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Spavinaw Cemetery

Strang, Mayes County, Oklahoma

© Robert P Goins

G Surnames

Austin Gann   3-27-9w-4 1921-1996  
Billie Gann L 3-27-9w-3 1925-2001  
George Gann W 1-10-3e-2 1885-1976  
George Jr Gann W 1-8-1-5 1913-1983  
Marty Gann E 1-8-1-3 1932-1970  
Mary Gann B 1-10-3e-1 1891-1952  
Nora Gann   1-8-1-4 1911-1992  
Mary Gantz L 1-11-1w-4 1882-1952  
Baby Garber   1-13-9w-3 1927-1927  
George Garber I 1-13-9w-4 1903-1978  
Irene "Bell" Garber   1-13-9w-5 1904-1988  
JoBob Garber   1-13-9w-2 1925-1926  
Vanis Garber   1-13-9w-6 1908-1981  
Hazel "Bryant" Gardner   1-13-3w-1 1905-1996  
William Gardner W 1-13-3w-2 1896-1958  
Jackie Garrett Dean 2-24-36e-1 1936-1994  
JE Gene Garrison   1-8-2w-3 1915-1992  
Lenard Garrison   1-3-5e-3 1898-1996  
Lillie Garrison   1-3-5e-2 1903-1997  
Mary Garrison Lou 1-8-2w-4 1919-vacant  
Jean Gerdes Risner 2-24-24w-1 1922-1999  
Roy Gerdes Albert 2-24-24w-2 1920-vacant  
Claudean German   1-13-3e-1 1913-1989  
Joseph German W 1-13-3e-2 1908-1984  
Louise Gibbions E 2-24-9e-1 1901-1981  
Albert Gibbons Dean 2-24-9e-2 1897-1958  
John Gibson   1-4-2w-1 1901-1955  
W P Gibson   1-4-11w-6 1874-1933  
Edward Gilpin H 1-3-10w-1 1937-1950  
Florance Gilpin N 1-3-10w-2 1951-1951  
Hildred Gilpin M 1-13-2e-4 1918-1984  
Icyphine Gilpin C 2-24-18e-6 1895-1961  
Joyce Gilpin   1-3-10w-3 1928-vacant  
W T Gilpin   1-3-10w-4 1918-1991  
William "Bill" Gilpin   2-24-19e-1 1893-1984  
JE "Eddie" Godsoe   3-29-7w-5 1904-1984  
Ruby Godsoe E 3-29-7w-4 1914-1978  
Alex Goins Z 1-7-4e-2 1879-1945  
Alvin Goins Camel 1-14-11e-3 1892-1956  
Bernice Goins E 1-10-3e-3 1916-1953  
Billy Goins Lee 1-10-3e-4 1933-1974  
Bobby Goins G 2-17-9e-5 1932-1991  
Brewster Goins M 1-15-1e-6 1910-1968  
Bristow Goins W 1-15-1w-5 1913-1981  
Cal Dona Goins   1-14-1w-4 1863-1924  
Chester Goins Lee 1-ce-5w-3 1914-1975  
Clara Goins D 1-14-3e-5 1882-1920  
Clifford Goins W 1-10-5e-4 1905-1994  
Deilia Goins   1-14-3w-5 1878-1948  
Dock Goins Garner 1-11-3w-5 1877-1958  
Dorthy Goins E 1-14-11e-4 1923-1988  
Doyle Goins E 1-ce-5e-1 1921-1977  
Dulsa Goins A 1-15-1e-3 1913-1993  
Earl Goins C 1-14-3e-3 1912-1930  
Ella Mae Goins   1-14-11w-4 1902-2000  
Euramus Guy Goins   1-14-11w-5 1900-1983  
Eve Goins Evelyn 1-15-1w-1 1922-1922  
Faye Goins M 1-3-2w-1 1939-1963  
Gary Goins Gale 1-14-11w-3 1935-1979  
Gerald Goins   1-14-11w-2 03 Apr 1942 - 12Feb 1968  
Infant Daughter Goins   1-14-12w-1 12-14-1913  
Infant daughter Goins   1-14-11w-1 July 1918  
Infant daughter Goins   1-14-3e-4 1910-1910  
J D Goins   1-ce-5e-2 1930-1981  
James Goins Y 1-10-5e-6 1870-1956  
Jeff Goins   1-ce-5e-5 1892-1972  
John Goins Jackson 1-14-11e-1 1861-1929  
Julius Goins Ceaser 3-26-5e-3 10-06-1919--05-21-1997  
Julius Goins C 1-14-1w-5 1866-1933  
Lawrence Goins   1-14-12e-3 1915-1993  
Lewis Goins C 1-11-3w-6 1922-1987  
Linda Goins Sue 1-14-3w-2 1945-1952  
Lomey Goins   1-10-5e-5 1872-1961  
Lorene Goins   1-14-3w-3 vacant  
Luther Goins P 1-14-3e-6 1881-1960  
Marguerite Goins   1-15-1w-2 1918-1920  
Martha "Ash" Goins Lousia 1-14-11e-2 1893-1980  
Mary Goins E 1-10-5e-3 1907-1998  
Mary Goins Eldee 3-26-4w-4 1928-vacant  
Melba Goins   1-10-5e-1 1929-1998  
Minnie Goins L 1-7-4e-1 1886-1935  
Myrtle "Hinkle" Goins   1-14-12w-4 1907-1932  
Nellie "Craig" Goins J 1-14-12w-2 1895-1925  
Oma Goins E 1-15-1e-2 1921-1944  
Polly Goins   1-14-1w-3 1894-1900  
Raymond Goins Lee 1-ce-5w-4 1942-1942  
Ressie Goins   1-ce-5e-4 1898-1991  
Robert Jr Goins Paul 3-26-4w-1 1972-1975  
Susie Goins   1-11-3w-4 1871-1922  
Thomas Goins Straley 1-14-12w-3 1888-1932  
Thomas Goins S 1-14-11e-5 1920-2002  
Tommy Goins H 1-14-3w-4 1906-1985  
Wanda Goins L 2-17-9e-4 1931-1969  
Wesley Goins   1-be-1w-1 1946-2001  
William Goins Frank 1-15-1w-6 1875-1957  
William Jr "Bully" Goins Frank 1-15-1e-4 1908-1994  
John Gold M 1-16-6w-3 1863-1955  
Mary Gold E 1-16-6w-2 1863-1943  
Mark Goodman A 3-29-5w-3 1959-1976  
Donal Goss C 1-15-2w-4 1954-2000  
Eldridge Goss   1-1-4e-6 1915-1995  
George Goss   3-29-7e-6 1912-1980  
Jess Goss Sog 1-1-4e-6 1915-1995  
Katherine Goss   3-29-6w-2 1907-1994  
William Goss   3-29-6w-3 1909-2001  
Commoleen Graham   2-19-4e-3 1929-1988  
Greta Graham   1-12-2e-3 1893-1985  
Harve Graham   1-12-2e-2 1896-1942  
Helen Graham   2-17-4w-5 ????-1987  
Janet Graham   1-bw-11w-3 1920-alive  
Judge Raymond Graham   1-bw-11e-4 1923-1991  
R H "Pepper" Graham   2-19-4e-4 1920-1978  
Vaudell Graham   1-bw-11e-3 1931-1986  
William Graham   1-12-2e-2 1864-1939  
William Graham F 1-bw-11w-4 1920-alive  
David Grass L 2-19-9w-5 1965-1996  
Ben Graves A 3-30-2e-3 1906-1999  
Edith Graves E 3-30-2e-4 1908-1998  
Carol Gray Jean 1-bw-7w-4 1936-1987  
Matthew Gray P 1-bw-7e-4 1968-1984  
Clarence Green   3-29-3e-2 1957-1989  
Johnnie Green R 1-bw-9e-3 1919-  
Lorna Green   1-bw-9e-2 1925- Dau of Etha
and Rassy Fred Sisco
addtl info
provided by:
Gary Gregory C 2-19-11e-1 1967-1998  
Lloyd Gregory   1-12-6w-1 1914-2000  
Margaret Gregory   3-28-4w-6 1922-1995  
Mattie Gregory M 1-bw-7w-2 1927-1991  
Pearl Gregory   1-12-6w-2 1916-1962  
W J "Bill" Gregory   1-7-3e-2 1912-1946  
Willard Gregory   1-bw-7w-3 1920-1986  
A Sherwood Grimes   1-4-11e-3 1909-1985  
Allie Grimes O 1-4-11e-1 1882-1957  
Frank Grimes L 1-4-11e-2 1878-1967  
Mary Grimes M 1-4-11e-4 1917-vacant  
Nancy Grimes M 2-24-8e-3 1860-1944  
Nora Grimes C 2-24-8e-4 1882-1941  
Boyce Grubb   1-4-12-1 1931-1933  
Charlotte Grubb   1-4-12-5 1876-1960  
John Grubb   1-4-12-6 1873-1936  
Delbert Grubbs   1-1-1-2 1909-1981  
Earnest Grubbs   1-4-1-2 1930-1973  
Marie Grubbs   1-1-1-1 1913-vacant  
Shelly Grubbs   1-12-5w-4 1957-1961  
Gladys Gurney K 2-24-10w-2 1906-1968  
Paul Gurney E 2-24-7w-4 1913-1960  
Eleanor Guy   1-4-3e-1 1901-1970  
Orville Guy   1-4-3e-2 1901-1965  

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