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Triplett Cemetery
Texanna, McIntosh County, Oklahoma

Photos Harvey Fields

Partial Survey

If you have family buried in Triplett Cemetery and would like to add your information to this website, contact Area Coordinator for more information. You can also check out our How to Submit page.
NOTE: Every effort has been made to transcribe this information accurately. These records MAY CONTAIN ERRORS. Any corrections and/or additions greatly appreciated. As with any genealogy information, this is a source and should be considered as such. It is up to the researcher to verify the accuracy.

I do not live in McIntosh County and I do not have access to any records other than those presented here. Therefore, I am sorry that I am unable to answer any questions about specific people. I will however, gladly help, IF there is anything I can look up for you.






Baley Lattie Foster 5/15/19224/11/1923 Photo
Bennett Annie L8/28/1881 12/19/1933W of Dyton
Bennett D B9/7/1884 6/13/1898 
Bennett Dr Dyton6/14/1869 3/9/1931H of Annie  Photo
Bennett Dyton Jr9/17/1902 3/22/1986 
Bennett Floyd7/27/1911 1/30/1912S of Annie & Dyton
Bennett Hazel1/17/1914 8/10/1937D of Annie & Dyton
Bennett Leo E3/14/1898 3/12/1911 
Bennett Lottie J "Letty" Steen 5/13/18435/2/1894 
Bennett Obie Alston 12/24/19081/29/1910 S of Annie & Dyton
Bennett Winston Griffin 5/29/190112/10/1902 S of Annie & Dyton Photo
Bratton Alta Teovia Casey 4/24/19293/24/2003 W of Euel Lee
Bratton Euel Lee  "Bill" 3/24/191212/18/1984 H of Alta
Bratton Carolyn Ann Cowan 7/8/195563/10/2021 W of Euel Lance
Bratton Euel Lance 12/16/1955 11/19/2015 H of Carolyn
Bratton Terry Loleta 4/8/19523/19/2009 Obit
BrinsfieldAlice Marie Goad 5/13/18999/8/1988 W of James
BrinsfieldBillie F 1/10/19381/10/1938 
Brinsfield Irene Rene Mincher 10/1/187711/4/1957 W of Robert L
BrinsfieldJ D 6/1/193412/8/1980 H of Wanda
BrinsfieldJackie D 12/2/19363/14/1937 
BrinsfieldJames R "Jim" 11/23/189912/15/1960 H of Alice
BrinsfieldJimmy 1/19/19281/22/1928 S of James & Alice
BrinsfieldJoseph E 1921  
BrinsfieldJoseph Lindsey "Joe"6/16/1903 4/1/1963H of Nora
BrinsfieldKaren S 1/25/19591/25/1959 
BrinsfieldKennith L 4/20/19294/2/2005 
BrinsfieldNancy Flora Hilton5/3/1918 2/27/1987Wed Walter 5/12/1936
BrinsfieldNora Lera Green 1/12/190312/26/1981 W of Joseph L
Ray W1/16/19195/24/2001 Wed Willie  10/7/1943
BrinsfieldRobert Lee 11/21/18741/15/1958 H of Irene
BrinsfieldRobert Thomas 6/11/19421/7/1945 
BrinsfieldWalter Hershel 7/20/19185/19/1987 Wed Nancy 5/12/1936
BrinsfieldWanda W 12/13/1942 W of J D
Brinsfield Willie Whisenhunt 10/26/19232/8/2015 Wed Ray 10/7/1943
Brinsfield Willie Lee6/1/1934 7/1/1994 
Campbell Lorena Arlene "Lori" 12/23/19648/13/2012 Photo
Cargill Cora Lee4/3/1900 2/17/1924 Photo
Cargill Jackey Albert 8/20/192011/10/1927 Photo
CaseyKeith Uriah 6/7/19326/16/2001 Obit
Cone Earlene L Wooten 9/4/194110/12/2007 W of Glen   Photo
Cone Glen E Jr1/22/1930 4/1/2005H of Earlene    Photo
Cowan Carrie H9/1/1901 11/14/1978 
Cowan Donald L8/26/1922 12/29/2002H of Dorothy   Photo
Cowan Dorothy L9/30/1926 4/11/2018W of Donald   Photo
DakeJess 8/29/190510/17/1978 H of Mineola
DakeMineola 11/17/19058/8/1994 W of Jess
Decker Lucy A9/21/1877 4/19/1895 Photo
Farrar Andrew 18901890  
Farrar Arvie Carl 6/3/19094/1/2000 H of Edith
Farrar Daughter Feb 19012/7/1901 D of Minerva & George F
Farrar Della Lucille Williams (Harwell) 2/2/19001/27/1975 W of Harvey Harwell
W of George B Farrar
Farrar Edith Bell Raimer 8/22/191711/22/2007 W of Arvie
Farrar General Wilber 6/18/18793/4/1918  
Farrar George Bee 5/5/18984/13/1958 H of Della
Farrar George Franklin Sep 1858May 1901 Wed Minerva 10/4/1879
Jay Allen 2/20/19509/6/1996 Pvt US Army  Vietnam
Farrar Jerry General 4/8/19415/10/2011  
Farrar Johnny T Sep 18861907  
Farrar Loraine 19411941  
Farrar Louie Dee 9/3/19289/17/2005  
Farrar Minerva Ann Traywick 4/1/18622/7/1901 Wed George F 10/4/1879
Farrar Moses Willis 7/29/18641901  
Farrar Tommy 18841900 S of George F & Minerva
Forsyth Lucy E Addington 3/26/18406/27/1900 Photo
GoadGrover Cleveland 12/24/1892 6/30/1969H of Susie
GoadSusie Ellen Brinsfield6/8/1897 5/5/1960W of Grover
Green Angres Newton1906 1965 
Green Bonnie1904 1936 
Green Flora Elisabeth McIntosh Dec 18778/15/1920 
Greene Evert4/3/190? 11/?/190? Photo
GROSEEvert Theodore 10/29/19151/3/2001 H of Mildred  Obit
GROSE Mildred Alene McKee 9/22/19145/20/1990 W of Evert
Hamby Dennis3/4/1882 6/7/1957H of Edna
Hamby Edna3/28/1889 3/10/1930W of Dennis
William Frank 8/22/191412/29/1988 PFC US Army  WW II  Photo
Hogan J M1/9/1898 8/1/1992Wed Leonia 9/21/1922  Photo
Hogan Kenneth Lee 6/6/1922 7/27/1922 
Hogan Leonia Onie8/10/1903 5/7/1992Wed J M 9/21/1922   Photo
Lane Arch Paul4/1/1892 11/18/1957H of Minnie
Lane Billie L Acker 8/24/192711/30/2001 W of Lattie
Bobby Gene "Fisherman" 8/18/1928 6/13/2013Wed Gladys M 3/10/1956
US Army  Korea
Lane Cara A "Carrie" Collins 6/9/19067/15/1978 W of Lonnie
Lane David Wayne 12/13/19609/14/1995 
Lane Don D11/30/1945 10/31/2011 
Lane Dora Bell Waters 4/23/19193/23/1985 
Lane Gladys Lillian Whisenhunt (Doshier) 5/31/1919 11/2/2016W of William Doshier
W of James
Lane Gladys Mae Wooten 10/23/19386/28/2009 Wed Bobby 3/10/1956
Lane Harold8/17/1960 2/7/1961 
Lane James4/16/1943 4/23/2015H of Gladys L
Lane James A12/3/1865 10/17/1927 
Lane Kimberly Darlene 10/4/19521/21/2019 Photo
Lattie Dorland "Bob" 8/22/19234/21/1986 H of Billie    Photo
Lane Lonnie Ray 8/16/189712/24/1977 H of Cara
Lane Loyd Ray1/15/1925 10/31/1926 
Lane Madge E12/10/1915 6/2/1970 
Lane Minnie Mae Dorland 5/25/188610/14/1962 W of Arch
Leach Bertha Lovell 10/22/19005/21/1969 
Leach Katie2/7/1893 3/2?/1957 Photo
Leach W B2/11/1885 1/22/1957 Photo
Edwin H Sr 19224/9/1993 SSgt US Army  WW II Photo
Macom Baby Jan 1917 6/17/1918Child of Seth & Addie
Charles Floyd 11/6/1935 10/2/2005Cpl US Army  Photo
Macom Leslie Grover 6/12/1886 6/9/1940 
Maxwell Arthur Edward "Arthy" 1878 5/29/1911 
Maxwell George W "Wesley" 8/29/1873 5/29/1911 
Maxwell Jesse Gilbert 3/14/1873 4/16/1912H of Laura    Photo
Maxwell Laura Norman Sep 1873 10/30/1909W of Jesse
Maxwell Thurn E 1908 1911Child of Jesse & Laura
McKnight Cliddie 7/18/1905 1/13/1906S of J M & Mollie
McKnight J M 11/17/1867 12/7/1923H of Mollie  Photo
McKnight Mary Age 34 4/24/1912 
McKnight Mollie J 4/5/1876 10/31/1906W of J M
Morgan Ronald Alec "Ronnie" 8/15/1951 4/25/2020 
Morgan W P1874 1937 Photo
Ogden     Photo
Ogden David Benson Jr 3/20/1928 3/14/1998Wed Eula 8/22/1949
Ogden Eula Mae Carter 10/26/1927 7/19/2014Wed David  8/22/1949
Ogden Infant Daughter 12/3/1904 12/5/1904 
Ogden John Carl 1899 1925 
Ogden Jonnie Pauline 1922 1923 
Ogden Lola A 3/5/1884 10/16/1969 
Ogden Michael David 1/18/1953 11/11/2016 
Ott Anna E 11/14/1916 2/12/1936D of Walter & Janie
Bobby Wayne 1/20/1943 1/3/2015MSgt US Army  (Ret)
Ott Cora Marie Phillips 9/29/1923 7/8/2001W of Roy
Ott Daisy Waters 2/17/1916 6/10/1994W of Romie
Ott Janie M Hallowell 12/20/1888 3/4/1973W of Walter
Ott Romie 12/17/1907 7/30/1995H of Daisy
Ott Roy J 5/10/1920 2/2/1981H of Cora
Ott Stanley D "Stan" 9/7/1954 6/22/2014 
Ott Walter Martin 1/19/1887 7/15/1971H of Janie
Phillips Della Mae Brinsfield1/30/1902 10/25/1995W of Walter
Phillips Walter Lee 9/2/19004/9/1936 H of Della
Price Infant Daughter 4/26/18984/25/1898 
Price Narcissa Josephine Scudder 6/3/1873 3/11/1903 Photo
Quinton Clint 5/4/1917 6/24/1994 
Quinton Ike 2/4/1891 6/3/1977H of Mae
Quinton John L 2/2/1912 8/4/1947 
Quinton Mae Farmer 4/28/1893 2/4/1978W of Ike
Quinton Neva 10/23/1914 12/13/2002 
Samuel Isaac "Sam" 5/17/1927 1/18/2020US Army    Photo
Reynolds Audie Faye Harper 6/19/18936/6/1969 Wed George 10/29/1911
Reynolds George William 10/14/1890 1/20/1966Wed Audie 10/29/1911
John B 10/13/1844 10/22/1910Co E 152nd IL Vol Regt  Photo
Reynolds Leon D 12/31/1926 1/21/2008H of Lera
Reynolds Lera Elizabeth Nicholson 4/4/1932 1/24/1995W of Leon
Reynolds Marcas E 3/17/1924 9/28/1925Child of George & Audie
Rogers Baby 10/22/1877 10/22/1877D of Hickory  
Rogers Hickory Jr 3/17/1874 8/9/1897 
Rogers Hickory Sr 12/28/1828 1/12/1902 Photo 
Rogers Lillie M 4/20/1898 3/9/1931 
Billy Gene 1/13/193210/19/2008 US Marine Corps  Korea Photo
Sanders Mary Ellen 11/20/19398/1/2008 
Scudder Alfred Benjamin 5/26/1884 3/3/1909 
Scudder Lewis Blackburn Jr 10/15/1886 2/13/1892 
Scudder Lewis Blackburn Sr "Dixie" 10/27/1839 10/18/1902H of Malinda  Photo
Scudder Malinda Elmira Kelly (Stephens) 6/28/1850 5/10/1909Wed Oscar Stephens 12/16/1913
W of Lewis Sr
Selph Myrtle 5/21/1888 8/15/1908D of W H & G E  Photo
Unknown     Photo
WarrenJohn Ed 10/10/192010/16/1978 Wed Lucille 2/10/1941
WarrenLucille Quinton3/20/1922 2/3/2015Wed John 2/10/1941
Watts Anna H 12/6/1875 12/13/1902W of William  Photo
Watts Infant Son 12/30/1906 12/30/1906S of William  Photo
Watts Robert Lee 4/16/1897 1/30/1900S of William & Anna  Photo
Watts Thomas Age 90 9/7/1909Photo
Watts William T "Will" 9/6/1875 3/27/1911H of Anna
West Claud Otto 2/10/1906 12/27/1959 
James Polk "Red" 10/13/1844 1/11/1894Pvt Confederate Army
West Jim    
John M 4/15/1881 10/12/1918Signal Corps of 3rdDiv
Died in France  Photo
West L V 10/23/1884 10/23/1884D of James & M E
West William R 10/5/1882 4/7/1909 Photo
Westbrook Faye Rainbolt 11/18/1929 2/11/2006W of S William
Westbrook James Wesley 7/4/1950 11/12/1952 
Westbrook S William "Bill" 7/26/1925 8/24/1980H of Faye
Westbrook William Donald "Donnie" 8/11/1948 12/20/2013 
Whisenhunt Anna Imogene Hurst 5/23/1932 6/29/2011Wed Claude 10/30/1950
Whisenhunt Benjamin M Sep 1837 1910 
Whisenhunt Bess   W of Grady
Whisenhunt Bessie Cooper 1885 1930W of Wiley
Whisenhunt Bessie 7/15/1930 11/3/1930D of Bessie & Wiley
Boggus J 3/24/1910 10/31/2010Sgt US Army  WW II & Korea
Whisenhunt Cecil C 9/27/1907 5/13/1909S of William A & Ethel
Whisenhunt Claude "Cube" 10/23/1928  Wed Anna 10/30/1950
Whisenhunt Clint 2/10/1915 1/30/1916S of William A & Ethel
Whisenhunt Dianna L Woodruff 5/14/1964  Wed Scottie 2/14/1982
Whisenhunt Dorothy E 6/20/1909 2/17/1915D of John W & Iona  Photo
Whisenhunt Earnest   Wed Evelyn 7/2/1962
Elvin Wiley Toke 7/20/1922 4/19/1984US Army  WW II
Whisenhunt Ethel Lavina Tackett 3/7/1888 3/22/19752ndW of William A
Whisenhunt Etta K Thompson Mar 1899 1963W of Garrison
Whisenhunt Eugene Walter 9/2/1897 11/22/1931 
Whisenhunt Evelyn Ann Wilson 3/20/1947 10/7/2011Wed Earnest 7/2/1962
Whisenhunt Farrell Lee 2/22/1929 3/25/1930S of William A & Ethel
Whisenhunt Flora V 3/25/1912 9/20/1912D of John W & Iona  Photo
Whisenhunt Garrison 2/22/1894 1/10/1968H of Etta
Whisenhunt Gertrude M 10/8/1919 3/21/1920 
Whisenhunt Grady   H of Bess
Whisenhunt Harold David 2/15/1928 10/21/2010H of Marilyn Ott
H of Rosie Watts
Whisenhunt Ida May 2/19/1889 Jul 1889 
Whisenhunt Infant Girl 1/29/1907 1/29/1907D of Frank & Margaret
Whisenhunt Iona Margaret "Maggie" Wine 10/24/1886 11/18/1962W of John W
Whisenhunt Jack 7/19/1912 3/16/1935 
Whisenhunt Jack Nicholas Jr "Nick" 9/19/1969 11/21/1991 
Jackie Dale "Jack" 9/20/1936 5/16/2011AK3 US Navy
Whisenhunt James 4/12/1885 1/23/1899S of W L & J
Whisenhunt James Robert David 1/20/1870 2/13/1930H of Sarah Aynes
Whisenhunt James W 2/11/1876 Aug 1896S of Jiles & Louisa
Whisenhunt Jessie 6/12/1929 7/15/1929 
Jiles Boggus 11/29/1834 4/24/1908Pvt Co K Cockes Reg Ark Inf Civil War
H of Julia Howell
H of Louisa Eads
Whisenhunt John Toliver 6/28/1857 Feb 1942H of Mary E Moore
Whisenhunt John William 9/20/1882 6/8/1966H of Iona
Johnny L 2/26/1895 2/3/1991Pvt US Army  WW I
H of Maggie
Whisenhunt Joseph M 1893 1985H of Lydia
Whisenhunt Kathy Elaine Farrar 11/2/1955 3/27/2007Wed 8/30/1974
Whisenhunt Lois 10/27/1907 2/21/1915D of Wiley & Bessie
Whisenhunt Louisa Milly Eads 12/30/1847 12/27/18992ndW of Jiles
Whisenhunt Lydia E 1906 1995W of Joseph
Whisenhunt Maggie E 1/20/1904 8/27/1993W of Johnny
Whisenhunt Margaret Jane Kerr/Carr 11/19/1883 Jun 19151stW of Frank G
Whisenhunt Marilda Martha Cole 7/28/1875 3/3/18981stW of William A
Whisenhunt Marilyn L Ott 4/2/1935 11/15/1979W of Harold
Whisenhunt Mary Ann 4/22/1878 11/4/1898D of Jiles & Louisa
Whisenhunt Mary Ellen Moore 3/14/1858 Feb 1946W of John T
Whisenhunt Owen L 7/9/1924 1/9/1939S of John W & Iona
Whisenhunt Rosa Mildred 2/27/1933 1/11/2014 
Whisenhunt Rusty Wayne 10/21/1970 4/15/1971 
Whisenhunt Sarah J Aynes 1/21/1869 8/3/1943W of James R
Whisenhunt Scottie Stephen 6/28/1964 3/29/1996Wed Dianna 2/14/1982
Whisenhunt Sybil F 8/29/1921 7/3/1922 
Whisenhunt Walter Davis   S of Garrison & Etta
Whisenhunt Wiley J 9/3/1872 1/18/1961H of Bessie Cooper
Wiley T 7/20/1922 4/19/1984US Army  WW II   Photo
Whisenhunt William Avery Eads "Will" 11/23/1873 10/14/1969H of Marilda Cole
H of Ethel Tackett
Whisenhunt William Everett 12/12/1918 5/21/1978 
Whisenhunt Willie L 8/18/1922 3/5/1923S of William A & Ethel
Charles Sheridan 10/7/1918 7/22/2017US Army Air Corps  WW II
Wed Mary 8/27/1945   Photo
White James 1915 1993 
White Mary Jane Hogan 10/25/1925 5/27/2017Wed Charles 8/27/1945  Photo
Wiley Louvina 1/28/1869 7/15/1920Photo
Wiley Monroe N 12/9/1874 8/19/1904 
Wilson Elmer Marion 2/17/1914 3/11/1996Wed Ruby Short 8/7/1936
Wed Rachel Scarbraugh 10/7/1989
Wilson Elmer Marion Jr 5/14/1938 12/28/1960 
Wilson Florence Ann 8/3/1878 3/6/1921 
Wilson Henry Phillip 6/1/1881 3/23/1957H of Martha   Photo
Wilson Inah 1/13/1895 11/2/1967W of Thomas
Wilson J G 5/10/1864 2/28/1917 
Wilson Martha Lena Chapman May  1880 6/26/1939W of Henry  Photo
Wilson Mildred F Coughran 4/20/1929 2/7/2008W of Willie
Wilson Pearl C 1907 1971W of Ulysses
Wilson Ruby May Eunice Short 5/6/1915 3/2/1988Wed Elmer 8/7/1936
Wilson Thomas "Tom" 2/20/1889 5/14/1971H of Inah
Ulysses 9/1/1888 5/28/1960H of Pearl
OK Military Veteran
Willie Leon 4/21/1925 9/2/1995H of Mildred
S1 US Navy  WW II
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