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Twin Grove Cemetery
aka Central High Cemetery

Checotah, McIntosh County, Oklahoma
Partial Survey
© Jennifer Williams
© Ron Burnett
Located about 1 mile from old Central High School. R18E, T11N.
On 1-40 go 4 miles east of Checotah.  Turn south on Texana Rd & go about 2 1/2 miles, then east & go about 3 1/4 miles, turn left & follow county lane to cemetery.
If you have family buried in Twin Grove Cemetery and would like to add your information to this website, contact Area Coordinator for more information. You can also check out our How to Submit page.
NOTE: Every effort has been made to transcribe this information accurately. These records MAY CONTAIN ERRORS. Any corrections and/or additions greatly appreciated. As with any genealogy information, this is a source and should be considered as such. It is up to the researcher to verify the accuracy.

I do not live in McIntosh County and I do not have access to any records other than those presented here. Therefore, I am sorry that I am unable to answer any questions about specific people.






ALFREDInez 19101964 Photo
ALFREDJohn 09-May-190204-Jan-1991 Photo
ALFREDMack 25-Apr-186823-Jul-1907 H of Maggie  Photo
ALFREDMaggie 14-Oct-186930-Dec-1943 W of Mack   Photo
ALFREDNannie 03-Dec-189817-Jul-1983 Photo
ALFREDWillie 24-Aug-19001900 Photo
ArnettWillie "Squirrel" 9/24/192310/21/2002 Photo
AvantGeorge Anna (Cooper)8/13/1870 2/12/1942 Photo
BAKERMartha E. 06-Mar-186014-Feb-1902 W of Thomas  Photo
BAKERThomas A. 10-Jan-185814-Apr-1925 H of Martha   Photo
BankstonMinnie 7/29/18701/14/1958 W of Walter   Photo
BankstonWalter P 3/8/18709/14/1935 H of Minnie    Photo
BARBERChloe 10-Jan-191005-Dec-1944 Photo
BARBERJohn W. 12/21/19455/6/2001 H of Patricia   Photo
BARBERJohn W. 27-Jan-190510-May-1970 H of Lelia   Photo
BARBERLelia Cordelia (Borum)13-Sep-1909 01-Sep-1942 W of John W Photo
BarberPatricia A 2/12/1964 W of John W    Photo
BEACHBessie 18891917 Photo
BEACHKinnie 9/28/18914/12/1914 Photo
BEACHSarah L (Hipps)4/15/18618/15/1940 W of Thomas    Photo
BeachThomas W 7/4/1862maybe buried in Greenlawn H of Sarah    Photo
BeachUnk   Next to Kinnie Beach Gramlich     Photo
BeckEliza 1/16/1874 no DateW of J Tom    Photo
BECKIsaac Carel 05-May-187105-Jul-1927 Photo
BeckJ Tom 7/17/1869 11/6/1938H of Eliza     Photo
BECKMalinda Jennie (Crittenden)18501932 W of William   Photo
William Billingslea 29-Jan-184728-Mar-1925       
H of Malinda
Photo & Obit 
Veteran of Civil War
BETHCharles 11-Oct-191701-Mar-1991 H of Pauline   Photo
BETHEva L. 03-Jun-195314-Dec-2004 Photo
BETHJames Earl 20-May194708-Feb-1990 Photo
BETHPauline (Stingley)23-Sep-1931 28-Jul-2005 W of Charles  Photo
BEUGLERMattie Lula Ellen (Cartwright) (Ramsey) 6/23/18973/4/1972 W of Davis Ramsey
W of Clinton Beugler
BishopA B    
BoenAnnie Vernon (Norwood) 8/2/19109/24/2006 
BORUMAndrew 04-Sep-188024-Nov-1939 H of Beulah    Photo
BORUMBeulah S. (Hill)22-Sep-1888 02-Mar-1968 W of Andrew   Photo
BORUMJames H. 12-Apr-186217-Nov-1926 H of Martha    Photo
BORUMMartha S. (Bryant)04-Feb-1862 24-Jul-1937 W of James    Photo
BradleyOtsie  11/21/1902 
Robert Wayne "Bobby"27-Jan-1951 24-Aug-2011 US Army     Photo
BrowningBert Thomas 5/2/19155/3/1926 Photo
Homer Richard 19-Jun-190918-Aug-1993 US Army    Photo
BROWNINGJohn Thomas1/13/1869 5/16/1943 Wed Louisa 12/2/1887  Photo
BROWNINGLouisa Paralee (Stewart)10/3/1871 2/2/1962 Wed John 12/2/1887 Photo
BROWNINGWalter Lee8/8/189912/10/1919  
BROWNINGWilliam Edward 20-Sep-189211-Aug-1906  
BryantMartha S 2/4/18627/24/1937
ByrdBilly Snow 3/13/19866/29/1989 Photo
CantwellRoy Lee 3/9/19363/27/1937 
CARTERRayford Age 45 12-Dec-2012 
CaseyMickey Dean 7/25/19507/25/1950 
CINDLEAudie 05-Sep-190809-Sep-1912 Photo
CINDLEJohn T. 18841946 Photo
Robert Harold 1/26/19435/25/2012 PFC US Army  Vietnam
CLAYBaby    Photo
CLAYC. C. 15-Sep-186209-Dec-1936 H of Molitty   Photo
CLAYMolitty Malinda "Lydia" (Gann) (Guinn)15-Jun-1873 19-Nov-1961 W of C C    Photo
COLEMANBradley Doyle "Brad"24-Oct-1971 23-Jun-1992 Photo
COLEMANDonald Grady 05-Nov-193525-Jun-1985 Photo
COLEMANDoyle Wayne 08-Nov-193708-Feb-2013 Wed Nona 12/24/1956
Elizabeth Genevieve (Ramsey) (Thompson)31-Jul-1917 02-Apr-1982 Photo
W of Willie Thompson
W of Walter Coleman
COLEMANElla Zondria (McDaniel)14-Jun-1880 06-Oct-1961 W of W J
COLEMANNona L 9/2/1938  Wed Doyle 12/24/1956    Photo
COLEMANNorma Sue 8/22/1940  Wed Troy 3/22/1962
Roy D. 09-Jan-194227-Feb-2005 Cpl US Army  Vietnam   Photos
COLEMANTroy Dean 20-Dec-193926-Feb-2003 Wed Norma 3/22/1962
COLEMANW. J. 18-May-187213-Jan-1924 Photo
COLLINSAdoulphes C. 1873  H of Donie   Photo
COLLINSDonie Ellen Smith 10-Sep-188228-Feb-1938 W of Adoulphes Photo
CONWAYJalissa 19-Jan-200928-Jan-2009 D of Jerome & Amber  Photo
COODEYLouis B01-Jan-184901-May-1904 Photo
CoonsLeonard R 2/19/18988/23/1899 Photo
COUGHRANCecil C9/10/19157/15/1917 Photo
COUGHRANCora Ellen (Bishop)20-Jan-1882 12-Sep-1941 Photo
COUGHRANJohn Edwin 4/26/18804/16/1922 H of Katie  Photo
COUGHRANKatie (Griffin) 1/26/18871/1/1925 W of John   Photo
COUGHRANLevena 9/11/19108/12/1911 Photo
Martin Jasper7/21/18374/24/1920 Lt Co H 4thAR Inf
Polk Invincibles
COUGHRANPatrick J 19321933 Photo
COUGHRANRachel E 19221923 Photo
COUGHRANSidney 22-Jan-190904-Mar-1909 S of John & Katie Photo
COUGHRANVera 1/22/19123/16/1913 D of John & Katie   Photo
COUGHRANWilliam Jasper 11/22/18881/2/1926 Photo
CRAWLDaniel, II 13-Dec-200713-Dec-2007 Photo
DAVISRoy R. 18-Dec-190323-Jul-1924 Photo
DEMPSEYFrancis 19061906  
DEMPSEYSallie 18761921  
Tommy Wayne 3/25197110/12/1992 AIC US Air Force
DODGEBert 08-Jan-188002-Mar-1957 H of Racheal   Photo
DODGEEvert 18-Jan-191326-Sep-1916 Photo
DODGEOllie 14-May-191814-Dec-1935 Photo
DODGE Racheal1888 1963 W of Bert
DORNANLemuel Thomas 30-Mar-187525-Aug-1947 H of Nola    Photo
DORNANNola Ann (Fairrs)18-Aug-1881 22-Sep-1966 W of Lemuel    Photo
DOWDYWilliam 02-Oct-193104-Jun-1932 Photo
DUKEBaby Twins No dates  Photo
DUKEDillard C. 31-Aug-192525-Aug-1926  
DUKEDoris Rea (Stacy)06-Jan-1922 29-Jun-2007 W of Russell   Photo
DUKEHester 4/27/1932May ???  
DUKEJames C 9/17/19238/25/1924 S of Mr. & Mrs. Odie
DUKERussell C26-May-192027-Mar-2007 H of Doris     Photo
DYERClyde M. 19-Jul-189227-May-1936 Photo
EllingtonJulie Ann 18831946 
EMBERSONBuford C6/2/1956 3/19/2004 Wed Conetta 3/17/1979      Photo
EMBERSONBuford James 15-May-193124-Jan-2008 Wed Velma  9/25/1951 Photo
EMBERSONConetta M 4/12/1962  Wed Buford C 3/17/1979   Photo
EMBERSONEdna Mae (Simmons)3/14/1898 3/8/1981  
EMBERSONElizabeth Catlett 09-Sep-186009-Jan-1940 Photo
EMBERSONEverett C. 17-Feb-189501-Aug-1950 Photo
Everett Dean 02-Mar-195313-Jan-2000 PFC US Army  Photos
EMBERSONLenia  6/7/1933  
Omer John 2/18/18966/28/1983 WW I Veteran
EMBERSONVelma Lou (Underhill) 3/2/1935  Wed Buford J 9/25/1951 Photo
EUBANKSMaruice Lee 28-Jun-195128-Jun-1951 Photo
FARMERAlexander Birdwell May 18588/26/1936 H of Alice   Photo
FARMERAlice Maranda (Beckett)8/3/1871 2/13/1953 W of Alexander  Photo
FARMERFerdinand 31-Jul-185102-Jan-1937 Photo
FARMERIrvin 27-Oct-188926-May-1913 Photo
FARMERIsibell "Isabella"(Mulkey)1863 13-Nov-1923Age 60 years 4 Mo
FARMERPauline 19191921 Photo
FinleyLawrence H 5/13/19071/23/1908 Photo
FOSTER Baby Wayne 2/14/19842/14/1984 S of Ted & Ollie
FOSTERDora 04-Nov-19011902 Photo
FOSTER Elizie 10/24/192111/14/1921 D of Virgil & Lou
FOSTERJesse L 08-Apr-193702-Jul-1998 Photo
FOSTERJohnny 09-Aug-190610-Jun-1908 Photo
FOSTERJoseph 16-May-184805-Mar-1914 H of Martha
FOSTERJoseph Franklin 24-May-187509-Mar-1960 H of Minnie
FOSTERLou Esther Isabel (Loyd) 10-Apr-191420-Sep-2003 Wed Virgil 9/7/1932  Photo
FOSTERMartha Ann (Baugh) 24-Feb-184814-Jun-1912 W of Joseph
FOSTERMinnie Mae (Coughran) 03-Sep-188408-Feb-1940 W of Joseph F
FOSTERPerry 04-Apr-192017-Jan-1928 Photo
FOSTERRosie LouElla 29-Mar-194110-sep-1942 D of Virgil & Lou Photo
FOSTER Mrs. Sam  1908  
FOSTERVirgil Lee 11-Jul-190808-Jul-2000 Wed Lou  9/7/1932 Photo
FREDRICKMaryetta 02-Jun-187918-Dec-1951 W of William  Photo
FREDRICK Rachel 19071935 Photo
FREDRICKWilliam A. 06-Aug-186602-Nov-1944 H of Maryetta  Photo
GloverT Wayne "Terry" 3/7/19733/19/1999 Photo
GramlichBessie (Beach) 10/19/18891917 Photos
GramlichKinnie (Beach) 9/23/18814/12/1914 Photos
GuyFrank E 11/18/191212/25/1953 Photo
GuyFred Aug 18807/3/1942 Photos
HaleGeorge 19421942 Photo
HalePeggy Jo 19421942 Photo
David Bradley 6/23/19582/13/2016 US Air Force
HALL Eloise 7/15/1933  Wed Robert 6/6/1953
HALLForest C. 29-Sep-192306-Nov-2003 Photo
HALLRobert S. 11-Jan-193522-Oct-2003 Wed Eloise 6/6/1953 Photo
HamLizzie 9/18/18823/8/1908 Photo
HamiltonCarl 19071909 S of R M & Ada
HarkleroadJuda M. (Polk) 15-Mar-188517-May-1920 W of Samuel  Photo
Harkleroad Samuel Rufus 8/8/1878unk H of Juda
Burial unknown
HARPERJasper William 23-May-185026-Oct-1921 Wed Martha 1869
HARPER Jewell 1/28/19082/9/1910 D of L L & Polly
HARPER Lois     
HARPERMartha Jane (Duncan) 15-Feb-185002-Oct-1925 Wed Jasper 1869
HARPEROla May 7/28/19068/24/1906 D of W A & S M
HARPERWilliam Andrew 16-Nov-188306-Feb-1940 Wed Susie McGuire 6/24/1905    
HILL Daughter Feb 188212/17/1902  
HILLE. Lenora 30-Mar-1915Oct-1916  
HILLIrene (Beck) 19131980 Photo
HollyJohn Author 4/1/190910/21/1940  
HOWELLNancy Ellen
Sep-187809-Aug-1905 W of Bud
HubbellCharles Michael "Mike" 10/5/195512/30/2013  
HugheyHelen C 12/10/19354/15/1940 Photo
HurstRobert Dale 10/9/19895/29/2014  
JAMISON Baby     
JAMISONJoseph Kinkade 27-Aug-187124-Nov-1946 Wed Lulia 1/1/1896 Photo
JAMISONLulia Angeline "Lula"  (Caughron) 25-Jan-187908-May-1934 Wed Joseph 1/1/1896 Photo
JOHNSDorothy Marie 8/13/192311/29/1923 Photo
Conred Don 29-Sep-193119-May-1998 US Army Korea
KEELINGAbner Barton 06-Dec-185919-Aug-1907 Photo
KingElar 10/31/18914/22/1898 Photo
KingGeorge 2/11/18959/22/1898  
KingLanthum    H of Martha
KingMartha Lee (Foster) 1870  W of Lanthum
KirkLorene (Foster) 2/22/1913Jul 1932  
LARGENTBill T. 11-Jun-187118-Jun-1918 Photo
LARGENTBurton 3/31/1919 4/7/1919 Photo
LARGENTCharlie B. 12-Apr-188110-Sep-1904 Photo
LARGENTEmma Ethel 01-Sep-190001-Oct-1901 Photo
LARGENTFrancis 20-Oct-189930-Jul-1902 D of Starlin & Eva
LARGENTGeorge Azra 07-Feb-187708-Nov-1951 H of Julia    Photo
LARGENTGeorge Thomas 15-Nov-196425-Dec-1964 Photo
LARGENTJohn E. 04-Mar-185626-Feb-1930  
LARGENT Julia Andrusha (Hargrove) 18-Feb-188407-Apr-1976 W of George A Photo
LARGENTLizzie 06-Jun-189202-Dec-1906 D of Starlin & Eva
Loyd Wilson 5/24/19181/9/1946 Photo
US Army  WW II
LARGENTMary Ann (Bryant) 187123-Apr-1949 Photo
LARGENTWilliam Henry 10-Jan-189423-Oct-1922   Photo & Obit
LAWHORNAllie Hite 18891938 W of Robert   Photo
LAWHORNAnne Belle (Blackston) 02-Aug-192804-Apr-1997 W of Emmitt   Photo
LAWHORNEmmitt 21-Feb-193027-Sep-2010 H of Anne   Photo
LAWHORNRobert F. 18651938 H of Allie    Photo
LEWALLENJim 12/24/18859/17/1938 Photo
LewisDelbert 7/11/19409/4/1982 Photo
LindseyJohn 4/2/1944  Wed Sylvia 5/16/????  Photo
LindseySylvia 8/24/19434/14/1996 Wed John 5/16/????    Photo
LOOPERLoyd G. 22-Jan-192507-Nov-1930  
LukeBobbie Lee 9/27/1904   
LukeHenry  1/4/1934  
LukeJim 9/23/19047/28/1987  
Macon Bonnie Loretta "Lila"  (Norwood) 9/28/19272/5/1999 Photo
MARSHALL Laura Matilda (Emberson) 1/29/19049/2/1937  
MARSHALLNancy Ellen Sep-187809-Aug-1905 Photo
McGUIREBenjamin F. 02-Aug-188202-Apr-1938 Photo
McLELLANInfant 09-Mar-191411-Mar-1914 S of R A & Mozell
McLELLANDougal 08-Dec-190712-Mar-1912 S of R A & Mozell
McLELLANJacob 03-Oct-190605-Oct-1907 S of R A & Mozell
McManousFrank 12/22/18931/26/1917 S of Tom & Mozzell
McMeansRobert Franklin 12/18/19077/3/1908  
MILLEREliza M. Oct-186930-Jul-1898 Photo
MILLERInfant    Child of John & Eliza Photo
MILLERInfant 3/9/18916/10/1891 D of J E & E M
MILLERLeo Wallace May-189308-Jun-1893 Photo
MILLERMinnie E. 05-Feb-189409-Mar-1895 Photo
MORRISEvelyn (Teague) 19-Feb-193425-Jul-2009 Photo & Obit
MURRAY Patsy A (Emberson) 8/20/1954  Wed Tommy 4/3/1971
MURRAYTommy Dewayne 01-Dec-194908-Sep-2012 Wed Patsy 4/3/1971
Birvin Franklin 12-Aug-1922 06-Apr-1994 US Army  WW II
NICHOLSONIda Mae (Largent) 27-Jan-190304-Dec-1940 Photo
NORWOODJ. B. 13-Nov-192224-Feb-1938 Photo
NORWOODJ. W. "Jack" 1/19/1889 2/14/1930 H of Nora   Photo
NORWOOD Nora Lee 7/15/1892 11/12/1961 W of J W  Photo
NUCKLESBenjamin 184117-Jul-1907 Photo Aged 66 Yrs.
NUCKLES Jr.     
Owens-Stephens Madison Mae "Madie" 3/11/20135/9/2013 Photo
PARKGeneva 11-Apr-192719-Jan-1930 Photo
PickettFannie Annie 4/13/188510/16/1925 Photo
PickettFannie Jane 1/12/186510/16/1925 Photo
PittsGrady C 2/12/19087/6/1985  
PurmaBarbara L (Teague) 7/22/19391/17/2006 Photo
RAMSEYDavid Wilson 23-Jan-186819-Jul-1943  
RAMSEYDavis Andrew 01-Jun-187420-Nov-1944 Photo
RAMSEYEffie Mable 14-Aug-192002-May-1922  
RAMSEYLealon Lamion 14-Oct-193613-Oct-1939  
RAMSEYSarah Eliva Ann (Moore) 23-Jun-184108-Nov-1915 Photo
RAMSEYSarah Ellen 18-Sep-186918-Sep-1940 Photo
RogersHelen Ruth 1/23/194510/10/2015  
RosePeggie Joann (Stringley) 3/31/19426/21/2014  
RossAron 19181980  
RossBruce Wayne 11/24/19513/20/2011 Photo
RossDwain 18771965 Photo
RossFloyd Norman 12/17/19088/20/1987 H of Naomi    Photo
RossGeorge D 19052004 Photo
RossNaomi Nadine 9/17/192011/25/2003 W of Floyd     Photo
RossRalph N 9/2/19496/11/2014  
RossRena Irene (Dyer) 10/7/1881Feb 1974 Photo
RossRobert Larry 4/4/19556/15/1977 Photo
RossRussell Larry 19181985 Photo
Saclar  1902   
SCOTTWilliam James 8/25/1897 9/17/1897  
SCOTTWilliam Taylor 06-Aug-1837Sep-1899  
SHASTIDCharlotte 01-Jan-187218-Dec-1903 Photo
SHELTONLloyd Eugene 28-Jan-193130-Dec-1989 H of Phyllis   Photo
SHELTONPhyllis 13-Aug-193711-Jul-1995 W of Lloyd   Photo
Cecil D 1/7/1891 1/19/1974AR Pvt US Army
WW  I      Photo
STACYIrlan Evertt Age 85 27-May-1998 
STACY Malinda (Beck) 10/16/1898 7/29/1964W of Cecil      Photo
Thomas Russell 7/4/1920 10/24/1991US Army   WW II
STANPHILJ. O. 19261931 Photo
STEWARTBilly C. 03-Mar-193124-Jul-1932 Photo
STEWARTJason Emerson 9/8/1889 1/3/1905  
STEWARTJessie Jerome 07-Jul-185024-Feb-1921 H of Nancy    Photo
STEWARTMarcus Monroe "Mark" 25-Sep-187827-Feb-1962 Photo
STEWARTNancy Ellen (Looper) 26-Dec-185313-Aug-1941 W of Jessie     Photo
STEWARTReubin Ruel 01-Apr-189011-May-1925  
STEWARTStella Ray (Coons) 03-Aug-188323-Jun-1978 Photo
STILLSDelbert Louis 11-Jul-194004-Sep-1982  
STINGLEYArthur J. 22-Jun-190410-Dec-1971 Wed Veona 8/15/1926      Photo
STINGLEYVeona P. 01-Sep-190704-Oct-2001 Wed Arthur 8/15/1926     Photo
STURTMartha Alice (Thompson) 21-Nov-188306-Feb-1905 Photo
StoutNora B 8/17/19048/20/1905 D of R W & J T  Photo
Tarkington George Maburn 18541926 H of Helen    Photo
Tarkington Helen Isabella "Belle" 18541930 W of George    Photo
Teague Ed 2/21/19036/14/1992 H of Pearl     Photo
Teague Pearl Lee (Cook) 2/22/1910 4/15/1989 W of Ed     Photo
THOMPSONBaby    Photo
THOMPSON Charlie 4/27/19087/8/1909 Photo
THOMPSONElizabeth G. 31-Jul-191702-Apr-1982  
THOMPSON Ethie (Evans) 7/30/189711/6/1917 Photo
THOMPSON Eva 2/10/190310/7/1930 Photo
THOMPSONMinnie 15-Jul-191019-Jul-1928 Photo
THOMPSONMyrtle 24-Mar-189930-May-1931 Photo
THOMPSON Nancy Otelia (Hurleman) 8/22/18895/29/1972 W of Samuel I  Photo
THOMPSON Samuel I 8/14/187912/13/1948 H of Nancy    Photo
THOMPSONSamuel Lee    Photo
TINNEYGeorge Washington 10-Dec-184219-Apr-1925 Photo
TURNERFrancis Elizabeth 22-Sep-186605-Jul-1910 W of William
TURNERWilliam Sherman 14-Nov-186726-Oct-1948 H of Francis
UNREADABLE 5  unknowns    Photo
UNREADABLE 4  unknowns    Photo
Walkingstick Winfred (Stacy) 9/27/19266/23/2001 Photo
Watson Opal (Teague) 4/13/1932  Photo
WELCHLuther M. 19051905 Photo
WESTThomas Comisky "TC" or "Miskey" 24-Jan-187018-Dec-1932 Photo
WestfallGeorgie L 1/28/18874/13/1908 Photo
WhartonAlvin C 10/10/19004/13/1967 H of Opal  Photo
WhartonOpal I 5/22/1910  W of Alvin   Photo
Whisenhunt Ben Jr. 11/16/191112/2/1912 Photo
WhiteW C 10/16/18704/16/1931  
Dr. Carroll Cassius 13-Sep-182219-Apr-1899 Photo
Civil War Veteran
WithrowBilly L "Cowboy" 19532004 Photo
WithrowJosephine 9/10/18835/1/1942 W of Pinklin    Photo
WithrowKenneth Clyde     
WithrowMary Jane  7/20/1951 Photo
WithrowPinklin L 7/25/18797/29/1948 H of Josephine    Photo
WithrowRowdy Joe 19862005 Photo
WRIGHTW. C. 18-Aug-189013-Jan-1919 Photo
WYNNFannie 10-Apr-185409-Jul-1906 Photo
WYNNJessie D.    Photo
WYNNMaggie (White) 17-Apr-188304-Jul-1923 Photo
WYNNPreston    Photo
WYNNWilliam Walter 06-Feb-191418-Mar-1914 Photo
YOWEthmer 21-Oct-191808-Nov-1919 Photo
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