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Green Lawn Cemetery
aka Selby-Hall Cemetery

Checotah, McIntosh County, Oklahoma
Partial Survey
Updates by Judy Burnett (2016) & Area Coordinators

All photos © 2013 Jennifer Williams and Ron Burnett unless noted otherwise.
If you have family buried in the Green Lawn Cemetery and would like to add your information to this website, contact Area Coordinator for more information. You can also check out our How to Submit page.
NOTE: Every effort has been made to transcribe this information accurately. These records MAY CONTAIN ERRORS. Any corrections and/or additions greatly appreciated. As with any genealogy information, this is a source and should be considered as such. It is up to the researcher to verify the accuracy.

I do not live in McIntosh County and I do not have access to any records other than those presented here. Therefore, I am sorry that I am unable to answer any questions about specific people.
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Abbott Beulah Mae (Clark)5/1/1885 7/20/1966W of William   Photo
Abbott Clifton Preston3/20/1912 8/3/2010H of Pauline  Photo
Abbott Connie Leroy10/21/1934 3/30/1936 Photo
Abbott Darlene Gash (Elledge)   Wed Leonard 3/20/1997
Abbott Jessie Levita "Veda" 5/31/1910 2/9/1913 Photo
Abbott Leonard Ross "Butch" 3/25/1942 2/27/2006Wed Darlene 3/20/1997    Photo
Abbott Pauline (Wilson)    W of Clifton   Photo
Abbott William Wayne 6/22/18805/20/1942 H of Beulah   Photo
Ellis Woodrow3/28/1932 9/11/1964 OK Sgt Corp of Engr Korea
AckerGeorge Earnest, Jr.2/23/1901 5/26/1958 H of Gertrude  Photo
AckerGeorge Wesley 1/13/1869 1/5/1953 H of Minnie   Photo
AckerGertrude Frances "Gertie" (Jackson)2/8/1901 11/22/1974W of George E  Photo
AckerLena Beatrice (Nunnally) 1/25/1903 3/25/1982 W of Richard
AckerMinnie (Riese) 2/24/1873 3/16/1939 W of George W  Photo
AckerOra B (Baughman) 10/30/1883 5/25/1974 Wed Robert 1/1/1902
Richard Herman9/6/1897 6/20/1944 H of Lena
OK Pvt Med Dept
AckerRobert Serence 4/30/1880 12/2/1954 Wed Ora 1/1/1902
Walter Grayson5/19/1934 8/23/1959 OK PFC 25thReconBn 4thArmdDiv
AdairCharles Wesley "Charlie"3/8/1902 4/6/1996 Photo
AdairGlen H 7/31/1910 11/17/1991 H of Lula    Photo
Jack D 9/28/1916 7/5/2001 SSgt US Army  WW II     Photo
James E 3/2/1908 7/15/1975 H of Jaunita    Photos
Pvt  US Army
AdairJaunita A 12/10/1913 5/9/1975 W of James    Photo
AdairLula M (Alexander)12/16/1901 4/6/1988 W of Glen     Photo
AdairMartha Jane "Janie" (Lankford)3/29/1878 12/31/1960 Photo
Collis R 12/20/1902 6/25/1938 EM3 US Navy   Photo
AdamsElma Ruth    Wed Gene 2/26/1949  Photo
Gene Edwards8/1/1928 7/26/1999 PFC US Army  WW II
Wed Elma 2/26/1949
AdamsGeorge Age 83 6/2/1953H of Lula
AdamsGlenda Lea (Prewitt)9/1/1957 6/23/1983 Photo
AdamsHarley L 7/23/1925 6/20/2001 Wed Luven  1/13/1949 Photo
AdamsIla Lee 10/17/1923 10/21/2013  
AdamsInfant 1/4/1916 1/4/1916 Infant of Jesse & Olive
AdamsJennie 10/30/1893 4/27/1943 Photo
AdamsJesse Franklin "Frank"1/3/1869 12/17/1927 Wed Olive 3/20/1915
AdamsLula B 4/1/1871 10/2/1948 W of George
AdamsLuven    Wed Harley  1/13/1949  Photo
Marion 5/7/1895 2/4/1963 H of Viola  Photo
OK MUS3Cl Hq 143rd 36thDiv  WW I
AdamsMary Susan (Mays) 1/26/1885 12/30/1967 W of William   Photo
AdamsOlive E "Ollie" (White)11/17/1878 4/1/1963 Wed Jesse 3/20/1915
AdamsRosa Electa (O'Neill) (Shahan)2/27/1875 5/27/1966W of W P Shahan
W of Thomas Adams
AdamsViola (Rinehart) 9/1/1904 3/27/1979 W of Marion   Photo
AdamsWilliam Yancey "WY"6/24/1875 2/12/1976 H of Mary   Photo
AdayAudrey Faye (Wright)6/26/1921 9/3/1986 Wed Sheridan 6/28/1941 Photo
AdayCecil Eugene 5/6/1887 4/2/1976 H of Loubell   Photo
AdayHazel Marie 5/8/1936 10/21/2016  
AdayLoubell (Gary) 3/14/1895 1/30/1953 W of Cecil   Photo
AdaySheridan H 3/22/1918 7/26/2005 Wed Audrey 6/28/1941  Photo
AdmireDon Alan 4/14/1954 5/26/1991 Photo
AdneyBilly Ray    Wed Paula 6/6/1975
AdneyPaula Jean (Greb) 10/7/1953 11/3/2009 Wed Billy 6/6/1975
AguirieJimmie Whitaker 1/12/1922 3/6/1996 Photo
AikenBisbee Gordon 5/22/1902 7/15/1972 H of Flira   Photo
AikenFlira Dell (Green) (McKinney) 1/8/1907 10/29/1991 Wed Thomas McKinney 8/3/1924
W of Bisbee Aiken    Photo
AkersDonald Gene 6/5/1925 8/13/1986 Photo
AkersJoseph Timothy "Joe" 4/21/1896 6/16/1945 H of Wilma  Photo
AkersWilma E (Marlin) 11/24/1897 1/4/1948 W of Joseph  Photo
AlbertyJohn Warren 7/5/1898 3/30/1976  
Alderson Edith 7/29/19138/16/1999 W of Willie   Photo
Alderson John 8/3/18696/5/1947 H of Minnie    Photo
Alderson Minnie 18601939 W of John      Photo
Alderson Willie 7/6/19045/23/1968 H of Edith     Photo
Alexander Earnest Melvern 5/18/1920 10/2/1920 Photo
AlfredFred 7/16/19053/9/1982 H of Minnie   Photo
AlfredMinnie (Bennett) (Gann) 3/20/1904 7/15/1966 Wed Charlie Gann 9/2/1925
Wed Fred Alfred 5/18/1957   Photo
William Eugene7/8/1940 7/13/1987 SP4 US Army   Photo
AlixAlice B "Alcy" (Nichols)8/10/1882 3/1/1920 Photo
AlixLois   Buried 7/3/2000  
AlixRalph Constant 5/8/1915 12/2/1955 Photo
AllenBertha (Preston) 1/6/1889 Jan 1982W of John D
Earl T 11/7/191412/17/2003 Wed Elizabeth  2/29/1936   Photos
AllenElizabeth "Beth" (Ball) 7/21/19183/18/1985 Wed Earl  2/29/1936
Allen Ellen Kersey    W of Roe  Photo
AllenHeil H Jr. 2/21/19269/8/1926 Photo
AllenIsaac Andrew "Dodge" 2/8/1872 1/1/1968H of Jane  Photo
AllenJake Burton "Burt" 1/30/1904 6/6/969H of Juanita   Photo
AllenJane (Hays) 1/9/18774/29/1956W of Isaac  Photo
AllenJohn D 188210/23/1949 H of Bertha
AllenJoye Jean (Dewberry) 1/14/1938 11/11/2000 
AllenJuanita (Crisp) 8/23/1918 5/31/2006W of Jake
Photo & Obit
AllenKathy Darlene (Baker) 2/21/19513/1, 2013 
AllenLillie 10/21/191810/30/1995 
AllenMaud (Shepherd) 8/17/1898 6/20/1957W of W Lundy  Photo
AllenPaul Frederick "Fred" 9/25/1941 6/12/2005Wed Regina 4/5/2003
AllenQuartus Aug 27, 1910Sep 8, 1919S of John & Bertha
AllenRegina Ellen (Wilson) Aug 4,1961 Jan 11, 2015Wed Paul  4/5/2003
Robert Edward Jan 16, 1897Jan 17,1958 Y3 US Navy
WW  I   Photo
AllenRoe Clyde Feb 15, 1913Mar 20, 1972H of Ellen    Photo
Taug Preston Jun 10, 1907Jun 25, 1982 TEC4 US Army
Thomas T Nov 21, 1889Mar 8, 1960 US Marine Corps
24 years
AllenW Lundy Jul 27, 1892Jul 7, 1972H of Maud    Photo
AlleyAlice (Groves) 2/8/1896 5/16/1981 W of Robert   Photo
AlleyMildred L    W of Paul    Photo
Paul Robert1/15/1927 10/19/2006 TEC5 US Army WW  II
H of Mildred  Photos
AlleyRobert Lee "Bob" 10/10/1882 2/21/1959 H of Alice  Photo
Allison Virgil Eugene, Jr. "Gene" 10/24/1933 4/27/2010Wed Yvonne 11/7/1951
Allison Yvonne Eloise (Wells) 10/1/1932 8/11/1994Wed Virgil 11/7/1951
Allsberry C W   12/30/1920  
Alston Anneta C1/17/1855 12/29/1942W of Edley   Photo
Alston Bertha (Presson)3/26/1887 9/7/1966 W of William Sr  Photo
Alston Edley S5/8/1853 5/7/1938H of Anneta     Photo
Alston Frances Albertine "Bertie" (Reynolds) 11/1/19166/29/2005 Wed William Jr 2/28/1944       Photo
Alston William Corder 9/24/18813/7/1969 H of Bertha    Photo
Dr. William Corder, Jr.9/8/1913 10/15/2006 Wed Frances 2/28/1944
Flight Surgeon  WW II
AmberJesse Howard 8/10/1981 3/6/2001 Photo
AmberJoy Fawn 10/17/19583/11/1984 Photo
AmblerKenneth 1/12/19401/20/1998 
Philip Carl2/11/1919 12/19/1990 TEC5 US Army  WW II
Anderson Lillian Mae "Lillie" (Lewis) (Brandon) 8/30/1917 3/13/2016W of Lemuel Brandon Sr.
Wed Vernon Anderson 6/6/2002
Rufe L  3/4/1936 OK PFC 358 Inf 90 Div
Andrews Annie Marie   Wed Earl 10/24/1953 Photo
Dearl11/21/1925 10/14/1992TEC5 US Army  WW II
Earl11/21/1925 7/20/1994US Marine Corps 
WW II     Photo
Wed Annie 10/24/1953
Andrews Earl Allen4/13/1956 5/11/1993 
Andrews Eileen Grace (Bristow)2/4/1918 2/19/2012Wed Howard 8/29/1940
Andrews Eula (Calico)2/12/1903 9/2/1978W of James     Photo
Andrews Freddie Mack9/7/1938 4/25/2010Wed Louella 12/2/1977
Andrews Howard Othell9/14/1914 11/24/1997Wed Eileen 8/29/1940 Photo
Andrews James Ira1/4/1898 5/15/1969H of Eula   Photo
Andrews Louella Irene (McGuffin) (Hill) (Shadd) 2/9/193711/11/1996 W of ?? Hill
W of ?? Shadd
Wed Freddie Andrews 12/2/1977     Photo
AnglinAnna R (Brandon) 11/1/1911 12/24/2003 W of Hugh  Photo
AnglinArthur L "Sandy" 8/26/1920 6/28/1996 Photo
AnglinHugh O 12/3/1909 11/3/1980 H of Anna    Photo
AnglinHugh O, Jr. 2/7/1940 4/22/1940 Photo
AnglinInfant    Photo
ANSONCarol Sue (Rains) 27-Jun-194505-May-2011 Photo
Clayton A. 14-Oct-192023-Jan-2013 Obit
Cpl US Army
ANSON Dorothy Dean (Cole) 7/1/19257/3/1984 Wed Glen 5/3/1941 Photo
ANSONEthel Mae (Giles) 31-Oct-189512-Apr-1988 W of Luther  Photo
Glen A 5/3/1918 12/20/1993 Wed Dorothy 5/3/1941
TEC4 US Army  Photo
ANSON Luther A 8/29/18871955 H of Ethel
ANSONRyan Derek 23-Mar-197823-Feb-2010 Photo
Anspaugh Marsha Anne (Jones)11/3/1952 3/9/1991  
AnthonyIzada 18911942 Mother
ArcherFrank G 7/8/19088/31/1985 Wed Lizzie 11/26/1931  Photo
ArcherLizzie (Peterson) 1/2/1905 12/31/1998 Wed Frank  11/26/1931  Photo
ArcherRichard R 1/21/19216/15/1983 
ArionJack L 8/17/1932 7/13/2012 Wed Velda 2/21/1950 Photo
ArionVelda Lois (Hayden)3/30/1933 8/21/2010 Wed Jack 2/21/1950
Armstrong Dorothy Mae (Messick) (Hatcher) 4/15/19226/11/2011 W of Leon  Photo
John W, Jr.2/13/1923 2/19/1964OK TSgt 6thRegt FldArty RTC  WW II
Armstrong John W, Sr.3/26/1871 2/13/1949H of Susie   Photo
Armstrong Leon   H of Dorothy   Photo
Marvin G11/10/1934 6/12/2005SP4 US Army
H of Rhonda
Armstrong Pauline6/20/1922 2/14/1972 Photo
Armstrong Rhonda G9/24/1951   W of Marvin
Armstrong Susie Emma (Marshall)12/29/1889 1/1/1979W of John Sr   Photo
Armstrong W H2/10/1849 2/19/1942 
Arnett Florence Pauline (Harper) 12/6/1921 1/2/2016W of Jimmie
Frank R3/9/1919 2/15/2013US Army WW II
Wed Hazel 7/26/1948
Arnett Hazel (Justice)    Wed Frank 7/26/1948
Arnett Jimmie B9/13/1911 7/26/1989 H of Florence   Photo
Arnett Rickey5/4/1949 4/16/2015 
ArnoldAlvin E 8/17/18874/17/1972 H of Elizabeth  Photo
ArnoldElizabeth Ann "Bettie" (Hawkins)2/23/1891 1/22/1977 W of Alvin   Photo
ArnoldElla Almira (Daniels) 5/25/1868 1/16/1923 Photo
Fred Thomas5/28/1919 2/12/1985 US Army   WW II
Arnspiger Dave 2/23/189712/2/1949 H of Maude  Photo
Arnspiger Maude B (Moss) 9/26/1895 1/2/1967 W of Dave     Photo
Leonard Leon6/10/1911 10/15/1985 H of Oma    Photos
Pvt US Army
Arteberry Oma Glenna (Duncan) 8/2/1910  W of Leonard     Photo
AsbillJames G "Jim" 2/7/1872 7/7/1927 Photo
ASHLEY Ammie 9/28/19256/1/1999 W of Santford
ASHLEY Charles T 7/14/187612/6/1923 H of Ora
ASHLEY Ida Mae 4/7/189912/9/1986 W of Thomas J  Photo
ASHLEYImogene 06-Feb-193311-Jun-2004 Photo
ASHLEY Jacky Wayne 8/3/19638/2/2007 Wed Priscilla 5/8/1984  Photos
ASHLEY James Wyatt 18631939 H of Texas
ASHLEYJody 11-Jul-192715-Aug-2004 Photo
ASHLEY Kevin 6/27/19669/1/2007  
ASHLEY Margaret F 12/24/19468/7/1992 W of Thomas Jr   Photo
ASHLEY Ora B 4/24/18791/22/1976 W of Charles
ASHLEYPriscilla June    Wed Jacky 5/8/1984  Photos
ASHLEYRoberta Lee    W of William   Photo
Santford L 5/14/19202/11/1989 H of Ammie
US Army  WW II
ASHLEYTexas Rosanah (McDonald) 2/18/18788/?/1981 W of James Wyatt
ASHLEYThomas, Jr    H of Margaret   Photo
Thomas Jefferson 2/9/18938/8/1976 H of Ida  Photo
US Army  WW I
ASHLEYWilliam Lacy 12/9/19223/20/1997 H of Roberts    Photo
AudJohn Thomas 8/9/18278/4/1914 H of Martha
AudMartha Susan (Caffey) (Tarpley) 10/9/1849 8/2/1928 W of Robert Tarpley
Wed John Aud 5/9/1874
AustinNancy Ann 11/15/18541/13/1948 
AustinRachael Michelle 1/1/1988 4/10/1990 Photo
Albert William6/13/1915 2/23/1975 TEC5  US Army
H of Ethel L      Photo
AvantEthel Lucille (Newton) 9/30/1923 7/10/2000 W of Albert   Photo
AvantEthel Maude 10/11/1893 3/22/1983 W of Thomas    Photo
AvantThomas W "Tom" 10/1/1892 4/9/1965 H of Ethel M     Photo
AxleyCrato Jun 189011/11/1968 Photo
AyresFrank C 19081917 Photo
BabcockJohn Hensey  Bur 6/26/2002 
BabcockJohn L 8/26/19743/27/2006 Photo
BaconAlma Lenora 4/23/19054/26/1985 Photo
BaconErnest Clifford 3/22/19105/17/1997 Wed Opal  5/18/1936 Photo
BaconFred Wayne 3/18/19377/30/2006 
BaconFred Robinson 9/8/18809/29/1966 H of Gertrude   Photo
BaconGertrude May "Gertie" (Williams) 3/4/18846/30/1930 W of Fred R     Photo
BaconHarold R 6/20/19161/30/2007 Wed Lorene  8/29/1940   Photo
BaconIda Mae 12/24/19145/20/2007 Photo
BaconJ E 7/11/19535/28/2011 Photo
BaconLorene E (Misenhimer) 10/24/191910/9/1990 Wed Harold  8/29/1940  Photo
BaconOpal Lorene (Glasgow) 1/10/19152/22/2002 Wed Ernest 5/18/1936  Photo
BaconThelma Irene 4/29/19187/16/2006 Photo
BaconVirgus Lee 6/28/19416/29/1941 Photo
BahnsenElla 18741936 
BahnsenJohn E 18661937 H of Mathilda
BahnsenMathilda J 18631937 W of John
BaileyAudrey Cecile 5/8/189110/6/1977 Photo
BaileyCharles W "Bunk" 8/2/191012/5/1984 Photo
BaileyElanora L (Hobbs) (Ambler) 8/20/19204/24/2003 Photo
BaileyHenry Lee 4/12/18863/26/1966 H of Dovie
H of Verna     Photo
BaileyMary Alice (Cromer) 3/1/18839/9/1917 Photo
BaileyRetha M (Welch) 1/15/19291/3/2002 Photo
BaileyVerna Vista (Cole) 3/19/1897Feb 1981 W of Henry    Photo
BainJohn J 1/22/18835/25/1973 H of Ruth    Photo
BainRuth M (Murray) 18943/24/1966 W of John     Photo
BairLillian Reeves  3/23/1914 
BakerAnna Mae (Stout) 3/7/193012/14/1999 W of Seth Photo
BakerBenjamin H "Harry" 3/4/188910/23/1957 Photo
BakerBillie Sue (Merriman) 1/31/192410/4/2010 Photo
BakerHenry 12/24/18785/12/1968 Photo
BakerJohn Harrison 5/8/18882/13/1971 Photo
Kelly 9/21/192410/18/1979 SSgt US Air Force 
WW II     Photo
BakerLaVerne 7/6/19215/30/2003 Photo
BakerMonroe James 2/25/19109/10/1995 Wed Ruby 11/17/1932   Photo
BakerOrgie J 7/19/18951/8/1916 Photo
BakerRetha 7/15/18942/10/1983 Photo
BakerRuby Ethel (Patterson) 3/26/19091/14/1992 Wed Monroe 11/17/1932   Photo
BakerRuth (Leader) 12/18/18765/5/1961 Photo
Samuel David 2/13/19077/4/1959 OK Pvt 393 Engrs
WW II        Photo
Seth Andrew 12/23/192712/23/1988 H of Anna
PFC US Army   Korea
BakerShelia Jean 19602006 Photo
BakerVirgil Ray 9/13/19339/24/2007 
BALENTIMaybelle 18-Mar-190416-Aug-1999 Photo
BallAgnes Mae (Sparks) 7/28/187611/14/1955 W of Edward
BallAnn 6/8/192312/22/2004 W of Ermin
BallEdward F 18771940 H of Agnes
Ermin Dale 7/9/19315/3/2005 H of Ann
US Navy  Korea
BallMarie E 2/13/19061/2/1996 
BallTed 9/9/19091/15/1963 H of Zetta  Photo
BALLZetta M. (Rackley) 28-Sep-190625-Apr-2001 W of Ted  Photo & Obit
Banowetz Joseph M "Joe" 4/2/19065/3/1983 H of Margaret   Photo
Banowetz Margaret "Ted" (Murray) 7/3/19052/11/1998 W of Joseph   Photo
Banowetz Mary (Monroe) Jun 188110/16/1967 Photo
Banowetz Pauline (Nelms) 4/12/190910/2/1990 W of Tom  Photo
Banowetz Tom 10/9/19073/31/1978 H of Pauline    Photo
BarberSarah Mozelle 3/23/19146/25/1989 
BarkesChristina Lynn(Belcher) 2/13/19671/9/2015 
BarkleyLynne J (Johnson) 1/30/195312/29/1991 Photo
BarnecheGene 3/31/1937 11/21/2009 H of Marie  Photo & Obit
Barneche Marie (Cox) 11/19/1938 4/19/2016W of Gene     Photo
Barneche Rose (Manwell) 4/12/1917 2/2/2005 
BarnesLydia Vonita (Karber) 7/28/19256/19/2008 Wed Walter 6/6/1942
BarnesMerrilyn (Alston) (Reynolds) 5/13/19482/9/1987 Photo
Ronald D 4/13/19526/24/1973 SP4 US Army   Photo
Walter Dale 5/14/19241/21/2012 Wed Lydia 6/6/1942
US Coast Guard  WW II
Beryl Bower 10/18/19192/1/1989 H of Lou  Photos
BarnettBrent Dewayne "Homer" 1/4/198411/21/2015  
BarnettImogene 7/3/19275/2/1929 Photo
BarnettJoseph E 2/10/19063/18/1971 H of Oneta
Lawrimer W 6/9/18402/12/1934 AL Pvt Co G 7th Regt IL Cav Civil War   Photo
BarnettLou Ella (Townsend) 2/20/19194/3/1991 W of Beryl   Photo
BarnettOneta (Nunley) 5/31/1913  W of Joseph
Barnhill Daniel Newport 11/15/19155/14/1916 Photo
BarryAnnie Lee (Coleman) 3/15/189211/19/1962 W of Richard
Clarence Charles 7/31/19135/1/1995 Sgt US Army   WW II
BarryEllen Jane (Campbell) 7/30/1930  Wed Lonnie 2/14/1947
BarryLonnie Cratton 9/6/192710/19/2008 Wed Ellen 2/14/1947
BarryRichard C 12/6/19508/11/2014 
BarryRichard Franklin 2/18/18893/19/1966 H of Annie
BascueAron J 2/14/18764/16/1960 Wed Eliza Hershberger 6/5/1901 
Wed Toni  Presley 7/8/1923     Photo
BascueLula Caroline (Zellers) 18641946 Photo
BascueToni (Presley) 8/6/187612/12/1954 Wed Aron  7/8/1923  Photo
BassAndrew J 11/25/18816/26/1957 H of Ola    Photo
BassFred M 7/6/19062/1/1998 H of Gladys     Photo
BassGladys I 6/29/19117/11/1997 W of Fred    Photo
BassOla J 9/3/18888/2/1941 W of Andrew   Photo
BassettJody Lynne 8/24/19598/15/2007 
BatemanBonnie Lee (Pipkins) 11/15/18793/5/1980 Wed Leon  2/26/1898  Photos
Dick S 9/29/19102/26/2003 H of Esther
WO1 US Army  WW II
BatemanEsther M (King) 8/22/19126/20/2005 W of Dick
BatemanHelen Nanette 7/18/19316/30/1934 Photo
BatemanLeon Seawright "Lee" 1/9/186711/22/1956 Wed Bonnie  2/26/1898  Photos
BatemanMaxie M (Murray) 10/13/19062/6/1996 W of Tolbert    Photo
Tolbert Raymond 12/12/18994/1/1980 Pvt US Army  WW I
H of Maxie     Photo
BatesMinnie M 2/9/195912/24/2004 Photo
Baudrick Charlie 10/13/19144/26/1998 
BaughMary Electa (Karr) 5/8/19083/27/1990 Wed William 12/24/1925 Photo
BaughRegina 8/7/194211/5/1945 Photo
BaughWilliam DeWitt 8/27/19022/18/1993 Wed Mary 12/24/1925    Photo
Baughman Gay Leonard 12/8/19037/4/1914 
Baughman Mary Lou (Chapman) 3/5/18825/3/1950 W of William
Baughman William Bert 6/24/188012/9/1918 H of Mary
BeachFlossie Marie (Hale) Feb 7, 1930 Feb 10, 1948  
BeachGeorge Lester Nov 11, 1894 May 10,1975 H of Myrtle
Wed 8/31/1916
BeachJohn H Jun 1872 Jan 2, 1954 Photo
BeachMyrtle Mae (Gramlich) Feb 28, 1898 Jun 20, 1966 W of George
Wed 8/31/1916
BeachThomas Washington Jul 4, 1864 May 11, 1948 Photo
BeairdFloyd 2/18/191812/7/1986 H of Violet   Photo
Lloyd 2/18/1918Apr 1982 SF2 US Navy  WW II   Photo
BeairdRita Winette 12/7/196212/4/2013  
BeairdViolet Ruth (Grant) 6/30/19227/2/2007 W of Floyd   Photo
BeanGerald D "Jerry" 6/21/19207/27/2001 H of Pauline Myrick
H of Ruby
BeanRuby (Richwine) (Gordon) 12/30/191711/24/2006 W of Gerald
BearBetty Jo (Smith) 8/25/191912/15/1973 W of Seaman    Photo
BearEmily 8/21/19003/1/1985 W of Turner    Photo
BearJeffery O 10/4/19635/28/2006 Photo
BearSeaman 12/25/19092/21/1986 H of Betty   Photo
BearTurner 9/9/19043/6/1972 H of Emily     Photo
BeasleyEliza (Chisholm) 10/15/187210/17/1959 W of Henry     Photo
BeasleyHenry B 3/30/18729/14/1966 H of Eliza       Photo
BeattieCharles William "Charley" 6/7/190011/11/1952 Wed Verda 11/2/1925     Photo
BeattieVerda O (Linzy) 2/8/18927/21/1959 Wed Charles 11/2/1925  Photo
BeatyWilliam 3/8/186911/27/1916 Photo
BeaverDonald 10/10/19356/14/1996 H of Thelma    Photo
BeaverDyton 9/26/19273/25/1967 H of Mary    Photo
BeaverLaura Faye (Thomas) 2/9/19331/23/2015 W of Oliver Beaver
BeaverMary Dee (Camp) 9/5/193012/26/1984 W of Dyton    Photo
BeaverMichael Vance "Mike" 1/11/19579/13/2016 
BeaverPatricia A 9/24/19503/25/1967 Photo
BeaverSarah Lueasy (Light) 10/5/188211/6/1957 Wed William 4/23/1905    Photo
BeaverThelma    W of Donald   Photo
BeaverWilliam Henry 4/8/18782/5/1948 Wed Sarah  4/23/1905
BeelerLaura (Faulkner) 18751915 
BegleyJohn 8/8/18764/19/1962 H of Rebecca   Photo
BegleyRebecca Ann (Letterman) 11/26/18791/8/1965 W of John     Photo
Alfred Paul 9/5/19417/27/2007 SK3 US Navy  Vietnam
Wed Nancy 2/14/1965
BelcherLillian Elizabeth  (Belcher) 12/29/19107/17/1979 W of Samuel     Photo
BelcherNancy Louise (Haley) 9/2/19448/17/2012 Wed Alfred 2/14/1965
BelcherSamuel Lee 12/14/19084/10/1987 H of Lillian    Photo
BellLeroy Earl 11/22/19528/15/2014 
BellMary 18541913 
Delbert Donald, Jr. 5/1/19452/11/1978 AB US Air Force  Photo
BennettDorothy Lee (Hogan) 3/12/192212/23/2001 Photo
BennettJoseph W 19101950 
BennettLula P 9/30/19107/10/1998 Photo
BennettManervia A (Risner) 9/23/186112/11/1907 W of Simpson
BennettMyrtle Mae (Sparks) 10/9/18982/11/1971 
BennettSimpson Perry 3/21/185411/19/1919 H of Manervia
BennettVelda Vester 9/22/18989/8/1973 
BensonAlma  Bur 11/8/2008 
BensonBetty Ann (Pickard) 2/22/19309/18/1998 W of James E
BensonJames Alford 7/16/19019/4/1965 Wed Mattie 9/19/1922  Photo
James Eugene 2/7/192510/4/2009 H of Betty
GM3 US Navy  WW II
BensonMattie Lenna (McReynolds) 12/13/190010/22/1977 Wed James A 9/19/1922  Photo
Roger Vernon 11/1/19419/2/1985 EM2 US Navy
BergerCarol Ann (Huddleston) 10/22/19455/23/1994 Photo
BerryAndrew Jackson 3/25/183910/22/1921 H of Isabelle     Photo
BerryAnna Elizabeth 3/23/19015/2/1934 W of Orbie    Photo
BerryArthur H 12/29/18836/4/1913 
BerryCora E (Berry) 3/21/18981/14/1973 W of Walter    Photo
BerryDortha May Infant10/16/1932 D of Orbie & Anna   Photo
BerryElla (Williams) 2/28/18972/24/1978 Photo
BerryEllis H, II 1905Mar 1948 Photo
BerryGolden 6/14/197612/2/1963 H of Hattie     Photo
BerryGolden IV 5/9/19165/27/1916 Photo
BerryHattie Mae (Sapp) 11/17/18781/27/1965 W of Golden   Photo
BerryIsabelle Catherine (Admire) 3/11/18527/23/1930 W of Andrew   Photo
BerryJesse G 9/22/19155/12/1918 Photo
BerryJohn Wesley 10/5/187412/7/1949 H of Laura  Photo
BerryKelli 4/2/20045/26/2004 
BerryLaura May (Waters) (Cyrus) 4/12/187210/23/1929 W of Edward Cyrus
W of John W Berry
BerryMary Frances (Doyle) 5/6/187012/8/1933 W of Samuel    Photo
BerryOrbie Henry "John" 4/4/18987/8/1968 H of Anna     Photo
BerryRobert A 7/25/19264/29/1987 Photo
BerryRobert Henry 6/30/18507/3/1922 H of Sarah
BerrySamuel Franklin "Sam" 3/11/186310/6/1949 H of Mary    Photo
BerrySarah Francis (Endland) 7/31/18632/15/1923 W of Robert H
Walter Lewis 5/1/18936/15/1972 W of Cora 
OK Pvt Btry F 319 FldArty
WW I       Photos
Carmine M "Bert" 7/12/19302/25/2013 National Guard
Bershears Wayne 10/3/193810/29/2015 
Sam Houston, Jr. 8/15/19245/22/1997 H of Violet    Photo
SSgt US Army   WW II
BestViolet R (Bynum) 12/10/193012/24/2005 W of Sam Jr.    Photo
BetchanAndrew Jackson 11/3/19059/25/1965 H of Ethel    Photo
BetchanEthel Marie 12/27/191011/24/1981 W of Andrew     Photo
Clinton PierceSep 19, 1888 May 26, 19176 PFC 218th Fld Signal Bn WW I
H of Georgie
BeuglerGeorgie B (Beach) Feb 28, 1885 Apr 24, 1950 W of Clinton    Photo
Bevitori Vivian Ruth (Wells) 6/28/19259/16/1994 W of William   Photo
Bevitori William John "Billy" 5/31/192210/6/2002 H of Vivian    Photo
BiasHarley Dale 7/8/194311/12/2008 Wed Stella 6/11/1965  Photo
BiasStella Marie    Wed Harley 6/11/1965  Photo
BielakAgnes (Burge) 10/11/19195/2/1985 Photo
Bierwirth Essie Mae (Henderson) (Blair) 5/10/19022/2/1974 W of John Blair
W of Leo Bierwirth  Photo
Bierwirth Leo 18931982 H of Essie
H of Minnie
Bierwirth Minnie F 18871940 W of Leo
BilesBetty Jo (Scott) 3/19/19333/13/2001 Photo
BilesIda M 3/28/18863/30/1968 W of Joseph    Photo
BilesJoseph W 10/6/18773/29/1960 H of Ida    Photo
BilesRobert L 5/6/19286/27/2007 Photo
BillyLavinda Ann 2/11/19628/4/2004 Photo
BishopCora Ray 12/2/1889Dec 1973 
BishopOlive Lenora "Ollie" 18684/19/1961 W of Uriah   Photo
BishopUriah W Feb 1877Jul 1959 H of Olive     Photo
BittleBessie (Broadnax) 9/1/1905Feb 1978 W of James   Photo
BittleBilly 2/6/19471/19/2010 Photo
BittleDorothy Mae    Wed Robert 4/30/1957 Photo
James Lonzo 5/11/189710/17/1966 WW I Veteran
H of Bessie    Photo
BittleIma Jean (Wells) 11/28/19288/6/2009 Wed Jim 6/10/1949  Photo
Jim Allen 9/21/19275/22/2008 Wed Ima 6/10/1949
Sgt US Army  WWII
Robert Lee 6/2/19306/12/2004 Wed Dorothy 4/30/1957
Cpl US Marine Corps
Korea     Photos
Benjamin F 9/11/19155/1/1962 OK PFC Co D 21st Inf
WW II    Photo
BivinsDorotha Lee (Holloway) 10/16/192811/5/2012 Wed Loyd 12/10/1946  Photo
BivinsElmer Guss 2/24/18721/5/1953 H of Emma   Photo
BivinsEmma A (Wells) 8/7/18789/22/1953 W of Elmer   Photo
Floyd Lankford 11/17/19115/14/1972 A1C US Air Force
Joseph Melton 1/22/19017/1/1965 H of Letha
OK Pvt 144 Ambulance Co 36thDiv  WW I
BivinsKatherine "Kay" (Bell) 8/13/19211/29/1979 W of Kenneth
BivinsKenneth L 1/19/19253/9/1993 H of Katherine
BivinsLetha Fern (Wright) 7/26/19051/30/1993 W of Joseph
Loyd Lee 6/15/19235/15/1989 Wed Dorotha 12/10/1946
GM1 US Navy  WW II
BivinsRalph Elmer 1/4/19285/25/1980 Photo
Thomas Lee 5/29/19052/28/1967 OK SSgt Infantry 
WW I & WW II   Photo
BlackEdith (Lawson) 12/13/19149/16/1991 Photo
Blackburn Betty Lou (Martin) 7/12/19427/23/1997 Photo
Blackburn Jay John 12/18/19086/2/1994 H of Thelma
US Navy WW  II   Photo
Blackburn Thelma C (Wolf) 8/15/19167/29/1998 W of Jay   Photo
Blackmon Ruth Imogene 4/25/19277/18/2013 
Blackstock Lillian M 6/18/19382/10/1979 Photo
Blackwell Emma (King) 7/13/18734/1/1952 W of William A   Photo
Blackwell Esther Caroline 4/6/19019/24/2002 Photo
Blackwell Mintie (Carey) 4/14/19024/4/1986 W of William G  Photo
Blackwell William Ambrose 8/3/187111/3/1952 H of Emma   Photo
William Grayson 2/28/18977/13/1972 H of Mintie   Photos
OK PFC 209th PW Escort Co ASC   WW I
BlairAllie 3/6/189312/2/1950 H of Inez    Photo
BlairAlma Dicy (Denny) 12/18/19073/8/2003 Wed George Sr 7/4/1924  Photo
BlairAmelia 8/11/187812/16/1941 Wed Morgan  11/23/1900 Photo
BlairGeorge Rudolph Jr. 8/19/19438/19/1943 Photo
BlairGeorge Rudolph Sr. 12/6/19029/24/1992 Wed Alma 7/4/1924  Photo
BlairInez (Arnold) 9/2/18922/23/1924 W of Allie    Photo
BlairJohn Tollie "Tod" 5/21/18994/24/1945 Photo
BlairKathleen A 6/5/19253/21/1935 Photo
BlairMorgan 8/3/187011/16/1940 Wed Amelia 11/23/1900  Photo
Blankenship Washington Cole Avit 8/15/18516/2/1916 
Blankenship William Calvin 6/15/18877/7/1939 
Albert 12/16/19189/22/1963 OK Cpl 13th QM Truck Co.   WW II     Photo
BLEDSOEBertha Eudora "Dora" (Kirkland) 3/15/19031/1/1986 W of Troy
Bobby Gale 4/6/192911/23/1992 US Army
BLEDSOECarolyn D (Kealicher) 1/2/19362/14/1993 W of J Henry   Photo
BLEDSOECharles O 4/26/18946/11/1940 H of Elizabeth    Photo
BLEDSOEChristine A 7/23/19283/25/2008 W of Winifred    Photo
BLEDSOEClaude W 10/30/18895/22/1949 H of Ellen   Photo
BLEDSOEDelbert E 10/29/19122/3/1988 Photo
Delbert O"Neal 4/30/19311/15/2010 TSgt US Air Force 23yrs
Vietnam Veteran
BLEDSOEEdwin Ray 6/26/19456/27/1945  
BLEDSOEEllen 3/26/18999/18/1982 W of Claude    Photo
BLEDSOEEtta (Waldroop) 8/26/192010/22/2004 Wed Lee 10/20/1937
BLEDSOEFrances E 3/22/18836/4/1965 W of James
J Henry 1/25/193411/30/1976 H of Carolyn   Photo
SMSgt US Air Force  Vietnam
BLEDSOEHarta Ida (Krischke) 11/5/19293/22/2009 W of Delbert O
BLEDSOEJames A 12/17/18778/14/1959 H of Frances
Kenneth W 11/4/19236/29/1988 H of Wilma   Photos
US Navy  WW II
BLEDSOELee Edwin 2/2/19203/7/2007 Wed Etta 10/20/1937
Murle Dwight "Jiggs" 12/2/19268/28/2005 PFC US Army  WW II
BLEDSOENaomi Ruth 16-Sep-193915-Feb-2012 Photo
BLEDSOENova Velez 5/20/19366/30/1944 D of Troy & Bertha  Photo
BLEDSOETroy LeRoy "Roy" 4/5/19027/31/1974 H of Bertha
BLEDSOEWilma Florine (Grant) 8/2/19193/23/2006 W of Kenneth   Photo
Winifred Ray 3/16/19254/1/2008 US Navy Korea
H of Christine   Photo
Bledsoe-Cathey Elizabeth (Kirkland) 2/15/19013/30/1987 W of Charles Bledsoe
BlenkinJuanita 4/8/19202/26/1996 Photo
Donald Wayne 12/13/19354/14/2000 PFC US Army   Korea
BoatmunFredda Jane "Freddie" (Smith) 1/7/189812/29/1983 W of John D   Photo
BoatmunJohn Dewey 8/31/18989/18/1962 H of Fredda   Photo
BoatmunJohn E 2/17/1865Nov 1939 Wed Mary 11/30/1886
Leonard Thomas 10/10/191711/19/1970 OK Cpl 672 Tank Destroyer Bn  WW II 
BoatmunMary Eva (Storm) 11/27/18699/18/1939 Wed John E  11/30/1886  Photo
Bohannon Clara E (Bernard) 2/9/18812/11/1958 Wed Wilford 12/12/1900  Photo
George V "Bo" 4/10/18974/4/1980 US Army WW I
H of Stella    Photo
Bohannon Stella H (Moss) 7/20/189712/17/1984 W of George     Photo
Bohannon Wilford Felix 10/25/18764/8/1944 Wed Clara 12/12/1900  Photo
BolesWillis M "Matt" 7/14/18757/17/1925 
BonhamJo Katherine (Park) 9/9/18925/8/1969 W of Joseph
BonhamJoseph Harvey 7/4/188811/23/1944 H of Jo    Photo
Bonicelli Jessie Marie 1/30/193012/14/2012 W of Paul    Photo
Paul S 10/24/19238/7/1996 H of Jessie    Photo
GM2 US  Navy  WW II
BookerQuinton (Toon)(Summers) 3/9/19181/21/2010 W of D E Summers
W of Clyde Booker
BookoutAlvie L "Short" 7/7/192010/24/1997 H of Reva   Photo
BookoutEmma Mae 3/12/192412/6/1997 Photo
BookoutGoldie L (Largent) 1/30/19252/21/2008 W of Othel    Photo
Othel Dee 6/13/19181/3/1997 US Army  WW II
H of Goldie    Photo
BookoutReva Jo (Barber) 4/1/19271/20/2002 W of Alvie   Photo
BooneBerniece C (Spears) 3/30/19235/10/1974 Photo
BoothAnn Cremated5/3/2011  
BorenBertha Mary (Siegrist) 3/3/188212/22/1945 W of John   Photo
BorenJean Paul 10/8/19187/16/2005  
BorenJohn Benjamin 1/13/18836/27/1968 H of Bertha  Photo
Borovetz Marvelene B "Spookie" (Goines) 3/28/19422/7/2013  
BorumBrandon 5/13/19802/28/2001 Photo
BorumElzia A 10/10/19305/17/1993 Photo
BorumJames Lester 11/27/19033/4/1975 H of Leora   Photo
BorumLeon Noel 3/8/19268/24/2004 H of Mary   Photo
BorumLeora Della (Browning) 1/2/190512/11/1981 W of James   Photo
BorumMack J 7/23/18789/16/1961 H of Susan    Photo
BorumMary L    W of Leon   Photo
BorumNorine "Sug" (Lynch) 6/21/192211/18/2010 W of Sidney   Photo
Norman Bruce 8/8/19499/6/2013 Air National Guard
BorumSidney 10/14/19126/7/1981 H of Norine  Photo
BorumSusan (Coughran) 5/28/18825/24/1946 W of Mack    Photos
Fred 6/8/19434/28/2014 Wed Petty 9/3/1976
US Marine Corps
US Navy
Bottegal Peggy Irene (McAnulty) 5/13/194712/28/2008 Wed Fred 9/3/1976
BottomsMarie E (Guinn) 11/8/19198/30/2004 W of Wesley   Photo
BottomsWesley "Ike" 1/19/19151/5/1971 H of Marie   Photo
BottsDylan Nathan 10/19/20056/25/2014  
Bouffard Pauline 6/20/19222/14/1972  
BoultonGeorge Helm 18671937  
BowerMary Frances (Steadman) (Randall) 9/15/185911/2/1916 W of Mark Randall
W of Mr. Bower   Photo
BowersMary Ellen (Henley) (Johnson) 3/5/19352/12/2013 Wed Hubert Johnson 2/21/1953
Wed Bill Bowers 8/6/1985
Billy Gene 9/3/19339/12/2009 Wed Viola 7/23/1952
US Army Veteran    Photo
BoydGrace Ann "Gracie" (Madewell) 12/7/189511/15/1982  
BoydHarding Lewis 2/14/19215/5/2005 H of Stella   Photo
BoydJames Gordon 5/7/19579/15/2012  
BoydJeannie Ruth 7/29/19577/29/1957 D of Billy & Viola   Photo
BoydMinnie Lee (Hogan) 11/1/18987/12/1954 Photo
BoydStella Ann "Dollie" (Hawkins) 9/12/19141/15/1996 W of Harding   Photo
BoydViola Ruth (Herron) 3/30/191512/28/2001 Wed Billy 7/23/1952   Photo
Wayne Edwin 12/13/191512/28/1995 US Army  WW II
BoykinLoraine (Lane)    Wed Marion "Cot" 9/25/1947     Photo
BoykinMarion "Cot" 5/16/192810/18/2003 Wed Loraine 9/25/1947  Photo
BoykinMarion  9/22/2015  
BoykinRichard E 19211923 Photo
James V 1/27/192212/19/1944 Ok Sgt 61stArmdInf 10th Armd Div
BoyntonClytie (Taylor) 18901987 W of Walter   Photo
BoyntonElla 18861933 Photo
BoyntonGeorge Marion 2/3/192211/3/1936 S of Walter & Clytie  Photo
BoyntonLee O 7/18/18592/26/1929 Wed Mattie 10/15/1879  Photo
BoyntonMattie L (Currie) 1862Jan 1938 Wed Lee 10/15/1879  Photo
BoyntonWalter M "Pete" 18891968 H of Clytie    Photo
BoysterOpal D (Parker) 7/14/19193/14/1999 W of Raymond   Photo
BoysterRaymond Walt 8/8/191412/11/1979 H of Opal     Photo
Brackett Leota B (Burdine) 7/4/192210/16/2009 W of Willard   Photo
BrackettMichelle Louise 2/22/198211/22/2009 Photo & Obit
Willard E 1/1/192011/27/1976 H of Leota   Photo
Pvt US Army WW II
BradleyMaud (Smith) 2/10/18761/22/1902  
BranchAlford J 11/17/188912/25/1964 H of Annie     Photo
BranchAnnie Mae (Jeffcoat) 3/17/18924/1/1971 W of Alford    Photo
BranchDallas 1/14/192311/26/1990 Photo
BranchHenry Louis "Hank" 10/12/19201/14/1996 H of Mary      Photo
BranchMary Lois (Edwards) 10/1/19202/8/2000 W of Henry     Photo
Timothy David 7/16/195910/7/1997 US Air Force
BrandDallas R 12/19/19028/23/1974 Wed Opal  8/3/1923   Photo
BrandEster 9/24/19372/11/1954 Photo
BrandEsther (Garrison) 1/11/188110/16/1962 W of James    Photo
George Leroy 5/14/18875/1/1960 AR Pvt Co M 102ndInf
WW I     Photo
BrandJames M 3/20/187911/22/1956 H of Esther     Photo
BrandOpal Rhea (Burns) 9/2/190411/2/1991 Wed Dallas  8/3/1923  Photo
BrandonBette Elaine (Coleman) (Hawkins) 2/1/19456/24/2014 W of Roy Coleman
W of Don Hawkins
BrandonBiddie Bertha (James) 5/29/191111/20/2001 W of George    Photo
Billy Ray 5/13/19341/20/2000 SSgt US Air Force  Korea
BrandonCarl Albert 6/27/19096/17/1975 Photo
BrandonEvalina M (Shepherd) 11/18/19102/27/2006 W of Milton   Photo
BrandonGeorge W 9/17/19081/20/1994 H of Biddie     Photo
BrandonGolden Frank "Buster" 8/26/19077/26/2003 H of Lena R      Photo
BrandonGolden Frank, Jr. "Sonny" 6/9/19305/9/2013 Wed Wanda Combs 10/20/1977
BrandonGuy Oscar 9/17/18763/27/1923 Photo
BrandonJames Robert 3/15/189511/15/1974 H of Lena E   Photo
BrandonJames Walter 3/1/18694/4/1919  
Brandon Lemuel Shaw 4/20/19096/28/1997 H of Lillie Lewis
BrandonLemuel Shaw, Jr. 11/16/19381/26/2017 H of Betty Lee
Wed Minnie Gable 11/16/1985
BrandonLemuel Simpson 9/9/18647/19/1935 Wed Maranda 9/9/1887  Photo
BrandonLena E (Andrews) 5/3/18983/24/1977 W of James R    Photo
BrandonLena Rose (Hodge) 11/4/19118/5/1977 W of Golden    Photo
BrandonLuella Joyce "Lue" (Fritz) 11/16/19342/1/2016 Wed Robert Saxton 2/16/1952
W of Shaw Brandon
BrandonMaranda Caroline (Williams) (Cooper) 7/16/18712/7/1945 Wed Lemuel Simpson Brandon    9/9/1887  Photo
BrandonMary May (Kindred) (Wood) 6/2/18925/10/1963 Wed William Wood 4/28/1908
Wed Thomas Brandon 11/8/1930
BrandonMilton Ernest 6/17/190510/19/1992 H of Evalina    Photo
BrandonMinnie Fay (Gable) (McNeal) 9/23/19386/4/2014 Wed Lemuel Jr 11/16/1985
BrandonMyrtle Pearl (James) 1/20/191610/25/1978  
BrandonSheila J 5/31/19608/31/2006  
BrandonWanda (Combs)(Grant)    Wed Golden Jr. 10/20/1977
BranhamIsabell 3/31/19259/30/1994 Photo
BranumJohn M 1/3/19235/26/1987 H of L Lucille    Photo
BranumL Lucille 7/10/192610/26/1987 W of John   Photo
Brashears Cora B 187112/14/1940 W of Joseph   Photo
Brashears Henry G 4/15/19027/5/1983 H of Martha    Photo
Brashears Joseph W 2/7/186312/14/1949 H of Cora    Photo
Brashears Martha 3/23/19085/18/1998 W of Henry    Photo
Brasuell James William, Sr. 6/25/194411/24/2006 Wed Ruth 2/1/1997
Brasuell Ruth Ellen (Kelley) 9/19/19489/2/2012 Wed James 2/1/1997
Bratcher C H E Age 378/6/1915  
Braudrick Alice Leah (Morrow) 19201951 W of Charlie
Braudrick Charlie 10/13/19144/26/1998 H of Alice    Photo
BraxtonAlta S (Doss) (Deckard) 12/21/19059/26/1979 W of Mack Deckard
W of Henry   Photo
BraxtonHenry Luther 10/8/19001/10/1981 H of Minnie
H of Alta
BraxtonMinnie Belle (Largent) 8/11/19015/31/1965 W of Henry
BrayCharles Johnnie 11/22/19213/2/2015  
BrayClaude Julius 7/16/18761/23/1972 H of Ethel    Photo
BrayEthel Leona (Dobson) 1/6/18884/11/1980 W of Claude    Photo
Marcus B 9/24/19154/14/1961 OK Sgt 9955 TechSvc Unit
BrazellEva May (Black) 18931983 W of John E   Photo
BrazellHenry C 6/25/18631/20/1929 H of Mary    Photo
BrazellJohn Edward, Jr. 7/12/19233/126/1972 OK Cpl US Army  WW II Photo
BrazellJohn Edward "Ed" 8/14/18911960 H of Eva   Photo
BrazellMary Catherine "Mollie" (Long) 5/10/186410/30/1915 W of Henry   Photo
BrazellTrueman Dec 19165/14/1918 Photo
Breedlove Ray L 7/19/19297/31/1930 Photo
Breshears Mary M  1/1/2015  
Tommy Carl 8/3/19182/22/1978 Cpl US Army  WW II
Breshears Wayne 10/3/193810/29/2015  
Albert 5/24/189610/18/1986 US Army  WW I  Photo
BrewerBillie B (Sterling)    W of Donald     Photo
Browning McDaniel "Brock" 3/6/19137/17/1985 WW II Veteran
Wed Virginia 12/22/1953
BrewerCharley Sylvester 8/25/191310/29/1987  
BrewerChuffie Gladden (Carr) (Scholl) 4/27/19123/24/1994 W of Troy Scholl
W of ?? Brewer
BrewerDonald Joe 2/26/19357/30/1979 H of Billie    Photo
BrewerDorothy Evelyn (Rea) 7/27/19409/25/2004 Wed Richard  2/4/1960  Photo
BrewerJanice E "Jan" (Kindred) 6/20/19433/5/2009 Wed Otis 5/5/1966
Lawrence 10/27/19156/1/1973 OK PFC  US Army  WW II
BrewerPatsy Lynn    W of Rick    Photo
BrewerRichard Loyd 3/20/19323/11/2013 Wed Dorothy 2/4/1960
BrewerRick Don 11/4/19522/13/2011 H of Patsy   Photo
BrewerSadie (Howard) 8/10/189211/27/1965 W of Thomas   Photo
BrewerThomas Jessie 10/24/18885/2/1968 H of Sadie    Photo
BrewerVirginia Lucille (Van Loenen) 12/15/19188/12/2004 Wed Browning 12/22/1953
BriandDorothy Ruth "Dorcus" (Kirk) 6/5/192311/15/2012 Wed Leo 6/9/1959
Leo R 3/10/19203/24/1993 Wed Dorothy 6/9/1959
Brickner Katie Pearl 12/30/18897/16/1957  
Brierley Alice "Punkin" 5/27/192410/13/2009 W of Lester    Photo
Lester Wilson ""Tweety" 3/23/19346/2/2008 H of Alice   Photo
ADR3  US Navy
Herbert Franklin 6/27/19034/20/1973 H of Katie    Photos
OK Pvt US Army  WW II
BriggsKatie (Harkleroad) 2/28/19063/27/1992 W of Herbert    Photo
BrightEdythe M 3/8/18929/17/1991 Photo
Brinsfield April Lynn 4/18/19874/18/1987 Photo
Brinsfield Brooken 3/25/192110/22/2004 Photo
BrisonAngela Kay 5/22/19643/20/1966 Photo
BrisonBonnie M (Thornton) 10/7/19428/16/2007 Wed Robert 10/26/1960  Photo
BrisonRobert T "Bob" 1/23/192712/24/2007 Wed Bonnie 10/26/1960
BristowElizabeth "Lizzie" (Holt) 10/19/18808/12/1963 Wed James 12/28/1898
BristowJames Matthew "JM" 3/5/187412/16/1960 Wed Elizabeth 12/28/1898
BristowLorene 10/31/191411/10/1984 W of Pat    Photo
BristowPat 8/20/190912/22/1965 H of Lorene    Photo
BrockDelia M 7/15/19065/13/1993 Wed John 11/6/1959   Photo
BrockJohn E 2/28/19073/22/1989 Wed Delia  11/6/1959    Photo
Johnie Bryant "JB" 30-Mar-192023-Mar-1999 Wed Thelma 3/26/1941
Parents: James Washington Coley
& Ivy Martin;  Info by: Connie Coley
Pvt US Army
BrogdonThelma Marie "Toots"(Coley) 8/12/191711/28/2014 Wed Johnie 3/26/1941
BrookeEula Pauline 1925bur 3/15/2001  
BrookeGeorge  bur 7/5/2007  
Ray Scott 8/6/194910/8/1994 SR US Navy  Vietnam
Walter J 9/3/19208/6/1998 US Army Air Forces 
BrooksDamie (Pierce) 9/21/18797/19/1959 W of F M
BrooksF M 5/22/187610/24/1968 H of Damie
BrownBetty Jean 3/23/19243/13/1926 Photo
BrownDorothy L    Wed James 6/28/1945 Photo
BrownElla Faye 1/1/191012/26/1943  
BrownEunice Vivian (Plemons) 19081989 W of Hester
BrownFlorence 11/9/19018/19/1982  
Hester H 1/6/18951/10/1952 H of Eunice
OK Pvt Btry F 319th Fld Arty Bn  WW I
James Arthur 10/22/19143/21/2008 TEC4 US Army  WW II
Wed Dorothy 6/28/1945 Photo
BrownJohn R 18601955 H of Mandy
BrownLeona (Dorrell) 3/14/19161/30/1987 Photo
BrownLusettie (McIntire) (Moses) 9/23/18654/11/1948 Wed Jesse Moses 11/25/1883
Wed Joseph Brown 9/16/1896   Photo
BrownMandy O 18621948 W of John
BrownMaymie (Henshaw) 18971946 Photo
BrownPrecious Angel 19981998 Photo
BrownRuby Oct 26, 19361/15/2010  
BrownSally M 18921940  
BrownSherry Lee 7/22/195411/29/1994 Photo
BrownThomas H 3/8/18836/11/1954 H of Vera
BrownVera Maybelle (Needham) 12/22/18892/3/1974 W of Thomas
BrownWade Hayes 9/25/189312/15/1968 Photo
BrownWilliam Carl 6/18/193112/2/1994  
BROWNWilson L. 18481918  
Curtis O 9/23/19207/19/1994 Wed Wilma  12/26/1940  Photos
US Army    WW II
Browning Effie May (Borum) 12/19/19017/16/1982 Wed Oran 1/25/1918  Photo
Browning Irene Alice (Waller) 2/9/19278/15/2003 W of Phillip   Photo
Browning John Jerome "Romey" 8/4/18899/11/1983 Wed Rosillia 8/6/1908  Photo
Browning Luther 1/22/190210/15/1978 H of VaLena   Photo
Rev. Oran Celon 6/14/18955/7/1964 Wed Effie 1/25/1918   Photos
Browning Phillip E    W of Phillip    Photo
Browning Ricky Winford 4/3/19571/31/1997 Photo
Browning Rosillia N (Nickell) 6/30/18912/16/1984 Wed John 8/6/1908  Photo
Browning VaLena "Lena" (Jamison) (Stewart) 7/10/190212/20/1965 W of Reubin Stewart
W of Luther Browning
Browning Wilma Joyce (Norwood) 12/2/192510/6/2005 Wed Curtis 12/26/1940   Photo
BrumleyDavid Andrew 11/6/18559/22/1928 Wed Martha 5/9/1883
BrumleyEthel M 10/12/18891/31/1967 W of Walter Sr.
BrumleyMartha Devers "Martie" (Fraker) 8/14/186310/23/1943 Wed David 5/9/1883
BrumleyWalter C Jr 10/28/192012/16/1923 S of Ethel & Walter
BrumleyWalter C Sr 9/19/188512/31/1954 H of Ethel
BrunerEdna V (Adams) (Thornton) 3/13/19088/14/2002 Photo
BryantHarold Ray 12/11/19401/30/2008 Wed Tena 5/19/1962
BryantTena Florane 9/19/1943  Wed Harold 5/19/1962
Buchanan Christopher Adam "Chris" 1/21/19861/18/2013  
Buchanan Edith R (Hill) 10/18/191210/22/2003 W of Edward   Photo
Buchanan Edward R 3/21/19139/29/1983 H of Edith     Photo
BuckBetty J 2/12/18908/26/1966 W of J Frank
BuckCarrie Lee 1/26/19294/8/1935 D of Betty & J Frank
BuckCynthia Lou 10/1/19261/16/1927 D of Betty & J Frank
BuckJ Frank 8/21/18802/26/1939 H of Betty
Buckelew Lealus Francis "Buck" 6/6/19139/1/2007 H of Rubye    Photo
Buckelew Rubye Mae (Wynn) 5/11/19183/1/2015 W of Lealus   Photo
BuckleyRocky Alan 9/27/19589/13/2016  
Buckmaster Billy Dean 2/8/19472/21/2014  
Buckmaster Bret Loyd McClain 9/7/197510/22/1999 Photo
BullardFloyd Clint 2/23/19129/27/1960 H of Mary
BullardHenry J 4/15/193110/26/1992  
BullardHoma Ray 19051972  
BullardIrlan J 2/21/19385/24/2002 Photo
BullardMary Mae (Cranfill) 9/19/19141/12/1984 W of Floyd
BullardOra Victoria (Johnson) 18761951  
BundyEdgar Luther, Jr. 2/3/19066/27/1983 Wed Faye 10/25/1936 Photo
BundyFaye B (Bateman) 1/11/19136/23/2015 Wed Edgar  10/25/1936  Photo
BunyardHershell Von 12/13/193210/3/2008 H of Peggy   Photo
BunyardPetty L 1939  W of Hershell  Photo
Burchett Clive C 8/1/19138/18/2000 H of Dovie
Burchett Dovie J (Jacobs) 1/15/19209/1/2001 W of Clive
Burchfield Maggie (Smith) (Benton) (Arnett) (Diamond) 5/12/18763/28/1964 W of ?? Benton
Wed Albert Arnett 12/22/1894
Wed John Diamond 11/24/1925
Wed Thomas Burchfield 8/27/1961    Photo
BurdettCline  bur 8/21/2000  
BurdettFern Marie (Towry) 7/21/19097/6/1998 W of William   Photo
BurdettWilliam Harrill 11/6/19062/9/1991 H of Fern   Photo
BurdineEtta F (Anthony) 2/24/188912/7/1980 W of William   Photo
BurdineWilliam S 12/10/18823/12/1963 H of Etta    Photo
BurkKatie M 5/31/19048/13/1904 Photo
BurkMary  1915 Photo
BurkSarah 12/9/184211/26/1906  
BurkhamGeorge Eugene 4/18/192912/16/2011  
BurksCecil Cleveland "Red" Nov 24, 1914 Sep 1, 1996 Photo
Wed Eula 11/3/1934
BurksEula Anne (Rigney) Jul 6, 1914 Jul 28, 2002Wed Cecil 11/3/1934
George Lee "Jack"May 25, 1918 Aug 28, 1998 PFC US Army
WW  II     Photo
Wed Norma 11/7/1943
Burks Jessie W "JW"    Wed Mary 6/26/1952
Burks Mary Frances "Fran" Jan 21, 1934 Jul 29, 1987Wed Jessie 6/26/1952
Burks Norma Jean (Andrews) May 14, 1928  Wed George 11/7/1943
Burleson Erona Alice 1/10/191211/16/1990 W of Eugene     Photo
Eugene D 3/31/191411/19/1979 H of Erona   Photo
TSgt US Marine Corps 
BurnettElmer Silas 2/21/18978/17/1988 H of Mary   Photo
BurnettMary Ann (Kelley) 5/17/19058/15/1988 W of Elmer   Photo
BurnsMary Audrey (Marshall) 6/2/19162/3/2002 Photo
BurrDorothy Lois 1/9/19263/16/2012  
BurrisJames Ricky 4/20/19504/27/2950 S of Paul & Ida
Paul Quinne 2/1/19248/17/2010 PFC US Army   WW II
Burroughs Casey T Lee 7/29/19858/13/1985 Photo
BURROWSHelen Frances (Hudspeth) 1/14/1917 11/16/2007 Photo
BushaBessie L 8/12/18912/16/1981 W of Worwick  Photo
BushaBetty S    Wed Raymond 12/8/1956  Photo
BushaDennis Edmond    Wed Gayle 7/6/1971  Photo
BushaDennis Edmond, II 6/17/197411/5/1996 S of Dennis & Gayle  Photo
BushaGayle (Osborn)    Wed Dennis 7/6/1971  Photo
BushaRaymond Earl 8/30/19285/28/1999 Wed Betty 12/8/1956  Photo
BushaWorwick George 3/26/18927/8/1961 H of Bessie    Photo
BusseRoger Lewis 9/5/195312/15/2012  
ButlerMartha J    W of Michael     Photo
ButlerMichael G 12/6/19447/14/1998 H of Martha   Photo
ButtramAnnie M (Johns) 9/4/188911/4/1966 W of John      Photo
ButtramJohn Loyd "JL" 1/24/188611/20/1966 H of Annie     Photo
ButtsDavid Ralee Nelson 3/13/19993/13/1999  
BynumMargie Lee 8/8/19071/10/1996 W of Welza   Photo
BynumWelza 8/18/19104/14/2004 H of Margie   Photo
ByrdSharon Janet (Thomas) 9/23/196512/26/2012  
ByrumLeon Eugene 1/28/19191/25/1994 Photo
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