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© Bobbi Dunn

Tabor Cemetery
aka Roger's Chapel Church
Creek County, Oklahoma

© by: Bobbi Dunn & Kathy Williams

This is a canvas done by walking the Rogers Chapel Cemetery in Slick, Creek County Oklahoma 5-16-2006. Located behind the Rogers Chapel Church on Hwy 16 just east of Slick. This has not been compared to any written record. Several stones were unreadable, or graves were marked with simple sandstone markers.
Pictures of all stones are available by emailing Bobbi Dunn at ancestryfarmer@gmail.com A special thanks to Kathy Williams for helping with this canvas.
If you have family buried in the Tabor Cemetery or have obits (with newspapers permission or an obit that you can write) or tombstone photos or individual portraits or can write a short bio or have a history of the cemetery and would like to add your information to this website, contact the area coordinator for more information. You can also check out our How to Submit page.
Note: Every effort has been made to transcribe this information accurately. These records MAY CONTAIN ERRORS. Any corrections and/or additions greatly appreciated. As with any genealogy information, this is a source and should be considered as such. It is up to the researcher to verify the accuracy.
NOTICE. If you submit information to this website and change your e-mail address please notify the area coordinator with the county/cemetery and new e-mail address so we can keep our pages as up to date as possible.

??ae Eulala Inez 1909 1983 Bryant Funeral Home maker, some letters missing from last name
Anderson Zula   1898 2/10/1928 has second newer stone behind with only the name Zulah on it
Atkinson Diedra V. 4/5/1949 9/23/2003  
Atkinson Dorothy E. 10/30/1930    
Baker Odesta   5/3/1904 6/2/1931  
Barber Elisah   8/4/1927 8/15/1927  
Barber Lillie   11-22-1889 6/1/1929  
Barber Weaver   12-12-1880 11/12/1938  
Bloome Clarence   5/6/1913 12/15/1950  
Border N. E. 5-20-1893 9/16/1953  
Borders I. C. 1896 1973  
Borders Odessa Harris 1929 1999  
Borders Ida   12-16-1891 4/26/1974  
Robert P. 4/29/1920 9/10/1945 Oklahoma Tech 5 Med Dept WWII
Borders Daisy       handmade cross no dates
Boyce Jerard D. 8/13/1969 8/24/1999 "Ramrod" weight lifter on stone and picture on stone
Branch Lisa   9-15-1898 1/22/1917 large cross stone, broken
Breckenridge Bertha Ada 3/12/1915 10/24/1995  
Lowell L. 9/18/1942 5/22/2004 US Air Force Vietnam
Breckenridge Marcus A. 1983 1983 Bryant Funeral Home marker
Breckenridge Christopher   9/10/1971 9/10/1971  
Brooks Cynthia Evon (Milton) 5/9/1971 12/11/1992  
Brooks Mattie W. 1913 1943  
Brown Ruth M. 4/23/1923 12/25/1997 handmade stone and newer stone with nurse on stone
Brown Charles M. 8/28/1922 10/11/1996 tractor on stone next to Ruth M.
Brown Myrtle E. 1900 1980  
Brown Pink     3/14/1967  
Burden Herman E. 4/5/1955 7/17/1955  
Burden Tony E. 4/12/1955 7/20/1980 "Sir"
Burden Jr. Mr. Collie   9/11/1931 8/24/1997  
Burney Aimmuel   4/11/1902 11/14/1945  
Cale Rosie E. 9-19-1899 3/16/1978  
Cale Millie M. 3-11-1876 5/27/1961 dble w/Jim
Cale Jim M. 8-17-1873 4/18/1966 dble w/Millie
Coker Bettie E. 1892 12/27/1943  
Coker C. M. 1875 2/10/1942  
Colbert Paul W. 3/4/1936   dble w/ Cordell
Colbert Cordell L. 5/27/1940 12/21/2004 dble w/ Paul
Collier Lummie   Feb. 1905 June 1967  
Collins Sidney A.M. 1917 1984 has footstone with name
Collins Pericles   8/19/1906 10/14/1974 has footstone with name J.A. Pericles Collins
Collins Michael   1943 1966  
Collins Agnes M. 12/20/1913 5/4/1993 has footstone with name
Collins Jefferson D. 1910 1952 has footstone with name
Collins Audrey M.     has footstone with name no dates on stone
Collins Malinda B.     no dates on stone, footstone with name
Collins Sidney A.D.     no dates on stone, footstone with name
Combs Joseph   12/3/1910 7/15/2002  
Combs Sylvester L. 11/30/1955 5/15/1990  
Combs Omera (Harper)   10/18/1936   dble w/Samuel
Combs Milton Dwayne 3/24/1961 3/29/1961  
Combs Edward R. 11/20/1908 12/26/1955  
Combs Roland   1976 1949 mason
Combs Cora   1884 1928  
Combs Melvin Oscar 3/10/1931 10/31/1997 footstone says Uncle Jake/ also has funeral maker from Jack's Memorial Tulsa OK
Combs Ella M. Thomas 10/5/1929 12/12/2002 dbls stone w/Nathaniel married12-27-1927
Combs Jr. Samuel "Sam"   12/29/1931 6/30/1999 dble w/ Omera Picture of Samuel on stone
Combs Sr. Samuel     5/9/2005 Funeral Marker-Schumacher Funeral Home, Bristow, OK
Combs Sr. Nathaniel T. 10/17/1924 4/25/2001 dble stone w/ Ella / Mason symbol
Cooper Edward Thomas 12-24-1884 11/3/1948  
Cooper Adline Boston 6-8-1889 4/2/1940  
Cornelius Charlie Mae 1933 1958  
Crenshaw Ada L. 1915 1984 Funeral Marker Mitchell's Funeral Home Tulsa, OK
Crenshaw Ella R. 1904 1947  
Davis Robert W. 1989 1983 father-next to Zora
Davis Zora     6/29/1980 mother-next to Robert
Davis Susie   1886 1956  
Davis Fannie McCreary Miller 1/25/1903 8/11/1958  
Davis J. C. "Lum" 12-16-1879 8/4/1965  
Davis Blanche Lee 7/4/1915 8/4/1944  
Luther J. 10/26/1914 9/11/1945 Oklahoma PVT Port Co TC WWII
Dillard Mary   Jan 1888 July 1927  
Dillard Lara   11/26/1916 3/29/1919  
Dilliard Mennie       handmade stone no dates
Duncan Deonga L. 8/7/1973 2/2/1997  
Edmondson Elsie V. 2/21/1900 12/7/1916 daughter of G.&L. Edmondson
Edmondson Laura C. 4-8-1879 1/31/1941  
Edwards Helen J. 10/26/1946 4/23/1993  
Edwards Ethel (Johnson) Harper 5/28/1931 6/15/1991  
Edwards Ceasar   3/26/1900 5/23/1974  
Farmer Lem       dble w/ Ida no dates
Farmer Ida Marie 12-2-1893 2/23/1967 dble w/ Lem
Farmer E. A. 1899 1967  
Farmer Tena Mae 12/30/1902 9/26/1969  
Farmer C. A. Bruce 2/19/1905 3/1/1973  
Fields Ethel Clara (Burden) 10/23/1929 1/18/1968  
Fullbright Jr. Rev. Thomas   7/31/1929 2/15/1989 Has footstone with name
Garrett John H. 1908 1977 Uncle-next to Robert and Zora Davis
Garrett Salley   1875 1963  
Garrett John   5-11-1873 5/11/1929 mason
George Allen W. 2/21/1970 8/9/2001  
George Jessie A. 2-29-1905 1/19/1993  
George James     11/9/1947 hand painted stone
George Otis   march   buried stone
George Laura        
Green Frank       Jack's Memorial Chapel Funeral Marker
Grimes Jessie B. 7/30/1943 3/24/2002 funeral marker
Grimes Charlie   5/25/1901 11/4/1963  
Hall Ernest   1913 1998 funeral marker
Harper Simpson   1900 1967  
Harris Johnny L. 10/23/1929 1/7/2000  
Howard Derrick D. 6/6/1970 8/12/1989 FR US Navy
Howard S.L     3/10/1999 dble stone w/ Baby Newman- Says IN Loving Memory of our Sons
Howard Baby Newman     8/23/2000 dble stone w/ S.L.- Says In Loving Memory of our Sons
Howard Josephine   9/11/1903 4/27/1963 picture on stone
Hurvey David   3/5/1907 11/4/1918  
Jamison Harry       handmade stone on sandstone, name barely visible no dates
Johnson Lafayette   5/17/1936 10/1/2002 Funeral Marker
Johnson Lavester R. 1/9/1945 7/13/1991 age 33 years
Johnson Bernice Juanita 10/9/1953 6/20/2000  
Irvin     9/18/1942 Oklahoma PVT 1CL 365 INF 92 DIV
Johnson Marcia L.     footstone for Marcia L. Roberts
Jones H. C. 10-16-1868 7/22/1937 1948 in on the top of the stone
Jones Bert   1857 1913  
Jordan Anna Mae 9/11/1932 5/6/2001  
Knowles Ida   1875 1958  
Knowles H. E. 1858 6/16/1945  
Madison Willis H. 1870 1937  
Madison Kizzier   1874 1933  
Martin Clifford Linwood 2/4/1925 6/16/1990  
Mason Bobby Lester     stone is readable, I did not get a good enough picture to get dates, looks like 1956-1963 or 1968
McNeal Jas   Mar 1879 May 1929  
Miller Harriett   1834 1/26/1918  
Mills Louis       footstone with name only no stone
Milton Arthur L. 12/30/1949 8/18/1993 "Ott"
Milton Lena B. 12/25/1920 3/23/1984  
Milton Cornelius   5/3/1970 2/27/1972 father Claudius "Bitt" Milton
Milton Wade   1/11/1912 8/11/1969  
Andrew     12/10/1917 Oklahoma PVT 317 TN HO 8 MIL Police
Morrison Abbie W. 9/17/1911 7/5/1945  
Munson Ben   6-20-1890 5/29/1949 born in Mendor LA
Northington Ester Wilma 12/31/1912 Dec. 1986  
Ernest     3/3/1976 PVT US ARMY WW1
Northington Robert   Dec. 1933 5-1-19?? Dyer Memorial Chapel, 1610 E. Apache Tulsa, OK funeral marker only
Edward Eugene 1932 1971 Oklahoma-military stone too sunken to get more information
Will E. 9-1-1895 9/18/1967 PVT 3 CO 4 BN 164 Depot BRIG WWI
Peters Maria       handmade cross no dates
Peterson J. M. 11-10-1890 11/20/1917 fallen over
Pitre Carl Leon 11/5/1937 9/2/2001  
Pitre Carolyn Sue 4/30/1946 12/19/1955  
Pitre Jason   1910 1973  
Pitre Thelma   1912 1967  
Polite John Issac 2/22/1919 7/2/1992  
Porter Mary E. 2-14-1858 6/16/1912  
Price Carolyn   8/9/1958 1/13/2005  
Ransom Laura   1846 9/27/1925 79 years old / has footstone with L.R.
Reason Hakes Heare 1903 1981 Bryant Funeral Home Marker
Gilmore       PVT US Army-stone buried couldn't get more info
Reason Isaiah   1882 1966  
Reason Everett R. 1909 1968  
Reason Eva   4/30/1989 1/15/1978  
Aaron       Oklahoma-military stone
Reason L. D.   4-10-19?? age 10 years-old sandstone very hard to read
Reason Gilmore Keith 1/9/1919 1/19/1919  
Reed Mattie Lee 4/24/1903 4/26/1976  
Reid Corrie L.     has footstone with name, no dates on stone
Roberts Marcia L.     no dates on stone footstone says Marcia L. Johnson
Samples Lucy       footstone with name no dates on stone
Sanders ??ia   6-18-1898 12/31/1916 hand made concrete cross, shamrock on back, broke off on first name ia is all that is left
Seay Daniel     8/1/1931 age 80 years- mason
Stephens Calvin   6/26/1915 4/18/1917 son of C.M. & T.B. Stephens
Tart Ida M. Grimes 5/2/1903 7/22/1990  
Tate Ora Lee 11/8/1912    
Clatton Gene 9/20/1926 2/14/2000 SK 3 US Navy WWII
Tharp Dorothy Marie Phyllis 10/3/1916 10/18/2002  
Rufus E. 2/21/1922 11/24/1944 Oklahoma 1 SGT 432 Fort BN 70 WWII
Turner Gracie Mae 1899 1966 Stanley Lee Funeral Home (written on stone)
Unknown         Dyear Memorial Chapel Funeral Home marker
Unknown Lillian       stone buried
Unknown         only thing readable on stone is: ZBA Bob died
Unknown         next to fence, tree has come up under it and is knocking it over, no writing could be found on it
Unknown         sandstone broken rock, only date of 2-15-1915 is left
Washington Mary Lee 12-6-1879 3/8/1951  
Washington James M. 1898 1970  
Washington Rev. J. H. 8-20-1874 1/1/1961  
Whittenburg Annie Bell 6/30/1916 12/26/1999  
Williams Gerri   9/25/1967 1/17/2002  
Williams Ophelia   1911 1927  
Wofford Patsy Reason 1915 1990  
Wofford Sr. John H. 3/5/1911 3/4/1995 married patsy 11-25-1933
Woodberry Pauline   1911 1982 dble w/ Cloudes
Woodberry Cloudes   1913 Jul-90 dble w/ Pauline also has funeral marker saying died at age 77
Woodberry Wilma M. 2/22/1948 2/22/1948  

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