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Fairmount Cemetery
A Surnames

Hollis, Harmon County, Oklahoma
© Rita Mayfield

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From the traffic LIGHT in Hollis at Hwy 30 and Hwy 62, go West 1 mile, turn South at the last house in Hollis (located on NW corner of Hwy 62, white 2 story home). Go 1/2 mile, Cemetery is on East side of road. Directions supplied by: Sharon Kay

If you have family buried in the Fairmount Cemetery or have obits (with newspapers permission or an obit that you can write) or tombstone photos or individual portraits or can write a short bio or have a history of the cemetery and would like to add your information to this website, contact the area coordinator for more information. You can also check out our How to Submit page.
Note: Every effort has been made to transcribe this information accurately. These records MAY CONTAIN ERRORS. Any corrections and/or additions greatly appreciated. As with any genealogy information, this is a source and should be considered as such. It is up to the researcher to verify the accuracy.

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ABBOTT Daniel Berton 7/1/1895 7/20/1895 Inscript: Infant of CJ & Zudi  Photo
Aber Cecil Herbert 1898 1978 H of Helen Photo
Aber Helen Briscoe 1900 1984 W of Cecil    Photo
Abercrombie Dorothy Fern Dennis 6/26/1922 10/7/1992 Wed Luther Jr 1/27/1940   Photo
Abercrombie Luther Leland, Jr. "LL" 12/10/1919 9/10/1993 Wed Dorothy 1/27/1940   Photos
Abercrombie Luther Leland, Sr 10/23/1883 3/16/1962 Wed Mary  10/25/1903 Photo
Abercrombie Mary Elizabeth "Mamie" Lyles 6/9/1884 3/4/1970 Wed Luther Sr 10/25/1903  Photo
Abernethy Adonirum Judson "Jud" 1875 1967 H of Dora
Alton Walter 5/20/1905 9/14/1993 Cpl US Army WW II
Wed Edith 12/28/1943  Photos
Abernethy Benjamin McClesky "Ben" 6/12/1870 11/11/1938 H of Louisa
Abernethy Dora (Tice) 1879 1965 W of Adonirum  Photos
Abernethy Edith Margret (Parker) 5/31/1918 5/31/1983 Wed Alton 12/28/1943   Photo
Abernethy Elizabeth M "Lizzie" (Hobbs) 2/22/1870 5/29/1957 W of Sterling
Abernethy Ethel Carlton Oct 1900 Mar 1928 Photo
Abernethy Eugene Holmes, Jr. 8/31/1924 6/4/1952 Photo
Abernethy Euthys Leigh 6/10/1909 5/2/1999 H of M Pearl  Photo
Abernethy Ferris Thurman 4/8/1904 12/25/1992 Wed Olama 12/23/1928
Abernethy Fred Leslie "Freddie" 4/23/1948 11/29/1953 Photo
Abernethy Glenn G 5/15/1912 2/6/1991 H of Nadine   Photo
Abernethy John Ware 5/16/1848 3/2/1929 H of Sarah Talbot
H of Sallie Talbot Photo
Abernethy Larkin Samuel 4/20/1872 5/19/1967 H of Rosanna  Photo
Abernethy Louie K 1931 1931 S of L H Abernethy
Abernethy Louisa Jane "Lou"(Bolton) 10/17/1876 1/10/1966 W of Benjamin  Photo
Abernethy Mabel Pearl Baker 9/28/1911 7/20/1982 W of Euthys    Photo
Abernethy Mildred N (Nance) 1904 1979 W of Oscar  Photo
Abernethy Nadine (Goodson) 9/7/1915 6/17/1980 W of Glenn   Photo
Abernethy Nancy 1940 1943 D of Oscar & Mildred  Photo
Abernethy Olama Maiden (Rushing) 3/11/1911 10/4/1997 Wed Ferris 12/23/1928 Photo
Abernethy Oscar Henry 9/14/1894 6/15/1994 H of Mildred  Photo
Abernethy Patty 2/19/1933 2/19/1933 D of Oscar & Mildred Photo
Abernethy Rosanna (Holmes) 3/26/1871 4/28/1966 W of Larkin  Photo
Abernethy Sallie Ann (Talbot) (Brown) 5/22/1869 11/4/1947 W of John  Photo
Abernethy Shirley 1930 1948 D of Oscar & Mildred
Abernethy Sterling Green 2/5/1869 12/25/1918 H of Elizabeth  Photos
Abernethy Vergie 12/25/1900 8/3/1959 Photo
Ables Hurley Steven 5/9/1911 11/20/1957 H of Nettie    Photo
Ables Nettie Virginia (Hundley) 4/9/1916 12/10/1979 W of Hurley   Photo
Aboussie   1936 1936 Photo
Acker Belle (Gould) 4/3/1888 4/5/1981 Photo
Acker John A 10/8/1875 7/25/1933 Photo
Adams Catherine Lois 5/2/1917 5/2/1917 D of Edward & Rexie
Adams Connie Jean (Patterson) 11/25/1950 1/16/1981 Photo
Adams Edward Prentes 7/22/1874 6/2/1950 H of Rexie  Photos
Adams Grace 8/9/1908 6/29/1945 W of Samuel   Photos
Adams Jeanette 7/2/1937 7/4/1937 Photo
Adams Margaret Eloise 5/23/1915 5/23/1915 D of Edward & Rexie
Adams Rexie Udora (Payne) 6/24/1881 5/3/1966 W of Edward  Photos
Adams Samuel Mart 8/13/1905 2/23/1950 H of Grace    Photos
Aday Opal (Wilson) 10/27/1909 10/6/1988 Photo
Ernest Sam 8/23/1912 10/11/1997 US Army   WW II
Aguilar Alfredo Jose 10/20/1968   Photo
Aguilar Anna Rosa 8/30/1948   Wed Gilberto 12/21/1964    Photo
Aguilar Gilberto, Jr. 1/22/1948 12/7/1995 Wed Anna 12/21/1964  Photo
Aguilar Jose Ruben 10/28/1966   Photo
James Robert 7/16/1934 2/22/2013 LtCol US Air Force  Vietnam    Photo
Ainsworth Elmer Moore 2/26/1880 4/28/1961 H of Mary Burns
H of Rachel Smith
Joe A 1/24/1891 10/30/1967 OK PFC Co D 112thInf 28thDiv  WW I  Photos
Ainsworth Mary Charlotte "Lottie" Burns 1880 5/8/1917 W of Elmer
Ainsworth Willie 10/14/1900 3/4/1978 Photo
Akers R L Jr 10/12/1925 11/10/1928 Photo
Albright Carol 2/7/1911 6/14/1911 S of Samuel & Margaret
Albright Georgia May Smith 5/17/1897 4/9/1941 W of Troy  Photos
Albright Margaret Jane (Payne) 6/16/1866 8/28/1943 W of Samuel  Photos
Albright Roy 12/5/1893 11/12/1925 Photo
Albright Samuel H 9/11/1861 2/2/1917 H of Margaret   Photos
Troy 12/5/1893 8/11/1928 H of Georgia    Photos
Military Veteran
Alcorn Joseph R 4/11/1906 6/23/1906 S of W E & L M
Alcorta Martha Z V 1965 2010 Photo
Alders Arena Frances (Warren) 1927 2007 Photo
Wed Dan 9/3/1944
Chester Hardin 9/25/1898 4/23/1999 Pvt US Army  WWI
H of Mary    Photo
Chester Hardin Jr 10/28/1933 10/7/1988 Military Veteran
Dan Lavon 6/3/1927 4/28/1992 Wed Arena 9/3/1944
Pvt US Army  WW II  Photos
Alders John C 6/12/1938 5/26/1941 S of Chester & Mary
Alders Mary Emiline (Foard) 1/17/1903 6/4/1998 W of Chester   Photo
Alexander Alma (Witherspoon) 5/4/1911 3/14/2004 Wed Lawrence 11/1/1944  Photos
Alexander Charles Wilson "CW" 6/27/1868 6/8/1942 H of Joanna
Alexander Flora Alice (Cooper) 1/14/1863 12/28/1947 W of William   Photos
Alexander Joanna "Josie" (Cummins) 1/15/1871 2/10/1962 W of Charles     Photo
Alexander Lawrence William 1/17/1900 4/3/1975 Wed Alma 11/1/1944  Photos
Alexander Milton Wade 10/18/1894 10/11/1922 Photo
Alexander William Marcus 8/19/1858 9/7/1931 H of Flora Photos
Allen Betty Lou 8/30/1938   W of Jack   Photo
Allen Faye Lou (Flippin) 10/18/1903 3/28/2000 Wed Robert 12/21/1930
Allen Jack W 3/31/1925 8/19/2007 H of Betty    Photo
Allen James Douglas "George" 11/19/1961 9/27/1995 Photo
Allen John Lee "Muffin" 5/30/1970 12/8/1995 Photo
Allen Jonathan T 1849 1923 H of Texia  Photos
Allen Margaret Nancy (Ellerd) 9/12/1886 9/26/1967 W of Zias    Photo
Orville Ulleses "Tub" 4/3/1910 7/1/1980 Cpl US Army  WW II
Allen Ratchel 1819 4/8/1913 W of Thomas   Photo
Allen Robert Croff "Bob" 4/8/1904 3/21/1979 Wed Faye 12/21/1930  Photo
Allen Sam B 4/1/1886 3/2/1897 Photo
Allen Texia 1865 1933 W of Jonathan      Photos
Allen Zias Ulysse "ZU" 2/24/1887 10/10/1968 H of Margaret   Photo
Allison Roy Edwin 11/3/1924 3/6/1982 Photo
Altbach Samuel David 1911 1953 Photo
Alviar Albert A 10/8/1955 10/12/2000 Photo
Alviar Andrea (Castillo) 2/24/1913 3/10/2002 Wed Richardo 11/6/1927 Photo
Alviar Juanita M 6/24/1885 4/9/1970 Photo
Alviar Pablo 1943 1989 Photo
Alviar Richardo 4/3/1909 9/4/2003 Wed Andrea 11/6/1927
Amburn Floyd 8/16/1930 10/1/1931 Photo
Amburn Gerald Max "Jerry" 1/22/1934 10/9/1988 Photo
Amburn Lester James 3/17/1895 12/2/1977 Photo
Amburn Peggie Rose 9/26/1928 2/20/1930 Photo
Amerson Ira Myrtle (Foster) 3/10/1898 1/25/1969 Photo
Dennis Leo 11/24/1915 1/17/2003 Wed Verda 10/5/1946
Cpl US Army
WW  II   Photo
Anders Verda Jean (Richeson) 2/27/1924 7/17/2013 Obit
Wed Dennis 10/5/1946
Anderson Byard Pollard "Bard" 1845 1917 H of Mary   Photo
Anderson Ella Mary 8/5/1892 8/16/1954 Photo
Anderson Kenneth A 5/9/1939 9/30/1981  
Anderson Lettie Mae (Williams) 1/11/1885 12/18/1952 W of Samuel   Photo
Anderson Mary Catherine "Katie" (Whitlow) 1847 1937 W of Byard   Photo
Anderson Samuel Dysart 8/3/1884 3/24/1963 H of Lettie     Photo
William Duane 1921 1979 US Army   Photo
Arballo Aiden Malik 10/19/2004 1/19/2004 Photo
Arden Dorothy (Batts) 1/6/1917 6/4/1965 Photo
Argo Alfred Dixon "Dick" 1872 1955 H of Beatrice
H of Nettie    Photo
Argo Beatrice (Balch) 4/1/1875 1/29/1907 W of Alfred   Photo
Argo Chester 1901 1942 Photo
Argo Eldon 6/11/1923 5/14/1935 Photo
Argo Nettie 1890 1959 W of Alfred    Photo
Arnold Clellie Ruth 6/9/1913 2/19/1924 D of J W & C P
Arnold Fredonia (Randon) 7/21/1900 5/23/2005 Photo
Atkeson Edith Aileen (Royal) (Ketchersid) 11/21/1911 10/1/1998 W of John Atkeson  Photo
W of Claudus Ketchersid
Atkeson John 7/16/1893 5/11/1949 H of Edith   Photo
Atkins Joel Harris "Joe" 6/20/1884 1/30/1951 Wed Rachel  12/23/1929 Photo
Atkins Rachel Maxine (Baccus) 6/10/1905 12/5/1984 Wed Joel  12/23/1929 Photo
Atwood Mary Susan Ardella Pearce 1874 1959 W of Sampson   Photo
Atwood Sampson Eli 1872 1955 H of Ardella   Photo
Aubrea Louise 1/4/1912 5/24/1929  
Aufill Audrey May 1912 1913 D of William Photo
Aufill Bennett 1909 1912 S of William   Photo
Aufill Itasca 1917 1918 D of William   Photo
Aufill William Robert "Billie" 1/21/1877 1935 Photo
Ayers Adaline "Addie" 1881 1939 Photo
Ayers Charles M 5/9/1877 9/23/1918 Photo
Ayers George M 12/10/1848 8/16/1906 H of Nancy    Photo
Ayers John R "Jip" 4/5/1892 9/25/1918 Photo
Ayers Nancy Josephine (Rippetoe) 12/1/1862 8/16/1923 W of George    Photo
Ayers Rosa Elena (Crow) 6/1/1903 4/24/1997 W of Thomas   Photo
Thomas Joseph 1/22/1889 11/5/1961 OK PFC 13th Co 162nd Depot Brig  WW I
H of Rosa  Photos
Troy Joe 6/23/1926 7/9/2004 US Navy WW II   Photo

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