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Durant Cemetery
Creek County, Oklahoma

© by: Bobbi Dunn

Location: Edge of Bristow City limits off Rt. 66 Directions: turn south off of 66 going west toward Depew onto Industrial Road. Cross the railroad tracks and immediately take a right next to a white pipe fence on a dirt road. The cemetery is approximately 50 yards down that road.
At this time no records are known to exist other than this list. Caretakers are: James King 918-367-6918 and Milfay Hawkins 918-367-6672.
This is not a complete canvas. I walked the cemetery, and took pictures and recorded all readable headstones December of 2004. There are at least 100 more burials that could not be identified by walking the cemetery.
If you have family buried in the Durant Cemetery or can take a gate photo or have obits (with newspapers permission or an obit that you can write) or tombstone photos or individual portraits or can write a short bio or have a history of the cemetery and would like to add your information to this website, contact the area coordinator for more information. You can also check out our How to Submit page.
NOTICE. If you submit information to this website and change your e-mail address please notify the area coordinator with the county/cemetery and new e-mail address so we can keep our pages as up to date as possible.
Note: Every effort has been made to transcribe this information accurately. These records MAY CONTAIN ERRORS. Any corrections and/or additions greatly appreciated. As with any genealogy information, this is a source and should be considered as such. It is up to the researcher to verify the accuracy.
Alford Emma Louise 12-8-1944 2-6-2003 Rest in Peace
Allen Arrie 1877 1957 No other transcription
Allen Dicey 1886 1924 In Loving Memory
Allen Laura 1878 1946 No other transcription
Austin Agnes 12-8-1926 11-25-1988 Handmade stone
Aaron 1-27-1922 7-22-1988 Cross on top
of stone:
PFC US Army:
World War II
Barnett A. E. 10-22-1886 3-13-1936 Handmade stone,
heart in middle of stone
Barnett William   4-15-1897 22 years old:
name looks stamped
in stone, dates
look handwritten
Battle Olivia 1909 1956 Tall stone
Aaron 6-18-1894 4-7-1947 Texas 531
ENGRS World War I
Berry Bealey Henry 8-11-1887 6-30-1939 Forever in Our Hearts
Billups Annie 1872 1959 Handmade stone
Blake Henry 1899 1952 No other
inscription on stone
Bland Addie Mae 3-21-1906 1-20-1991 Mama & Big Mama:
Forever in Our Hearts
Bland Elizzie 12-26-1872 7-29-1963 At Rest:
Gone But not Forgotten
Bland H. B.   12-1941 Father:
separate stone on
top says:
James 4 Bland
Brown Crockett TM SB     This stone was
very confusing and
hard to read.
It was set on
the ground
It had the name
Crocket on top,
then next line
has TM S.B.
Brown, then the
dates which I
couldn't make out
enough words or
numbers to
transcribe it
properly, then
the line
Gone But
Not Forgotten
Brown Sylvester   7-23-1907 37 years old:
Stone is not
setting on base,
is leaned up
against it
Bruner Anna   2-22-1901 13 years 9 months
Bruner John 12-9-1890 8-16-1927 Gone But
Not Forgotten
Bruner Willie 1897 1910 Gone from us
but not forgotten
Burden Delbert 6-19-1956 11-4-1984 Has writing on
top but unreadable
Burden Lois Jean 1-22-1940 5-7-1971 No other
transcription on
Campbell Arie 1900 1954 Most of date is buried
Carroll F. L.   7-26-1917 Large fancy
headstone but
hard to read
Clarke Geradine M. 4-10-1923 10-3-1996 Loved You
Clayton Aldean 1902 1982 Our loving
mother: at rest
Clow Mary Ann 9-30-1948 4-20-1984 Our Daughter;
At rest
Code Donter July 3-16-1986 Heart shaped
handmade stone most
of dates are buried
Cole Blanche 4-21-1904 10-24-2003 FM
Cole Kieth (KC) 3-17-1874 12-12-1962 Headstone says KC
footstone says Kieth Cole
Coleman Lurleen 3-25-1918 11-1-1934 Very fancy
upright stone,
but has fallen
Coleman W. B. 6-25-1899 6-29-1944 Upright stone
very hard to read
Cremillion Ella D. 1880 1945 Double with
Nestar: Our
loving father
Cremillion Nestar 1868 1945 Double with
Ella: Our
loving mother
Cumby Edna     Mom and grandmother:
birth unknown
death unknown
Davis Cecelia 3-24-1918 7-1-1949 Very hard to
read death listed
as July 1st 1949
Davis Molly 1887 1957 Small stone
hard to read
Deaurant Cindy   10-10-1888 Very pretty stone
has fallen over:
w/o Adam Duran
(probably Durant)
Deboes Bobby Eugene 1963 1993 Spivey Funeral Home
Debos Raymond 1945 2004 FM Green Hills
Memorial Gardens
(spelling may be Deboes)
Deville Mark Edward 12-26-1936 9-28-1989 Gone but
not forgotten
Dickens M. Jewel 1902 1946 Not 100% sure
Dickens is last
name, stone
extremely hard
to read
Dillard Lola Lorene 2-13-1923 5-31-1998 Mother: In
loving memory
Douglass Fannie 1926 11-27-1936 Handmade stone
Hubert 4-27-1912 12-16-1984 Military upright
stone: US Army
World War II
Duff Lela     Handmade dates
are buried
Adam     All writing is
in shield: no
dates: CO I; I
Indian H.G.
(spelling may
be Durant)
Ben F. 8-23-1897 4-1-1987 Military flat
stone: PVT
US Army
World War I
Durant Decie 10-14-1862 11-7-193? Wind blew
leaves over date
while taking pictures
Durant Marie 10-25-1895 12-23-1974 At rest
Edwards Cecil 9-27-1930 1-10-1939 At rest
Edwards Datulia 2-13-1898 12-12-1936 At rest
Edwards Dee 11-11-1897 12-4-1937 At rest
Edwards Edward Jr. 10-17-1882 11-15-1965 Thy Word is a
Lamp onto my Feet
and light unto
my Path
Edwards Flossie 12-25-1932 11-16-1935 At rest
Edwards Marshall 8-8-1900 10-28-1982 At rest
Edwards Orelia 7-16-1928 10-9-1988 Sister: at rest
Edwards Seymore 11-1-1905 11-18-1966 Brother; at rest
Edwards Victoria 2-16-1888 7-21-1967 Mother: at rest
English Emma 1869 1951 Grandmother- is
up against stone
of Ruthie Smith
Robert Lee Jr. 10-29-1941 10-25-1993 Military flat
stone: SP4 US Army
George Pearl 1899 1968 Handmade stone
Gibson Carrie     FM no dates
Goodwin Dorothy 2-22-1929 10-10-1997 Your memory is
dear to us
Greer Darsell Benson 7-11-1961 7-23-2001 Rest in peace
Hale Unknown   8-20-1944 First name
unreadable on stone
Hale Citherina     Best I can tell,
this headstone
reflects 2 children,
the first name
of the 15 year old
on top that passed
on 1-21-1904 is
broken off stone.
The second is
Citherina Hale,
the only date I
could make out
was 1904 for her.
Hale Dorothy C. Rev. 3-18-1933 2-22-2004 Wonderful wife
and mother
Hale Elmer Bud 12-12-1910 1-24-1999 At rest
Haley Elehue Sr. 11-30-1904 7-22-1976 One of these is
the footstone for
the other, even
with the first
name misspelling,
they appear to be
for the same person
or it's father
and son
Haley Elijha     Military upright
stone: all dates
are buried; see
notes on Elehue
Hall Manzy 1-17-1891 9-6-198? Husband: also
has a G inside
a mark of ^
and upside
down one
Hall Nancy 4-26-1872 3-1-1953 Middle initial
resembles a G.
John H. 8-1905 2-5-1971 Military flat
stone: Oklahoma
CPL-301 Fighter
SQ AAF World War II
Hamilton Pauline 10-19-1910 7-16-195? Dod is either
1950 or 1953
Harry Bunch 7-12-1904 8-4-1914 Son of John
and Mary Harry
Harry Lizzie   4-5-1906 44 years old
Wife of Edmond
Harry Mary 8-7-1877 5-3-1918 Wife of John Harry
Harry Sampson 8-6-1906 12-23-1954 At rest
Haygood Joe 2-28-1913 11-8-1958 Your Loss in the
Family can never
be replaced
Garland Abraham     Military upright,
date cut
off in picture
Hill George 1888 1952 Headstone is almost
completely buried
Hill Thelma 12-12-1910 11-12-1990 At rest
Hodge Rebeka   8-22-1909 Handmade stone
hard to read
does say:
age 92
Hollis Baby     2 babies on
same stone,
children of Lucy
no dates
Hollis Cella 8-2-1913 9-4-1913 Child of Lucy
Hollis Lucy     Mother at
rest no dates
Hollis Nina and Baby     2 on stone,
children of Lucy
no dates
Hopgood Maude 1-19-1895 6-21-1966 Mother
Hoy Sharon 4-15-1938 7-8-1965 Sister:
Gone but not
Jack Lolly 7-1-1900 12-26-1924 No other
inscription on stone
Jackson Darnisha 6-11-1939 2-27-1995 Beloved Mother
Jackson E.E.     Very unreadable
only date close
to readable
is 5-?-19?4
Jackson Stanley 12-10-1951 1-1-1952 At rest
Jackson Unknown     FM no dates
Jamison Deborah E. 10-21-1951 11-21-2003 The lord is
thy shepard
Johnson Anthony E.     Only date is
?-6-1955 b
Johnson Ethel 1901 1962 In memory our mother
Searcy 1-20-1951 5-15-1970 Military upright
headstone: Oklahoma
PVT US Army Korea
Johnson Wanda Fay 1958 1959 Baby
Jones Michael Genoy 5-5-1953 11-30-2003 FM
Jones Nora     Gone but not
forgotten Mother
no dates
Jones Victoria 10-1885 2-21-1968 Metal plate on
stone has information
King Curtis 10-4-1942 8-1974 Handpainted on stone
King Fannie R. (Bland) 4-10-1910 8-2-1995 Handpainted on stone
Lee Rosa Ella 7-5-1907 1-15-1981 Heartshaped
handmade stone
Lewis Verna Lee 2-10-1915 8-9-1987 Heartshaped handmade stone
Macker Albert 4-1869 12-22-1943 Very hard to read,
very worn stone
George   4-18-1935 Military upright
stone: Texas
SGT 332 Labor BN
Mann Hazel 10-23-1905 10-25-1918 She's gone to rest
Mason Clifford E. 5-3-1916 1-28-1998 In loving Memory
Mason Lula 7-17-1895 5-19-1966 Mother Gone but
not forgotten
Mason Richard 1946 1976 In between dates
has "Hook"
Mason Soundria 7-27-1947 6-6-1976 No other
inscription on stone
Mason T.T. 8-3-1892 1-19-1973 Father gone
but not forgotten
Maxey Delois 11-26-1938 2-25-1954 At rest
Maxey Donald G. 8-2-1942 1-18-1987 Handpainted on stone
Maxey Kief 3-27-1944 1-31-1985 Handpainted on stone
Maxey Lirler 8-2-1912 6-30-1988 At rest
Maxey Roger I. 12-19-1947 7-27-1968 Handpainted on stone
Tom 12-25-1918 11-29-2003 Military flat
stone: PFC US
Army World War II
Maxwell Wilson 7-4-1872 8-5-1955 Father At rest
Dorsey Lee ?-21-1932 4-21-1960 Military flat
stone: Oklahoma
AIC 6580 Air
Base GP AF Korea
McCowen Vora 3-10-1935 6-10-1945 No other
inscription on stone
McGee Cora 6-27-1893 11-27-1947 Full concrete on grave
McGee Joseph C. 3-17-1886 1-1-1959 No other
inscription on stone
William 8-14-1895 9-15-1973 Military flat
stone: Oklahoma
World War I
McGuire Carlton 2-26-1987 1-29-1988 Handmade stone
McGuire Martinez 4-7-1989 6-12-1989 Handmade stone
Morris Nannie 11-12-1871 6-3-1939 Double stone
with Osker
Morris Osker 8-30-1865 4-9-1942 Double stone
with Nannie
Robert A. 9-3-1918 8-19-1942 Military upright
stone: Oklahoma PVT
Med Dept World
War II
Morrison Myrtle 8-6-1903 8-8-1904 Daughter of RB and J
Nash John 1860 1935 Husband of Zora
Nash Zora 1868 1936 Wife of John
Herman 11-11-1921 9-30-1983 Military upright
stone: PVT US
Army World War II
Nero Rosa Lee Regina 10-7-1950 9-21-2004 FM Mark Griffith
Memorial FH
Nichols Clara 1857 1920 Gone but
not forgotten
Norman Will 1891 1956 Handmade stone
Heather N. 1895 1974 Military upright
stone PVT US Army World War I
Parker Cliff   12-1943 FM inside metal box
Parker Parthenia 3-26-1874 11-3-1948 FM inside metal box
Paten Rev.     Dates buried
Roy   11-15-1938 Military upright
stone: Arkansas
PVT 571 INF 93 DIV
Ponds Leroy Buster 10-25-1918 3-21-1919 No other
transciption on stone
Ponds Lula 8-15-1892 8-18-1970 mother
Potter Catherine 1852 5-14-1924 Upright stone
Pugh Annie Bell 12-5-1907 9-5-1909 Double stone
with Lucious
Pugh Lucious 10-8-1906 6-15-1907 Sibling of Annie
Pugh Roseanna 10-18-1832 10-18-1912 Tall stone
Scott Ned 10-25-1899 10-15-1910 Son of Alex and Polly
Scott Wiley   1-14-1921 Aged 74 yrs
Seber Lorraine 5-10-1922 10-2-1928 Our Darling
Shoals Cyrus 5-8-1900 11-23-1924 Stone leaning against base
Shoals Georgia 12-20-1870 11-18-1926 She was a kind
and affectionate
wife and fond mother
and a friend
to all
Shoals Mynion 6-30-1933 1-10-1939 Full concrete over grave
Shoals McKinley 9-19-1898 12-6-1982 Double stone with Stevia
Shoals Stevia 5-17-1907 4-7-1988 Double stone with McKinley
Sikes Samuel     FM no dates
Simpson Joe 3-18-3936 2-7-1964 Handmade stone very worn
Smith Norma J and Baby     1933 and 1951 are on stone, may be death dates for baby and Norma
Smith Ruthie E. 1908 1949 Mother
Smith Unknown     Only thing readable on stone is Smith and born 5-17 handmade stone
Smapp Amanda   9-22-1901 Aged 21 years
Snapp Cicero     Son of Amanda no dates on stone
Stafford G.S. 10-5-1878 1-7-1957 No other transciption on stone
Steel Hicksey 1901 1926 Bristow, Okla.
O.B. Lyons
Stewart Josie Wade   11-21-1971 Show us O'Lord Thy Mercy
Stokes Virgie M. 1882 1965 No other transciption on stone
Columbus R. 10-26-1914 9-39-1990 Military upright stone US Army World War II
Swampter Lelar Marie 2-3-1908 12-11-1995 FM OA
Swampter Ulysses 9-4-1930 11-12-1995 S/o Lelar info came from obit
Swanson Mary 1-6-1893 6-26-1984 No other inscription on stone
Archie D. 1905 1975 Military flat stone:Pvt Army Air Forces
TAYLOR Adrain Marie Benson 10-15-1962 7-27-2023 Obit W/O Donald10/2/02000
Taylor Hattie Lee 2-22-1908 4-4-1988 In Loving Memory
Taylor Hattie Laverne 9-9-1931 8-19-1947 Handmade stone metal letters
Taylor Jackie L. 3-24-1930 3-16-1933 In memory of our son
Taylor Mary E. 11-27-1946 5-14-1987 In loving memory
Tease Mabel   2-28-1937 Info came from FM no inscription on stone. Full concrete over grave plus large upright headstone says: 57 years old
Thompson Deacon Jonas 7-7-1902 11-2-1995 Father: at rest
Thompson Mary Lethia 9-12-1900 9-6-1991 Mother; at rest
Turner Dicey     Headstone almost completely buried only name shows
James Jr. 3-18-1917 1-30-1978 Military upright stone:PFC US Army World War II
Unknown       Partial date and 18 and next line a 19 Inscription says: Faithful to her even unto death.
Uknown       Next to Mable Tease headstone same as hers, no inscription on stone or FM
Uknown       Has watch inbedded headstone-flat stone
Vaughn Harrel 6-23-1931 7-13-1921  
Wacer H.A 1864 10-28-1950 Handmade stone says: Bearied on 11-2-1950
Ware Lillie Mae 1895 1951 Handmade stone
Washington Della 1-17-1910 7-6-1943 Small stone handmade
Washington Nyeka L. 5-17-1979 1980 Rest of deathdate was buried
Washington Rosa H. 1896 1978 Your memory is dear to us
Waters Annie 3-7-1874 7-13-1954 Tall thin hard to read stone
Luther J. 7-19-1932 9-28-1969 Military flat stone: Oklahoma PVT SVC BTRY 6 AFA BN
Whittaker Louis Z   5-8-1898 Only date on stone
Whittaker Roberta 7-10-1910 1-15-1981 No other inscription on stone
Sylvester 5-11-1913 7-4-1953 Military flat stone: Oklahoma TEC4 CO C 780 Mil Police BN
Williams Aretha 3-5-1922 6-26-1971 Mother : double stone with James: Together Forever
Williams James 3-7-1942 6-26-1971 Brother: double stone with Aretha: Together forever
Quince   1-12-1944 Military upright stone: Mississipi MICH 816 Pioneer INF
Williams Ralph 10-5-1902 1948 Rest of dod was unreadable
Williams Unknown     I'm guessing the last name is Williams only the iams was still readable without digging up the stone.
Wilson Lilly R. 9-18-1888 3-10-1970 No other inscription on stone
Wilson William F. 1875 1953 Handmade stone sinking
Henry   6-15-1934 Military upright stone: Oklahoma Wagoner 365 INF 92 DIV
Winn R.E. 10-14-1894 11-17-1918 Tall fancy stone
Wolfe L.W.     Stone is buried under name no dates show
Wright Jefferson F. 12-18-1889 6-7-1944 Handmade stone metal letters
Wright Margaret 7-12-1889 10-27-1972 In loving memory
Young Unknown     Tall stone, only last name on base is still readable
Young Vernon Lee 9-28-1959 9-28-1959 Baby; at rest

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