALMONRODECharles L. "Kelly"18791952Single Marker
ANDERSONJames A.04/May/196019/Sep/1997"[Married] June 1, 1984"
SS/W & Husb of Wanda S. Almonrode
Single Marker
AUSTINDavid Alexander16/Apr/1835
Lexington KY
Yale OK
Husb of Delilah Ellen [Todd] Austin
Marr 23/Sep/1862 Jefferson CO IN
Buried Fort Worth TX
Unmarked Grave
BARLOWElla18891895"Daughter of H. & M. E. Barlow" "Angels of Heaven"
Single Marker
BARLOWHugh05/Dec/185904/May/1908"In Labor And In Love Allied. In Death They Here Sleep Side By Side. Resting In Peace ~ They Aged Twain ~ Till Christ Shall Raise Them Up Again"
SS/W & Husb of Mary Barlow
BARLOWKaty01/Mar/189104/Apr/1922"Asleep In Jesus"
Single Marker
BARLOWMary09/Aug/186502/Mar/1944"In Labor And In Love Allied. In Death They Here Sleep Side By Side. Resting In Peace ~ They Aged Twain ~ Till Christ Shall Raise Them Up Again"
SS/W & Wife of Hugh Barlow
BEARDHoward J.25/Jun/190907/Jul/1909"Safe At Home"
Single Marker
BEARDInfant19/Jun/190819/Jun/1908"Baby" "Safe At Home"
Single Marker
BEARDInfant08/Sep/190708/Sep/1907"Son of C. C. & M. M. Beard" "A flower of love"
Single Marker
Hutton IL
Yale OK
"Gone but not forgotten"
Son of Solomon & Susanna [Strader] Beavers
Husb of
[1] Drucilla Jane [McLain] Beavers
[2] Hannah [Ross] Beavers
Single Marker
BEAVERSWilliam Henry30/Oct/1855
Geary KS
Pawnee CO OK
"Aged 40Y 9M 5D"
Son of Joseph & Cynthia Ann [Harris] Beavers
Husb of Martetia Ellen [Ross] Beavers Welker
Buried Lawson Cemetery Yale OK
Single Marker
BEELERBarbara Carol [Dawes]08/Jan/195014/Jan/1998"Married June 22, 1968" "Parents of Rita Karole Bryan Kyle Jerad Kirk"
SS/W & Wife of Jerry Leom Beeler
Single Marker
BEELERJerry Leon25/Oct/1944
Yale OK
Tulsa OK

US Army ~ Vietnam "Married June 22, 1968" "Parents of Rita Karole Bryan Kyle Jerad Kirk"
Son of Warnie E. & M. Irene [Cox] Beeler
SS/W & Husb of Barbara Carol [Dawes] Beeler
Palmer Marler Funeral Home ~ Cushing OK
Single Marker
BLYIna Lavaun06/Dec/1899
Noble CO OK
Yale OK
Dau of Alfred Jewett & Mary Jane [Walker] Bly
Single Marker
BOATRIGHTJohnny Lee18/Feb/194020/Mar/2008"Forever In Our Hearts" "Special Love, Best Friend, And Beloved Pampaw"
Single Marker
BRIANSNellie L.30/Sep/190220/Nov/1902"Dau of H. B. & Dora Brians" "Aged 7 weeks 2 days" "Gone but not forgotten"
Single Marker
BRICKFIELDMyrtle T. [Martin]13/Oct/188327/Jun/1911"Come Ye Blessed" "Wife of J. Brickfield"
Dau of George Washington & Hannah Martin
Single Marker
BRISCODavid Lee26/Mar/192224/Aug/2001
"TEC 5 US Army ~ World War II"
Son of Elbert Lee & Thelma Elberta Briscoe
SS/W & Husb of Rhoda Elizabeth "Betty" [Shearman] Briscoe
Two Markers
BRISCOEElbert Lee07/Aug/189626/Jul/1980 
"Pvt US Army ~ World War I"
SS/W & Husb of Thelma Elberta Briscoe
Two Markers
BRISCORhoda Elizabeth "Betty" [Shearman]17/Apr/1928
Yale OK
Tulsa OK
Dau of Nathaniel John & Tina Lavina [Kolb] ShearmanSS/W & Wife of David Lee Briscoe
Single Marker
BRISCOThelma Elberta13/Feb/1900
SS/W & Wife of Elbert Lee Brisco
Yale Funeral Home ~ Yale OK
BROCKDrucilla Jane [Beavers]11/Dec/1880
Hutton IL
Yale OK
Dau of Mathias & Drucilla Jane [McLain] Beavers
Wife of
[1] Emery Lewis Strader
[2] George Thomas Brock
Single Broken Marker
BURDICKMarian19/Jul/185329/Jun/1912Single Marker
BURDICKTheodore28/Jul/190315/Jan/1904Single Marker
BURDICKThomas M.10/Sep/188912/Mar/1910Single Marker
BURKInfant Brother19/Jan/190319/Jan/1903"Died At Birth" Budded on earth to bloom in heaven"Son of Thomas Samuel & Mary Catherine [Wooten] Burk
SS/W & Brother of Novie Burk
Single Marker
BURKNovie25/Mar/190119/Jan/1903"Dau of T. & M. C. Burk" "Aged 1 Yr 11 Ms 26 Ds" "Budded on earth to bloom in heaven"
Dau of Thomas Samuel & Mary Catherine [Wooten] Burk
SS/W & Sister of Infant Brother Burk
Single Marker
BURKTabitha J.04/Apr/184001/Jan/1904"Wife of J. J. Burk" "None Knew Thee But To Love Thee"
Single Cracked Marker
BURNSHelen Irene [Roberts]18/Dec/192009/Sep/1998"Mother of Seven . . . Granny to All"
Wife of Ted Burns
Single Marker
BURNSJohn William18851931"Father"
Husb of Armenta Lea [Cable] Burns Appleton
Buried Dale TX
Single Marker
BURNSLavina C.18861938"Mother"
Single Marker
"Pvt US Army"
Husb of Helen Irene [Roberts] Burns
Single Marker
CABLECharlotte M.31/Mar/192408/Feb/1989"Loving Mother"
Single Marker
CABLEElizabeth [Williams]21/Jan/1860
Yale OK
"At Rest"
Dau of William E. & Mariah L. [Cunningham] Williams
Wife of Unknown Cable
Single Marker
CABLEEmily Violet [Isbell]16/Jul/190402/Oct/1988"In Peace"
Wife of Wesley R. Cable
Single Marker
CABLEGoldie Emelia [Jacobson]26/Jan/1901
Yale OK
Dau of John Richard Jacobson & Malissa [Peters] Jacobson Hight
Wife of Joel W. Cable
Single Marker
CABLEHenry Bruin24/May/189030/Jan/1904Son of Unknown & Elizabeth [Williams] Cable
Single Marker
CABLEJ. Homer03/Nov/189709/Aug/1979Son of Unknown & Elizabeth [Williams] Cable
SS/W & Husb of Stella May Cable
CABLEJames Asa13/Dec/189224/Dec/1944"Brother"Son of Unknown & Elizabeth [Williams] Cable
Single Marker
CABLEJames Jackson17/Sep/192214/Apr/2003
Yale OK

"Pvt US Army ~ World War II"
Son of William Everett & Lulu [Swingle] Cable
Husb of Hazel Grace [Head] Cable
Marr 28/Mar/1951 Easrern OK
Yale~Palmer Funeral Home ~ Yale OK
Single Marker
CABLEJoel W.05/Aug/1893
Yale OK
"Pvt US Army ~ World War I"
Buried next to & Husb of Goldie Emelia [Jacobson] Cable
Single Marker
CABLEJohn Douglas21/Aug/192031/Dec/1980 
"Capt US Army Retired Staff Sgt USMC"
Son of W. Everett & Lula A. Cable
Single Marker
CABLEJohn Henry--/Dec/18891913Dau of George Lee & Josephine Sarah [Appleton] Cable
Single Marker
CABLEJosephine Sarah [Appleton]--/Jan/18721935Dau of SS/W & Wife of George Lee Cable
CABLELula A. [Swingle16/Apr/1892
Filley MO
Yale OK
Dau of Unknown & Anne E. Swingle
SS/W & Wife of W. Everett
CABLERuby M.31/Mar/190919/Jan/1944Dau of W. Everett & Lula A. Cable
Single Marker
CABLEStella May17/Dec/189924/Jan/1974SS/W & Wife of J. Homer Cable
CABLETerry Lynn02/Oct/196216/Nov/1962"In God's Care"
Single Marker
CABLEThomas Coleman30/Jan/190405/Feb/1904 Son of Unknown Elizaveth [Williams] Cable
Single Marker
CABLEW. C. "Pete"20/Mar/191125/Jan/1974Son of W. Everett & Lula A. Cable
Single Marker
CABLEW. Everett02/Jun/188619/Aug/1957Son of Unknown & Elizabeth [Williams] Cable
SS/W & Husb of Lula A Cable
DAVISDavid E.04/Mar/195102/May/2005"Loving Dad & Grandpa"
Single Marker
DAVISLouise Jane18871949"Mother"
Single Marker
DAVISShannon Dean18/Nov/200413/Nov/2004"Beloved Father of Kelly, Cathy & Kymmy"
Single Marker
DAWESJackie Earl18/Dec/192602/Oct/1991 
"TEC 5 US Army ~ World War II" "Married Aug 21, 1947"
Son of Vernon Lee & Rita Ruth [Baker] Dawes
SS/W & Husb of Melva Louise
Two Markers
DAWESJoe Benjamin16/Mar/195803/Sep/1988
"SN US Coast Guard"
Single Marker
DAWESJanis Lynae [Burton]03/Feb/1971
Jackson MS
Yale OK
Dau of David & Lynda Burton
Biological Parents: Robert Fields & Rita Arnold
Wife of Ron Dawes, Marr 15/Dec/1990
Dental Assistant
Single Marker
DAWESKenneth L.24/Jun/192203/Apr/1983"Married Nov 7, 1946" "Parents of Kenny, Joe, Kathy, Connie, Glennyce, Joyce, Kay & Mary"
Son of Vernon Lee & Rita Ruth [Baker] Dawes
SS/W & Husb of Betty Jane Dawes
Single Marker
DEESDennis Keith21/Mar/196022/Feb/2004"To Live In The Hearts Of Those We Love Is Never To Die"
SS/W & Husb of Norma L. Dees
Two Markers
DEESGerald Rolland12/Oct/193628/Dec/2010
"Cpl US Marine Corps"Together Forever"
SS/W & Husb of Norma L. Dees
Palmer Marler Funeral Home ~ Yale OK
Two Markers
DEESJoe M.20/May/190913/Mar/1998SS/W & Husb of Rosa Lena [Patterson] Dees
Single Marker
DEESRosa Lena [Patterson]19/May/191830/Sep/1998Dau of Enoch & Thirsey [Lindsey] Patterson
SS/W & Wife of Joe M. Dees
Palmer Marler Funeral Home ~ Yale OK
Single Marker
DEESStanley "Mitch"17/Oct/194321/May/2005Single Marker
DENNISBeatrice Ann24/Nov/195724/Nov/1957"In God's Care"
Single Marker
DENNISBeverly "Granny" [Orr]07/Aug/1936
OK City OK
Tulsa OK
Dau of James Raymond & Flossie Viola [Berry] Orr
Wife of
[1] Marion Wheeler
[2] SS/W Harry Dennis Jr
Palmer Marler Funeral Home ~ Yale Ok
Single Marker
DENNISFlo A.24/Jan/192614/Mar/2011SS/W Floyd I. Dennis, buried Waukomis OK
Single Marker
DENNISFloyd I.11/Jan/192229/Oct/1994 
"Pfc US Army ~ World War II Purple Heart"
SS/W Flo A. Dennis
Two Markers
DENNISFrederick Clinton14/Jan/193030/May/2006
Pfc US Army ~ Korea "[Married] May 5, 1951"
SS/W & Husb ofSarah Jane [Kelley] Dennis
DENNISHarry C. Jr11/Jul/191709/Aug/1989Husb of
[1] Ova Alice [Yates] Dennis Martin, buried Bristow OK
[2] SS/W Beverly "Granny" [Orr] Wheeler Dennis
DENNISHarry Claude12/Aug/189507/Oct/1973"Father"
SS/W & Husb of Isabell Inona Dennis
DENNISHazel Mae [Rist]01/Oct/1934
Quay OK
Pawnee OK
Earl Raymond & Edna Mae [O'Leary] Rist
Wife of Kenneth Dean Dennis
Palmer Marler Funeral Home ~ Cushing OK
Unmarked Grave
ELRODBuster Buck29/Jul/191621/Aug/1998 
"Sgt US Army ~ World War II"
Single Marker
EVANSDanial James03/Mar/1849
Payne CO OK
"Gone but not forgotten"
Husb of Sarah L. [Eaton] Evans
Single Marker
EVANSGeorge Washington02/Jul/1874
Jennings OK
Son of Danial James & Sarah L. [Eaton] Evans
Husb of Jeanetta Sarah "Jennie" [Stults] Evans
Single Marker?
EVANSJeanetta Sarah "Jennie" [Stults] 24/Jul/1877
Payne CO OK
Wife of George Washington Evans
Single Marker?
EVANSRobert Elza "Elzie"26/Jul/190604/Jan/1970Son of George Washington & Jeanetta Sarah "Jennie" [Stults] Evans
Single Marker
EVANSRoy04/Jan/194411/Jan/1944Single Marker
EVANSSarah L. [Eaton]28/Jan/1853
Barren CO KY
"Wife of Daniel Evans"
Dau of Carroll B. & Nancy L. [Jones] Eaton
Single Marker
EVANSSylvester "Vester"15/Jan/1918
Jennings OK
"Our Loving Uncle"
Son of George Washington & Jeanetta Sarah "Jennie" [Stults] Evans
Single Marker
GOSSMelinda Ellen [Long] Culver19/Oct/1886
Yale OK
Dau of Eli Ezekiel & Lucetta A. [Reser] Long
Wife of
[1] Charles Augustus Culver
[2] Unknown Goss
Single Marker
GARCIAJoe Villaescusa27/Apr/194730/May/1994"My Lord And My God"
Single Marker
HACKERLaverna Irene21/Jan/1915
Quay OK
"Safe in the arms of Jesus"
Dau of William Jackson & Margaret Elizabeth [Worrell] Hacker
Single Marker
HAHSNaomi [Heiliger]22/Feb/1928
OK City OK
Dolores CO
"In Loving Memory"
Dau of Eugene Ralph & Mary Evelyn [Brown] Heiliger
Wife of Unknown Hahs
Single Marker
HAWKINSJames Henry "jim"19/Feb/1873
Fort Scott KS
San Diego CA
"In Loving Memory Of Our Father"
Son of John Randal & Mary Jane [Schallonberger] Hawkins
Husb of Samantha "Mattie" [Rudd] Hawkins
Marr 18/Jun/1894
Kent~Ewing Mortuary ~ San Diego CA
Single Marker
HAWKINSLowell Clifford03/Jul/1899
Chandler OK
Yale OK
"Son of J. Hawkins"
Son of James Henry & Samantha "Mattie" [Rudd] Hawkins
Single Marker
HAWKINSSamantha "Mattie" [Rudd]10/Dec/1875
Linn CO KS
Yale OK
"Mother" "RNA" "A loving wife and mother now she has gone"
Wife of James Henry Hawkins
Marr 18/Jun/1894
Single Marker
HAYDOCKE. M.18571922"Mr & Mrs E. M. Haycock"
SS/W & Husb of Unknown Haydock
HAYDOCKUnknown18591939"Mr & Mrs E. M. Haycock"
SS/W & Wife of E. M. Haydock
HEILIGEREugene Ralp20/Jun/190618/Sep/1999SS/W & Husb of Mary Evelyn [Brown] Heiliger
HEILIGERMary Evelyn [Brown]19/Aug/1909
01/Jun/1974Dau of Virgil R. & Ollie Ethel [Webb] Brown
SS/W & wife of Eugene Ralph Heiliger
HINDSDeane [Morphew]11/Feb/192810/Aug/1973Single Marker
"CO D 241A Inf Reg Iowa Union Army ~ Civil War"
Single Marker
JACOBSDana Dee07/Apr/195014/Apr/2000 
"FN US Navy ~ Vietnam USS Coral Sea" "In Our Hearts Always and Forever"
Two Markers
JACOBSJuanita Ione11/Dec/190217/Jun/1992"In Loving Memory" "Parents of Jack & Patricia"SS/W & Wife of Thomas Elva Jacob
Memorial Bench
JACOBSMary June [Heiliger]22/Dec/1929
Watonga OK
20/Nov/1995"[Married] Feb 6, 1948" "Parents of Michael Lee, Dana Dee & Jack Randolph"
Dau of Eugene Ralph & Mary Evelyn [Brown] Heiliger
Wife of Jack Royce Jacobs
JACOBSThomas Elva12/Sep/1906 22/Feb/1986"In Loving Memory" "Parents of Jack & Patricia"
Husb of Mary June [Heiliger]
Memorial Bench
JONESRosa E. "Rosy"22/Feb/1858
Yale OK
"At Rest"
Wife of Smith Jones
Single Marker
Daviess CO IN
Yale OK

"CO E 44 Ind Inf Union Army ~ Civil War"
Son of John Barrett & Margaret [Bennington] Jones
Husb of Rosa E. "Rosy" Jones
Single Marker
JONESWilma Jean [Clawson]23/Dec/1946
Yale OK
Oilton OK
Dau of A.J. & Vasca [Comer] Clawson
Wife of Herman D. Jones
Marr 16/Apr/1966
Palmer Marler FHM
JOYCharles Wilbur31/Mar/190920/Jun/1909"Son of Era & Edith Joy" "Safe in the arms of Jesus"
Single Marker
LEWISJ. W.04/Dec/184402/Aug/1907"Death is the crown of life"
Single Marker
LITTLEAzro Amos13/May/188517/May/1947Son of Andrew Simpson & Sarah Ann [Pennington] Little
Husb of Sarah Etta [Ownbey] Little
Single Marker
LITTLEBertha M.24/Mar/188106/Oct/1953"Bertha" "He Opened The Door And Bid Me Come In"
Single Marker
LITTLEIrene28/May/191404/Nov/1914"Asleep In Jesus"
Single Marker
LITTLESarah Etta [Ownbey]20/Feb/188708/Dec/1914"Gone but not forgotten"
Dau of Josepg L. & Mary J. Ownbey
Wife of Azro Amos Little
Single Homemade Marker
LLOYDAlice Filer07/Mar/189016/Aug/1982Single Marker
LUKECharlotte M.16/Jul/192112/Nov/1984Single Marker
LUKEEffie Elizabeth [Clawson]30/May/1888
Kit Carson CO CO
Yale OK

SS/W & Wife of Jesse Joseph "Joe" Luke Jr
Marr 10/Jan/1913
Eckle Funeral Home ~ Yale OK
LUKEJesse Joseph "Joe" Jr28/Nov/192327/Jan/2006 
"T Sgt US Army Air Forces ~ World War II ~ Distinguished Flying Cross ~ Purple Heart"
Son of Jesse Joseph "Joe" & Effie Elizabeth [Clawson] Luke
Two Single Markers
LUKEJesse Joseph "Joe"26/Jan/188628/Sep/1963Son of Ethan Allen & Julia Elizabeth [Luke] Luke
SS/W & Husb of Effie Elizabeth [Clawson] Luke
LUKERBarbara Jean28/Jul/195407/Feb/2020Unmarked Grave
MacCLAINEveline [Pittman]28/Oct/186705/Feb/1958SS/W John B. MacClain, Husb & Murlin H. MacClain, Son
MacCLAINJohn B. Rev08/Apr/187418/Jun/1963SS/W Eveline [Pittman] MacClain, Wife & Murlin H. MacClain, Son
MacCLAINMurlin H.14/May/190423/Jul/1974SS/W & Son of Rev John B. & Eveline [Pittman] MacClain
MANLOVEInfant29/Jun/190906/Jul/1909"Son of Mr & Mrs L. G. Manlove" "For such is the kingdom of heaven"
Single Marker
MARTINAllie28/Nov/189011/Mar/1894"Our Darling Allie" "Baby" "Son of G. W. & Hannah Martin" "Budded on earth to bloom in heaven"
Son of George Washington & Hannah [McGaha] Martin
Single Marker
MARTINGeorge Washington19/Sep/1862
Tulsa OK
Husb of Hannah [McGaha] Martin
Single Marker
MARTINHannah [McGaha]16/Oct/186424/Nov/1938Wife of George Washington Martin
Single Marker
"[Wed] Jan 29, 1972" "Yale Police Depasrtment"
SS/W & Husb of Sue Mathews
MATLOCKRose Mary18/May/192201/Nov/2004SS/W & Wife of Roy E. Matlock
MATLOCKRoy E.09/Jun/191829/Jul/2004 
"US Marine Corps ~ World War II"
SS/W & Husb of Rose Mary Matlock
Two Markers
McCROSKEYEmma15/Sep/190228/Nov/1905"Our Darling" "Dau of H. C. & F. A. McCroskey"
Dau of Harvey Chapman & Flora Augusta [Templeton] McCroskey
Accidentally run over by wagon wheel
Single Marker
McGAHAElizabeth [Kille]14/Jun/184408/Apr/1931"Dear Mother" "Wife of Joseph McGaha"
2nd Wife of Joseph B. "Joe" McGaha
Single Marker
McGAHAInfant 10/Feb/1924"Infant Son of Leo & Jennie McGaha"
Son of Leo John & Jennie [May] McGaha
Single Marker
McGAHAJoe B.21/Jan/192517/May/1981"Wed Mar 25, 1946"
SS/W & Husb of Pansy M. McGaha
McGAHAJoseph B. "Joe"29/Sep/1825
Ross CO OH
Payne CO OK
"Gone but not forgotten"
Husb of
[1] Sarah [Macklin] McGaha, buried McClure OH
[2] Elizabeth [Kille] McGaha
McGAHAPansy M.26/Apr/192715/Apr/1970"Wed Mar 25, 1946" "My Loving Mother"
SS/W & Wife of Joe B. McGaha
Two Markers
McGAHAThomas18691935"While We Have Time, Let Us Do Good"
Husb of Unknown McGaha
Father of Johsph Benjamin McGaha, buried Carmi IL
Single Marker
McNIELJoe Robert06/Aug/193009/Feb/2000 
"Cpl US Army ~ Korea" "Rest In Peace"
Single Marker
MILLERAmbrose J.18761938Husb of Alice A. [Tate] Miller
Single Marker
MILLERCharles H.18441910Single Marker
MORRISClaudine Isabel "Babe" [Dennis]21/Jan/1940
Depew OK
SS/W & Wife of Robert Earl "Bob" Morris
MORRISRobert Earl "Bob"28/Aug/192609/Sep/2005

"SGT US Army ~ World War II"
Son of William Ray & Stella [Cumby] Morris
SS/W & Husb of Claudine Isabel "Babe" [Dennis] Morris
Tool Pusher - Driller - Cowboy
NICHOLASMillie J.17/Dec/183509/Oct/1910"His Wife"
SS/W & Wife of Nathan Nicholad
NICHOLASNathan17/Dec/183509/Oct/1910SS/W & Husb of Millie J. Nicholas
NOBLEAdilya June [Cravens]29/Nov/194026/Jan/2004"Parents of Lenn, Tamie & Charlottia"
SS/W & Wife of Charles E. Noble
OWNBEYClarence A.29/Jan/190503/Sep/1973Son of Joseph L. & Eva A. Ownbey
SS/W & Brother of Daniel D. Ownbey
OWNBEYDaniel D.17/Aug/190521/Nov/1951Son of Joseph L. & Eva A. Ownbey
SS/W & Brother of Clarence A. Ownbey
OWNBEYEva A.02/Jan/188102/Aug/1936Dau of Joseph L. & Eva A. Ownbey
Single Marker
OWNBEYJoseph L.14/Apr/186324/Oct/1938Son of John Ownbey & Mary Lucinda Rose
Single Marker
OWNBEYMary E.19161916Dau of Joseph L. & Eva A. Ownbey
Single Homemade Marker
OWNBEYMary J.18631902Wife of Joseph L. Ownbey
Single Homemade Marker
OWNBEYVelma19081908Dau of Joseph L. & Eva A. Ownbey
Single Homemade Marker
PARMLEYClara [Tapp]25/Feb/1890
Camden CO MO
Yale OK
Dau of William Jackson & Flora B. [Hamilton] Tapp
Wife of Henry Stephen Parmley
Single Marker
PARMLEYHenry Stephen21/Mar/187908/Feb/1940Husb of Clara [Tapp] Parmley
Single Marker
PARMLEYJames Knox04/Jan/184724/Nov/1926
"CO L 16 MO Cav Union Army Civil War"
Husb of Julia Ann Parmley
Single Marker
PARMLEYLewis Newell19261981 
"US Navy ~ World War II"
Son of Henry Stephen & Clara [Tapp] Parmley
Single Marker
PEARCE ASKEWSherrie Ann11/Jul/195707/Sep/1998"Loving Mother Of Michelle"
Dau of Eb Buddy Pearce & Florence Ann "Flo" [Davis] Pearce Brogan
Wife of Jerry Michael Askew
Single Marker
PIERSONInfant--/Nov/1911--/Nov/1911"Infant Dau of E. A. & L. A. Pierson"
Single Marker
Bedford CO PA
CO G, 65th Illinois Infantry Union Army ~ Civil War"Gone But Not Forgotten"
Son of Benjamin & Unknown Pittman
SS/W & Husb of Esther [Pittman] Pittman, 1st Cousin
PITTMANEsther [Pittman]15/Dec/1838
Fulton CO PA
03/Oct/1910"His Wife"
SS/W & Wife of Abram Pittman, 1st Cousin
POEFred W.07/Apr/188925/Mar/1907Single Hard To Read Marker
POSTLETHWAITGeorge J.22/Jul/192825/Jul/1988 
"US Army ~ Korea"
Husb of Margaret Postlethwait
Single Marker
POSTLETHWAITMargaret30/Jan/192301/Jan/2002"In Loving Memory"
Wife of George J. Postlethwait
Single Marker
QUIGLEYRuth30/Sep/190014/Jul/1977Single Marker
REECEBennett P.11/Oct/189302/Aug/1982Single Marker
RHOADSJimmie Lee "Daddy Jim" Rev12/Aug/1934
Bixby OK
Stillwater OK
"[Married] Jan 16, 1953"
Son of Alva Pearl & Stella Irene [Baker] Rhoads
Husb of Frances Sue [Shideler] Rhoads
Other Side Of Double Marker Is Blank
RHOADSWilliam H.18741957"Father"
Son of James Curtis & Unknown Rhoads
Husb of Unknown Rhoads
Single Marker
RICKSJohn Lee28/Mar/191002/Nov/1992"Beloved Uncle"
Single Marker
RITTENHOUSEHelen [Berry]17/Mar/191414/Jun/1980"Our Mother"
Dau of George W. & Mittie Caroline [Moyer] Berry
Wife of Paul Rittenhouse, buried Pampa TX
Single Marker
ROBBINSJohn Toliver--/Feb/1869
Barry CO MO
Yale OK
Son of William Jefferson & Martha [Atkisson] Robbins
1st Husb of Amandy Lucinda [Smith] Robbins Rounds, buried Sanger CA
Single Marker
ROBINSONInona Louise21/Nov/195521/Nov/1955"In God's Care"
Single Marker
ROSSSarah Elizabeth [Gilbert]1858
Greenup IL
Yale OK
Dau of William N. & Mary Catherine [Snider] Gilbert
SS/W & Wife of Silas E. Ross
ROSSSilas E.1852
1909Son of Osmore L. & Jerusha L. [Burnet] Ross
SS/W & Husb of Sarah Elizabeth [Gilbert] Ross
SCHOONOVERMabel Leona [Delancy]10/Nov/1917
Payne CO OK
Yale OK
Dau of George Gilbert & Estella Mae [Atterberry] DelancyWife of Marvin Russell Schoonover
Suicide by hanging
Single Marker
SEXTONManerva [Smith]25/Dec/1838
Washington CO AR
15/Oct/1911Single Marker
SIMPSONBeckey Sue09/Mar/195629/Aug/2012
Drumright OK
"In God's Loving Care" "Married Hobert Simpson Feb 20, 1998"
Palmer Marler Funeral Home ~ Yale OK
Single Marker
SMITHDorothy Virginia30/Apr/191311/Oct/1913"In God's Care"
Single Marker
SMITHMildred01/Aug/31/Jan/1913"Dau of H. M. & J. A. Smith"
Single Marker
SNYDERDavid18591922Single Marker
SOLOMONSy17/Apr/187517/Jan/1920"Gone from our home but not from our hearts" "In God we trust"
Son of Albert Wilson & Biddie Ellen [Ethridge] Broam
Husb of Susan Jane [Broam] Solomon, buried Lawson Cemetery
Single Marker
STEBBINSAmos A.16/Nov/184428/Dec/1900"Farewell, my wife and children all. From you a father Christ doth call."
Single Marker
STERNBURGNina [Tharp]08/Oct/191122/Mar/1995
Sapulpa OK

Wife of Truman Sternburg
SS/W & Sister of Nina Tharp
2nd Grade Teacher
Donated her body to College of Osteopathic Medicine
STODDARDAlbert Roy I11/Nov/1946
Salt Lake City UT
Cushing OK

US Marine Corps "[Married] Sept 24, 1994"
Son of William & Katheryn [Brewer] Stoddard
SS/W & Husb of Connie M. Stoddard
Palmer Marler Funeral Home ~ Cushing OK
STODDARDConnie M.09/Aug/195102/Aug/2006"[Married] Sept 24, 1994"
SS/W & Wife of Albert Roy Stoddard I
STOOPSSamuel18591924Single Homemade Marker
STRADERAndrew Ambrose "Andy"14/Sep/1840
Hutton IL
Yale OK
Son of Vincent & Patience H. [Stewart] Strader
SS/W & Husb of Martha Jane [Beavers] Strader
Single Marker
STRADERElmer Elworth11/Mar/1865
Hutton IL
Yale OK
"Father" "Gone But Not Forgotten"
Son of Andrew Ambrose "Andy" & Martha Jane [Beavers] Strader
SS/W & Husb of Sarah Lillie Strader
STRADEREmory Lewis10/Apr/1862
Hutton IL
Yale OK
Son of Andrew Ambrose "Andy" & Martha Jane [Beavers] Strader
Single Marker
STRADERMartha Jane [Beavers]11/Mar/184321/Apr/1924"Mother"
Dau of William & Nancy [Brandenburg] Beavers
SS/W & Wife of Andrew Ambrose "Andy" Strader
STRADERN. M.--/Aug/190106/Feb/1902"Gone But Not Forgotten" "Age 6 MO
Homemade & Single Marker
STRADERRoy19011927 "Gone But Not Forgotten"
Single Marker
STRADERSarah Lillie18751925"Mother" "Gone But Not Forgotten"
SS/W & Wife of Elmer Elworth Strader
STRADERWilliam19031904Single Marker
TAPPDorothy D.12/Jan/190617/May/2003SS/W Gleason Tapp
TAPPGleason20/Feb/190829/Mar/1972SS/W Dorothy D. Tapp
TEAGUECassie H. [Culver05/Jan/191606/Aug/1984Single Marker
THARPBernice J.21/Aug/190408/Oct/1998"Sisters"
SS/W & Sister of Nina [Tharp] Sternburg
THARPDebby O.11/Nov/190118/Apr/1904"Dau of J. G. & L. L. Tharp" "Budded on earth to bloom in heaven"
Single Marker
THARPFred Eugene15/Sep/190828/Mar/1986SS/W & Husb of Nellie Faye [West] Tharp
THARPFreddie Ray30/Apr/1948
Yale OK
Broken Arrow OK
Son of Fred Eugene & Nellie Faye [West] Tharp
Palmer Marler Funeral Home ~ Yale OK
Unmarked Grave
THARPJesse E.18711950SS/W & Wife of Lena Lenore [Marple] Tharp
THARPLena Lenore [Marple]18721949SS/W & Wife of Jesse E. Tharp
THARPMerle Leroy 27/Jul/1941 
"Olahoma Pvt US Army"
Single Marker
THARPNellie Faye [West]14/Dec/191621/Oct/2006SS/W & wife of Fred Eugene Tharp
THOMASAmy Sue [Hunt]05/Dec/1944
Pawhuska OK
Tulsa OK
"Forever In My Heart"
Dau of Homer & Ineva [O'Rear] Hunt
Other Side of Double Marker Is Blank
THOMASEdward J.18681947Single Marker
THOMASIda L.19181919Single Marker
THOMASJohn A.18371913Single Marker
THOMASJohn C.18641947Single Marker
THOMASKenny18/Apr/195804/Sep/1972"Our Son"
Single Marker
THOMASLoraine19181919Single Marker
THOMPSONJ. B.06/Sep/190203/Aug/1905"Son of J. & F. L. Thompson"
Single Cracked Marker
THOMPSONOpal12/Feb/190523/Feb/1905"Dau of J. & F. L. Thompson"
Single Marker
TOWNSENDElizabeth J. [Hick]27/Mar/183027/Feb/1909"Mother"
SS/W & Wife of James T. Townsend
TOWNSENDJames T.20/Nov/1830
Clark CO IN
Payne CO OK
Son of William T. & Christena Leanne [Boyer] Townsend
SS/W & Husb of Elizabeth J. [Hiks] Toensend
TOWNSENDMary18951912"In God's Care"
Dau of George William & Rosella M. [Ward] Townsend
Single Marker
TROTHElla Clarinda [Fowler]18521909SS/W & Wife of William A. Troth
TROTHWilliam A.18531931SS/W & Husb of Ella Clarinda [Fowler
TURNEREdward Matthew "Ed"14/Nov/192518/Nov/1997"[Married] Dec 31, 1977" "Together Forever"
Son of Edward Matthew & Vernie Eloda [Amey] Turner
SS/W & Husb of Patty Sue [Clawson] Turner
Parks Brothers Funeral Home ~ Oilton OK
TURNERPatty Sue [Clawson]02/Jul/1938
OK City OK
"[Married] Dec 31, 1977" "Together Forever"
Dau of A. J. & Vasca Clawson
SS/W & Wife of Edward Matthew "Ed" Turner
Yale OK
"Grandpa Sam"
Palmer Marler Funeral Home !~ Yale OK
Single Marker
TURNERThomas Jefferson24/Aug/195424/Aug/1954"Infant"
Single Marker
WADDLEAlberta01/Apr/191507/Jun/1915"Dau of S. M. & F. V. Waddle"
Dau of Simon McGrew Waddle & Fannie Viola [Minnick] Waddle Hacker
Single Marker
WADDLESimon McGrew29/Jun/1883
Marion CO IA
Yale OK
"Aged 31 Years"
S0n of James C. & Nancy Margaret [Mains] Waddle
1st Husb of Fannie Viola [Minnick] Waddle Hacker
Typhoid Fever
Single Marker
WALLACEDavid28/Jul/189804/Jul/1917Single Marker
WALLACEHenry Vivian03/May/189418/Jun/1966"[Married] Sept 26, 1914"
SS/W & Husb of Mable Jane [Taylor] Wallace
WALLACEMable Jane [Taylor]16/Jul/189206/Oct/1980"[Married] Sept 26, 1914"
Dau of James Thomas & Lorina Belle [Richards] Taylor
SS/W & Wife of Henry Vivian Wallace
WARDRobert W.05/Apr/189007/Dec/1952
"Oklahoma Sgt Utilities Det QMC ~ World War I"
Single Marker
WESTAlice May10/Jul/190225/Feb/1984"Loving Memories"
Single Marker
WILLIAMSStacie Lynn11/Nov/197311/Nov/1973Dau of Jackie L. & Marilyn Sye [Kenney] Williams
Single Marker
WOLFFSusie Ann27/Apr/195726/Apr/2014
Tulsa OK
"[Married] July 8, 1978" "Parents of Amber Chloe & Travis Brett"
SS/W & Wife of Delbert Neal Wolff
Palmer Marler Funeral Home ~ Yale OK
Single Marker
WOODSFloyd William Jr04/Feb/195121/Jun/1971

 "Oklahoma Sgt CO D 198 DBE 23 Inf Div ~ Vietnam BSM & OLC ~ PH" "KIA"
Husb of Gwen Woods
Two Single Markers
WOODSWilliam Floyd19101969SS/W Beulah M. Woods

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