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Perkins Cemetery

Perkins, Payne County, Oklahoma

Submitted & © by: John Lehr
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Cemetery Listing submitted & © 2024 by:
Michael & Janice Johnson
Current information as of July 2020

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S-2, Lot 66, Space 2ACUFFCarolBarbara25/Aug/192813/Sep/2011
Stillwater OK
17/Sep/2011SS/W & Wife of Cecil W. Acuff
Wed 1947
Strode Funeral Home ~ Stillwater OK
S-2, Lot 66, Space 1ACUFFCecilWarner25/Apr/1923
Cushing OK
Stillwater OK
"US Navy"
Son of Warner Wesley & Sarah Anna Marie [Laughlin] Acuff
SS/W & Husb of Carol Barbara [Staley] Acuff
Wed 1947
Teacher - Coach - Principal
Perkins OK
Son of Cecil Warner Acuff and Carol Barbara [Staley] Acuff
Unmarked Grave
SEC-4, Lot 62, Space 3ACUFFSarahAnna [Laughlin]15/Jul/1898
Oregon MO
18/May/1967 "Gone to be with The Lord"
Dau of Austin Burdett & Mary Caroline Laughlin
SS/W & Wife of Warner Wesley Acuff
Wed 13/Jan/1920 OK City OK
SEC-4, Lot 62, Space 4ACUFFWarnerWesley09/Apr/189410/Apr/1971  
"Oklahoma Cpl CO D 357 Infantry ~ World War II" Gone to be with The Lord"
SS/W & Husb of Sarah Ann [Laughlin] Acuff
Wed 13/Jan/1920
Two Markers
ORIG-1, Lot 61, Space 4ADAMSAlberta[Zook]
Ada OK
Perkins OK
 Dau of James A. & Laura Ophelia [Ross] Zook
SS/W & Wife of John Silas Adams
ORIG-1, Lot 61, Space 4ADAMSJohnSilas
Washington CO IA
 SS/W & Husb of Alberta [Zook] Adams
ORIG-1, Lot 60, Space 3ADKISONAmosP.13/Apr/1835
Dayton OH
Perkins OK
  "Pvt CO D 22nd IA Inf ~ Civil War"
Husb of Martha Ann [Esshom] Adkins
Single Marker
ORIG-1, Lot 60, Space 2ADKISONClaraE.02/Aug/189814/Nov/1899 "Gone Home" "Age 1 Yr, 2 MO, 28 DY"
Dau of James & Martha L. [Swan] Adkison
Homemade Marker
ORIG-1, Lot 60, Space 2ADKISONMarthaAnn [Esshom]06/Jan/1836
Putnam CO IN
Perkins OK
Perkins CO OK
Dau of William Esshom & Salinda Emaline [Spurgeon] Esshom
Wife of Amos P. Adkins
Unmarked Grave
ORIG-1, Lot 53, Space 3ALBRIGHTEarl 28/Jun/189321/Sep/1893 "Son of Franklin & May E. Albright" "Safe in the arms of Jesus"
Single Marker
SEC-1, Lot 19, Space 4ALBRIGHTEdwinRoosevelt09/Sep/1906
Payne CO OK
 Husb of Ruby B. [Sherrill] Albright
Wed 1926
Single Marker
ORIG-1, Lot 44, Space 3ALBRIGHTFlorenceL.16/Nov/188607/Mar/1928 SS/W May E. Albright
ORIG-1, Lot 53, Space 1ALBRIGHTFrancesWillard01/Jun/189012/Sep/1893 "Dau of Franklin & May E. Albright"
Single Marker
SEC-4, Lot 60, Space 3ALBRIGHTFrankMarion13/Oct/186025/May/1935
Waynesville MO
27/May/1936Son of Vachel H. & Susannah M. [Johnston] Albright
Husb of Mary [Ward] Albright
Wed Burlington KS
Single Marker
Strode Funeral Home ~ Stillwater OK
Block, Lot, SpaceALBRIGHTGarrett 1900
Osage CO OK
Osage CO OK
 Son of Frank & Nancy Elizabeth [Lovell] Albright
Unmarked Grave
ORIG-1, Lot 39, Space 4ALBRIGHTHoraceGreely "Harry"
 Son of Vachel H. & Susannah M. [Johnston] Albright
SS/W & Husb of Lusetta S. Albright
SEC-1, Lot 49, Space 4ALBRIGHTLawrenceHall24/Jul/190430/Oct/197806/Nov/1978Single Marker
ORIG-1, Lot 39, Space 3ALBRIGHTLusettaS.
 Dau of Francis & Bertha Davis
SS/W & Wife of Horace Greely "Harry" Albright
ORIG-1, Lot 44, Space 2ALBRIGHTMayE.08/Dec/186505/Mar/1937 SS/W Florence L. Albright
Block, Lot, SpaceALBRIGHTPaul 
15/Dec/1899 Son of F. M. & Unknown Albright
Typhoid Fever
Unmarked Grave
SEC-1, Lot 19, Space 3ALBRIGHTRubyB. [Sherrill]05/Aug/1907
Payne CO OK
Payne CO OK
08/Aug/1992Dau of Jesse L. & Ora Ethel [Kidder] Sherrill
Wife of Edwin Roosevelt Albright
Wed 1926
Single Marker
ORIG-1, Lot 39, Space 1ALBRIGHTSusannahM. [Johnston]09/Dec/1834
Belmont CO OH
10/Apr/1911 "Mother"
Dau of Larkin S. & Anna Mariah [Rector] Johnston
SS/W & Wife of Vachel H. Albright
Wed 05/Jan/1857 Belmont CO OH
ORIG-1, Lot 39, Space 2ALBRIGHTVachelH.08/Sep/183120/Jan/1920 "Father"
SS/W & Husb of Susannah M. [Johnson] Albright
Wed 05/Jan/1857 Belmont CO OH
ORIG-1, Lot 39, Space 5ALBRIGHTVachelR.27/Jan/1895
24/Feb/1896 "Son of H. G. & D. L. Albright"
Son of Horace Greely "Harry" & Lusetta Albright
Single Marker
SEC-1, Lot 45, Space 3ALBRIGHTVirginia[Carpenter]03/Aug/1928
Bellefontaine OH
OK City OK
09/Dec/2011Dau of Fredrick Earl Carpenter & Susie LeVan
Wife of Don Albright
Palmer Marler Funeral Home ~ Purcell OK
Single Marker
 ALLENCassandra27/Feb/197129/May/2022 Unmarked Grave
SEC-4, Lot 62, Space 1ALLENJohnElisha09/Jan/188227/Nov/1971 Single Marker
ORIG-2, Lot 21, Space 1ANDERSONAllen 24/Jun/1862
17/Mar/1918 SS/W & Husb of Amanda Anderson
ORIG-2, Lot 21, Space 2ANDERSONAmanda 21/Jul/1871
24/Jul/1944 SS/W & Wife of Allen Anderson
ORIG-2, Lot 21, Space 4ANDERSONBessie 21/Oct/188929/Jan/1894 "Dau of Allen & Amanda Anderson"
Single Marker
72-1, Lot 16, Space 2ANDERSONJasonReeves09/Sep/196218/May/198321/May/1983"Beloved Son and Brother in our hearts he perished not"
Single Marker
72-1, Lot 16, Space 3ANDERSONJerryLee07/Aug/1940
Tulsa OK
Tryon OK
31/Aug/2007"In Loving Memory"
Son of Martin and Lucille [Chastain] Anderson
Parks Brothers Funeral Service ~ Chandler OK
Single Marker
ORIG-1, Lot 58, Space 1ANDRICK* 3 Babies    Unmarked Graves
ORIG-1, Lot 58, Space 2ANDRICK* 3 Babies    Unmarked Graves
ORIG-1, Lot 58, Space 2ANDRICKBessieHazel13/Nov/1898
Iowa Township OK
Perkins OK
 Dau of John Walter & Nettie Viola [McKinley] Andrick
SS/W Fred Francis "Freddie" & Lela Fern Andrick
ORIG-1, Lot 58, Space 2ANDRICKFredFrancis "Freddie"1895
Iowa Township OK
Payne CO OK
 Son of John Walter & Nettie Viola [McKinley] Andrick
SS/W Bessie & Lela Fern Andrick
SEC-1, Lot 20, Space 4ANDRICKJohnHarry16/Jun/1903
Lincoln CO OK
Stillwater OK
 Son of John Walter & Nettie Viola [McKinley] Andrick
Husb of
[1] SS/W Lillie Mae [Gearhart] Andrick
Wed 1925
[2] Opal [Rogers] Andrick
Wed 1968
ORIG-1, Lot 58, Space 4ANDRICKJohnWalter10/Jun/1865
Franklin CO OH
Payne CO OK
 Son of John Walter & Anna Barbara [Geyer] Andrick
SS/W & Husb of Nettie Viola [McKinley] Andrick
ORIG-1, Lot 58, Space 2ANDRICKLelaFern1892
Lincoln CO OK
Lincoln CO OK
 Dau of John Walter & Nettie Viola [McKinley] Andrick
SS/W Bessie Hazel & Fred Francis "Freddie" Andrick
SEC-1, Lot 20, Space 3ANDRICKLillieMae [Gearhart]08/Apr/1906
Perkins OK
Stillwater OK
 Dau of Charles Thomas & Edna Angeline Gearhart
SS/W & Wife of John Harry Andrick
Wed 1925
ORIG-1, Lot 58, Space 3ANDRICKNettieViola [McKinley]22/Feb/1870
Payne CO OK
 SS/W & Wife of John Walter Andrick
SEC-4, Lot 3, Space 2ANDRICKOpalRogers [Washburn]30/May/1918
Lincoln CO OK
Stillwater OK
03/Jul/1987Wife of
[1] Jefferson J. Washburn
[2] John Harry Andrick
Wed 1968
Single Marker
ORIG-1, Lot 1, Space 4ANNISWilliam    Unmarked Grave
ORIG-3, Lot 47, Space 1APPLEBEEHariateR. [Dickson] Stansbury08/Jul/1837
Logansville OH
 Dau of Thompson & Cynthia [Turner] Dickson
Wife of
[1] John F. Stansbury
Wed 1854
[2] Henry Applebee
Wed 1880
Single Marker
ORIG-3, Lot 47, Space 2APPLEBEEHenry 20/Jul/1830
Muskingum CO OH
Perkins OK
"Pvt CO H 58th Ill Inf ~ Civil War"
Son of Benjamin & Elizabeth [Guist] Applebee
Husb of
[1] Amanda [Yetter] Applebee
Wed 1848
[2] Hariate R. [Dickson] Stansbury Applebee
Wed 1880
Single Marker
ORIG-2, Lot 41, Space 4APPLEBEENathanJ.13/Dec/1832
Perkins OK
 Son of Benjamin & Elizabeth [Guist] Applebee
Husb of Emma [Pierce] Applebee
Wed 1851
Single Marker
SEC-1, Lot 66, Space 1ARTHURBonnieB.05/Apr/191304/Apr/200321/Apr/2003"Our Mother"
Single Marker
SEC-1, Lot 52, Space 1ARTHURFlorence Ellen [Smith]08/Jul/191520/Oct/2008
Norman OK
23/Oct/2008Dau of Charley & Edna [Mitchell] Smith
Wife of
[1] John W. Arthur
Wed 1934
[2] Fred Sewell
Wed 1972
Strode Funeral Home ~ Stillwater OK
SEC-1, Lot 52, Space 2ARTHURJohnW.28/Aug/1908
Payne CO OK
 Son of LeRoy Thomas & Sarah Melvina Arthur
SS/W & 1st Husb of Florence Ellen [Smith] Arthur Sewell
SEC-1, Lot 66, Space 2ARTHURLarryGene30/Nov/193719/Dec/1951 Single Marker
SEC-1, Lot 52, Space 3ARTHURMarthaM.
07/Oct/1980SS/W & Wife of Rhyner Ott Arthur
Wed 1932
SEC-1, Lot 52, Space 4ARTHURRhynerOtt03/May/1910
Laurel CO KY
Payne CO OK
 Son of LeRoy Thomas & Sarah Melvina Arthur
SS/W & Husb of Martha M. Arthur
Wed 1932
NEW-3, Lot 18, Space 2ARTHURRickeyDon12/Mar/194913/Mar/1949 SS/W Theodore Wayne Arthur
SEC-1,Lot 66, Space 3ARTHURTheodoreR.03/Apr/191317/Mar/1988 "He Lived"
Son of LeRoy Thomas & Sarah Melvina Arthur
Single Marker
NEW-3, Lot 18, Space 1ARTHURTheodoreWayne17/Mar/194824/Apr/1948 SS/W Rickey Don Arthur
72-1, Lot 13, Space 4ARTHURThomasWilliam "Tom"22/Apr/1935
Perkins OK
Stillwater OK
"[Wed] July 4, 1955"
Son of Rhyner Ott & Martha M. [Allison] Arthur
SS/W & Husb of Dorothy June [Brown] Arthur
Wed Cushing OK
Palmer Marler Funeral Home ~ Stillwater OK
NEW-3, Lot 18, Space 3ARTHURVernaLee16/Feb/192220/Aug/200321/Aug/2003"[Wed] Feb 26, 1943"
SS/W & Wife of Walter B. Arthur
NEW-3, Lot 18, Space 4ARTHURWalterB.15/Jun/1918
Sumerset KY
OK City OK
31/Mar/2007"[Wed] Feb 26, 1943"Son of LeRoy Thomas & Sarah Melvina Arthur
SS/W & Husb of Verna Lee Arthur
SEC-1, Lot 52, Space 1ARTHUR SEWELLFlorenceEllen [Smith]08/Jul/1915
Perkins OK
Norman OK
 Dau of Charley Smith & Edna [Mitchell] Smith
Wife of
[1] SS/W John W. Arthur
Wed 1934
[2] Fred Sewell
Wed 1942
Strode Funeral Home ~ Stillwater OK
SEC-2, Lot 3, Space 2ASCHETINOOpalL. [Moor] Johnson   Unmarked Grave
SEC-2, Lot 9, Space 4ASHMENTClintonKeith14/Apr/197714/Apr/1977 Single Marker
SEC-3, Lot 6, Space 3ASTONS.Jane02/Jun/1920  Unmarked Grave
Block, Lot, SpaceAUSTINFrankDuBois04/May/1875
Pampa TX
 Son of Jacob Dubois & Unknown Austin
Husb of Mary Emma [Lavinder] Austin
Unmarked Grave
NEW-3, Lot 25, Space 3AUSTINMaryEmma [Lavinder]30/Apr/1877
Stillwater OK
 Wife of Frank DeBois Austin
Single Marker

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