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Creek County, Oklahoma

Oakdale Cemetery


cemetery sign
photo © Harvey Fields

photo © Linda Anderson Spangler
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Survey © Linda Anderson Spangler

Updated © by: Leslie Husted

Depew’s Oakdale Cemetery is located approximately 2/10ths miles west of Depew, Oklahoma on Highway 66. Turn north off Highway 66 onto South 481st West Avenue. Cross over "Old Highway 66" and continue north for approximately 1 block. You will see a sign on the right that says "cemetery". Turn left and continue west for approximately 1/10th mile. The cemetery is located on the south side of the road. The Turner Turnpike will located off to your right.

All effort has been made to make this record as accurate as possible. Some grave markers are very difficult to read because of the period of time they have been exposed to the elements. I apologize for any typographical errors or errors because I was not able to read the grave marker. The photos attached hereto were taken Memorial Day, 2003. The inventory of the cemetery was finished July 1, 2003. Leslie Husteds updated version was finsihed Jan. of 2013.

If you have family buried in the Oakdale Cemetery or have obits (with newspapers permission or an obit that you can write) or tombstone photos or individual portraits or can write a short bio or have a history of the cemetery and would like to add your information to this website, contact the area coordinator for more information. You can also check out our How to Submit page.

NOTICE. If you submit information to this website and change your e-mail address please notify the area coordinator with the county/cemetery and new e-mail address so we can keep our pages as up to date as possible.

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Unknown Burials

ADAMSEVERETTNo date 1/29/1988"Uncle Dude"
ADAMSETTA M.1/9/1889 6/15/1949 See photo
ADAMSLEVI M.2/13/1883 4/26/1949 See photo
ALEXANDEREFFIE E.3/19/1903 6/12/1942 See photo
ALEXANDERSAMUEL G.5/10/1895 8/16/1948 See photo
ALEXANDERHAVEL2/12/1921 9/24/1940 See photo
EARL B. 12/26/18955/19/1946COOK, 131 MG BN 36 Div. WW I
See photo
ANDERSONEMMA (FOSTER)1861 1937 See photo
ROBERT LEWIS 2/11/19353/19/2007A2C US Air Force Korea
See photo
BAILEYANISSANo date 7/27/1967Dau. of Aleen Underwood
BANKSB. B.6/30/1924 7/5/1924 See photo
BANKSW. T.1884 1937 See photo
BARNESDALTON WAYNE9/28/1951 4/20/1994 See photo
BARTONCRACE (WOODS)8/9/1913 11/9/1998  
BEARDALBERT1871 1938 See photo
BEASLEYHoyt Terrell14 Jul 194603 Sep 2012  See More
BECKCLARENCE W.3/7/1928 6/7/2007Wed Bettina 1/1/1957
See photo
BECKBETTINA E.10/26/1923 11/28/2003 See photo
BENCHESSIE2/22/1891 2/4/1945 See photo
BENCHGRACE4/25/1871 1/7/1963  
BENCHWILLIE3/12/1892 4/30/1970Husband of Grace
See photo
BENNETTSARAH E.4/27/1909 4/7/1973 See photo
BENNETTWILLIAM B.3/4/1905 1/27/1981 See photo
BENNETTCHARLEY RHOADES 12/27/193610/23/1984 See photo
BENNETTCORA B.7/18/1904 10/28/1961 See photo
BENNETTDOUGNo date 1969  
JAMES D. 6/22/18951/2/1970PVT US Army WW I
See photo
JAMES D. JR. 9/19/192711/1/1992PFC US Army Korea
See photo
BENNETTPATRICIA ANN8/20/1933 11/1985 See photo
BENNETTPAUL DOUGLAS "BUTCH" 12/10/19563/28/1996 See photo
BENNETTKODY R.2002 2002 See photo
BENNETTSARA E.4/27/1909 4/7/1973  
BENNETTTERRA ANN9/16/1982 8/10/2001 See photo
BENNETTTERRY JOE8/11/1995 8/11/1995 See photo
BLANTONA. GERALDINE (JOHNSON) 2/28/19284/4/2010 See photo
BLANTONWm. Joel N. Sr.03 Nov 1925  See More
BOBOW. RAYMOND12/14/1930 11/6/2005Husband of Kay F.
See photo
BOOKOUTCalvin T. Nov 23, 1926Dec 27, 2017 gravestone
BOOKOUTMartha J. (Moody) Jun 09, 1931Dec 10, 2020 gravestone
BOOTHJACKIE (PALMER) 12/31/19368/21/2000 See photo
BOUCHERFRED8/13/1864 2/8/1948 See photo
BOUCHERMARY12/20/1875 1/8/1933 See photo
BOWLESDOVIE10/3/1914 1/17/1976 See photo
BOWLESRENA E.12/27/1896 6/30/1970 See photo
BOWLESFINIS C.8/27/1896 12/27/1986 See photo
BOWLESLOIS2/20/1923 5/24/1931 See photo
BOWLESTED A.2/11/1921 10/06/1959 See photo
BOWLESTHOMAS C.1919 1944 See photo
BREWERSTEVEN R.3/6/1960 3/30/1984 See photo
BROOKSORA LENA6/30/1904 10/20/1999 See photo
CLYDE C. 2/20/19227/10/2008FC3 US Coast Guard WW II
See photo
BROWNCULLIS5/16/1898 5/20/1976 See photo
BROWNEULA L.1911 1998 See photo
BROWNLESTER L.1910 1958 See photo
BROWNJOYCE10/14/1909 6/1/1976 See photo
BROWNLLOYD WAYNE9/1/1940 1/26/1944 See photo
BROWNMATTIE E.1880 1963 See photo
BROWNLUSHEN E.1876 1941 See photo
BROWNROBERT2/25/1873 9/24/1962 See photo
BROWNCHRISTOPHER E.11/2/1891 1/6/1971 See photo
BROWNMARY M.11/22/1887 9/23/1972 See photo
BROWNHERMAN FULTON9/12/1915 4/14/1933 See photo
BROWNJIMNo date 4/14/1951  
BROWNLaVERNENo date 8/24/1972  
BRYDENJOHN M. "BUDDY" Jr. 1/7/191211/29/1987 See photo
BRYDENJOHN M.11/26/1856 7/29/1935 See photo
BRYDENMARY J.12/3/1888 11/30/1981 See photo
BRYDENMARY K.1/4/1910 12/7/1974 See photo
THOMAS J. 7/6/191412/29/1965OK, AMM3 US Navy Reserves WW II
See photo
BRYDENWALTER5/18/1916 10/23/1944 See photo
BURDICKCLARENCE12/5/1925 7/14/2008 See photo
BURDICKDOROTHY L.3/24/1915 5/15/2012 See photo
BURDICKCOLLEEN7/1/1931 12/7/2000 See photo
BURDICKMICHAEL11/17/1952 9/21/1991Son
See photo
BURDICKESTHER1896 1976 See photo
WILLIAM E. 10/4/189011/17/1955PVT 358 Inf. 90 Div WW I
See photo
FLOYD DEAN 6/10/192712/5/1978S2 US Navy WW II
See photo
FREDERICK A. 10/4/18901/4/1954Oklahoma PVT 13 Co. 162 Depot Brigade
See photo
BUTLERCECIL ANNIE7/9/1903 5/4/1995 See photo
BUTTERFIELDHOWARD1910 1931 See photo
BUTTERFIELDRUTH M.8/26/1907 2/16/1974 See photo
BUTTERFIELDNANCY ANN1881 1966Married to George 62 years
See photo
BUTTERFIELDRALPH7/6/1908 10/1/1980 See photo
CALLAHAMR. W.1856 1926 See photo
CALLAHAMFANNIE1872 1953Wife of R. W.
See photo
CAMPBELLBILLY JEAN3/3/1929 8/2/2012Wife of William E.
See photo
CAMPBELLWILLIAM E. "BILL" 1/14/19314/16/2012 See photo
CANTRELLA. J.1/28/1927 10/18/2003 See photo
CANTRELLPATSY MELTON3/10/1933 10/18/2003Wife of A. J.
See photo
CANTRELLLINDA GAYE5/29/1961 2/2/2005 See photo
CARNEYTACIE R.9/8/1905 3/9/1988 See photo
CASSADYANNIE L.4/12/1892 11/15/1979 See photo
CASSADYHENRY H.9/2/1889 12/23/1973 See photo
CASSADYNICHOLAS S.2/7/1887 1/21/1966 See photo
CASSADYINFANT1/25/1968 1/25/1968  
CASTEELJOHN R. SR.5/10/1961 2/4/2007 See photo
CHAPPELLROBERT H.3/6/1950 1/4/2002 See photo
CHRISTIANMILDRED2/28/1910 2/9/1934 See photo
CLARKVERNON J.10/6/1938 4/6/2008Wed Rebecca 12/24/1962
See photo
COOKIDA C.10/6/1907 9/3/2005 See photo
COOKFLOYD10/27/1907 1/24/1990 See photo
COOPERDONALD E.1/23/1963 4/15/2007 See photo
COOPERLULA BELLE6/26/1940 1/17/1990Wed Kenneth 12/4/1959
See photo
COOPERKENNETH G.11/21/1938 4/9/1997 See photo
COOPERMARY E.4/16/1903 8/10/1997 See photo
COOPERORVAL6/12/1907 11/11/1973 See photo
COOPERMICHAEL L.7/15/1972 6/14/1973 See photo
COOPERRONALD "RONNIE" GENE 4/1/19617/20/2011 See photo
JUNIUS PRESTON 6/19/19109/18/1978TEC4 US Army WW II
See photo
CRANKEEVA MAE3/28/1928 7/1/1928Infant
See photo
CRANKEARMANDA E.1889 1930 See photo
JOHN MELVIN 1/18/19298/24/1992USMC, SSG US Army
See photo
CROSSPATSY9/4/1955 3/22/2000 See photo
DALEJIMMY DEE1/25/1969 1/25/1969Son of Jack & Geneva
See photo
DAVISE. M. R.12/31/1869 11/2/1947Wife of William J.
See photo
DAVISWILLIAM J.10/6/1865 1/9/1928 See photo
DAYClita L.14 Sep 1927 Parents of Anna, Becky, Brenda
Married June 29, 1946
See More
DAYEarl Wiliam16 Jun 192104 Jul 2006 S1 US Coast Guard
World War II
Parents of Anna, Becky, Brenda
Married June 29, 1946
See More
GLEN R. 5/9/191712/28/1995PFC US Army WW II
See photo
DEESEH. DOUGLAS "DOUG" 5/5/19295/29/2001 See photo
DEESEMary Lou03 Mar 194301 Mar 2016 See More
DERFIELDVELMA O.8/21/1924 10/30/1929  
DEVINJOE2/8/1948 8/27/2008Wed Linda 9/1/1971
See photo
DEVINMICHAEL JOE12/23/1976 6/14/1997 See photo
DEVINORMA CLAUDE9/3/1921 3/11/2004 See photo
DORRISJANITH N.7/10/1948 6/27/2004 See photo
DOTSONAMANDA E.1/27/1871 2/11/1947 See photo
DOTSONWILLIAM N.11/17/1866 2/6/1959 See photo
DOTSONNOAH V.5/1902 8/1962Difficult to read
See photo
DOYELLOUISE A.4/1926 2/22/1994 See photo
DREWVERA ALEXANDER3/9/1928 1/11/1989 See photo
DUNLAPHELEN (LOOMIS)1843 1935 See photo
DUNNINGEVERETT1904 1970 See photo
DUNNINGBLANCHE1909 1988Wife of Everett
See photo
DUNNINGIRA1872 1964 See photo
DUNNINGPRUDIE1878 1959 See photo
DURHAMJOHN M.2/24/1910 6/19/1983Dad
See photo
DURHAMMILDRED C.5/3/1917 12/24/1997 See photo
DURHAMPEGGY JEAN8/19/1941 4/27/1999 See photo
EDMONDSONJONATHAN DAVID 10/22/19887/11/1989 See photo
EDWARDSBUSTER3/25/1907 10/24/1976 See photo
EDWARDSSIDNEY L.12/1893 3/21/1984Difficult to read
See photo
EDWARDSEULA F.9/17/1901 2/1986Difficult to read
See photo
EVANSMICHAEL DEWAYNE5/10/1954 11/1/2006 See photo
EWINGBILLY E.10/1/1946 7/23/1947 See photo
EWINGBONNIE L.6/1/1954 6/1/1954 See photo
EWINGCHARLES R.10/11/1941 12/15/2004 See photo
EWINGDOROTHY J.4/27/1943 11/23/1943 See photo
LEONARD O. 1/20/191812/12/1983PVT US Army WW II
See photo
EWINGNETTIE ELVINA8/1/1924 2/29/1996 See photo
FIELDERTEDDY GENENo date 9/10/1933Son of A.B. & A.E.
See photo
FINEBILL B.10/27/1908 2/7/2001 See photo
FINELELA BELL7/10/1911 10/3/1984Wife of Bill B.
See photo
FINLEYW. H.1/10/1858 2/22/1932  
FLANAGANJAMES O.1884 1956 See photo
FLANNERYC. D.1896 1965Father
See photo
FLOODELLA R.1911 1935Mother and babies
See photo
FOXADA A.2/4/1898 4/16/1929 See photo
FOXJOHN H.12/28/1876 3/3/1939 See photo
FOXJOHNNo date 1/10/1921  
FOXRichard D.28 Dec 193724 May 2008 Loving and Compassionate Man
Special Friends
See More
FRAMEFRED L.8/8/1872 1/27/1932 See photo
FRAZIERFred D.12 May 1950  See More
FREDH.No dates   See photo
FULTNEROLA MAY (FIELDER) 12/6/18868/15/1930 See photo
GADDISHELEN JUNE6/6/1922 4/26/1924Daughter of J.R. & M.L.
See photo
GADDISJESSE R.7/15/1875 4/23/1943 See photo
GADDISMATTIE L.9/16/1884 11/29/1937 See photo
GEISERBILLY CHRIS JR.7/8/1922 4/18/1933 See photo
GEISERERNEST CHRIS2/18/1883 11/12/1943 See photo
HENRY GORDON 5/2/19213/18/2011CPL US Army WW II
See photo
GEMMILLLOTTIE MAE2/10/1923 5/14/2003Wed Henry 12/18/1940
See photo
LARRY GORDON 6/8/19468/21/1993SSGT US Air Force Vietnam
See photo
GILREATHCYNTHIA E.8/11/1883 7/16/1961 See photo
GILREATHTHOMAS S.5/29/1875 3/7/1957 See photo
GLISSONMakikoFeb 18, 1932 Aug 14, 2013 gravestone
GOODINSARAH R.1882 1937 See photo
GOODINHENRY H.12/16/1912 7/1/1927Son of S.H. & S.R.
See photo
GOODINSAMUEL H.1886 1929 See photo
GOREHenry RandallNov 08, 1956 Mar 03, 2013 U S Army
GOREJIM M.5/2/1900 10/31/1976 See photo
LLOYD 12/22/19186/4/2003PFC US Army WW II
See photo
GOREPAULINE S.7/4/1905 2/20/1984 See photo
GORETHOMASNo dates   See photo
GRAHAMJAMES B. JR.9/27/1912 2/16/1978 See photo
GRAHAMVERNAL10/9/1935 3/12/2005 See photo
GRAYZELMA M.11/19/1907 3/31/1997 See photo
GREENKATHLEEN L.3/18/1949 10/3/1979 See photo
GREENW. C.4/5/1858 10/20/1938 See photo
GREENAMY3/20/1864 6/23/1940Wife of W.C.
See photo
HADDOCKLOYD B.7/16/1922 9/5/1937 See photo
HAGLEGRACE IRENE9/6/1913 3/9/1935 See photo
HALLALPHONSUS "FONCE"1875 1962 See photo
HALLCECIL M.1893 1975 See photo
COY SR. 11/12/190911/20/1977MSGT US Army WW II
See photo
HALLD. Geraldine17 Jul 1932  See More
HALLLOY A.10/27/1911 2/10/1984 See photo
HALLLOTTIE9/5/1911 12/29/1996Wed Loy 5/23/1936
See photo
HALLWESLEY O. SR.2/1/1931 11/9/2008Husband of D. Geraldine
See photo
HALLWESLEY O. III6/28/1973 8/28/2007 See photo
HALLBECKNELLIE R.18?? 1932Difficult to read
See photo
HAMTHURSEY JR12/13/1872 2/4/1938 See photo
HAMWILLIAM A.3/9/1862 9/6/1932Father
See photo
HAMILLNANCY JANE2/5/1864 4/23/1944 See photo
CHESTER A. 4/22/19132/9/1968KY, SGT 842 AVN ENGR. WW II
See photo
HAMMONDEUGENE1911 1927 See photo
FRANK G. 19101980PVT US Army WW II
See photo
HAMMONDHOMER1917 1948 See photo
HAMMONDJOHN T.1881 1959 See photo
HAMMONDPOLINA1885 1960 See photo
HAMMONDCHESTERNo date 4/9/1949Son
See photo
HAMONSARAH ANN2/13/1866 10/5/1948 See photo
HAMONJERRY FRANKLIN8/23/1851 1/9/1926 See photo
HANKSBONNIE OPAL1/21/1917 6/17/1990Wife of Glenn
See photo
HANKSJAMES EDWARD4/20/1962 7/30/2002Son of Bonnie & Glenn
See photo
HANKSGLENN "BROWNIE"4/2/1911 12/17/1990 See photo  
HANKSRUBY E.6/3/1893 2/6/1988 See photo
HANKSJIMNo date 1/25/1961  
HARPERWANDA L.1/30/1920 7/15/2007 See photo
HARRINGTONNELLIE M.1909 1941Wife of Claude A.
See photo
HARRINGTONCLAUDE A.1896 1962 See photo
HARRINGTONCORDIANo date 2/17/1980  
HARRINGTONEVA6/6/1879 3/5/1931 See photo
HARRINGTONHELEN C.4/3/1902 7/8/1927 See photo
HERBERT H. 4/19/19261/1/1980RDM3 US Navy WW II
See photo
HARRINGTONPAUL11/22/1906 5/22/1935 See photo
WILBERT No date8/8/1927MO, CPL 1 TER US Volunteer Inf. Sp. Am. War
See photo
WILBERT O. 4/19/192612/27/1971CA, US Army Korea
See photo
HASKINSRAYMOND E.8/31/1940 10/9/2003Husband of Lena Mae
See photo
HASKINSSHIRLEY12/23/1958 12/23/1958 See photo
HASKINSWILLIAM H.10/9/1919 1/26/1931 See photo
HASKINSCHARLES L.9/25/1937 10/17/1959  
GEORGE LEON 8/4/189211/23/1962OK, PVT Co. E, 19 Inf. WW I
See photo
HASKINSHATTIE D.1894 1982Mother
See photo
HASKINSLEWIS W.1886 1960Father
See photo
HASKINSLOIS10/30/1914 2/16/1993 See photo
HASKINSTHOMAS L.11/1915 12/29/1974 See photo
HASKINSWANDA L.1923 2002 See photo
HASKINSHOMER T.1917 1969 See photo
HASKINSWILLIAM "LARRY" 7/24/194110/27/1995 See photo
HAVENERADDIE B.1883 1969Mother
See photo
See photo
HAWKINSDELPHA J.12/3/1915 3/28/1930 See photo
HAZLETELLA MAYCan't read   See photo
HAZLETHELLEN SUE5/19/1933 5/19/1933 See photo
HAZLETMARTINNo date 8/17/1931Son
HEADGENEVA MAE8/5/1929 7/18/1998 See photo
HEAPEGEORGE E.3/26/1870 3/27/1964 See photo
EVERETT A. 1/6/192811/10/1978PFC US Army WW II
See photo
JAMES C. 9/24/19035/8/1947KS, EC5 11 Replacement BN WW II
HENRICHH. GUS8/1/1940 9/30/2004 See photo
HENRYJOHN K.3/22/1892 9/19/1973 See photo
HENRYFROSA G.4/1/1899 1/21/1987 See photo
HENRYWILLIAM O.1866 1932 See photo
HERRINGTONCORDIA6/1/1892 2/17/1980 See photo
HERRINGTONJOE L.5/1/1865 9/21/1941 See photo
HERRINGTONW. E.1885 1931 See photo
IRA G. "BUDDY" 5/23/19307/6/2004US Army Vietnam
See photo
HIGGINSLUCRETIA M. (EDWARDS) 8/1/19356/22/2003Wed Ira 4/9/1950
See photo
HIGHTOWERK. O.1875 1926 See photo
HILBERTKENNETH WESLEY 3/22/19408/29/1996Wed Evelyn 4/6/1961
See photo
HILLE. L.6/6/1930 11/1/1930 See photo
HILLFREDDo dates    
HINDSJACQUELINE9/22/1933 11/17/1999Wed Kenneth 10/11/1951
See photo
HINDSSCHARLOTTE F.6/20/1954 7/31/1972 See photo
HINSHAWCHRISTOPHER ALLEN 2/3/198911/28/1991 See photo
HINSHAWJUDITH12/16/1943 12/25/2011 See photo
HOGANBONNIE B.11/13/1901 12/18/1990 See photo
HOLCOMBBARBA A.1875 1955 See photo
HOLCOMBJOHN C.1869 1952 See photo
JOHN J. 5/22/19125/31/1967SGT 4 Air Rep. Sq. AAF WW II
See photo
HOLCOMBRUFUS OLIVER10/6/1915 1/2/1994 See photo
JOSIAH 6/10/18472/25/1935PVT Co. L, 11 MO CAV, C.S.A.
See photo
HOLDERFIELDVELMA O.8/21/1924 10/30/1929Difficult to read
See photo
HOLDERFIELDWILLIAM GRANT 12/15/18696/13/1957 See photo
HOLDERFIELDNELLIE M.2/11/1879 4/9/1970 See photo
HOLMANA. C.No dates    
HOLMANJOHN ELMER3/27/1878 2/16/1962 See photo
HOLMANLILLIE PEARL11/20/1889 3/28/1957 See photo
JOE LEE 5/16/19638/27/1989PFC US Army
See photo
HOOVERJOHN MACK II10/22/1980 5/6/2002 See photo
HOPKINSHAROLD H.11/11/1902 9/8/1971 See photo
HOPKINSO. EUNICE8/22/1906 6/17/1991 See photo
HOPKINSMARY JOYCE1/9/1940 8/3/1942 See photo
HORTONIMOGENENo date 10/6/1936 
HOWARDBOBBY GENE7/3/1925 11/1/1926 See photo
HOWARDBURL MARIE1/17/1906 11/16/1930 See photo
HOWARDCHARLES1901 1963 See photo
HOWARDCHARLES JR.9/19/1927 7/30/2001 See photo
HOWARDDORIS LEA2/14/1943 12/12/2011Difficult to read
See photo
HOWARDELMER1903 1968 See photo
HOWARDGARY RUSSELL "RUSTY"30 Apr 195501 Apr 2007 See More
HOWARDJESS1898 1938 See photo
HOWARDJ. F.1874 1960 See photo
HOWARDBIRTIE1880 1965 See photo
JACK J. V. 6/23/19131/23/1989PVT US Army WW II
See photo
HOWARDMICHAEL GENE7/24/1969 7/27/1969 See photo
HOWARDORAN1908 1954 See photo
HOWARDOPAL I.9/5/1920 3/12/2010Wed Stacy 10/24/1936
See photo
HOWARDSTACY M.7/20/1911 5/14/?? See photo
HOWARDSuda A.16 Aug 1944 Daughter of Stacy & Opal Howard
See More
Ted Gene. 1/6/1930 5/20/2022 Obit US Army - Korea
HOWARDWALTER S.3/30/1954 8/21/2011Locust Grove Funeral Home
See photo
HOWARD-VANOVERJESSIE EVELYN 4/25/19023/24/1994 See photo
GLEN DALE 5/16/19259/8/1987S2 US Navy WW II
See photo
HUDSONRENA FAY2/17/1931 7/3/2012 See photo
HULSLECRECIA LYNN (HOWARD) 2/7/195510/28/2011 See photo
ELMER RICHARD 9/18/19064/11/1962PFC US Army Air Forces WW II
See photo
HULSLINDA LOUISE9/21/1946 7/13/2005 See photo
HULSMARGARET LOUISE9/9/1920 6/25/1955 See photo
HUTCHINSGEORGE W.8/21/1912 9/22/1946 See photo
IRVINLILLIE MAE9/12/1906 12/27/1993 See photo
IRVINTHOMAS LEE6/9/1888 7/23/1967 See photo
IRVINODA1/28/1905 6/4/2001 See photo
IRVINROBERT2/7/1900 3/28/2000 See photo
CALVIN A. 9/17/191812/4/2006PFC US Army WW II
See photo
JACKSONESTELLA7/4/1885 Can't readDifficult to read
See photo
JACKSONWILLIAM A.3/16/1876 7/12/1956Difficult to read
See photo
JACKSONHOLLAND C.11/17/1908 1/20/1993 See photo
JACKSONMARGARET VIOLA 11/19/19123/8/1932 See photo
JACKSONOPAL FAY11/24/1919 3/30/2004Wife of Lester A.
See photo
JACKSONLESTER ATLEE3/15/1908 5/17/1994 See photo
JACKSONWILLIAM DWIGHT 3/14/191812/19/1999 See photo
JACKSONANDREW7/12/1882 6/7/1965 See photo
JACKSONLYDA1/22/1899 No date  
JOHNSONGAYLA D.8/11/1960 6/5/1981Wed Darrell 1/25/1980
See photo
JOHNSONROSETTA A.3/29/1880 1/15/1979 See photo
JOHNSONROBERT H. SR.2/15/1893 7/4/1947 See photo
JOHNSONROBERT OMAR2/8/1878 11/11/1955 See photo
JOHNSONRobert "Bub"27 Jan 197831 Dec 2006 See More
JOHNSON-OLIVERBARBARA A. 8/26/19563/27/2007 See photo
HAROLD WESLEY 12/2/19286/22/1996US Navy WW II
See photo
JONESJIMMY ALLEN1/6/1990 11/23/1991 See photo
JONESM. A. (McFARLAND) 4/26/19372/23/2006Wed Harold 6/29/1953
See photo
JONESHAROLD WESLEY12/2/1928 6/21/1996 See photo
JONESSHARON KAY12/28/1941 12/28/2008 See photo
KEARNEYCHRIS M.5/7/1962 7/13/2009Husband of Tina M.
See photo
AARON P. 6/12/19203/14/2004SSGT US Army WW II
See photo
KEELINGCECIL W.Can't read   See photo
KEELINGDOUGLAS R.11/22/1926 11/22/1926 See photo
KILBURNBETTY G.9/1937 11/1999Wed Frank 11/22/1956
See photo
KILBURNFRANK E.1/1933 3/1999 See photo
KILBURNCHARLES DEAN11/4/1957 9/26/2001 See photo
KELLUMPETE CORLEY II2/4/1981 6/1/1988 See photo
KELLYCHARLIE E.6/7/1886 10/22/1957 See photo
KELLYSARAE L.10/2/1887 5/28/1928 See photo
KILLIANLUCY MAE10/11/1892 5/2/1986 See photo
LANEJ. HOWARD4/25/1901 10/20/1991 See photo
LANESTELLA O.3/15/1909 1/8/2000Wife of J. Howard
See photo
LANEA. JUNE6/21/1938 4/3/2001Wed 21 Mar 1958
Parents of Don, Gayla, Lary, Kevin, Greg, Steve, & Bryan
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LANEBen "Jack"01 Oct 1938  Wed 21 Mar 1958
Parents of Don, Gayla, Lary, Kevin, Greg, Steve, & Bryan
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LANEJAMES CARL5/18/1926 6/9/2008Wed Lou 6/27/1948
See photo
JOHN W. 12/25/19061/29/1981US Army WW II
See photo
EDGAR E. 11/3/19251/4/1980S1 US Navy WW II
See photo
LEWIS F. 1/11/19316/7/1992CPL US Army Korea
See photo
LEEJIMMY8/28/1937 3/23/1939 See photo
LEEOTIS2/4/1932 2/4/1932 See photo
LEPREEPEARL3/5/19?? not legible  
LEWISFRED F.No date 11/29/1900  
LEWISHAZEL D.8/20/1904 11/13/1978Wife of Fred F.
See photo
LEWISFRED F.9/24/1887 7/16/1965 See photo
LEWISNINA (WHETZEL)4/21/1895 5/15/1956 See photo
LEWISODESSA HAZELNo date 3/17/1974  
LEWISREXFORD6/11/1924 10/11/1927 See photo
LEWISRUTH MARCELE (DAY) 12/16/19242/4/1992 See photo
LIVEZEYGeorge R.25 Feb 1930 Married Mar 8, 1952
See More
LIVEZEYVirginia L.23 Mar 193030 May 2005 Married Mar 8, 1952
See More
LOCHMARCEILLE EVELYN 11/27/19251/30/1929 See photo
LOVELYSHERRY SUSAN (GREEN) SALTSMAN 5/25/19732/6/2009 See photo
LUTZMATTIE S.1861 1944 See photo
LUTZOLIVER D.1853 1941 See photo
LYNCHHOWARD G.9/6/1948 9/6/1948Son of George Lynch
See photo
LYNCHTRESALEE3/4/1927 10/6/2010Wife of George R.
See photo
MADEWELLPerry Clinton  'Clint'Apr 04, 1885 Jul 21, 1930Submitted by Sandy McLellan
See More
MALLOWGRACE P.1901 1981 See photo
MALLOWVIRGIL H.1900 1973 See photo
MALLOWGINNY8/7/1921 11/13/1995 See photo
MALLOWVIRGINIA RUTH12/18/1930 9/7/1995 See photo
MALLOWLILAC L.4/6/1912 3/19/1998 See photo
MALLOWHESKEL T.2/27/1905 4/17/1979 See photo
RONALD DEAN 3/4/19313/24/2001SSGT US Air Force Korea
See photo
MALLOWTERRY L.6/25/1948 1/31/1983 See photo
MALLOWIDA I.1887 1966 See photo
MALLOWELIZA L.10/5/1869 5/20/1936 See photo
MALLOWJAMES F.1889 1963 See photo
VIRGINIA 8/7/192111/13/1995BM1 US Coast Guard WW II
See photo
MANNEDD3/1/1901 11/1/1939 See photo
MANNISAAC M.8/28/1913 3/27/1934 See photo
MARKERFRANCIS MARION "F.M." 3/5/18542/27/1925Born in Preble Co., Ohio
See photo
See photo
MARKEREDITH BELLE (HARRIS) 10/8/19244/16/2001 See photo
MARKERLENA L.11/10/1923 4/16/1988Wed Marion 11/2/1942
See photo
MARKERMARION G.7/22/1921 5/9/1983 See photo
MARKERNOAH11/22/1887 11/21/1966 See photo
MARKERVIOLA12/18/1891 2/3/1966Wife of Noah
See photo
MARTINBOBBYCan't read   See photo
MARTINBILL G.12/19/1932 5/30/2007 See photo
MARTINJOHN W.7/18/1929 10/3/2005Wed Lillian 1/17/1949
See photo
MARTINLillian M.Jan 17, 1931 Jan 19, 2020See photo
MARTINMYRNA SUZANNE11/6/1974 11/6/1974 See photo
MARTINPATSY8/20/1871 2/18/1961 See photo
MARTINSON8/17/1931 8/17/1931 See photo
MARTINPAMELA A.1863 1954 See photo
MARTINWILLIAM R.1862 1939 See photo
MASSEYLEONA M.1/2/1913 12/30/1989 See photo
MASSEYRICHARD D.5/23/1906 9/4/1978 See photo
MATHEWSCHRISTINA LYNN (WILLIAMS) 6/20/19558/16/1994 See photo
LUCIAN D. 8/22/19118/11/1990PFC US Army WW II
See photo
MAXWELLMINNIE1916 2011Wed Darrell 9/26/1942
See photo
MAXWELLDARRELL1911 1990 See photo
MAYBERRYDELBERT R.12/10/1916 9/13/1971 See photo
MAYBERRYLaDonna G.19 Dec 1949 Loving Mom & Nana
Special Friends
See More
MAYBERRYNADINE E.10/23/1915 9/28/1971Wife of Delbert R.
See photo
McALISTERDANIEL L.3/12/1924 1/28/1928 See photo
McCAFFERTYALICENo date 8/24/1966  
McCALLJUANITA M.2/13/1935 1/20/2001Wed Weldon 12/11/1958
See photo
McCLENDONCARL L.12/29/1918 8/8/1971 See photo
McCLENDONC. R.9/19/1932 5/28/1987 See photo
McCLENDONDAISY1915 1982 See photo
McCLENDONFRANCES JUNE9/8/1934 8/30/2011Michael's Funeral Home
See photo
McCLENDONHARVE L.12/1/1898 5/8/1949 See photo
McCLENDONOSCARNo dates   See photo
McCLENDONRUBYNo dates   See photo
McCLENDONSOL W.1/11/1907 5/10/1974 See photo
McCLENDONVILLIE10/17/1877 12/22/1966 See photo
VICTOR K. ALLEN12/7/192310/16/1976 SSM3 US Navy WW II
See photo
McDANIELCHARLES EDWARD 4/25/19404/25/1940 See photo
McDANIELEDITH O.12/29/1910 12/3/1987 See photo
ROBERT JACKSON8/23/19315/23/2007 CPL US Army Korea
See photo
McDANIELWILLIAM LEE8/23/1936 4/24/1996 See photo
McDANIELLAURA BROOKE9/16/1986 12/17/1992 See photo
McDANIELREBECCA LYNN5/22/1959 9/5/1992 See photo
McDANIELROBERT JEAN1/19/1900 2/18/1978 See photo
McFADDENRONALD E. JR. 10/22/196910/4/1984 See photo
McFARLANDCHARLES L.8/2/1931 5/1/2006 See photo
McFARLANDFLOYD J.1/18/1924 4/6/1931 See photo
McFARLANDGRACE7/4/1906 12/5/1997 See photo
FLOYD E. "TODD"2/2/189312/8/1973 PVT US Army WW I
See photo
THOMAS EARL 7/13/19269/30/1991WT3 US Navy WW II
See photo
McGILLIva Lois Sep 25, 1923Sep 26, 2018Wed Joe 11/25/1948
See photo
JOE SAMPSON 11/23/19195/12/1992PFC US Army
See photo
McGUIRELORN LEON4/18/1940 No dateWed Cora 11/26/1964
McGUIRECORA MAE12/11/1945 No date  
McKINZIEJESS BASIL4/10/1935 1/5/1998Husband of Trela G.
See photo
MEADOWSBetty Louise30 Mar 1933  Married 22 Jul 1953
See More
Walter Brust02 Dec 192920 Jan 1992Married 22 Jul 1953
PV2 US Army Korea
See More
MELTONCHARLES R.8/11/1936 8/4/2001 See photo
MELTONGRACE4/25/1871 1/7/1963Wife of W.W.
See photo
MELTONHENRY G.8/26/1904 6/9/1974 See photo
MELTONL. P. "TED" SR.3/7/1900 5/11/1986Wed Ora E. 8/4/1928
See photo
MELTONORA E.11/20/1911 7/21/2008 See photo
MELTONLAWRENCE D.5/30/1898 1/12/1982 See photo
MELTONSALLIE G.10/29/1909 2/1/1981 See photo
MELTONORA JEWELL3/21/1912 4/13/2000 See photo
MELTONHOWARD9/11/1902 3/4/1940 See photo
MELTONNAOMI11/17/1905 2/20/1992 See photo
MELTONW. W.10/14/1868 12/30/1939Husband of Grace
See photo
MENGELKAMPLINDA M. (HIGGINS) 12/23/19529/29/1999 See photo
MERCERINFANT9/17/1938 9/17/1938Son of Emmitt & Ruth
See photo
MERCERRUTH C.3/7/1917 4/1/1995Wife of Emmitt M.
See photo
MERCEREMMITT M.10/30/1916 1/12/2001 See photo
MERKLEYMONNIE MAY2/27/1896 5/3/1932 See photo
MILLERCLEVE "CASH"9/8/1919 1/15/1987 See photo
MILLERFRANK WALLACE5/10/1886 6/15/1972 See photo
MILLERHATTIE M.7/15/1893 8/16/1982 See photo
MILLERJERRY DEAN3/18/1943 8/14/2006 See photo
QUINT JR. 8/15/19227/8/2009SSGT US Army
See photo
MILLERZELMA LORENE2/1/1924 12/23/1998Wed Quint 7/7/1941
See photo
WALLACE M. 6/23/19186/5/19461st LT AAF Supply Div. WW II
See photo
MONTGOMERYDANA RENEE6/10/1985 12/27/2002 See photo
MOOREFRANKIE D.12/13/1933 7/29/1935 See photo
Coal JamesJan 15, 1925 Mar 09, 2017 WW II
RONNIE WAYNE11/5/1951 3/8/2009 U S Air Force
See photo

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