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Rainy Mountain Kiowa Indian Baptist Church Cemetery
Mountain View, Kiowa County, Oklahoma



Photos © Rita Collvins Mayfield

Located in the SW 1/4Section 28, township 7 N, Range 15 W
From Mountain View, take hwy 9 west 2 & 3/4 miles, turn left on county rd 2340, then go 2 & 1/2 miles, turn left on Rainy Mountain Kiowa Church sign, go about 1/2 mile turn right & cemetery in on the right.
If you have family buried in the Rainy Mountain Church Cemetery or have obits (with newspapers permission or an obit that you can write) or tombstone photos or individual portraits or can write a short bio or have a history of the cemetery and would like to add your information to this website, contact the area coordinator for more information. You can also check out our How to Submit page.
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Dewey 4/26/19153/1/1997 H of Susan  Photo


Susan McKenzie 8/14/191811/28/1998 W of Dewey   Photo
AhtoneAlice Hokeah 9/16/190710/3/1989W of Clouse  Photo
AhtoneClouse 5/16/19051/7/1970H of Alice  Photo
AhtoneEvelyn Tahome "Captain"  Poolant19141987 W of Jacob   Photo
AhtoneHoward Clouse 12/23/195312/26/1998 Photo
AhtoneJacob Daniel "Jake" 2/28/191812/10/2006 H of Evelyn   Photo
Aitson Clara Mammedaty (Konad) 7/28/19005/28/1987 W of James Konad
W of Richard Aitson Photo
Aitson Doris Rose 3/15/19342/12/2001 Photo
Lucius Weeks12/23/19308/5/1984 Cpl US Army  Korea Photos
Marland Konad4/16/192812/23/1983 US Navy Korea  Photo
Aitson Richard L 10/26/19001/18/1987 H of Clara  Photo
Alandzes Amy Lois "Eagle Plume"8/17/19155/14/1981 Photo
Alandzes Freddy Gene 9/29/193711/29/1995 Photo
Autaubo Claudette Yvonne 6/28/194210/14/1972 W of Vester Photo
Autaubo Henry 8/15/19106/5/1992 Photo
Autaubo Ralph Lee Sr 9/15/19197/22/1971 Photo
Bear John B 9/9/191310/25/2003 Wed Lucille 1/23/1939 Photo
Bear Lucille Ware 8/30/191611/19/1970 Wed John 1/23/1939  Photo
BertCarson Lee 10/23/198710/23/1987 Photo
BertErnest6/8/1910 4/12/1979H of Stella  Photo
BertGeorge Edward "Agopetah" 2/20/192910/26/2004 H of Violet  Photos
BertJadan Faye 19961996Photo
BertKerry Duchene 11/16/19747/8/1991 Photo
BertStella 2/21/1904 6/29/1979W of Ernest   Photo
BertViolet J Tonahcot 4/16/1933  W of George  Photos
BertWilliam "Wonka" 4/7/19556/26/2016  
Botone Bessie Kaulaity 7/13/18988/9/1964 W of Fred   Photo
Billy "Bill"10/25/1920 9/8/1974TSgt US Army WW II & Korea   Photo
Botone Fred 7/1/18842/15/1948 H of Bessie  Photo
Botone Tom D "Tommy" 19185/17/1935 
Brace Jeanette 11/25/19048/24/1987W of Parker  Photo
Brace Parker 1/3/19048/1/1988 H of Jeanette  Photo
Bread Madena Lois 5/10/19449/12/1995 Photo
Brown Alice R Statoe 19281973 Photo
George L5/24/19522/18/2006 US Army  Vietnam  Photo
ChavezMatthew Guevara "Matt" 12/1/20051/5/2006 Photo
Clay Levi 5/27/19239/19/1996 Photo  
CunninghamMiram Dautobi Oct 1906 Apr 1983Photo
DuPoint Frank Lincoln 4/17/19217/16/1984 Photo
GoombiBessie Vergus Archambeau 7/1/19082/18/2004 W of Robert   Photo
GoombiRobert 8/14/19082/19/1963H of Bessie    Photo
GoombiWilliam D 12/24/194210/21/2007 Photo
GougeEddie Lee 19591979Photo
GougeLutie Sue 12/14/19362/13/2000Wed Thompson 11/29/1958  Photo
GougeThompson 7/17/1936 Wed Lutie 11/29/1958 Photo
Hair Thelma Marie 19201986 Photo
HarmanLaQuinta "Squint" Ware 2/21/195210/30/2010 Photo
HaunpoCarrie unk (Calisay) (Tabbytide) 19091963W of Carlisle Calisay
W of Homer Tabbytide
W of ??? Haunpo
HuntLillian Marie Goombi (Ahgoom) (Saunkeah)8/21/18911/22/1969 W of ?? Ahgoom
W of George Hunt   Photo
W of Jasper Saunkeah
Jones Robert W 1934 1967 
KoomsaYvonne Ahtone 19371985 Photo
Lujan Carolyn Hunt 5/30/19168/18/2011 Wed Richard  8/25/1941 Photo
Richard Thomas12/11/19257/1/2011 US Army  WW II
Wed Carolyn  8/25/1941  Photo
Mammedaty Gladys 8/31/19195/9/1990 Photo
Mammedaty Karen Jo 12/12/19535/10/1990 Photo
Ralph Emerson Sr10/10/1921 1/28/1998US Army  WW II  Photo
Noel Edward Leo 2/24/19298/6/2000 H of Patricia   Photo
Noel Milton Jonathan 11/1/19528/30/2011 Photo
Noel Patricia Maude Toyebo 2/24/19298/6/2000 H of Patricia   Photo
ParkerRobert Gene "Bobby" 12/10/19401/8/1971  
Poolaw Bessie Audy/Apingoodle 3/8/18961/26/1990 Wed David T 8/21/1917    Photo
Poolaw Dale Jerome 7/11/19637/11/2008 Photo
Poolaw David Neal 11/30/19507/2/1995 S of Newton & Dorothy    Photo
David Tsomah1/5/18965/21/1976 Pvt US Army  WW I
Wed Bessie 8/21/1917 Photos
Poolaw Denise J 19822007 Photo
Poolaw Mary Ellen Satoe 3/19/1942May 1969 Photo
Poolaw Newton Baker 10/3/19187/18/2007 Photo
Poolaw Roger Donald  Sep 2014 
Popetsaitke Dennis Dean 3/31/19543/11/2006 Photo
ReederRichard Russell Jr 12/2/19416/9/2008 Photo
Gary Eugene3/31/19428/22/1982 PFC US Army  Photo
RobinsonMary Ruth 19301991 
Russell Evalu C Ware 5/22/19239/28/2000 W of Lowell   Photo
Russell Lowell B 3/29/19226/12/2002 H of Evalu   Photo
Everett2/2/19206/7/1973 OK PFC US Army Air Forces  WW II  Photo
Sadongei Irene 7/13/192110/1/2006 Photo
Sadongei Irwin 12/18/192512/29/2002 Photo
Sadongei Jerry Wayne 2/8/19446/23/2006 Photo
Larry8/9/19519/12/1981 US Army  Photo
Rush8/16/19241/24/1983 US Navy WW II
Satepeahtaw Ellen Marie Toyekoyah1/24/193611/7/2006 W of Levern Photo
Satepeahtaw Flora Ethel 11/23/19072/2/1978 Photo
Satepeahtaw Frederick 19611995 Photo
Satepeahtaw Frederick L 11/4/18993/5/1978 H of Winiford Photo
Satepeahtaw Levern 5/20/192312/2/2000 H of Ellen   Photo
Satepeahtaw Marvin 6/21/19272/26/2009 H of Patricia  Photo
Satepeahtaw Patricia M 3/12/1933  W of Marvin  Photo
Satepeahtaw Winiford 4/4/18956/15/1994 W of Frederick L Photo
Satoe Christina Cecelia Topash4/19/19226/2/1967 W of Roger Photo
Satoe Fred 3/15/19078/31/1991 H of Nannie  Photo
Satoe Gertrude Mokay 10/1/189211/6/1972 Photo
Satoe Karen Suzanne 10/31/19647/15/1994 Photo
Satoe Nannie Dautobi 11/30/19026/10/1980 W of Fred  Photo
Paul4/10/19309/3/1995 Pvt US Army  Korea Photo
Satoe Pauline Popetsaitke 7/14/192212/5/1987 W of Theodore Photos
Roger7/30/19167/12/1988 H of Christina
PFC US Army WW II Photos
Satoe Theodore "Ted" Sr 6/14/19129/12/2004 H of Pauline   Photos
Stumblingbear Thelma Mae Bointy3/18/19268/10/1998  
Tahbone Marjorie Satoe 5/12/19203/19/2012 Wed Raymond 7/31/1942    Photos
Tahbone Raymond Baker 12/5/19217/25/2006 Wed Marjorie 7/31/1942   Photos
Thompson Ginger Ann 3/30/196611/7/1982 Photo
TonipsBeverly Ann Satoe 6/2/19418/25/2005 Photo
Topash Lela M 19231993W of Walter  Photos
Topash Walter L 19251988H of Lela  Photos
Buddy10/31/193311/29/2009 US Army  Photo
Tsonetokoy James Allen 12/23/19032/23/1994 H of Mattie F  Photo
Tsonetokoy Marcus Francis 1/1/190012/22/1992 Photo
Tsonetokoy Mattie Ann 10/13/19407/2/1992 Photo
Tsonetokoy Mattie Florence Cannon9/22/19019/2/1991 W of James  Photo
Tsoodle Fred 11/14/191912/5/2006 Photo
Hawley12/25/19237/23/1990 BM3 US Navy 
WW II, Korea, & Vietnam  Photos
Tsoodle Lola Mae Spotted Horse1/28/193311/13/1980 Photo
Tsoodle Russell Turner "Rub" 3/3/19424/23/2018  
Tsoodle Terald Kyle "Eagle Plume"10/31/19577/27/1985 Photo
TsotaddleLaRuth M 19522006 Photo
VenableRev. Frank R 6/27/19124/15/1989 H of Marguerite  Photo
VenableMarguerite L 4/1/19167/1/2004 W of Frank   Photo
Erwin Sr10/28/19203/12/1975 H of Jessie
SK2 US Navy  Photos
Jerold "Jerry"8/3/19452/16/2007 SP4 US Army Vietnam  Photos
Ware Jessie Casas 1/3/19276/16/1999 W of Erwin Sr  Photo
Joshua J "Josh"5/25/1985 11/16/2005Cpl US Marine Corps
KIA Iraq   Photos
Ware Joshua Jerald    

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