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Sanders Cemetery

Childers, Nowata County, Oklahoma
Partial Survey
Location:  Sanders Cemetery is at the Twin Bridges east of Childers; in Blue Canyon at the Hassel Ranch.

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NOTE: Every effort has been made to transcribe this information accurately. These records MAY CONTAIN ERRORS. Any corrections and/or additions greatly appreciated. As with any genealogy information, this is a source and should be considered as such. It is up to the researcher to verify the accuracy.

I do not live in Nowata County and I do not have access to any records other than those presented here. Therefore, I am sorry that I am unable to answer any questions about specific people.







Adair George1827 12/22/1887 Photo
George 2/8/1896 12/30/1922OK Pvt Co K 894th Pioneer Inf  WW I
Alberty Amanda B Crawford1870 1936W of Moses E
Alberty Annie1902 1954 Photo
Alberty Cecil Jeral4/10/1935 1/11/1966 
Alberty Elliott Arthur12/30/1940 3/8/1998 
Alberty Henry A9/23/1945 12/5/1972 Photo
Alberty Leona1919 1981W of Moses C   Photo
Alberty Loyd D1898 1929Photo
Alberty Moses C1912 1983H of Leona     Photo
Alberty Moses E1870 1949H of Amanda
Alberty Otis Levi "Ocie" 6/1/1908 5/12/1998 Photo
Alberty Philip M1/1/1942 3/5/1992 Photo
Alberty RuthOct 1834 Nov 1938 
Alberty Sherman L1937 1966Photo
Alrid Amos A12/8/1887 6/19/1945H of Mary  Photo
Amos F 11/14/1913 12/20/1965OK Sgt 246th Ord Ammo Co WW II
Alrid Dennis7/20/1903 9/1/1975Photo
Fred 4/9/1906 12/18/1975TEC5 US Army 
WW II     Photo
John A 9/12/1908 6/12/1968TEC5 387th EngrBn
WW II     Photo
Alrid Mary Elizabeth1/7/1881 1/2/1938W of Amos A  Photo
Ball AuthurAge 66 10/8/1899Photo
Beason Jessie E1874 1956 Photo
Beason Mercie1897 1947Photo
Beck AlexanderJun 1881 3/12/1882 Photo
Beck Emmaline1872 2/19/1890D of M & E   Photo
Beck Louis    
Beck Sabre1880 6/6/1894D of M & E
Beck Sina11/30/1874 2/24/1889D of M & E   Photo
Beck Willie1870 4/2/1890S of M & E    Photo
Booker Blanche1/5/1899 7/22/1990 Photo
Bryant EdwardJul 1861 May 1877S of Ed & M M
Alfred   Co A 83rdRegt US CLD Inf
C H    
Chapman Augustus10/11/1867 8/11/1944H of Lottie
Chapman Lottie1/6/1898 5/15/1939W of Augustus
Childres Mrs R L1886 1921W of Robert
D W B    
Daugherty  1828 2/23/1888 
Davis Katherine1850 1909Photo
Downing Al "Big Al"1/9/1940 7/4/2005H of Flora
Downing Charity2/9/1891 7/29/1991 Photo
Downing Eli7/11/1875 7/20/1875 Photo
Downing Flora Mayes11/25/1912 9/22/1964W of Al   Photo
Downing Lloyd    
Duffin Francis3/2/1899 6/13/1972W of Nathan  Photo
Duffin Joshua Way1846 6/21/1909 Photo
Duffin Rev. NathanAge 66y 11m 6d 2/7/1885H of Francis    Photo
Duniphin Homer Lee8/4/1944 12/30/2018 
Eaton George   Photo
Benjamin   Member of 164th Depot Brig
F F P    
F H    
Gary Ruth Alberty6/17/1895 5/21/1991 
Gibson ??  1938 Photo
Gibson Cecil1907 1931 Photo
Clifford  12/6/1939 OK Pvt 365thInf 92nd Div   Photo
Gibson EdgarApr 1894 3/10/1895 
Jerry Wayne6/5/1960 6/29/2006US Navy    Photo
Gibson JohnnieNov 1895 4/2/1896 
Gibson Leroy3/3/1894 10/11/1899S of M & Susie   Photo
Gibson Odessia1905 1930Photo
Gibson Pearlie J3/11/1898 10/21/1944 Photo
Reed  12/27/1942 OK Pvt 804th Pioneer Inf    Photo
Seywood 1/20/1934 6/12/2005RCT US Army  Korea  Photo
Gibson Susie1871 1955Photo
Grimet Lula1888 9/11/1895D of H & M
Grimmet Bertha1875 1966 Photo
H I    
Hardman Nancy5/30/1880 ?/15/1851 
Hayes Freeman "Huey"5/31/1879 6/19/1890Photo
Hill Marline  1888 
Hill Theresa Elizabeth Alberty 1/24/1935 10/3/2017Photo
Hudson Ivory    
Hudson M A    
Hudson P    
Wilburn 11/26/1896 4/9/1951OK Pvt Co M 65th Pioneer Inf  WW I  Photo
Hudson William    
Hurd Hazel M  1922 
Hurt L C4/3/1958 4/3/1981 Photo
Iasly Cinthia7/5/1862 Feb 1873 Photo
J C    
Johnson B9/23/1840 3/9/1901 
Johnson Callie  5/30/1897 
George 7/27/1895 11/24/1918OK Pvt Co B 325th LaborBn QMC  WW I
Johnson H1850 1899 
Johnson JamesJun 1892 5/30/1893 
Johnson Kirk1866 1947 
Johnson Leon Moses12/9/1913 6/26/1985 Photo
Johnson LeRoy6/13/1909 8/25/1979 Photo
Johnson Malissa1/26/1888 5/9/1890 Photo
Johnson R9/24/1840 3/9/1901 Photo
Johnson Willard1/20/1882 6/19/1894 
Jones Kirk1866 1947Photo
Jones Lettie4/15/1898 4/9/1903D of L K & Georgia  Photo
Jones Mary Towers1937 1976Photo
Kirk Sylvia1828 1/11/1882Photo
Lasley Cinthia7/7/1862 Feb 1873 
Lett Henry7/14/1860 8/20/1888 
M E    
M T    
Martin M Elizabeth1913 1977 
Mayes David    
Mayes Jack Alvin8/19/1907 1/13/1956 
Mayes L G6/19/1877 3/9/1901W of D D
Mayes Susan1822 3/18/1897 
James H 2/22/1925 5/22/1949OK PFC Co I 24thInf
WW II     Photo
John Harrison 12/26/1888 7/31/1959OK PFC 414th Res Labor Bn QMC 
WW I   Photo
Mayhew Lillie Nunnalee7/21/1907 5/8/1974 
Mays David1810 1/9/1892 
Mays J S1855 1/8/1911 
McFail Sallie1857 4/21/1875 
McKelly Marie3/1/1907 4/11/1975 
Meggs Evia3/29/1886 6/6/1888 
Meggs Peter1826 9/4/1896Photo
Meigs Fannie3/10/1864 3/10/1890Photo
Meigs Henry1899 1977 
Meigs Iven    
Meigs Mattie1880 1966Photo
Meigs Nathan1883 12/3/1934 
Meigs Perry  1891 
Meigs Rosella    
Miller Faye Laverne 1/14/1921 2/12/1956 
Miller William1831 12/22/1893 
Moss Sarah C1857 5/11/1905 
N B    
N B    
N D    
Robert Lee 6/10/1953 10/18/1990US Army  Vietnam  Photo
R D    
R R  5/21/1922 
Ray Julia A1881 1949Photo
Riley Alvin V12/25/1922 6/22/1984 
Riley Lou Bertha Rowe1882 1941Photo
Riley Sylvester R10/21/1912 12/28/1963 Photo
Robinson Augusta Alberty11/2/1896 3/12/1983 Photo
Rogers Simule1882 5/28/1872 Photo
Rowe Harvey Daley  9/25/1921 OK Pvt 809th Pioneer Inf   Photo
Rowe Lerola1885 9/27/1901 
Rowe Letha    
SB D    
SC M    
SW G    
Sales Arthur1888 6/27/1968 
Sales Evelyn8/15/1900 11/15/1918 Photo
Sales Ira GG1870 1/1/1941 Photo
Sales Isaac1876 4/10/1890 
Sales Leroy    
Sales Lillie6/5/1872 11/13/1918 Photo
Sales Peter Levi7/5/1892 12/5/1949 Photo
Sales Zora1870 1/1/1941 
Sanders Alice G Meggs5-16/1854 6/8/1938 Photo
Sanders Ben11/28/1865 12/6/1938H of Lizzie
Sanders Carrie10/9/1879 3/23/1900 Photo
Sanders Daniel1769 1879Photo
Dan L   Co E 79th US G Inf
Sanders Ella1875 2/1/1895 
Sanders Eva1887 11/24/1906 
Sanders Isaac    
Sanders JosephOct 1866 8/11/1867 
Sanders Josephine6/2/1902 7/29/1908 
Sanders Lizzie7/6/1878 7/12/1932W of Ben
Sanders Louise K1901 1968 
Sanders Michael  1874 Photo
Sanders Millie9/19/1901 8/7/1902 
Sanders Minnie1876 2/10/1886 
Sanders Nancy Jane1858 5/25/1876 Photo
Sanders Olivia Woods6/8/19231 12/13/2011 Photo
Sanders Pollie1816 2/16/1900 
Sanders Rev. R M1836 Dec 1937 Photo
Sanders Sarah5/11/1878 1/27/1879 
Sanford Lillie J 9/7/1925 1/14/2010 
Saylers Charlie 1939 1941 
Saylers Oletah    
Sayles Arthur 1884 6/27/1968 
Sayles Georgia 1896 1961 
Sayles Hazel 12/4/1918 4/4/2000 Photo
Leon 4/20/1916 1/15/2005US Army  WW II   Photo
Sayles Martha A 1922 1999 
Sayles Robert R 1896 1969 
Sayles Ulysses 1894 1978 
Benjamin H   164th Depot Brig Photo
Scruggs Gideon 1879 3/13/1903 
Smith      Photo
Smith Ceaser  9/12/1899 
Smith Child 3/17/1889 12/27/1889Child of Joe & Hattie
Smith Herison  9/24/1899 
Smith Isaac 3/2/1880 4/14/1895S of Joe & Hattie  Photo
Smith Luwaser B 3/2/1879 4/2/1879S of Joe & Hattie
Smith Mary 11/23/1880 10/21/1899 Photo
Smith Matilda  12/31/1891 Photo
Smith Matilda 4/12/1882 6/13/1883D of Joe & Hattie Photo
Smith Moses Sep 1909 1/1/1910 
Smith Moses 11/18/1899 2/28/1900 
Smith Sulivan 1/8/1884 5/13/1884S of Joe & Hattie  Photo
Smith Wallace 3/17/1889 12/27/1889S of Joe & Hattie
Smith William 5/5/1874 6/28/1874S of Joe & Hattie
Stahr Charlotte 1841 4/20/1880W of John  Photo
Stahr Eivily1871 Mar 1871 D of John & Charlotte Photo
Starr Aaron12/12/1855 5/3/1892 
Starr AlbertMay 1887 1/10/1888 Photo
Starr Charley1861 1927H of Hannah  Photo
Starr Clydie1/5/1895 3/5/1895S of J & G  Photo
Starr E M12/3/1903 5/10/1980 Photo
Starr Emily1882 1979 
Starr FloydMay 1891 3/3/1902 
Starr Franklin11/14/1873 12/18/1892 
Starr Hannah Whitmire 1872 1917W of Charley  Photo
Starr Herbert6/23/1888 10/11/1977 
Starr J    
Starr Maudie L1892 11/3/1895 Photo
Samuel12/8/1923 5/3/1988US Army  WW II
Starr T W2/13/1894 9/7/1970 Photo
Steele Harry1849 1922H of Rachel    Photo
Steele Rachel1856 1894W of Harry      Photo
Stroud Birdie A2/23/1903 3/9/1987W of Herschel   Photo
Stroud Herschel11/10/1899 6/28/1974H of Birdie    Photo
Stroud Lon1875 1932H of Nancy    Photo
Stroud Nancy Mae Reta 1881 1961W of Lon    Photo
Thompson Baby    
Thompson Clyde9/15/1897 8/2/1909S of Sandy & Ophelia Photo
Thompson Hannah1805 7/22/1890 Photo
Thompson Henderson6/26/1882   
Thompson Howard3/6/1890 11/1/1890 Photo
Thompson Manda3/2/1888 2/3/1889 
Thompson Patient1811 1/22/1901 Photo
Thompson Patient   D of Sandy & Ophelia
Thornton Henry1847 5/28/1895 Photo
Thornton Infant1901 2/4/1902 Photo
Thurman Gracy5/1/1897 11/9/1913 
Towers Edward6/8/1884 5/31/1949Photo
Towers Eugene "Gene"12/29/1925 2/19/2020H of Mary 
o & Obit
Towers Frances Margie7/26/1924 10/31/1997 Photo
Towers GeorgeAge18 yrs  Photo
Towers Kattie L5/8/1905 4/30/1989 Photo
Towers Mary Irene Walton5/25/1927 5/29/2017 W of Eugene 
Photo & Obit
Otis Edward Sr 8/20/1930 5/10/2004Sgt US Army  Korea Photo
Towers Unknown   
Towers Ward9/23/1840 3/9/1909 
Unknown Mikle  10/28/1891 
Unable to read     Photo
Vann Minnie Mae Rowe10/29/1895 6/19/1983Photo
W H    
W J    
W P    
Walton Betty Lee11/21/1933 7/19/2008 Photo
Clarence Orval 6/28/1929 2/4/1995PFC US Army  Korea
Ward Berry3/18/1840 5/1/1897 
Ward Caroline1840 8/16/1895 
Ward Clint9/22/1861 12/9/1889 
Ward Daisy3/8/1883 3/28/1896Photo
Ward Daniel11/13/1876 2/28/1896 
Ward GaromneAge 55 8/16/1895Photo
Ward Henry6/3/1894 5/21/1896 
Ward Katie    
Ward Maggie9/2/1887 11/8/1953 
Ward Maggie1879 3/19/1887 
Ward Martha1870 5/27/1894 
Ward Martha W11/14/1866 1889 
Ward Mary1857 5/30/1891 
Ward Otis3/3/1884 2/27/1956 Photo
Ward Sarah3/9/1873 10/15/1896 
Ward Stella1890 3/23/1895 
Webber A D7/11/1944 6/1/1980 Photo
Webber Cora    
Webber E    
Webber Ellis1842 1918 
Webber Fledia1914 1947Photo
Webber Francis   Photo
Webber John S1913 1941Photo
Webber Mattie1877 3/2/1910 
Webber Melvin7/19/1951 2/7/1981 
Webber Melvin8/12/1905 12/7/1984 
Webber Mose4/28/1876 7/6/1969 Photo
Webber Recky1853 6/25/1908 
Webber Samuel1837 1907Photo
Wheeler Pearl1884 1972Photo
Whitmire Ada1888 3/27/1895 
Whitmire AnnieApr 1892 3/3/1894 Photo
Bennie 4/8/1893 12/13/1975Pvt US Army  WW I
Whitmire Bertha6/28/1912 8/7/1913 Photo
Booker T 1/12/1902 8/3/1966OK Pvt US Army
WW II   Photo
Whitmire Carrie1886 1961Photo
Whitmire Charles  1/17/1886 
Whitmire Elizabeth1880 7/19/1893 Photo
Whitmire Emma1863 4/26/1883 Photo
Whitmire Ezekiel1872 9/6/1893 
Whitmire Gettie10/29/1878 12/10/1957 Photo
Whitmire Hanna1810 7/11/1880 Photo
Whitmire Hannah1858 12/19/1892 
Harvey 1/8/1896 5/24/1978Pvt US Army  WW I
Whitmire Infant  Jan 1882 Photo
Whitmire James1/16/1887 9/22/1904 
Whitmire Jesse    Photo
Whitmire Johnson1864 11/14/1887 
Whitmire July1799 1877 
Whitmire Lee AMar 1894 9/10/1894 
Whitmire Lou1882 4/6/1895 Photo
Whitmire Lucien5/22/1918 5/21/1942 Photo
Whitmire Lucy  7/24/1884 
Whitmire Maggie1865 1968Photo
Whitmire Maggie1879 3/19/1887 
Whitmire Martin   Photo
Whitmire Mike1885 12/28/1891 Photo
Whitmire Minnie1878 1/4/1893 Photo
Whitmire MinnieAge 10 2/10/1886 
Whitmire Mose1821 12/24/1885 
Whitmire Ralph W9/11/1896 1/25/1897 Photo
Whitmire Sophia    Photo
Whitmire Wallace1879 7/22/1892 
Whitmire Walter1876 1/8/1897 
Whitmire William S  9/2/1883 Photo
Williams Hattie1898 1939 
Williams Lucille M2/4/1912 11/30/1997 Photo
Marles 1835 1927Co H 79thRegt US CLD Inf   Photo
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