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Lee Cemetery

Boynton,  OK

GPS Coordinates: 35.6833000, -95.6691971

List of Names

FOR BURIAL PLOTS CALL 918-441-8955 OR 918-752-4191
lee cemetery info
lee cemetery view
unknown marker
Photos © Harvey Fields

Lee cem signs
photo © Cheryl Travis
lee cem entrance
photo © Cheryl Travis

If you have family buried in the Lee Cemetery or have obits (with newspapers permission or an obit that you can write) or tombstone photos or individual portraits or can write a short bio and would like to add your information to this website, contact the area coordinator for more information. You can also check out our How to Submit page.

NOTICE: If you submit information to this website and change your e-mail address please notify the area coordinator with the county/cemetery and new e-mail address so we can keep our pages as up to date as possible.

Note: Every effort has been made to transcribe this information accurately. These records MAY CONTAIN ERRORS. Any corrections and/or additions greatly appreciated. As with any genealogy information, this is a source and should be considered as such. It is up to the researcher to verify the accuracy. 

original transcription © Sue Tolbert & Cheryl Travis | additional info and photos by various submitters


photos of stones, unknown name

Adkins, Jason 9-28-1984 ~ 9-29-1984See photo
See photo
Alberty, Leola8-23-1905 ~ 4-1929See photo
Allen, Evelyn W.2-11-1903 ~ 3-21-1981See photo
Banks, Inez2-17-1908 ~ 7-15-1995See photo
Beard, Ruth Lee5-8-1930 ~ 7-20-1980See photo
Beard, Wayman9-13-1927 ~ 3-2002See photo
Bell, Alma O.2-22-1910 ~ 9-5-1978See photo
Belton, Blanche1-9-1927 ~ 11-5-2001See photo
Belton, Freddie L.10-12-1926 ~ 3-19-1994See photo
Benton, Bobby R.5-28-1935 ~ 3-10-1993flag US AIR FORCE
See photo
Benton, Josephine Hutchinson6-3-1937 ~ 3-30-1993See photo
Biglow, Pearl R.6-1900 ~ 10-1935See photo
Booker, Dwight E.11-25-1969 ~ 1-22-1994See photo
Booker, Odessa M.1-29-1938 ~ 1-25-1980See photo
Brooks, Birdie / BirderFeb 10, 1915 ~ Apr 08, 1935See photo
Brown, Carry Mae9-23-1934 ~ 7-23-2003See photo
Brown, Ivory E.4-7-1933 ~ 9-29-2000flag CPL US ARMY
See photo
Brown, LaTonya10-31-1954 ~ 2-28-1983See photo
Brown, Levi7-24-1897 ~ 5-3-1992See photo
Brown, Luticia Ann10-12-1954 ~ 6-17-2007See photo
Brown, Marzetta12-24-1902 ~ 4f-30-1978See photo
Buckingham, Henrette1-16-1882 ~ 3-30-1962See photo
Buckingham, John L.1872 ~ 1937See photo
Butler, Charles H.10-21-1900 ~ 7-5-1973See photo
Butler, Minnie2-22-1877 ~ 11-18-1950See photo
Carter, B1-21-1905 ~ 7-3-1978See photo
Carter, Jay???? ~ 4-21-1935flag OKLAHOMA PRIVATE PCL M RES
See photo
Carter, Member???? ~ 9-26-1952See photo
Carter, Pearl Mae3-15-1915 ~ 1-23-1951See photo
Cruikshank, Amy E.8-1919 ~ 4-1987See photo
Cruikshank, Jefferson ~ 6-1915 ~ 12-1982See photo
Daniels, Amos10-6-1869 ~ 9-12-1933See photo
Daniels, Lula Vera5-12-1874 ~ 12-5-1968See photo
Eubanks, Ethel6-18-1898 ~ 9-15-1983See photo
Fisher, Grover Lee, Jr. 12-6-1978 ~ 6-6-19897See photo
Fisher, Joanah1845 ~ 1929See photo
Fisher, Ruby LeeJan 12, 1945 ~ Nov 14, 2014See photo
Fisher, Simon H.6-26-1891 ~ 6-17-1958See photo
Fletcher, Millie???? ~ 2-7-1925See photo
Flint, Earnestine Marie1-18-1931 ~ 1-8-1956See photo
Foster, Bobby Joe5-5-1936 ~ 3-25-1994See photo
Gardner, John???? ~ 2-11-1936flag OKLAHOMA PVT 163 DEPOT BRIG
See photo
Gardner, Willie???? ~ 4-20-1941flag OKLAHOMA PVT 164 DEPOT BRIG
See photo
George, Fulton Casey4-19-1904 ~ 2-22-1970flag CALIFORNIA TEC 5 US ARMY WORLD WAR II
See photo
George, Laura1880 ~ 1937See photo
George, Leonard1874 ~ 1949See photo
Grayson, Marie J. 6-5-1884 ~ 11-26-1979See photo
Harper, Herbert Eugene, JrJun 11, 1955 ~ Jul 26, 2017flag PVT US ARMY
See photo
Harper, Laura Ann 8-14-1986 ~ 5-17-1988See photo
Harris, Carla J. 12-3-1967 ~ 10-27-2006d/s w Chameeka S Harris
See photo
Harris, Chameeka SNov 08, 1989 ~ Feb 03, 2016d/s w Carla J. Harris
See photo
Hawkins, Bessie 3-27-1905 ~ 8-3-1954See photo
Hawkins, Huery Lee 11-16-1897 ~ 12-8-1961See photo
Haynes, Ivy Sr. 7-4-1921 ~ 7-5-2003See photo
Hutchinson, Elinor 2-16-1939 ~ 8-26-2002See photo
Hutchinson, Tero 4-7-1905 ~ 11-5-1998See photo
Jackson, Della 3-13-1903 ~ 6-2-1987See photo
Jackson, John D.7-6-1899 ~ 3-14-1961See photo
Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. J.H.C. Family  See photo
Jackson, Lois Lockridge9-15-1922 ~ 10-3-1999See photo
Jackson, Mannie Durel 11-11-1934 ~ 9-7-1993flag US ARMY VIETNAM
See photo
Jackson, Radford F.6-6-? ~ 310-17-196?
See photo
Jackson, R. S. 1910 ~ 1927See photo
Jacobs, F. L. 10-13-1919 ~ 1-26-1991See photo
Joe See photo
Johnson, Ashanti Felice 9-1-1993 ~ 3-4-1996See photo
Johnson, Birder 8-31-1863 ~ 6-24-1938See photo
King, Mary B.7-4-1904 ~ 2-16-1963See photo
Knox, George1888 ~ 1959See photo
Knox, Levi 2-14-1868 ~ 1948See photo
Knox, Luticia C. 3-7-1916 ~ 7-12-1987See photo
Knox, Minnie1890 ~ 1965See photo
Knox, Walter W.9-11-1913 ~ 11-30-1970See photo
Lang, Demeco Donyele (Mason)6-23-1983 ~ 8-13-1983See photo
Lee, Sonya Marie Wilson11-19-1976 ~ 9-29-1996See photo
Lockridge, Napoleon7-15-1894 ~ 10-11-1949flag OKLAHOMA PVT 805 PIONEER INF WORLD WAR I
See photo
Madden, Clara12-18-1892 ~ 3-26-1945See photo
McClure, Minnie M.1912 ~ 2006See photo
McConnell, Garry Earl4-24-1953 ~ 10-12-1977See photo
McConnell, Lewis Earl Jr.1954 ~ 2007See photo
McConnell, Lonnie Earl "Ronnie", Jr Sep 11, 1954 ~ Jun 13, 2007 See photo
Miller, Alvin Lee12-16-1928 ~ 9-27-1985flag US ARMY KOREA
See photo
Miller, Fairy Ella10-12-1904 ~ 7-26-1998See photo
Miller, Melvin1-14-1908 ~ 10-24-1983
See photo
Miller, Samuel Otis1899 ~ 1967See photo
Miller, James A.1945 ~ 1969See photo
Mitchell, Ida P.10-9-1869 ~ 3-17-1919See photo
Murphy, Matilda1-13-1887 ~ 6-24-1961See photo
Owens, Clarence1877 ~ 19??See photo
Owens, Stella1880 ~ 1956See photo
Pearson, Erastus (ES)12-17-1900 ~ 3-4-1988See photo
Penny, Marcus A.3-18-1978 ~ 3-22-2003Pretty Penny
See photo
Peters, Loulua1904 ~ 1911See photo
Pitman, Doshea "Fletcher"1-18-1935See photo
Pouncil, Evangelyn2-5-1968 ~ 12-8-2004See photo
Pouncil, Joan8-12-1946 ~ 9-7-2005See photo
Reagor, Elnoa3-13-1930 ~ 4-6-2006See photo
Reagor, Ethel 1900 ~ 1978See photo
Reagor, Jeff1896 ~ 1971See photo
Reagor, JoshuaMar 24, 1926 ~ Sep 24, 1979See photo
Redo, Cornie1876 ~ 1949See photo
Redo, Cornelius1874 ~ 1930See photo
Redo, Earl Wm.1-7-1917 ~ 11-20-1979See photo
Rhine, Ed See photo
Rhine, Frances Beulah See photo
Rhine, Patrick11-22-1902 ~ 1-22-1987flag US ARMY WORLD WAR II
See photo
Rhine, Rosie Lee2-20-1916 ~ 9-15-1954See photo
Rideau, Samuel4-26-1896 ~ 6-6-1979See photo
Rivers, CharlotteJune 1956See photo
Roberson, EdmondSept. 28, 1935flag OKLAHOMA WAGONER 317 ENGR TN 32 DIV
See photo
Robinson, James Jim Oscar flag OKLAHOMA PRVT US ARMY
See photo
Salame, King See photo
Sanders, Ada10-16-1892 ~ 2-5-1968See photo
Sanders, Dave N.5-11-1895 ~ 6-19-1982See photo
Sanders, Elmer Lee1918 ~ 1989flag US ARMY WORLD WAR II
See photo
Sanders, Gerald 6-5-1958 ~ 3-21-2004See photo
Sanders, HermanAug 11, 1934 ~ Jan 26, 1992flag US ARMY
See photo
Sanders, Lee3-20-1894 ~ 8-1-1952flag OKLAHOMA PVT 369 INFANTRY 93 DIV WORLD WAR I
See photo
Sanders, Lisa C.6-20-1957 See photo
Sanders, Nanett10-2-1963 ~ 12-13-2006See photo
Scott, Curtis5-22-1924 ~ 12-12-1978flag PVT US ARMY KOREA
See photo
Scott, Leonard John1931 ~ 1975flag US AIR FORCE KOREA
See photo
Shelton, Henry???? ~ 1961See photo
Shelton, Lola1907 ~ 1959?See photo
Short, Amanda11-30-1867 ~ 9-13-1928See photo
Short, Owens3-1-1892 ~ 10-18-1918See photo
Short, Shelby M. 1895 ~ 1975flag US ARMY WORLD WAR I
See photo
Shorts, Charley10-31-1861 ~ 2-14-1939See photo
Simmons, Alice9-26-1879 ~ 2-14-1914See photo
Smith, Dynesha Rhine6-9-1964 ~ 4-3-2000See photo
Smith, Randy L.9-19-1961 ~ 7-2-1994
See photo
Stephens, Verneice L.12-4-1924 ~ 9-28-1994
See photo
Strother, Rev. Isaac George11-6-1868 ~ 10-28-1959See photo
Strother, Joseph7-26-1908 ~ 8-3-1930See photo
Strother, Vivian7-12-1911 ~ 11-16-1957See photo
Strotker, Sarah A.1899 ~ 1937
See photo
Thompson, Clara11-8-1907 ~ 6-4-2002See photo
Thompson, Robert2-12-1898 ~ 11-6-1992See photo
Thompson, Lauren "Raiven"4-17-1999 ~ 10-11-1999See photo
Tottress, Eboni S.6-10-1999 ~ 1-5-2005See photo
Tottress, Jonae L.9-19-1999 ~ 1-5-2005See photo
Tottress, Shanna3-28-1999 ~ 1-5-2005See photo
Tottress, Tatiana B.9-14-1999 ~ 1-5-2005See photo
Tottress, Tashay N.11-29-1991 ~ 1-5-2005See photo
Walker, Anna3-16-1884 ~ 1-14-1973See photo
Walker, R. L.1-7-1883 ~ 10-21-1952See photo
Walker, Sarah J.11-2-1888 ~ 8-1-19673See photo
Wallace, Maurice DeShan12-20-1972 ~ 2-28-1973See photo
Walton, LeMorrisDec 11, 1979 ~ Nov 15, 2008See photo
White, Arvella Verlene Jackson8-31-1928 ~ 4-21-1997See photo
Wilkerson, Robert H.1944 ~ 1945See photo
Wilson, Helen1901 ~ 1971See photo
Wilson, Joshuaw J.8-22-1981 ~ 1-20-2003See photo
Wilson, Lorine11-26-1923 ~ 2-9-2002See photo
Wilson, Ruby Mae4-7-1939 ~ 12-7-2001See photo
Wilson, Stephen L. R. Jr.6-9-1974 ~ 11-6-1996See photo
Woods, Charlie4-4-1887 ~ 9-25-1961See photo
Woods, Henry4-12-1888 ~ 12-16-1954See photo
Yerger, Amos Gwedolyn8-16-1914 ~ 3-12-1993See photo
Yerger, Willie Cardis12-15-1911 ~ 11-20-1987See photo
Younger, Leroy1921 ~ 1991flag US ARMY
See photo
Younger, Lloyd Sr.3-10-1929 ~ 6-19-1999See photo

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